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X.- Helping the Other
Copyright by Frank A. Munaey Co.)
Rut can thlm that help othem help thlm
ves M ul vunoy.
I liatwlllluui Trot
ter tolil me oil the
heuoh at Agnus
l-'reseas while I
waited for tlie gig
of the captain of
the fruit steamer
Auduilor, which
was to take die
an hi id. lteluctuutly 1 was leaving the
Uinil of Always Aflornoou. William
wis remaining, and lie favored me
with a condensed oral autobiography
as we sat on the sands In the shade
oust by the Hodegii Naclonal.
Am usual, 1 became aware that the
W in from Uoinbay had ulready writ
ten the story, but as lie had compressed
It lo an eight word Bculence I have be
come mi expansionist ami have uoted
hit phrase above with upologles to tilui
mill best regards to Terence.
"Don't you ever have a desire to go
lur k to the land of derby hats and
studied collars?'' 1 asked him. "You
seem lo be a handy man and a man of
hi i Inn," I continued, "und 1 urn sure 1
could ilud you a comfortable Job some
where In the States."
Magged, shiftless, barefooted, a con
tinued eater of the lotos, William Trot
ter had pleased me much, and I hated
to see him gobbled up by the tropics.
"I've no doubt you could," he said,
Idiy splitting the bark from u section
of sugar cane. "I've uo doubt you
could do much for me. If every man
co ild do as much for himself as he
cim for others every country in the
world would be holding millenniums
In dead of centennials."
There seemed to be pabulum In W.
T.'s words. And (hen another idea
runio to me.
I liud n brother in Chlcopee Falls
who owned uianufactorles-cottoti or
Hu,rar or A A sheetings or something
in Hie commercial line, lie was, vul
garly rich, mid therefore reverenced
Hit. The artistic temperament of the
1'iiinlly was monopolized at niy birth.
I knew (hat Brother .lumen would hon
or my slightest wish. I would demand
from him a position In cotton or sugar
or sheetings for William Trotter some
thing, any. at $-01) a mouth or there
iiImuiIs. 1 coulldeil my beliefs and
tnndu my propositions to William, lie
bad pleased me much, and he was
While we were talking there was a
wound of llriug guns-four or live, rat
tling!)', as If by u mpiuil. The cheer
ful noise came from the, direction of
the cuartel, which Is a klud of make
Htiil't barracks for tho soldiers of the
"Hear thutV" said William Trotter.
"Let me tell you ubout It.
"A year ago I landed on this coast
with one solitary dollar. I have tho
statue sum In my pocket today. I was
second cook on a trauip fruiter, and
they marooned
me here early one
morning without
benellt of clergy
Just because I
po u 1 1 1 c e d the
far of the first
ma to with a
cheese omelet at
dinner. The fel
low had kicked
because I'd put
horseradish In it
instead of cheese.
"When they
threw uie out of
the yawl Into
three feet of surf
I waded ashore
and Hut down un
der a palm tree,
lly and by a Hue
looking white
III;) n Willi a red
face mid white
clot lies, genteel
as possible, but
"Hear that?" taid
William Trotter.
H'Kuev. hut under the Influence, rauie
mi'l K it down licsldii me.
"I liad noticed there was n kind of
ii village buck of the beach, and enough
s -enery to out lit a dozen moving pic
ture allows. Hut I thought, of course,
II was a cannibal suburb, and I was
wondering whether 1 was to be serv--l
with carrots or mushrooms. And,
us 1 say, this dressed up man sits be
i.nle me, mid wo become friends in the
1 1 o of a minute or t ww. For an hour
I f Inlki'd, ilinl he told mo till about It.
"It seems that, he was a man of
parts, conscientiousness and plausllill
dy, besides being cdueated and a
wreck lo ills appetites. He told me
nil iiliout If. Colleges had turned lit ill
out nml distilleries had taken lilin 111.
I'M I tell you his name? It was Cllf
foul Waliiwrlght. I didn't cruelly
c ii' It 111" cause of Ills being cast away
on Hint particular stretch of South
Ann-i ll a, but I reckon it was tils own
lei dues. I asked 111 tit If he'd ever
l vi second cook on a trump fruiter,
mi I he said no: so that cuiieliuled my
'i of surmises. Lilt he talked like
II iicyc,iHill;i from 'A-Herlln' to
"f( ilo - Zyrla .' And lie curried a watch
:i silver an Mimenicnt with works.
: 1 1 t up lo date wlililu twenty four
li.iiiis, anyhow.
