Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 23, 1916, Image 4

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Editor oud Manager.
liditonai rage ot 1 tie Capital J
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
President Vice -President Sec. '"'J Treas.
Tl;w hr carrier, tier voar . -".0u IVr month 4."c
Dsily by mail, per year
o.W Per imiuth MjC
New York, Ward-Lcwis-Willinms Special Agency, Tribune Building
The Capital Journal carrier boys nro instructed to put the paper on the
jwrch. It the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects genilng the
piper to vou on time, kindly phone the circulation mumper, us this is the only
way we can ileteruiiue whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
Phone Main 81.
It is to be hoped that the courts will not interfere in
'the attempt of the mayor and city council to emancipate
the property owners ot saiem irom tne exioruonuie ue
mands of the paving trust. A city-owned paving plant,'
operated by home labor, and laying pavement lor prop
erty owners at virtual cost is a business-like and sensible
idea in all respects. The depression in many of the
Northwest cities and towns may in a measure be traced
to the vast expenditures for public improvements, loading
fj-in miinipill.'ilifipsj with bonded debts and inrceasintr tax-
ation to the point of confiscation in some instances. And
the greatest beneficiary of this era of extravagance has
been the several paving concerns operating in this terri
tory, and apparently combined into one big paving trust
so far as the stifling of actual competition is concerned.!
This combine has left a trail of debauched and bribed
city officials, newspapers and property owners that makes
the map of the Northwest look like a checkerboard, and
as a result property owners have been forced to pay in
many instances double the price they should have paid
for an inferior brand of hard surface streets. The rule
of the paving trust in Oregon, Washington and Idaho
during the past eight or nine years has been one of abso
lute disregard for the rights and interests of the prop
erty owner and taxpayer and that rule has been so
despotic that the people are in no mood to submit longer
to its oppressions.
Salem is in need of considerable more street improve
ment work and the property owners will consent to it
when they are assured of a reasonable price for pave
ment, and not before. The municipal plant idea was a
sensible plan to eliminate the trust and its extortions
and of course there comes the inevitable court injunction.
That is the corporation and trust plan always for defeat
ing the just efforts of the people to govern themselves.
The Oregonian takes the president to task for appoint
ing George Rublee as a member of the Federal Trade
Commission, and insists that this was in violation of the
spirit of the law, because its intent was that where a
minority party was entitled to representation on a com
mission'he principal minority party was meant. While it
is probable the republican party is the principal minority
party, it is not so shown by the national returns. The
progressives polled a larger vote than the republicans at
the last national election, and this is the last official test
p tUr. ofmnoi c t ! n rrtli nf tlifi nnvt'os. Ir mm be nossible
OL tUV lltlLU'lltll OHV-,W. V. .r.w " - J " I- I
the next two weeks will again show the progressives the
Stronger, n remains u or m-vu wmuuh-i miiuin w
bull moose is the principal, even though minority animal.
A defeated candidate was met by a Capital Journal
man the morning after, and he was smiling and cheery as
though he had not been through the mill and came out
ground pretty fine. When questioned about his views on
the matter, he replied in effect, that this was a demo
cratic country, that every other man and woman too, in
Orecon, had as much right to judge as to his being the
right man for the place as he had and they having decided
against him he had no fault to find. That was the cheer
ful and correct way to look at it, and is of the brand of
philosophy used by the Irishman who gave as a recipe for
contentedness the' simple formula: "If you don't get
what you like, like what you get."
It may be possible of course that the Portland detec
tives have the murderer of Mrs. Jennings in Bennett
Thompson, but so far there is but little evidence to sup
port their conclusions. It would seem they are trying to
make the murder fit their theories rather than discover
the criminal. Unless they have the right man now, and
starting on the theory that he is the only one that could
have committed the murder, they are not apt to find him.
They had a theory about the trunk murder not long ago,
but so far, that is all they have discovered.
Food prices in Germany are reaching a new high level,
and it is expected a food dictator will be appointed soon.
It is claimed there is enough, but defective distribution is
responsible for shortage and high prices.
In two weeks the animals will gather at Chicago. The
Elephants, the Bull Moose and the National Women's
party which should also be given a place in the menagerie.
So far no name has been suggested and the Capital
Journal feeling the political baby is entitled to a cognomen
entirely and distinctly its own, suggests "The Giraffes."
There are several reasons for this. The Giraffe is neat
but not gaudy in its garb, and showing a distinctly fem
inine trait in selecting the polka dot style of garment. It
is graceful and attractive, and carries its head high,
looking down upon all the other animals just as does
well, the lady politician. The zebra might do, being some
what gay of attire but it looks too much like the demo
cratic donkey in carnival garb.
As another suggestion, the animals being already pret
ty well represented, why not give the birds a chance?
