Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 06, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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1- : --Sfcfci.
When in trouble we will be glad to help you.
Experienced man to make your repairs and ad
justments. Full line of accessories in stock at all
Exide and G. L. B. Batteries. Recharging Station.
Supplies for Hudson, Auburn and Reo Cars, in stock.
Great Western Garage
C. C. SIMERAL, Prop.
147 High St., opposite Court House.
I 0.
Our Free Battery Inspection
We can supply re
pair parts for any
storage battery, or a
Could Guaranteed
tefS Jy '-t?tE?'
PEOPLE who place a premium upon roominess are
especially pleased with the ample space found in
Saxon "Six" at $915. The seats are wide and restful
and there's more than usual leg length. The wheel
base is 112 inches.
Lloyd Ryan
Salem, Oregon, 173 S. Liberty St. Thone 783
11.50 Otsoline
Call tat Be Town
10 N. Cora'l 8t KUera, Ore.
Phone 44
means that your storage battery
will always be fit always ready
for its work or you will know
it in advance. Start using this
storage battery service today no
matter what battery or car you
have. Thencomeinonceamonth.
When you come, ask for a
copy of "The Armored Car",
the great war story.
Expert battery repairing and re
charging. Starting motors, lighting generators
and ignition systems repaired.
5th and BELMONT STS.
PHONE 1671-1
Match Prices To Hit
Sky Because of War
Let tho smoker, the housewife and
the fire bug beware. Matches are go
ing up. The safety brands which are
made ia Norway are almost entirely
out of market nud ior the few re
maining fabulous prices are asked.
Safety brands made In Japan, hich
are of vastly inferior quality, are still
to lie had.
The statement i made that the big
gest increase ever recorded in the his
tory of tho match Industry is soon to
take place in the matter of prices. They
will smash records Bud make matches
a luxury.
On the first of the year small box
domestic matches advanced 9 per rent
ud book mate he 10 per cent on Janu
ary 15. According to W. A. Kairbum,
president of the Diamond Match com
pany the pre-war prire of $35 per ton
Automobile News
Automobile Racing On j Maxwell Touring Car -Highest
Course In World j Cinches Another Record
The moat spectacular race in the j
history of automobile competition is;
to he staged on the snow-clad xuimnit I
of Tike's Peak, 14,109 feet above the j
sea, Chairman Kennenlell of the eon-'
test board of the A. A. A. having is
sueil official sanction for the national
hill climbing contest for automobiles:
to the summit of this giant sentinel ot
the Rockies on August 11 ami -. 1! Hi.
The Federation of American Motor
cyclists have also sanctioned three
motorcycle events on August 10.
Three Auto Events.
The automobile meet calls for four
non stock events, three of which are
professional and one amateur race.
On the Uth, one race
hiving a piston displacement of 2.'!0
cubic inches and under and one for
cars with piston displacement of 2.'!1
to IIIIO cubic inches. On the 12th in
the forenoon, amateur drivers will com
pete, the main event being marked up
for " p. in.
Magnificent Trophy.
This is n non-stock free for all, open
to any gasoline car which complies with
the definition of a motor car and is
for the magnificent Penrose trophy,
given by Spencer Penrose, noted sports
man of "Colorado Springs. It is now be
ing made of Colorado silver and gold,
standing 411 inches high and is said to
the richest trophy ever offered for
an automobile contest.
Course Above Clouds.
The course over which many of the
. ... -ii i i. :..
world famed drivers will dash in their ,
powertul cars into and ai)e nit ,
cars into
clouds is known as the tines I
auto highway, highest and most won-
derful of the earth s motor roads It .
is a double track boulevard from 20
SO feet, wide, with all the way easy
grades and is as smooth and even as ft,
city pavement. ,,
The races are being promoted by 1
K.igene A. Suiiderlin, builder of the ,
world's highest highway and who lias
the further distinction of being the
youngest railway president in the.
United States. Ralph . Smith of ,
Denver, v.ce president or tne 11.
will represent tho contest board.
Superb View.
The Pike's Peak races will, be im
mensely interesting to the spectators
for from one point on the course one
uiav look down thousands ot teet to me
starting point and watch the power
ful racing cars climb the rock walled
sides of the giant peak and race on to
its summit above the clouds. For other
thrills ho may also look out upon the.
most magnificent visiun ever belief
from n motor car. Away southward to
the New Mexican border line through
Colorado to Wyoming on the north is a
vast. WO mile sweep of the liockies in
plain view, while on -the east the bil
lowy ocean of plain rolls far into Kan
sas and down below, yawns an awful
abvss of SI HO feet. Sixty thousand
square miles of mountain and plain
spread out before the eye on a tre
mendous scale with a downward vimon
of half a mile greater than the. Grand
Canvon of Arizona. It will be ' Tike's
Peak or ilust" on the world's highest
highway next August. ,
Assemble Cars In
Two Minutes Complete
kj.... Vr .. cisco. A new
form of
automobile contests that promises to
spread from coast to coast has been
invented by members of automobile
sales agencies here. It is an assembly
contest, in which 12 trained men from
rival sales ugencies vie against each
other in piecing together two ma
chines,, which have been previously
disjointed into as .nny component
parts us possible.
