Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 29, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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ISlIll Oil
When in trouble we will be glad to help you.
Experienced man to make your repairs and ad
justments. Full line of accessories in stock at all
Exide and G. L. B. Batteries. Recharging Station.
Supplies for Hudson, Auburn and Reo Cars, in stock.
Great Western Garage
C. C. SIMERAL, Prop.
147 High St., opposite Court House.
B-.HflTV l.W r.- '' ".Wf
i r 4 v -i rt
i t Ja
Those features which you' have come to i;ssociate
exclusively with the high-priced cars you will find
embodied in Saxon "Six" at $915. It meets in every
-respect present day standards among fine cars.
Ask any owner of a Saxon "Six" his opinion of his
car's strength, beauty and comfort and he will tell
you "there is no other car for me."
Get a demonstration at THE CAPITAL GARAGE,
Lloyd L. Ryan
173 South Liberty St.
Mrs. W. (I. ilerrifieltl died st her
home lit 1'';.'I0 o'clock, Tuesday, April
"ri, at the age of "Ii. after an extended
illness. I'uael'al services were held lit
1 o'clock today. Interment will be at.
Salem. Hesitles her husband she is sur
vived bv 'lour daughters and three sons.
Sim will be missed by her mai.v
friends, besides the pioneers of the ser
rounding count rv. Aumsvillc Keeord.
Slavl'in, Ore., April 2ft. At 11 mas
meeting here this week it was utctl
ply to
'Kt Wis ':")
,Itr? AUTO
Phone 44
Salem, Oregon
that unless the proposed line fruu
Salem can be secured, a jtpur he built
from Kingston, on the Corvallis & Kal
cm railroad, u mile from this place.
Mavlon now has 1,000 inhabitants nail
some of the boosters have adopted the
slogan "5,000 in .Stayton wiih'i.i five
Kosebul'g, Ore., April 'JO.- The M--lh-odist
church at Yoiicalla wa binned
Wednesday night. The same firebug who
is supposed to have fired the high
school building some mouth ago is ins
pected of the crime. The loss is $7 'inn.
WANTfD 50,000
of experience at once on the farms of
To replace the young farmers who have enlisted
for the war. lioml wages and full season's work
There Is no danuer or possibility of Conscription
In Canada.
Ileferenecs rctpiiied from nil applicants. Kor
special railway rales and other informal ion up
Cor. 1st and Tout Sts.. Snokane.. Wash
Authorized Canadian, Oovcrnm't A'jt
Studebaker Announces
Nsw Models With
Added Refinements
New Scries 17 Four Priced at S87" Six
Sells for S1085 More Th:m :or!0
of the New Cars Alrea''. hi
Hands, of the Dea'rs.
Announcement just made of the row
Scries 17 Ntuilohnkcr six-cylim or tin ill
four-cylinder models comes in the mi
t ure of n double (riiiiii)ili for The Stride
baker corporal ion. For not only hiin
this giant organization maintained Situ
tlfl.ii k or ipmlily in its latest product,
whilw effecting 11 a'tited rcfiiieiiicnts
and in several instances reducing prices
it is further startling the public hy an
nouncing that shipments of the new cars,
have been going fi.rwaid for the past
twu weeks, sotluit more than "1)00 deal
ers already are aide to show the Scr
ies 17 models.
Tin' liasis design of the series 17 cars
shows no radical changes. The me
chanical principles tnat have proved
successful are retained intact.
The new reflncaicnls have been in
the direction of securing greater roomi
ness anil comfort, along with .still Yur
thor conveniencies. In spite of these
added features, however, the new 17
four-cylinder seven posscnger touring
car now sells for .fir). Tlio three pes
sengcr roadster is priced sit $.125. The
six-cvlinder seven-passenger touring cal
ls priced at fldoM, ami the throo-pnssen-,
ger roailster at 102ij, I
A notable addition to the fil udebnlser j
line is the six-cylinder seven-passenger j
sedan model, the price of which is
Other new series 17 six-cylinder mod
els are the three-passenger Itmdi.'i
roadster at .tl. ".!)(); four-passenger coupe
at $111(10, and seven-passenger limousine
at 2i"l)tl. The four-cylinder models in-1
dude the three-passenger laiulau-roail
ster in addition to the touring car anil
roailster type.
One of the most striking refinemeuls
in the scries 17 cars in the divided front
seat effect. The from seats are of the
individual type of construction and are
adjustable fore and aft.