1;i MWaiJ
" 'I'm pleased to have met you,' says
Walnwright. 'I'm a devotee to tho
great joss Booste, but my rumiuatlug
facilities ure unrepaired,' says he, or
words to that effect. 'And I hate,' says
he, 'to see fools trying to run the
" 'I never touch a drop,' says I, 'and
there are many kinds of fools, and the
world runs on Us own apex, accord
ing to science, with no meddling from
" 'I was referring,' says he, 'to the
president of this republic. His country
Is in a desperate condition. Its treas
ury Is empty, It's on the verge of war
with Mcamalu, and lf.lt wasn't for
the hot weather the people would be
starting revolutions In every town.
Here Is a ualUin,' goes ou Walnwrlght,
'on the brink of destruction. A man
of Intelligence could rescue It from Its
impending doom In one day by Issuing
I ho necessary edicts and orders. Pres
ident Gomez knows nothing of states
manship or policy. Do yon know Adam
" 'I.emme see,' says I. 'There was a
one eared mun named Smith in Fort
Worth, Tex., but 1 think his first name
" 'I am referring to the' political econ
omist,' says Walnwrlght.
" 'S'mother Smith, then,' says I.
The one 1 speuk of never was ar
"So Wuluwiight bolls some more
with Indignution at Iho Insensibility of
people who are not corpulent to till
public positions, and I hen be tells me he
Is going out to the president's summer
palace, which Is four miles from Agnus
I'rcscas, to Instruct him in the art of
running sleiini heated republics.
" 'Come along with me, Trotter,'
says he, 'and I'll show you what bralus
can do.'
'"Anything in It?' I asks.
"The satisfaction,' says he, 'of re
lit dug a country of 3Ml0t) popula
tion from ruin back to prosperity mid
pen ci.'
" 'Great!' says I. 'I'll go with you.
I'd prefer to eat a live broiled lobster
Just now, but give me liberty us second
choice If I can't be In at the death.'
"Walnwrlght und me permeates
through the town, and he halls at a
rum dispensary.
" 'Have you any money?' he asks.
"'I have,' says I, Halting out my sil
ver dollar. '1 always go iflioiit with
iiileiiiale sums of money.'
"'Then we'll drink,' says Waln
wrlght. " Wot me,' says I. 'Not any demon
rum or any of Its ramlllciitlons for
mine. It's one of my nou-wcakiiesscs.'
"it's my fulling,' says lie. 'What's
your particular soft point''
"industry,' says 1 promptly, i'm
hardworking, diligent, industrious and
"'My dear Mr. Trotter,' says he,
'surely I've known you long enough to
tell you you me a liar. I'.very man
must have Ills own particular weakness
and his own particular strength In oth
er things. Now you will buy me a
drink of ruin, mid we will cull on Presi
dent Gome..'
"Well, sir," Trotter went on, "we
walks the four miles oul, through a
virgin conservatory of palms and ferns
und other roof garden products, to the
president's stiinuicr White House. It
was blue mid reminded you of what
yon see on Iho singe in the third net,
which they describe as 'same as the
llrst' on the programs.
"There wus more Ihaii fifty people
waiting outside the Iron fence that sur
rounded the house mid grounds. There
was generals, agitators and eergiies
In gold lace uniforms and citizens
In diamonds ami panauiu hats, all
waiting fi get nil audience with I he roy
al live curd draw. And In a kind of a
summer house In front of Hie mansion
we could see a limned sleniiu mini eat
ing breakfast out of gold dishes mid
Inking his time. 1 Judged that the
crowd outside hud come out for their
morning orders und requests and was
afraid to Intrude.
"Hut C. Walnwrlght wasn't. Tut
gale wus open, mid he walked Inside
and up to tlie president's tuble us court
dent us a man who knows the bend
waiter In a llfteeu cent restaurant.
And 1 went with him because I had
only 73 cents, mid there was nothing
else lo do.
"The Gomez limn rises from his chair
und looks, colored mull as he was, like
he wits about to cull out for corporal of
Hie guard, post No. 1. Hut Waluwright
says some phrases to him In a peculiar
ly liibrlcallng manner, and the Hist
thing you know we was all three of us
seated at the table, with coffee and
rolls und iguana cutlets coining us fust
as ubout ninety peons could rustle 'em.
"And then Walnwrlght begins to
talk, but the president Interrupts him.
"you Yankees,' says he, polite, 'as
suredly lake the -nke for assurance, 1
assure you,' or words lo that effect,
lie spoke F.ngllsh better than you or
me. 'You've hud n long walk,' says
he, 'but It's nicer lit the cool morning
to walk Hutu lo ride. May I suggest
Mime refreshments?' says lie.
