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V fnr nn Onfincr
. Reduced Round Trip Week-end fares between
Commercial Centers of Willamette Valley
Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Eugene and other
" cities are in close touch with -each other
' through frequent train service.
Fishing Is Fine
Our agents report that fish are biting fine
on the following rivers: McKenzie, Siuslaw,
Marys, Santiam, Upper Willamette. Use
week-end fares on your -next fishing trip.
Newport Tillamook
Daily round trip fares are on sale to New
port and Tillamook beaches. Fishing is fine.
So is bathing.
Ask your local agent or write
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon
Portland Rose Festival June 6, 7, 8, 9, 1916
A New York medical practitioner
ears: "I presenile lsisuratcu -Magnesia j Antone Larson are in Koseburg mis
in preference to anything else for all; week attending the convention of the
forms of stomach trouble that are due; Odd Fellows lodges of the state,
to hyper-acidity.'' For sour, acid, Tracy 8a very of Portland his been
stomach, belching, indigestion, etc., i in the city for the pasi iew days visit
take n tenspoonful in a quarter glass I lux nt the home of his mother, Mrs.
of water after eating; INSTANT RE-jHuldn Savery on Jefferson street.
LdF.F. Sold bv all druggists in either J. C. Hayter and manriee Ihilton
powder or tablet form at 30 cents a i were fishing Sunday on the headwaters
bottle. ' ; of the Lal'reole river. They reported
m . i poor luck.
I A. 1.. ..inrtin was n business visitor
I P""' A I MiTIiTQ Independence Tuesday morning.
lI-VJrYl ilvf 1 lVA-J Professor W. S. lirow'n, a specialist
' j in ' horticiiltn re at the Oregon Agricul-
Adininistrator's Notice tnral college is in Dallas toy loon-
Notice is hereby piven that the nn-jing into the condition of the orchards
dersigned has been appointed by t'ne that were reported damaged by the
county court of Marion county, state frosts the first of the month." Ws
of Oregon, administrator ot the eslato
of John Marnich, deceased, late ot
Marion couuty, state of Oregon.
All persons having claims against
the estate of said deceased are hereliy
required to present the same, duly vr
ified, as by law rquired. to the under
signed administrator at number 140
Worth Commercial street, in the city
of Salem. Mtrion county, state of Ore
gon, within six months from the date
of this notice.'
Administrator of the estate of John
Rlarnach. deceased.
Dated Mav loth. 10tG. June 8
Sheriff's Sale of Heal Property on
Notice is hereby given, that by vir
tue of an execution duly issued out of
the circuit court of the state of Ore
gon, for the county of Marion and to
me directed on the 22nd day of April,
1 1 10, upon a judgment and decree duly
rendered, entered of record and docket
ed in and by said court on the 12th
day of April, IHltl, iu a certain suit
then in said court pending, wherein
(Irnce Louisa llottinger, by her iuir
(i'un Minnie llottinger was plaintiff
and Minnie P. Smith, W. F. Ti. Smith,
A. L. l'raser, and K. O. Pratt, doing
business under the firm name and style
of Fraser & Pratt were defendants in
favor of plaintiff and against -said de
fendants by which execution I am com
manded to sell the property in Slid exe
cution and hereinafter described to pay
the sum due the plaintiff of eleven
hundred tlurtv four &
7-100 ( 11:1 I .")71 !
Dollars, with' interest thereon at thei
rate of 7 ner cent per annum trom the
1st day of I'ebrun.i'y. l!l(i, until paid j arrested there charccd with the niur
nnd the further sum of forty seven & I der of the Xelm? sisters, but after trial
20-100 Dollars, with interest at thei at San Antonio, Texas, both were ae
rate of (i per cent from February 1st quilted.
