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Miss Maycle Hunter, who will take part
in the "May Day Fete" to be given
by the Juvenile Artisans at the
Grand Theatre Saturday.
Honoring Mrs. Ralph Jack turn
(Maude Durbin) who is the guest of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dur
Wn, Miss Rita Stciner entertained in
formally last evening with a dinner,
(reens and red geraniums were used
1o center the artistically appointed
table. The guests were tiie school day
ihums of Mrs. Jackson.
Mrs. C. P. Bishop left thin morning
for Pendleton where sho will be the
guest of the Roy Bishops for several
weeks. Mr. llislinp accompanied Mrs.
Uinhop as far as Portland.
About thirty matrons and inaiils who
re interested in the local Y. W. 0.
A. 'campaign work gathered at the
roomn yesterday for tei Tho tea table
which was adorned with an array of
aweet peas ami lueey ferns was pre
sided over by Mrs. H. .1. Bean. Miss
Veda Cross and Miss Helen Hunt as
sisted. riulem hRs been most generous so far
in aiding this worthy cause and the
committee wns very elated over the
access of the first day's work. The
Y. W. C. A. is the most beneficiul phil
anthropies in town; it is a place
where young women without homes or
who do not live in the city may call a
little world of their own. They assem
ble in congenial littlo groups to oat
luncheon, read, strum on tho piano, or
inertly to rest in pleasant and home
like surroundings.
Already interest centers around the
enteruunment to be given bv the Sn
lm Juvenile Artisans at the Grand
theatre Hsturday afternoon and even
ing. It will be a chnrming pitgeaut
this "May D.i.v Fete" and tho one
lundred youthful pnrtieiiianU will
. make it interesting to a degree. The
dtage will be transformed into a beau
tiful fairyland, an appropriate and ar
tistic setting for tho queen and the ar
ray of little f uries dancing nnd sing
ing in their pretty military, colonial.
and gauzy fairy dresses. Homo of the
features of the performances will lie
the May pole, Ynma Vania, Spanish
nnu runiiiion iiiinces ny mo Misses
Dorothy Fs h, Mayele Hunter,
Scluim and Margaret White.
The juniors will be assisted by Miss
Verna Coodcr, who will be their May
queen and soloist, and by the Portland
Juvenile band of forty pieces. The
entertainment is under the direction
of Mrs. Ralph White.
Mrs. Arthur Dayton of Astoria is
the guest of her mother lr. H. Dayton
Miss Marguerite Flower is domiciled
at the V. W. ('. A. where she will make
her home while taking special work
with Miss Minnetta Magers and Mrs.
Anna Rogers Fish.
The Aid society of the Woman's Re
lief Corps will meet Thursday at the
home of Mm. 0. E. Terwiliiger 770
( hcnieketa street. An all day quilt
ing will be the diversion of the affair
and tho ladies are ashed to bring their
baskets for lunch.
Several of the younger matrons gath
ered at the residence of Mrs. Clifford
Brown yesterday for an informal chat
over the tea cups.
Miss Grace Bean has as her house
guest Miss Florence Cleveland of rbrt
land. Dr. and Mrs. William Skiff, of Sa
lem, nnnounce the engagement of their
laughter, Miss Alice lreno Skitr, to
Sylvester M. Doerfler. also nf Salem.
The wedding will be an event of
June. Portland Oregnman.
Monday the second of a scries of
harming studio teas was given by the
pupils of Mrs. Anna Koers Fisu. Prc-
edniu the tea a programme wns given
nnd the work of those giving numbers
showed "immense growth; the individu
ality of each pupil standing out clearly.
Hero is the programme:
Sheridan's Ride j....Stcdman
The Coward in aBttle Anon
Rex. Howard
The Pied Piper of Ilamelia ....Browning
Marguerite I lower
Tho Graduation Essay Ban
She Traveled all Alone F.hens
Most Men Know (.'lipping
Race Prejudice Wallace Unit
dace llnbcoolt
Hazing of Valiant
lesse l.vncn v minins
Beatrice Walton
The Tree Toad - Riley
The Owl ami the Pussy Cat...!',, hear
T. H. Howard
Canto T Evangeline Longfellow
Mrs. A. S. Ku.mnrek
After tea the guests asked for sev
eral additional numbers and were ro-
siwmiled to bv (Maries Dillard who
gave "Was llerdu Henpecked" Adams.
nnd the "One LeeL'Cd Uoosc, rMiurn,
Miss Oraee Bnbeoek favored inein witn
The Baldheailed Man," and Leo How
ard with "Mr. Nobody."
