Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 26, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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(Continued from Page Seven.)
Road Districts Nos. 33 t-2 and 34.
Taylor, George V. road work . . 193.96
Road District No. 15.
Cood Roads Machinery Company
extension for crusher C0.60
Hauaer Bros, powder, etc .... 113.75
Hodson-Feenaughty Co., bolts,
etc 10.25
Tearce & Son, Lot I-. wood
standard, etc 3.80
flalem Sewer Pipe Co., pipe,
tijle jwd freight 51.72
Brewer, John H. lumber ..... 4.07
Cliarleswrth, E. I. advance for
freierht 88
Warner, C'lias W. dragging, etc. 41.00
'Armstrong, Johu grading .... 34.00
Moser, O. G. shoveling ,etc. . . 1S.00
Brown, Sum, hauling tile, etc. 11.00
Charlesworth, Hay slashing.... 11.00
Sonners, Elmer, sernping 5.0(
C'hnrlesworth, E. I. supervisor 03.12
Road District No. 10 Contineud.
Klmer, J. W. plow, etc 32.00
8chwab & Son, Fred clay .... 10.11
Silverton Lumber Co., lumber 1 1.09
Wiudishar, J. N. coal, etc .... 3.25
Doad District No. 14 Continued.
Reinhart, John A. cutting wood 40.00
Road District No. 19.
r-mlem Hardware Co., pipe .... 4.32
Clnggett, Thos, dragging , 4.00
Claggett, Archie supervisor .. 0.75
Road District No. SO.
Hodon-Foenniiglity Co. bolts for
grader 10.25
Smith & Fontaine scythe, etc.. 3.00
Si-clinic, Freil grading, etc. . . . 20.00
Fcncl, Frank, helping on gra
der 2.00
Smith, Henry holding plow, etc. 7.00
Itonohue, Dan supervisor .... 22.50
Road District No. 40 Continued.
Bugea & Johnson scraper, picks,
etc 8.00
Road District No. 48.
Huffman, Edward J. hauling
rock, etc 5.00
I.ooncy, Marion D. picking rock
etc. 1.00
Hulin, Edwin W. supervisor .. 2.50
Miscellaneous Accounts.
' Weedmnrk, Mrs. V. A relief , . 10.01)
Mnrstlo, Mrs. Steve relief 15:00
Old Peoples' Home, relief for
Julia D. Hurtel 11.00
Bonder, Russell and Ralph
w:alps 1.00
Rundnles, George T. relief .... 8.00
Kottermnn, A. juror . ... 3.20
Ackermnn, John, juror 3.20
Talent, J. T. juror 3.20
Wilson, I). K. relief ., 10.00
Ellis, S. A. relief 10.00
Gimbtil, S., relief 10.00
Leach, Mrs. ,H, A. relief ...... COO
Johnson, Morris relief 10.00
Whitman, S. R. relief 10.00
Girod, Anna relief 10.00
Joyce, Hattio T. relief 10.00
Bntchelor, James relief ....... 10.00
Pnseo, Henry relief 10.00
Smith, Dr. W. Carlton, insane
examination 5.00
Thrums, Mrs. IF. relief 10.00
lln.vnes, Mrs. Caroline relief ... 10.00
l.iuli, I.cster scalps 1.40
Ettlin, Mrs. relief 10.00
Mercer, S. I,, juror 0.00
llnsey; Robert relief 7.00
St run alum, J. W. relief 500
Pettyerow, J. E. juror 3.00
N hmicaker, Henry ;juror .... 3.20
Swank, Shenu juror 3.20
Kirk, John juror 3.20
Jones, W. Al juror 3.L'
Biwer, John juror 0.00
Fygnto, W. M. juror 0.20
Ktrannlian, J. AV'., relief 5,00
Nelson, Julius 'juror . . . ., 0.21
Binkner, C. V. juror 0.:
Kosclunidor, Frank juror .... 2.00
(ass, Gibson juror 3.20
Hnfner, J. C. bounty on ono
wild cat L'l
Mercer, S. 1.. juror 9.00
Niebert, C. 1'. juror 57. HO
1'ieckerl, (leo. Karl scalps .... 2.50
Ma pes, Fruuk juror 4S.I
Endicr, 1,. IF. juror 48.00
Higgius, Geo. juror 53.00
Boyce, John juror 51.00
Griffith, Dr. C. E. insane exam
ination 5.0,1
Omhntt, Dr. C. E. insane exam
ination 5. 0C
Chaxv, tlarrie M. relief 10.00
Martin, Ira relief 10.00
Tanner,. E. E. juror 43.00
Clearnator, J. C. juror 51.40
Kress, T. J. juror 51.40,
Litchfield, (leo. P. bailiff .... 54.00
K.-ech, Geo. Ijuror 57.80
Flint, Mrs. L. L. relief 10.00
Hin., Chns, juror 55.00
Bents, IF. L. juror 53.00
Jillninna, Conrad juror 4S.H0
Ali Fulyre, F. A. juror 64.20
Mercer, 8. L. juror 40.80
Willis, Joans M. juror 47.00
Heyden, Gust juror 51.00
Marthsler, John juror 57.00
Gunning, Fred juror 57.40
iMirsnt, I.. W. juror 30.00
B wen, O. D. juror 57.00
Cadistt, Dr. C. K. insane exam-
1 inntiou , , 5.00
Poor Account.
