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    itorial Page of "The Capita
Monday kvkmm;
A f i U 21, I'.'UJ.
Editor and Manager.
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
President Vine -1'rraiUt'nt fcec. und Treaa.
Dsily bv carrier, per voar Ifi.OO Per month...
Daily by mail, per year
3.00 Per month. .:
Kew York
Wtrd-Lewis-Williams Special Agency Tribune Building
The Capital Journal carrier buys nre instructed to put the paper on the
porih. If the carrier dues nut do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
paper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation liiunuger, ut this is the only
way ve can determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
Phone Main 81.
I'Cll' l II II
li'l 111 H--
M'liii' i'l
,1'tr imi
w i- -
i t n li:
IMU.'"' I
I . rs r
eive.l :
CI ,1 I,'
,1 for
I'Slil Mi!
nmiitln prei-e-lin Apiil I Jie M:itfiii'n i'i:i ii.-hiii'
tn llie Salem pn-,,,.1 :'ii e fir u 'v..-j 'i er tnc. -' i
inte.l in Salem on'sicl.' f the il:u,i of 'I'lie Stnlesman
preteiitiiius iicv-ii:i t..". Tiie tni ! of the uewspn
it t In' sah'iii piKf.lt ii'i- for Lie ouster named above
aM- !!'-.!'- us the iiino.int ot rnl.ilie paid by the teu
niit-i le ul' llie pl'i'it of -!'h" Stali'-i'iiiii, or an average
mouth fur the ler. The nl-me 'li i-s not inclinle the
iio.t:i''e "stainpK. I'i'ti.i' t.iat i;ii:,te:, the St iteMim n
eil .7v7 lor io-l:ij!i' m;iIh
I. Salem Statesman,
This editorial statement of the morning paper is a
plain attempt to deceive the public by juggling figures; an
attempt to secure business from advertisers by mis
representing its circulation.
The Statesman Publishing Co. prints and circulates
the Daily Statesman, the Twice-a-Week Statesman, the
Pacific Homestead, the Oregon Poultry Journal, the
Teachers' Monthly, and possibly other publications. The
principal part of this $('SS.50 postage bill it claims to have
paid was no doubt incurred by the Pacific Homestead,
the Poultry Journal and Teachers' Monthly.
.Will the Statesman, now that it has raised this issue,
be honest enough to tell how much the postage bills of
the Daily Statesman amount to for the three months re
ferred to? Of course it will not.
Has it told the truth about its total postage even? It
did not tell the truth when it intimated that the other
newspapers of Salem paid but $( a month postage. The
Daily Capital Journal holds receipts for postage paid
during those three months as follows:
January, $ IS.:1,:!.
February, $30.51.
March, $74.19.
Total, $17;!.0:i.
This means that the Daily Capital Journal sent by
mail 17::(T pounds of papersnearly all on the rural
routes of Marion and Polk counties. In addition to this
the Capital Journal delivered by carrier (on which no
postage is paid) an average of 2:'00 copies daily over
twicers many as the Statesman delivered by carrier.
The Capital Journal also sends out many packages of
papers by express every evening to other towns.
Then "here is another circulation fact. On April first
the publisher of the Daily Capital Journal filed with the
postmaster of Salem his swotn statement that the circu
lation of the Capital Journal had averaged 1111 copies
daily for six months.
TVm tiiililisbor of the Dailv Statesman made a similar
statement that his paper had sent out on an average of
,'U79 papers daily lor six monins.
These sworn statements gave tne capital journal an
average daily lead over the Statesman of 2. It is, as a
matter of fact, exceeding the Statesman's present circula
tion by a much larger figure.
The Capital Journal has never made any secret of its
circulation figures. It does not believe in juggling. It
is not going to ask advertisers to take the publishers
word or oath for it. It has become a member of the Audit
Bureau of Circulations, an organization formed by na
tional advertisers to protect their interests. Its auditors
are on the way here now to check up the Capital Journal's
lists, its postage receipts, its paper bills and all its books
and records relating to circulation. Their report will be
accepted as final and official by all national advertisers.
