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Obregon has demanded that the American troops with
draw from Mexico and refuses to discuss the matter,
simply insisting upon it, as the last and only solution of
the dispute. The conference Saturday ended without any
results and will be continued for some days and until a
satisfactory arrangement has been made. It may.be if
Obregon holds out, that intervention will be the satis
factory arrangement, for it is evident the armies will not
be withdrawn until Villa is eliminated. It will probably
be for thebest if this happens for Mexico cannot straight
en out her affairs without help and there is none to help
her but Uncle Sam. If the army is withdrawn before
some permanent arrangement is made by which Carranza
or some other leader is established, firmly, and lawless
ness stopped we will have the whole thing to do over
again. It looks as if the fate of Mexico just now was en
tirely in General Obregon's hands.
Oregon has placed equal suffrage in her constitution,
and practically all of her citizens are satisfied therewith.
The visit of the distinguished suffragettes to the coast,
and to Salem Saturday night, was to enlist the women
already given the suffrage in the fight to make the suf
frage national.
There was a goodly number of Salem folks at the State
house to see and hear these visitors, and learn just what
they were attempting. Whatever conclusion they arrived
at, as to the merits of the proposition, they at least had
the pleasure of hearing the matter ably presented. Of
the several talented women who spoke Mrs. Black,
daughter of the famous pioneer of suffrage, Elizabeth
Cady Stanton, now herself as she said, a grandmother, got
closer to her hearers than any, perhaps clue in a measure
to sentimental reasons, though she made a strong presen
tation of the suffrage case.
She pointed out that while the women of Oregon could
vote so long as they were citizens of the state, that should
they move to some anti-suffrage state, they would be dis
franchised. She also pionted out that a woman born in
this country, in case she married a citizen of any other
country, by that act became an alien and "a foreigner."
She pointed out a good many other things-and asked if
they were just. The answer would have to be in the
But there was one thing Mrs. Black brought out that
was not down on the bills, or if so, not understood so to
be, and that was the creation of "a women's party." She
advocated the creation of such a party, and urged the
women of all the equal suffrage states to lay aside politics
and unite for the purpose of controlling legislation.
She advocated the using of this party to force such
legislation as women should desire. 'U the leaders of this
movement have given it proper consideration and studied
out the ultimate results of such a movement, they must
surely believe that the masses of the voters will not do so.
There is only one good feature to the proposition, and
that is that it is impossible of attainment. Suppose
though, it was, and all the women voters should get to
gether to control legislation and elections, it would neces
sarily follow that the men would have to get together
solidly against them for self protection. Republicanism
and democracy, and all other brands of politics would
have to be abandoned bv the men ami the two parties
would be "Male" and "Female."
Tin nrnnnsition is to have this nartv sav to the
democrats just now because they are in power, that they
must submit national suffrage to the states for ratifica
tion. If they do not every woman in the suffrage states
will vote the republican ticket and retire the democracy.
Thev would sav the same thine to the republicans if they
were in power,' or to any other party. Suppose their first
threat should be put in operation and the women of the
suffrage states should thus attempt to force Congress and
should win. Then when all the states had national suf
frage what would the result be, if this "women's party"
was maintained?
The men being divided the women would have the
balance of power and the result would be not equal suf
frage but practically a disfranchisement of the men; for
the women could throw the vote either way. The result
would be a gynocracy, anil the United States would be
ruled entirely by the women. The threat so made is liable
instead of helping their cause, to retard its final ac
complishment. As was stated however, the best feature of the sug
gested movement is its impossibility of accomplishment.
It may have a great effect on the coming presidential elec
tion, and with the sudden indorsement of Colonel Roose
velt, just while this tour of the suffrage states is being
made, looks very much as though it was an effort to throw
the election to him or to at least injure the democrats as
much as possible. It might be added that such states as
New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts where the
foreign uneducated element is large will hesitate long
about making suffrage the law, and so will the southern
states where the passage of the law would create some
millions more of colored voters.
The completion of the railroad from Eugene to Marsh
field will have one rather curious result. Although that
thrifty city has been in business for itself for many years,
it has never been visited by a circus. It was too far off the
lines of travel and too costly to reach, to admit of the
ringed shows visiting it. This summer there will it is said
be two or three circuses make the town, and it is a safe
bet that the whole family will go and not have to make
the excuse of doing so just on the children's account.
The frightened ones who find all kinds of possibilities
happening this country from foreign sources remind
one of the remote contingencies imagined by the old maid
who bought the door plate with the name "J. Adams."
Asked what she wanted with a thing of that kind that
she could never use, she thoughtfully replied : We'll some
time I might get married and I might have a daughter,
and she might marry a man named J. Adams and then it
would come in handy.