"'Hum,' says Walnwrlght.
"'Glntine a cigar,' says I.
"Well, sir, the two talked nil hour,
keeping Hie generals and equities all
In I heir gold uniforms walling outside
tlie feme, and while 1 smoked, silent,
I listened to Clifford Walnwrlght mak
ing a solid republic out of the wreck of
one. I didn't follow Ills arguments
with any special collocation of Inter
national Intelligibility, but lie had Mr.
Gomez's attention glued mid riveted.
He lakes out a pencil and marks the
white linen tablecloth nil over with
ilures und estimates and deductions,
lie speaks more or less disrespectfully
of import and export duties and cus
tom house receipts and taxes und
treaties and budgets and concessions
md such trial; that politics and gov
ernment require, and when lie gets
through the Gomez mun hops up and
shakes his hand and says he's saved
:be country and the people.
You shall be rewarded,' says tho
"'Might I suggest another rum?'
says Walnwrlght.
" 'Cigar for me -darker brand,' says I.
"Well, sir, the president sent me and
Wuluwiight buck to the town in a vic
toria hitched to
two lien bitten
selling platers
but tlie best the
country afforded.
"I found out
afterward that
Wainwrlght was
a regular beach
comber, I h e
smartest man
on the whole
coast, but kept
down by rum. I
liked hi in.
"One day 1
inveigled h I in
Into a walk out
a couple of miles
from the village,
where there wus
an old grass hut
ou the bank of
a lllllo liver.
While he was
sitting on the
"You ehall be re
warded," says the
grass, talking beautiful of the wisdom
of the world that he hud learned In
books, I took hold of lilin easy and
tied his bunds and feet together with
le in her thongs that I hud In my
"'Me still,' says I, 'and meditate on
the exigencies and Irregularities of life
llll I get back.'
"I went to a slun k In Agnus Fros
cas, where a mighty wise girl named
Tluioteu Carrizo lived with her moth
er. The girl was" Just ubout as nice
us you ever saw. In the Stales she
would have been called a brunette, but
she was better than briinelte-I should
my she was what you you might term
an ecru shade. I knew her pretty well
I told her about my friend Wain
Wright. She gave me a double hand
ful of bark callsnyu, I think it wus
aud some more herbs that I was to
mix wllh It anil told me what to do.
I was to make tea of It and give It
to him and keep him from ruin for
certain lime. And for two weeks I
did it. You know, I liked Wuluwiight.
Itolh of us was broke, but 'iiinoteii
sent us goat meat and plantains and
tortillas every day, and at lust I got
the curse of drink lifted from Clifford
Wain wright. He lost his laste for it.
And in the cool of the evening him
und me would sit on the roof of Timo
lea's mother's hut. eating harmless
truck like coffee and rice and stewed
crabs and playing the accordion.
"About that time President Gomez
found out that the advice of C. Wain
wrlght was the stuff lie had been look
ing for. The country was pulling out
of debt, and the treasury had enough
boodle III It for hint to amuse himself
occasionally Willi the night latch.
"So down from the regiilu capital lie
sends for Clifford Walnwrlght and
makes him bis private secretary at 20.
(1(10 Peru dollars u year. Yes, sir so
much. Wuluvnight was on the water
wagon-tbiinks to me und Tiinotea
mid he wus kooii In clover with the
government gang.
"As I said, n iiihii enn do n lot more
for another party than be can for him
self. Wuluwiight with his bralus got
a whole country out of trouble and
on lis feet, but what could he do for
himself? And without any special
bralus, but with some nerve mid com
moil sense, I put him on Ills feet be
cause 1 never had the weakness that
he did nothing but n cigar for mine.
Yes, he offered me some pretty good
A Soft Voic Calld Across the Sandi.
Jobs. Hut I'd have had to leave Aijiuc
I'resi-as. so 1 didn't l.ihe iiiiyof'oiii up
Say, I didn't tell you milch about thill
ulrl Tlniolcii. We rather hit II olT to
tccther. She was as hikkI as you tiud
em anywhere-Spanish mostly, with
lust n twist of lemon peel on top.
What if they did live In a grass hut
and went Intro armed 1
"A mouth iiko." went on Trotter,
she went away. I don't know where
in, but"
"Vou'd better como back to the
States," I Insisted. "1 can promise
you positively Hint my brother will
she yon position lit cotton, stinar or
sheetings, I inn (tot certain which"
Y !
"1 ttimS alio eni ouck witu ner
mother," said Trotter, ;'to the village
in the mountains that tiioy come from.
Tell me, wbut would this job you speuk
of pay?"
