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"The Capital Journal
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A.ril 111. I Dirt.
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Evidently the big corporations have awakenecKto the
fact that labor is entitled to some of the profits from high
war prices. One after another of them has voluntarily
advanced wages without waiting for a strike. Yesterday
United States Steel announced an increase of about 10
per cent to its employes, the raise to take effect Way first.
This is surely better than the old way of fighting every
move of the working men for better pay, and only con
ceding it after the employers had lost much more than
the increase amounted to, and making the laborer also
lose as much or more than the sum that was grudgingly
allowed him. In this case the necessity for better wages
though they were not demanded, was evident to
The conditions that caused high prices for the products
of the company also caused a great increase in the cost of
living, and an increase of wages was really but a main
taining of the old standard, for it took all the increase to
pay the additional cost of food and necessaries for the
working man and his family.
While the wage is higher, the amount received over
and above the cost of living is no greater than before.
As a matter of fact it takes about all the working man
can earn to pay his living expenses and this he must have.
That the corporations have at last discovered this shows
that a little thought has been given to this side of the
situation as well as to the financial side of it. The country
as well as the corporations are to be congratulated on this
fact for it will have a tendency to prevent strikes in t he-future.
The detective force at San Francisco have a method
of their own of deciding on a prisoner's guilt or innocence.
James Geffffene held on a charge of murder and said by
the detectives to be Pietro Torturici, who is known to be
the murdered, protests that he is not Torturici, that he is
only 26 years old and could not possibly be that gentleman
who was married when the murder was committed eleven
years ago. The detectives have concluded, very wisely,
that if it can be shown Geffene is :0 years old, he is
Torturici, but if he is only 26 he is not that person. These
detectives could no doubt tell whether a horse was
vicious or would kick, by looking at its teeth and guessing
its age.
Peter Agular held in jail at San Bernardino, California,
on a charge that he was insane, raised such ructions yes
terday that the fire department was called and for an
hour tried to subdue him by turning a stream of water on
him. When he fiinally rushed the firemen when they at
tempted to capture him, he had a big butcher knife and
in self defense the hoseman struck him on the head with
the nozzle. When he regained consciousness he was per
fectly sane. Few men can be knocked perfectly sensible
at one blow, hence this especial man can be considered
unusually lucky.
U. of 0. Issues Leaflet Advis
ing Campaign of Extermin
ation On Flies .
The fly season 's here again; What;
Each bu.zor must surely lie caught
Dad, son. Ma and daughter
Should each get a swatter
And become the real "Akhoond of
Women are sure queer about money matters. One will
use an old crock or can as a bank, while another will hide
her coin in the flour bin or among the chicken 'feed or any
old place that happens to suggest itself with apparently
no more reason for selecting that especial spot than a
wood rat has for places he selects for his plunder. Recent
ly a woman residing in the suburbs of Chicago died and
in an unguarded bureau drawer was found cash and bonds
amounting to $74,000.
The Germans are surely giving a great boost to the
ship building industry. They are creating daily a greater
demand, the effect of which will be felt long after the war
is over. The "made in Oregon" wooden ship is liable to
become a visitor in all the harbors of the world before
many years pass. Oregon owners should see that they
fly the state flag in every port.
There is a touch of irony in the chartering of the
steamer Republic to the Robert Dollar company. A short
time ago this steamer was the German ship Walkure, ter
ror of the Pacific waters, which attacked Tahiti and was
later sunk by the French. According to the charter the
Republic now goes to Vladivistok, to take munitions to
the allies.
It looks as though the Pacific was at last to come into
its own and become in a small way a rival of the Atlantic
in the matter of shipping. The danger by the Suez route
has driven trade away from it, and it has perforce turned
to the West as the nearest and safest way east. When
the Panama canal is permanently open for vessels this
trade will grow steadily larger, and in time even after
the war is over and all danger from that source removed,
the volume of trade from the Orient to Europe by this
route will become still greater.
At present the cost of shipping clear across the con
tinent by rail is a handicap to the trade, yet in spite of
this it is growing far faster than most folks have any
idea of.
Yesterday a dispatch from Tacoma stated that tho
Osaka Shosen Kaisha line, from Japan would take cargoes
from that port between May 1 and November 1, amount
ing to 215,000 tons, and the inbound cargo of these ships
would amount to 1,000,000 tons, which would require I
vessels running steadily to handle.
