Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 01, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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Get the Cash
Hurry! Hurry!
b 1 t i MM A
Get the Cash
Hurry! Hurry!
Is the Slogan That Holds Forth At
11 ime (u Jhi i e 3i M 2
H ihbhiihhiihih . i 'n ii iii ii iii iii minim. iM'i in i risnfnr-itTim ot n i rrm 1 'fTn-iT-iriiiTi nn m irrmn ri-wr '"-r,rTOc'i
Come to The Chicago Store, and grab up these, get the cash Specials. The
erocerv department is gone all closed out except a few canned goods, tea
i 'and coffee: the balance that is left will be closed out at give-away prices; all
... ' - .... . . mm A 1fl.H
A himman. and Granite ware wi be sold at cost and less, tome and looK it
over- it must all be closed out, as there is no room for it, in other departm'ts.!
Mr. McEyoy says "Go as far as you like in cutting prices, we must have
money," so look out for me, Im a goer, there is no limit, I can cut the price
as low as I see fit; ycu know what I did to the grocery stock and I'm doing the
same to the balance of The Chicago Store's stock Be here in the morning,
and grasp the opportunity to save money.
Assembly Hail at Capitol Filled
i to Hear Message of Dis
tinguished Visiters
.vmi . h'iiwm hi
Extra Special 75c Silk Poplin, get
the cash price, the yard
Extra Special 35c to 50c Silk
Mulls, get the cash price, the yard
Extra Special $1.00 Silk Velvets,
get the cash price, the yard
Extra Special White Bedford
Cord, get the cash price, the yard
Extra Special 35c Serge Dress
Goods, get the Cash price, the
Extra Special Ladies 65c Um
brellas, get the cash price
Extra Special Ladies' 35c and
60c Lisle Gloves, get the cash
price, the pair
Extra Special 15c and 25c Em
broidery Beading, get the cash
price, the yard
Extra Special $1.25 66x80 Cotton
Blankets, get the cash price, the
Ml I- M Hill 1 1
Extra Special Ladies' 10c Sum
mer Vests, get the cash price,
Extra Special 25c Ladies' Muslin
Drawers, get the cash price at
Extra Special Children's
percale Aprons, get the
rM r
ry r
: . " .:. 1
: ' ' f
f a t )'fckf,.. jnTir...n i . bili-m t 1 It-
Extra Special, Ladies' 8rc Black
Sateen Petticoats, get the cash
Extra Special 18c Size 20x20
Mercerized Napkins, get the cash
Extra Special 25c Tray Clothes,
get the cash price, each
Extra Special one lot of Ladies'
Sliocs and Piunps to $3.50 values,
at the pair
Extra Special 5c package Safety
Pins, get the cash price
Extra Special Boys' 75c Knicker
bockers, get the cash price
Extra Special 25c Window Blinds,
get the cash price
Extra Special Children's . 15c
White Duck Hats, get the cash
Extrn. Social $1.25 Boys' Knick
e. beckers, get the cash price
Extra Special Men's 50c work
Shirts, got the cash price
Extra Special Babies 25c Lawn
Caps, get the cash price
Extra Special $2.00 Fibre Suit
Cases, get the cash price
'iimfcTiJ'li'iiir'iMr iT r
i'ii ITiiiftllfllllM
Extra Special Lot of
Corsets, go at
Extra Special Little Girls'
Straw Hats
$1.50 SilkoUna Comforts
go at
Ladies' $1.50 Comfy Slip
pers go at ....
Women's 85c House
Dresses to go at
85c Ladies' Flannel Gowns
to go at
Ladies' 75c Hand Bags
to go at
48f 9 12 120 Light and Dark
40t 1 Colored Percales, vard
Misceleanous Bargains
15c Dress Ginghams,
the yard
12 l-2o Outing Flannels at
the yard
18c Sippelette at the
yard, now
35c Turkish Bath Towels,
at each
$1.25 Full size Bed Spreads, "7 P
at each ' uv
25c Kimono Flannel at
the yard
... ....... -iinn.itoi-1.'
Crepe de Chine, 65c
value, get the cash price,
in r - ii in :r T '
Special Imperial S Extra Special 50c Men's
Balbriggan Underwear,
get the cash price
Extra Special Ladies'
91. ou rauorea vvaisis,
get the cash price
Extra Special odd lot
Corsets, worth to $2.50,
get the cash price
Extra Special 25c
Ladies' Silk Fibre Tan
Hose, get the cash price
Extra Special 75c Wool
Serge Dress Goods, get
the cash price, yard
Extra Special 15c good
tlze Huck Towel, get
the cash price
Extra Special 25c
Ladies' Slipover Muslin
Gowns, get the cash
Extra Special 35c Chil
dren's Outing Flannel
Sleepers, get the cash
Misceleanous Bargains
Misses' Summer Union
Suits, 35c value
Ladies' $1.25 Hand
Bags, go at
Men's $1.25 Dress Shirts
go at
Men's $1.25 Union Suits
to go at
Ladies' 85c Union Suits
go at
69c Muslin Gown
go at
Extra Special Corsets ..
worth $1.25, at
98c I
65c and 98c Fancy Braid,
Fancy Dress Trimmings,
worth to 25c yard at
35c Dress Linen, Special,
6 l-4c Cotton Challies to
to go at the yard
Odd, Lengths, Curtain Scrim
to 25c value, yard
10c Cretonne now marked
at the yard .....