"Why," said I, hesitating over com
merce, "I should say $30 or $100 a
month, maybe $'J00."
"Ain't It funny." said Trotter, dig
ging his toes In the sand, "what a
chump u man is when It comes to pad
dling his own canoe? I don't know.
Of course I'm not making a living
here. I'm ou the bunt. Hut well, I
wish you could have seen that Tiino
tea. Every man has his owu weak
The gig from the Andador was com
ing ashore to take out the captain, purs
er a::d m; self, t'.u lone passenger.
"I'll guarantee," said I confidently,
"that my brother will pay you $75 a
"All right, then," said William Trot
ter. "I'll"
Uut a soft voice called across the
blazing sands. ' A girl, faintly lemon
tinted, stood In C'nlle Heal und called.
"It's her!" said William Trotter, look
ing. "She's come back! I'm obliged.
but I can't tuke the job. Thanks, Just I
the same. Ain't It funny bow we can't
do .nothing for ourselves, but we can
do wonders for the other fellow? You
was about to get me with your finan
cial proposition, but we've all got our
weak silnts, TImotca's mine. And,
say" Trotter bad turned to leave, but
he retraced the slop or two thut lie had
taken. "I like to have left you without
saying good by." said he. "It kind of
rattles yon when they go it way iiuex-M-cted
for n month and come back the
same way. Shake hands. So long!
Say, do you remember them gun shots
we heard nwhile ago up nt the cuartel?
Well, I knew what they was, but I
didn't mention It. It was Clifford
Walnwrlght being shot by a squad of
soldiers against a stone wall for glv
Ing away secrets of slate to that Nica
niala republic. Oh, yes, It was rjim
that did It. lie buckslided and got his.
I guess we nil have our weak points
and can't do much toward helping our
selves. Mine's waiting for me. I'd
have liked to have that Job with your
brother, but we've ull got our weak
polnls. So long!"
A big black C'arib carried me on his
back through tho surf to the ship's
boat. On tlie way the purser handed
me a letter that lie had brought for me
nt the last moment from the post of
fice in Agtins I-'rcscus. It was from
my brother. He requested mo to meet
him nt the St. Charles hotel in New
Orleans and accept a position with his
house In either cotton, sugar or sheet
ings, and wltli ?n,(Xto a year ns my
When I arrived at the Crescent
City I hurried away far away from
the St. Charles to u dim chambre gar
nle In Hlenville .street and there, look
ing down from my attic window from
time to time at Hie old. yellow absinthe
house across the street, I wrote this
story to buy my bread and butter.
"Can tliim that helps others help
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the car
There is onlv one way to cure catarrhal
deafness, and that is by a constitutional
remedy. Catarrhal Deufness is -caused
by an inflamed condition of the ntucout
lining of the Kustacuina Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rum
bling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed, Deafness is
tho result. Unless the inflammation
can bo reduced and this tube restored
to its normal condition, hearing will bf
destroyed forever. Mauy cases of deaf
ness are caused by catarrh, which is an
inflamed condition of the mucous sur
faces. Hall's Catarrh Cure acts thru
the blood on the mucous surfaces of the
system. "
Wa will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Catarrhal Deafness that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Circulars froe. All Druggists, 75c.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Mr. iiiul Mrs. William Arnold of Scio
were week cud visitors at Hie Listen
Darby home.
Chits. Srlinefer ami family and Miss
Bertha Sihnfcr attended Ilie Luster
exercises nt the Christian church nt
Stnvton Sunday, and afterwadrs spent
the' day visiting at the B. A. Schuefer
Clifford Harold of Portland, spent
Thursday night with home folks. He
was here looking after the unloading
of tin engine for C, 15. Pcppcrling of
.lonlii it.
Geo. Sunder and family and John
Sunder, Jr., and wife spent SuiuUiy
visiting with home torks in Staytim.
Joe Bra ml and family were oat in
their new our Sunday.
Curl Follis was n Sunday visitor at
the Arncy Flood home.
Mrs. lienry Follis of Stayton visit
ed nt the M. S. TitiM tiome just week.
Mr. mid Mrs. Raleigh Harold and
Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur Lefflcr visited
at the Flood home Sunday. Stayton
Trr flsnltal Journal Want Ads
An Important
in tit ' promotion and mainten
ance of )ood health ia
Liver Regularity
nnd any disturbance fff this
function mnv be , corrected by
Stomach Bitters
OregonYiState Conference
Committeesof Daughters
of American Revolution
(Mrs. Ida I.ee Patterson, State Ke-! chapter; .Mrs. Norris II. Looney, Chera
. .gent, Kola Koud, Salem, Oregon.) ukcta chapter.