The brake and clutch pedals have
been lengthened in order to provide
greater leverage and a consequent ease
in control. This pedal adjustment, sup
plemental by the front sent adjustment
provides 'for drivers of varying sizes,
and is a eonvenience appreciated by
Ingenious Reply Sent
To South America
Lansing, Mich., April 20. An in
genious reply has been received by the
Obis Motor Works to ils recent appeal
geuiiiits reply has been received by the
for help in meeting 111 inquiry from
Souih America for "a two-sealer car
to seal three, a three-seater to seal
four, and a four sealer to seat five."
The corespondent, whose address is
"somewhere in ..Missouri." sui'towis i
the following:
"On account of climatic conditions
Hie natives -of Sooth America are mil
is heafty as inhabitants of the I'. S.
A., so liiev loeicallv I'iiinre that, a
"ii i It. lor two North American
. .
beauties will easily accommodate three
lesser developed South Americans, ami
-o cm down the scale."
What is a clutch anil where located
in a motor car .' W. J. ..
j The won! implies its meaning but it
may be enlarged upon by saying t lint
located between the motor and the unit
ji'iillcd transmission, it grips the motor
ami conveys revolutions of the motor
J to the main shaft in the transmission
nail thus through a series of gears to
the other parts, thus giving all parts
thus connected, their proportion of
1 revolutions per minute.
What types
use and wlial
of clutches are now
is meant by each;
.1. (I. W,
Multiple-disc clulcli, cone clutch and
dry-plate clutch. The first type is
composed ot a number of tliin
bronze discs, which are held
teel and
from slipping bv means of a high-coin-1
pression spring. This clutch runs in aaj
oil bath.
clutch is simply two tapered
laces held Ininlv together by a similar
type spring. 1'sually one face is cov
e umI wilh leather or some iionburnable
material, such as rayn I testes.
A dry plate clutch is similar to a
multiple disc tvpc except that the ill-
lernating discs are faced with ray -
abestos or other noa burnable material, j ,,., afford an automobile, but who
This clutch works without an oil bath.ju,, ff from buying simply becau-e
a leak in the raidalor be
II. It. II.
si oppetl ,'
There nre a great
on the market which
many compounds ;
lire recommended '
for use in repairing leaks , in radiators!
but there is none that can be used
which "ill not ilelcrioi te the rndititoiv.
The best thing to do is to have the
radiator repaired by n, competent
nicchaiiic, 1
Ts it neccssarv to keep the spring
clips tiuht f W. II. II.
Hy nil means have tlio spring clips
drawn down securely. If this is not
done, a great many springs will be
broken, because of constant vibration
which is due to shock of the ear hit- i
ting rough spots in highways. This
will cause a crystallint ion of the
spring at the center and eventually
fracture it.
Maxwell salesmen representing the
company 's southwestern territory met
in Detroit n week ago to discuss con
ditions an. I outline selling campaigns.
Two problems were outstanding in the
conference. The first ws the serious
.. ... i i .i ,i... rti.
irelcni "itoriaye an.i nif niin-i hm- it.
1 m .,11
loTiiit'l.l or ini' ivcinontnMis .ti.tt...ti
piodiutioii (bat is cvpected this season.
Motor Car Manufacturers
Make Safety First Practical
"How rapidly the reckless motorists
is dropping from the ranks nail ihe
saae driver is taking his place," said
Lloyd I'yan who has the distribution
of Saxon motor cars in this district.
"A. nl lilt- po,.,i',ar thing about it is
that legislation has played o'y a
small part in the matter."
".Motor manufacturers are looking
to the .safety-first, idea themselves,"
continued Mr. llyau, "for they realize
that it is good business as well as
ordinary humanity. 1 am a discip;.: of
the school of sane driving and yet 1
may say that I am not a slow diiver.
"A small pace does not insure care
ful driving and that is one reason Wie
the legislation of a speed limit regula
tion cannot itself lower the perccn.eg'
of recklessness. Observance t f the
courtesies of the road and of the cau
tion is due making for a careful driver.
"The motorist can drive rapidly if
he knows when to slow up and it he
can slow op rapidly when lie wants to.
The latter ability lies within the car
alone. Only the motor car which can
be throttled with .speed and which
picks up rapidly when accelerated is
capable o'f rapid yet cautious driv
ing. "fa congested traffic, I can always
pun aneau wucu inivisaiile Hint gam
time with inv Saxon, The reason is lie
cause the motor responds to the slight-
est pressure on the accelerator. I can
stop rapidly, thanks to the rood brakes.
and 1 tan move slowly nut bv starts
and jerks because my car will throt
tle down to a snail's pace and still run
smoothly on high gear.