Most women are more bird-like anyway, than the balance
of humanity, and besides they are many of them capable
of high flights, and are sweet voiced songsters. The
ostrich, being the largest of the bird tribe naturally sug
gests itself, and as one qualification sports a handsome
selection of feathers. True it is not much of a songster
and certainly not a high flier, but it is some runner.
This suggestion was made to an old friend who says
the idea is all right, but we have selected the wrong
animal. He insists the goat should be selected as the
emblem of the women's party from its persistent habit of
butting in.
This was not nice of him, but it's like naming any other
baby and the whole country has a right to suggest a
name. If you have any it is your privilege to make it pub
lic, for the party is to be born in two weeks, and as its tho
sex is known, a name should be awaiting it.
Get the Habit of
Drinking Hot Water
Before Breakfast
Says we can't look or feel right
with the system full
of poisons.
Millions of f.'ks bathe internally
now instead of loading their system
with drugs. "What's an inside hath?"
you say. Well, it is guaranteed to per
forin miracles if yon could believe
these hot water enthusiasts.
There are vast numbers of men and
women who. immediately upon arising
in the morning, drink a class of real
hot water with a tenspoutiful of lime
stone phosphate in it. This is a very
excellent health measure. It is in
tended to flush the stomach, liver, kid
neys and the thirty feet of intestines
of the previous day's waste, sour bile
and indigestible material left over in
the body which if not eliminated every
day. becomes foor for the millions 01
bacteria which infest the bowels, the
quick result is poisons and toxins
which are then absorbed into the blood i
causing headache, bilious attacks, foul
breath, bad taste, colds, stomach trou
ble, kidney misery, sleeplessness, im
pure blood and all sorts of ailments.
People who feel good one day and
badly the tie.xt, but who simply can
not yet feeling' right are urged to
obtain a quarter pound of limestone
phosphate at the drug store. This
will cost very little but is sufficient
to make anyone a real crank on the
subject of internal sanitation.
Just as soap and hot water act on
r. r.i......u;,.,r ..........
I"" . M ....... nnri mini); Hi.'!
i freshening, so limestone phosphate and
I hot w ater act on the stomach, liver.
kidnevs and bowels. It is vastlv more
Tieiure Tells
a . . .a
The Oregon vote on presidential candidates has had a. I important to bathe on the inside than
. . ,t i. i i j. j.1 i. i j.1 ! On tho outvule, because the skin pores
Dig eneci, no uouoi on me eastern politicians, 11 ueing me do not absorb impurities into the blood,
only expression of the feeling of the entire people of a
state on the matter. It seems to have clinched the selec
tion, to the extent of placing the nomination at Justice
Hughes disposal. The consensus of opinion in the east
being that he can have the nomination if he wants it. At
the same time it does not want to be overlooked that Teddy
is still in the race, and he has the elephant pretty well buf
faloed. You know that animal is proverbially afraid of
ajnouse, and the Colonel is liable to make the whole herd
climb on their chairs and trumpet for help.
The result as to most of the candidates is known, but
that of the public service commisioner from the eastern
district is still doubtful. Mr. Corey claims to have beaten
Mr. Wright of Union county, but the vote is close, and
severarcounties are not yet heard from. One little coun
and sometimes it does.
while the bowel pores do.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G3
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
'Miss Alice Schriink is on the sick list
this week.
"Mrs. U. (.'. Lewis and little daughter
I'uniee visited in Scin Sunday.
Mrs. V. F. Rah n and little daughter
Rita went to Salem Friday.
.T. Tileaknev and family visited at
the Louis Bleakney home the first of
the week.
O. K. Darby and wife went to .Tef
fersou dedication of the Christian
Church there.
Mr. and Mrs. Kulien Lee of Lebanon
visited Sunday at the V. R. Darby
Ralph Speer and wife of .liuictinuj
City visited at the M. H. and A. I
Sneer homes Sundae
Homer Speer and family of Tangent I
.1... r U ..n.i A P r i
ty can do whole lots of things to a fellow if it feels like it, home Sunday. " ' ,
t has. hansom ami tannic ami -Mrs.!
Kdith Hansom and little daughter
Caroline motored to Liberal Wednes
day. Mr. and Mrs. TI. W. Evans of St.
Johns visited Sunday at the ouis Ulcak
ney home Sunday. They returned to
their home Monday morning.
The Rebecca Lodge held a special
meeting Saturday afternoon to elect a
delegate for Cvand Lodge in place of
Mi's. Ross Condit. Mrs. .1. E. Lewis and
Miss liable Albee have been elected as
delegates to attend Grand Lodge at
Springfield. Record.
