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1 Oct
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Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
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The Capital Journal carrier bov are instructed to put the paper on the
porch. If the tamer due, nut do thin, inisse you, or neglects g.'ttitng the
piper to von ca time, kiu IU- phone the emulation manager, a this is the one
way we can determine whether ur not the carriers are- following instructions.
Phone Main SI.
With Carranza suddenl ydiscovering that an army of
: 10,000 is necessary to Chase the bandits of Northern
Mexico, and sending it in a body accompanied by a strong
force of artillery to do the work, it behooves General
Pershing to keep a close watch and also his powder dry.
If the Mexicans were reasonable human
Odd Fellows Open
Session at Roseburg;
Encampment Elects
Rowlmrg. Or., May 24. With t'ne
liitftrest attendance fof many years the
annual session of the grand em-amp-niput
r,f ,MfVli,,vvs nn, I the Ttidieknh
beingS nO One j assembly of Oregon opened in liose-
.r.t.hl .nonin iilfn:r.ivinf;.r.n hn n.A.mn.t V n i lur; yesterday. The sessions of the
wuu u ouqrcu uuciiu munvco in uic muvniinii, i.ui tncjr !,.,a,jim,.t Wl.re flMtriM ,,v lhe t.w,..
would know the futility of attacking the United States ition or officers consideration t tm
army. But they are not reasonable human beings, in-1 r&;X?'lV
stead, only a mob of ignorant and foolish creatures led by ! the order.
olfJc-V. mar, ,-V, .M,lrl cnnr-'tGnn fViw, fV, Ho- ! C H'f i.-er h el.-.-ted fr the ensiiins year
follow: Earl A. William", Kreeater,
The Colonel in his speech to a delegation of regular
republicans in New York yesterday made an open bid
for the republican nomination. The delegation told him
thov intonilfil tn siiniinrt him. and he expressed his opin
ion so plainly that there can be no mistake as to the per-j
son whom he had in minu wnen ne spuwe. mai iiaun
was Hughes. He almost openly called attention to the
fact that no one knew where Justice Hughes stood on any
subject, and in this connection said: "Any man at this
time of crisis, who is not aggressively, openly and
specifically for these principals, is against them, and
every patriotic man should treat our public servants on
this basis."
The things alluded to by the Colonel were "American
ism, and preparedness." He could not have more dis
tinctly called attention to the utter silence on these, or
for that matter any other subjects, on the part of Hughes
without mentioning him by name. .
Now the question is what stand will the Colonel take
when the convention meets? Evidently Justice Hughes
intends saying nothing until the nomination is tendered
him, if it is done, and Mr. Roosevelt has served notice that
; he for one will not stand for this, and advises "every
patriotic man" to take the same course.
It necessarily follows that Mr. Hughes will have to
make public his position on these questions before, the
Colonel and his lollowers win consent 10 ins. m.uunauuu,
even providing they would consent to it at all. Roosevelt
is a shrewd politician and he has cleverly placed Justice
Hughes in a position where he cannot remain silent and
expect the nomination, at least with the consent of the
Roosevelt wing of the party. ,
The Colonel has challenged him to come out into the
open and state where he stands on these two questions
at least, and at the same time has served notice on the
party that the favorite must do this or take the conse
quences. In other words the Colonel threatens to re
enact the campaign of 11)12 unless his demands are com
plied with.
The situation is decidedly interesting to the general
public and most especially to the leaders and favorite
sons soon to have a family reunion at Chicago.
There is an olden saying that it ill becomes the pot to
call the kettle blackface. The trunk murder mystery in
Portland has apparently dropped from the minds of the
officers of the law, and the recent murder of Mrs. Jen
nings and probably of Fred Ristman, seem in a fair way
to pass into oblivion with the muruer unuiscoveicu.
At the same time here in Salem not long ago a woman
was murdered and after a few futile attempts to discover
the murderer, the matter was apparently dropped.
Whether it is due to paying too much attention to
Latin, Greek, German, music, art, athletics, domestic
science, playgrounds or the countless other things now
considered necessary in teaching the young idea how to
shoot, it is impossible to say, but the fact remains that
the pupils of the public schools cannot spell the every day
English words. A considerable less attention to fads and
a little more to teaching English might make for improve
ment in the public schools everywhere.
Yesterday the house of commons voted an additional
war credit of $1,500,000,000. This brings England's total
war debt to $11,900,000,000, or about four times that
created by the North in the civil war. Premier Asquith,
in asking for the credit, stated England was expending
$21,000,000 a day on the war, though part of this ex
pense was caused by loans to the allies, without which
they could not continue the struggle.
f ! .