With the Carnegie company building a plant costing
$1:1,500,000 to make dye stuffs from the waste from the
company coke ovens; another company building a plant
costing six millions, and several others being built at an
aggregate cost of $28,000,000, the reason of Senator
Lodge's move to get a tariff placed on dye stuffs "to en
courage American inventors" to get busy making them,
is prominently apparent.
Should Villa be captured, or better yet killed, and the
American troops should withdraw, it would evidently be
but a few days until the Felix Diaz revolution would take
the place of that of Villa. Probably should this happen,
General Obregon, who is by far the ablest leader, and man
in Mexico, would sidetrack Carranza and take the reins
of government.
The British are not doing much successful fighting ex
cept in Ireland and Africa. It is probable, though, from
indications, the kaiser is going to put them at work soon
along the French frontier, for it looks as though the next
German drive would be against them.
Newberg is to have a $:0,000 cannery. This is the kind
of news that makes everybody happier, for it means a
market for Oregon products and the returning to Oregon
of many good dollars the easterners annually take away
from us.
The Irish rebellion was illy planned, lacked leadership,
and all the elements necessary to success. It was a pre
mature attempt, starting in a brawl and ending in an as
sembling of a mob rather than an armed and led force.
Health Department Makes
Suggestions as to Care of
Patients and Quarantine
Now that Salem is having ;1n (,;.
(leiuie of measles, and .10 eases are un
der quarantine, .1 few facts from the
health department of the city about
measles may lie of general interest.
In the first place, measles is a dan
gerous disease. Jt has been proven
that it has been more fatal than the
much dreaded sc.'.rlet fever. Ill fact,
these two innocent diseases, measles
and whooping cough together have
killed in the northern cities, ."in per
cent more people than all the other
acute contagious diseases combined.
The present epidemic in Salem can
lie traced to one case brought to one 01
the schools by a boy who had been vis
iting in Eugene. During the month
one school. Yew I'nrk, reported -." cases
and it was not long before L'S uf the
pupils of Lincoln school h.ul contliai-t-cd
the disease. A child may have
measles and not show any signs of it.
although he is spreading the disease
all the time. When a child has the
early symptoms, such as catarrh of the
nose, coughing, sneezing and inflamed
eyes, it should be kept at home until it
his been definitely determined that
it is not measles.
The old idea that every child should
have the measles and whooping cough
was long ago exploded. The fact is,
it is not only an undesirable thing to
have the measles, but that it is very
After being exposed, a child will
show the first symptoms in about eight
days and the rash will appear in about
I- dm.vs after the first exposure. After
a child has been exposed to the dis
ease he can give it to another in
eight days. It is most contagious dur
ing the tuur or tive days preceding
the appearance of the rnsh.
The first symptoms are cold in the
head, cough, sometimes vomiting, sore
ness of the eyes, desire to avoid the
light, and feverishuess, although .of
course nil of these symptoms do not
As soon as the first symptoms ap
pear, the child should be isolated, lie
should be (piarantined cntil two weeks
after the first appearance of the rash.
in a case of measles, the whole fam
ily is not quarantined, only the child.
Hut other children in the home who
have never had the measles, will be re
quired to stay at home.
The proper treatment includes keep
ing the child in bed in a darkened
room as long as there is a fever. The
nose and mouth should be kept clean
and it is needless to say that it is ad
visable to c ill a physician. Measles
is now regarded as a dangerous dis
ease, ami it is not advisable, accord
ing to a recent bulletin issued by the
city of Seattle, to take any chances.
Seattle is now in the midst of a meas
les epidemic, and the department of
health has issued a bulletin, giving
general instructions us to treatment
and care.
. After a child lias had the measles,
in the Seattle schools, the teacher is
not permitted to admit him as a pupil
unless he presents a written release
from the school uiivsiciau or a reiriilar
physician. This is done for the pro
tection of the other school children.
During the mouth of April W Sa
lem children of school age and many
under the age of six years have had
the ai.s. use
5: i
f. r ' p '.Jf i: 1? Ait
v" 1 r,
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.til ri
. r iorvf
qHAR'S some things we have to
learn to like such as olives an'
hard work. Thar's others we take
to naturally such as Baseball Games
a w
mm TW
particles that it is nothing more than
dust, and offers no body for road oil.
A road built of such material would,
after very litrle travel creep and rut
The report is concluded with this
final paragraph. " I'nder the circum
stances I could not recommend it as a
first class road material. However, it
might be possible to mix it with crush
ed rock and use it merely as a binder.