I Heal Daughters Mrs. James K.
Program Mrs, F. AL Willtins, Ore-1 Weutlierford, Linn chapter, chairman;
gon Lewis and Cia'rk, chairman; Mra.!Mrs- Adelaide V. Baker, Oregon Lewis
Mark Weutlierford, Linn chapter; Mrs. I Bd c'larkj'l'ter; Mrs. A.iiiu Seeley
' , i Bernard, Multnomah chapter; Mrs. Wil-
Wnrreu L. Thomas, Multnomah chap-, Ham Dugan, Willamette thupter; Mrs.
ter; Mrs. Murray Manville, Willamette I Angella Porte Holmstrum, Chemckctu
chapter; Mrs. Mark Savage, tuemeke-
ta chanter.
Badge Mrs. Frank Jenkins, Oregon
Lewis and Clark, hairmaa: Mrs.
John Verriiti, Willamette chapter; Miss
KUen C. Meade, Linn chapter; Mrs. T.
C. Tavlor, Multnomah chapter; Miss
Esther Kyau, ChemeKeta chapter.
Press -Mrs. B. L. Bogurt, Oregon
gon Lewis and Clark, chairman; Mrs.
Willard L. Marks, Linn cnapter; miss.
Lillian Applegate, Chemeketa chap
ter; -Mrs. John i. Beaumont, Willam
ette chapter; Mrs.' Mary Barlow Wil-
kins, Multnomah chapter.
Printing Mrs. L. K. .umunson, ure-
cron Lewis und Ciurk, chairman; Mrs.
.1. V. Beach, Multnomah chapter;, Mrs.
J. P. Frizzell, Chemeketa chapter; Airs.
G. L. Frankel, Willamette chapter; Mrs.
Elizabeth Ryan, Linn chapter. i
Credentials Airs. Annie linn mint,
Linn chapter, chairn.uii; Airs. Edna P.
Datson, Oregon Lewis and Clark chap
ter; Airs. Edwin A. Taylor, Willamette
chapter; Mrs. John A. Keating, Aim
tuoinuh chapter; Airs. Henry W. Jley-
ers, Chemeketa chapter.
Rules Airs. Norns II. I.ooncy, Uie
mcketa chrpter, chairman; Mrs. U. O.
Yoran, Oregon Lewis nnd Clark chap
ter; Airs. James K. Weatherford, Linn
chapter; Airs. Thomas W. S-harp, Wil
lamette chapter; Airs. w. v. .teuton,
Multnomah chapter.
Preservation of the Flag Mrs. A.
IL Breyman, Multnomah chapter, cnnir
ninn; Mrs. W. C. Witzel, .Multnomah
chapter; Airs. S. L. Albnugh, Willam
ette chapter; Mrs. Robert Simpson,
Willamette chapter; Airs. William Bell,
Linn chapter; Airs. Willinni A. Barrett,
Linn chapter; Aliss Alary Perkins,
Oregon Lewis and Clark chapter; Airs.
A. W. I.ivermore, Oregon Lewis and
Clark chapter; Airs. C. C. Best, Cheme
keta chapter; Miss Edith E. Beuedict,
Chemeketa chapter.
Conservation nnd 'f'onscn'viition of
the Home Mrs. E. At. Sharp, Linn
chapter, chairman; Mrs. R. R. Russell, i
Oregon Lewis and Clark chapter; Airs.
S. H. Gruber. Multnomah chapter; Airs.
O. L. Rickert, Willamette chapter; Airs.
Sevmonr Jones, Chemeketa chapter.
Washington Statue Airs. John F.
Hcnniiint, Willamette chapter, chair;
man:. Airs. Edward A. Heals. Willam
ette chapter; Airs. James N. Davis,
Multnomah chapter; Airs. Levi E.
Tracy, Linn chapter; Airs. Sarah Clarke
Dyer, Chemeketa chapter.
'.Magazine Mrs. Gen. AL Post, Che
jmcketa chapter;, 'chairman; Miiss
katlierine Allen. Linn chapter; Airs.
Theodore G. Geisler, Multiiomiih chap
ter; Airs. W. E. Pearson, Willamette
chapter; Aliss Susau Diusmore, Oregon
Lewis and Clark chapter.
Children of Hie American Revolu
tion n Airs. William D. Scott, Willam
ette chapter, chairman; .Mrs. Ralph
Gecr. Willamette chapter; Airs. J. H.
Huddleson, Multnomah chapter; Mrs.
