Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 17, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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- ' ' -"i iTir" bfaaif- nHi'to-i if it.--"-m -n mrm n mih mi n '--m-atrl - - at
that will create some speedy buying at the Chicago Store's
$20,000 Sale. All departments will be packed to over
flowing with special price tickets for this Nine Cent Day.
The greatest sensational price wrecking event in the his
tory of the store. The goods simply must be sold, and the
quicker I do it, the better they like it. Give the goods
away or sell them. I must get the money some way, so
for tomorrow I have put the knife in deep in sixteen items
Kj in order to move them quickly.
Dress Ginghams
New Spring Dress Ginghams in
all the latest patterns, sold reg
ular at 12 l-2c and 15c, the very
special, at tho yard 9c.
India Linen
Extra fine quality India Linens,
sold regular at 12 l-2c and 15c
the yard, very special at the
yard 9c,
Taffeta Ribbons
4-inch 11c quality Silk Taffeta
Ribbons, meetly all colors, very
special, is now marked at the
yard, only 9c.
Tomorrow will mirk another record breaker
day for The Chicago Store Sixteen extra big
Nine Cent Specials
The Yard, one piece of Linene, sold
regular at 25c a yard, on Special Sale,
while it lasts, at the yard 9c
The Yard for special lot of Curtain
Scrim, worth 18c to 25c the yard,
special at the yard 9c.
For 15c quality Huck Towel, size 40x
18, extra good quality, on special
sale at each 9c.
For 15c Pillow Cases, full standard
size, fine quality, on special sale, at
each 9c.
For Fancy Silk Dress Trimmings, worth
to 35c a yard, marked for special sale,
the yard 9c.
A Garment, for boys 25c Underwear,
plenty of sizes and a very special price
at the garment 9c.
If njcent i
8mi if If iimwwiiiiiin wi jhm l' .","
'mjtt Ih" " i 1 in. in nmnh i
If it is Bargains yen are looking for don't fail
to le at The Chic igo Store tomorrow, extra
special bargains await you
Boys Suspenders that sold at 20o are
priced for this sale very special at only
"very "extr a special
Men's 15c quality Canvas Gloves, ex
tra good quality, priced for this special
' r sale, the pair
the Yard
For One Special Lot of Dress Voiles, in
tan, blue and black, marked at the very
special price of 9c the yard 25c value.
15c package of Currants in the grocery
department is marked at very special,
the package
We make and
Hang Window
Shades and Awnings
15c can solid pack Tomatoes, only two
cans to a customer, roamed at, the can
15c package of Rolled Oats, only two
packages to a customer, very special,
the package
15c can Imported Sardines, only two
cans to a customer, marked very special
at the can
Thousands of Bargains in
By careful buying .you can furnish your home
here .for One-Half price or less. We list a few
specials below :
Several $9.50 hotel or rooming house Dressers,
used price $5.00
One $16.50 extra large ash Dresser, just like new,
used price $8.25
$5 to $6.50 Kitchen Treasurers, used price $1.50
One $15 hardwood Cupboard, a dandy, used
price $4.50
One $27.50 14-inch Universal Range, fine condi
tion, used price $12.50
Two $10 No. 7 Cook Stoves, used price $4.00
Other Stoves and Ranges in perfect condition,
used price $3.00 to $35.00
One $12 2-in. continuous post Bed, used price . .$5.00
Iron Beds, all sizes and kinds, used price . .$1.50 up
Springs 50c up
One $22.50 9x12 10-wire Brussels Rug, nearly new,
used price $12.00
One $37.50 full quartered oak extension Table, can't
. be told from new, used price $22.50
One $37.50 full quartered oak Buffet, used
price $16.00'
Dining Chairs, used price 50c to 75c
Rockers used price 75c
One 3-piece fine quartered oak Parlor Set, used
price $18.00
Kitchen Tables, used price 50c up
Come and investigate whether you want to buy
or not; our clerks are glad to show you around be
cause we simply cannot enumerate all of our enorm
ous stock in any advertisement.
"The Busy Store"
Quick Sales and Small Profits
Let us Figure Your Bill, We Usually get the business
We Repair and
We Pack and
Store Furniture
greaiesi OF POETS
"Midsummer Nights Dream"
to Be Presented by Wo
men's Clab Saturday
E. C Seaman, Representing Lewis Bros. & Co. in Charge
Conductors Have New Uni
forms, and Marks to Show
Years of Service
Following the custom of the Southern
Picific and other transcontinental rail
roads, the Salem Street Car Railway
bai adopted a bine serge uniform for its
employes with stripes and stars on the
rireve" to indicate the years of service
with the company. A star indicates
five years service and one stripe for
every yeir.
