Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 18, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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Clearance Prices on All Women's and Misses' Ready-to-Wear
All : Around Town
-. t,HtOMM
Men's Black Calf Lace Oxfords
English last, Goodyear welt, white rubber sole and heel. An excellent summer
Shoe for men and young men. Only $3.50 a Pair
For Women with Tender Feet
Grover's Soft Kid Two-strap Slipper, medium heel, flexible -turn soles. Hot
weather will not worry your feet if you wear these. Utmost foot comfort
at a low price. The pair t $3.00
Women's Tan Barefoot Sandals
Just the footwear for warm weather keep your feet cool and comfortable.
Heavy, flexible sole; all sizes. Triced at ,2.00 a Pair
Children's Tan Barefoot Sandals
The children will enjoy wearing these ;so much better than shoes for warm
weather. Children's sizes up to 2 . . . . 90c to 1.50 a pair, according to size
Of dependable quality and style are ready now for
your inspection and selection. We do not believe you
will find a larger or better selected stock of travel
ing requisites in this locality. Our trunks and cases
are famous for their strength good appearance
and low price. They give real satisfaction.
Wardrobe Trunks, Steamer Trunks, Regular Trunks,
Suit Cases and Bags in various sizes and leathers at
prices that suit all purses.
Visit this section on the (second floor)
Agents for
Butterick Patterns
and Publications
Claim Made That It Would
Only Help Mail Order
Houses Get Business
The proposition to recommVnd one
cent drop letter postage was sut down
on last evening at the monthly meeting
f the Commercial club. The National
lliniuber of t'omciuree asked the Salem
rguniv.ntiou to exercise its opinion as
to whether ono cent post ago for drop
letters was advisable, and it (lid, aft
er listening to tho eloquent plea of Wal
tor H. Denton, in which he pictured the
diro results wnicli would follow, if the
mail order houses wero to get all the
floating business by means of drop let
ters at the rate of one cent per drop.
Ono cent postage wns opposed by an
unanimous vote, and the .National Cham
ker of Commerce will be informed of
how Siilem butducss men feel about it.
A review of tho flax industry was
read by W. H. Hamilton, chairman of
the committee to make a report on the
llnx industry and what had been ac
complished the past year.
Reports from other departments were
read, showing their activities during
Vacation Time
Is being considered by many and the need of travel-
rre rYfrAa irill nofnvnllxr
Trunks, Suit Cases
and Bags
tho past year.
The financial report, as read by Man
ager Ivnu O. Daniel, was most encour
aging. Instead of the customary de
ficit, tho manager's figures showed that
the club was novw running nt a monthly
expense several hundred dollars less
than formerly, and that with average
fair luck tho club would have about
200 to its credit by the first of June.
This was cheering news to the faith
ful who attended tho meeting especial
ly as they had been accustomed to hear
ing reports with tho balance on tho
wrong sido of the ledger. And for this
reason, tho opinion vas general that
$300 was about as much as the club
could well afford to give towards the
Cherry fair.
Authors May Affiliate
With Federation of Labor
New York, May IS. Discussing the
advisability of affiliating with the Am
erican Federation of Labor, the Authors
League of America today sent a repre
sentative to lunch with Hugh Frnyno,
general organizer of tho labor body, to
talk tho matter over.
Winston Churchill is president of the
Authors League and Theodore Hoosevelt
is vice -president. F.rie Schuler, secre
tary, declared that a number of noted
writers have already voiced their ap
proval of "joining the union." These
authors include, he said, (leorgo Mc
Cittclioon Samuel Hopkins Adams, Hex
licaeh, Kllis Parker llutler and Thomp
son Huchannn. The idea was conceived
by tho latter.
San Francisco, May 18. In order to
keep tabs on the salmon which make
their legal residences in Monterey Hay,
tho fish and game commission decided
today to catch about 1,000 of these
fish, put silver tags on their dorsal
fins and turn them loose again. loiter
on some of theso salmon will bo caught
along the const ami the commission can
tell whether tlto Monterey fish travel
ns far uorth as tho Columbia and
Klamath rivers nud as far south as
Santa Darbara.
Saratoga, K Y., Way -R. President
Herbert Welch of Ohio Weslcyan Uni
versity at Delaware, (trio, was elected
bishop of tho Methodist church today
by tho eighth ballot cast at the Meth
odist general conference.
Washington, May IS. Ambassador
Pago in London cabled the state de
partment today that a mine probably
caused the loss of the Dutch steamer
llutavier V.
London, May 18. The Herman
steamers Kolja, Binncn and Hera have
been submarined off Ijndsort, accord
ing tu dispatches to Lloyds this evoking.
im few ' nnncirlavofinn a
Seal Outfielder
Fitzgerald Badly Hurt
San Francisco, May IS. Justin Fitz
gerald, sensational Seal outfielder, may
not phty Again this senson.