.1. A. Alalarkey, '.Multnomah, chapter,
Mrs. F. II. Gcselhracht, Linn chapter;
Miss Alarinn A. Anderson, Linn chap
ter; Alt'. G. O. Yoran, Oregon Lewis
and Clark chapter; Aliss Emmn Mercy
Travis, Oregon Lewis anil l larK cnap
ter; Mrs. Gertrude W llson, I heniekcta
chapter; Aliss Ellen Thielsen, Cheme
keta chapter.
State Standing Committees.
Executive Airs. Rockey K. Alason,
Linn chapter, chairman; Airs. Scott Bo
zarth. Multnomah chapter; Airs. Hor
ace B. Fenton, Willumette chapter; Airs.
II. J. Durvea. Oregon Lewis and ( lark
chanter: 'Airs. II. B. Thiclsen, Che
meketa chapter.
Special Legislative Mrs. C. S.
Jackson. Multnomah chapter, chairman;
Airs. J. B. Montgomery, Multnomah
chapter; Airs. C. F. Read, Alultnomah
chapter Mrs. C. A. Jones, Multnomah
chapter; Airs. John F. Beaumont, Will
amette chapter; Airs. Esther Allen
Jones. Willamette chapter; Airs. K. K.
Scott, Willamette chapter; Airs. Rey-
nelle 1. K. (.Ornish, Willamette clinp -
ter: Mrs. .lames K. w eatlirrtonl, i.inti
(chapter; Mrs. A. 0. Schmitt, l.inn
hnpter: -Mrs. Annie flint mint, l.inn
hnpter: Mrs. K. K. Mason, l.inn elinr
ter; Mrs. li. A. McMurpliy. Oregon
Lewis and Clark chapter; Mrs. A. K
Wheeler, Oregon Lewis nnd Clark
chapter; iirs. .1. IC. Pratt, Oregon' Lew
is nnd Clark chapter; Mrs. Alary is. L.
(ierrv. Oregon Lewis and CInrk chap
ter; Mrs. C. C. CInrk, Chemeketa chap
ter: .Mrs. I'. (I. Shipley, Chmeketa
chapter; Mrs. Henry B. Thiclsen, Che
mcketa chapter; Mrs. Henry Y. Aley-
ers, I'lienteKcta emipter.
American v lu.cusuni iuuionvu
Mrs. Lulu (iilbcrt llerrcn, Willamette
chapter, chairman; Mrs. Homer Smith.
Chemeketa chapter; Miss Harriett Pat
terson, Oregon Lewis and l lark ennp
ter; Airs. John rearson, .uumioniaa i WPre R1H.sts this week at tha home of
chapter; Airs. i H. Ceselhracht, l.iun ; their son, D. V. O. ftnata.
chapter. I Mr. and Mrs. William Kl';i tpent
Chapter Extension Mrs. K. S. 'Tuesday with relatives in Falls city.
Steams. Multnomah chapter, chairman; t Airs." A. L. I.ongiiecker is in port
Aim. John H. Bagley, Willamette chap- j l, tnj week at the bedside of one
ter: Airs. F. Al. Wilkins, Oregon Lewis j,,f her daughters who is serinusl,- ill.
and Clark chapter; Mrs. 11. S. Loj-amj M , w. K. W. Alatheney ami daiiphter,
Linn chapter; Airs. Sarah Clarke Iyer.;Mrs. RT Vinseth have returned from
Chemeketa chapter. r short visit with friends ntnl relatives
Reciprocity Miss Lillian (1. Apple-;j Portland,
gate. Chemeketa cunpter, chairman : Airs. AL L. Hatiilton of H,ibbird was
Mrs. it. F. Walters, Willamette chapter; ia Km.st this week nt the home of Mr.
Mrs. (icoiec Heed, Alultnomah chap-Inn, I Airs. 11. P. Shriver on Mill street.
ter; Mrs. Hockey K. Alason, l.inn chap
ter; Mrs. Otto Oilstiap, Oregon Lewis
and Clink chapter.
Patriotic l-.ilucntion .Mrs. .lolin u.
Hairlcv, Willamette rhapter; Aliss Alary
riray, .Multnomah chapter; Miss Jean
ette Collins, Linn chapter; Aliss Bertha
Comings, Oregon Lewis and Clark
chapter; Aliss Fililh K. Benedict,
Chemeketa chapter.
Old Tniiis Mrs. Ormsby M. Ash,
Multnomah chapter, chairman : Mrs.
Willard I.. Alarks, Linn chapter; Mrs.
F. Al. Wilkins, Oregon Lewis and Clark
chapter; Mrs. J. Al. Knight, Willumette
j.iqiiiiiatioii and JMiuowment Airs.
