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May 1 li'l'j.
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Phone Main SI.
That political speeches no longer have the drawing;
power of a few years ago is abundantly proved by the!
.slender attention'that greeted both Senators Burton and;
Cummins here recently. Each of these men are presiden-
tial possibilities, have national reputations, have been long ;
hofm-P tho nnhlie. and snoke here on the eve of the presi
dential nominations, when politics are supposed to boom.
Yet neither drew an audience much larger than a good
"movie." It was not the fault of the men that this was so,
i.nr xma Ann tn prinnopd nnliticnl conditions. The Amer
ican citizen of today especially the citizens of the West, isj
well read and pretty thoroughly lniormed as to tne
political situation.
The newspaper has supplanted oratory, and not only
that but has put a check on statements that the politicians
of the old davs were able to put over.
The tariff is no longer a fetish with magical power to
make life a glad sweet song. That long worshipped idol,
it has been discovered has feet of clay; and free trade as
a bugaboo to frighten voters, is found to be only a hallo
vve'en monster.
The political orator, in consequence, has been robbed
of his ammunition, and his perorations fall flat, since he
is confined more closely to the truth in his statements.
President Wilson would draw a big audience because
he is president, and Roosevelt would do the same because
he is a sort of Billy Sunday politician. It may well be
doubted whether any other political speaker could pack
the big armory here," or for that matter attract a real
creditable audience.
' Europe and Oregon City are separated by several
thousand miles of land and water, but the great conflict
across the sea is bringing prosperity in large slices to the
mill town at the falls of the Willamette. And Oregon
City mills are not manufacturing supplies used in the
slaughtering now in progress. The Crown Willamette
Paper company is shipping an average of 15 tons a day of
rough sulphite paper, practically the same as pulp, to
Japan. The Hawley Pulp & Paper company this week
was offered a contract to supply Australian newspapers
with at least 500 tons a month. The feature of this offer
is the fact that if the Hawley company can accept it, a
steamship line between Portland and far eastern points
will be established. Oregon City paper mills, hitherto
supplying only the domestic trade, are being forced into
the world market, not by competition between American
mills, but because' the foreign dealers are demanding
paper and are willing to pay the price. The usual source
of paper and pulp, northern Europe, now is devoting its
time and attention to other things, and Australia, the
islands of the Pacific and Asia naturally turn to the Pa
cific coast of the United States for paper.
Long time contracts with foreign dealers to supply
them with large quantities of paper mean that the local
mills will run at capacity indefinitely. It means expansion
of the local mills, it means growth and prosperity for
Oregon City. The test will come when the war is over,
and the manufacturers in Europe try to win back then
old customers. If Oregon City mills can hold the business
in the face of foreign competition, the prosperity of this
town and its growth to a city several times its present
size is assured.
The Oregonian thinks and says the railroads are dis
criminating against Portland. If it is to the interests of
the railroads to do so then it is pretty certain the Ore
gonian's charges are correct. There is only one thing that
moves a railroad to do anything and that is self interest.
A corporation being as the law expresses it, "ah artificial
person with all the rights and privileges of an individual,"
is really more than that. It, unlike most individuals, has
,to body to lie kicked, no face to be punched, and no soul
to be damned. As someone said about the lowly mule:
"It has no pride of ancestry or hope of posterity" and so
it jogs along in its own way, gathering the dollars which
are the blood which circulates through its veins and ar
teries. That is where money gets its name of "the cir
culating medium." Eventually it all passes through the
arteries of commerce, which are those of the railroads,
and these of late years are even beyond the reach of the
political phlebotomist.
That nice little political machine which the governor
has been constructing by the appointment of newspaper
publishers to office is likely to have its gears stripped to
morrow. The republican voters of the state have had
about all the experience with machine rule they care for
in the past and purpose to smash this one before it is
thoroughly perfected.
Matches have joined the sugar and gasoline class and
yesterday advanced 50 per cent in price. Packages here
tofore sold at five are now two for fifteen cents. .Every
thing is going up so fast and so high that the common
everyday man, unable to get a raise in wages, will have to
wear stilts to get near them.
Sir Roger Casement must stand trial on a charge of
high treason, the punishment for which is death. If he
was to be tried in this country he might reasonably ex
pect old age to beat the law in the settlement of his trial,
but in England it is different. He will probably be tried
within a week or two.
Thomas K. Campbell is one candidate who has not
campaigned but gone along attending to the duties of i
public service commissioner just as though an election
was not pending. "I have plenty of work to do in the
office, and after ten years of service on the board the
people of Oregon know me and know whether they want
to keep me. there any longer. I am willing to abide by
their decision without making any special effort to in
fluence it." That's a novel position for a candidate to take
but it seems to us a perfectly sound one. Mr. Campbell
has a long, open record as a citizen of Oregon and as a
member of the public utilities commission and he is will
ing to go before the voters solely on that record. The
Capital Journal will make a guess that the voters will put
their seal of approval, not only upon Mr. Campbell's of
ficial record but on his common-sense idea of cutting out
the usual campaign methods and leaving the voters free
to express their decision at the polls without making any
attempt to influence their actions.