In running to second base yesterday
in the ninth inning, Fitzgerald injured
himself and had to be carried from
the field.
It was thought that he had torn a
ligament in his leg ami ho was allowed
to journey to his home in San Mateo
Tod.iy Fitzgerald suffered severely
ami was taken to thottod Cross hos
pital in Sun Mateo where an examina
tion disclosed a permanent internal in
Saratoga, N. Y., May IS. oa tho
sixth ballot cast by the Methodist
general conference, Dr. Herbert Welch,
president of Ohio Weslcyan Universi
ty of Delaware, Ohio, was leading in
the contest for bishop today, but was
still 71 votes short of the requisite
number. Thomas Nicholson, secretary
of the board of edic.tion, was nine
votes behind Welch.
Resolutions urging national prohibi
tion were adopted by the conference
Sacramento, Cil., May IS. F, IT.
Ililtmer, itinerant evangelist, was bit
ten by a mad dog in Imperial, Cal., and
the last heard of him he wns on his
way to Los Angeles, the state board of
health was advised tnd.iy by Imperial
health authorities. The eveiigelist was
bitten on the foot. The dog was killed
and an examination showed it was af
flicted with rabies. Ililtmer left Im
perial before the examination was
made nd the state board is trying to
locate him.
F.I Paso, Texas, May 18, Advices
received at. General Onvira's head
quarters at .luarex from Mexican
sources today said th.it United States
cavalry is withdrawing from Mexico.
Information reached Onvira from Cn
sa llrandes fhnt the Sixth rivalry left
Colonia Dublan concentration enmp
three days ago for Columbus.
Snn Francisco, May IS. One of the
leaders in the campaign for Woodrow
Wilson in California will be Mrs. Han
nah Spedeker, 01 years old. She visited
tho Beeond annual convention at the
women's democratic club here and an
nounced this intention. Her home is in
Sun Leaudro.
The Salem fire department was called
out at 1 o'clock this afternoon to a
fire at the residence of W. N. Purdy
at ii!4 North Capital street. The fire
started in the kitchen but was discov
ered before any great damage wns done
and wan promptly extinguished. The
house belongs to K. II. Reeves.
May 19. Primary election.
May 23. May Iiobson at Opera
House'. .
May 19 Lecture by Prof. Mor
ton E. Peck at public library.
May 22. Heeital, department of
music, chapel of Willamette
university, 8 p. m.
May 24. Salem chapter Sons
.American Revolution organ
ized, Commercial club.
May 28. High school baccalau
reate services, First Metho
dist church.
May 2fi. Public speaking in
chapel Willamette university,
8 p. m.
May 29. Music, department
University recital, M. K.
M.iy 30. Memorial Pay.
May 31. "Robin Hood," comic
opera, at high school audi
torium. Juno 1. Ellis' homecoming
celebration at armory.
June 2. nigh school commence
ment exercises at Armory.
June 2. Kimball college com
mencement, 2:30 p. m.
June 7. Annual election offi
cers Commercial club.
June 7. Willamette University
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glassc
es correc;ly. I.'. S. Hank, lildg.
Dr. Btone'g drug store.
For the convenience of its patrons,
i the Salem street, railway will place
i tickets on sale at the Capital Drug store
State and Liberty street.
We can save you money on garden
hose, Nelson Bros. & Patton, plumbers,
355 Chcmcketa St. Phone 1906. tf
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
' A game of baseball is scheduled to
j morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock on Wil
lamette field, between 'Salem high
school team and the Albany high school
Cemetery Cleanup Dap Cemetery
cleanup day Monday, May 0, all in
terested come out. Tho Howell Prai
rie cemetery nssociatioa. Ralph. I.
Stevens. tf
Dr. Stone makes no charge for con
sultation, examination or prescrip
tion, tf
Dr. W. T. Tompkins, practicing the
Weltmer system of suggestive thera
peutics has located in the city, with of
fices in the Iinyne building. He was
formerly located nt Marsiif'ield. '
Lee W. Achoson, No. 86 on the bal
lot, for constable on the Republican
ticket. (pd. adv.) maylO
THcl nnrl True P.ansnm f.Tflel Wont.
cry Republican candidate for constable
No. S)3 on ballot. Pd. adv. inaylS
Horace Crampton, city commissioner
of W'ullu Walla was in the city yester
day, the guest of E. W. Stuidis. He
was shown about the city and given a
correct idea of the beauties of Salem
in the spring time of year.
Administrator's Sale
The home place of John Mnrnnnh
of :!0 acres near Livesley station with
good spring piped to house and barn
yard, about -00 yards from station and
school house, '2 good cows, horse and
buggy, also 2 houses and 3 lots in
south Sulem, 8 blocks from Marion ho
tel. See Paul Marnieh, Adin. may IS
The funeral services for Mrs. Linnie
J. Howell will be head Krid.iv morning
nt 10 o'clock from St. Paul's church,,
the Rev. Robert S. liill conducting.
