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Magazine Section
) . :S
nntti Tiim rTe ON TRAlMi AND NiW
I ftH-t 1 V VJ STANDS. riVI CENtf.
Ml ill
r-nTT,,,, f ' tu 1,1 VCj Ci.
Methodists Romp Home With
Long End of Score Against
As a fitting prelude to the non-eon-Incnee
t'jck meet which is holding
lorth on Willanntiu field liiia after
noon, the Jleihodists annexed tint lion
conference baseball championship yes-
fcrday afternoon by romping home with i
tuo long end of a 6 to S scoro against j
McMinnville. Willi the baajPnll dinm
jionship tueko.l in their belts the Wil
lamette rooters will undoubtedly have
another championship served to them
when the final score is east up in the
rack meet which is incidentally con
siderable of a feather in Coach Mat
thews eap since the excellent athletic
record of the Methodists this year is
directly due to his coaching.
With the score 5 to 4 in favor of
the MeMinnvilleites in the ninth iun
ing Rexford spanked the pill into safe
territory and is credited with starting
the fracas that resulted in a victory
for the Methodists. Shisler reached
first in the final inning on an error
by the McMinnville third baseman and
I'roetor who batted for Ksteb flied out.
Miller singled and Shisler perched safe
Iv on third when Eexford swung his
club into the face of one of Brown's
inshoots and scored Shisler. Steele re
tovered the ball but bungled in the
throw and Miller crossed the (date with
the run that gave Willamette the non
lonferenee championship.
The score:
AB. 1?. II. TO. A. K
U'-sto, ss 3 2 1 4 3 2
t.'rosvenor, 2b 2 1 0 2 4 1
Peterson, If 3 0 0 0 0 0
r Brown, e, 4 0 0 3 0 1
iates, 3b 4 0 0 1 2 0
Shisler, ef 3 2 2 0 0 0
Ksteb, rf 3 0 1 0 0 0
Miller, 1 b , 4 1 1 11 0 0
Fexford, p 4 0 0 1 11 0
Trootor 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 31 0 H 27 20 3
"Batted for Ksteb in ninth.
AB. It. H. FO. A. K.
McKnight, 2b 4
I. Brown, c 4
Prove, If 4
ft. Brown, p 5
'omfort, lb jj
Larson, f 5
Kimpsoi). rf 4
Steele, 3b 3
Richardson, ss 2
2 0
1 10
0 0
1 1
0 12
0 0
Totals 37 5 8 23 13 ,i
Summary: liases on balls, off
ford 4, o lirown 4. Two b.ise hit,
Steele. Doiude play, R. l'.rown to Com
fort. Hit bv pitched ball, Grove, Simp
son. Passed balls, I. Brown 1, P.
Urown 2. Wild nitch, K. Brown.
Struck out, -iv Kexford S, 1"- R. l'.rown
7. I'mpire, J. Hichordson. Scorer, Walk
er. Time of game, one hour fifty-iive
Watching the Scoreboard
Pacific Coast League Standings
W. 1,. Pit,
Yernon 31 , IS .5,!.i
Ban Francisco 2 22 ,o0
lot Ana-des -' --
Halt Lake B - 24 .412
Portland 17 22 .411!
Oakland 20 32 -3So
Yesterday's Results
At Los Angeles Portland 4, Vernon
At Salt. Lake Salt Lake fi, Sjh
I'rncisio 1.
At Son Francisco Los Angeles 6,
Oakland 4.
National League
V'niladelpliia 19
Wrnoklvn 17
New York . 1'j
Ikwton 1 3
Cincinnati - 1"
Chicago 36
St. Louis Hi
Pittsburg 14
American League
Cleveland 23
Washington 22
New York 19
Boston 17
CJiicago 14
I'hiladelphia 13
1'etroit 13
ft. Louis 12
14 .317
20 .439
20 .444
20 .444
20 .412
19 .400
20 .3114
Sothoron was a regular ShyJoek with
kase hits and Vernon got only thr. e.
Portland winning the came at last,
lor to two,
Patterson of the Tigers was so an
oyed he scolded the umpire in the
fifth and wis sent away to the club
oue, naughty boy!
Bites' triple and Kixon'j will heave
gave Vernoa a two run lead, "out Port
land pounded its way steadily forward
and nosed abend, and in the seventh
MeGaffigan o Vernon let one get
iway from him and two Beavers tallied.
