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Clearance Prices on AH Suits; Coats, Dresses, Skirts, etc.
NO. 796
Wednesday Surprise Sale
May 24th
An Unusual Offering of " Abbey t Hand Embroidered
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs at 22c Each
Women who like dainty Handkerchiefs and wish to replenish their supply at a
distinct saving should, by all means, attend this sale next Wednesday. Many dain
ty embroidered corner patterns. These were made in Ireland and now, on account
of the war are very scarce. Better put in a supply at this surprise price. They're
easily worth 35c each. Next Wednesday only 22c Each
Sale, starts. at 8:30.. See Window Display
(Second Floor)
A Sale of Fibre Lunch
49c each
These are of a tough, tan fiber,
riveted, metal corners, snap fast
eners. Looks just like a small
suit case. Just the thing for car
rying picnic lunch. Splendid for
motor trips, etc.
49c Each
Complete assortment of FLAGS
for Decoration Day. Wool Flags,
Cotton Flags, Silk Flags. A va
riety of prices. (Second Floor.)
Japanese Lunch Cloth
Sets, Bureau Scarfs,
Toweling, at Little
These Lunch Cloth Sets are
just the thing for the breakfast
table, picnic, etc. One lunch cloth
and six napkins to match.
Priced according to size,
.$1.19, $1.69, $1.98 a Set
Bureau Scarfs priced 15c, 25c ea.
Japanese Toweling
10 Yards for 69c
Various Patterns in Shades of
Blue. (Linen Section)
Xtra Good
for Boys
n -rtt
7' J
Pi 4
All Around Tovn
May 22. Recital, department of
music, chapel of Willamette
university, 8 p. n,
May 22. Firo Marshal Stevens,
of Portland, address at city
ball, 8 p. m.
May 23. May Robson at Open
May f.-r-Salem chapter Sons
Amef4J,n Revolution organ
ized, fllfimmereinl club.
May 28, High school baccalau
reate services, First Metho
dist church.
May 20. Public speaking in
chapel Willamette university,
8 p. m.
May 29. Music departmeat
University recital, M. E.
May 30. Memorial Day.
May 31. " Robin Hood," comic
opera, at high school audi
torium. June 1. Elks' home-coming
celebration at armory.
June 2. High school commence
ment exercises at Armory.
June 2. Kimball college com
mencement, 2:30 p. m.
June 7. Annual election offi
cers Commercial club.
June 7. Willamette University
Do Your Eyes Tire Easily
Do Your Eyes Smart and Burn
Is Your Vision Blurred
RKMRMIlKIt nil of those troubles and many more can bo done away
ilh by wearing Correctly Fitte d Glasses.
lict us examine your eves and lit you with proper lenses then you
will see with ease.
MISS A. McCULLOCII, Optometrist,
208-9 Hubbard BIdff., Phone 109.
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that the following have been elected:
First district O. 1'. Bishop of Salem,
n.l Albert Abraham of Rosoburg. W.
W. ralkins of F.ugeno is closo behind
Abraham, however.
Second District W. U. Prooko of
Ontario, J. N. liurgoss of Pendleton.
Third District Italph W. Iloyt and
Clarence K. Hotehlwss of Portland.
Republican delegates at. largo are:
Pmiiol Boyd, George .T. Cameron, Char
Jen II. Carey and (!. W. Fulton.
The democrats elected the following:
First District ('. C. Jackson, llalsey;
E. R. Turner, Roscburg, and K. T. Uu-
dant of Siletz.
Second District W. M. Peterson, Pen
dleton, and V. 15. King, of Ontario. F.
T. Holmes of I,ntiinudo is close behind
King in the race.
Third DiMrict floorge A. I.ovojoy
nnd Shirley 'D. Parker.
Delegates at largo A. S. Dennett, T.
H. Crawford, F. L. Arniitnge nnd J.
V. Morrow. W. U Morgan" may bo
elected over Morrow in the later re
turns. Only six voles sepnrate them.