It will then be a newspaper with .a known, guaranteed
Will the Statesman take similar action, or will it con
tinue to juggle and misrepresent figures, in the attempt
to obtain money by false pretenses from both local and
national advertisers?
Why not do business open and above board?
been great as a journalist and many of us, of the news
paper fraternity might have done better at almost any
thing else. Many an actor who knew not the word "en
core" would have risen higher in the world as a hod car
rier, and poets who let their pencils spoil good paper would
have fitted their surroundings better if they had done
something besides, as Saxe puts it, "Harangue the land
scape they were born to till."
The larger portion of mankind is at work at jobs in
which they are misfits. What is tine of men is also true
of communities and localities. In old times before electric
ity brought power to any place that needed it, the location
of manufacturing industries was naturally where there
was water power ayailable. Such communities had the
jobs for which they were suited picked out for them.
Now this is changed and manufacturing centers de
pend not so much on nearness to water power as on con
venience to raw materials and transportation to markets.
. The Willamette valley, one of the richest in the world,
has not been the success it should have been, and for the
reason that it has not yet discovered the crop to which it
mainly should be devoted, unless flax solves the matter.
It has been a great hop producer, is yet, but the demand
for that product is decreasing, and naturally the whole
valley cannot be devoted to it.
It is also a great prune center, and while the returns
from this source have been generally good it is not, in
many respe' ts, an ideal crop for the whole valley; one rea
son being the same as that that makes hops no longer so
desirable a crop, that is, the limited demand.
Hood River has made a country wide reputation for
its apples; and the Yakima valley in Washington, has
achieved fame along the same lines. Roseburg, long fam
ous for its turkeys, has developed another crop that prom
ises to add to its reputation and bring it an abundance of
coin, the growing of broccoli. The beaver dam lands of
the valley have found their natural use in the growing
of onions and vegetables.
The question confronting the biggest of Oregon's val
leys is not one of growing a bushel or two more wheat or
some other product to the acre; but the finding of a dis
tinctive crop which will bring fair returns on land held at
the present prices of valley lands.
Wheat cannot be successfully grown on lands costing
$150 or $200 an acre. Even with good crops it will not,,
one year with another, more than pay small interest and
taxes on the amount invested.
It is time every farmer do a little experimenting along
the- line of new and untried crops. If this is done intelli
gently it will not be long until someone strikes something
that will bring results.
Flax gives promise of doing much for', the valley, and
may go a long way toward solving the problem ; but the
farmer should not be content with that but keep everlast
ingly experimenting until not only one revenue producer
is discovered, but several. When the valley discovers what
it is best adapted for ,it will be the greatest farming sec
tion in the northwest and one of the best in the world.
Bilker. Ore.: Bits of the skeleton of
a prehistoric niiimal have been' dug up
in the Virtue Ehits district by iluuriie
C. Weaver, a prospector, v.ha brought
one of them to the city and sought if
have a hardware dealer repair the loose
purts. The bones were found in gravel
beds, and are the first ever found in
that vicinity. The fossil brough' in
was ti lower jawbone which is largely
decayed, but wherever the bone iins giv
en away, a 'silacious -leposit has renew
ed the strength of the honey combed os
seous tissue. A disu,guis-'ifi,x feature
is the presence of two pa'-iiih-l tii-l-s,
six inches in length, protrudin strailit
from "the bone, revealing that only llie
outside of the ivory h-is nicii injured by
Medford .Mail: Phials of gold .lust
and fuicksilver and packagc-i of -ihccl-ite
and tungsten ore tire bein.7 exhibit
ed in the hotel conidors and on the
streets very frequently these day.-. A
very large percentage of the local popu
lation is much interested in sei.ivs of
claims, old mid new, situated in till
parts of this district, and much develop
ment work is being planned. Prospec
tors ore becoming more numerous' every
day and an old-time mining excitement
appeals to be forming.