Jit lb, and the further sum ot one auiiil-
red fifty (1.10.00) Attorneys fees, to
gether with costs and disbursebents
of said suit taxed at seventeen & .10-100
($17.50) Dollars and costs and expens
es of said execution. I will on Satur
day the 27ta day of May, 1910, at, the!
hour ot 10 o HoTii-a. m. of said day at
the west door of the county court
houso in Marion co'unty, Oregon, sell
nt public auction to the highest bid
der for enh in hnud on the duv of
sale, all the right, titlo. interest" and am eommanded to sell the property in
estate which said defendants and all'! t-niO execution md hereinafter deserih
persons under them subsequent to thejed to pay the sum due the plaintiff of
date of the mortgage herein foreclosed : hundred ami 00-100 OIOO.OO) Did
in, of and to said premises hereinbe-1 lars, with interest thereon at the rate
fore mentioned and described in saidior 'r cent per annum from t'ne 2-tth
execution as follows.
IiOts four (4) And five ("il, block
three (3) Hugh Owens addition to the
City of Salem, Marion county, Oregon.
Said sale being made subject to re
demption in the manner provided bv
law. Dated this 2tth dav of April,
wm. Fnr,
Sheriff of Marion county, Oregon.
By Y. r. Needhani, 1'eputy.
Mav 2.")
Sheriffs Sale of Real Property
Ou Foreclosure
Notice is herebv given. That by vir-,ing under them subsequent to the date
toe of an execution duly issued out of; of the mortgage herein foreclosed iu,
the circuit court of the state of Ore- of and to said premises hereinbefore
gun, for toe county f Marion, and to ' mentioned are described in said cxecit
me directed on the 2Hth day of April tion as follows, towit: Lot No. eight
I'.OO. upon a. judgment and decree dulv'tS) in block So. seventy-four (71 iu
rendered, entered of record mid doeli- North Snleai, Marion onnty, state of
ted in and by said court on the l-th , Oregon, as shown by the recorded plat
day of April lillti in ,i certain suit then thereof. Said sale being made subject
in said court ponding, wherein rhi-a P.; to redemption in the manner provided
I'ouch was plaintiff and Alfred V.
Itigelow, Hettie A. Reynolds and W.
'. Reynolds, her husband, were defend
ants iu favor of plaintiff and against
Klid defendants by which coeutinu I
(Capital Journal Special Service)
all'.is. Or., -ay 2"). A. J, linrham
lias returned irom a business my to
points in Washington.
A. V. R. Snyder. (i. C. P.ureh and
at'ti iuion lie will address a meeting of
fruit growers at the court iiouse
J. K. Voakum, a prominent resident
of the Perrydale neighborhood was a
Dallas business visitor Tuesday.
Mr. ind.. Mrs. Phil ilegin will go to
Salem tomorrow to attend the ..min
lioiMuson circus.
Mr. and .Mrs. A. T..-Martin, Mr. ami
Mrs. !'. J. Craven, Mr. and Mrs. C. 15.
Sundberg. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. (.'rider,
and Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Pinsecki mo
tored to Albany and Corvallis Suuuay.
Mrs. Harriott MacArthur of Port
land and .nrs. John AuUeny of Walli
Walla were guests of friends in Dallas
Mr. and Mrs. li. TT. Cosper are attend
ing the grand lodge meeting of the
l.'ebekahs and Odd Fellows nt Kose
htirjr. Miss Arlene r.ennett is visiting at
the home of her parents, liev. .ind Mrs.
(Icorge II. liennett on Mill street.
W. T. W'aljace of J thick Rock was a
Dallas visitor the first of the week.
Victor Innes and Wife
On Trial In Georgia
. Tacoma, Wash., Mav 2.". As one of
the state's witnesses hi the trial of
Victor F.. Innes and his wife, to be tried
at Atlanta. Ca on a charge of "lar
ceny after trust," Mrs. M. Hidden left
here today for the southern City. Just
what the state expects to show bv her
evidence, Mrs. Hidden could not state.
Tnnes purchased the Holden farm near
r.ngrnc. vire., mm wiiu his wire, was
Aurori, 111., May D-". Gwendolyn
Hidden, 10 years old, a school girl, win
found dead today, having been killed
with ether. The police arrested Paul
erlioye, a youth, and claim to have
extracted a confession irom him.