(Sanders, Fred relief 10.00
Pearson, Mrs. Olea relief .... 10.00
Si lileusner, Daisy relief 15.00
Biaiinnn, Emma Ft. relief .... 10.00
Bnmes, Mrs. F. E. relief 20.00
.Vrcilenbuig, Mm. C'ulherine, re
lief 0.00
Oraybill,. Mrs. M. W. relief . . 15.00
Bullis, Mrs. Florence L. relief. 10.00
Lucior, Stephen, Sr., relief .... 5.00
Krebs, Jacob relief 10.00
Freeman, R. C. relief 10.00
Groshong, Mrs. J. N. relief for
Mrs. Mary Maher 12.00
Skogg, Mrs. Albert relief 12.50
Durno, Charles relief 10.00
Wallace, Rebecca L. relief . . . ; 10.00
Schmitz, Mrs. Theodore relief. 12.00
Rogers, Joseph W. relief .... 9.00
Park, Mrs. E. relief , . 15.00
Buster, Grace E. relief 10.00
Strand, Revert relief 10.00
Lanta, Catherine relief 8.00
V'oy:, Milton, leljef , 8.00
Barnett, Lizzio roliet 8.00
I.ucier, Steeve, Jr., relief 8.00
Green, IF. A. relief 17.00
Martin, Mrs. Kate relief .... 10.00
Bunnell, Nellie relief 10.00
Johnson, Mrs. relief 5.00
Stripling, IFulda relief 8.00
Summer, Lucindu J. relief .... 10.00
Brown, James relief 8.00
I.ashapelle, Mrs. A., relief .... 10.00
Dowd, Addio L. relief for N. B.
Dowd 10.00
Balliott, S. relief : 10.01
Scobio, Mrs. relief 15.00
Gobin, I.izettic relief 10.00
Hoys and Girls Aid Society re
lief 10.00
Snodilerly, Flora relief 30.00
Barton, Mrs. M. relief 10.00
Zoller, Mrs Theresa relief .... 20.00
Henry, Mrs. Olive E. relief 10.00
Hemick, W. M. relie'f 12.00
Griffith, Mrs. Nan relief .... 20.00
Hubbard, Ceo. W. relief- 8.0
Wilson, Mrs. Ada relief .' 10.00
ICephart, Mrs. C. M. relief . , . 15.00
Schmidt, Katherine, relief ..... 22.50
DeShazer, Mrs. D. N. relief .. 22.50
White, Mrs. J. F. relief 20.00
Foster, Mrs. relief 12.00
Sprague, Mrs Itowonn relief .. 17.50
Guerin, A. L. relief 10.00
Kiel, -Emanuel relief for Cath
erine Fuchs 30.00
Smith, A. H. relief 15.00
Gliiblen, J. H. relief 10.00
.Morton, Mrs. Caroline relief . 5.00
Gibson, Mrs. Gusaio relief .... 32.50
Mack, E. A. relie'f 8.00
Weedmark, Mrs. V. A. relief .. 10.00
White, J. L. relief 10.00
Smith, Mis. Mildrel relief .... 10.00
ICetchum, M. B. relief 10.00
Green, Mrs. Anna relief 20.00
Hurdwick, Charles relief - 10.00
Chalifauz, Mrs. Grandma relief 10.00
Dickinson, S. A. relief 10.00
Knott, Mrs. Mclviuu relief .. 10.00
Kavannugh, Mis. Edward re
lief for ('has. Jeamloiu 8.00
Johnson, J. H. relief 0.00
Wilson, Mi's. D. K. relief .... 15.00
Sampler, Lizzie relief 8.00
Swouriiigen, Mis. O. Ii. relief.. 12,00
Thrums, Mrs. H. relief 8.00
Harper, Mrs. O. A. relief .... 12.00
Brock, Norm relief 5.0(1
Zenzne, Mis. Adam relie'f .... 15.00
.Uc'Mniils, Mis Birdie C relief. 12.00
Irwin, Mrs. Blanche E, relief . 12.50
Germond, Mrs. P. F. relief.. 10.00
Garden, Mrs M. R. relief .... 10.00
Finley, Mrs. J. K. relief 15.00
liussell, James G. relief 5.00
Newton, O. D. relief S.00
