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Arc the two days that we quote prices
that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.
Come and get your pick as we will not guarantee how long the lot picked
out will last. "HURRY UP!"
75c Wool Dress Voiles,
limited, yard
75c Scotch Plaid Wool
Dress Goods, only dress
patterns, yard
75c Wool Dress Serges,
navy and black, limited,
20c Animal Picture
I Swans Down Kimono
1 Flannel, van!
Girls' White Dresses, up
to $4.50, slightly soiled
$1 Blown Glass Water
Pitchers, closing out
$1.25 No. 7 Copper Bot
tom Wash Boiler, clos
ing out
10c Rick Rack Braid, $1 Comforts, special for
bunch , this sale
3c 65c
5c Skein Embroidery ,5c Double Blankets,
Floss, only 'Pair
2c 48c
Children's $1.00 Wash Ladies $3.M Hats, Silk
Dresses, 8, 10, 12 years and Fauy Brand tnm d
48c 49c
Big bunches Silk Flow- xt?KU i?
era, up to $1.00 f Vaist' handsomely
wia A, i I u i. trimmed, all at latest
.While they last, bunch shown
5c 49c
Ladies' $1 House Dress-. $10 Sport Striped Silk
es, now Sweaters (only one to a
mc customer)
. Table Knives and Forks, -
closing out, each 50c Pound Gunpowder
Tea, closing out, lb.
- - 29c
White Metal Table One lot of Dishes, up to
Spoons, closing out, ea. 35c, closing out, each
2c 10c
Men's $1.00 Overalls 1
special, pair
Men's $7.50 All Wool
Jumbo Sweaters, very
special at this price
Boys' 75c Wool Knicker
bocker Pants (one pair
to a customer
)$2.00 Fiber Suit Cases
(one to a customer)
15c Jap Cup and Saucer,
closing out
$1 Enamel Coffee Pot,
closing out
$1 5-gal. Oil Can, clos
ing out
i r
; i -. - .-
John Robinson's
, Big Shows In Salem
Bfbert Hubbard once wrote, "Men
whose souls are corroding with care
weighted down with sorrow too groat
for speech ore often those who set the
table in a foar. "
It is a fact that the circus clown is
ftea rery serious-minded individual,
we are informed hy tho press agent of
fohl Rohlnon's Ten Big Shows, which
will appear in Salem on tho afternoon
ami evening of Hay 2.).
The press agent says that he has
ilked with every one of the fifty-one
i-lowim of the John Robinson's Ten Big
Sb n and tlr.it he finds that two of
them ara taking corespondence school
courses in mechanical engineering; one
is Jn omniverous reader of classic liter
ature; nnother is a violinist who plays
the DeHeriot concertos in a highly
cteditabb? manner; two are splendidly
versed in the history of the world, from
the day of our Aryan ancestors to the
current events of the European war;
one is a lawyer who is traveling for his
health; one is a clever sign painter; an
other is 'A man who, until lie suffered a
nervous breakdown, four years ago,
was a prominent politician in an Kast
ern state; eight high school graduates,
ami two have been successful actors.
Six are married and one is sending a
brother through Cornell University.
Only one we are informed, is a clown
whin be his his "make-up" removed
"and then he is just naturally a com
edian," rays tli'.1 press agent.
To quote him further: "All of John
Robinson 'a Ten Big Shows' downs art
men of intelligence ami all of them, ex
cept the natural comedian 1 mentioned,
talk sensibly and soberly."
Such a phyKnn recently re
marked: "The wonderful power of
Lydia K. I'inklinni 's Vegetable Com
pound over diseases of women is not
because it is a stimulant, not became
j it is a palliative, hut simply because
it contains the very elements needed
to tone up the female system .and
strengthen the depleted organism."
Of pmirHe flint iu ttn ,it twn- wi ui it
i could not succeed as it has.