The estimated value of the export cargoes is $15,000,-
000. That of the imports is not given. Tacoma is a small;
port comparatively, and this vast amount of business done
through it shows how great must be the volume of busi
ness done on the coast in the way of trade with the
Mayor Curley, of Boston, has fixed the limit of dis
robing to which actresses may go on the stage, at "rub
bers, cloak and hat." It is a safe bet he does not expect
to be re-elected.
A Cleveland man a few days ago was pulled from the
icy waters of Lake Erie. "Much obliged," he said to his
rescuers, "the water was too cold for comfortable suicid
ing, anyway."
av je tri
Anna Wilson, of St. Louis, is certainly a high priced
washerwoman. Recently the lady for whom Anna exer
cised the washboard owed her three weeks salary, ami
Anna, getting suspicious that she was going to lose her
money, grabbed jewelry worth $:,000 and insisted the
lady call it square. Naturally the latter considered $1,000
a washing as a pretty still' price and refused to com
promise. The result was that Anna refusing to give up
the jewelry was landed in jail.
The New York stock market is a pretty sure barom
eter of business and also of political affairs. For several
days now it has been dull with small fluctuations in
prices. It has adopted a watchful waiting attitude, pend
ing the outcome of the Mexican affair and the dispute
with Germany. This indicates that some fear is felt of
changed conditions with Germany, as the Mexican affair
cuts little ice anyway.
Upon the farmers' rolling acres, the hired men, husky
harvest makers, now push the gleaming plows; all day
above their tasks they're bending, and when the twilight
is descending they milk three thousand
-W-r. cows, iney rise oetore me oawn is ureaK
f -wS ing, and give their sweat-stained mules a
rnkinfr. with brush and currvcomb: with
pails of swill they go a-reeling, to feed the
porkers, loudly squealing as they blow off
; the loam. Ihev feed the calves and groom
fe ' 1 the chickens, and milk more cows to beat
w ;1 the dickens, before the rise of sun; and
f 4 while the fest of us are snoozing, the glory
i$SJ&iJ f the morning losing, their day's work is
begun. The eight hour day? Don't josh
or mock them; such levity would pain and shock them;
some eighteen hours they toil, between the hour of their
upgetting, and their retiring, tired and sweating, and
caked with fertile soil. We boost and praise the festive
farmer, and say he is the honest charmer who keeps the
nations fed; but, by the boosters, bards and sages, of him
who tills the land for wages, there's mighty little said.
The "swat the fly" campaign i to
be started early this vear and every.
body is advised not only to swat the
first fly, but to also swat the breeding
places, according t a leaflet issued by
the 1'niversitv of Oregon, dated
April 1.
The leaflet proposes plans by which
the public in general may become deep
ly interested in the swatting campaign.
Plans arc also offered as to how t
manage a fly campaign. A few of
them are as follows:
Oct an effective organization that
will include the chairman of the board
of health, superintendent of schools and
principals of all junior high schools,
('all a meeting and discuss the import
ance of an organized fly campaign.
Overcome the feeling that some have,
that, flies are not so bad after all. A
flyless town is possible. onvinco peo
ple that the fly is a deadly nuisance
and also that it can be exterminated.
Every home should be provided with
a good out door fly trap placed in the
back yard or in the barn yard.
Do your fly swatting early. One fly
swatted early in the season is better
than hilling thousands in the middle of
the summer. Oo not offer bounties to
children to hill flics, as netting and
trapping is more effective and also
more sanitar.
Find out if the city dump is a fly
breeding place for the entire town.
Published bv
England, Germany and
France Agree
on one thing, if on no other. They all prohtbr
the sale of alum baking powders.
There must be a good reason for this.
It is because alum was found to be un
healthful. Royal Baking Powder is made of cream
of tartar, derived from grapes, a natural
food product, and contains no alum nor
other questionable ingredients.
New York
Many Industrial Concerns
Have Advanced Wages
Xew York, April lit. The IVted
States Steel I'oiporation has announced i
aiiot her advance in wages ot employes
The Easter decorations throughout the
home were very pretty. The delicious
luncheon was also appropriate to the
Kaster season. The hostess was assist
ed in entertaining by Mesdames I,. C.
and Austin Eastman.
