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Administrator's Notice
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed by tiie
county eourt of Marion county, state
of Oregon, administrator of the estate
of .lomi Slarnich, deceased, late of
Marion county, state of Oregon.
All persons having claims against
the estate of said deceased are hereby
required to present tho same, duly vr
ified, s by law rquired, to the under
siined administrator at number 1 Hi
North Commercial street, in the city!
of Salem, M inon county, stnte of Ore
gon, within six months from the date
of this notice
l'Al'f, SIARXACIl,
Administrator of the estate of John
Mnrnach, deceased.
Dated May loth, I!11. June 8
Sheriffs Sale of Eeal Property on
Notice is hereby given, that by vir
tuo of an execution duly issued out of
the circuit court of the stato of Ore
gon, for tho county nf Marion and to
jne directed on the 22nd day of April,
Hilt!, upon a judgment and decree duly
rendered, entered of record and docket
ed in and by said court on the 12th
day of April, 1 1 Hi, iu a certain suit
then in said court pending, wherein
llrace Louisa llottinger, by her guur
di in Minnie llottinger was plaintiff
and Minnie I. .Smith, V. V. K. Smith,
A. i. Primer, mid K. 0. l'ratt, doing
business under tho firm name and style
of Prase r & l'ratt were defendants in
favor of plaintiff ami against said de
fendants by which execution I nm com
manded to sell tho property in slid exe
cution and hereinafter described to pay
the sum due tho plaintiff of eleven
hundred thirty tour k "w-lUO (ll:M.!57)
Dollars, with interest thereon nt tho
rate of 7 per cent per annum from tho
.1st day of February, I II I II, until paid
and the further sum of forty seven &
20-100 Dollars, with interest ut the
rnto of l per cent from February 1st
lillti, and tho further sum of one hund
red fifty ($1"0.00) Attorneys fees, to
gether with costs and disbursebents
of snnl suit taxed at seventeen & fiO-lUO
(IM7.50) llollars find costs and cxpens-,
ui sum CAei;iiiiiiu. i win on nuiur-
dny tho 27tii day of May, 1010, ut the
hour of 10 o'clock a. in. of said day ut
tho west door of tho county court
'house in Marion county, Oregon, sell
tit public auction to the highest bid
der for cash in hand on tho. day of
sale, all tho right, title, interest and
estate which said defendunts and all
iersons under them subsequent to tho
date of the mortgage herein foreclosed
in, of and to said premises hereinbe
fore mentioned and described in said
execution as follows.
Lots four (4) .xnd fivo (5), block
threo (.1) Hugh Owens addition to tho
City of Salem, Marion county, Oregon.
Said sale being made subject to re
demption in tho manner provided by
law. Dated this 2-ltli day of April,
Sheriff nf Marion coiintv, Oregon,
lly Vf. I. Needham, "Deputy.
May 25
Sheriff's Sale of Eeal Property .
On Foreclosure
Notice is hereby given, That by vir
tue of an execution duly issued out of
the circuit court of the state of Ore
((on, for tins county of Marion, and to
mo directed on the 2tltli day of April
lillli, upon a judgment and docreo duly
Tendered, entered of record and dock
ted in and by said court on the lHth
day of April 11MU in i certain suit then
in said eourt pending, wherein Clara I'.
Fouch was plaintiff and Alfred W.
liigelow, llettie A. Reynolds and W.
C. Reynolds, her husband, were defend
ants in favor of plaintiff and against
aid defendants by which execution I
m commanded to sell the property in
aid execution .uid hereinafter describ
ed to pay the sum due the plaintiff of
five hundred and 00-100 (."00.00) Dol
lars, with interest thereon at the rate
ef 8 per cent per nnnum from the 24th
llay of August 11113 until paid ami for
tho further sum of fifty and 00100
($50.00) Dollars, attorneys fees togeth
er with tho costs and disbursements of
eaid suit taxed at twenty nnd SO-100
($20.50) Dollars and costs and expenses
of said execution. 1 will on Saturday
tho 3rd day of Juno 1111(1 nt the hour
of 1 o'clock p. m. of said dny at the
west door of tho county court house in
Jlarion county, Oregon, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for ensh
ia hand on tho day of sale, all the
liK'it, title, interest and estnto which
said defend mts and all persons claim
ing under them subsequent to the date
of tho mortgage herein foreclosed in,
nf and to said premises hereinbefore
mentioned aro described in said execu
tion as follows, towit: Lot No. eight
(S) in block No. seventy-four (74) in
North Sjilem, Muriou county, state of
Oregon, as shown by the recorded plat
thereof. Said sale being mado subiect
mm nil li it u I
to r notion in the ttitin.ier .trnvi.le.l I
bv law. Dated this 1211th dnv of Auril
e manner I'nuiticii
I'll! iv f Auril
J '.I HI
WM l'SCll
Sheriff of M irion County, Oregon.