"Quii. iT nr-iTai TiTMirmrTr1111" "'"fcT"'''' wwa?--"t"ww'tir''
mi, -J
Robin Hood to be Put .
On by High School
" iiobin Hood" till' comic opera to
be presented by the students of the
high school Wednesday evening, May
HI, under the diici-tion of Miss Mni
netta Mngers, promises to be one of the
most inibitious efforts iu the. wnv of
it mv.sica; ciiterieinnioiit ever nut on
by the music classes of the high
The costume., rl ninetoiistic of the
daws of Robin ll"od in Kngland, have
already arrived. The inaniiar training
class of too high scdiool is doing its
share in preparing the jnil scene, cot
tage .ind chapel scenes. The advertis
ing posters to be seen in the store win
dows were prepared by the pupils of the
art class under the direction of Miss
Already the first and second acts
have been worked out on the stage r
the rehearsals the next few days will
get everything in shape for full stage
rehearsals Prid.iy and Saturday. The
chorus is cflnposed of 50 of the lest
singers in the high school. Max Al
ford will siii'4 th" part of Pobin Hood
and Lurn Miuton that of Maid Marion.
Today's Beauty Hint
You'll be having one very soon,
And take our word for it, you'll
enjoy it when it comes.
Watch for it
Tt fs not necessary to shampoo (uite
so frequently if your hair is propcrlv
cleansed end) time by use of n really
good shampoo. Tho easiest to use
and quickest drying shampoo that we
can recommend to our readers may,
be prepared very cheaply by dissolv
ing a teaspoonful of ennthrox, obtain
ed from your druggist, in a cup of
hot water. This rubbed into the scalp
creates n thick lather, soothing and
cooling in iu action, as well as bene
ficial to scalp and hair. After rinsing
hair dries quickly and evenly, dovolnp
the sculp is fresh nnd clean,' while the
ing a bright luster and a soft fluf
finess that mukeB it srem very henvy.
Agnes Rauscher, cf Sublimity,
Heads List With Average
of 97.3
Out of a total of 31S eighth grade
pupils in Marion county who took the
state examinations May 4 and 5, 133
will receive diplomas entitling them to
pursue their studies in the high schools
of the state. One hundred and eight
more conditioned in. one or two studies
and will remove these conditions in the
June examinations so that they may en
ter the high school next fall and 77
filed to make the required average and
will be obliged to take the entire ex
amination again.
The highest average received at this
time was that of Agnes lianscher, of
Sublimity, who totaled 07..'! per cent in
all of the subjects in which she was ex
amined, Mervin 1'idlcr, Salem route
three, was second with fl", ami Theresa
Heuberger, of Sublimity, was third
with Wi.4, Oeorge I.nmb, of Jefferson,
was fourth with !)ti.l.
Tho following is the list of l.'!3 who
will receive diplomas:
Yergen. Mabel, Hubbard. RS.2..
Hill, Blanche, Salem, No. 7, Hti.4.
Barrow, Donald G., Surem No. 4.
Albus Mary, Aumsville, 91.0.
Schulte, Mnry, Sublimity, !I2: Koenig,
Idn. Sublimity." S7.1; Znb'er, Iliblegard,
Sublimity, 2; Hanselier, Agnes.. Su
blimity, !l7..t: Heuberger, Theresa, Su
blimity, Oil. 4; Frank, Elizabeth, Sublim
ity, H4.3; Hendricks, Veronica, Sublimits-.
O.l.fl; Hendricks, Cecilia, Sublimity,
!1.7; Nchmid, Alphonsus, Sublimity,
SIM; Benedict, Ferdinand, Sublimity,
0fl.il; flocdighcimor, Leo, Sublimity,
S7.7; Odonthnl, William, Sublimity,
87.7; Benedict, Edward. Sublimity,
8S.1; Hot finger. Frederick C, Sublim
ity, IU.3; Stcinkump, Hcurv Sublimity,
N!.7. .
Russell. Inin, Macleay, M.fi.