Widner, Mathias relief 10.00
Carlson, C. Carl relief 10.00
Mitchell, Mrs. Lucy E. relief.. 3.00
Zimmerman, Airs. Adelia relief. 15.00
Marstel, Mrs. Steve relief .... 15.00
Old Peoples Home relief for Ju
lia HiirHcl '. . , . 15.20
Hannes, Mrs. Caroline relief.. 10. Oil
Ettlin, Mrs. relief 10.00
Basey, Robert relief 7.00
Miller, Mis. Vina II. relief 10.00
Salaries Sheriffs Office,
N'eedham, W, I. deputy sheriff 100.00
Sloper, L, L. deputy sheriff ... 80.00
Bower, O. D. deputy sheriff ... 80.00
1'anlus, Geo. deputy sheriff .. 100.00
Ksch, Florence, tax clerk .... 07.50
Ifoxie, Chns. tux clerk 75.00
Wrightinnii, F. T. tax clerk ... 00.00
Shelton, Roscoe tax elerk . . . 00.00
Clerk's Office.
Buyer, V. G. deputy elerk 100.00
Clarke, W. I?, deputy clerk ... S0.00
MeGreggor, A. J. deputy clerk.. 00.00
lliuz, E. A. registeratiou clerk 00.00
Arms, A. jr. elerk ;. 50.00
llucker, Maudio, clerk 40.00
Norton, Hcna, elerk 11.50
(iearhart, Hazel clerk 10.50
Recorder's Office.
Uiikox, C. G. deputy S0.00
Savage, Helen deputy 00.00
Swart, Wijke elerk 3.00
Treasurer's Office.
Moore, J. G. deputy treasurer. 75.00
Assessor's Office.
Steelhummer, O. A. deputy as
sessor 100.00
Siegiuund, K. G, deputy assess-
or 75.00
Moisnn, (1. J. deputy assessor.. tl.CO
I.ibby, A. C. deputy assessor ... 50.00
Tweed, John deputy assessor . , 00.00
Oonklin, I. deputy assessor . . 50.00
Sawyer, W. S. deputy assessor 00.00
Ulvin, A. A. deputy assessor 83.00
Snyder, L. I. deputy assessor.'. 75.00
Marty, II. E. deputy assessor. . 70.00
Southwiek, Al M. deputy assess
or '. 11.25
I. iik, F. M. deputy assessor.. S5.00
(libson, Matthew deputy assess
or "5.00
Schellberg, II. deputy assessor 27.50
Court House.
Morgan, C janitor 50.00
l.irby, R. P. janitor 50.00
Goulet, W. II. Jr., janitor .... 50.00
School Supt. Office.
Reid, Cora E. clerk 60.00
Drillette, J. E. supervisor .... 110.00
Smith, John W. L. supervisor 110.00
. . Poor Account.
Smith, W. Carlton county phy
sician 50.00
Jackson, Hattie M. special of
ficer 50.00
Stock Inspector.
Morehouse, W. G. county vet-
neifian (. 33.60
Sealer of Weights and Measures.
Jones, J. F. salary and expense 46.20
County Court and Commissioners.
Bushey, W. M. traveling expen
ses 3.25
BeckwithJ. T. county commis
sioner 33.40
Goulet, W. II. county coramia-
tfionar 1
Poor Continued.
Griffith, Mrs. Nan relief ....
Ogle, Cluuilo relief
Groshong, Mrs. J. II. Telief . .
Expenses Sheriff's Office.
Commercial Book Store, pens,
bauds, etc. 2.00
Commercial Printing Co. en
velopes 5.50
Ksch, Wm, sheriff, advanco
for stamps 20.00
Ksch, Win. auto hire, railroad
fare, etc 6.20
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph Co., telephone and culls. . 10.50
Patton Bros., pencils, holders.. .45
The Western t'nion Telegraph
Co. calls 1.00
Clerk's Office.