Mrs. J. F. Conrad is teaming to drive
Ithe new Maxwell car recently purchased
! bv .Mr. Conrad of Bontsou Bros.
amounting to 10 tier cent, effective
Mm,- 1 Ti,-,u t', ,!!,,.: ., til n.l
v'm o '.., I,. '; t',.li'iafv Hot;, to.retli.i Bernard Xutting and Donald O'Kane
er represent a total iiu-re.ise iii wage
payments of betweu .'5-U.Ul)0,00U and
"In view of the continuance of pros
perous conditions.'' read a statement is
sued by Judge Elbert II. fiarp, chair
man of the corporation, after a meet
ing of the finance committee today, "it
has been decided to make advances in
wage rates of our iron and steel com-
the Extension depart-1 l,,!uii,'s "'""'t , " P" i''t, to take ef-
ment of the I'niversity of Oregon the
leaflet takes the broad stand that if the
people could only realize the importance
of exterminating the 1'ly, every house
hold would start a campaign not only
against the fly, but also against its
breeding places.
Co-operative Creamery
Plant at Mount Angel
Will Grade Its Cream
feet -May I.
Adams. Mass.. April 1ft The Strong
Hewitt Company, the Blackingtou
Mills and the North Adams Manu
facturing- Company, of North Ad.unsd
and the Adams Woolen Company, ot menus in t lie city tne p:
this town, have posted notices of a 10-! returned to their home
per cent advance in wages for an ag-i Wednesday morning.
accompanied .Mr. and .Mrs. il. B. Lath
am to Salem Sunday to visit the Lath
am boys who are attending school at
that place. ,
C. A. Williams and wife left on Tues-'tt
day for a weeks visit with .Mr. Willi
am! ' relatives in Portland.
Miss Sophia Larson, accompanied by
Mrs. Charles Bcntsun and little son wera
guests at the John Goplerud home fur
the week end.
Miss Sylvia MrGinnis has been ob
liged to give up her position with the
Kastaiaii Bros, on account of her hearth.
The Misses Inez Bickel and It
ComstoeR, who have been visiting
t few weeks
at Sutherlin,
The first of April will have a new
significance in the Mt. Angel country
this year, for from that day on. de
clare' the dairymen who supply the
Mt. Angel creamery with their prod
uct they will no longer be made fools
For something like half a year 75
per cent of the purrons of the co
operative creamery, who number about
250, have been supplying first quality
cream. The product of the other -5
per cent has been by comparison
Yet they all have been paid the same
price. But no longer.
From April 1 quality is to count ami ; onin,
the dairymen will lie paid upon the nn- tho:
sis of the quality ot their cream. Fust
quality will consist of anything that
grades better than IK). But it must be
sweet or nearly so, must have not over
4 per cent acidity and must be clean in
smell and flavor. All the other cream
will be placed in second grade. Between
the two grades will be a difference of
two cents in price.
"That is arbitrary
gregate of l.."eio textile operatives.
l'rovid e. R. L, April 19. The At
lantic Mills, makers of dress goods and
worsted vims, has announced to their
il.OnO employe an increase in wages
approximating 10 per cent.
I'ittsfieJd. Ma.ss,. April l!l.Wage
.increases of 10 per cent for 2. MO hands
have been announced in tiie Tillotson.
W ilson, Husscll and I'nutoosuc woolen
mills in this city . the Sawyer-Regan
Mills in Dalton and. the Hinsdale Wool
en Mills.
Mr. a n. I Mrs. Willio Smith and dau
ghters of Portland were guests at the
home of Mrs. M. Coolcy this week.
Miss Esther Jlines was m Portland
the last of the week looking up the
pretty taster creation in the millinery
Mrs. ,T. II, Trviue is nt Itie parsonage
for a two weeks stay. Other members '
of Past'or Irvine's family are expected
here for Faster. ,,
id just for the i
present," said Manager S. O. Kice. !
"There will be really more than that!
difference in price in the quality of
the butter made from the two grades
and as we learn just what the dif !
fcrence is we will make our price upon'
that difference. But we are going slow!
ut tirst. We are the first
creamery in Oregon to
Hayesville News
CCapital Journal Special Service.')
Havesville, Ore., Ai.ril !!. -The Wil
lamette quartette gave a very excellent
concert at the church here Saturday ev-
w hich w as much appreciated by i
present. Thev are to be com-!
plimented on the way in which they
rendered their different parts.