Today the following speared in
1heir new suits wilh their stars and
atripm showing on their right sleeves:
William Allen, on the Yew Park line,
neven years serviro with the company,
ntiUe"j to weir one star and two
Homer Harrison, on the Commercial
street car line, one star, showing his
five years' service.
R. (I. llnll, Commercial street line,
four years' service, entitling him to
four stripes.
M. K. Moyer, running on the State
and ( hemeketa line, is entitled to the
four stripes for his-four years with the
E. I'. Cutler, on the Commercial street
line is entitled to one star and
stripe for his six rears service.
B. F. Miness, on the State and Cliem
eketa lines will show two stripes on his
right sleeve for the two years with the
Portland, Ore., April 17. Twenty
four dentists' offices in Portland were
robbed of cold estimated to be worth
onft Us.000 last night. The robberies were
not discovered until today, and the po
lice have been conducting a secret in-
vears with the company and will wear
C. L. Ferrell. ruuninir. on Commercin! , his new suit tomorrow. C. W. Brock
street is an eight year man and entitled
to one star and three stripes.
I. M. Mover, State and (hemeketa,
will be entitled to his star in another
year. Just at present he is weiring
four strities.
The above mentioned men appeared i service will nave no trouuie in tinning
with their new suits for the first time nut how long each employe has been
tVa morning. Tomorrow morning. E. with the compiny. Just take a look
J. Minnick on the Cnmen ial street line at the strong right arm of each, and re
will appear in his new suit, with stripes , member that the star is a token of five
indicating two vears service. J. W. years continuous service with the com-
on Seventeenth street car line has been
with the company two years and is en
titled to the two stripes.
Within a wek or two the suits or all
the street car bovs will have been com
pleted and then the patrons of the ear
."canister, on the State and ('hemeketa
lines is entitled to the star for hjs five
pany, and every year i shown by a
stripe, on the sleeve of the right arm.
The robberies are laid at the door
of an alleged coast-wide gang of poll'
thieves, who, detectives say, have raid
ed dentists' offices and jewelry Mores
in every large city on the coast, taking
nothing but gold.
Tho thieves unlocked every door, evi
dently using pass keys. The heaviest
bolts and the most inrticatc locks failed
to stop them.
The gang, according to the police,
began operations in ralt Lake. They
next visited San Francisco. Dentists'
associations and detective agencies rent
out warnings that raids by this gang
of thieven might be expected. Meager
descriptions of one nr two of the rob
bers have been obtained.
Ten offices in the I'ittock block were
robbed, but the Wills Dental labora
tory, which contained gold worth 1,000
was untouched.
Jersey Cattle Club
Organized Saturday
The Marion County Jersey Cuttle club
effected a formal nrcnniwition at a
meeting held Saturday in the audituri-j morning.
Saturday, April 22, is u (lute which nil
loyal Salem people should keep in mind
and also keep open. Because on that
dnte the city of Sulem, through the
agency of its Women's club, will con
tribute its part in the nation wide ob
servance of the Shakespeare tercenten
ary. It is perhaps too broad a statement
to say that everybody is Interested In
Shakespeare, and in what Shakespeare
means to all who speak tho English
language, but it is not too much to say
that everybody ought, to be interested;
and it is primarily for those who ought
to be interested that the Women's club
is going to present one of the Burd's
most 'fascinating comedies, "A Midsum
mer 'Night's Dream," at the Grand
next Saturday afternoon and evening.
The presentation of "A Midsummer
Night's Dream" will take, the form o'
'nn interpretive rending of the play
Mr.'. Annn lingers Fish, one of the most
I popular of Salem's entertainers, will do
the reading, impersonating each of ilr
famous characters in the comedv, Those
i who have heard Mrs. Fish in dramatic
readings are nwnre of the cleverness
with which she "puts over" a piny
'single-handed that. is. all by I erself
land there is no plnv which bet'er lend
; itself to this method of pres. ntnt ion
than "A Midsummer Night's 1 ream."
However. Mrs. Fish will not be entire
ly alone in the forthcoming revival of
the immortal comedy. The fainon-.t inusi
leal setting of Mendelssohn will be giv
; en in connection w ith the rending, and
! the various solos, duets, quartettes
I i'hornsi. nml d!lniCM. will tie inlio'.
j ' spersed wilh the dialogue, in the l'cg
1 1 ular order in which thev belong.
V Willinm Tliii.iliril Tr i, ,ll,,r...
wiuwW'Uiwi iimii liq i i iiiiiii. mil mi. M 1 1 j I, i ' h1 J ""1 I"
n ......r i.- ft.. ,! side lit the piano, and in some of tip
I heavier musical numbers, like tho "Ov-
erture" the will be ussisted by Miss
am of the commercial club with the Sadie Ford. The musical program in
idoption of a constitution and bv-laws eludes the celebrated "Wedding
ami the election of Henry Zorn as pres
ident ana .lai oh rox as secretary.
