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I'hone Main 81,
. General Obregon insists on a time limit being fixed on
the American presence in Mexico. This he knows will
never be consented to, and it is therefore evident he is
using it merely as a pretext to start trouble. It is claimed
he is at the outs with Carranza and desires to be the boss
Mexican. He is an intelligent man, and knows how utter
ly Jiopeless a" war would be with America, hence it is fair
to presume his intellect is working with the reverse
English on it. It is a case of agree or take the conse
quences, and it looks as though that was what the Mex
icans are determined to have. The situation has gotten be
yond the power of Mexicans to settle for themselves, and
it is up to this country to get busy and straighten affairs
for them. If the business of doing this starts now, so
much the better, for it is only a question of time, and a
v:ry short time at that until it will have to be done and
the quicker the better.
The raid at Glenn.Springs shows that Carranga is un
able to control the situation, even were he willing, and
this seems at least doubtful.
On the body of one of the raiders was found a commis
sion signed by Carranza and it seems highly probable that
gentleman knew of the raid and was probably responsible
for it.
Another feature that shows his inabality and unwil
lingness to do anything to bring peace to his country is
the fact that he has never attempted to bring about an
election and the establishment of the regular government.
He prefers to lead as do facto president than to give up
liis position to a regularly chosen president.
It may be claimed that under existing conditions no
election could be held or government formed. That may
be true, but it cannot be demonstrated until it is tried. He
has made no attempt to do this and should he do so it
might lead eventually to the better element getting to
gether to put an end to the present anarchy.
Carranza will never do it, and if there is again to be
a real government in Mexico, it will only be after this
country has taken hold and set the new government on its
feet and then stands back of it with the determination to
again intervene just as it has done in Cuba.
The clean-up day is near, and if General Obregon
forces it at once he will to a certain extent prove a true
The Oregonian is contending that the republican party
must be relied upon to carry out a program of national
defense. It says :
"As the cause of sound money, championed by Cleve
land, was taken up and carried to victory by his opponents,
so must the cause of National defense with which is
closely bound up the maintenance of American rights in
foreign lands and at sea be takeji up by the united Re
publican party."
This sounds queer when we reflect that after fifty
years of almost unbroken control, during which vast sums
were spent upon our military establishment we have no
army to speak of and no coast defenses worth while. The
experts tells us this is so, and all the g. o. p. papers like
the Oregonian agree with that view. Our navy is in fair
condition, only because Secretary William C. Whitney,
under President Cleveland, laid the foundation for a new
and modern ocean war-machine and got the work well
under way before he retired from office. Really why
should the country expect the republicans to do more
i work in the way of preparedness for national defenses
than Mr. Wilson will do? Nothing in the past record of
the party may be pointed to as a guarantee of accomplish
ment, while the president has a reputation for doing
things. He put a currency law through in one season,
after the g. o. p. leaders had talked and schemed in that
direction for years. His quick work in shoving his tariff
revision, trade commission and various other measures
through congress set a mark for action that no president
ever reached before in thejiistory of the country.
Why not let Mr. Wilson put through the country's
preparedness program when he has such a clear idea of
national needs, and is safe and rational, even in the
opinion of the Oregonian?
For a "safe, sane and economical" administration the
present state regime cuts up some mighty funny capers.
The flax-growing fiasco, the state fair scandal, and
highway commission imbroglio are a few the many in
cidents which promise in the end to be expensive for the
taxpayers. The idea of forcing the state highway en
gineer to employ a high-priced man he has no use for
seems anything but a safe and sane proceeding in the con
duct of public business, but that is what is going on at
the state house now. To the outsider, the fish and game
department, flax operations, state fair administration,
state highway commission, and in fact the conduct of
every department has the appearance of the attempt to
construct a political machine, not particularly to hold
the republican party in power, but to boost the interests
of certain men who are seeking to run the republican
party of the state. A big smash-up will be due about two
years from now. '
A puzzled woman writes the Capital Journal to give
"a real plain explanation of the Fourth Dimension so
just common folks can understand it." Of course a little
trifle like that is dead easy for a newspaper man and as
the request comes from a lady, and a Salem lady at that,
it perforce must be done. While there is some dilference
of opinion as to the matter as the Capital Journal man
understands it. the Fourth Dimension is the residuum
derived from the inspissation of incorporeal nonentities.
It might be called also the intangible essence of phantas
magorial illusion: or the seeming of the thing unknown.
The lady can get a practical illustration by sticking her
finger in a pan of water, and after removing it, a close
study of the remaining hole will show to a nicety this
dimension. We trust this will make the matter perfectly
clear to the puzzled lady, and justify her faith in the wis
dom of the newspaper fraternity.
While discussing taxes and arranging to send a com
mittee to the legislature to examine and possibly cut down
appropriation bills, the taxpayers are taking the wrong
goat by the horns. It is not the state taxes that rest so
heavily on the taxpayers, but the county, district and
municipal taxes. If it is a good plan to have a committee
at the legislature there should also be one provided to
watch each city council, school board and other money
A little thing like rain should not interfere with such
amphibians as Seals and Reavers; get in and play ball.