An advertisement in the Oregonian says that "Wash
inoton often played the lotteries." That statement may
get through in Oregon, but over in the state named after
him, if Attorney Joab heard of it, the writer would be sent
to jail and the editor of the Oregonian would be sent to
the rock pile or something equally drastic be done to him
in the way of punishment.
The Southern Pacific officials are puzzled. At Rose
ville a force of 100 section men were given a raise of 25
cents a day a few days ago, and the next morning every
last one of them quit the job. They gave no reason, just
walked out and said nothing. . That is what is keeping the
officials busy trying to find a solution. So far none has
even been suggested.
Mollet went to
Mr. and Mrs. Win
Stavton Thursday.
t . W. (ieer spent Sunday at the Guy
Geer home.
V. A. Monroe and wife left Sunday
for Crook conufv. Oregon, where they
i expect to make their future home.
I Ignite a number of the young folks
lot this place went to the dame at the
509. George Thornns home given as a fare-
British fishermen since the war started." Thev should T" ",, t lv S ru,
motor'd to Corvallis Friday
returned Sundav evening.
Chns. Peters and daughters. Fjiuna
There is a proverb that "It's a wise child knows itsi'V"1 M'i'i-ed went to stayton wednes-
uere .hiss jiimiiM n.ni some
nt il w oik done.
Kdith and Clifford Hurt of Sublimity
spent Saturday night at the W. D.
Hurt home.
Mr. and Mrs. Spaiiiol and daughter
A London dispatch says "the enemy has killed
itish fishermen since the war started." They si
have enlisted, and showed they believed in "safety first,"!1""1 Ri,ll'h ?
' " " evening and
1 i Chns.
proverb that "It's a wise child knows its inl,t Mi
ivn, t...i il... iT.. ii.-.. -u :l :
own imiif r, imi me luauei s uaoy east' snows n is aiso a
wise child that knows its own mother.
V -rwaltrtevcn
JBJBWwbS'sj sb
luLuuynuu-U lui'i by loc ficlui'u
Xew Edison Disk
Each in every
style and all
records for each.
i,)2 State Street
Hbefore after
and Driving
ti loves
170 S. Commercial
Phone 411
Phone 529
Old Shoes Made
. New
The quality of our
work is as high
as the price is low
Ye Boot Shop
35 State St.
Qpp. I.add & Bush
Glasses our
Lenses duplicated
on short notice.
Dr. Herman Barr,
Hartman Bros Co
Larmer Transfer
1'houe, Office 0.10
or Residence 1S9.S.
Storage, Packing,
Shipping, Movinjr,
Coal and Wood.
Quick. Reliable
Dr. Xelson re
moves corns, bun
ions, ingrowing
nails, without
pain: also warts
and moles.
Room 4, Rrey
nian Bldg.
Restaurant for
Refined Tastes
also Flowers for
All Occasions.
Candv & Cigars
Fhone 412
":i3 State Street
Furniture Repair
ing and RefiuisU
ing. A. F. Tiugstrora
llotl S. loth t.
Mattresses mado
over, carpet clean
ing and laying.
Phone 2.f0
Advertisers. Eox 17, Oregon City, Ore.
Pianos I sell, the
Best and Cheapest
Pianos rented.
432 State Street
Phone l.jfl
Capital Dntg Store
Z. J. Riggs, Ph. Ci.
New location
State aud Liberty
upon completion
of the McGilchrist
Auto and Car
riage Painting
Tops and Cush
ions repaired aud
304 8. Com'l.
We make your
linen wear longer
and look better
by our auto-dry
room and press
machine work.
Salem Laundry Co.
l.'l'i S. Liberty St.
Jewelers and
Hartman Bros Co
State and Liberty
your Grocer
Royal Bakery
Made clean, sold
rhone 3S7
The Handy Man
Around the House
Pure Milk
and Cream
Oak Park Dairy
Auto Delivery.
Phone C(i9
W. F. I.ooncy
The Einporiniaiu
Pool and Milliard
on draught,
cigars, and soft
E. M. Klinger,
of Stayton and Mr. and Mrs. Jones or
Victor Point were visiting at the
Ai'oipli Hcat.'r home one day this week
Mr. and Mrs. Geymer and children of
near Kingston were visiting at the
Win. Stevely home Sunday. As it was
in ideal day they motored to Silver
Creek Falls in the afternoon.
Mrs. .1. Tetft aud daughter, Katie,
wont to Salem Saturday where Katie
tool; part in the spelling contest.
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith ami daugh
ter. Ollie, nf Silverton were guests at
the G. D. Scott liome Sunday Auni
ville Record.
us"d in inspiring young men and in
equipping the mas Conwell's Acres of
Let the Capital Journal New Today
Column put your dollars on the right
"Acres of Diamonds'' the lecture
that Russell II. Conwell of Philadel
phia has delivered fillM times and thru
the proceeds of which lii74 young men
have Ixeu helped to a college educa
tion was given that is the gist of it,
by Rev. Curl II. Elliott Sunday evec
i g in the r'irsl Presbyterian church.