Baum lasted seven innings against
Salt Lako, when he was given the gato
in favor of l'erritt but too late.
The Bees hit consistently and slam
med out a real old fashioned 0 "to 1
Jerry Downs of the Seals v as exiled
when ho cast x ball with considerable
vigor upon Umpire Kit Brashear's foot
Playful Jerry.
Ryan of the Angeles wasn't very
good but he was good enough to bent
Oakland. The Oaks wobbled all af
ternoon and finally sank as usual.
Beer and Boyd being massacred, and
Klawitter only being saved by some
pretty fast work at the pliie.
Wfiltpr wnq entitled to th after-
noon's laurels, this Angel gelt-ng twooly one less than Harvard, which had
hits, one walk and one sacrifice ctt
of nve times up.
Alexander of Philadelphia beat
Smith of Brooklyn in a higo class
pitching duel and the Phillies crowded
into first place 1 to 0.
Pirates beat St. Louis (5 to 5, when
Betzel threw the ball away in the
The Yanks scalped the Rod Sox
twice in the first double header of the
To Sell Durbar 2d, Derby
Winner, and Other Racers
at Auction Today
Belmont Park, L. I., May 27. The
sale of the Knglish and French breed
ing and racing establishments of the
lato Herman B. Duryea, which the
Powers-Hunter company will conduct
in the paddock at Belmont Park here,
today, will give to the thoroughbred in- Liversedge of California, and Caughey
dustry of the United States 'mother j of Stanford, also got places in the shot.
British Derby winner, Durbar 2d, a Liversedge mado the best thrust at 40
son of Rabelais and Armenia. I foot, 2 12 inches. California's strong
Durbar 2d, which was bred by Mr. I men wero very much in evidence in the
Duryea in France, won the Derby of j hammer also, where G 'lversleeve and
1014 from Hapsburg and Peter the Her- j Richardson qualified with ease. Maker
iiiit. Hrtpslnug defeated a first classinf California, and Sisson of Stanford,
field in the Jockey club stakes a lit-lenrned tlioir right lo compete in the
tic liter, after winning the derby j broad jump without much effort.
Durbar 2d went over to France audi
finished third in the Grand Prix de White Sox Weak.
Paris and his caretaker had a brisk' Chicago, May 27. Considerable hir
timo getting him away from the Ger-ling firing is going to occur in the Chi
man invasion Inter in the year. catjo White Sox ranks pretty pronto un-
The Wonderful Young Twirler, Murphy, will twirl $nd
ex-Coast Leaguer Red Kreitz will catch for Woodburn
Street Railway Band Will Furnish the Music. Best Game of the Season.
First Time Since the Old Tri-City League Days that Salem and Woodburn Have Met in Baseball.
In Barham and Hauser the Salem Team has the Best Averages put Bradfords in Front as the Classiest team
Battery in the League. Come and see 'em go. in the League. Watch the Smoke and Fur Fly.
Leadership of League at Stake. A Great Pitcher's Battle Anticipated. Salem Must Win to Be in Running
Stanford Athletes Make Fine
Showing Big Event To
day On Lake Washington
Cambridge, Mass., May 20. Perfect
weather greeted the athletes who will
contest today in the finals of the I. C.
A. A. A. track and field meet here. Cor
nell, with 18 men qualified, was the
favorite to win. Stnntord nnd (.alitor
:lla each placed seven men in the tinals,
a far larger representation in the run
ning. Records tottered again and again yes
terday t.'fternoon when tho preliminar
ies wero fought out. In tho 120 yard
hurdles, "Fog" Murray of Stanford,
broke the tape in 15 seconds flat in
his heat, making the easterners open
their eyes. He established a new inter
collegiate record for the east, al
though 15 flut has ocen made so often
on the const that it no longer excites
wonder. J. K. Norton of Stanford,
and Ted Preble of California, also qual
ified in the high hurdles.
A. W. Lynn of Stanford, upheld the
honor of tho fnr west in the quarter
mile dash, flashing across the line of t-
l er a killing raco in qualifying time.
In the 220 yard iow hurdles the 3'n
eific coast again popped into the lime
light when "Feg" Murray and J. K.
Norton of Stanford, showed their heels
to tho class of the eastern schools. Nor
ton made the best time of the diy,
24 1-5 seconds.
Maker and Nicholls of California.
qualified in the high jump, tying for
first idace with a brigade of others.