.narks on the girl's neck indicated
lav of August 19 13 until paid and for
the further sum of fifty and U0-1ihi
(."i0.(I0) Dollars, attorney's fees togeth
er with the costs and disbursements of
naid suit taxed at twenty and 5U-10U
($'JO.."0) Dollars .ind costs and expenses
of said execution. J will on Saturday
the 3rd day ot .lune liUO at the hour,
of 1 o'clock p. m. of said day at the
west door of the county court house in
Marion county, Oregon, sell nt public
auction to the highest bidder for cash
in hand ou the day of sale, nil the
right, title, interest and estate which
said defend Hits and all persons claim-
bv law. Dated this Sdth dav of April
mid. wm. ix'ii.
Sheriff of M.trion Comity. OreSun.
My W. I. Xeedlmm.'jh-pnty.
June 1.
Oregon Boys and Girls Take
A Scientific Training
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
lis, May 25. Twentyfour Oregon bovH
and girls will attend the two weeks
short course at (). A. C. as prize win
ners of State Industrial Club work
with all expenses to be paid by donors
of the prizes. A number of other girls
and boys have won county and local
prizes which entitle them to the same
privileges. ' ''.'"
The fourth annual session of sliort
courses for boys and girls in agriculture
and home economics will begin at1 the
college on June 10 and exteud to June
30th. , Pupils of seventh and eighth
grade rank and of high school grades
are eligible for admission, The number
of prize winners attending will prob
ably not exceed forty while there are
accommodations on the campus for
about 100. The remaining sixty will be
accepted in the order of their applica
tions provided they are eligible. All
these except the forty must come at
their own expense unless they are se
lected as representatives of some school
or organization thnt pays the expenses.
The boys will live in Cauthom hall
and have instruction and recitation
separate from that of the girls. Their
work will be in open field, orchards,
gardens, green houses, barns, shops and
laboratories rather more than in class
rooms. They will enjoy indoor and out
door sports including swimming and
baseball and hikes to nearby points of
The girls will live in Waldo hall un
der the management and supervision of
regular college officers. These officers
and instructors will supervise ganie9,
recreation and campus life to see that
each girl gets the individual benefits
and enjoyment to which she is entitled.
The girls will study cookery, sewing
and drawing iu the home economics
building. The work in cookery will con
sist of preparation of different kinds
of food, planning and serving meals,
preparation of picnic lunches and care
of the kitchen. The sewing will be de
voted to the making of a simple gar
ment, and some form of hand work-, em
broidering, tatting, crocheting, basket
ry and weaving. Sewing and physical
education iu the gymnasium will com
plete the school work.
There Ib mor Catarrh In this section "
the country kan all other diseases put
together, and until the last, few years
was supposed to be incurable. For a
great many years doctors pronounced It a
local disease and prescribed local reme
dies, and by constantly tailing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced It Incur
able. Science lias proven Catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore re
quires constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo Ohio, is the only
Constitutional cure on the market. It Is
talfen Internally. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case It falls to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials.
AddreM: iF. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O
Sold by DruggUu, VBc.
Take Hall's Family Fills tor constipation
Brooks Notes
Capital Journal Special Service)
lirooks, Or., -May 2."). Mrs, lialph
Sturgis was seriously ill last week.
II. W. ilayaard of, Aiimsville spent
Sunday at the home of his d (tighter
Mrs. Ralph Stuvgis.
Hugh Aspinwall and wife mil little
daughter of Dillard are in lirooks for
the summer.
A l'amilv reunion was held at t'ne
home of V. X. Moisau of this place
Thursday, May IS. This was the first
time in ten years thnt the entire fam
ily wis together. Some of the grand
children were unable to be there.
Those present were as follows: (1. T.
Moisau of Salem, his wife and four
children were not present on account
of sickness; (-. .1. .Moisan, wite and son
of (lervais; L. A. Moisan of I'atton,
Cal.: F. A. Moisan, wife an three chil
dren of lirooks; Mrs. Furmnn Nash and
two children of Salem; Mrs. John De
.lonliu and husband of lirooks; Chin.