The holding of a dairy cattle show
in Salem was discussed. The general
opinion was that it should be held at
an early date, prefer ibly during the
annual cherry tail-. Tho general in
terest in Jersey cattle is becoming such
that it is believed that such a thow,
especially during the cherry fair, would
bring people here from all parts of the
county as well as from I'olk county.
Following the aJoption of i consti
tution and by-laws, directors were chos
en as follows: Henry Zorn, Jacob Fox,
Charles Cannon, Warren dray, Joseph
Ditter and J. H. Peterson.
March." "Nocturne
the "Clown Dance."
Mrs. R. M. llocr and Mrs. (iconic
Falmrr Pntnam will sing Obcroti'p
song, "I Know a Hank," from Act 2,
Scene 1, and with Mrs. .T. J. Roberts
and Mrs. T. II. (inlloway, they will nlso
render the Fairies' I.ullnhy, "Ye Spot
ted Snakes." which has been annnged
as a quartette.
One irf the features of the musical
program will he tho " Horgom'isk, " or
clown dance, which will be int 'rpreted
by Miss Margaret White, and then, fo'
pood measure, there will be the Fairies'
Dance, performed by 10 little Salem
fairies. These arc Misses Jeanette
Sykes, Josephine Atenison, Durrd An
derson, I.enta Baumgartner, Rosale llu
ren, Jeanettn Plimpton, Constunce Yuri
tis, Margaret Stoltz, Prudence Patter
son and Marie Schiilderman.
There will be two performance of
"A Midsummer Night's Dream,' a
matinee and an evening perfuiinniec,
and you can have any seat at "itlicr
performance for 25 cents. Tf you know
your Shakespeare von won't have to be
New Today Ada wort whils you i told that in this entertainment you will
sleep will have reiulti for yon la th get n whole lot for your money. Tf you
arc sun a siriuicr lu inc xiiirn en- in -i
The Salem Ministerial union will con
duct noon dnv services this week from
12:20 to 12:5'.ri ench day in the lecture
room of the First Methodist fhtirch.
Dr. Carl Oregg Doney will deliver the
messago ea'h d iv. Treso noon dav
sessions arc for all.
bargain opportunity for you to g"t ac
quainted with him.
The proceeds from "A Miii.suinnier
Night's Dream" will be used by Hm
Women's club us a nest egg for their
building 'fund. All uhn ure in any way
connected with the entertainment mo
giving their services gratis, and it i-i
expected that the two performances
Saturday will score as big a success fin
ancially as they ure sure to do r.rtis
tically. Mrs. Caplan Will Be
Witness for Husband
T.os Angeles, Cnl., April 17. Mrs. Da
vid Caplan, lor whom u fund is being
raised to finance her expenses to tho
const I'loin Chicago will be the prin
cipal witness for iier husband in his
trial for murder hen) us an alleged
This was announce ! today by Attorn
ey Nate. Coghlau, for Caplan, charged
with being an accomplice in the de
struction of the Times building hen."
five years ago.
Mrs. Caplan will est ililish a perfect
alibi for her husband. He will account
for his whereabouts during the five,
mouths prior and subsequent to the
TiincH explosion, during which it is
charged Caplan was an accomplice nr.
men now convicted for the act.
I. W. Connnt, nn employ of tho me-'lunii-nn
dep irtinent of t lie newspaper
at the tiuio it was u rocked, on tho wil
ness stand, testified today concerning
oudilious immediately following tan
At a meeting of Sedgwick Post No.
Ii. C. A. K., held at their Post room,
April 1.1, lit Id, it was unaniniouslv or
dered that,
V serous, Tie heirs of Hon. Asuhel
Hush, deceased, have generously dona
led to Hie City of Salem fifty acres
from tho plat of land known as Hush's
pasture, and
Whereas, sin h i park will provo of
urent and lusting benefit to the present,
ind coming generations as a delightful
bice for open air gatherings and celi
rations, therefore, be it
Hcsulvod, that, this Post hereby len
der a vote ol' t lui ii It si lo A. X. 'Hush,
Miss Sally Husii and other heirs of tint
Hun. As tli Hush estate for tho gen
erous gift of said property, believing it.
will he a lasting monument to the gen
erosity of the family, and especially to
the man who made it possible that su.-ti
i gift might be made.
( 'oinmander.
V. C. FAl'I.K.VKR.
Washington, April 17 President Wil
son today npiroved the court-martials
findings in the case of Colonel Lewis
(ioodier, reprimanding him for his al
leged activities in tho recent "nviution
scandal' on tho Pacific, coast.
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