All records were broken during the month of March
in our import and export trade. We imported $214,000,
000 worth of goods during that month, or $20,000,000
more than for the previous month, which takes second
place in the history of our import trade. Our exports for
March amounted to $410,000,000, which is more than any
nation ever exported in any one month, so far as the writ
ten record of mankind informs us. This stupenduous out
flow of goods is caused by the European war.
The lumber business has picked up wonderfully and
as soon as it did so prices were advanced enough to visibly
affect the market, especially in the way of building lum
ber. Several proposed residences in this city have been
postponed for another year on this account. It might be
the raise in lumber could have been stood; but coupled
with the higher prices in all building hardware, and other
building materials, it looked like good business to indulge
in a little watchful waiting.
That Mexican story about a train with 1,000 passen
gers being wrecked and 150 burned to death in one car,
has all the earmarks of having been told by Baron Mun
chausen. In the first place no such trains are run over
the Whittle-ty-dig rust streaks that are brevetted rail
roads in Mexico, and a car will not hold that many people,
even though they are Mexicans.
From all parts of the valley comes the same story of a
promise of an abundant fruit crop and with it also the
further promise of good crops of all kinds. The snow and
cohl weather did good work in getting rid of numberless
fruit pests, and the frost very kindly passed us by.
The official program for the national republican con
vention has been given out by Secretary Reynolds. It will
be called to order at 11 a. m., June 7, by National Chair
man Hillis and temporary organization will be completed.
Thursday permanent organization will be made and after
that it will be a six day go as you please, or as the conven
tion itself dictates.
J udge Galloway has decided that a corporation accept
ing a franchise from a city under an agreement to furnish
service of any kind at a certain price is bound to perform
its contract, and that the Public Service Commission has
no authority to make a new contract for the parties. This
sounds like it was good law, and it certainly seems like
good sense.
f H '
I "" '. f 0
Who Is running for re-election to the Legislature from Marion, county on the record of his service to the public as a
member of the last session. While taking an active part in all the legislation of that session he initiated and
put through bills as follows:
The gopher and mole bounty act.
The act to increase reserve of fanners' mutual insurance companies.
Act to tax trading stamp companies.
Efforts in house succeeded in abolishing expensive accountancy department.
His slogan follows: "Economy; less legislation; fair treatment of state institutions in Marion county."
A contributor to the "Open Forum" of the Capital!
Journal yesterday advocated the candidacy of Theodore j
Burton for president because he has come before the peo-j
pie of Oregon and stated his position on questions of
national import. Well, there is something in that. The j
people have a right to know what the candidate they are !
voting for stands for, although this is not always the
case. For instance, how many voters who are advocating :
the nomination of Justice Hughes for president knowj
anything about his record as governor of New York, or !
vtuai puoinuii xic vvuuiu icirvc in icgttiu iu any vl Ulc
great issues the president has constantly to face in these
times of war and unrest?
The primary votes yesterday were far from encourag
ing for Colonel Roosevelt. In Vermont the vote was over
whelming in favor of Hughes, being as compared to the
Roosevelt vote about 2 to 1. In Pennsylvania it was still
worse for the colonel and Hughes was in the same boat.
They were just "also rans." The surprising thing about
the latter election was the phenomenal showing made by
Ford, who it is estimated was given 40,000 votes.
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. ''Why in the name of common sense did the English
war office insist on using the pronouns he, his and him in
speaking of a Zeppelin?" asked Mr. Stepsoftly of his far
ueuer nau. mat is an easy one was tne reply, accom
panied by a smile that makes not others smile. ''It was
because they are such immense traveling gas bags."
If the nations engaged in war are saying what they
mean and meaning what they say, the outlook for peace
is not superlatively, promising. Each says it will continue
to fight until the other admits defeat, it is a self evident
proposition they cannot all do this unless they fight
Please note this little fact; I beg: It is the hen that lays
the egg; the rooster does the yelling; he flaps his silly
wings and crows, and points with pride a while, and
tnrows some hts around your dwelling. And
every time I hear him whoop, and prance
around the chickencoop, a-feeling hunky
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who think that they, and they alone, de
serve the praise and glory. They would
ignore the patient wives who organized
their misfit lives, when they were badly
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the hubs are bragging. There's many a
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staying humbly in the dark, still made her old man toe the
mark, with patience superhuman. And, having climbed
from out the ruts, how haughtily that old man struts, how
proudly tells his story! The wife beholds that crowing
gent, and softly smiles, for she's content with a reflected
Victor Point News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Victor Point, Ore., May 17. Knut
Savage was seriously injured by the
gentleman heading A. T. Savage 's cat
tle but is feeling better at this writing.
Miss Alice Skiff and Sylvester Doer
fler. of Salem, were visiting at the
Martin Poerfler home over Sunday.
Several of the young people motored
to Stayton Sunday evening.
Julius Krenz is putting up a new
wagon scale.
Wenzel Doerflers are the happy pos
sessors of a new Dotlg-. Watch Gei.
dodge the corners.
Mrs. Glenn McClcllan was quite sick
a few days last week, but is feeling
better at present. Glenn's mother it
staying with them for a while.
Alex Ooerfler's fine Duroc hog need
ed the attention o'r Dr. Simmons at mid
night Monday.
The Idyl Hour club will meet at the
borne of Mrs. F. A. Doerfler Wednes
day. A Journal New Today will
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