65c Mercerized Table
Linen, yard :.
w9 pr
Musterole Gives Delicious Comfort
1 When those, sharp pains go shooting
through your head, when your skull
seems as if it would split, just rub a lit
tle MUSTEROLE on the temples and
nrrlr It draws out the inflammation.
Eoothes away the pain gives quickrPIosi,io11 ei-'nt 'n a few quarters,
Getting Rights of Way
for Salem-Bend Railroad
Rain if t'ne railrond is built, and noth
ing to Jose if it is not. Staytou Mail.
MUSTEROLE is a clean, white oint
ment, made with oil of mustard. Eettcr
than a mustard plaster and does not blis
ter! Doctors and nurses frankly recom
mend MUSTEROLE for Sore Throat,
Pronchitis, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma,
Neuralgia, Congestion, Tleurisy, Rheu
matism, Lumhago, Pains and Aches of
the Back or Joints, Sprains, Sore Mus
cle, Bruise, Chilblains, Frosted Feet
Colds of the Chest (it often prevents
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c jars,
and a special large hospital sue for $2.50.
Be sure vou get the genuine MUS
TEROLE. "Refuse imitations set what
vou ask for. The Musterole Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
V. M. Derby and R. C. Wygnnt, of i we have said before let us im-
Salom, htive been In our city sime the preia jt u)0n vou again that the big
latter part of last week working on i band conccrt 011 Friday evening. May
the. right-of-way for the projected j -jth )e flly up tu i.XI,.tutionH
r.iilrond from Halem to lieml. They I ftnd we worth your while )o ,.,!.
have had very good Nuceesi in most ( ,stcD,,. j,nnl practice is putting the
plaees and have met with but little:. , . rendition seldom enioved by
amatotir bandH. and the results that
For the benefit of those who do not ! are beine obtained savor stronL'lv of
Know .Mr. jnruy, wn win siaie mai ne i professionalism. A miglity good tian.l
is the gentleman who managed the
right-of-way for the Oregon Kleetrie
several years ago, and ti.it ho is a
prominent citizen of Kalcm and han a
number of life long friond-i in Htaylon.
Mr. Derbv is not nuking anything un
reasonable and tho Mail feoU sure that
with mighty good execution of mighty
good music ought to fill the armory
to overflowing. Those who have at
tended previous concerts will vouch
for the elass of entertainment fur
nished, and, with the additional up
The jitney duuee nfter the bund
riincert Friday evening May fitli, will
give nil a chance to dance lis much
ir little us they, desire. Don't fail to
bo there. '
I'rivsito Glenn 1'nrr hits l'"!t) up
pointed company clerk and will here
after sling the ink, which, ' tiy the
least, is no email jot) durng these
routine times. (Hern writes .i pretty
fair hand ami will muke good at the
Tiiriiet prmtiie for recor.l 'it Hnek
nmuK on Sunday. Train l.".ves Wood
burn lit 7: 1U u. m.; retiirni i;,', prrives
lit 5:.')ii p. ra. (iet up enily and ni,;oy
a plensint duy on the range unl iimke
a record for yourself and the coin-
pnny. Wuodliurn ludependei t.
Try Capital Journal Want Ada.
reasonanie ami tno Man reeu. sure ma , t o ,,, wcathor man a very iar(;P
anythin- done to promote a rilron.l( ttcn(lnnoe u assured. Next week a
into our town would not only iH-nef.t, , program will be published,
the rw interested but every one I Jf blP,lpnt to .t'thi. timp
else as wen. thnt a RooJly nunli)fir or oloiits will
The survey is eompleted and it is bf, on llnn1 to fill (nc intennimions.
now up to the property owners along s,,t tn(lt dnte Jown in vour i,0k nn,
the ame to decide whether it well be , be 0 nani, at g.00 p m.'sharp.
of sufficient benefit to offset die dnm-i . ,. , , , ,.
age caused bv the construction of the I .apm.n ur .ver . oo. j r
i k , ,r - :.. .. l. commended Denton Killin for a com
mission as second lieutenant of infnn
rfial. Mr. Proprtr owner it is up to
i :.i ...1
"poruition, and that the solving of that try to fill the vacaney caused by the
question would mlvo nmny ot.hers. i promotion of Lieut, l.iveslcy. Bent
!,. i. . : , .i hiii ;t will receive an invitation to attend a
Your cooperation and help is needed ; party given by the ' Kxnmining Board'
n...l.l t.n.Hv Whnt itn von think 1 in the near future, it which time his
of itl Tho columns of the'ifad are; mental and physical qualifications will
nun fr.r nnv fnir ,1i vn xsion of the be enrefullv examines.