Dick, Lizzie. Silverton, H8.1; t'pson.
Isa, Silverton, !U.S.
Crane. Clement, Aumsville, 1)3.4; Al
bee, l.efioy. Aumsville, SI2.3.
Biaden,' Kulnlie, Hubbard, 82.
Jefferson I.nmb, doorgo, 40.1 ; Willi,
Kenneth, !4.0; Fleekes, Hubert, 10.1;
Sherman, Courtney, 88.8; Doty, Helena,
i2.8; Kobertson, Howard R, 8!; 1'nwvll,
Kb-ie. H4.0; I'olaeck, Julia, !I3.7; Elliott,
Jamie, MI.7.
vjMnrion Cd;iin. Harriett, SO. 7; De
I.neaiix) SDiU, 81.8; l.nreiitz. I.enorn
Jennie, 81.3: Ilnack. l.illiun, 8.1.3;
Hall, Ituth Ann, .,; Hnnimett, Cuv.
Siilein, Xn. 4 Creson, Cecvl, .84.7;
Harris. Keith M., SO.
Aurorn Wilson, Ethel E
Salem. No. ,1 Cobnrn, Harriet, 80.
Aurora riper, Edward. 80.5.
l'rntum l'ooler, l.eone Kbln. .10.4.
Silverton Meh, Sigurd, 80.2; Mul
key. Tirznh, 82.5.
Salem. No. 0 Hull, May. 80.3.
1 rl
Our New Stor
We invite you to our new
store, where the newest
things in Footwear for
ladies are on display. Ex
pert fitters, , high quality
shoes, reasonable prices
.combine to make this
Salem's most popular store
for ladies.
New McGilchrist Bldg.
415 State 114 Liberty.
Why Suffer Wim Backache,
Kidneys or Rheumatism Kow?
tclUr Telia of Lona-looked-for Prescription,
Iknr Tlctiilcrii If I can do any good fn
tho world for others, I wish to do It, and
I feel that It is my duty to write about
the wonderful results I received from the)
use of " Ainiric." I was sudorlng from
kidney and bladder troubles, scalding
urine, backache mid rheumatism, and btet
nnd ankles, swelled so that at times I
could not walk without assistance.
Had taken several different kinds of
kidney remedies but all failed. I sent
for a box of Dr. I'ierce's newest dis
covery, "Annrlc," which 1 received by
mail In tablet form. I soon got bettor
and am convinced that this popular
new medicine Is good. I wish to rec
ommend It to my neighbors and every
body suffering from such troubles.
Mhs. M. J. Bahoknt. .
Note; You've all undoubtedly heard
of the famous Dr. l'ierco and bis well
known medicines. Well, this prescrip
tion 's one that has been successfully
used for many years by the physicians
nnd specialists at Dr. Pierce's Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute', of Buffalo,
N. Y., for kidney complaints, and dis
eases arising from disorders of the kid
neys and bladder, such n.s backache,
weak back, rheumatism, dropsy, conges
tion of the kidneys, iullammalion of tho
bladder, scalding urine, and urinary
Up to this time, "Anurlc" has not
been on sale to tho public, but by the
persuasion of many patients ami the
increased demand for this wonderful
healing Tablet, Doctor l'ierco has tinitlly
decided to put it into the drug storof
this country witUiu Immediate reach of
aU sufferers.
Simply ask for Doctor Pierce's Annrlc
Tablets. T'kero can be no Imitation.
Every packago of "Annrlc" Is sure to bo
Dr. Florae's. You will find the signature
rn the packaB Just as you do on Dr.
I'lcrco's Favorite Prescription, the ever
famous friend to ailing women, and
Dr. Pierce'! Oolden Medical Discovery,
proven by years to be the greatest gen
eral tonic and rcconstructor for any
one, besides Using tho best bkiod-uiaker
Wallace H
Eliiiu Theodore,
87.8; Jlue, Vic-
Silverton, No. 2 I.in.bpiist, Dagny
t ., . ..