No new figures from outlying coun
ties wore available today on state of
fices. IF. H. Coieyclaimed the east
ern Oregon public service coiiniission
ership over Kd Wright. Returns were
lacking from I.nke, (jillinm, Morrow
nnd Sherman counties and from por
tions of other counties.
Try Capital Journal Want aa
Charles U. Moores today
sent his congratulations to Sec
retary of Stato lion W. Oleott
upon the returns of the primar
ies which siiow that Oleott re
ceived the nomination by a
large majority.
"Accept my heartiest con
gratulations and assurances of
ernest ' support next Novem
ber, " said Mr. Moores in his
letter to Oleott.
Co. M Marksmen Shoot
for Record Practice
Of the 10 shooters from Company
M who went to the range at Finzer
yesterday !) qualified for as marks
men or better, aftil four shot the re
quired 1.10 on instruction practice.
The high score of the day was made
by Sargennt Hnntn who registered 232.
Private Soundbnrgh was second with
220 in the expert class. Tho sharp
shooters were Miller ilayden 102, Snr
gennt N'orton 11)0, nnd Private Guv
Young 1)H.
The marksmen were Charles Nngel
1"!), Grove Hoinsley 178, Harry Plant
1N2, Corporal Carson 174. Privates
Henjamin and Crowshaw shot 157 and
131 respectively. On instruction prac
tice Anton O'Neill scored 153, Private
Rowland 154, Private Miller 150, Pri
vate Moores 155, nnd Private George
Lewis 115. '
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse
cs correctly. U. S. Bank. Bldg.
Heard at the Oregon Electric, north
bound train: Brakeman" Passengers
for Portland take the hind car."
Dr. Stone'g drug store.
Tho mascot of the West Salem base
bill team failed to show up yester
day and the result was that tho team
was beaten in the game with Perrydalc
with a score of 5 to 8.
Wo can save yon money on garden
hose, Nelson Bros. & Pntton, plumbers,
355 Chemokcta fit. Fhone 1900. tf
A marriage license was issued in
Portland last Saturday-for Kdw.nd Wil
liam Geiger age 2! of Leavenworth,
Kansas, and Mary Kdna Jones, age 22,
of Madison Park Apartments 22.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
The Men's Liberal club of the Uni
tarian church will meet Wednesday
evening. As this is the closing meet
ing of the season, all members .ire urg-
ed to ntteud.
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con
sultation, examination or prescrip
tion, tf
Dr. Walter von Gulick of the Wash
ington state hospital for the insane,
located nt Fort Stclicoom, is in the city
investigating the methods of handling
the insane at the Oregon state institu
tion. ',
Cemetery Cleanup TX)g Cemetery
cleanup day Monday, May 29, all in
terested come out. The Howell Prai
rie cemetery association. Ralph I.
Stevens. tf
The rainfall for Saturday and Sun
day amounted to .'15 of an inch, ac
cording to the records of the weather
man at the Oregon City Transportation
company dock. Tho river is now 4.5
above low water level.
Come to us when you want figures
on building material, paints, etc. Falls
Citv-Salem Lumber Co., 31!) S. 12.
Phone 813.
The Juniors of the high school are
planning to give the 108 seniors a pic
nic next Saturday. The exact location
of said picnic is at present unknown,
hut according to the latest bulletin it
will be "some where in Marion coun
ty." o '
Dr. C. B. O'NoiU, Optometrist, Op
tici m, now located in rooms 5 and 6,
Bush Bank Bldg. Phono ti25.
I wish, to thank the voters of Salem
and Marion county for their support
in the recent election and hope tiiey
will not have cause to regret same.
W. Al Jones.
Dorris Sawyer, of Salem, was elected
vice president of the sophomore class
of the O. A. C. at the election held list
Saturday. Douglas Pine of Berkeley,
Calif., was elected president.
Mpeeial meeting ot Ue
.uoi.iy oinmanuery .o.