Ity W. 1. Xeedhani, Deputy.
Juno 1. I
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Today Is Peace and I
Arbitration Day
Today is peace nnd arbitration day,
generally observed by short nnd up- '
pi'opriato exercises iu each room of the
.. j . ...
" " iitnus, nnii orgnnizniions inter
'",,,I.1,A l"'n,' tbroiiKli.nt the country.
",''l 1,1 l'''ni'
"ll following was contributed bv a '
i-MMiiiniii-c uii pairione ciiucniion mint
( heinelieta chapter, 1). A. 1?.:
"We mnv be sure thnt he will love
all mankind best who loves his country
best, ami by his devotion makes it the
strongest helper of till the sons of earth.
"Men are more wont to feel deeply j
patriotic in time of war thnn iu time
of pence. The thought of our whole J
country as above luirtv and creed,
..1,...., V....1. ... ........ t IV .... . ...
""" - .ttitiii tir ruin n tir r.usi ur v est, i
, t(S im ,) 10V,,S upmost profoundly
jwheu the welfare of the whole country
is visibly threatened. In time of pence,
by fur the longer time of the two, we
are thinking mainly about our family,
our business, our local interests, nnd of
the things in general which are apt to
divide one section or one state from
another. The main duty of the citizen
in pence is to nave the Mate, not from
destruction from without, but from er
ror and wrongdoing within. Patriotism
then tnkes another form, as important
to the welfare of all as volunteering
for the battlefield."
"Xew occasions teach new duties;
Time makes ancient good uncouth;
Thoy must upward Mill, and onward,
who would keep abreast with Truth;
I.o, before us gleam her camp-fires! We
ourselves must l'ilgriins be, launch our
Mayflower, nnd Meer boldly through
the desperate winter sea, nor attempt
tho Future's portal with the Vast 'g
blood-rusted key."
From Lowell's 'The Present Crisis"
That UMlesa article mar mean
money to yon through the New
Today column.
v r
.In in .'t-1 .1 Tl i mi red ticks commit-1
tee" of the bazaar is composed of the
following: Mrs. William Astor Chan-
'"i vlls- ,ol,n A- ' i nh mn n , Mrs. Jay
Gould, Miss Mary llovt Willing, Mis.
ur M N(,wft)1(, , (1 1
Ty Ivlgar, Mrs. Alexander Dallas :
Ilache l'ratt, Mrs. Allen Gouvernenr
Hayesville Happenings
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Hayesville, Or., M iv IS. Martha
Denny came home Saturday and re
turned to her school duties at Mill
City Sunday p. in.
Mr. Utiles who has been ill for some
time with Itrights disease wiis taken to
the hospital for treatment on Monday.
There will be preaching Sunday both
morning and evening.
The district meeting of Hip Chris
tian Kndeavor society will bo held nl
llnzel Green on Sundiiy, May 2S.
The literary society met Friday night
in the absence of president and vicepres
ident, A. F. Zimmerman was called to
the chair. Roll call was responded
to by naming the "Greatest man liv
ing, John Denny received the most
votes of any one. The program was
as follows: Song, St ir Spangled Hau
lier; recitation, Olive Kiser; reading,
Albert Stettler; recitation, Hazel Tlill;
How May Dny was Celebrated, Kdna
Fitts; Guy Smith from Polk county, a
ciiudidate for prosecuting attorney, was
present and gave a few remarks, also
Seymour Jones of Riser 1 candidate
for the leuislature was present and
gave a short address. A number of
one minute speeches were given; song,
Lottie McAfee; dialogue, liov lease
ami Joe Teel; recitation, Hazel Hill;
recitation, Hilda Gruenfelder; song,
David Snncy; recitation, Kdna Fitts.
A number from Hayesville attended
John Murray Gibbon. quiet but
ibserving Canadian, has just (riven
London something besides tho war to
think about, in the latest product of
his pen, "Hearts & Faces.' Full of
shrewd, painted description and bit
ing irony. Gibbon's "Hearts 4 Faces"
boa invited the world to iraz upon
the Intimate life of several persons
Internationally famous and well
known in the doily life of the British
metropolis. The book-' hn' been
brought to New York to be- pub
lished I Gibbon's life reads like romance,
he was bora in Ceylon, the ton of a
titled Scot, educated in Glasgow;
given ' degree, "Cum Laude," at
-, jj,, : ..;,! . . ....