The annual looses of livestock on the
National forest ranges of the west, due
to predatory animals, are over $jiH.UH0.
An organized campaign is now on to
exterminate these animals. "Wolves are
responsible for about 70 per cent ol
the cattle losses, while beat's cause most
of the remainder. Approximately 75
per cent of the sheep losses nre due to
coyotes, 20 per cent to bears, and five
per cent to lynxes and wild cats. Moun
tain lion-s nre charged with killing only
a few head of cattle and sheep.
No matter what happens in the way of changed con
ditions, political or other, the fanner gets a jolt some
where before the matter is settled. The situation as to
Germany caused a decline in wheat in Chicago, of two
cents a bushel. Why should it? This country is not send
ing and has not sent any wheat to Germany for nearly
two "years. No matter what the result of the present
strained relations, no market now available will be inter
fered with. If the affair is settled peaceably, which all
hope it may be, there will be no change in markets, and
if unfortunately we sever our relations with Germany,
(he fact should add to rather than reduce prices for bread-
stuffs. On top of this the government reports show there
is a shortage in winter wheat, and that the crop at the
best will be two or three hundred million bushels short of
that of 1915.
The dredging that is to be done on
Haynes inlet by the l'ort of Coos Bay
will be started soon by the Larson
Dredging company, probably within
the next week. The inlet has shoaled,
and the people living on it desire to
have it deepened so gasoline launches
can ply at any stage of the tide.
sj sj: ; sj J &
Purse Strings That Reach
Across a Continent
To open your heart, or close your
deal, the safest, surest, swiftest way
to send money is by
The cost is small, the convenience
great. To know how ask any
Western Union Office.
Vdit Mason
Boston. While eating raw oysters. F.
J. Barker, of New York, opened one
MMt nf ,,,,1,,.,., I 111 ....nrli TV,
v.... ........ I'.'l-l" " .' .....7.
of them were of considerable size and
New York. After trying to train his
neighbor's .'IU pigs to make their grind
chorus musical, Ueorge M. Cohan de
cided it couldn 't be done and is in court
to have the sipialers "abated."
Xew York. Seven Hundred and seventy-one
scarf pins of values ranging
from a dime to several hundred dollars
are parts of the million dollar estate of
Joseph K. (iay being probated here.
Chicago. Short skirts for men and
no skirts nt nil for women have been
approved by Chicago's beach censors
as the official bathing costumes at the
municipal beaches this summer The
mens costumes, to be furnished by the
city, will include a brief shirt-like
skirt, nbout the length of a cannibal's
grass apron. The women will wear
bloomers and 110 stm-kings.
It is undoubtedly true that the great majority of fail
ures in life are due to the fact that men choose pursuits,
or have them thrust on them for which they are unfitted.
The man who fails as a carpenter might have been a de
cided success as a blacksmith and the blacksmith not suc
cessful, might have been pre-eminently so as an architect.
. The lawyer, plodding along in a medoicre way might have
As a result of "Democratic free trade that has ruined
the sheep and wool industries", the price of both sheep
and wool have reached a higher price than since the civil
war, and sheepmen generally are ardently hoping for a
continuance of the same kind of free trade. On top of this
comes the report from Lebanon that the 17,000 pound
pool of mohair was sold there Saturday for 48 3-8 cents a
pound, the highest price ever paid in the county for a
pool of mohair. This sale topped the market this year by
about two cents, and was nearly 15 cents a pound above
the price paid in former years.
rortland. Ore., April 21. After con
ducting a whirlwind cnmpaigii in .'
gou cities and tow ns. Theodore E. Bar
ton, candidate for the republican nomi
nation for president is today on his way
to California.
Burton's campaign manager express
ed himself as thoroughly satisfied with
the reception tendered the Ohioun ii.
this state.