H. i'. Kendall, Multnomah chapter,
cliiiirinan; Jlrs. L. (.. Durkee, V ilium
ette chapter; Mrs. S. D. Hooper, Oregon
Lewis and Clark chapter; Aliss Alice
.Allen, Linn chapter; Mrs. C. il. Best,
Chemeketa, chapter,
International Peace and Arbitration
Airs. William A. Evans, Willamette
chapter, chairman; Airs. Alary French
Price, Linn chapter; Airs. Chai'lotte
Choate, Oregon Lewis and Clark chap
ter; Airs. Emma Lou Blaudt'ord, Mult
nomah chapter; Airs. Clara Hulstrom
Heltzel, Chemeketa chapter.
Welfare, Women and Children Mrs.
A. C. Schmitt, Linn chapter, chairman:
Mrs. Cecelia Christina Dunn, Oregon
Lewis und Clark chapter; Airs. W. E.
Newsome, Alultnomah chapter; Airs. W.
H. T. Green, Willamette chanter: Airs.
John W. Woodruff, Chemeketa chap
Preservation of Historical Spots
Airs. C. B. Willoughby, Oregon Lewis
and Clark chapter, chairman; Airs, C.
I. Iline. Multnomah chapter; Alr,s. U.
Smith, Wajanfe'tte n-hapten; .Mrs
Alice Chase, Linn chapter; Mrs. 6. P.
Hoff, Chemeketa chapter.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Sell Oak Timber.
Dallas. -Or., April 20. Drs. V. C.
Stunts and L. A. Bollmmi have sold all
the oak saw timber on their Cooper
Hollow ranch to the Emerson Hardwoud
Co., of Portland. The deal was closed
Wednesday and tlie lumber company
will have a representative here this
week to make arrangements tor cut
ting and shipping the lumber immediat
ely to Portland where the Emerson
company luiv a large mill. It is esti
mated there is about 2(10,(100 feet of
saw timber on the ranch.
HiUinan Case Settled.
Dallas, Ore.. April SO. The quiet ti
tie suit brought by the administrator
ot the estate of Frank 11. Hiilmnn
who committed suicide after killing his
wife ou their farm home near Bethel
last Thanksgiving day has been settled
oatsiue ot court liy the heirs nnd a for
mal decree withoue contest will be en
tered by the court to clear the title of
the estate. Virgil H. Alassey of Amity,
an attorney for the state was in the citv
Wednesday ami secured nn order from
the county court citing the heirs to ap
pear on June 12 und show cause why
the administrator should not sell the
property of the estate nnd divide the
proceeds according to the terms of the
agreement. The estate uf the Hillman
consists of the ranch home near Bethel
and town property in Amitv.
Judge Belt Grama Divorce.
Dallas, Or., April 2SI. .utlpe it. II.
Belt of the circuit court lias granted a
decree of divorce to Mrs. I.ib'iy Ji. Hol
mes 'from Oscar K. Holme "carrying
with it tho custody of the two minor
children. Property ti;,'lis were st
tled out of court.
Farmer Fined Ttti Del'ai. '
Dallas, Or.. April J. . I'ni.n. a
farmer residing south o' Hits f-itr was
arrested and brought bel'i re Justice of
the fence Ilardv llo.mr.it Tuesday and
e: i ii n .1. . J
iiihii .fiw on a cnare t.i cnryvin rim
cenled weapons. Tlie complainr was
filed by K. T. Cottlson,. The cinceal.fl
weapons mentioned in tin- cas; consisted
of a pair of brass kniicVes.
Dnllns, April 29. R, K. Williams re
turned to his home in Portland, Weil
nesday after a short business trip in
this city.
Attorney Ed F. Ciad was n Vint
land visitor Wednesday.
Dr. Harry Headers, hot t of Portland
iwils a business visitor in the citn the
first of the wecit
Mrs. Winnie I'ridin mus ci!IV to
Portland i', ...iu.,,1 ty ,v .,,.Svlt...
which said lor father wan 'c'uu'v
;i; -;,), -mi ;
p.'.s if r.'rnve-y.
Judge H. II. Belt was in McMinnvillo
this week holding a short session of the
circuit court.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kaerrii relumed
tlie first pnrt of the week from a iiif.t
visit with friends in the Capital city.