The initial contest was staged lit
the Kinpress theatre here, and pulled
I off mid scenes or mmcsi .,.....-....-
jThe curtain went up on a clutterot
automobile purls defying description.
Fenders were off, lumps on the tloor,
'radiator leaning against a post, the
j axels out, the transmission torn asuii
I (ler in short, instead of there being
I cars there was simply u chontic mass
of parts.
I At the shot of a revolver, 12 men
I sprang to their work and then began
a chapter out of tirimm's fairy tales,
..,.,..i,,,;,.nl fnirv tale, in which
a dozen nimble young men in overalls
..,, wnvol WIlllllS HUtl
objects about them to be transformed.
Hermann the Great himself would
have looked on with wonder.
Two Minutes Tlat.
Presto, ehange two minutes flat
and one ear, a four, stood complete
upon tho floor. Twenty-one seconds
later, and another followed suit, de
feated but not disgraced. Heenusf. o.
the terrific interest in the contest, it
is predicted it will sprend all over the
morn sensationul form of
competition having seldom been wit
nessed by tneaire puirunn,
for muriate of potassium used for mak
ing chlorate of potassium has risen to
the present prico of between $lt5 and
J.100 per ton, or roughly, an increase of
W00 per cent. His company, Mr. Fair
burn savs, has been aiming to keep its
prices at a normal level, and succeed
ed in doing so until the genernl increase
in match constituents compelled a revis
ion of prices. Not only is there, a vital
shortage of chlorate of potassium, but
boxwood, gums, necessary chemicals
and other materials have gone up, tho
not so alarmingly as the German pro
duct. Asked as to whether or not there
would be further a"nces In match
prices, Mr. Vairbnrn said: "It depends
entirely on the duration of the war."
Since making that statement, reports
have beeu placed in circulation that
pricce are due to another advance.
Larry" A remarkable statistic, here
old chap, showing that every time' 1
breathe some one dice."
Harry "Great hteott, man! Why
don't you chew elovcst" Western He-view..'
In the face of the heaviest snowfalls
that haveliocn recorded in the Sierra
Nevada Mountains sjnee 1M8), a -Maxwell
touring car, carrying Hay Mc
Namaru, Jack Griffin, George Sowers
and Henry Karge, battled its way over,
around and through Nature's ob-
stacles ami reached Tallac,
iched Tallac, on Lake
Tnhoe, three weeks earlier than the
first arrival in any previous season.
The feat was one of the most notable
in the annals of western nutomobiling.
The Maxwell was sent over the peril
ous trail entirely on its own power ami
the help rendered by its crew; every
foot of the way was over the Lincoln
Highway; obstacles apparently impos-
will be for carss'',' to surmount were overcome one
alter another, and tooay tne .Maxwell
stands under a shed at Tallac as posi
tive proof of the efficiency of the
modem automobile in besting grim
Winter in her most strenuous mood.
Members of the Maxwell crew faced
disaster a score of times before they
reached their goal. In many places the
snowdrifts hail piled up to a height of
more than twenty feet, sloping off to
a sheer drop into canyons nnd down
mountain sides. Had a slip or skid oc
curred while the Maxwell was shoot
ing over these it would have meant, a
hasty termination to the trial blazing
enterprise; but the motor never fulter-
ed il tne drivers nnn,i ..cut weaa-
VIM 11, ililU Hie i:ihi it o ..;..vn - -
At every point along the tour where
l .... ...tri,l .
milium "emu" wne 1
w waTueil not , at-
u,(e Tah(je Y(m
(..an t, tret through', thev were told
am, T,(, .,.;,, wt.r
. whon (hpv fiimlv
he .,athfinders were the heroes
of (( rt,j,,0.
nm remt jf thp M.ixw(,n trip
to be noted as of universal benefit will
. ()f ,)(, ,.,,, , IjIke
J farVwr ,., ,;,.;.
'motorists. At every point
tUfl whce,g ()f (u, (.,jv cu ,hl.011(,h
thf ro.1(lw!,v lms l)CPn
Warn, weather aided material-
, . (1 .( js ox(p.t,.(l ,i,ilt the
trial to La lie Tahoe will be safe for
regular traffic within three weeks.