I sing my song the whole day long, and keep my harp
a-going, to try to cheer the people near, while ' dodging
bricks they're throwing. I sing of hope and all such
dope, of gay and bright tomorrows, of can
ning care and black despair, and putting
lids on sorrows. Year after year this sort
of cheer, I'm tirelessly providing, and ray
winged steed keeps up his speed, though
galled by too much riding. Throughout this
land the folks will stand a lot of misfit sing
ing, if but the bard, when whooping hard, a
gladsome note is springing. Though cracked
his voice, if he'll rejoice, and laugh at woe
and wailing, men will remark, "Long may
his bark on smiling seas be sailing! Yet
poets write of starless night, and ghouls and women weep
ing, of lovers dead and vampires dread that batten on the
sleeping. The dismal pote oft finds his goat has from his
keeping wandered; his odes won't bring enough, by jing,
to have his nightie laundered. For in this vale the
rhythmic wail will never tempt sane buyers, who'll blow
their piles for cheerful smiles and lays by lilting liars.
The Council of Portland Tarent Teachers' Associations
went on record Saturday as favoring a law making unlaw
ful the sale of cigarettes and the papers that go with
them. They will have a bill providing for this introduced
in the next legislature if present plans are carried out.
Thus step by step do we climb toward perfection or
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G8
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Women generally do not agree with that Chicago
judge who held that Bacon wrote Shakespeare's plays.
The reason advanced is rather convincing, and that is that
no person as dry and didactic as an English lord could
ever have written such delightful and true-to-life love
scenes. However they overlook the fact that in anything
pertaining to bacon Chicago is authority.
The weather clerk was good natured yesterday and the
Easter bonnet, hat, headgear or what ever Dame Fashin
calls the lid feminine this year, flaunted itself gaily and
unafraid. It was also quite frequent and numerous, and
some of it really good to look at while at work.
The I'rA Popular Chew for a
Third of a Century
The man who chews gets by far the
most wholesome enjoyment and satis
faction out of tobacco, especially if he
chews plug tobacco. The rich juices
of the leaf are retained in good
plugs better than in any other form.
For more than a generation Spear
Head has held first place as the favor
ite high-grade plug chewing tobacco.
This unique distinction is due sole!
to the wonderful quality and flavor of
Spear Head the richest, mellowest,
tastiest chew in the whole world.
Spear Head is the choicest of all
red Burlcy, hand-stemmed and made
into mellow-sweet plugs in a perfectly
clean,, most sanitary factory.
You can't chew the flavor out of
Spear Head, because it's a part of the
tobacco. That rich, ripe, red Burley
taste keeps on pleasing you as long
as you keep on chewing.
Chew Spear Head and you'll be
chewing the purest and most satisfying
tobacco that it's possible to make. Ia
10c cuts, wrapped in wax paper.
Ynn H
f,-:v. v"
PERHAPS a deed to property, your will, papers
representing your investments, notes held against
other parties, correspondence of a confidential
nature, contracts, the loss of which would cause you
inconvenience, fire and life insurance policies
Where are they now? Are they safe from fire and
Suppose fire should occur in your absence. Have
others access to them so that they could be rescued-1
Have you one safe place in which to gather all your
papers of value?
In case of your death would these documents be
easily located by authorized persons?
Serious questions, are they not?
They can be easily solved by having a safe deposit
box in the fire and burglar proof vaults of this bank.
The moderate rental is low-cost insurance against ex
pensive loss.
Member Federal Reserve Banks,
Salem, Oregon
Always Watch This Ad Changes Often
Strictly correct weight, iquare Seal and highest prices for all kinds of
junk, metal, rubber, hide and furs. I pay 2JAc per pound for old pigv
Big itock of all eizei second hand incubators. AIT kinds corrugated
iron for both roofs and buildings. Eoofing paper and aecond hand
H. Steinback Junk Co.
The Eousa of Half a Million Bargains.
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