Wcllninn. Mrs. Carrie Crieono-.nrh. Mrs
Bourkc Cockrun and Mrs. Oliver Hur-
riman. In the picture may be seen,
from left to right, iu Jie background,
Mrs. Gould, Mrs. Chanler, Mrs. I.eish-
,, i.Mgar, in the foreground
left to right, nr
M is. Thomas and Miss
the May d.iy exorcises ia the city on
Miss Ilotzien and Miss l'attcrson.
Harriet Kiser and Walter Fuhrur at
tended the track meet held on the Wil-j
lamette grounds Saturday a. m.
Mothers day was observed Sunday a.
in. at II o'lilw-k, with appropriate ex
ercises bp the"1 different classes of the
Sunday school.
Mrs. .1. Peterson is having u new roof
put on her house.
The ladies missionary society met
at Mrs. Voder's on Wednesday with
111 ladies present. The devotional ser
vices were led by Mrs. Ilalbert. The
lesson was Missions ia India." Ida
Denny gave a short reiding. Meeting
adjourned. The hostess served light re
freshments. F.lsio Wikoff is tussling with the
Miss Gertrude Kelly of Portland is
a guest nt the home of her grandmoth
er. Mrs. L. Kelly.
Miss Lottie McAfee nnd Constance
Kites were visitors at the school on
Tuesda v.
l'aterson, N. J., Mnv IS. Life is just
lone darned disappointment after an
other here. Orders today required 1'n
tV'rson 's. telephone operators to dis
obey 'fashion dictates and wear skirts
long enough to conceal ankles, which
the company decided were too conspic
Christ Church (where King- Edward
was schooled), Oxford; admitted to.
classes in German universities and
to the art schools of Paria and Lon
don, including tha famous "Lang.
bam"; edited for a time "Black &
White," one of London'a blft man
tines; elected an oflicer of the Or.
eumnaviRntora' club, because of his
trlobe-trotttntr achievements; author
of several biatoriea bocks, and BOW
on the threshold of new conquests inr
a field but recently entered.
Gibbon lives In .he annlnt French
Canadian villacw i St. Anner da
Uellevue, Quebec, and is makinv a
reecrd for himplf as an oBicial of
the Canadian Pacific railway.
Roseburg Review: Probably fore
shadowing the early development of
some of the most valuable ciunibar
properties iu this section of the state,
Colonel .1. F. Lose, of Kuthorlin, will
take steps in a few days to re-open the
well known leads of the mineral nt
Nonpareil and at a point some distance
nearer to Sutherlin.
Mr. Luse only recently bought -100
acres of land, which includes the old
tunnel and prospects which were work
ed many years ago, and this is now
leased by ' other parties who already
have a crew at work uncovering the
lead. The nthet location, which has
been owned bv Mr. Luse for some time,
is as yet of uncertain quality as to its,
ore bearing properties, however, and!
Mr. Luse has employed City Kngineer L. 1
(I. Hicks to make an underground sur
vey. It is expected that a crew will be j
placed on this lund a short time later.
Mr. Hicks will make his survey next
Tuesday or Wednesday.
Molalla, Oregon: At the regular
monthly meeting of the Molc.lla grange
this afternoon a representative of the
Oregon-I'tah Sugar company will pre
sent the matter of establishing a sugar
factory in Molalla. lie says the fac
tory will be built if he can jjot con
tracts for 2500 acres of beets, and that
tho soil here is suitable for the produc?
turn of beets with a high percentage
of sugar. It is believed the necessary ;
acreage will lie guaranteed here by the
farmers, that the operation of ii sugar
factory would mean the establishment
of a large pay-roll and that having the
beet pulp after the sugar is extracted
for dairy feed would help the dairy
industry, which is already established
in the locality.
Balier Herald: Haines' big event of
the season will be the "Stampede''
Friday and Saturday, May 2i and 27,
and according to the Record the affair
will be entirely under local manage
ment this year for the beneft of the
Haines Concert baud and park board,
under the joint auspices of which the
affair will be staged.
Xew Vork Hecause his fashionable
neighbors kicked' his chickens, Krnest
Sexeur converted his liai'n in flushing's
exclusive district into' a cottage for
rent 'for negroes only."