The recom
'proposition. You have everything to mendations of the board are binding.
Infants Invalids
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form.
For infanta, invalid tdgrowing children.
Pure nutrition, upbuilding tk whole body.
Invigorates nursing mothers IM the aged.
More nutritious than tea, coffee, etc.
Instantly prepared. Require no cooking.
Substitute Coit YOU Same Price
Epidemic of Measles
Visits Salem Schools
Villein h!is been experiencing quite an
epidemic tif measles.
A boy visiting Kugene brought the
im-icdes home with him about April 1.
I ami wiihin the month, -Ti caes wero re-
ported from tho Yew Park school, ne-
(oiding to the records of lr. O. II.
I Miles, sidioo) physician.
The disease was not confined to Yew
I Park, as dining tho month, UM cases
I were reported front Lincoln school.
! McKinley nihool got off pretty easy,
with but one case. Washington junior
high was credited with 15, mid (iiaut
school I I during the month.
' durficld school hud 5 cases and Kngle-
wood two. In nil during the month DO
eases were treated in the bix schools.
At present fi5 casi are qiinrantiiied.
Seattle, Wiish. May 1. Seattle bniilc
clearings for April amounted to iftil,-J.'"p,HII..-l,
an ineri-ase of ,fj,n."iil,
7:17.11 over April I!il5. The nvernge
giin per month for llil'l i .f s.diin.iiiiil.
A woinan voters' convention v ill 1-
lieltl in Chicago the firxt week in Ju:'.;
to lunch an independent woman's pint',,
"The National Knf raiiehisenient of V -men,"
according to Mrs. Harriot Stauit
tou Klutch, whn was the principal
speaker at the house of representative
Saturday evening, when the members
the suffragette special nppearcd hefur"
n Salem audience to rally t.ie women
of Oregon to the support of their ue
franchised sisters in the east.
The party arrived in the special ci"
at S o'clock Saturday evening and were
taken to the state house where the.'
were greeted by a large assemblage ii
(crested in women's suffiage.
Acting as chairman of Ihe nicetin:..
Mrs. Kichurd Cartwrlght introduced
(ieorge rainier "Putnam, who, in the ab
sence of the governor, briefly greeted
the visitors,
Mrs. Helen Todd, secretary to the Na
tional Child's Welfare commission and
formerly factory inspector for Illinois,
declared that in the fight for equal sti'
f nige in California, tho women were op
posed bv the big liquor interests, a'1
special iuterests and all the crooks am'
gratters in the state. The cities voted
against them, but the country vote, ami
especially that in the northern rurnl dis
tricts, saved the day. In the industrirl
districts of the east, esiwcinlly in Miw
sachusetts, where so many women lire
employed in factories, equal suffnig
1 was defeated by n two to ono vote, she
! declared. New York is against vvomo
I suffrage, Vermont with its factories.
enfranchises aliens but not women, nint
'the south with its special interests re
I quiring child labor, is lined up against;
i women voting. "For these reasons, '
declined Mrs. Todd, "women cannot get
suffrage by the state method. There i
I only one way, and that is by federf.' ,'
amendment, through the passage of
I Susan B. Anthony amendment, vvhic"
provides thnt the right of citizens of
the United States shall not be denied
or abridged by the United States or bv
any state on account of sex.''
"If we wait for the states to gran':
! us our rights, it will be 100 years bi -'fore
women nro enfranchised." declare I
Mrs. John Rogers, of Mew York City,
chairman of the advisory committee of
the Congressionnl Union for Womcii
Suffrage. The industrial states in tin'
east were controlled by politicians wh
were afraid of woman Huffrnge, assert
ed Mrs. lingers, "unci in stuteH likc
Minnesota, Vermont and ninny in th"
south, it wns prueticully impossible t
secure 'Suffrage"
She explained that a federal amend
ment must pass both houses of eui -gresH
by a two-thirds vote of those pre: -eat.
li'id then must be ratified by three
fon i t lis of the states io become a lav .