In order to discourage any Doubt-
j iug Thomases who might suggest that
the Maxwell had not reached Tallac,
members of the party left their ma-,
chine at the lake and returned home
by launch, machine, font and train. At
tiie end of the trip the car showed
scarcely a mark, aside from a few
scratches on tho glossy body. The en
gino and mechanism made the entire
run without a single hitch, nnd even
the tires Wood the strain without fal
tering. Lightweight Cars Better
for Ail-Around Service
Light weight ill motor enrs is lie-j
coming more and more an attraction to j
the motorist, nceording to l.loyd L.
Ryan, distributor for Snxon Motor cars.
"The weight of an automobile," he j
snvs, "is the thing that people B''
among the 'first queries concerning any
"When the light cars began to go
through the places where the big eni"
tuck, the nnldie sat up and took no
tice." said Mr. Rvan. "When the ligh'
cars continued to operate with their
same power and reliability niter trips
over mads that, were considered im
iiassible, the theories mat this kind of
travel would ruin a light car were dis
pelled nnd the public began to see t
it is possible and also policy to con
struct a light motor car which has the
endurance of the old-time heavy auto
mobile. "No motorist, much as he may enjoy
the idea of driving a car of the size
that makes it comparable to a trai-'ion
engine, likes to be mmnoned In a mod-1
ilv road and have to call on a renin i
Horses to get mm our. t um
like to have to route-his country touring I
with a view to the road over which
he must go and not the scenery that he
wants to see.
"Like every man, he wants what hej
wants when he wants it. And the way
for him to get that in motoring is to '
have a light yet durable motor enr, j
with a motor of power that can carry
him over the worst roads in an easy i
In the manufacture of the Snxnn
motor ears especial attention is paid to
lightness. The "Six" is mi except
ionally light car for its power and size
and vet workmanship or quality of mat
erials have not been slighted to lessen
Hie luiiu wciui.
"Stability, power and excellence of
design have been inudo the first prin
ciples and these have been obtained
along with the lightness. Light weight
of course, menus a saving on tire ex
pense. It's tho heavy enrs thnt wear
out the tires and this item alone
worth consideration.
"In Saxon cars, along with lightne-ss
nnd stability, there is economy in opera
tion. The motors burn a minimum am
ount of gasoline in lompnrison with
their power. Add to thnt their neat
appearance, their refinement and their I
appointments and vou have the ide, j
tin ,v, fc i U.11-, .iv a. iwi fit nr.,,,,
or business."
Seventeen or Eighteen
Mile Gallon of Gas
Innsin! Mich., May fi, Which is
better advertising, to feature au excep
tional performance of a product which
few owners can ever hope to reach, or
to exploit figure of average per
formance, o that owners can constantly
enjoy tho satisfaction ot equalling or
bettering the publi-hed .r,vbr,Ut - j
This question is briefly mid succinctly
answered by Jny V. Hall, general sales
manager of the Olds Motor Works, in
the following:
'Dalhart, Texas, April 10, 191-OM
Motor Works, Lansing, Mich, leutle
i!i!ii!ll!!HHt!!?ttM) t))ttMMttttMttttm
bargains in Used Cars
We have several good bargains in second hand cars
as follows:
One Paige 36-1914 Electric Lights and Starter, in first
class condition.
One Ford 5 passenger, newly painted.
One 4 passenger Michigan, electric lighted.
One 5 passenger Chalmers.
-rt at I t .Til I
I nese cars are an
sold cheap, come in and make us an offer.
We have a complete garage and repair shop in con
nection with our salesroom and our Service Car will
find you if in trouble on the road.
SERVICE is our Watchword
Give us a trial
Ferry and High Streets
Phone 959
Maxwell Oldsmobile Chalmers
men: Your ad in the April 2nd issue of
claims from 1i to 15 miles per
gallon of gasoline for your Oldsmobile
"The margin of safety allowed in
your claim for gas consumption is typi
cal of all your modest claims for the
Kight, and certainly goes to inspire im
plicit confidence in the integrity of
your claims, especially when such claims
are easily outdone, by actual perform
ance. 'J am the proud owner of an Kight
out ot the second shipment to your .Mr.
llavs at. Amarillo, and 111 several tests
I have given it 1 have ahvavs averaged
between 17 and 18 miles to the gallon
.. . , ,
of gas in ordinary country and city
" Yours respectully,
"I. J. Uushwa."
(Capital Journal Spcnnl Service.) 1
n ii i . A I i IT T L'l 1 1: t I
uanas, yre. lay ... ,.,,
manager ot the Perrydale l. louring nulls,.
was in the city this week on business.!
Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles McDevitt have)
returned from a visit ut the home of
l)u.ir daughter .Mrs. Xleorge Conkcy at
' Mrs. Winnie Brnden who has been at
j , 1,1:1, of , ,r father in Portland
; f(lr thl, ,,st W(,ek returned to her home
in this city Wednesday for a short stay.
Her father being some improved.