Probably the next great battle of the European war
will be fought on the borders of Mesopotamia, where the
Turks have assembled an immense army and are prepared
to make a stand. The Russians are pressing steadily for-,
ward and have bent the wings of the Turkish armies back
o far that the main army is in danger of being sur
rounded. With one army pressing up from the south and
another descending fro mthe high plateaus of Armenia,
both with a common point in view, and that point the
Turkish stronghold at Erzingan, there is going to be
something of a scrap, for the Turks, although giving way
steadily will be forced to make a stand or else open the
way to Constantinople.
Claim More Than Necessary
v Two-Thirds Against Im
proving Church Street
When the democrats go to the polls at the primary
election they will have to write in the names of their
candidates in nearly every case, as none have come for
ward to ask for the office. In olden times the republicans
would have the laugh on the democrats, for if the old
idea is correct the democratic voter would have to get
some one to do his writing for him, and then sign his name
with a cross.
il y IL it v . Walt Marnn " W
i M s-X.- -:igwBamn im i at
Yesterday was the last day un which
a remonstrance on the proposed im
provement on Church street could le
gally lie filed. According to the law
on street improvement, after the peti
tion for the improvement has been fil
ed the work can lie stopped only by
remonstrance of the owners of more
than two thirds of the superficial ilea
of the land involved.
The remonstrance tiled with the city
clerk May 7, was as follows:
We, t li e undersigned, owners of
property adjacent ami abutting upon
that, portion of South Church street
in the city of Salem. Oregon, between
the south line of state street and north
line of Mission street, which said prop
erty will be liable to assessment for
the improvement of said street as such
improvement is proposed to be m.ide.
do hereby remonstrate and protest
against the making of said improve
ment and submit herewith the names
of the owners of more than two thirds
of the superficial area of the property
in said proposed assessment district.
Susan Newton, by W. II. Downing,
attorney, lot one in block 13.
O. W. Anderson, ISO Chestnut street.
Juliet M. Lord, Vi block in lot 13.
Ilettie E. Fry, block 11.
Dan .1. I'rv, block 12; also strip of
rtii feet between block 11 ami 12.
A. M. Hansen, lots 1, 2 .mil 0, block
William Watson, lots 3 nnd i, block
.Tnno Wat (ton and William Watson,
lots .1, i and (, block 27.
Maurice Klinger, 002 Ferry street.
.1. W. Meredith, lots 3, 6 ami 7, block
.1. W. McTnturff. fi33 Ferry street.
Mamie M. Hayden, fraction lots o
and 0, block 71.
M. li. Long, south .half lot 2. block
Capital City Mills, lots 7 and 8,
block 73.
Kill Byrne Dillv, east half lots 7 and
N, block 72.
Mary Aniliessen, lots 2 and 3, block
J. II. Williams, half of lot 1, block
R. II. Rutherford, part owner lot 1,
block 27.
Charles Maxwell, half lot 1. block 27.
.1. A. McAdiims, fractional part of
lots .") and 0, block 71.
W. N". Downing.' fractional part of
south east quarter block 13.
I'. J. Lehman.
Lvdia Lehm.in.
1J. .1. Try, lot 4, block 10.
Withdrawn! of their names from the
remonstrance, were made by the Capi
tal City Mills by liryaat and I'runk;
Maurice Klinger; Charles Maxwell; V.
.1. Lehman and Lydia Lehman.
" -f-l " M . '"'I1!1'1!' I;,.:!",!'!'1 l,lllrM!!!!ifflj,.Hv
qinnnnnKl CS- Zff V-f r Banjo
A PIPE of VELVET is like a good
watch-dog. It welcomes fren'ly
thoughts an scares off -t$t&
To the Editor: With about iH.400
road mone- to our credit, why can 't
we have a road supervisor and ourjroad
put in good cond'tion? Fur two rears
or more no money has been spent on the
main Pringle road beyond the feeble
minded district and we seem to be un
able to find the reason.
raris not to make any peace proposals i finis, Henry TUssniussen, Thomas Tuve,
until" the promised great offensive oM.oyd Rape.' Harry Rhodes, Clara Miuk
the allies has been launched," which j er,' James .Murphy, Ward Russell, Theo
means in other words that he should i dore Jackson, Oscar Rnssmussen. Mile
and wants to wait and see whether or Russell, Anton liassmussen. Otto Bus-
not the allies will not some of these; sell nnd Master Charles Russell. Ad
days, months or years have more sue- i ditional guests were Rev. E. O. Sheu-
cess than they have hail so far and mayj herd, Mrs. Tom Vancleave and Mr.
at last be able to crush the central and Mrs. C. C. Russell.
powers, then wheie is the president's! m 1
and countries neutrality.' I might HOUGH ON THE BREWERT
write much more regarding tliee mat-!
tcrs but blind people can not see any- Spittle, Wash., May 10. A judg
way so I will nuke a long story short.1 moot of'$,iS7 against the Sc'uttla
Yours truly. A. .L Weigle. galeni. Or.: Brewing and Malting company, in favor
of the ptrutiord, a former saloon wa
'granted yesterday by Superior Judge
i Kennith Mackintosh. The court rule!