Tim fiiinf ctnficrifinn nf t tin fSlifnrni.l hoard of health
has just filed his report. This shows among other things
the rapid increase or oirtns among me Japanese, m
1911 there were 995 Japanese babies, and in 1915, :t,:U2,
whoh is snmo shmvincr fnr the "picture brides." In
Sacramento county outside of the city, there were more
Japanese births than whites, they being respectively Mo
and 275.
avarice ambition and greed, it might be a good thing iran.i prelate: si s. wiik-r. nreaoni
should they attack the Americans, for that would mean it.rie"; 'ekI
that we should have to take possession of the country andiron, Portland. ran.i .. rii.e: w. w.i
bring order out of the chaotic conditions prevailing. Ita
will have to be done in the near future, and mierht as well ! Andrews, rortian.i. ran.i rere-mta-;
commence now at at any time.
Twenty-four hours after his arrest, William Smith
was on his way from Spokane to the penitentiary at Wal
la Walla, starting his jonrney yesterday. He was charged
with gagging, assaulting and robbing two women in their
homes. He was taken into court by a back door, heavily
guarded, as officers feared an attempt to lynch him,
pleaded guilty and was rushed to the train. If this kind
of speedy justice could be administered generally therf
would be much less crime. It is not the severity of the
tive; It. F. Kirkpatrii-k, I'enlVtoii. ;
yrand marsnal: S. A. Itro.thea.l. Tilla-j
monk, gran. I sentinel: Oilt-ert P.row.,
I, tkeview. grand outside sentinel. I
Order's Condition is Healthy
rieial reports submitted ycte! .lay ;
showed that the order was in a hu!;hv
i-ondition despite a slight deejea-e in;
membership duriny the past year. The
fnllin-' off in trie mt-nilirhip was at,
trilmted by the officers to the ti!i.:itis-
I'at'tory finaii'-ial conditions prevailing
in Oregon.
Amfrii the speakers .t the encamp
ment sessions wire lieorffo Kh1!oj.
past grand master of Washington
:-TQ2A.CC0' 2 r
THAR'S a difference between a
home an' a residence. Homeis a
place whar a man can smoke all over
the house.
VELVET has been cilled the "Tobacco without i dis
appointment". Ita mildness appeals to some smokera its
fragrance And flavor to othera its smoothness appeals to all.
l..l.,o ,.f r 1.1.1 t. S.l.amr.
punishment that deters those of criminal instincts, but jof Suthcrliu. last grand patrian-n of
rVlP PPl-t'lintv nf if i1" encampment of Minne-ota.
ine ceuainiy oi it. . .A , T AllierFIJ, hf) i,:iS the ,1is.
tinetion of being the oldest living past
Great Britain is now ahead of the world just an hour. j2"'n,'e "itthekah 'Sk met in the
Sunday all the clocks in the empire were moved aheadj ,rmor.v h"p1 at !' f'eioek'an.i conferred
sixty minutes in an attempt to save daylight." To a dis- lot" candidates. The pfternoon's es-
intpi'Ptpfl niltQlflpi' if wrilllfl CPPm trip como voanlf onnlrl : sioii wa ilevoted to the transaction of;
, , i , , , . .,, ., , , TiKei.eral business, consideration ot offi-
have been reached without monkeying with the clocks. Ificiais report and addresses by mvs.
UTilllf SPPITI that bpp-innino- work at SPVPtl insfpnrl nf pio-Vit Kose Palmer, president of the order,
CD ' " O " i
or starting to work an hour earlier at any old job would
have accomplished the same result. Maybe it is a put up
job to get the better of the Germans by attacking them
an hour before they are prepared for it.
Henry Estabrook is evidently no longer a candidate
for the presidential nomination. He had opened head
quarters at Chicago, but after sizing up the situation andi
!ini other onicers.
Degrees are Conferred .
The rtp:rts showo! tn..t the Ke
bekahs isseinldy was gaining in mem
bership and was in a sound financial
eoi dition I.ate in the .lay the K'ebek
ah assembly took a recess and wit
nessed the conferring of the degree of
chivalry by the patriarchs militant
This was one of the feature events of
the day's sessions.
'.1st night the Hebekah degree was
bearing from Oregon, he pulled down the blinds, closed LnaTodge1 x'w, V fVants T-ai.
the doors and quit. He will not be "numbered with the The patriarchs militant degree was also
slain," preferring to retire "just before the battle ''"7' al'mmi sessions of the grand
Hint hpr " s inmenhvp nf thp fimp tn withdraw in rrnnrl i lodge of Oddfellows ciiuvened ea-d
1 ' todav
v. uii, Km av noon
j by the Rebel:ah assembly Thursday.