"Frequently in making''trips thru
heavy traffic I never shift mv irear
all but simply guide the speed by the
accerelator. This gives me both hands
for steering and makes possible careful
turns. Host of all, 1 am never uncer
tain about my car. I know just win
it will do, and I know that it will never
'.'That's about half the pleasure of
motoring. It's just like having a trust
ed horse of the kind you read about in
fiction but never see between the thills
or iiiuler the saddle. You don't have to
look to the novel for a completely can
trolled motor, however, you can find
them everywhere and I think, ns do
several thousands of other people, that
the best controlled car has- " Jaxnn "
on its naineplute. "
Pay As You Use
Plan of Buying Popular
The deferred payment plan recently
"imou 'd bv.the (niaranly Securities
Corporation of New York is said to be
one of the greatest steps ever taken to
ward facilitating the purchase of auto
mobiles. I'ntlcr the terms of this new
selling arrangement, purchasers of
motor cars can 'buy any one of 10 dif
ferent makes of cars on a monthly pay
ment basis.
The "guaranty plan" as it is called,
can be applied in the purchase of al
most any car made iu.lhe I'nitcd States.
ti... i:..t i ..ii.. ii n ii
' 11 1111 lotos piai-iiiitiiy an oi me
well known makes ami is made up of
Ihe following: Ford, Overland, Huick.
Stiitlebaker, llodge, Maxwell, lieu, Chev
rolet, Ilupuiobile, Cadillac, Hudson,
Chalmers, Chandler, I'aige, .leffery,
Kissell, Olilsinohilc, Mitchell and Oak
land. Payment Plan
With this array of cars
from, the prospective buver
to choose
can select
car, make Ins tirst payment when
is delivered and then make up the
balance in eipial monthly payments.
There is no nddiiinnnl expense attached
to the transaction other than a small
charge for insurance and incidentals
and a normal rate of i! per cent interest
on the deferred payments.
According to officials of the fluar
aaty Securities Corporation, nutoinonio
bile dealers throughout the country are
enthusiastic over this (luaranty plan,
b'eports already have been received by
them from numerous sources, stating
that sales have been consummate, that
' for months were liauuiliL' fire.
Attract Many,
The fact that the automobile has
! pa-sctl bevond the luxury stage and is
; now looked niioa as an everv dav
j necessil v, has influenced
..t ........I
to take advantage of this
isv uavnu'iit plan, who, under ordi
nary conditions, probably would not
buy for another vear or two.
it is estimated that there are tens
.f thon-ands of neoule who want aa.l
thev do not care to invest a lump sum
of money in a car. On the other hjnd
there is a vast number of people who
really need a cur for their I'aaiilv or
business um' but they figure that they
cannot afford to cut down their sav
ings account bv drawing out a big sum
of nionev nil at once.
Coaxes the Tardy.
I'nder the Cuaiaatv plan practically
all of these obstacles are eliminated.
The casv terms of payment make it pos
sible for a man or woman to own and
enjov a c.ir today, whereas if thev ha. I
to put off buying until the full pur
chase price were saved, th suinmr ami
po.-ildv the fall would slip by before
thv had accumulated the full amount.
Another point in favor of the tluar
antv plan is the fact that every one of
lhc 1! cars that can be bought under
the terms of this agreement, bear trade
marks that are the most popular im the
market and are backed up r the great
est organizations in the industry.
Why tire we popular? Be
cause we tell you every day,
the news of the world.
. 4.
. "
"Cars may come and cars may go,
but the "Olds" will go on forever"
For seventeen years the Oldsmobile has been making a reputation for
BILE now means the 20th Century standardization of motor efficiency.
The Oldsmobile has been built upon the basis of Common Sense from the Price
to the last spoke. It is the car for the man who must be sure. The car that has
never faltered, one that has no need of an excuse. It is the SUPERLATIVE
You might buy an automobile and do well. Buy an Oldsmobile and you caimc-t
do better Enough said.
THE "FOUR" $1225. ' THE "EIGHT" $1325
Get a demonstration of these Jittle wonders at -
Halvorsen & Burns
Corner High and Ferry Streets. Salem, Oregon
A' - - f
'' X '.
. t.
i" . ' v
W. C. Winslow
I am ,i candidate for the office of
District Attorney for Marion county.
I haven "t any particular platform, nor
have I many elaborate promises to
to make. There is considerable being
said about, the duty of the District
Attorney to see that, the court dockets
are not crowded with c.ises wherem
convictions cannot be had. I'rior to
10OS it. was the duty of the District
Attorney to determine what cases
Ii on I.I be prosecuted, ami what cases
should not be prosecuted. In 10IIS. the
people of the state of Oregon passed
a law taking that power from the Dis
trict Attorney an. I relieving him from
this responsibility. Hy this law the
llr.inil .lury, and the Grand Jury alone
is responsible for the criminal cases
which should be on tiie court docket. 1
believe that tile people acted wisely,
anil if nominated and elected District
Attorney I shall see to it that all cases
placed upon the docket by the gand
jury shall receive vigorous und""htten
tive prosecutions, f shall not .it tempt
to interfere with the action of the
grand jury in any way. s'one or form,
but will abide by their judgment abso
lutely ns to what cases should be on the
court docket.