Old Reliable Hood'a Sarsaparilla
Pleasant and Eifective.
In the spring your blood la Impure
and weak, eruptions' appear on your
face nnd body, you lack vitality,
Mti-enrrth and animal ion, your appe
tite Is poor and you feel all tired out.
Jet Hood's Sarsaparilla from any
dniRKlst. It combines: Just tho roots,
Imrhs, herbs and othor aubstances
tlmt you need.
It purities and strengthens tho
blood makes the rich red blond that
you rniisl have to feel well, look well,
eat nnd sleep well. This is con II l ined
by Oioiiminds of liittors from people
in all parts of the country.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is tho best
spring medicine, brt Is not Btmply a
aprinic medicine !t Is an all-the-yesr-round
blood pirltir and tonic.
Knmemher it has stcod the test of
forty years. Bo sure to get Hood's,
and got it today.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Otto Cole is in the city from Scio.
.7. B. Dimick of Woods is a Salem
L. Beciitel is in Wren on real estate
A. L. Headric k and F. B. Southwick
are in Roscburg.
Mrs. Charles Roth of The Dalles is
in the city visiting her parents.
Justice Daniel Webster was a guest
at the Seward hotel in Portland yester
day. j. 0. Taylor of Medford is in the
city, coming to have an operation on
his eye.
C. L. Watt, who has been visiting
his brother James Watt at Mansfield,
returned yesterday.
D. E. Swank, one of the prominent
citizens of Aumsville, is in the city at
tending to business affairs.
Dr. B. H. WaDaee and wife and
William Harnett and wife of Albany
were Salem visitors ypstenlay.
A. H. Lea, secretary of the state
fair board, was in Portland festerday
registered at the Imperial hotel.
J. I. Thomas of Wenatchee, Wash.,
is in the city, a guest at the homo of
H. R. Page", Twelfth and Mission
htreet. -
from the
East has
Dress Making
at 190 South, nth Street, and
solicits all kinds of high-class
All Work Absolutely
Y.W. C. A. Workers Have
Another Successful Day
nother very successful day is in
progress among the women wno are
working on the Y. W. C. A. campaign.
Tho devotional service at 9:30 this
morning was led by Dr. Avison of the
First M. 1j. church.
The reports of yesterday were most
encouraging. Tho women said mo most
splendid feature was the unsolicited
pruiso they heard about the work of the
Young Women s Christian association
on every hand, which resulted in gener
ous subscriptions. Tho result of the
day's work as shown by the reports of
the various captains or the teams was
as follows:
Mrs. John H. Alberts' team ..$118.00
Mrs. H. S. Wallace team 72.00
Mrs. Chauncey Bishop's team .. 108.00
Mrs. J. Farriih's team 85.00
it i j i
1 1 . V f
Miss Lela Bene McCaddam
Soprano soloist who will appear a
lunette I nivorsity dec club con
cert in the First M. K. church on Wed
nesday May 17.
Total $383.00
company FORMED 10
A suit was filed in tho circuit court
today by Katie Vogt against J. F. Cow-
len and Mith Cowden, Ins wife, in
which it is alleged bv tho plaintiff
tuat she was induced through fraud to
give a warirntee deed and to sign
statement that she had received pay
ment in full for her land and alio asks
that tho title bo restored to her nnd
that the defendants who are shown by
'he records to own tho land be re
trained from incumbering it during
he time the present suit is pending.
The land in question consists of 60
acres of land in the Joseph II. Foss
donation lind claim and lot r, block 1
in Knger (now Pratum). The plaia
lit'f agreed to sell her property to de
fendants for $I2,,TO0. Carson & Brown
aiti-attorneys for the plaintiff.
Former Brooks Plant Wizard
W01 Be Enabled to Carry
On Work
Articles of incorporation for
" Schroener 's Scientific Gardens" were
filed today at the offiee of the corpora
tion commissioner. The object of the
corporation as set forth in the articles
is the "study and advancement of the
science of plant development and the
production of better nquaintanee and
closer association between those inter
ested in botany and Horticulture, with
out pecuniary profit to the association
or its members." The property of the
corporation is. valued at $500 and it
proposes to sell, and give away plants,
seeds, shrubs and, such whenever the
same are available for distribution.
The moving spirit in the actual sci
entific work is Father Schroener, who
made such wonderful progress while he
remained at Brooks in the production
or new species of plants, flowers veget
ables and shrub9. Father Schroener has
become recognized as- one of the fore
most botanists in ihe world and even
with his limited quarters and more lim
ited means at Brooks he worked marv
els in the realm of plants. With the
support of tho men who are backing the
enterprise Father Schrocner's friends
predict that the quiet little priest will
become as famous as Luther Bnrbnn'
and that he will work wonders iu rose
culture which is one of his particular
hobbios. r ; s
The officers of. tho eompahy are J. A.