With the fiercest battle of the war raging at Verdun, i
itiiig Oddfellows and Kebehahs in the
; n.vv. v-Ti t
fV u -t " -vl ?
'. 1 rr' ,. . , ..' iJ '- k'
t i , i'
. ...I f
The above is a good production of the many mirth-provoking cIowm to be
seen with the Eobinson circus tomorrow.
n gue-t of
ing over on
homes Mnnd:n.
Mrs. Oeorge Hurst
Salem friends this we
Eriday of last week.
lr. A. E. Wrigiitn'.an is expected
home the last of the week, a-id will be
accompanied by .Mrs. V-i'Jitu.an 's
'todav and will remain in session until i mother and t.iother.
IPrblnv noon. Offhers will be fleeted i Mrs. Helen I. Harfo
Kri day.
Superintendent .TaMs and I'riti'-ipals
Sti'aughan and Conkle attended tha
Eield meet at Salem on Saturday last.
II. Hood went to Portland on busi
ness Mondayv of this week.
J. K. Hosmer was a Portland bu-iues
caller on Fridav and Satnrda1'.
v'nled for all and thus fir the sessions
have been unusually harmonious and
eniovalde. John V. Hall, grand mas-
the Austrians and Italians in a death rriD. the Russians eity. Accommodations have been pro-
and lurks facing each other ready for a despeiate con
flict and England providing another billion and a half dol
lar war fund, it does not look like an opportune moment
for President Wilson to make peace proposals to warring
Salem having a Fourth of July celebration and Cherry
Fair combined, and then charging admission to any of
its attractions, will be a serious mistake. It would be
about like inviting a friend to your home for dinner and
then presenting him a bill for his entertainment. If we
cannot have a celebration free for all it is better we have
is presiding over
the grand lodge
Silverton News
Capital Journal Special Service.)
Silverton, Or., May 24. The Sons of
N'orway, assisted by the Young People'
societies of the Synod and I'nitvd Luth
eran churches celebrated in a most
patriotic manner the 17th day of May
that is held so dear to those so far
from the fatherland. The W. O. W.
hall was profusely decorated with ferns
and flowers intermingled with the
American and Norwegian flags. There
was a large crowd in attendance and
the program was excellent. Rev. ,1. ('.
Ttoseland delivered the oration which
Cheer up, Oregon is not the only place it rains. Yes
terday all the American league games were postponed onias Riven in a most pleasing manner,
account of rain. Remember this
i i . nn. lttpnpd to wirn in urn measure o
IS Spring, and Wnati.,,. nrl,s(Mtt. Refreshments were served
can you expect to find in the spring but water? ions law gathering of people ami
music, with games of various kinds.
, . I rounded out one of the happiest of
The Englishman is nothing if not methodical. He ievenines tor nil who attended.
.vj 1-. llllll M rs. ,i. i. nimu n-
vuum nvi gu iu uuiiv an uuur cuiuct in uie muimng un-1 f n)m Sal(nt tlu (iri)t of the ,voek
less the clock was set ahead, so he could tackle his iob at ing o siu-ertou friends
the usual hour by the time piece.
The governor set aside May 26 as bird day. It might
be an appropriate time for him to study the habits of
the crow.
When I was working on a farm, and brandished, with
my strong right arm, the muzzle-loading hoe, I said,
"I'm tired of such a grind; some softer snap I'll have to
find, and to the town I'll go." I cot a iob in
Stuckcr's store, and there I worked three
months or more, and still was short oi bliss;
I'lovd I'l. P.rowne lett for Portland
Thursday where ho. will spend a few
days visiting relatives and friends.
Prank Winy and Martin Smith mo
tored over to Salem last Sunday.
Miss Bertha Bronkey was in the city
from Mt. Angel for a .week end visit
with her friend Isahelle Bergeron.
Mrs. (I. A. Webb went to Mt. Angel
and t'anby the first of the week to
visit relatives ntV. friends.
1). V. Kinney and A. P. Simeral are
in N'ewport as delegates from this city
to the state convention of the V. O. W.
Mrs. Hammond is spend'ng the week
with her daughter Mi-s .1 i-o;!iif at
Hon. T. A. Hinehart of Snmmerville,
Oregon, was a welcome caller at the
Oscar lientson and Thomas Skaife
v.h.i h.ts been
workino in the interest of ti e V. ( . T.