Hubbard Sanders, Irene, 82.5.
McKee Balhveber. Harvey, 83.'..
Salem, No. 3 Dressier, Oladvs, U3.7.
1'ratum Welty, Ellis, 84.3
Salem, No. 3 Fidler, Mervin, 07.
I'rutuiu Snpiingfield, Charles A.,
Salem, No. ti- Wit hum, Harlttu C.,
Pratum V'egt, Carl, 87.7.
(icrvnis Cuumler Kiitherine, 80.4;
Jefferson, Agnes J., S0.0; Cocniber,
''hurled Ovid, 80.7; Iiuss, Frank, 80.!);
Mnhouoy, Celestine C, 8!'. 5.
Silverton Anderson, F.nimn, 80.3;
Solbcrg, Clara, 82.
Salem, No. 3 Bostuick, Hazel V.,
V.r; llownrd. I.olah, 88.1.
.Mchama Knbe, Venita, 82.3; Mul
kev, Morel, 8.
Salem, No. 3 Schmidt, Jncobina, 03.3
Silverton-Smith, Clco. ...
Stavton Keei li, Edwin, 02; Teniae,
Uober't, 87.2; Spaniel, Anna, 01.7; Hos
sell, Iluuh, 81.0; Wirth, Elhel, 80.3.
Aumsville Fulton, Nona, 01.2.
Shaw Cilbert, Mattie, 80.0; I'dik,
Wallace. 00.3.
Woodburu Booster,
Silverton Amstulz,
03.2; Haberly, Marie,
tor, 80.7.
Salem, No. 8 Kehfues, Willie,
Bin It c, Florence. 80.1,
SUerton Huvi rnick, Ernest,
Salem, No. 4 Coon, Elton, 80.2.
Stayton Kirvcli, Allies, 85.3.
Salem, No. 0 Hill, Hazel,
Kiser, (lllie, 82.7; (iruenl'elder, Hild
81.0; Wulfcmever, Alice, 82.5; Pease,
Hoy 11., 88.8.
Siilein, No. 8 Cudy. Mabel. 85.1.
Woodburn Peunebiiker, Willa, 01.4;
WilkiiiH, Hurry, 01.3; Wacmaii, Juy,
03.5; HiblKiiis, Cludys, 02.2; (lildicins,
Nell, 02.4; Ernston, Dorothy, 01.7;
Clement, Lois, 02.8; Muck, Esther, 01.1;
Hrovles, Essie Estella, 83.0; Hlackinun,
(irn'ee, 82.0; I'urdy. liutli, 87.0; Wood-coi-k,
Frances, 82.0; basidie, t'lurii,
00.0; Zurliiiden, Joe, 00.0: Hughes, Les
lie. 01.5! Larson, Leonard, ic.7.
llullt Hlcnkiiev, Hen, ' OK; Skoog,
William F., 85.8. '
Niagara Nvstrom, Oscar, 80.3.
..Salem, No. 8 Drown, l.li.dys. 81.2.
Hoover Ilinkle, Vail A., 80.4.
Detroit Holliucswoitli, James, 8S.0;
Heidecke, Helen. 80.
Salem, No. 3 Tick, Wilnia, 88.8.
Turner, No. 3 Seofield, Harry R,
Mill Citv- Conibear, Flossie V. A.,
Turner Peetz. Sibvl E., 80.7.
Hullt Ciijje, John 6., 81.7.
Salem Collier, KalA, 80.1; Hoviard.
Wilbur. 88.8; CarndiO),les, Nicholas,
85.0; Woolley, Deliele, 87.4; Mullcn
neix, Earl Anderson, 80.9; Thomas, Hoy,
87.0; Car.liner. fven, 85.4; Dakin, Me'r
ton E., 80.5; Moore, J. Cyrus, 81.1.
M. Ani;o!-lliirdciistlo1luv. 87.3.
Woodburu Piibiier, filmlys, 83.8.