Commercial Book Store Y. & E.
filing section, etc 20.34
Commercial Printing Co., books
liquor affidavits 42.00
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph Co. telephone and calls. . . . 5.C5
Patton Bros, pads, pens, etc.. 2.50
Rodgers Paper Co., paper .... 6.00
Recorder's Office.
Brooks, Mildred R. advanco
for stamps 2,00
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph C. telephone 2.2f
Patton Bros, pens, ink, etc.... J. 15
Rodgers Paper Co., printing
mortgage record, etc 8.25
Treasurer's Office.
Commercinl Printing Co., - two
books receipts 10.50
Dnlrymple, A. M. printing, etc.
2000 roe 17.50
Drager, D. G. advance for
stamps 10.08
Elliott, N.. I), envelopes . . 11.00
Patton Bros, pens 85
Surveyor' office.
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph Co., telephone nnd calls . . 4.70
Patton Bros, pencils, pens, etc. 2.75
Assessor's Office,
Lockwood, C. M. typewriter rib
bon .CO
Miller, B. J. J. assessing t. 5-2
and G-3 .....' 83.00
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph Co., telephone and calls. 4.00
Hodgers Paper Co., assessment
rolls 100.00
Wondereth, Geo. J. making
maps 6.25
West, Hen F. advance for
stumps 2.00
County Court and Commissioners.
The Capital Journal publishing
Claim docket 64.00
Commercial Book Store ink... .85
Oregon Statesman publishing
claim docket 51.88
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph Co, telephone and calls.. 5.P.'
Court House.
Boggs & Co. L, M. brooms... 4. SO
Croisnn, E. M. wood 37.08
Nichols Grocery toilet paper.. 2.00
Portland Railway Light and Po
wer Co., lighting for April.. 101.01
Salem Laundry Company laund
ry 1.S0
Salem Water Light & P. Co.
water used in April 8.03
Spencer Hardware Co., brush
oil, hooks, etc 0."
Circuit Court.
Dnlrymple, A. M. printing let
ter beads 0.00
raliymplo, A. M., printing
brief ' 5.00
Garland, F. IF. auto hire .... 15.0
Hemshorn, Stephen, juror ..... 57.S0
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph Co., telephone and calls.. ' 0.45
Home Restaurant meals for
jury 3.25
Itoyale Cafeteria meals for jury 4.55
Stnnwood, E. C. Sh'ff. mileage 8.10
White House Restaurant meals
for jury 15.00
Adams, L. J. witness 5.00
Finney, Ed. witness 4.40
LaDuko, Thos. witness 2.20
I.aDuke, Elvis, witness 2.20
LaDuko. Mrs. Thos. witness ... 2.20 j
I.aDuke, Thos. witness 2.20
I.aDuke, Elvis witness 2.20
Pickett, Mrs. Eva' I. 'witness. . 2.20
Finuey, Ed. witness 2.20
Scott, Irene witness 2.20
Sutton, F. A. witness 2.20
Hermstad, Martin witness .... 2.20
Traglio, Pascal Jr., witness... 2.20
Ross, Ernest wituess 2.20
I.aDuke, Thos., witness
LaDuko, Elvis wituess 14.S0
I.aDuke, Mrs. Thos witness.... 14.80
Keunedy, J. 'll. witness 5.60
Bomhoff, Harry witness 5.00
Thompson, F. S. witness 5.00
Davenport, Mrs. B. F. witness 7.00
Jones, W. Al witness 8.20
Keller, Wm. L. witness 12.00
Allbright, W. D. witness 8.20
Darby, II. C, witness 37.20
Hice, Chas. R. witness 8.20
Bain, J. B. witness 4.20
Dickinson, J. C. witness...... 8.20
Sawybrs, J. E. witness 37.20
Fleenor, Lloyd witness 5.60
Decker, J. J. witness 5.60
Green, F. L. witness 5.60
Laverty, Pearl witness 5.60
Aicher, 8. witness 5.60
Ross, J. H. witness 28.00
Miller, Iwan witness 7.00
Varney, Percy M. witness . . . 4.20
Shirley, G. G. witness 5.10
Justice Court Miscellaneous.