I that brewery leases on saloons auto
i matically terminated when the dry law
i became operative. The saloon sued the
j brewing company for recovery of rent
j paid in advance.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
When modern people get together, they do not talk
about the weather, as fellows used to do; but each one,
in his conversation, describes some painful operation that
1 o f n 1 ' hac rrrmn t n ymi n-l-i rTVin tnHAnhn4 1.. . 1
stancier catcjies, wmie listening, disjointed
snatches of talk that runs this way: "Oh,
yes, I went to Dr. Sidney, and he removed
my starboard kidney his bill I've yet to
pay." "The surgeon, in a boastful humor,
still quotes my large, ingrowing tumor, as
worst he ever saw." "When from the
chloroform emerging I clinched my fist and
soaked the surgeon a dinger on the jaw."
"That old Doc Faker is a wizard; the way
that he cut out my gizzard, was something
simply fine." "Doc Chestnut says my system's rusty, and
he will take his bucksaw trusty, and amputate my spine."
"The doc assures me my salvation depends alone on am
putation, if I would shake the gout." "I hear that Jere
miah Proctor has hired a famous eastern doctor to dig
some organs out." 'Twixt them and me the gulf grows
wider; alas, I am a rank outsider I never have been
hewn ! When my insides are in commotion I simply mix a
drastic potion, and take it with a spoon !
As to Peace in Europe
Salem, Ore., May in, 1010.
Editor Capital Journal: " Tn Monday
evening's Jourml I read on the first
page in large letters the following
statement: "President Wilson will not
move to bring European peace at this
time.'' The veiled suggestion that he
do so in the (ierninn .note was not
heeded at the white house. It was
learned on high authority that acting
on the advice of the American em
bassies in Lonlon ami Puis, the ad
ministration will not make any peace
proposals until the promised great of
fensive of the allies has been launched.
If the above statement is true theu
what should we think of the president's
statement he sends to the central pow
ers once in a while: "For humanity
sake!"? Tf the president e.in do any
thing at all in bringing about peace
among the waring nations be onght not
only trv to do something but do all he
cnu to bring this about nnd the sooner
the better "for humanity sake."
Again, if it is true that "the presi
dent, is acting on the advice of the
American embassies in London nud
li it
Taid advertisement.
Republican Candidate for
Circuit Judge
At Republican Primaries, May 19, 1910
Hazel Green Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Kazel (ireen. Mav 10. The eighth
grade pupils began taking the state ex-:
animations Thursday. We wish them
all kinds of success in their returns.
Many of the children and grownups
of this vicinity are victims of the;
whooping cough. i
There will be a program at the Ilnz
el Crcen church Sunday, May 14, inj
honor ot Mothers dav.
Alvin Vancleave has been on the siekl
list for the past few days.
Our schoolwill not close on May 11
is lias been planned by the district
but will be continued until May
The last day will be celebrated with a
short program, spelling contest, picnic
dinner and a bull guine with sonic, of
the adjoining districts.
The Christian Endeavor society will
hold their business meeting at the par
sonage May 12. A social hour will
follow after the business.
A number of Miss Charlotte Tins
sell's friends met it her home Friday
evening May ."), in honor of her seven
teenth birthday. The rooms were dec
orated with white lilacs and narcissus
The evening was spent in playing I
games and music, at a late hour re-j
rresitnieiiTs were serveii ami tne mentis
departed 'wishing Miss Russell a hap
py birthday and many more to come.
Those present were: Misses ll.i and
Oovie Rhodes, C.lndvs Vancleave, Mild
red and Hilda Williamson, Velma Shep
herd, Naomi Payne, Esther Jackson,
Charlotte Russell', little Miss IHina
shepherd and Hazel Russell, Messrs.
Harry liennet, Henry Sim .Frank
Franklin, Walter VVineart, Thomas
UST'word Mr.Trt:
In ' Mr. Horn Lov
UST enter Hotsl Nut-
tonia hoiplubU doon
UST telcct a larg, chew
tul room (or youi my
UST etop.-t long, long
tima.-or uiort, ihott tun
UST tr) a lervice trtat art-
bcipttM vrything..in itmo
phtra tint dalighu
UST mat,, a start totfarol
btttr hnlth-tnjo)) th mora,
ing -noon--vninJ mnl
UST meet and hobnob
with friondi in th airy lokhy
USTrt$ our weary konffV
on a truly luxurioul bd m4
urrtn dr Co pUmnl drwmr
UST trie thing that appeal
modanto pricn,
Room With DriviUiM of kith tl
or mora tho diy. Rooms itfc
privtw bath $1.5 1 at mora tha daf
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124, and
vv-rr' ' i
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