No. 5, K. T., this even
ing. Work in the Tem
ple degree. Visiting Sir Knights wel
come. The following from Salem are gradu
ates this year of the Oregon Agricul
tural College: '.'oi.staiice (artwright,
Marie Churchill, Lamar Too.e, Leslie
Orlaml Tooze "and Cleveland Sylvester
"Wanted! A Man!" Popular lec
ture by Rev. T. W. Lane, D. D., of
Portland, Leslie M. E. church, Tuesday
evening. Admission 25 cents. Children
under ten years of age, accompanied
by parents, free.
The Sheridan-Willamina Telephone
company was incorporated today with
the head office in Sheridan and a cap
italization of $5000. The company pro
poses to construct lines In Yamhill, Til
lamook Lincoln nad Polk counties. The
Howard Cattle Co., of Lakeview was
incorporated with a capitalization of
Notice is hereby given that the old
school nouse in Keizer Dist. (Xo. 88)
will be sold to the highest bidder. Pro
posals to buy may be made to W. R
Savime. Dist. Clerk. Bv order of Tist.
board. Seymour Jones, C, K. CuinmingH,
F. F. Kvans, Directors.
Dr. Carl Gregg Doney of Willamette
University w-.is chosen representative
on the educational board of the Oregon
Teachers Monthly at a recent meeting
of the independent colleges of the
state. The paper was recently taken
over by the Sftite Teachers' Associa
tion and will henceforth be published
by them.
G. A. R. Funeral: Members of Sedg
wick Post No. 10, ff. A. K., will turn
out and attend the funeral of Samuel
C. Stewart, a stranger comrade who
died within our gates Jnd will be bur
ied from the Cottage Undertaking par
lors at 2 o'clock p. m. Tnterment in
the (!. A. If. Circle. W. C. Faulkner,
Post. Commander, 1). Webster, Adjutant.
A dividend of four per cent has been
declared by the state bank superintend
ent S. (!. Sargent for the creditors of
the First State Bank of Philomath.
The approved claims of the bank total
$55,01 1.25 and today's dividend
amounts to $2200.57. This is Jbe third
dividend that has been declared, the
first one w:is 00 per cent, and second
20 per cent making a total of 84 per
cent of the claims that has been paid.
W. J. Lilejequist of the Spaulding
Logging company returned from Port
land Sat ui day bringing a contract f r
the mill and lumber work of n hotel
to be erected by the Oregon Nut and
nut. company, near Amity. Also the
mill work for a $2000 bungalow '.it
Port 'nnd nnd mill work for the South
ern Pacific to be shipped to NevadT
and Ftah.
In the contest between the Christian
Sunday schools of Salem and Portland
the Portland church came nut winner
yesterday, scoring two of the three
points as follows: Attendance. Salem
375, Portland 302; new members, Salem
0. Portland 10: collections. Salem $15.
SS, Portland $27.30. While the contest
has but one more Sunday to ra, the
Salem church serins to hive the best
of it ns the score now stands Salem 22,
Portland 14.
I desire to express my appreciation
and gratitude to the people of Marion
and Linn counties for their support nt
the late primary election. The same
kind favor extended to me in the fall
will elect me judge of one of the de
partments of the circuit court over
which I ' promise to preside with that
efficiency and economy learned from
experience. Geo. G. Bingham,
Paul Amort of Corvallis and H. E.
Assist House
With a
Brilliant Electric
It gets the dirt and dust
You cannot afford to use a
hand power sweeper when you
can get an Electric that is
guaranteed to get more dirt
than any sweeper made and
the price only
The little sweeper with the big pull.
Call us for a free trial.
See our new line of Rugs
and Draperies
Fletcher. Others attending are Mrs.
A. M. ('lough, Mrs. Fay Wright. Wil
liam Galloway, P. G. M. and Mrs
William Gnllowav, past president of
the Kebekah Assembly. The delegates
ind lay members will return Friday
The public will have an opportunity
to become familiar with the work of
the domestic science department of the
high school and Also the gymnastic
jj;ork, as a public exti'tiil'.on will be
given nest, Friday evening at the high
school. This exhibition is given es
pecially for tiie public and naturally,
the girls who are now neoomplifhed
cooks and those who have been taking
up gymnastic work will feel compli
mented if the public will show enough
interest to pay them a visit next Fri
day evening.