The captain of the Salvation Army
with a corps of workers will, be pres
ent at the prayer meeting at the church
here on Thursday evening. Everybody
is invited to be present. The Ladies'
Aid will meet Wednesday p. in. at 2
o'clock. Easter exercises will be held
next Sunday immediately after Sundav
(Capital Journal Special Service. 1
Silverton. Ore.. April It'. The
cooperative Pythian sisters held one of ' their
adopt the j delightful meetings at the home or
i Mrs, June Drake last Wednesday after-
The Mt. Angel creamery is operated i "(H"'
on the co-ooerarive luisis. thoiv h,iiur and tancy
about So stockholders and 250 patrons.
The production in the winter is about
lo.miO pounds of butter monthly, and in
summer about double that. Manager
Kice has been in charge about Two
years and in that time has developed
the quality of the cream by constantly
insisting on that feature of dairy pro
duction. In the last but termuker 's edu
cational contest at Corvtllis his cream
ery took six firsts ami two seconds
with 12 entries. Although about 2.1 per
cent of the cream received at present
would be placed as second class, he be
lieves that within a few weeks not more
than one or two per cent will be other
than first quality cream.
There was a good attendance
work and guessing games
made the time pass quickly.
Catarrh and
Colds x
To Be Rid
Relieved catarrh
a great achievement.
Most people would be well
and happy were it not for ca
tarrh. It is worth ten years of
any one's life to learn how to
get rid of catarrh.
will show you, much quicker
than any one could tell you,
how to get rid of catarrh.
THE PERUN A CO., Columbui, Ohio
Mrs. Emma Gannon, 1(57 E.
South St., Kewanee, Ills., writes:
"For fifteen years I had catarrh of
the head and stomach. I could
hardly walk. Sty attention was
called to 'The Ills of Life.' I read
It through. Then bought a botUe
of Peruna. I am entirely well now."
The most you can do for your
teeth visit your dentist twice a
year and three times a clay use
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1863
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Davis the Dynamiter ' iMvis' grupliie description of his es-
Ic All WihlflCC tallfl '"l'i'les as a dynamiter caused a mild
sensation iu the recent trial of Matthew
, . , ' Schmidt, alleireil accomplice of Cap-
I. o Angeles. ( ,,!., April lH.-C.eorge j,,,,, y, ,,,,,. (Vurt ,.-,lal,01. WI1H
I.. Daus, confessed "arch dynamiter. !,.nlw,i,., wli.-ti the. session opened this
was suiumoaed to the witness stand to- mi).uillk( wih ..,tt,tr!l inxiou to
day i'i tin trial of David t'aplan tor uU (,,,,.MS .Harrowing
complicity in the destruction of the ,; ils n destruction agent.
Iitucs nevvs.npcr jlnnt here October l.i
Portland, Ore, April 10. The wages
of women workers will be raised bv law
if recommendations of a sub-committee V
to the State Industrial Welfare com
mission today are followed. The sub
committee propose a graduated scab
of advancement according to the ability
and length of service of the employes.
Blew Herbal Balm
i n.I rrH!vA .1 "wVk!n ""l"1'". " H m thn. that whi we d,,,c y,i
ii that lrRvt to mnl thu formuU, ma.le rxj,iiv,lv from .Nalorc't hmlmK hrrl.t-vurs
oiifr cure mj from mwn all cir- n-rm to be otrnuuiut, Tho bwt luit i. it iv
inatant rctitf from ihe niviai Intense aultrnn.
lvrvvfj -.;,kcv,r"! 1-ul.orau.rica o( fliicn,,, Wp just porn ht the nctnsive right to si-U
I EXMA in our Iwme tow.. hit tin, .-.u! IVKXMA i. goio to aula us many
Inciuls throuttll savin Mlislaction to xin sultrrfrs. '
V. i',.Vl.',r iT1 bo .n "r It''0"-41 fatte that if It docau't ootht ana
fort you nothttirf. It u ntc not thoroughly
rool you and hcm hculin at oner, it mil
aaiuucU, tuiuc ul ad Jtfut moutjr Usk, Crown Drug Co., 3o2 State street.
The Oregon State Board of Contre'
ili receive sealed bids for furnishing
400 cords of wood, to be delivered nt
the Oregon Mate Penitemiarv Brick
Yard, namely: Sin) cords round four
foot slab wood 'i 200 cords four-foot
second growth fir Wjod. Delivery to
begin May 15, and to be nil delivered
on or before June 15. Bids will I
opened tit the office of the Oregon
State Board of Control on April 27th
at 2 o'clock p. m. The Board reserves
the right to reject any er all bids or
any part of a bid.
K. B. dPOTMX. Secr.-s.ry.
Oregon Mate Board of Control.
Apr. loll' 22-2.)
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