Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 29, 1916, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 12

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lTiflrnMs , ' q-x j steppin6 ny- t 9s"c"o eoys ano icr J 'f) ;
. International Cartoon CoTN. Y. 177
0 VA'i k irl I rOU BROTE.U LE.T ) I ' j TSTT r
t - f" J, JLfAj' V1' 1 Wlk THAT DO 6 CO fiND 06 J jjfV u.Mun.imuimiimuuuuiiumilihuirv nivuimuU.lu.LiuiiUuimuutUT, Vai a;r Oft bTCPkiv
Rico Soup- - II-.-il two l;il.li's.)oii?
Initlrr in mh net1 pun, n I I nnc cup lice
Ktir iiulil II tiolilcn lirnwii. Now ihM
tvtu pinls wnlcr ur sliiclii two smiill
dniiiiiH -ii . in smiill piece, cue cup
Cuiiiieil liiniiitues; seisim ilh sail luel
lii-pper In luste. I'eeK ylnwlr one
Rice Souffle CioiiihI fnnr lulite
tfpiioiixi'ico mill "lii' I'1 siihh'IIi pnsle
with 1 1 in- lul'IcspiHin Inn t'l-e unit six
tiilili-Muimis inilK. A.I.I lemiiiiiilei' of
u pint el 1 1 1 1 1 1 . put nil into siiiue pnu
iuil fllr until il tliicKens. A.I.I lieuten
JiiIUs lit three euHs nii'l three tal)le
tipiiiins mi,i;mi; slir well, ul-o ii.l.l well
lieiilen while-. 1" tiiree euu". Mix
lluimuiihU , plii'-e in Inltlere.l suufl le
iish. ISi'Ue hull' hem. 1
Rica Cream T'ui iiuil-i-'. mi excel
leu Ji-s-ert iiimI is 11 i;ee.l way In use
up cdl.l rice. I'hicc in upper part nf
ilnnlih- l.niler line pint mill. an. I pinch
of Mill; I -1 i ii lT In liniliii peint. a. 1.1 I
I - lenenps ciniKetl rice. Inil tiheut five
in miles, Ihen stir in Iwn i'ui yell.s
that hiive In-en l-.-aleu tn n ere mi with
half cup (if lanulale'l siiar. 1'iuilv un
til well tliicUcnc.l, fnlil ill .stiffly whip
pel vnnilla. I'nel iijnl sci'M' with plain
r w hippc.l crcaiii.
Rice riiiUlitiK Cenk cue cap rice in
JEmir cups milU until Ih-cN, (I 'n inch
t.'icmn hull' cup Latter .u.l miL cup
miur. ail. I three wcll-lie-.il 'ii I'hs, half
cup see.le.1 raisins, a lilt e s-ill. ihe lice,
j nail ei ii mi mini to ta..e. Jtake i.i.e
Clistaril Kiee riuiulii --lu n (lips
coiilie.l rice, one cup s nt ir. yolks thue
et,'L,rs, riinl one erau' mil cue i'-ninn,
juice ef the leiniui, . c.1,1 milrt. Hake
half Injur, lieiit white! in' three 'j:ns
with a little suear. ihen rhn-e in men
! t.i lirown. A. hi liil ' f j II en tup
i w lieu lake u 'f I'elll 0 en.
Tu lake the .sliinu uft' si-.ee .Unl,
i spuiini- with hot vim i;ar at..l i i j mi
ll il t lie shine ilisappeni-s.
To keep inacaruni li-.nn .stii-'-inu' In
liakinc- ilish, (frcasc ilish, the in f lull r it,
; like on ilo fur a caiu-.
I To'Wash Silk Popliu -Alak- mu's if
a yooil white soap. ie s-n .seap-!s all
j uicllcil. Immerse artii h- in s nls, Init tin
1 iiul lull, liiuse in Hw.-w ,ir;;i water -n
j which a little (,'iiui u-'iln;- is ml. I -.1.
liinsc twice, I lieu liiii in .-h:ul place
lo ili-y.
Cream Tuffs - One cup flour, thuv-
fointlis cup water, pinch el salt, oiic-
foiirlh poiiiiil of liultcr, fixe eu!. fili
line. Heat water, aihl Imlti-r ami .cut
; lien this inixtiire lieils st il' in tl-e
j flour Make care to nnve no lumjsi.