1 think you would find that upon roll
ing it would crush and take up the
place of screenings. ' '
The boosters at the town of Henry,
Illinois recently were given some need
ed improvements at their depot after
years of effort. They had tried every
known means to make the railroad offi
cials see the need of a new station,
and finally erected a big sign board
along the right-of-way which read:
"Don't judge our town by our depot."
They got what they needed from the
company, (t pays to advertise. i.y-change.
Try Capital Journal Want Ads.
The following bids were opened at
Dallas for the erection of a steel bridge
in I'olk county:
Tobin & Stevens. Portland, $ I !".";
H. O. Dustiness, Salem. $lo4-"i; L. O,
Uerrald, Salem, Stevens & Eng.
strom, Salem, $y."; Curtis Gardner,
Kuuene, $143.").
The contract was let to the lowest
Use Zemo for Eczema
Never mind how often you have tried
and failed, you ran stop burninir, itching
eczema quickly by applying a little zemo
furnished by any druggist for 25c. Extra
large bottle, $l.U0. Healing begins th
moment zemo is applied. In a short time
usually every trace of pimples, black
heads, rash, eczema, tetter and similar.,
skin diseases will be removed.
For clearing the skin and makine it
vigorously healthy, zemo is an exceptional
remedy. It is not greasy, sticky or
watery nnd it does not stain. When
others fail it is the one dependable' treat
ment for all skin troubles.
Zemo, 'Cleveland.
Fill your home atmosphere with exquisite lasting fragrance
The ffreat French perfume, winner of highest international
awards. Each drop as sweet and fragrant as the living Lilac
blossom. A celebrated connoisseur said : "I don't see how
you can sell such a remarkable perfume for 75 cents a bottle" and
remember each bottle contains 6 o?, it is wonderful value. Try it.
Ask your dealer today for ED. PINAUD'S LILAC. For 10 ce-its
our American offices will stni you a listing bottle. Writt today.
Really, that Eastern bunch of suffragettes are on a
silly mission. And if they were a fair sample of the
women who ask the ballot we would glory in the spunk of j
the Lastern men who retuse to give it to them.
Less than three weeks to the primaries, and then comes
that visit to Marshfield and then the Cherry Fair and
Fourth of July. Truly there are busy days ahead.
ST RipaWRhume'
r l&ASi v wait Mason
Volcanic Cinders Have
Little Value On Roads
The State Highway department has
just received a report from the I'innl
Dome liefininn company of California
on the value of vulcanic ' cinders in
Crook county for road purposes.
This report confirms a former re
port by Professor S. 11. Or .if of the
Oreijon Agricultural ( olleae. it states
that tiie rock is a lii;lit, spongy mater
ial that crushes verp easily and breaks
down under pressure into such small
A hi JCvJr- -4
5 jc 5s $
Shipley's clean out sale on
Women's, Misses' and Chil
dren's Coats, Suits and Dresses.
Means a lot to you.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SG3
CAPITAL $300,000.00
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"We strive to please," the merchant said; his smile was,
large and loose; he then sold me a cabbage head for which1
I had no use. He sold me seven cans of peas, five pounds
of shredded rice, a section of imoorted
cheese, and mackerel on ice. No doubt
when I had left his place, despoiled of hard
earned plunk, a smile lit up the merchant's
face, since he had sold that junk. But to
myself I said, "I think I'll trade with him no
more; that merchant prince is on the blink,
his methods make me sore. He greets a
man with sunny smiles, and says he strives
to please, and then, by dizzy arts and wiles,
unloads his moldy cheese. The patron thus
is made to buy much truck he doesn't wish,
old sausage that offends the eye, and prehistoric fish. That
sort of treatment chafes and galls the souls of honest men,
and I shall buy no codfish balls at that man's place again."
The dealer who would sidestep woes must be a prudent
guy ; he'll figure that the patron knows just what he wants
to buy.
Until Further Notice
Xo. ! sack white cormneal 3Pe
No. 9 yellow cornmeal 30c
Five pounds box Macaroni ...,30c
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Five pounds best cream rolled
Oats v 2,1c
Large package Liberty oats 30c
Large pkg. Liberty wheat 30c
3 cans Libby's Solid Faok
Tomatoes Zje
Creamery Butter, pound 3,'m:
3 cans choice Iowa Corn .... 3e
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A Personal
A "sinking fund" is a sum set aside
out of present income to provide for
future needs, or the discharge of a debt.
Are you creating a personal "sinking fund"?
You know you will have need of money, and
it will be much easier to raise funds a little at
a time, than to depend upon others for a large
sum when need or opportunity presses.
Your debt to your future, too, should have
attention as you go along.
Look about you and see how they have fared
who left their future to take care of itself.
A savings account with this bank is the logi
cal plan for you to capitalize your "sinking;
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