BreiUano, John V. Theo B.
drawing jury list 3.00
Running, Chris drawing jury
list 2.00
Breutano, R. L. M drawing jury
list 2.00
Pratt, C. II. auto hire 4.00
State "vs. Barrick.
Webster, D. justice 2.85
State vs. Carter.
City of Salem, Oregonj fees of
justice and constable 0.70
State vs. Cole.
Webster, D. justice 5.00
Earl, II. L. justice 3.80
Cannon, J. T. constable 1.70
State vs. Coulsen.
Webster, D, justice 2.85
Cooper, E. E. constable 1.00
State vs. Doe and Roe.
Crittenden, C. M. Webster 3.00
Kinzer, Chns. constable 1.80
Isaacson, Felix witness 1.80
State vs. Emerson.
Webster, I), justice 5.95
Esc.li, Wm. acting constable.... 17.00
State vs. Hull.
Webster, D. justice 2.85
Cooppr, E. E. constable 50
State vs. Jeans.
Earl, II. L. justice 9.40
Cannon, J. T. constable 1.70
Robertson, Dr. C. U. witness.. 3.10
Webb, Levi M. witness,,. 2.10
Applegate, Charles, witness.... 1.70
Barnett, II. M., witness 1.70
Eurl, II. L. justice 5.00
Cannon, J. T. constable 3.55
Watson, John, witness 3.10
Kelly, J. wituess 1.00
Webster, D. justice 4.70
Cooper, E. E. constable 3.10
State vs. Kelly. j
Webster, D, justice 12.55
Cooper, E. E. constable 9.50 J
Cornelius, Stockwell witness... 3.10
Mnssey, Dr. G. A. witness .... 3.10
Hall, It. C. wituess 3.10
Cole, Oscar witness 3.10
Adolph, Joseph juror 1.00
Race, Earl juror 1.00
Anderson, Ernest juror 1.00
Patterson, Geo. N. juror J.00
Gilson, W. B. juror 1.00
McGilohriat, Wm. Jr., juror.... LOO
State vs. Myers.
Cooper, E. E. constable 1.50
State vs. Peak.
Cooper, E. E. constable 1.00
State vs. Reed, et al.
Webster, D. justice 7.15
Ksch, Win. acting constable.. 20.50
State vs. Schniio!.
Webster, D., justitce 13.30
Cooper, E. E. constable 7.30
Kurt , S, witness 1.70
Mx'Kinney, Fred witness 1.70
McKinuey, Mrs. Fred witness.. 1.70
Montgomery, John witness .... 1.70
Bryant, W. L. witness 1.70
Graham, C. C. witness 1.70
Cross, Curtis B. witness 1.70
Steusloff, Fred W. witness ... 1.70
Vogel, Alviii E. witness 11.50
State vs. Scoville.
Cooper, E. E. eonstublc 2.35
State vs. Shuppe.
Cooper, E. E. constable 2.00
Coroner's Account,
dough, A. M. investigations.. 19.30
Clough, A. M. 'writing testimony
in Hinkle case 21.45
Insane Account.
Crawford, C. O. transporta
tion 5.00
Glover, G, E. witness 5.00
Keech, (leo., nuto hire 4.00 j
Smith, Henry mileage and fee 5.00
Wrightmun, A. E. auto hire.., 5.00
School Supt. Office.
Pacific Telephone and Telegra
ph Co. telephone and calls .. 4.55
Patton Bros, ink and paper .. 6. So
Reid, Cora E. truant officer.. 21.00
Smith, W. M. advanco for
stamps, etc 70.07
Health Officer's Account.
Cnshatt, C. E. salary and ex
pense 77.10
Beauchuuip, Dr. H. A. registrar 7.75
Van Winkle, Dr. J. O. registrar 2.25
Beebe, G. U. registrar 12.75
Webert, Louis, registrar 1.50
Edwards, Dr. R. L. registrar.. 1.50
Hickman. Dr. II. O. registrar.. 3.73
IFubbs, .0. W. registrar 8.50
Baumnn, J. T. registrar 6.25
Fruit Inspector.
Constable. C- O. salary and ex
pense '. . 90.00
Poor Account '
Barnett, Mrs. II. E. milk for
Stranahnns 3.01
Beauckamp, Dr. H. A. profess
ional services 4.00
Dane & Son 's groceries, disallowed
Drager, D. G. advance for rail
road fare 149.3S
Drake's Grocery, groceries ... 15.30
Ebner,..T. W. shoes 13.15
Fairmouat Dairy milk for Mrs.
