Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 18, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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The Wrigley Spears are constant
friends to teeth, breath, appetite
and digestion.
Women workers relish the refresh
ing, comforting influence of this
toothsome, long-lasting confection.
Its benefits are many its cost
small. That's why it's used around
the world. Nothing else can take its place.
mm,m mm Write Wrigley's, 1605 Kesner
after every 'SSSlILZ
Edrigde Wanless Found
Dead In His Camp
Eoseburg, Ore., May 13 A man
found dead in Ilia camp yesterday neur
Anlauf station was identified today ns
Ktdredge Wanless, of Salem. Ho had
papers showing him to be the owner of
considerable property in Salem. He also
bad $4,000 in notes and $3,000 in Salem
and Arizona banks. Tho coroner de
Mrs. Elinor Meacham Redington
Will give her first lecture at 2:30 p. m. tomorrow in the store formerly occupied by
the Capital Drug Co., comer State and High streets. Mrs. Redington will not only
prepare the food but she will show how it should be served and hbw to properly set
and decorate the table. All her cooking will be done by electricity. We are especi
ally fortunate in securing Mrs. Redington for this series as she is one of the best
known in her profession. In Portland she had big crowds everyday during the
week's series and many were turned away.
Company Luncheon for Six
Stuffed Olives Hot Biscuits
Planked Steak
Stuffed Potatoes
Cooking School Cannibal Salad with Long Branch Wafers
Marshmallow Dessert
Hughes Ranges will be used. '
Refreshments served.
Menu for Saturday will be announced later.
Portland Railway Light & Power Company
Phone 85
Eldrodge Wanless came to Salem from
iPrescott, Arizona, in March, 1915, and
for a while resided at 2307 Laurel ave
nuo in this city. He opened an account
at the Ladd & Bush bank and gave as a
reference tho Commercial Trust & Sav
ings bank of Arizona. He is the owner
of lot4, MoDonold's fruit truets, locat
ed just north of this city.
Kept right FlmCr3
h 4
Baker, Ore., liny 18. Frank Hrack,
a socialist, began serving iu days in
jail here today lor refusing to send
his children to school. Three weeks ago
ho was arrested on the same charge but
gentenee wag suspended. In the court
room yesterday Brack denounced the
school nvxtem and he defiantly asserted
that he would never send his children
to public schools.
II in (111 II ll I II I1U I I IL.Tt- VT I I X jf S f 1 f J ff S K a ft 1 Jl-" Btl
Official List of Poling Places
for Coming Election May
19 Is Given
The following is a complete list of
the voting places in .Marion county for
the coining primary election Mav 19.
Aumsville, Hein's Hall in Auinsville.
Aurora, I. O. O. F. hall in Aurora.
Bicitenbush, school house Hist., 123.
I.rooks, Kamp's hall iu Brooks.
Butteville, ((range hall, old Hutte
ville. hninpocg, Jette buildir;, Chnmpoeg.
Chemawi, Woodman hail 1-2 mile
W. of Cheniawu.
Croisan,' Croston si-imol huso.
Donald, I i s li ins & I'csirt Imll.
Klkliorn, school house list. No. 1 15.
Knglewood, Vi:icent house.
Kaiifield, school house, Hist.- 2ii.
I'Vngrounds, restaurant, W. of Wom
en's rest room on fairgrounds
Fast (lervnis, city hall, (ier-vais
West d'ervais, Keppingcr house, 5th
A: (i. Ms., uervais.
lloreb, George Anderson's poolroom.
Central Howell, Howell 1'r.iirie hall
ass'n hall.
North Howell, north Howell grange
Knst Hubbard, city hall, Hubbard.
)- West Hubbard, room south of Hub-
hard Drug 0.
Jefferson, Masonic hall, Jefferson.
Liberty, Liberty hall.
Maclenv, Maclenv grange "mil.
Marion W. O. W. hall, Marion.