1 base my appeal for the support of
the substantial Republican voters of
the county umiu my record as deputy
district attorney under this law refer
red to. I served as deputy district attor
ney under John II. XlcNarv during his
I last terms, .mil particularly during he
j !n st two years thereof, 101 1 and 101,
j I had charge of substantially all of the
'criminal business for this county. In
j n.Mitio'.i to this, Mr. McN'ary intrust
! ed me with th" work ill part of the
'other counties of the district, aad-I
acted as special prosecuting attorney
in iiis stead in Tillamook county for
(two terms, in Yamhill county two terms
land in I'olk county for one term. One
jterni in Tillamook county we collected
enough fines to pay the entire expense
iof the whole term of court. There
'was only one acipiittnl during the en
! tiro Session. During 1011 ami 1012
(the grand jury of Marion county re-l
'turned one hundred fourteen indict-j
. meats, la the most of these ple.is of;
guilty were entered, and out of the j
i whole number, only thirty jury trials i
I resulted. Out of these thirty jury:
'trinls there were twenty three cou-j
, victions, six acquittals, and one jury I
' disagreed. I submit that the grand:
j in ry made no mistake, that the present!
system is ndeiuate, and if my record in i
'h milling these eases satisfies you of
I my ability to represent you as your
; district attorney, I sincerely solicit
your support at tae Kepaltlican prima
lies, Mav ll'th. Kespectfullv submit
! ted. ' W. C. WINSLOW.
1 I'd. ml
Walter T. l.ongwcll, special represen
tative of the Maxwell Motor Co., of!
Detroit, will sail for the Orient April'
..nil. The purpose ot his tour is to
place the home ot'fice in closer touch
with the dealcis in the far east, to
iiinke a first hand study of conditions
and outline selling campaigns, Mr.
I.ongw ell's itinerary includes Japan,
China, .lava, Samatia, India and
Ceylon, He expects to cover these
countries by tvbiuarv, 1017. should
the war be ended by that time, he will
proceed through Kgypt, thence to Daly.
Cr.-ince and Lag'and, returning to the
I'nited ftatcs ii'iflit Ap'il 1, 1017.
sic sjc jfc sk
The deputy assessors will have fin
ished their work in Marion cohnty
within the next week according to '
County Assessor lien West and al-;
ready a few of the deputies have turn-!
ed in their reports. A. A. I'lvin, of Sil- j
verton; L. I. Snyder, of Aurora, Frink
Lick of Brooks; John Tweed, of Howell;
I'rairie have all finished their reports.
T. B. l'atton, of -Muclny, lias been
seriously ill and has not yet started his
work but is. expected to begin within
a few days. . j
A total of 14,740 voters have been
registered for the primaries in Marion
county according to the final count
of the county clerk as shown by tho
recheck of the lists which was finish
ed today. Of this number 10,ii0.! ore
republicans, .'1070 arc democrats, .'lo are
progressive, 4 37 are prohibitionists, '-44
are socialists and oM7 .ire miscellaneous.
The total registration for the precincts
in Salem is ol.'IO.
An order .was issued bv Judge Clal-
Helen Holmes in "The Girl and the
Game" at the Bligh Theatre.
Compare the Construction of the
With any other wheel, and you will see why there are
more Flyer Bicycles sold in Salem than any other
make of wheel.
Come and see the Flyer before you buy.
We are agents for the Famous
Bicycle Tires That Sells for
$2.50 EACH
We guarantee every one to give perfect satisfaction
Scott & Piper
loway today in the case of I'red L. Wil
cox against, hlla Wilcox, .v suit tor di
vorce, in which the plaintiff was re
quired to pay $50 into court for the
uso and benefit of the defendant in
the suit pending on or before May J.".
A foreclosure suit, was filed in the
ciriitit court today by Sarah Kennedy
tig.iinst) Oliver 1). Newton, Oertrudo
E. Newton and Fenton D. Dunn, a
minor. The complaint alleges that the
defendants gave a note to the plaintiff
in 1911 for $100 which was secured by
a mortgage on Lots 3 and 4, Mock I,
Goodman's addition to Woodburn. The
plaintiff seeks a judgment in the sum
of $100 and interest with $L'5 attornryj
fees anil a decree of foreclosure. ,
216 K. Commercial St.
When your Bicycle needs
Repairing we have a man
on the job all the time.
f 1