Xew York Xew Vork poultry deal
ers feed popper to chickens, creating
thirst for water which forms n paste in
thejr crops, increasing their weight,
city inspectors leaders.
Asbury Park, X. .1. "Discard cor
sets and wear suspenders to keep up
your skirts," Mrs. Hentrico Forbes
Robertson Dale told Xew Jersey club
women meeting here.
Chicago. General anil Mrs. Kdward
"'. Voung solved the servant problem
today when they served tea while Mag
gie and Kate, the two maids, enter
tained. BisuRATED
For sour acid stomachs, gas and fer
mentation of food. A teaspoonful in a
fourth of a glass of hot water usually
gives INSTANT BELIEF. Sold by all
druggists n either powdor or table
form at 50 cents per bottle.
Advertised Mnv Hi, l'Jlii:
Adams, Mr. A.'T.
Babbit, Millard F.
Brock, Mrs. E. D.
Clark, H.
Connor, Mr. ('has. K.
Cook, Mrs. Bert.
Donovan, C. E.
Dudley, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Harnsberger, Jny, Esq.
Haves, Mr. Wm. l'rin.
Hill, Miss Mav (.'!).
Huntley, Mr. A. D.
Johnston, Mrs. Jim.
King, Miss Beatrice,
l.a Conor, Mr. O. A.
Lewis, lrwine.
l.ooney, Mr. J. A.
Mason, Mrs. Mvrtle.
Slaver, Sir. and".lrs. W. T..
Miehele, I'etro Ho.
O 'Regan. E. F.
Totter, Sir. Archie.
Prosper, Sirs. SInggie.
Robertson, Mr. J. F.
Robinson, J.
Rose, Sirs. Ida.
Russell, Sir. Del G.
shnftcr & Keeton.
Shu Mon, Mr. C. K.
Simpson, Ronald K.
Smith, Florence.
Tone, Frances.
Vrndeiibtirg, H.
Williams, Mr. George.
There Is more Catarrh In this section
the country than all other diseases put
tofcetlier, and until the Inst few yeart
was supposed to be incurable. For a
Rrat many years doctors pronounced It a
local disease and prescribed local reme
dies, anil by constuntly fulling to curt
with locul treatment, pronounced tt Incur
able. Science has proven Catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore re
quires constitutional treatment. Hall'i
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the onlj
Constitutional cure on the market. It it
taKrn Internally. It acta directly on th
Mood and mucous surfaces ot the aya:em.
They offer one hundred doHara for any
case It fails to cure. Send for circular!
and testimonials.
Addrna:F. J. CHENET CO., Toledo, O
Fold by Druralata. lie.
Taka ilall'a ramllr Fills for conttlpaUoa
Tell yonr neighbor or the sat- i
iafactlon of reading the- Cap-
1U1 Journal.
for an Outing
Reduced Round Trip Week-end fares between
Commercial Centers of Willamette YaBey
Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Eugene and other
cities are in close touch with each other
through frequent train service.
Fishing Is Fine
Our agents report that fish are biting fine
on the following rivers: McKenzie, Siuslaw,
Marys, Sahtiam, Upper Willamette. Use
week-end fares on your next fishing trip.
Newport Tillamook
Daily round trip fares are on sale to New
port and Tillamook beaches. Fishing is fine.
So is bathing.
Ask your local agent or writ
John 'Si. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon
Portland Rose Festival June 6, 7, 8, 9, 1916
Always Watch This
Strictly correct weight, iquare deal
junk, metnl, rubber, hides and furs.
Big stock of all sizes second iand
iron for both roofs and buildings.
H. Steinback Junk Co.
The House of Half a Million Bargains.
302 North Commercial Bt.
Great Clubbing Offers by
the Daily Capital Journal
WE Have made arrangements by which any sub
scriber of the CAPITAL JOURNAL, delivered by
carrier in Salem, who will pay for the paper six
months in advance, at the regular rate, $2.50, will
receive without extra charge, the following publica
tions for one year:
The Northwest Farmstead, regular price, $1.00
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Total of regular price $2.75
REMEMBER these cost you nothing if you pay six
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Today's Magazine, one year, and
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Today's Magazine is a splendid publication bigger
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McCall's Magazine is too well-known to need further
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may secure either of these clubbing bargains by
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Call at the business office, or address.
'Changes Often
and highest prices for 11 kinds of
I pay 2o per pound for old rigs. 2
incubators. All kinds corrugated T
Hoofing paper and second hand j
Fhone 80S
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