' Brvssr 1 Dissallowed
Gardner, J. R. groceries 23.24
Gehlen, Chas. groceries 17.63
Grabenhorst, G. H. rent of
house 10.00
Hunt's Market meat for Mrs.
' Barnes 2.00
Johnson & Co., G. W. bath robe
slippers, ete 7.65
Lehman & dough Co. burial of
Frank Miller 23.00
Liston. W. A. house rent 10.00
Littlefield & Romig, Drs. medi
cal services Continued
Pacific. Telephone and Telegra
ph Co. telephone 1.50
Rieger, Andy plowing garden. 1.50
Ricsterer & Co., F. J. groceries
427.02, $18.07 allowed $8.95
Roberts, C. M. groceries 5.75
Salem Hospital care of patients 84.00
Sloper 's Drug Store medicine.. 7.05
Steeves & Findley, Drs. glass
es, medicine, etc 5.00
Stockton, J. L. dry goods .... 9.90
Taylor, Earl E. superintendent
of poor farm 413.20
Wcller Bros, groceries 22.65
Young, W. C. room rent 3.00
Jail Account.
Ksch, Wm. board of prisoners. . S0.8G
Juvenile Account.
Jackson, Hattie M. railroad
fare and auto hire 10.90
Tax Rebate.
Fulk, Geo. tax rebate 3.50
Livingston, W. D. tax rebate. . 1.80
Reeves, E. E. tax rebate .... 1.43
Siegniuud, W. M. tax rebate .. 3.93
Southern Pacific Co., tax rebate
Assessor's Office Continued.
L'lvin, A. A. advance for phone
bill 1.20
Indigent Soldiers.
Ellis, S. A. relief 10.00
Gimbal, S. relief 10.00
Leach, S. A. relie'f 5.00
Johnson, Morris, relief 10.00
Whitman, S. R. -relief 10.00
Girod, Anna relief 10.00
Joyce, Hattie D. relief 10.00
Bntchelor, James relief U.00
Chase, Carrie M. relief 10.06
Smith, Mrs. W. L. relief 5.00
Baxter, E. L. relief 10.00
Poor Account Continued.
Thomas, Mrs. Elizabeth. Belle
'relief 30.00
Election Account Booths.
Blown Plaining Mill Co., sup
plies for voting booths 171.25
Commercial Book Store indexes
ink, pens, etc 78.93
Commercial Printing Co. elect
ion notices 7.50
Dnlrymple, A. M. printing no
tices 4.50
Elliott, N. D. statements and
talley sheets 22.00
Gehlhar, Max advance for
stumps 25.00
Oregon Messenger, The print
ing circulars 8.50
Patton Bros, pea holders, wax,
etc 4.45
Rodgers Paper Co. record of el
ections etc 45.00
Salem Oregon Statesman, print
ing ballots 407.99
Spencer Hardware Co., pad
locks 1.50
Wcndoroth, Geo. J. making blue
prints ..." 2.00
Ames, Norris registering vo
ters 1.23.00
Arrell, Emmette registering vo
ters 3.20
Aspinwull, J. P. registering vo-
rets 11.90
Anderson, W. C. registering vo
ters -. 10.10
Bell, Geo. II. registering voters 24.70
Barber, M. A. registering voters 9.10
Bientano, Johu F. T B. regis
tering voters 20.20
Buchheit, Joe J., registering vo
ters , .' 21.40
'Crittenden, C. M. 'registering
voters 2S.20
Driver, I. D. registering voters 3.20
Durettc, F. R. registering voters 1.10
Earl, H. L. registering voters 29.20
Elley, C. A. registering voters 5.20
Gibson, Matthew registering vo
ters 15.40
Grier, J. B. registering voters 41.10
Hayes, T. F. registering voters 43.30
Heltzel, S. II. registering voters 5.80
Henderson, R. G, registering vo
ters 9.S0
Humphrey, Dora T. registering
voters 12.20
Humphrey, Geo. W. registering
voters 25.40
Hudson, Fred, registering voters 8.50
Johnson, Andrew, registering
voters 5.90
Marty, H. E., registering voters 33.00
Mars, H. D., registering voters 25.70
McClellan, T. Y., registering
voters t 8.90
McCord, Blaine, registering
voters 40.10
MeOormick, M. J., registering
voters , 4.00
McVarlane, J. C- registering
voters 8.S0
Miller, Albert E., registering
voters 13.70
Miller, B. J. J., registering
voters 22.50
XFulkey, William P., registering
veters 7.40
Oltmart,, Gracia I.., registering
voters 6.50
Outerson, John, registering
vter 7.40
Richie, John S., registering
voters 19.00
Sawyer, W. S., registering voters 1.40
Spencer, G. A., registering
voter 19.70
Thompkins, II. II., registering
voters 8.S0
Rate per word New Today: HARRY Window cleaner, Phgne. 768.