By the state plan, the politicians of :ti
states must be dealt with, vihile in Ih
federal way, the members of control
may be npproached in the open. " V
come hero because the power lies will:
tho women of the western states to ir
fluence legislntiou to euf l'anchi.se tliei:
sisters in the east," declared Mrs. liej
ers. "The democratic, parly would pax
the amendment next week if they knev
thnt the women ilcimiudcd it. Suffrno"
states already control one-fourth of Ih
seuiite and one-sixth of the house o,'
rcpresculntivcs. Any purty in powi-i,
who will not listen to women, will com
mit political -suicide.' '
Mrs. Harriot Stanton TUatch, dr imli,
ter of I'dizabelh Cady Stanton, refe.
j red feelingly to her friendship for Abi
gail Scott Duniwuy and her remei,i
, braiiee of the visit of .Irs. Puniwav to
, her home, and to her work with Su.-ao
I R. Anthony unci Klizabcth Cady stai -
ton for equal suffrage.
"Men of the east do not trust thei
women, as they fear they will be foi
peace at any price," said Mrs. Watch.
Having recently returned from Kin'opo..
' she declared that the general feelin,'
there was that lit the end of the H''
I women will be enfranchised iii ever ,'
, hclio;crcut nation.
When the progressive nnd republic:! i
. party iintionnl conventions meeting i
Chicago early in June, the new pari;
to be organized by the women will Ii,
right there, mi ill Mrs. Watch, mid tin
republicans will be compelled to in'
vnaoc to the progressive standard wlici
it comes to equal suffrage, nnd befoi'i
the democratic convention meets in S;
Louis, that party will know what th"
women demand.
"If there ever was a time in history
I when men should beneve in its womeo,
it is the present. If they do not, n i
may bo the old world with its prej
udices, nnd Europe will be the new with
its en'franchi.-ed women," concluded
Mrs. Hlnt.'h,
The general proposition as voiced by
the speakers Saturday evening, vva I
that pressure, should be brought tu ben'
on congressmen from suffrage states to
support the suffrage movement, that,
members of the judiciary cnnnnittei,'
should be urged to take the Susiin
Anthony amendment nut of the com
mittee iinil permit a ote, nnd that th-
I Ilemnf rntie leaders should be urged to
give their support to this amendment,
j The Congressional Union for Woman
I Suffrage does not. euro which party
passes the suffrage nmeudment, but ii'i
Ruddy Cheeks Sparkling Eye'i
Most Women Can Have
Cays Dr. Edwards, a Well-Known
Ohio Physician
1,11 ithe deinocrutie party is now in ponor
Dr. P. M. Eilwards for 17 years treated nml p,,,,,,!,, ,-r lointinn. their
score, of women for liver and " i,.ff,ts are aimed at the pnrtv leader,,
irn-nin. k....b .. . I a t,e senate and the house of repro-
nut ents a prescript on niiiOo ol a lew win-i i
jiuut-iun iv i e- i .,,,.i uin, i sentutivcs nnil l'lesiilelt Wilson.
6 lllKrcun:iiin iiiia'u .... ,
William Paine was born in Oakland
county, .Michigan, on November ,1, 1 S .".' ,
nnd was married to Olive H. Hunter on
October Id, IhSil.
Ho united with the church in Hast
ings, Nebraska, in J S!l2, and enme to
Oregon eight years ago. He had been in
poor health for many years. He is sur
vived by his wife niicj flangtiter, Mrs.
C. O. Coffey, who resides in Portland.
Ho was buried in the Odd Fellows'
cemetery, Salem, Ore., on the 27tli day
of April, l'Jld.
Lnnnn VOI7it IllitA tllLfreUlClltS
ulive oil, naminpr tlicm Dr. hMwar.ls Uilvo
Tablets, you will know them by their olive
tolnr. ,
These tablets are wonder-workers on the
liver and bowels, width caute a normal
action, tarrying off the waste ami poison
ous matter that one's system colkcts.
If you liavo a pale face, sallow look, iiull
eyes, pimples, coated toimue, hculaches, a
listless, no-ijood feeling, all out of sorts. In
active nowvl you take ono Of Dr. Eilward s
Olive Tablets nightly for a time snd nolo
the pleasing rsKiilts.
TliouBamls of women, ns Will as men,
take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tublvts now und
then Junt to keep In the Pink ot cumlltlon.
IJr, IJilwards' Olive Tablets, tlio success
ful eubstltnta for eolonifl 10c anil 'Ho
per box. All dnicglsts.
The Olive Tablet Company, Cvlumlus, O.
The visitors were given several eusc-i
of loganberry juice ns an additional
remembrance of the cnpital of the stato.
Sunday they were given a ride on tho
Columbia highway, and today lire in Nv
attle. Tomorrow the nuffiage speelnl
start on its homeward journey.
T.os Angeles, May 1, Sheriff .1. II.
Shnttiirk of liolling Hay, Wash., win
slated 'o appear as a witness in llm
trial of Ihtvid Ciiplan hero today.
Shattiiek's testimony will be a sur
prise to the defense, it. was predicted.
IMstriet Attorney Woolwino stated
tod iv that the trial of the alleged dy
namiter would cud by May 10.