Moisau, Francis Moisau of lirooks;
Mrs. Albert Ayro, husband .and two
children of lirooks; Fred Moisan of
lirooks; Mrs. ('. J. (.'offemlof'fer and
husband of lirooks. and Herbert Mois
an who Hives with his parents on the
home place. MV. and Mrs. F. X. Mois
au are pioneer people of lirooks, they
are living on his father's doiiUiun land
she had been choked. There were signs
of a struggle. Her mother was absent
wher the tr.igedy occurred. Siie re
turned to find her daughter dead.
Police claim Verihoye confessed he
strangled the girl and planned to com
mit suicide by inhaling ether himself,
but his nerve failed him. dcalousy was
his motive, police allege.
I'hone SI if the carrier misses you.
Get Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets
Thnt Is the Joyful cry of thousands Blnre :
Dr. Kdwnnls produced Olive Tablets, thei
Mulisdiuie tor calomel.
Dr. Edwards, n practicing physician for
17 var and calomel's old-time enemy,
discovered the tormiila for Olive Tablets
wliile treatliiK patients lor clironlc consti
pation and torpid livers.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not con
tain cal'-niel, but a healing, eootliintf vege
table laxative.
No prlplnfr Is the "keynote" of these 1H-
tl ..,! oltt-A-cnlitrefl tnlitft Thpfl
I rouse Hie bonels and liver to net normally.
I Tin y never lorce them to unuutural action.
If you nave a "iiarK nrown mourn now
and then a had brenth a dull, tired feel
lnK slrlt heda'lif torpid liver and are
roriHtipated, you'll tind Ciiick, sure nn I only
pleiiwint results from one or two little Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets at bedtime.
Thousands take one or two every nlulit
just to keep rlt-ld. Try them. lut and 20c
par box. All Unionists. ,
The Olive Tablet Comnany. Columbus, O
of tha
Each Cnn- ""A
name 4 vy
fiftmril r-rmntrrfrlU
Musterole Loosens Op Those Stiff
Joints Drives Out Pain
You'll know why thousands use MUS
TEROLE once you experience the glad
relief it gives.
Get a jar at once from the nearest
drus store. It is -a clean, white oint
ment made with the oil of mustard. Bet
ter than a mustard plaster and does not
blister. Brings ease and comfort while
it is beinfr rubbed on I
MUSTEROLE is Tecommended by
doctors and nurses. Millions of jars are
used annually for Bronchitis, . Croup,
Stiff Neck, Asthma, Neuralgia, Conges
tion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Pains and Aches of the Back or Joints,
Sprains, Sore Muscles, Bruises, Chil
blains, Frosted Feet, Colds of the Chest
(it often prevents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c jars,
and a special large hospital size for $2.50.
Be sure you get the genuine MUS
TEROLE. Refuse imitations get what
you ask for. The Musterole Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
The following price for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, and
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices' are those paid the
producer. Corrections are made
Veal is weak today with quotations
at 8 and !l cents. New potatoes are a
half cent lower a pound. Navel or
anges are 25 cents a box higher and
strawberries are HOwquuted at from
$1.50 to $1.75 a crate.
Oats, vetch $17.00(7M7.5O
Cheat $17.00
Wheat 85c
Oats 40c
Rolled barley
Corn . . .
Cracked corn
Shorts, per ton , .
Altalta, ton .........
Buttorfat , 27c
Creamery butter, per pound .....29c
country butter ...i..
- Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash ....
Steps, trade ,. v. ........... .
ISfflS pound '.'.;. .
Roosters, old, per pound . . .
Broilers, under 2 pounds
... 20e
.... 21e
13(5 14c
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Veal, dressed
Pork, dressed
Pork, on foot
Spring lambs, 1916
Steers t
1010 l-2c
.... 67c
. 4(5)5 l-2
. 3 l-2"4c
Wethers 6c
Cabbage -
Tomatoes, Florida
String garlic
Potatoes, cwt '.. ,
Potatoes, new
Beets .'
Green onions
Green peppcrB
Green peas
Egg plant
Carrots, sack
Carrots, dozen
Onions, Bermuda
Onions, Oregon
Florida celery
Oranges, navels
Lemons, per box
Bananas, pound
Apples, llood River
California, grape fruit ....
Florida grape fruit .....
Honey .....