Currey, president and director; J. H.
Hsak, vico-presideut and director; H. J.
Blaesing, secretary and director; J. N.
Kdlefsen, treasurer,' nnd Marshall "TT.
Dana and H. E. Weed, directors. The
principal office of the company will be
in Portland.
NKKDHAM. To Mr. and Mrs. W. 1.
Neeilhain, !MI."i North Church street,
Tuesday, April ft, HUll, a son.
Mr. Neidham is deputy sheriff.
J. W. Sherwood, slate commander of
the .Maccabees, of Portland, is in t'.ie
An Economical, Delightful, Light Tlace to Trade.
Special Offering of
Ready Made Sheets
and Pillow Cases
Now is the time for the most economically inclined
buyer to put in a supply of Sheets and Pillow Cases
at very reasonable prices
Extra Urge 81x90 Pcquot Sheets 8.rc
Mohawk 72x90 Sheets
Fine Sheeting 72x90
Fine Sheeting 72x90
Kafoury B
Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention. We Tay
Tostage on Mail Orders
Oeorgo I. Rose and Oraee O. R. frose
have tiled a suit in tho circuit court
of this crmntv against the U. S. Land
Title & I.egaev Co. and others to col
lect. tho sum of $20110 alleged .due on
two prnniissorv notes for ifctillO and $1,-
HID respectively. The pi lintiff seeks a
judgment against U M. Crozer, one of
the defendants, for 12000 with interest
and attorneys fees in the sum of $300
nnd il foreclosure of a mortgage on
Lots 1, 2, .'I. (i and 7 Sunnysido Fruit
Farm No. 13.
Tho Oregon Produce company today
filed a suit against F. K. Whittinijton
to recover a Ford valued at lf tS5. The
Plaintiff illeires that too defendant
wrongfully withholds possesion of the
machine and refuses to restore it to the
Our Big Money
Savins? Occasion '$
in Women's, Misses and Children's
Coats, Suits, and Dresses
Every Suit, Coat and Dress. Be it for Woman, Miss or Child
is included in this sale. You all know that we bend every
effort to dispose of all Outer Garments during the season
in which they are made to sell, and as the cool weather has
held the sales back on Suits, Coats and Dresses, we have cut
prices "Regardless" to accomplish this end.
WOMEN'S AND MISSES' SUITS Every suit included
Materials are Serge, Gabardine, Poplin all leading colors
Reductions 1-3 to 1-2 Less.
$5.00 Extraordinary Values-Women's, Misses' Suits $5.00
Sizes 16, 18, 36 good assortment of colors.
Women's and Misses' Dresses-Our entireline of Dresses-In Silk CrePe de Chine'
Silk Poplin, Novelty Silks, Taffeta Silks, Plain Serges and dancing frocks.
Reductions 1-3 to 1-2 Less
$3.98 One rack odds and ends and small sizes $3.98
In dresses this lot 'comprises lingerie dresses, challie dresses, .serge dresses and
a few odd silk dresses. Just the thing for about the house.
Women's and Misses' Coats
You will need a Coat for your outings and here is your chance for a big saving.
Every Coat greatly Reduced in Price.
Women's Waists, special ; .$1.95
Women's Waists, special 98c
Women's Sweaters, special $3.95
Corset Covers, special 24c
Women's Drawers, special . . . . 24c
Combinations and Gowns, special . . 89c
Corset Covers and Skirts, special . .49c
Middy Blouses, special 79c
Infants' Summer Caps, special 49c
Silk Petticoats, special .$2.98
Wool Dress Skirts, special $2.98
Women's Knit Underwear, spL 3'for $1
Bungalow Aprons, special. . 3 for $1.00
White Wash Goods, special 19c
Leather Purses and Bags, special, ,69c
Crochet Bed Spreads, special 79c
Lace Curtains, special 1-2 Price
Novelty Ribbon, special 15c
145 N. Liberty Street
U. G. SM
Salem, Oregon
plev Co.,
Mariaire licenses have been issued at
tho office of the county clerk to' Guy
Wrijsht, a Salem attendant, and Doro
thiv Ward, a Halem nurse; Juliii Robert
son, a Xoro preacher, and Ada Once
Dayton, a tencher of 4I; North Capi
tal street, Salenr, Percy Itluudell, a la
borer of 1112 Mill street, and Mario T.