LK-Uil : )j. V (V j" Y) I 1
H : ) n rv ) ! n I JJ r n nil
Mav mK i aMjm--iiame Laiied at , j d. m.
odlbwim.vgo Salem I
Decoration DayAT SALEfMame Called at 3
less the team takes a decided brace.
This was indicated today by President
Claries A. Comiskey. He is bitterly
disappointed at the pale hose showing
and is sharpening his axe and jingling
Us money bags for the fruy
"Com my" said Clarence Rowland
would continue as manager.
Six Round Bout a Draw.
Fortlnnd, Ore., May 27. A slninbanc
six round bout between l.ee Johnson of
Oakland, and Billy Mascott of Port
land, last night was c-dled a draw.
Johnson had the best of the scrip.
Johnson scored the only clean knock
dawn of tho fight when ho sent the
Portlander to the canvas with a terrific
right, in the fourth round.
Al Sommcrs was given a decision
over Romeo Hngen of Seattle, at the
end of six rounds.
Bank. on Pield Events.
Corvnllis. I5re., May 27. rrimed for
the dual track nnd field meet with tin
University of Washington this after
noon, the Oregon Aggies today gave out
the usual gloomy predictions. On the
field events, they claim, rest their
chances of winning. Only one man will
be entered in each of the 100 yard
dash, the half mile, the milo nnd the
two mile everffs.
The victory of tho University of Ore
gon over the northerners, however,
has raised the hopes of the Aggies.
U. of O Man Beat Muira.
Eugene, Ore., May 27 M. Muire, star
tennis player of the University of
Washington, has lost his three yenr
title of "the unbeatable." Tl.e little
Japanese met his Waterloo yesterday
in Lewis Bond of tho I'niversity of
! Oregon, and Oregon drew first blood in
the singles tenuis championship bv a
: score of 75, 64 and 1513.
I Two more singles sets will be played
jthis morning and the doubles champion
ships will bo played off this after
TJp to Ty Cobb.
Detroit. Mich., May 27. Answering
the question, "What is the matter with
tho Tigers?" Manager Hughey Jen
nings declared today that Ty Cobb's
failure to round into 'form has been
largely responsible for Detroit's pres
ent position. But, he added, the Georgia
peach is sure to find his batting eye
Will Let Them Play.
Chicago, May 27. Western golfers
will follow the action of the Woodland,
Mass., club in permitting Francis Oui
met, Paul Tcwksbury and J. II. Sullivnn
Jr., to eempcto in their club events in
defiance of the ruling of the United
States Golf association, it was intimat
ed today by Crafts W. Huggins, assist
ant secretary of tho Western Golf asso
ciation. The V. S. W. A. ruling pre
vents amateurs from competing with
either of these three, on the ground
that they are professional golfers. Oui
met and Sullivan recently opened a
sporting goods store in Boston.
Smithson the Winner.
McMinnville, Ore., Alay 27. Mc C.
Smithson, of McMinnville college, will
represent the I'acific coast at the na
tional intercollegiate oratorical contest
at Lexington, KV., next December.
Smithson kst uight won over represen
tatives of the University of Redlnnds,
Stanford university nnd Whitman col
lege. Gordon Palmer of Redlands was
Eights Row at Seattle.
Seattle, Wash., May 27. Pronounced
an entirely different crew from the
one that was recently defeated by
Stanford, the California varsity eight
is accorded an almost even break in
this afternoon's encounter with the
University of Washington oarsmen on
Lake Washington.
The California has been practicing
steadily during its preparation for the
race and those who saw the race at
Ouklnnd declare the southerners should
make a much better showing today.
Both crews are in fine condition.
The race is scheduled to start at 5
o clock this afternoon.
Woodburn and Salem Inter
city Team Scheduled for
Hot Game Tomorrow -
For the first timi since the old Tri-j
City league days Woodburn and Salem I
Inter-City league- teams will meet to-
morrow as the first game of a regular I
baseball carnival which will finish with '
the Decoration day game between the
Brmlforils nnd Salem on Tuesday. Ray
Baker has secured the services of the
Kugene Street Railway band to fuinisk
the music for Sunday's game and tn
drown the noise made by the Wood
burn rooters.