...r.:.. $1.00
....... 40c
........ 40e
, 40e
V. 18c
$1.75fri 2.00
. $4.004.50
, 5e
j l-2e
, $3.50
$1.50(?i 1.75
Cherries, box
Retail Prices.
EfiR9! Pr dozen, fresh ranch 25c
Sugar, cuno $8.75
Sugar, beet $8.55
Creamery butter 35c
Flour, hard wheat l.00(?; 1.70
Flour, valley $1.30,-1.25
Portland. Or., Mav 25.
Wheat club !l(VW!He
liluestem !l!li'ffid.li:i
I'ortvfold !i2e"'
lied Hnssinn W(n (13c.
Oats No. 1 wnite feed tfiMi
Barley, feed $''7(n 20
Hogs, best live $s.i).-fji'0
Fancy cows $8
Calves $H
Spring lambs $11. 50
Butter city creamery 2!c
Country butter 2n-
selected loeil ex
I lift Hi I '.V. ,
itllfi lie
Riverside, f'nl., May 25. C. T. Baker,
aged (id years. Committed wiiehlo in
lloag canyon, near Corona, by placing
a stick nf dynamite on his breast and
nttnehinij a fuse, blowing his body to
fragments yesterday. Ill health is be
lieved to have been responsible.
WANTED J'la-e io trim gophers and
moles for 10c each ind board. Claude
Harris, 314 X. Kf mayUo
WANTED A good stink farm. We
have to offer in payment first mort
gage of tlo.-iO on well improved farm
and a aood city property worth (I,
HHO. Hipiare Deal Heultv Co., 202 11.
8. Bank Bide;. Phone 470. tf
MM tt
Classified Advertising Page
CHICHtsrtns riLU
lH-;i(Trt. AskfnrC'IIM ifKM.TPHS
1MAM4IND HR VMt hll.l.S. fo, 3
ytusknawn M Best, Safest, Always RelliM
Notice of Improvement of Fairgrounds
Notice is hereby given that the com
mon council deems it expedient so to
do, and hereby declares its purpose
md intention to improve Fairgrounds
Road between the west lino of Sum
mer street aud the west line of the
Oregon & California Railway com
pany's right-of-way at the expenso of
the abutting and adjacent property,
oy grauing, curDing, ana paving eaia
portion of said street with i five-inch
two-course Bituminous Concrete pave
ment, consisting of a 6ne and one-half
inch Bituminous Concrete wearing gur-j
face laid on a three and one-half inch '
Bituminous Concrete base in accord-j
ance with the plans, specifications and I
estimates for the improvement of Fair
grounds Eoad between the west line of I
Summer street and the west line of
the Oregon & California Railway com
pany's right-of-way, adopted by the
common council on the 1st day of Way,
1916, and now on file In the office or
the city recorder, which for greater
certainty and convenience are hereby
referred to and mide a part of this no
tice; being that character or kind of
improvement known and designated in
said plans, specifications and estimates
as. "Bituminous Concrete Pavement
No. 4."
The common council herebv declares
its purpose and intention to mak the
said above described improvement by
ind through tho. street improvement
department of 'the city.
Hv order ot the common council.
CHAS. F. ELfil.V, Citv Recorder.
Dated this 17th day of Mav, 1916.
Mav 29.
DR. O. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
practic's Fountain Held, Davenport,
Iowa. If you have tried everything
and got no relief, try Chiroprac
tic spinal adjustments and get well.
Offico 406-7-8 U. S. National -Bank
Building. Phono Main 87.- Eesidence
Main 828-B.
138 South High street. We clean
press, repair, remodel and re-line
clothing and furs. Careful attention
given ill work. Wo call and deliver.
: Phone 728.
DR. O. A. OLSON, Dentist Adminis
ters nitrons o2id aud oxygen gas.
Room 211. JIasonic Templo. Phone
440. Salem, Oregon,
from all points east, on all household
goods, pianos, etc. Consolidated car
load service. Capital City Transfer
Company, Sgents for Pacific Coast
Forwarding company, 161 South Com
mercial street. I'hone Main 9.1.').
corner Commercial and Trade streots.
For water service apply at office.