Each insertion, per word lc . Jane
One week (6 insertions), per word 5c
rcipijrrrwinorbtVec o-yoi. a
ZSfiTAZZ GIRI, WANTED-For housework .1963
Read your advertisement the first day a' nay
it appear, and notify us immediately WANTEDse(.ond hattd refrigerator.
If it contains an error. ph M0 8 7
Minimum charge, 15c. J
LOST-Dark green sweater, return to "E WOD-ciopper. wanted.
Journal offiVe, Reward. may29 Phone 80F11-
YOUNG MAN-18 years, wants work FRONT APARTMENTS--lround floor
for the summer. 18 care Journal. ni29 491 N' Cottage-
r,TT nx-nxi. ., LOT TO TRADE For team. Inquire
MM3 ROOM DVVELnNO-For rent m c
$20 per mouth. Phone Carey F. Mar- " " sui,. J
tin- may26 FOR RENT SIGNS For sale at Oap-
WANTED-$500 for three years on Hal Journal office. tf
$2000 city property. L. M. care Jour- WANTEDo,ie strong second- han.I
na1, t. nmy-' wagon. Geo. Swegle. may27
LOST-Pair men's shoes on depend- GOOD-Furnishcd house to rent los
ence-SHem road. Leu n e at Journal or- . phon6 Main u
nee. v mayji .
T,,-x- . ., I Z Z WANTED Middle aged woman for
FOR RLNT-Stnc ly modern 6 room houae WQrk ph ?
house, also a cheap house. Phone j
Close in for rent. Phone Carey F.
Martin. may26
WANTED Girl for general house
work. 275 N! 20th St. Harbison,
phone 2313-U. may27
FOR SALE OR TRADE Team, wagon,
2 horse disk and walking plow.
Phone 75F11. may 27
WANTED TO RENT 5 room fully
modern bungalow or cottage with
garage. Pholie 511. tf
ALL PERSONS Interested in the an
nual meeting nnd picnic of the Wis
consin people please meet in Judge
Webster's office at 8 o'clock p. in.,
Wednesday, M.iv 31st. Committee.
register to pick 45 acres of ripe ber
ries. No green fruit this season. Free
wood and potato patch, fine camp
ground, half mile to street car of
Salem Heights. Thone 21F2. tf
jBrandeis' Confirmation .
Is Considered Certain
Washington, May 20. Speedy confir
mation of Louis D. Brandeis' appoint
ment as associate justice of the United
States supreme court was indicated to
day at a meotmg of the republican
sennte judiciary committee members.
They decided that if the democrats
allow those opposed to Brandeis to
make public their reasons on the senate
floor, the republicans will not conduct
a filibuster against the proceedings and
will not go through with their plans to
prolong the contest.
"Bullets and Brown Eyes" Deals With
Stirring Events in Two Mythical
Couatries at War.
Bessio Barrlscalc, the star whose
screen triumphs have brought her to
the front rank of film artists within
the past year, is presented by Thomas
H. Ince for the fourth time on the Tri
angle program in an absorbing was
romance from the pen of J. G. Hawks,
entitled, "Bullets and Brown Eyes."
The production is totally different from
anything in which Miss Barriscale here
tofore has appeared,
"Bullets and Brown Eyes," is the
tale of a prince's wooing and winning
of a countess Its scenes aro laid in
the mythical countries of Bothalia and
Marsow while they are at war, 'and
are replete with thrilling battles. How
the reckless prince of one country suc
ceeds in his quest for the countess of
the other is beautifully told.
To the role of Countess Olga Miss
Barriscale is said to contribute all the
charm that has helped to make her a
nation-wide favorite. Her vivacity as
well as her dramatic ability find ready
outlet in the part.
An interesting fact in connection
with the production is that if will
serve to introduce a new lending man
opposite Miss Barriscale. He is Wil
liam Desmond, who supported Billie
Burke in "Peggy," and his interpreta
tion of the part' of Trince Carl, "The
Will 0' the Wisp," is said to be a
splendid piece of work.