Fire marshal Stevens will deliver an
address this evening at the city hall on
" l-'ire Prevention." He has attracted
much attention throughout the north
west by his efforts to run down these
in Portland who insured to realize on
tiieir insurance. The meeting tins
evening at the city hall is c.illcd by
the Insurance Federation of Oregon
to interest the entire insurance fra
ternity in the city such problems as
(iverinsurance and other matters that
interest people in general. This meet
ing is open to everybody. Mayor liar
lev O. White will act as chairman.
Homer H. Smith is fir vice president
of the Federation.
Mis-directed letters continue to come
in at. the postoffice and are posted in
the elass covered bulletin board in the
lobbv. A letter addroed to Mr. nnd
j M is. K. H. Bates, lil West Emerson
street, Salem, Oregon, is held up tor
the correct iddress. A letter addressed
. ... ,T r. T -..
to w in. u. nceninn, neminuioii vrc,
cannot be forwarded, nor can the let
ter letter to K. K. Johnson, addressed
to Scoft'ield, Ore. As neither of these
letters have a return address on the
upper left, hand corner, they will event
ually find their way to the dead letter
office at Washington, to be opened in
the hope of finding the address of the
writer. One postal cani, witn no hu
dress whatever leds off with the in
formation, "Hello there, we have a
10 1-2 pound givl." Another postal
with no address is for "Dear Bertha."
f a child's sight is imperfect, cor
rect glasses should be obtained imme
diately. If 1 Lis is don" the child usu
ally grows out- of the trouble but oth
erwise the defect increases until glasses
arc inevitable, while a cure becomes
impossible. Many children's school
hours are a torture because of defets ot
vision. The child often does not real
ize its deficiencies, while its parents
are all unsuspecting. So tho trouble is
neglected, the child's education is im
peded, nnd its health seriously impair
ed. Children who frown when reading,
who complain of headaches or whoso
eyelids seem red ami inflamed, should
nave their eyes tested and the proper
corrections made. . 1 make a specialty
of fitting children's eves and correit
ing all defets of vision. Satisfaction
Doctor of Optics.
Offices: 210-211 U. S. Bank Building,
Phone 110.
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I'M m mwrnm-nwrnm,
H)m.m 'www ii tew
Do you appreciate the fact that the
Capital Drag Store
Has reduced the price of Drug Supplies?
If you appreciate it, co-operate with me by giving your trade to the Capital
Drug Store.
Phone your orders if you can not come-Phone 119naine and number on
the bottom of every other page ia the phone directory.
We deliver without extra cost.
Capital Drug Store
New HcGMirisl Bcildaj Store on the Comer
Mrs. Mildred Brooks, has a reasonab
ly fair chance of bring re-elected. She: Turner of I'nion will be recommended
his the republican, democratic nnd
progressive nomination for the office.
She also 1ms the distinguished honor
of having the unanimous vote of the
.Progressive party. There wns but one
vote east for the office by that parly
and she got it all.
I I wish to thank the roters of Salem
and Marion county who gave me their
snport in the recent election. .1. T.
W. II. Orabenhorst & Co. report the
for teachers in the manual training de
partment of the city schools at the
meeting to lie held this evening of t.ie
school board of education. They are
senior graduates in the department of
industrial education of the O. A. C.
Mr. Amort h.is been a member of the
varsity wrestling team for four years
and was captain of the squad' last
year. Mr. Turner has been one of the
active members of the senior class.
Rev. Robert 8. Gill, rector of St.
Pillll '- Klli4l-0',lll l-llllfi'll n-ill ottn.l
following sales: l.otiis Rallnr bought j the twenty-eighth annual convention of
ia six acre tract from II. W. Waters, t'.ie Episcopal churches of the diocese
jThe bind is four and one half miles of Oregon, to b. held in the Pro-Cathe-I
south of the city and is unimproved. drill of St. Stephen the Martyr, 1,'tth
j For ft consideration of MOO, Mrs. Oar-1 and Cl.iy Sts., Portland, and covering
!ri liiggs bought n hotiso nnd lot nt two days, Tuesday and Wednesday.