, Conk until mixture leaves the .siih-s of
the sauce pan. Tour out into another
pan am I tillnw le ceol. When near v
colli a. t.i the unlieatcii ei;i,'s, eue al a
time. Mix in each cue thotouoMy ie--'fine
iiililinn the next. When all tl "
i-i; j- have In-cu iiil.lcil. cover inixtuie
s ;;
ami let -.stiuul one hour. When roil fly
to luike, ilrnp hy the spoonful on
liuttereil tins, leaving apace for them
to rise. When liake.l, cut across wit'.!
sharp knife mul put in any filling ile-siri-i.
Orange Marmalade t'wo sweet oi
tinges, one-hull' cup water, one cup sup;
nr. one-half leiiion, one cup Kuplisii
wnlniils. Crate nranes tunl Hipieci-e
out juice, ailil sugar mul water. Slice
lemon very thin ami cut slices i-i
halves. Shell walnuts ami break in
ine.liuni pieces. Conk ormi;OM, su;i'.r
ami water mul lemon one-half h nil-.
Kcniove 'from fire, mid walnuts. This
makes n very (joiul niarnialaile mul wll
keep liny lennlh of lime by plncinir in
glasses ami tyiny paper over tups.
Blanketed Sausage--Alake ti bakiuo
ponilei- iloiinh of flour, I 12 tea
spoons bilking powiler, one aenspoon
salt, water i-noiili to make it of right
consistency. Koll this into a thin
wheel: cut into square pieces mul wrap
each piece nroiuul a roll of sausage
incut. Hake ami serve very hot.
Dolictous Baked Potatoes Take nice
lai'lto potatoes; wash them, put ill oven
ami bake. When iloiie cut in halves,
take out potato, mash ami ailil a lit
tle butler aiul warm milk, pepper ami
salt to suit taste. Heat until light or
same as masiien poiaioes. nave some i j.
eggs lumen mini, i lit up wnues h,,,,
small pieces ami ailit to potatoes, .now
fill potato shells with the mixture ami
set in oven or warming closet to keep
hot. Just before serving mash yolks of
eggs, mill a little salt ami pepper ami
sprinkle on top of potatoes. Serve
on lettuce leaf. If egos ate high vou
i omit them mul put a tittle buttcr
ou tel. ot each potato, put Hi Coaster
ami brown a Utile on fop ju-st before
sorv lug.
Margaret Mason Writes of
Gotham Fads and Fashions
" I'erniit me to show my mitt"
Said swagger Helen llogmi,
Then raised aloft her mitted hands.
".Mitts tu it uns'' is our slogan."
New York, April L'O. Yes.
are now on every hand anil what ever
will heroine of all tnose delicate situa
tions that have to be handled with kid
gloves goodness only knows.
If we are going into the old fashioned
thoroughly it is only natural that we
should look lo our hmiils as carefully
as to our hips mid you must needs ad
mit that the milted liaiul is lis much
a part of the l-v'.O modes as the hoop
ed and crinolined vskirt.
Muck silk mitts and white silk mitts
ecru, grey and pastel tinted are ready
for our hands but the really first hand
mitt is of nil over black lace lo tub
perfection to the frillv old flowered
organdies and niu.-liiis so reminiscent
lavcndar mid tuuley s l.aoy s
vided among her sisrers ami her cous
ins nnd her aunts.
Hut take heart, fair ladies who-possess
no jewel hung family tree, the mod
ern jewellers are no pikers when it
Iconics to imitating autifpics, -so even
mittens' -v"u ma' wit'1 -i11-' t'le Ul'vfllt vi
inc. nun,
Yea. verily, I believe everyw-oman
will, since it leaves her fingers free to
stick in every pie.
to ipiit ?
"eel vnu'd liki
(let to feeling von don't fit?
Do vou want lo veil "All in!'1
'Cause your wind's a little thin
And vou think vou '11 never win!
1 ! .v . 4 111
Mi i ,V1
! '. .
J-ici-ne t'mm "The Witrh" a Willia-n Tex IVatiire, dlirriiijf Xun.-e O'Xoil t
Ye l.ibeitv Suiiilay and Meud-.iy,
Hiekorymtt Cake-Two rnps of gran
ulated sugar, tree fourths cup butter,
Now every woman knows that nothing
so shows up a hand's imperfection like
n mitt. If your nails are not well
chaped, your knuckles red or knotty
they will be discovered and uncovered
in mitts. All the little manicures arc
already chortling with glee at the ri,h
slimmer harvest of lady fingers that
will now be theirs ns long as the mitt
is destined to wave on The hands of tie
brave ami fair.