McKec, Bellepassi school house.
Mehamn, T. O. O. F. hall, Mehanin.
Mill City, Hammond Lumber Co.
opera house.
Monitor, Miller's hall.
Eist Mt. An';el, eitv hall, Mt. Angi4.
West Mt. Angel, Mt. Angel hotel.
1'ringlc, Davidson's house on l'ringlc
Ouinaby, Oregon Electric depot,
Kiverview. Orville liutler house, (h-
Kosedale, school house Dist. 3.
St. Paul, city hall, St. Foul.
Scollard, Lumber yard office at West
Scotts Mills, I. O. (). F. bldgV
Shaw, Shaw school house.
Sidney, Sidney mills ,
Silver Falls, A. O. Neal's hall.
North Silverton, Liberal university
South Silverton, Evergreen school
East Silverton, council chambers.
West Silverton, 0. A. H. hall.
Stayton, Masonic hall.
East Stayton, Masonic hall.
West Stayton, Com'l club hall.
Sublimity, ('. O. F. hall, Sublimity.
Turner, Wright's store.
Victor Point, W. 0. W. hall over
Victor Point store.
Wacondn, WaiWndn school house.
East Woodburn, Diinick warehouse.
West Woodburn, Association bldg.
B&h m Voting Places
Sulem No. 1, Krcft's store, Statfls-
man & Center.
Salem No. 2, Bungalow Chn'ntian
hurdi, Court & 17th.
Salem No. 3, Cameron's paint sjon.
21st St. between Chemelieta & Center.
Salem No. 4, Yew Park tiro stition.
13th &. Leslie.
Salem No. o, Richmond school.
Salem No. ft, Vow Park school.
Salem No. 7, Highland school.
Salem No. 8, Reddawnv Ijldg., 1-121
N. tith.
Salem No. !, Capitol Strget (larage,
015 N. Capitol St.
Salem No. 10, Garfield school.
Salem No. 11, county court house.
Salem No. 12, Silem Fruit Union.
Salem No. 13, Learnard House, cor.
Berry & Lewis.
Salem No. li, AVyant factory, North
Front St.
Salem No. 15, Baptist church, Mar
ion & Liberty.
Salem No. 'ifi, City hall.
Salem No. 17, Hotel Marion, snmple
I room. .
Salem No. IS, Friend's church, cor.
Wash. & Com'l.
I East Salem, Rickey school house.
Silem Heii'hts, Salem Heights hall.
Ne-vr Today Ada worlc while yon
sleep will have reiulti for you In the
( L
The Review thinks A. C. Libhy will
be elected county commissioner, There
is no good reason w hy he should not be.
'Give him a vote. This end or the coun
ty needs the commisisoner and is entit
led to that official. Libby will make
a good one. He is the only enndiduto
from Jefferson precinct nno the rest
of the county should be willing to con
cede us that much, particularly since we
have the best qualified candidate in the
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Junior High School Pupils to
Meet at City Hall and March
to Grounds
The first steps towards Salem 's mu
nicipal playgrounds will be taken to
morrow afternoon, when nil the pupils
of the three junior high schools, Wash- j
iugton, Grant and Lincoln, meet at the!
city hall at 1 o'clock and march in
a body to the Albert pasture on Church
street, just north of the Oregon State !
School for the Blind. j
As an extra inducement for the chil- j
dren to appear in real workinir clothes i
and the necessary tools for improving !
rue grounds, a prize ot a pair ot tennis j
.Miucs win i,e uwnrueu io ine noy wno
conies in the most suitable working
clothes, and the same to a girl.
Other inducements tor all the chil
dren to take part in helping to clear
the pnstnure for a playground, is the
fact that a l'athe Weekly moving pie-
tine operator will be on hand to make a i
permanent record of just how fast the '
children can work, under favorable cir
cumstances. Workers will be divided into squads
of about 20 ench nnd wiil be in charge
of the following foremen: For Wash
ington school, Mr. Moore, Mr. Hart, Mr.