The lectuie begins with a story told
the lecturer years .ig by a guide "in the
valley of tlie Tigris river, as he led
the camel along the wav. In brief it
is t up stnl-v nt' fl imi n whn (lutnrniind.l '
to go in search of diamonds and there
fore sold his farm and set out but af
ter mouths of futile search and wand
ering ne bo.v.me 1isoyiur iged and
drowned himself while the man who
bought his farm found the famous (ol-
) People w ho are confined within doors
in,..l ..-!... .? ...
TAlVCfn uT"w oi iirau, mvigor-
lUWoiliK nting air and exercise must take pre-
I i e i i , caution to guard ngainst over-stout-
drove a horse for a long, long time; through the sum- ness. as fat acquired by indoor nf is
mer dust and the winter rime I jogeed along in mv one-'l",,"'al,1,; "n,,.R to the vital
u., ,i i i a - r., . " organs or uie nociy. 141CK ot .exerciser1"- ' " '' , "
ciust Mia,y, ami never tueauiea mat U ueuer way OI 10COmO-; in the fresh air is said to weaken tb.ei'mull "lm'l, i"-'' ."I'i his own
L-l fmA . 1 T . 4.i. J , nxvffen enrrvin.r nn,v, e ,h m,i . I premi ses and became urn: onse'.v v.. h.
nuii cci iHiuiu iniu, tutu lUWbtl llULieui -r--: I own f.ells were "acres of dia-
i :. j .
ii'mmi.-. v'ui . ui i mi ii it's tor weiatu
for success, for usefulness nil are not
in some distant laud but right at our
own doers. That is the point tli.it the
lecturer makes and tllust rates with
n any a story from real life.
Probablv no lecture of the Amer
ican platform has been so wonderfulty
I .. . . V
f ' ' ' " ' ' ' A
I Uxr -1
i .....
X xc
nUrv lV,;,,.- A V, 1 J m ' ,hl" U U u"abl to produce strong
l""6 in-iium. .rv UcHW UIJB 3 O'U iCiwsa jeles and vitality and the formation of
then; he got acquainted with dogs and men,!un,'8ht1'- a"a ti"-8ith- fat is the ro
and found fine bones on the right of way; sl'iiyou are 13 or 20 pounds above nor
the while he followed my one-hoss shay. 1 ma' you are daily drawing on
But Dubbin, the horse, grew out of date,! all ;
and I bought a car that can hit a gait ofilhis xt burden. Any persons Vh0
fru-tr' miloQ in i fluotinrr In mi,, o fr, V,nf iar0 t i their own mind that
.vj .....vk. ii v.vw..6 ueio, a 1.11111 v.nawthe are too stout are advised to go to
throbs with resistless power. Old Towserio,ral l'narmaey or a good druggist
followed the car one day, as I scorched the id tt&P&iZStl
roaa on my townwara way; ne kept in signti just beforo retiring at night.
lor three parasangs, and then he muttered
some bow-wow dangs, and sneaked back home with a
broken heart, and died the death 'neath a one-hoss "cart.
Alas, old dog, 'twas a bitter end, for one that long was a
faithful friend, but the world moves on, and that dog i "'T"; .
musi laue inai is 100 siow ior me greai paraae; must lay
him down 'neath the buttercups and it's true of men,
1 lui'
Orant Corby, cindidate for Distii't
Attorney, resides in Salem, offices 20t--0i
t. S. Hank Itldg. Lawyer by pro
fession. Ediuate.l in the public schools
completed four year course in College
of Philomath. Crudiiated from Law
Department of Willamette University
and admitted to the bar in 11)00. Six
teen years experience. Nominated at
the Democratic primary M iv Iflt'.i, by
the voluntary action of individual
Even ft few days treatment has been
reported to show a noticeable reduction
in weight, improved digestion and a re
turn of the old energy; footsteps be
come lighter and the skin less flabby
in appearance as superfluous fat lis-
korein is inexpensive, cannot
injure, and helps the digestion. Any
person who wants to reduce 15 or 0
pounds is Advised to ive thU trent.
Always Watch ThisAd Changes Often
Strictly correct weight, qnare deal and highest prices for all kinda of
junkmetol, rubber, bide and fnra. I pay 2e per pound for old ng.
og o,uc ox an iie sec on a nana incubators,
iron for both roofa and buildings,
All kinda corrnirated
Eoofing paper and second kand
H. Steinback"Junk Co. I
The House of Half a Million Bargains. J
S03 North Commercial it ,
just as well as pups
t uicut a trial.
' MM