Here Is Good News
for Stomach Victims
Somo very remarkable results are be
mik obtained by treating stomach, liver
and intestinal troubles with pure vege
table oila which exert a cleansing,
soothing and purifying iction upon tho
lower bowels removing the obstructions
of poisonous fecal matter and onses ami
preventing their absorption bv tiio
blood. This done, the food is allowed
tree passage from tho stomach, fei
mcutntion censes aibl stomich troubles
quickly disappear.
(leorge H. Mayr, for twentv veins a
leading Chicago druggist, cured 'himself
and many of his friends of stomach,
liver and intestiml troubles of veins'
standing by this treatment, nn so suc
cessful was the remedy lie devised thai
it .ins since been placed in the hands of
druggists all over the country, who
have sold thousands of bottles. '
Though absolutely hnrniloss, (he ef
fect of the medicine is sufficient to
couviuce my one of its remarkable ef
fectiveness, and within 21 hours the
sufferer feels like n new person. Mavr'.
Wondcrful Remedy is sold bv lcudiii"
druggists everywhere with the positive
understanding tliat your money will ,e
rel'unded without riiestion or (juilible if
ONE bottle fails to give you nbsululo
Sacramento, f'ul., May 23. The re
cent frost which damaged tho grape
crop to the extent of 5,00(l,000 will
result in the price of grapes being
doubled, acc.ndiiig to K. M. Sheehan,
secretary of the State Viticulturul com
mi'.sion. Wine grapes will sell this year foi
from $10 to $25 per ton, while Inst yctir
the price averaged .10 u ton.
Southern Pacific Making
Several Deserved Promotions
Following its policy to make its pro
motions from men already iu the ,,..
vice, in order to give opportunity for
advancement in the railroad career, the
Southern P.icific announces many new
appointments. On June 1, J. II, Mul
cahy and .). I. Saunders will be assist
ant gene nil freight agents in Sim
Francisco. Mulcahy was formerly a'
Portland iu the same capacity ami
Saunders was industrial agent 'nt I.oi
Angeles. W. F. AlilloV, formerly agent
at Murshfield, Oregon, succeeds Mu1
cahy mid M. A. I'limiuings of San
Francisco succeeds Saunders. The
changes are announced by J. tl. Slubbs,
general freight agent.
I. W. C.unpbell, assistant general
manager, also announces the npoin
inent of II. A. Campbell ns nrsistaui
siiperiiitciident of tile Suit Luke di
vision at Ogden, nml J. W. Fitzgerubl
In succeed Campbell as assistant mi -lieriiiteiulent
ut. O.thlnnd Pier. (I. V.
'lillette, tr.'iiuiiinster nt Dunsmuir. sue .
ceeds Fitzgerald ns assistant supcrii-.
leiideiit of the Slui itu division. W. I'.
Kirkliind is niinied truiumaster and C.
(I. Heath, chief divpatidier at l")uv
in ii i r .
For dyspepsia, indigestion, souring of
food, gas, and hyperacidity of th"
stomach (acid stomach.) A teaspounl'el
iu a fourth of a glass of hot water usu
ally gives INSTANT RELIEF. Sold by
ill druggists in either powder or tab
let form at 50 cents per bottle.
Almost a Riot In
House of Commons
London, Map 23. Confusion reign-d
in the house of commons yesterday
when Tiiffotuy Healy, an Irisii mem
ber, created a scene during debate on
th executions of Irish rebels.
"I am not going to stand here and
so our people shot," he shouted. "Wo
are not in Russia! "
There were singled cries of approval
and disdain from nil over the house.
ll-n.bers were in an unronr.
"He is a lic.eniied trii'or!" yelled
one voice.
Healy had previously Irclarrd th.it
he had no confid'nen in Irish law by
court miiitial anl th'.t iio had re con
fidence in General Pir John MnirWcll,
in charge of the f'tu.ition.
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