Platts, Mr. Axley and Mr. Brace; for
Grant, school, Mr. Miller, Mr. Murdock
and Mr. Fletcher; for Lincoln school,
Mr. Durham, Mr. James and Mr. Klans.
Mr. Grant Bounell and Mr. Charles
Jones will have general oversight of the
work. In general the work will be as
follows: Grub out brush, trim trees to
10 feet from ground, clean off rocks nnd
loose brush, rake up rubbish, grade
ground, make paths, clean out creek
bed, make rustic seats. Each squad will
be assigned a certain area or task which
will have been previously staked out.
After "working until about -1:30
o'clock, the children will engage in
games and a tug-of-war between the
three junior high schools.
A picnic lunch will be served at 5
o'clock under the direction of the do
mestic jicience teachers, the Misses Ed
wards, Hofer, Steusloff, Aitken ond
Show. :'
Tarents are invited to take part in
the work as well as the day's fun. G. H.
Bonnell of the mnnunl training de
partment of the high school, and I). K.
Brace of the Washington nehool, are iu
(Independence Monitor.)
Ben Olcott wa given a vote of
thnnlis by the Inst legislature for his
splendid nnd economical conduct of his
office. Ben Olcott has refused to serve
certain interests to the detriment of the
people. Ben Olcott has been n register
ed republican voter tor several years.
We do not believe that a majority of
the republican voters will refuse to give
him n second term just because Gover
nor Withycombe, the Oregoniau and the
corporations wish to put someone else
in his place who they can handle.
Chicago, May 18. Three big express
companies affected by the strike just
declared announced today that they
would apply to the federal courts for a
writ to prevent tho 2,000 striners from
picketing. Five hundred helpers, mes
sengers anil clerks, joined the walkout
Believes in Pruning
Not Grafting
! :-: !
"" . . j
j, -v;
Ivan G. Martin, the well known
attorney and candidate for tho
legislature returned yesterday
from Mill City and Gates nnd has
completed a through canvas of
the voters of Marion county. Mr.
Martin believes in pruning down
the many laws rather than graft
ing on more; while he advocates
progress and improvement he be
lieves that they should be made
iu a conservative and rational
manner, that the official and
clerical force of the stnto should
be reduced to the minimum com-mcn-urnta
with efficiency and
that u II public business be trans
acted as a business man would
handle his own affairs.
Mr. Martin states that lie is
not pledged to any individual,
society or interest other than
tho interest of Marion county
and uny endorsements made
have been given without his
knowledge ami without promise.
It is predicted by hiN many
friends and by most every news
paper in the county that Mr.
Martin will be among thoe who
will lead tho ticket. ,
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I a - , ih.i.w miiiim au
can always
etter and Cheaper
The House That Guarantees Every Purchase
Will Meet Monday, July 3
Committees Named at Meet
ing Yesterday
The first day of the Cherry fair was
selected yesterday by the Pomona
grange 'for the date of the all-Oregon
grange rally. All the granges of the
county will be linked to attend, and the
plans at present include a parade by
each of the Marion county granges, al
though this will be definitely divid
ed by the program committee. '
At tho next meeting of the grunge,
Wednesday, May 21, definite plans will
be made for the part the granges will
take on tlie first day of tho fair
July 3.
The following committees were ap
pointed by tho agricultural eommitteo
of Pomona grange:
Taxation J. R Whitehead. Turner;
E. B. Simpson, Jefferson; V. F. Gulvin
Marion; J. B. Miller. Stayton. '
Legislation Zella S. Fletcher, Salem;
W. A. Jones, Maclcny; O. O. Wellcr,
oodburn; J. C. Conmler, Oervais.
Co-operative A. P. Kirsch, Stayton;
W. C. Kcnyon, Aurora; J. A. Colgnn,
Markets J. J. MeonaldD, Salem; H.