Jewellers are also taking notice
rinirs will un loneer hide their
Do you
Like a
,i kick you want to make?
a head you want to break.'
Don 't
feel you want to whine
genuine canine
And send blue streaks down the line.'
Weft, don't!
with three cups flour; one cup hickory
nut kernels.
Sugar Toast -Cut ns many pieces as
roipiiieil. sprinkle thickly with sugar
and put in broiler until sugar is melted.
three whole eggs, one cup sweet milk, under a kidskin but will twinkle
I hive teaspoons baking powder silted , restrained on nude diiiits.
A single odd ring, original and unique
of design and denoting the personality .
of the wearer, is most to be desired, j
The old fashioned cameo rings, coral1
rings and hair rings are being revived
and the whole old fashioned sets of!
1 carved coral, cniiieos mid jet lire great-
UNION HILL. . ly in demand; earrings, brooch, locket,
.ring, and bracelets in their quaint and;
Kdith and Clifford Hurt of Nubbin-1 reminiscent entirety,
it.v. spent the week end at the W. D. Seed pearl sets also are favorites and
Hurt home. 'old fashioned sets of gold, black e'nam !
IMun Johnson who litis been working j elcil, and sets with pearls are exquis-
near Victor Point visited with home ite. i
folks Sinnlav. I Too manv
The Wnllula club met at the F.I
When vou see a chance to
When you want to chuck your lin k,
I Keep right, on without a stop,
fori And vou 'II sure show no on inn
just when yon want to flop
light . If
You don't.
The junio.- play was given at the Ore-,
gou asylum last night and a packed;
house greeted the amateur thespiaus for
their first nppearnnce. Professor Mae-'
Murray, who has charge of the directing ;
the play stated that the audience wasj
very pleased with the drama and that!
they appHuiilod the actors with cnthus- j
insiu when it was over. The whole.
I piay was put on ain.1 not a single mis-
rings of course spoil the; take was made bv the amateurs, which!
tint t. for it is an exponent of the cling- speaks well tor the preparation that has
for the many new stops which she has
taught to the young ladies. Hiss Was
tell has had charge of the .May Day
dances that have been given on the
campus for the last three years and she
says of this year's dances that "they
will be better than any that have been
given for niaiiy years." Heg-iuiiing on
next Monday the young ladies will
practice winding the .May pole on the
campus rather than in the "gym."
Today is the most exciting day ot
the semester on the campus, the occa
sion being the election of student body
officers lor the coming year. Those who
were nominated a wwrc ago todav for
the various offices are: For president,
Karl Flegel; vice-president, Aliss Ko-sa-mon
Cilgert and Miss Violet Alacl.ean:
secretary, Miss Carrie Cooksey and
Miss Fannie JU-Kennon; treasurer. Paul
Miller: editor of the Collegian. Sam
uel . King; manager of the Collegian,
Karl 11. Cotton. These names nppeur
on the ballot and the students will vote
for one for each position. This morn
ing in chapel -Mr. Arnold Gralop was
also nominated 'for the position of stu
dent body president. The polls will he
open from 1(1 o'clock until 4 this aft
ernoon, the Australian ballot system is
Used to elect.
The Webstcrians and the A.leiantps.
two of the popular literary societies on
the campus, are making nig prepara
tions for their annual heme coming of
old members .wid joc.t reuniiri, which
will be held on Sa.u.-liv evening of
this week. A r .ruber of rid in -mb. -s
of both societies will I- ha- k to; '.In
got together m nnd a liw'v pro
gram has been arranged for the occa
sion. Some of the old men who will be
ha.-k are: James Crawford, of Portland:
Hubert Fakin, of l.a (iratnle: F.rie. P.
Bolt, of Lebanon; Harold dory, of Cor
vallis: Dana Allen. Koy shield. Oily
Smith. Ross M.lutyre. Frank Rivvos.
Alfred Schramm, Fir -1 Oilkey, the lat
ter are all residents , f Salem'. Mr. Pe
ter Pfaff. of Woodbtirn, will uNo be
The Webstcrians will hold their ban
quet in the patiors of the First Congre
gational church, a four course dinner to
j be served. About liO present ai
' er Wetisterians will be prcsen
banquet; Krrol Oilkey will off .