Ilinz, of -ISrt North llth street: A. O
Ncwsoni, a Salem pharmacist, and
Mary lliuel Savior, a cashier of
Junction Citv.
Condensation Law's
Automatic Tendencies
Yaluabls to Workman
The automatic tendencies of the
workmen's compensation law will pro
vide 5.'I0 per month for Rudolph Uuffcr,
of Culver, for the remainder of his life,
ltuffer was working on a 10 mile ditch
near Culver when ho handled acme live
dynamite with the usual disastrous re
sults and lost both of his hands which
were blown off at the wrists.
Buffer wns not under the compensa
tion laws provisions by application and
previous to tho accident had been em
ployed as a ranch heml but Attorney
lloaeral Hrown ruled today that unless
the act were specifically rejected the
workman automatically came under its
provisions and though Kutfcr lost two
hands he gained a pension.
His Elizabeth Cornelius, candidate
for county school siicrintendent, will
speak this evening at Macleay, at the
1'arent-Teachers association. A pro
gram h is been prepared for the even
ing's entertainment, but the address of
Miss Cornelius is the principal event
As the Maclcur people have been great
ly interested in the Parent-Teachers'
association, it is expected that a large
number will be iu attendance.
Governor Gives Pardon
To Tillamook Bootlegger
Governor Withyeonibe today issued a
County Jail conditi nal pardon to John
Theiler of Tillamook, Oregon, wno lias
been serving a sentence of 180 days in
default of payment of the fine imposed
upon him. Theiler was commit tWl to
the Tillamook county jail March 2,
11)111, because of his failure to pay the
fine imposed upon him.
Theiler paid all tho . costs of the
prosecution and upon the payment by
him of a $100,000 fee due detectives
omployed by the county authorities in
connection with his prosecution his re
lease was recommended by Justice of
the Peace W. E. Stanley and Sheriff H.
Crenshaw of Tillamook.
Theiler was convicted of selling in
toxicating liquors since January 1, 1916.
School Field Day May 13
On Willamette Field
The plan of such a mee't wns brought
up, early in the year, at a meeting of
the Marion County Principals' associa
tion, and since then the various em
munities have been working on the de
tails. The day set is next Saturday, May IX
Large posters have been sent out nil
over the conntv. nnd the Parent-Teach
ers' associations has taken an interest
in tho meet.
F. 8. tiannett, chairman committee on
arrangements, reports that entries in
the various events are coming in rapid
ly and there will be a good number of
folk dances and drills given by schools
from all sections of the county.
Some of the most attractive features
of tl.e field day are: Spelling contest,
folk dances, Mav pole, inter-scholastic
track meet, baseball game for cham
pionship of the county, girls' play
ground ball between Grant junior high
and Washington junior high schools,
and a parade of school children. The
parade will form at the state library
building, corner of Sitate and Twelfth
on the total enrollment will be awarded
a prize banner. Banners are to be
awarded to the winner of the May pole
and folk dance contests, and individual
streets at 1 o'clock, and will be headed ! ribbons given to winners in all truck
by the "Cherry Bud band." The school events.
having the largest representation based i A -picnic dinner. is. to toe the feature
the noon hour, and the committee aro
making plans to serve hot coffee at
that time.
It is hoped to make this field day n
success, a step toward the closer co
operation of school activities through
out Marion county.
f. OING away over the .
week-end? Well,
you won t have to take
many OWLS with you,
for probably they're sold
at the other end of your
trip. But you'd better
take half a dozen along to
mokeonthe train. That'e
right, you re wise I
VJ Dollar
'-1 '"n"1 J-
M&hi Jgftiliife jismM
V lpp Stockholm
The English blockade has so injured I
Sweden's trade with Germany that
there is now a large class in Sweden
that apparently favors going to mar on j
ut side of the Teutonic. allies. In easel
the unexpected happens and Sweden ac-:
tually does go into the war the follow .
iug propositions will hold true:
1. Sweden could harrnss the army I
of Kussia by an invasion through Fin
land." The topography of Finland would
make it necessary for the invaders to
advance along the railroad lines almost
exclusively. The Fins are more favor
ably disposed toward Sweden than Rus
sia and probably would aid the in
vaders. 2. Sweden's entrv iuto the war
iwould lay its Baltic coasts open to Kus
sian raids, and its merchant marine,
! whose tonnage is now about 1.230,000,
would undoubtedly suffer. Sweden V
land trength numbers about tiOO.OOO.
j uer navy is teo small for serious con
j sidemtion.
3. Norway's vast stretch of ex
, posed const line makes her participation
; in the war extremely doubtful.