R. Crawford, Turner; 0. F. Larson,
W oodburn; Mrs. J. C. Tcckenburg, Mac
lenv. Roads W. J. Jefferson, Oervalsj Eu
geneFiuIey, Jefferson; AV. It. Schucrer,
Ira Mercer was yesterday elected
president of the student body of the
high school, defeating Bryan Good
enough. Other officers elected were:
ice-president, Paul I'enrce; secretary
Hazel Tuck; treasurer, Walter Ransom.'
rhompson MeGilchrist was elected ed
itor of the Clarion without opposition.
Joseph II. Albert et nx to Millie
Rhodes, lots 4, 5 and , block 1, River
side addition, Salem.
Millie Rhodes to Joseph H. Albert
part lot 7, block 48, Salem.
Frank Van V'lach to Alonzo L. Seam--ter,
lot 4, block !, J. Myers addition,
Sarah T. Bnsey tn Tsnac N. Bnsey, A.
Stephens claim 1-7 .1 -Wj John M. Fugli
claim 55 7 .'I-W.
Juliet M. nnd Montague Lord to A.
A. Schramm, lots 11 and 12, block 15,
Kiigenu Loriney et. vir to Aug. B.
Ilin., Bates' claim No. I)5 I0 .'1-W.
Jame.M L. Bullock et in to H. C. nnd
M. O. Robinson, N 12 of lot 3, block
.'II, Oxford addition, Salem.
W. A. Wise et ux to James N. Klliott,
Pure Distilled Water Ice. jSf
Phone 415 J '
be bought
USE "T1Z" IF FEEf : '
beat "Tia" for
swollen, calloused
, or corns.
"Sure! I UfeTIZ'
very time for any
loot trouble."
You can -be happy-footed in n mo
ment. L'so "Tiz" nnd never suffer
with tender, raw, burning, blistered,
swollen, tired, aching feet "Tiz" and
only "Tiz" takes the pay! anil soreness
out o'f corns, callouses and bunions.
As soon ten you put your feet in a.
"Iiz" bath, you just feel tho happiness
soaking in. How good vour poor, old
V " la ,.Kr.""J' "Tli" """"'w
draw, out nll tIle roisonous 0XII(Ultil)llh
which puff up your feet nnd.cm,,u
soro, inflamed, aching, sweaty feet
Cot a 25-cent box of "Tiz" at an
drug store or department store. Get iv
stant foot relief. Laugh at foot miV
forera who complain. Becausn vour
feet are never, never going to bo'ih,-.
or make you limp any more.
nl of lois 1,
Wise Acres.
1, 4 and ", tract I I.
Foster-Moore Co. to Sarah C. T.yn.l-,
Palaquin claim Xo. 4L'-,'i-a-W.
-U L. Junes et ux to Rel ca C.
Jones, lot 2, block .-), Broolvs.
' J3. F. Cowder et vir to Katie A.
Voget, Jos. H. Foss claim If-7-2-W- U
N. Knglish claim 07-7-2-AV: Lot .;
block 1, linger.
Oregon and California Railroad Co.
to IS, i:. jjike, V 1-4 s.v 1-1 s
Fniled States to ':ainuol C.
cl ion
J-4 SK 14 section .'10 9-4-1-;.
('. Zinimennnver et nx to Donald i (
operative Cheese Factory, lot .1, bloc't
1, Donald.
Andrew Anrlius et ux to Gen S n,i
Lillio Burch, Thos. B. Allen claim 2.1
Geo. S. and Lillie Rurch to Andrew,
and Klnia Aarhus, Sum'l Allen clai-
oil -0-1-W.
C. A. and Florence Williums t.-.
Louis Loos, lot It, block 2, Peter W.
tieiser's addition, Snlem.
H. W. Wafers to Louis Rallar, lot 2',
Hanshaw's Fruit Farms.