Those who wish to view the body may
do so nt the parlors of Itigdnn and
Richardson until tl o'clock this even
ing. -
Notice to AU Ice Users: Do not ac
cept an" plea now, judge from past
treatment and service that you receiv
ed. We have brout;ht you good clean
ice competition, with the best service,
Ice of Quality, and courteous treatment
to all. City' Market lee & Coal Co.
Tel. 471.
J. J. Longcore, living on the Jeffer
son road, is the proud owner of l hen
that threatens all records of the famous
Dryden and other hens that have made
the O. A. C. famous. This ben, an
Anconn, bad lai.l 7S eggs in M days.
nnd according to Mr. Longcore this is j al'lo, upright, hard working ltepubli
a world's record. ''an citi.en, your vote will be appreci-
o I ited whether he needs it or not. pd. ad.
Our prices are rights no reduction! o
necessary. Oardaer k Keene, jewelers 0ne of Ee entirely new features of
and opticians. ! "' Cherry fair celebration. Monday.
o 'July 3, will be the part takea in the
While others are reducing we are parade by the granges of Marion conn-
increasing our stock. There 's a rea-;ty. At the meeting yesterday of Poino
isonf ask us. Gardner & Keene, jewel- j "n grange, there was a general feeling
via nun uj'iiciuiis, in mini i liming mi ncur purr U1U1
o ! that every grange in the county should
During the recent campaign for new! be urged to eomo with a large" dclega
reciuits, tho following patriotic young ' tion. ready to take a prominent position
mou have joined tho colors, enlisting j in the parade.
in company M', Oregon Nationnl Guards! o -
Paul F. liurris, Irvin P. Haven, Karl Republican candidate for constable.
K. Hinges. William C. Kelsey, KmilJVote !U X J. W. Roberts. Pd. adv.
Sundberg. Carl F. Miller, August Neu- o
Kobnuor, Karl Neuebaner, Julian H. I am running for sheriff upon the re
staur, .limes Walton, Jr., and Paul ('.: publican ticket, and had no knowledge
Manor. j of my name being used in. any other
o j wav than upon the official republican
.'T''i sP'ia! meeting of Do ballot. W. I. Noedliani. Pr. adv.
Nyv tk 5l"'v Cominnnderv No. I o -
'" K- T- ,hi'' i Ba8b,,u Sunday, May 21st 3 p, m,
jit ' Work in the Temple do- i Kirkpatricks vs. Loju. Kirks only one
gree. Visiting Knights welcome. ignme behind first place. Sunday's
o I name w ill be a hunt-dinner. Come out.
The Silverton Tribune of May 12th, You will be surprised. iiinylO
says, Ono man holdiujf a county of lice I o
22 years is pure monopoly. -Moreover tr4- Baseball best ever seen in Salem,
physician should be coroner as it means Inter city league teims contain the best
a saving to the taxpayers. Vote for j players outside big league. Don't
Dr. Ross T. Mdntire for coroner. jmiss Sunday's game with Kirkpnt
(Pd. adv.) pntricks. Should be best vet. niaySO
A. M. Clough is a candidate for cor
oner. He has made good, and if re
elected will make good again. (I'd. ad.)
Your suit pressed 50c Phone 43.
Put a Sonora Talking Machine in
your home and you will always have
entertainment. Myrtle Knowlaud, 421
Court St.
Tomorrow is primary election day,
and as. there are no saloons to close,
the town will remain wide open. All
business will he conducted as usual.
the children will attend school as susal
and 16 banks will take in deposits as
usual, ind every one who has register
ed will have no trouble in voting.
Those who have not registered may
find it advisable to bring along two
free holders to swear in the vote.
A. M. Clough is a candidate for cor
oner. He has mado good, and if re:
elected will make'good again. (Pd. ad.)
Your suit pressed 50c. Phone 43.
Let us figure on your next bill of
lumber. We carry i full line of build
ing materials and hardware. Falls City
Salem Lumber Co., 340 St. PJth St.
i'hohe SKI.
The ladies having the welfare of the
Y. W. ('. A. at heart, are still working
on subscriptions, although there is no
regular, team work. The amount neces
sary has not ns yet been raised, but it
is the intention of those interested to
keep up with tho work of soliciting
aid until sufficient funds have been
raised. Miss Florence Cleveland, of
Portland, who will succeed Mrs. P. L.
Blaekerby will arrive in the city next
Monday, but not to tike charge until
Vote for Clqjigh for coroner... He is
out to win and will appreciate your
vote tomorrow. (I'd. adv.)