Kred Koser of Kickreall was a Dal
las visitor the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Martin and Miss
Naoma Scott will motor to Portland
Saturday for an over-Sunday visit with
Mrs. Martin 's parents.
Mrs. Trneey Staats and children, Mrs.
11. r. 1-aiierson ami ,,,,gi,-,n iu -
and Dorothv and Mrs. H. ( asev went to ,
Monmouth this morning to attend the
May Day festivities at the Oregon Nor
mal. Mrs. H. (!. Black is tn Tillamook this
week a guest at the home of Mrs. H.
ynn i11ii0
.Mrs. Charles Gregory has returned
from a short business t-ip to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. 1!. K. Williams and little
sou of Portland are spending several
days in this city.
Mr. and-Mrs. K. L. Chapman were
visitors in the Capital City Thursday
af N'rnoon.
Mrs. C. K. Howes is u guest this week
of relatives and friends in Portland.
Sheriff John W. Oir made n business
trip to Bent ley Thursday and reported!
the roads in that section ot tne counry
in very good condition for this time of
the year.
Circuit Judge H. H. Relt was n guest
at the home ot his brother, Paul Belt
. wiUimnilin this Wl,,,u.
Henry Senz nnd son Nick were hav
ing some dental work done at Albany
the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ray and daugh-
,s ter Corn and Mrs. 11. Fihunk motored to
Salem Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shelton and
children were Sunday visitors at Deb
Shelton 's of Jordan.
Miss Anna Miles was a Snnday guest
of the Misses l.ula and Gladys Down
ing. Lew is and Llm 'r Knv called at the
Mrs. Shank home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Senz and son
Arnold sailed at Nick Zimmerman's
of Sublimity Sunday.
Lee and Max Shelton called at W. K.
Ray's Wednesday.
John Neitling is working nt F. X.
Will Kvan visited nt the H. Senz
home Sunday.
Mary Dougherty wns a guest of Miss
Zona Kny Monday.
Frank Lambert nnd Joe Sens culled
on Linn Lambert Monday evening.
Mrs..H. K. Shank, visited hume folks
Linn ljtmbert and wife called ut cVs
Lambert's Tuesday.
Mr. and .Mrs. 1). t. any and children
were Sunday visitors nt the Cold Spring
'' The Missea Angcline Kyan and llox-
in good running
ana Shank were Sunday visitors of
Miss -Maud Smith.
.Mrs. D. Townes and daughter called
at the Lee Downing home Thursday.
.Mr. and .Mrs. W. It. Kay and .Mrs.
Linn Lambert left for Winloek, Wash.,
on Monday. Stayton Hail.
The Kctail Merchants' association
had a banquet and business meeting at
Bumhoff Tuusday evening nnrt all
who wprc tlt,ru ftlt tlat it v,9 j,00(i 1
... ,, . , . Y , . 1
to 1,0 '"T rV'8,dl' ' ' Bw? j
occupied the chair lhcre was sn
an air ot optimism that u 11 left feeling
I h J. AH (he oW rfficicnt ;
officers were reelected tiv ncclamntron. 1
It was reported that the Loganberry j
juice factory proposition was held up j
011 account of the necessary cash sub- j
scription to stock being short. Mem
bers present immediately subscribed
for the required amount of stock and
iu a short space of time made a juice ;
Woodbun, a surety,
obstacles. It was
b , ;.,,,., f ,., ,,, .
was only
another indication of how the assoeia- i
tion does tilings. The glorious news 1
soon got over town and every one j
hearing it rejoiced at the good fortune 1
of Woodburn and thanked the Lord;
l,f Vnn.ll,,n ln.,1 n 1!itnil Aferelin 11 ta '
asociarion in iiiu vorMiig oiuer.
Woodburn Indeiieiident.
Misses Helen Hunt and Muriel Stee-'
' ves of Salem spent the week-end at the
: J. T. Hunt home.
j Mrs. Harry I'rauk is on the sick list
I this week.
Max Hill sold his grey team to some
, , i,,.ra , ,...,,
The neighbors all helped plow for
Mrs. Pearl Humphrey one day this
Foreman K. V. Downing bus a crew
of men and teams working on the road
this week.
Alvin Johnson of Union Hill is work
ing for C. P. Dnrst. Stayton Mail.
You must not judge the Ford car by
its first cost. That is low, because the
best manufacturing methods and the
great volume of production reduce
the cost of making and selling. Better
materials, bought at lower prices,
make the Ford a better car for less
money. Order yours today! Runabout
$443.25; Touring Car $493.25. All
prices f. o. b. Salem. On sale at
VICK BROS., Agents,
260 N. High St., Salem, Or.
oraer ana wki oe
When your Bicycle needs
Repairing we ba?e a man
on the job all the time.
Hauser Bros.
216 N. Commercial St.
Phone 81 for better carrier
i service.