Bills payable monthly in advance.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished house
keeping rooms rensomible. Soj- North
Commercial street. tf
A. O. U. W. Protection Loilije. No. 2,
Mt-iHs every Monday evening at. 8 iu the
Mct'ornnek hall, corner Court and I.lhcrty
streets. It. O. Doniildson, M. W. ; H. A,
Mcl-'adilen, recorder ; A. I,, ltrown,
SAI.EM LODliK No. 4, A: I'. & A. M.
Stated eotnuiunlcntlons first I'YUIuy In
cncli month nt 7 :'!') p. in. In the Masonic
Temple. I'Iihs. McC'urtcr, V. M. ; S. Z,
Culver, secretary,
BAt.EM Itf.MANt: SOC'lETV O. D. Kcclor,
president ; Mrs. I, on Tillson, serretnry. All
tunes of cruelty or neglect of duinli nnl
tnuls should he reported to the secretary
fur Investigation.
CENTKAT, I-OIKiE, No. 18, K. of P. Mc-
Coi'iiiiek ImllilliiK. Tuesday evening of
each week at :'' 1. ' ll-'bzi-l, c. C. ;
w. u. uiison, iv. oi it. ana n.
It. N. Ol-1 A. "Oregon firupe Cninp," No.
i:il!0, meets every Thursday evening In
Mct'ornnck building. Court and Lihcri.y
streets: elPviitor. Mrs. Kylvln SchnujTp,
17l Market, oracle ; Mrs. M-llbsu Per
suns, recorder, llll) North Commercial,
l'hmie l i:iil-.M.
gon Cedar 4 'amp. No. ii24l, meets every
T)iurKdii.v evening at H o'clock In Me
Curniick hull, corner Court and I.llWty
streets. Klevntor service. (Jeo. Itcinoul,
V. C. ; J. A. Wright, clerk.
CIIADWICK CIIAI'TElt, No, .'17, O. E. K.
Regular nieeilng every flrit and third
Tuesdiiv nt 8 p. m. In the Masonic Tem
ple. Minnie Mueller, W. M. j Ida M.
Uillnwek, secretury.
WOODMEN 01' THE WORI.DMoet every
Erlday night at 8 o'clock In McConinck
Mock. H. W. Mncey, c. -. ; l S (Jeer,
clerk, r07 Court street. Plume 50.'!.
' Regular concluve fourth' Friday hi each
month nt 8 o'clock. i in., In MuhoiiIc 'Jem
.pie. Hojuurnlng Hlr Knights nru eourte
ousljr Invited to meet with us Lot I,.
' Peiiree, E. C., Erunk Turner, recorder.
I'NITEO AllTISASH Capital Aetnl)ly,
' No. HI. meets evei-v Wednesday at H p. m.
In Mixise loill. C. ). Muiloek. M. A.;
: (.'. ltundall, w-eretiiry, Kulem Iiauk of
IIOHSON CorNCIL, No, 1, M, 4 S. M
Stated uxsemlily tlrst Monday Iu eh
month. MinnnU Temple, N. P. Husiniis
Reti, 'I hrlee lllusli'lou MiiKter ; Gleuu C.
Nllen, reeorder.
SALEM COI NCIL NO. 2022 Knight and
, Ladles ni Security Mepts every 2nd and
1 41 ll WedneMluv eu'i 11 month nt lllimt II ill.
' VisHlnff nieinii-rs are luvltetl to attend.
E. F. Wulion. financier, 4H0 H. 14th St.
PACIFIC I.OOGE No. B0, A. I', t A. M
Stated roiiiiiiitnleiitloiis third Frl-lny
" In each month at 7 30 p. 111. Iu the
', .MMule Temple. Ifnl V. Itolam, W. M. ;
Ernest II. Chuite. eci'i-iaijr.
I.n Anlf vnni lpniFfrll f-o .