S7t) Xorth Fourteenth street. B. S. Mr. J. A. Sellwood will also attend is
Durkee bought from N. O. Freeman a, a delegate from this parish. A Inv-
i house and lot nt Twenty third and Che
Imeketa for i'XiO.
man 's dinner will be given on Tuesibn
night in the hotel Oregon, and the wom
en of the diocese will have their eon-
uygrado fgars are &ruem s mosi vention ot auxiliaries, or missionaiy
famous brand. Get behind them, only societies, on Tuesday in St. Mark's
15 cents each. church 21st and Marshall. Pihnp Sum-
o. ner will deliver his address on Wednes-
Miss Florence Cleveland of Portland i day morning at St. Stephens, beguiling
who wns recently elected to succeed j nt 10 o'clock, and it will no doubt at-
Mrs. Stella K. Hlnckerhv as secretary tract a large audience.
Mary Gantenbein has filed a suit
! for divorce in the circuit court of this
! county .igaiust John G. Gantenbein, her
j husband. They wore married in Sa
lem in PHI and have no children. The
plaintiff n.-ks for a decree ot divorce
on the grounds of cruel and inhuman
treatment and the right to resume her
maiden name of Mary Wendroth.
Smith & .Shields represent the plaintiff.
V, K. Koss has filed a suit in the
circuit court of this county ng.iinst
Charles Lindley to recover money. The
complaint estates that on May 2.),
jlOlii.'the plaintiff purchased the cquip
jnieut nn. I furnituic for a restaurant
from the defendant tor $750 and $2fi
more for some coal that was on hand.
The plaintiff st.ites that the defendant
represented that the restaurant was
earning from $13 to 20 a day and that
the expenses were about Mr. Ross
alleges that these statements were mis
representations nnd that the earning
power and p.itronage of the restaur
ant was over estimated. He nks to
be allowed to recall the deal and to re
ceive the $773 in cash paid out and
200 spe-ial daiuiges in addition. Car
son &- Brown aie attorneys for the
A marriage license was issued today
to Charles Hugo Kraemer, a farmer,
and Catherine Schaecher, both of Mt.
Angel. The date of tho mariiage was
is given as May 24.
Sixth and Kverett streets, Port
land, Ore., 4 blocks from I'liion
Station, Fniler new manage
ment. All rooms newly deco
Rates: 30c, 73c, l, U0 per d ly
Cars of any kind for any place
at any time.
Office, Bllgh Hotel
of the Y. W. C. A., assumed her duties
this morning. Mrs. Plaekerby will also
remain on duty until next Moiulap,
The annual meeting of the grand
lodge of (Md Fellows and Rebekah
when she will return to her home in Assembly convened in Roseburs vester-
Silverton, Miss Clevelnnd Is HMSldav nnd the session will continue until
graduate of the Fniversity of Oregon
and assisted in the Y. V. C. A. work
at the San Francisco exposition.
The Souora Talking Machines have
all the newest inmrnvcmeiits for the
(proper reproduction tone. Mvrtle
iKuowland, 421 Court St.
Friday morning. As delegates to the
lodce F. K. Churchill, .1. A. Patterson.
William Frost and A. M. Clench, left
this mniniug on the Southern Pacific.
The delegates to the Rebekah Assemb
ly who Hcccimpanied tliem were Mrs.
Lizzie Walters. Mrs. Myrtle Tvrell,
Mrs. Ruth Anderson and Mrs. fcihel
Ophn Clare has filed a mit in the
circuit court against Carl Clare asking
I for a divorce on the grounds of cruel
jand inhuman treatment. They were
! married in Arkansas in 1!13. There
are no p'operty rights or children in
i volveJ.
i """
Journal New ToOay Ads do-
I liver the goods.
Licensed Lady
Moderate Price
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Sakm.Ore.
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City nnd all way
Points. Leaves Mill City 0:15 a. m.j
Stnyton 7:43, Suleni, 9:15.
Return, leaves Salem 4:30 p. m.;
Jtayton 5:45; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13