I- ...:n 1...1 i .... :.. . I
i .. ii in innii auumr! 1 II s i . i in I-. (
Messrs. John Rubber ness ;,n 1 Harry: (.w yrl;,- Mav 24. Smashing th
Ilray with their wives enjovd a motor, tvansi-ontineiital automobile record,
trip to the county sent Siuel i.e. liobby Haminnnd, driving an Empire
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Matiienev have, car, arrived at Broadway and Forty
been enjoying apleasnr.l visit from Second street yesterday hiving travel
their daughter. Mrs. M. M. Stain who ed the ?,?,H4 miles fro in San Francisco
returned to her home nl Jefferson iu six dnvs, ten hours and "ill minutes.
Hew lerbal Balm
f in,unV1'e'rT!1iCur" ,0?- sk!n now on the market that eare is nKcutrr
io UK D EMA, the new herbal balm, we are li v s nl you right. We have found nntli.
in that begins to equal thi, formula, made exclusively Vom Nature' i healing herbi-iu?;
after cure and from report all cures eem to be pertruaent. The bent part is, it gives'
Jnjunt relief from the most interne suffering-. '
Tl.. I .1 : l r . , 1 ... . .
OTiKt" ,!s..?,'!'. right to se!J
" "5l"" " t..u.i is going io nuke us man
friends through giving satisfaction to skin sufferers.
Come in todav and tret a hnr nn nnr n.r.,.11,1 .1.. tl .t t.
Cost you nothing. If you are not thoroughly " 1
cool you and begin healing at once, it wiU
auned, eome and get your money back. Crowa Drug Co., 332 State street.
Trust Prices Cut in Half
Painless Parker
50 Le
Open Day and Night
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G3
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Depesit Boxes
Salem People Should Heed Its Warning
Have von a sharp pain or a dull aehe
jarross the small ot your bach; t'o you
; realize that it's often a timely sin of
-w ., ... . . . . ' nmui- nrimi'i"! Aiviuii'i uliiiihu
ana SO I muttered, Wltn a SOb, 1 11 have 10 ja safeguard a iinst more vriom kid
hunt another job-there is no fun in this.'Jrhy0;- LZtf.
I wrote insurance for a while,, and as Iuwe.
i-nll-nrl ,;i offc. v,;irt ..,s tt C, C. White, hnrher. 4 Missimi St..
i .uuC oi u i iiic, tvi iuFc eumc pius- SaU,m- .i,oan !l Ki.lney 1'ills are
all r'mht. I know that from experience;.
(or I have been taking them off and
on for a. number of years nud thev
hive never failed to do the work.
pect" in, I said, "I'm weary of this stunt:
some other graft I'll have to hunt, at which
a man mav win." I pot a ioh at proominrr
v. ' v ,tm. v vij nut, aiuiii,ar,i ou My IHrk and kidney. At
what I had desired: and so I raised mvii'e, r eouid hardly stmd up straight.
f.. (irrv.: lk.. ami t i na.i taaen a iox or two oi
Bigger Office, Bigger Business, Better Methods, Better System,
More Patients, More Hygienic
We examine your teeth (not your pocketbook) free of charge,
rart of every dollar you give a Trust Dentist goes to help keep up
the Trust in Oregon. Can you afford to pay $2 for $1 worth of old
ytyle dentistry just to help the dental combine crush competition?
Painless Parker Dentist
326i Washington St., Portland
Loj Angeles, San Diego, San Franeiseo. Oakland. Bakersfield, Fresno Saa
Jose, Brooklyn, X. T. '
i voice and swore, as I had often sworn before. "This labor
makes me tired." I never found a job I liked; from every
form of toil I hiked, until I broke my tugs; that's why
they're taking me today out to the poorhouse. far away.
I where paupers swat the bugs.
Always Watch This Ad Changes Often
ai:..Hw ...ii : h., .u x i i v . . . . . ..... T
h' i aigaeai pneet ror ail kadi ot
jtmk, metal, rubber, hides and furs. I pay 2&e per pound for old ragi.
Big stock of U aizea teeoad hnd incubators. All kinds ortngite4
irom for boti roofs sad building. Hoofing paper sad saeaai kand
Ooan's Kidne Tills, mv back felt as
strnuif as ever."
Pri.e rne. at Ml dealer. TWt
simply 'ask for i kidney remedy :et
I'orni Kiduev Pill t'ne same that r
..Mr. "hue had. toster-Milburu v.o
'Pror, Buffalo, X. V.
H. Steinback"Junk Co.
Too Eocm of Half a Million Bargtiat.
S02 North Commercial Bt
Pkoa ita