Tills in lUit n.l ;d m-Ull.AV
. -V- waled wflh Rim ntm, V 1
i aiaer. hut or
t tt
tttt t t
Classified Business
Telephone Directory
A Quick, handy reference for busy people
Salem Eleetrie Co., Masonie Temple, 127 North High Uala ISO
7. M. Barr, 164 South Commercial street U&la 191
Salem Truck k. Dray Co., corner State and Front streets Itnln TI
Try This on Your Eczema
If you are afflicted with Salt Rheum, Tetter,
dry Eczema, Acne or Pimples, buy a jar of Dry
Zensal. For that watery eruption, or Weeping
Skin, use Moist Zensal, 50c the jar.
CENTRAL PHARMACY, formerly Poole's Drug Store
No. 10 Oregon Express S :00 a.
No. M Sound Special fl.llia.
No. -JS Willamette Limited... 0 ;M a.
No, U' Shunta Mmlted 11:55 a.
No.' IH Portlund Passenger... t:L-8p.
No. 'M Portland- Paseengev... 5 :00 p.
No. 14 Portlund Expretw 8 :00 p.
No. 2'JL' PorMimd fast Freight 10 :30 p.
No. 2M Local way Freight. .. .10 :S3 a.
No. 15 California Express,,.. 3:32a.
o. it Kosehurg i'nssenger ..11: JO a.
No. 511 Exposition Speeliil ...10:22a.
No. 19 Cottage Grove 1'a.ss. ..4:17 p.
Makes connection with No. 74 (ieer
s nrunch. .
No. 11 Shasta Mmlted B :4.1 p.
No. 27-Wlllsmette Limited... 6:10 p.
Nix I.'! Sua Francisco (kprcss 10 :30 p.
No. 22t Sau Francisco Fust
Freight 12 :0t a.
No. .2-5 local way Freight.... 8:10a.
NALHM-(1XK Linb.
No. T.l Arrives at Hslem. . . ( . .0 :t! 1.
lo. Tt) leaves Halem 9:50 a.
No. 75 Ar. Salem (mixed) 2 :00 p.
No. 74 Leave Halem 4 :20 p.
No connection south of Geer,
Sau.'M, Falls City and Wcstkhn.
tl Ly Hulem, motor
1113 Lv Salem, motor ...
105 Lv. Salem, motor . .
107 Lv. Hnlem, motor ..
100 Lv. Kalem. motor : . .
2,'tn Way Frt Iv. Salem..
2i Ar. Kalem
Kit Ar. Sulem
WW Ar. Kalem
KiHA'. Hnlem
170 Ar. Salem
240 Way Fr't ar. Hulem.
. .7 :00 a. m.
, . 9 :45 a. in.
, l-:4(lp. m.
. 4 :00 p. m.
. . 6 :15 p. m.
, . B :0O a. m.
, . 8 :40 a. m.
.11 :25 a. m.
,. 8:15 p.m.
, . 0 :00 p. m.
, 7 :45 p. m.
, , 1 :30 p. m.
Lv. Salem Train No. . Ar. Portland
4 :;i5 a. m 2 Owl 6:55 a. m.
7 ;l r, a. m 6 9 :25 a. m.
I ;45 a. m 10 Limited . . . . U :3B n. m.
11 :20 a. 111 12 ... 11 :.V p. ni.
1 :45 p. m 14 4 :OOp. m.
4 :00 p. m 10 Limited . . . 5 :50 p. in.
5 :a7 p. m 20 7 :5U p. m.
7:55 p. m 22 10:O0p.m.
Portland to Kalem
Lv. Portland. Ar. Salem
(1:45 a. m 8:55 (Salem only)
8:25 a. m. ... 5 Limited 10:11 a. m.
MEALS l.'c and up. Hotcakes or
mush and milk free with all break
fast orders. Houp, bread and butter
2 vegetables and pie, tea, coffee or
milk ind 1 kind of meat for 15c; 2
kinds of meat for 25e. Short orders
any time of day. Scotta 179 S. Com
mercial St.
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contracts
at reasonable rates. Yurd and cess
pool cleaned. Offico phone. Mam
2217. Kesidence M.iin 2272.
WEBn & CLOl'GII CO C. R Webb,
A. M., f lough mortici.ins and funeral
directors. Latest modern metaods
known to tlie profession employed j
409 Court St. Main 120, Main US88.
directors and undertakers, 2o'J North
High street. Dav and night phone
1 s:i.