I the toastniaster's position and
I derstood that some lively toai
I been arranged for.
The Adelante banquet will
be a four course dinner, -servei
parlors of the First E. church, a
number of former Adelantes will b
back to partake of the reunion "feed."
Followinir the bnnntiet the Websterians
j will come to the M. K. church and escort
the young ladies to the Web-Adclauto
I halls on the third floor of Waller hall,
i There the following program -will bo
given, the exact subjects ore not know a
but will probably be as follows:
"My Gubernatorial Aspirations,'
James Crawford.
"Why X I.ove to Teach School, '
Kate Barton.
"Piano Duet," Miss Gertrude am
Robert Fakin.
"Talk," .Mrs. Robert Eakin.
"Selection." The Websterian Quai
"Talk.- Roy Shields.
The receiving line 'for the occasiol
will be made up hy: Aliss Eva Hogui
president of Adelantes; Mr. Howar
.Ten-ett, president of Websterian
President and Mrs. C. 0. Potiev; Pro
nnd Mrs. M. E. Peck. Miss Mary Re
nobis. Prof. J. T. Mathews.
This reunion has been held annuiili
for the past five years nnd each lu
been a success. It is a source of inspiri
tiou mid nlensoi'n for tlirun ; v, ,..,
I now to meet and come in eont'-et wit
those who were prominent In univ.
, sity circles years ago and who ai- m
I men and women of note in the btisin,-
clear Lake. s. D April 29. The
of llaimimuil Dean to get back tl
pretty filmy lace things he bouc'ht f
his mail order bride was to b-.i in-a
in luuiiicipnl court here tod.iy. De.
hired two attorneys nnd a detectiv
He alleged that immediately after t
wed, lim; his bride ran back to Mint
Carter home Thursday afternoon of last ( ing vine or ingenious innocence mode been made. It had been planned to
week. All spent a good time. j of dress. One ring on each paddy is I stage the play at the t Ircgoii state peni-
Mis, William Habeas called at the quite all that is permissible to her who ! tentiary some night this week, but
Geo. Scott home Monday afternoon of is a stickler for good taste nipl the et j Prof. MacMurrav stated this morning
this week. ' j erual fitness of things. Hence all the; that he did not think that this would
Hi-rselu-1 Scott nnd Sam Williams 1 more need 'for care in its selection, in- be done as the east have their parts so
. ...... p ... - iv. . i.. I l: .. r 1 .... t:. 1 .1 . ... .. ..11.1.... . . . 1
nioTore.i our rroui ,-succi ren i uesuav. ni itmainv mm ucsi:;n. :cn ui.u ajiv uiiii.er presentation of it
Kou.l work has hesun in this
Tt is supposed that crushing will start
Mrs. William Tiuhens and daughter
Pora. were Stayton visitors Sntuidiiv.
Mrs. Wayne Ashby called at the Win.
Mullet home Suudtiv. stavtun Mail.
A ; 11..... ... ... .' r... ll.i, ..., ,1... ' 1 .
.n j,-,-in-in nir t-oieM-ipii-.n . ivn ine iiu.ti appearance vvoui.i caue
their mettle with their metal turning - them to lose cntiniasin in its final in,--
out this costume jewcTrv.
Happy indeed is the maid wlio is the' The May Pole dancers have been prac
proud possessor of nil exquisite carved , ticing their dances on the campus foi
red coral set, brooch, earrings, brace- the past few evenings, and the sight
lets, ring and back comb all complete. of 30 or inoic graceful vomo' maidens
11 that has lieen haiidcl ilovvn from a ilancuig the quaint folk dances is
Prom a close and careful scrutiny of great great aunt. j enough to caue tiie most indifferent to
the new styles in surf costumes we come An object of envy also is the lass stop and watch them go throw-h their
to the conclusion that the girls wnntiwlio cherrishes n black onyx: rivg set j " aesthetic evolutions.'' Miss" Helen
to demonstrate that they tire bona 'fide With n pearl ns h.c share of great i Wastell has thai go of the daii.es a'v
daughters of Mother Fve. Igrand mother's set that lias been di-' she is Jeservino a gvcat deal of credit
"A ait Til Tub $uh Shims MW
The Great fa nir.., i.i .... . t. , -.. -. .1... T-it.,1, Sub's.'
. ..j ,11'i-tj! ui,i ou me r.uipress inn ai me -"