Those Woodburn rooters are known
about the circuit as the noisiest element
since the boiler factory closed down
and they boast of their ability to get
angoras of their opponents. Salem has
Ex-Big Leaguer
Hauser famous
Roy Keene, former Salem High school
star twirler, is making a name for him-'
self in Missouri as heaver for the Mis
souri Wesleynu team a irding to a
clipping from the Maryville Pcmoernt
Fonun which was sent to Harry Ralph
in this city. The news disptitch also
includes Reinhart, likewise a Salem
high school star of last year, in flat
terinor terms .uid even suvs that the Mis
souri Weslevnn team is a two man ag
gregation with Keene and Reiulmrt as
the "whole show."
Although the story of the game ap
pears in a rival town newspaper Keen
and Reinhart are given full credit for
teir brilliant work as tho following
history of the game shows and the
story runs thus:
" It took Roy Keene of Missouri Wes
levnn eleven innings to bent the Itv'nr-
,tfu V al'Dn if tin in IMlt.1,1 II It till
....... j . "
I bst pitcher on the college circuit. Be
sides pitching a one-hit game, he got
one nit nimseir, scored two or. tneir
five runs and furnished all of the real
i few loyal fans also nnd Sunday's
game will not only be a battle on the
diamond but on the bleachers. Tho keen
rivalry between the two towns assures
the patrons of the game that Sun lay's
contest will be a feature struggle, from
the time the limps announces "piny
The old reliable ex-leaguer Wayne
Barbara will do the hurling antics for
Salem with Hauser on the receoiving
end. The remainder of the Salem line
up will be tho usual aggregation of
hard hitters and Manager Klett prem
ises to put the strongest possible line-up
a-jninst. the Woodburn team.
Murphy, who has built up a niar
elons reputation this season in the
Inler-l'ity league will be the opposing
shvbster and Red Ivreitz will wield the
big mitt. Krietz is an ex-Const, leaguer
and is one of the best receivers in the
Inter-City lengue hnrness.
The game will be called at 3 p. m.
and arrangements have been nunln with
the weather man for the best in the
shop, tho day will bo fair with a few
spots of sunshine but no rain.
New York, May 27. Hundreds of
yellow peach basket hats, with the
cutest little blue roses peiked saucily
upon them, bobbed merrily along Broad
way and Fifth avenue today. The lints,
Wayne Barham will twirl and Emil
Carlisle ball star will catch for Salem
Good Place to Park Autos
Both Teams Strongest in Years.
.,1 ij .nntuaimwnftttM
ball playing for his team, with the as
sistance of Reinhart, visiting team
first baseman.
The visiting team gave their pitcher
good support at the bat getting eight
hits. Their fielding support was pour,
however, for Keene really should lin
had a shut out game. In reality it ;it
only a two man team. Reinhart got
three hits and a base on bulls while at
error got him on bases tho fifth time,
he came up. He also scored two of thj
five runs."
The siiininary sliows that Keene al
lowed but one hit, a liner over second
and three runs were scored through
misplays of his team mates. He gnv
eight bases on balls and struck out 10
while the opposing luirler whiffed ll.
Keene's team had 13 left on bases and
I the homo team seven. Reinhart t
credited with one stolen base.
I Both Keene nnd Reinhart will piuh
' ably return to Salem after the si-huul
year is over and in that event will un
doubtedly appear in a Salem uniform.
designed by Mrs. Frank A. Vaiuljrlij;,
were worn by New York suffragists
who heard that Englishwomen got .fl,
000,000 selling artificial flowers on tho
streets of England one day last year,
and decided to try it themselves. Mis.
Thompson Seton and Mrs. John Flakier
of Greenwich, Conn., were among thw
flower girls.
The Oregon State Board of Coutnl
vill receive sealed bids on June 13,
at 2 p. in., for furnishing supplier
to the various State institutions; con
sisting of dry goods, clothing, furnish
ings, groceries, shoes, hardware-,
brooms, drugs, paints, oils, stationery,
crockery, plumbing, etc., for the semi
annual period ending December 31,
1910. Specifications and schedules will
be furnished upon application to th
secretary, at Salem, Oregon, also from
tho Industries and Manufactures
Bureau, 'number of Commerce, Port
land,, Oregon. Knch bid to be accom
panied by a certified check in the sum
of 10 per cent of, the whole amount of
bid, payable to the Oregon State Hon id
of Control, to be held as a guarantee
of the faithful performance of the coii
t met. Tho Board reserves the right to.
reject any or all bids or to accept an
part of a bid.
1!. B. GOOllT, Secretary,
Oregon State Board of Control
p. m.