KlK .SALE CHEAP One 5 room bun
galow, 1 bloek from car line: 1 cot
tage, 3 blocks from Hotel Marion,
1-2 bloek fKrni carliiic: fail or write
135.") Ferr-- St. tf
FOR SALE .10 or 100 acres' river bot
tom land, high building ground, on
Oregon Electric, '.) miles north of Al
bany, near school- and store. Terms
will take some property in trade. K.
Anderson, Talbot, O.". mayUS
owner on county roail and railroad.
r.O to 200 acres 4'ach, good buildings,
goon !l rfn-ler cultivation, close
to scrool, jm tees' reasoni'ole, naif,
cash, balance time at. ti per cent or,
modern income bearing city property.
P. O. Ho 24(1, Salem. tf
General Feed anl
Small Livery Stable
; i C. W. TRAIN
S51 Ferry. Phono m 1
i A lili A iAiAlAAIiiiiiAi A a. v
10:40 a. m T 12:55 p.m.
2 -.03 p. m 8 4 :2d p. m.
4 :40 p. m. ... 13 Limited .... 8 :40 p. m.
0 :05 p. m 17 Local .... 8 :10 p. m.
9:20 p. m Ill 11:25 p. in.
11:45 p. m 21 Owl 1 :S5 p. m,
LV. Corvallis Ar. galea
4 :10 p. m. ....... 20 6 :37 p. m.
Lv. Eunene. Ar. Salea
7 :35 a. m. . . . . 10 Limited .... 9 :45 . m.
1 :50 p. m 16 Limited .... 8:55 p.m.
5 :25 p. m 22 T :55 p. m.
12:05 p. m 2 Owl 3:10 a.m.
Lv. Salem Ar. Bugena
2 .00 a. in 21 Owl 6 :50 a. m.
7:10 a. m 65 9 -Oa.ni.
10:15 a. m 5 Limited . .. .12 :25 p. m.
Lv. Salem Ar. Aliauf
12:55 p. m 7 1:50 p.m.
Stops at Corvallis
Lv. Snlem. Ar. Albanf
4 :25 p. m 9 5 :20 p. m.
Ar. AltuiDf
6 :4ft p. m.
Lv. Salem Ar. Rugen
6:40 p. m 13 8:50 p. ou
WtnonuRN Local Dailt Excapr BnNDiva
No. 1)4 Ixuves Salem 8 :40 p. m.
No. 63 Arrives In Salem ...... 8:23 p. m.
Lv. Corvallis Ar. H1e
5 :25 a. m 10 9 :45 a. m.
12:12 p. m 14 1 :45 p. m.
2:H2 p. m 16 4 :O0 p. n
4:10 p. m 0 5 :37 p. m.
6 :18 p. m 22 7 :&3 p. m.
Lv. Salem Ar. Cbrvallla
10 :15 a. m S 11 :3a. m.
4 :25 p. m 9 B :47 p. m.
12:55 p. m 7 2:20 p.m.
6 :40 p. tn 13 8 :00 p. m.
OreRon Cltv Transportation Company
Leave Portland for Oregon City, Buttevllla,
NbwImth, Miwdon (St. Paul), Wbeatianil.
Sulci (dully except Sunday) . ,6:45 a. m.
Leave Portland for Independence-.
Albauv-CorvillllB, ('rues., Thure., Sat.)
6:45 -a. a. ,
Leave 1
Corvallin 6 a. m. Moa., Wed., Frt.
Alhany 7 a. m. Men., Wed., Frl.
Independence.... 9 a., ni Men., Wed., Frl.
Snlem 10 a. m. Mon.. Wed., Frt
Hnlem 0 a. m. Tues., Thurs., Sat
ON Good Real Estate. Security.
Over Ladd & Bush Bank, Salem, Oregon
R, B. FLEMING, Prop.
Depot American Fence
Gates, Plain and Barbed 'Wire.
Paints, Oils and Varnishes.
Roofing, Posts, Hop Hooks
40 Years Making Stoves
Stoves rebuilt and repaired.
Stoves bought and gold,
250 Court Street. Phone 121
Back of Chicago Stor
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease.
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283