$5,000, well improved 10 acre tract
close in, with stock and crop, for Alberta-
land; also a fine ffva acre tract,
$3,000, for Alberta land.
2,500 well improved 5-acre tract for
I " v 1 III III OlU ItllKI.
tl,500 stock farm. Kings Valley, for
smait tract near Malem.
Exchanges every where if you have
any property to exchange see
347 State St., Salem, Oregon
Wescott, Cora S.,' registering
voters 22.10
Wygant, R. C, registering
voters 75.10
Poor, Continued.
Wallace, Mrs, E relief 5.00
Mutter, Magdalena, relief 10.00
Randales, George T., relief S.00
Scalp Bounty.
Jacobson, David, bounty on wild
cat 2.00
Insane Account.
Wrightman. Dr. A. E., insane ex
amination 5.00
ing rooms for rent. 325 S. 14th St.
FURNISHED rooms and housekeeping
appartments, rates reasonable, elos
in, 180 Court tf
cheap, in excellent condition, 287 8.
Winter street, may2J
ern but close in) tor rent. Phone
Carey F. Martin. majlUi
FOR SALE I. C. S.' scholarship at a
bargain. See I. S. C. representative at
Masonic Temple. may2S
SEED POTATOES-Choiee Burbank
and Gold Coin seed for sale. Mangis
Bros., 540 State St. may2S
FOR BENT Furnished and unfurnish
ed rooms in Hubbard building. W.
H. Norris. Room 304. tt
FOR GOOD Meals and comfortable.
rooms, reasonable, in modern homo,
close in phone 1013. may27
FOB RENT Flat close in, furnished
or unfurnished. Phone 823-J, or call
at 252 North Cottage St. tf
block garden land for rent very cheap
Phone Cirey F. Martin. may2l
traction engine for siwing lumber.
Inquire S. H, care Journal. may27
for rent very cheap to desirable par
ties. Phone Carey F. Martin. may2d
WANT TO RENT Modern ten or
twelve room house, close in, on north
side. Address 10-R care Journal. m2.7
FOR SALE 200 acres at Lyle, Wash.,
will consider some trade on clear
property. August Rauch, Salem, Or.
June 17
FOR RENT Nice furnished room in
ew houBe in private family, 3 block
from P. O. Inquire G-10 care Journ
al, tf
FOR SALE 18 acres, good terms, 16
in crops and fruit, fair buildings,
best soil. W. W. Lander, Sale.ni R.
9. junela
SMALL LOAN $250 to $300 wanted
by responsible man, personal proper
ty security. Phone Carey F. Mar
tin. may26
FOR SALE 106 sheep, not sheared,
and about 75 lambs. Inquire at tha
Capital Journal office, Salem Ore
ong. may31
FOR SALE Good Jersey milk cow
giving 3 1-2 gallons of milk, a bar
gain. Phone 98F2. Walter Pearmine,
R. 8. tf
about fifty thousind brick for sale
at a bargain. United States National
Bank. tf
washing, ironing, housekeeping, cook
ing or serving by day or hour, rhone-2504-J-2.
FOR SALE 3 hilf truck Studebaker
wagon. Will trade for heavier wagon,
cordwood or stumpage. 2788 Lee.
Phone 1322-J. tf
FOR RENT Business block room, size
18x80 feet. 467 State street. In
quire at 463 State. Phone, 1009.
Maurice Klinger. tf
MY HOME For Tent or will lease,
partly furnished if desired. Inquire
of Mrs. Hallie Hinges, 293 N. Sum
mer, cor. ChemckeU. tf
TWO Good houses to trade for a farm
one modern, the other one has a good
barn on the lot. O. O. Bolter, 2016
Trade St. Phone 2206-W. may27
ligent, handy, trustworthy and pre
sentable in appearance, wishes any
light employment, moderate wages.
Alsborn, phone 300. may26
I AM Taking orders for summer and
fall delivery of wood. I will give a
lower price now than I will late ia
the season. John H. Scott, phone 1353
After office hours, C22. june20
FOR SALE At bargain prices, on
Troy laundry mangle 90 inches, slora
shelving, two teams and Shetland
pony, 2 donble buggies,- one singl
bnggy. H. Steinbock, 302 N. Com!
Phor 808. tf
WANTED All the young folks in
town to hear the program given by
the Fish School of Expression for
the benefit of the Sunday school at
the Court St, Christian church, Fri
day. May 26, at S:15 p. m. Admis
sion 20 cts. and 10 cts. tnay26