- J business visitor the first of the week.
iieorge l. uerlingi-r was a remand
o. j,. McMurphy prominent Tcti
, dent of Falls City vai transuding
inisiness matters in Dallas tins week
Homer Cnlkina hns returned from nit
extended visit nt the hom of his uncle
near Hood Kiver.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. StaaN of Airlie
- 1 Jss Yeva Burns a teacher in the
. Portland schools is a guest this n. ck at
, the home of her mother, Airs. Martha
Burns nn AMI street.
Air. and Airs. X. Grimes of Salem
are in Dal'as this week the guests nt the
home of Mr. and Airs. Dick Webster.
That useless article may mean
money to you through the Nen
Today column.
The only easb.
drug store in Ore
gon, owes no one,
and no one owes it;
carries large stock;
its shelves, counter
and show eases are.
loaded with drugs,
medicines, notions,
and toilet articles.
Dr. Stone is a regu
1 a r graduate i a
medicine and has
had many years of
experience in tha
practice. Consultations are free. Pre
scriptions are free and only regular
price for medicine. Dr. Stone can ba
found at his drug store, Salem, Ore.,
from 6:40 in the morning until 8 at
night. Free delivery to all parts of tha
city and within a radius of 100 miles.
Best Chinese
Noodles 10c
Chop Suey 25c
Bice and Fork 10c
r ii taint. Askror:Mf.4:iu;.s.TrR
vein known as Best, Safest, Always Kehalil
sni n rv ntijr,riivr; FvruvwHFPF
of the
relieved in
Each Cap
Bul'ilwarvthefMIDY name 4i
Why Not Use
Colombia QUALITY Carbons?
Hade In Oregon
100 Copies Guaranteed from
Each Sheet.
Columbia Carbon Pa?ei Mfg. Co.
33rd & Broadway, Portland, Ore.
Frank Silhavy came down from bis
ranch yesterday, returning today. Mrs.
George Taylor accompanied him.
John A. Dittet' ot Sublimity and
Frank Koe.ser, his auto driver, made u
a pleasant call .Monday. Mr. Ditter
says the people of his town are glad
to have electric lights and are well
pleased with the service.
Louis iid Win. Sestak left yesterday
morning for Alissoula, Montana. They
will look the country over and probably
go into business there.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Lambert received
invitations to the marriage of Francis
Grace Bennett to Willis Kveretto Mor
ton, April 8th, at Stockton, California.
The bride is a daughter of K. F. Bennett
a former resident and founder of tb
Stayton Mail, and a sister of H. K. Ben
net of this place. They will reside in
Martinez, California.
O. W. DcJardin, oi ttervals is assist
ing Glen Munkers in the Stayton State
Bank during the absence of Warren
Richardson who expects to leave soon
on a business trip to southern Ore
gon. Byron Williams of the Fern ridgo
neighborhood, was a uusiness caller yes
terday. Laura A. Thomas nnd J. W. Mars
shipped several thousand pounds of
mohair yesterday.
Mrs. John Kiutz nnd daughter Airs.
Kd Meier of Sublimity visited .Mon
day ut the John Kerber home.
Little Aliss Constance daughter of
Dr. and Airs. Beatichnmp is sick with
the measles.
Peter Deidrich recently sold a Dodge
car to Geo. Kceeh and a Ford to Mr.
Guler of Aumsville.
Oliver Lesly, V. Dare Sinner, Emil
Cladek and Wm. Aleyers motored to
Albany and Kalcm Alonday.
Dan Doll caught the cad of one o
his fingers in the machinery of his -u
Monday tearing 0ff the nail and man
ing n painful injury. Dr. Brewer drest
cd tho nonnd. Stayton Standard.
Last year congress passed the Frr
bills which provided for all the utib
zation of the now withdrawn wate
ficKiTiK'.A in i; d Bii .oid nmhAV
w Y'J3 sealed iih llhio KiMon.
It $
power sites and mineral lands. Tha
measures were excellent ones, repi
senting the ideas of Secretory Lan
the National Conservation associate , '
and all forces interested iu the hone
use of I'nelc Sinn's rich acreage. The
Senate defeated these bills. In care
January of this year Hie house passed
inese same measures again. Will tho
senate succeed in crushing them once
moref Are these possessions practi
cally the Inst parts of the public do
main still in our hands to be trans
ferred us a free and unrestricted gift
to monopolists, or are the public, rights
to be protected I World's Work.
The Rebckah lodge of this city is
busy planning their third annual May
party for Friday, May 5. and in ano
ther few days will have the program
well under way.
They are trying to get several num
bers on the program from outside phi
ces, and promise to give one of tho
most enjoyable tiaies ever had in Stay-
.,.. V.tt,.ll r.il- T.r...rP..m nn.l ,.,..1.'..
next week.-Stayton .Mail.