Your suit pressed 50c. Phone 43.
Multnomah county saved 22 per cent
of the nrevious expense of the coro
ner's office by electing Dr. Dammasch
a licensed physician. Marion county
can reduce taxes by the same means
by electing Dr. Ross T. Mdntire,re
publicnn candidate. (Pd. idv.)
W. D. Miles son of a veteran of Sa
lem Lodge No. (i is oi) the committee
for decoration day.
"Between Two Kingdoms" is the
subject of the lecture Friday evening
by Professor Morton K. Pock of Wil
lamette University. The lecture will
be illustrated with hand colored slides
shown through a biloptiean. The forms
of life Professor Peck is to tell about
and illustrate are the forms which
scientists have difficulty classifying as
plants or animals for they have charac
teristics of both plants and animals.
The lecture will be in the auditorium of
the public library at eight o'clock.
Vote for Clough for coroner... He is
out to win and will appreci ite vouc
vote tomorrow. (I'd. adv.
Willie standing on the corner of Mis-
V"n '"" .Commercial streets this niorii
ins waiting tor a street car, Jessi
Miles, the 14 year old daughter of Dr.
O. H. Miles, wns struck by an automo
bile and knocked to the pavement, es
caping fortunately with several pain
ful bruises, but no serious injury.
The corner of Mission and Commercial
is known ns a dangerous corner and
the car that struck the young lady was
coming from Mission onto Commercial
o .
. La Corona cigars are the best elec
tion cig.irs vou can buv. Salem made,
10 cents.
Police Officer Percy M. Varnei
I am a candidate for constable and
need your support. If elected I will
conduct the business of the office in
the same impartial manner .is I am
now fulfilling my duties as a police of
ficer. ' Pa. adv.
W. D. Miles son of a veteran of Sa
lem Lodge No. l! is on the committee
for decoration day.
In the Detroit endurance contest of
12 enrs, the Saxon six arrived in the
city yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock.
Of the 12 cars that started, but two
are now in the running. The other ear
is supposed to be about four days be
hind schedule. The Saxon left this
morning on its record breaking tour.
Vote for Roberts for constable.
I'd. adv.
Vote 87 X I-ou C. Brotherton for con
stable of this (Salem) district. He has
had 25 years experience as an honor-
Theodore E. Burton
The Fearless and Faithful Friend of the People
America's Foremost Statesman
Republican Candidate for
President of the United States
Primaries. May 19, 1916
VOTE 28 X Burton, Theo. E;r
Restore Business and Prosperity.
We Need Him at This Critical Time
Certainly responded to our invitation to visit our
new store. Every housewife is desirous of buying
the best and freshest Groceries and a saving of ten
cents on the dollar is an object to the average wo
man. Bring the coupons in today or tomorrow and
visit our store.
Visit our free demonstration of Dependable Coffee
and Tru Blu Biscuits.
J. L. Busick & Son
456 State St., formerly Moir Grocery, Salem, Ore.
Film Exchanges Burn
WithJ500,000 Loss
Detroit, Mich, Mai IS. Fire in the
I'uiversal and Dine P.iid Film Kx
changes this afternoon destroyed films
said to be valued at between lOOloo
and sXi00,t00. Thirty , girls employes
fled from the two places and many of
them had narrow escapes. One girl was
seriously cut. . ,
Every piece of fire apparatus in the j
city was summoned. The police denied ;
early rumors that several girls were
trapped on an upper floor of the build
ing and perished. They declared all,
escaped alive.
The firemen with great difficulty pre
icnted the spreud of the flames to sur
rounding buildings,
i I
Admiral Mayo Will
Command Atlantic Fleet
, i
Washington, May IS. s Secretary
Daniels and President Wilson conferred
today and it was learned that they de
cided to reorganize the Atlantic fleet
under a commander to succeed Admiral
Admiral Mayo will succeed Fletcher.
Fletcher will relinquish command of j
the scpindron June 10. Admiral ( off-1
man is to he the successor ot .Mayo.
Fletcher has beeu detailed to important
shore duty.
Admiral Mayo participate!! in the oc
cupation of Vera Cruz by American
naval forces when it wns demanded that
President Victoriano Huerta s&lute the
I'nited States flag.
W. D. Miles, Republican candidate
fur constables will ippre. iate all votes
cast in his favor. Pd. udv.
i H (Minimi "
Paul adv.
Cars of any liind for any place
nt any time.
Office, Bligh Hotel
Licensed Lady -Assistant
Moderate Pricei
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Plione721. Salem, Or.
Dailv Between
jSalom, Ptayton, Mill City and all way
; Points. Leaves Mill City ti;lS a. m.;
IStayton 7:45, Salem, 9:15.
Kefurn, leaves Salcrn 4:30 p. m.;
ciuyton umo; -Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13