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i i
Free Methodist.
.o. 1223 North Winter street.
017 servicea : Sabbath school
I'reachins at 11 a. m. and 7:45
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45
J Johastou, pastor.
Salvation Army.
Sunday services as follows
drill, 11:30 a. ni. Sundav
Bililo class, 10:30 a .ni
praise meeting, o p. m. Y
p. m. .Salvation meeting.
9:45. p. m.
p. m.
ent, J. I. Woodfin. Rpworth League
devotional meeting at ii:'M). A special
He.llure next Sunday will bo a men's
meeting at .'! o'clock to be Addressed bv
the Kev. H. J. Talbott. of Kimbail
School of Theology. All men are in
vited aint are urged to hear lr. Talbott.
Ministerial Union.
Passion week will be observed by
Ministerial I'liiou of Salem everv.
from April 17th to April 'J'Jmi in a
series of nnon-dny serviees. The niwt
ings beginning at twelve o'clock and
closing it one will be held at the Kirs!
i Methodist idiureli. The men and wom-
Week night services everv niahr eve
(.i .'. jen and young people of Salem are cor-
- T , ,,1'liully invited to attend the
' 1 lu ; nigs. (n Monday the speaker will
. . .-. .... , w
On Monday the speaker will be
l- T Porter iiit,,r ..C rli.. Vir.it
('Pl.t I . . , . ' 1 . .. .
Mnnilir nml ti t... ' . , ' ' , i nrisrian inurca aim rur toe remain
First Christian.
Comer M it K nnd Center streets.
I. Porter, minister. Bible school i:;j
n. m.. Ur. II. '. Kpley. director; l.loyd
iloldijnan. assistant. Salem won all
three points from l'ortlnnd last Sunday.
5:11! present, ('nine see a great school
doing a great work. Fine orchestra.
Separate room for every class. 11 a. ni..
Worship and sermon, subject ''Spring.''
f:.".0 p. m.. (.'. K. 7::iO'p. m.. Sermon
subject, "The Voice." Stereoptii an
and large chorus.
First Presbyterian.
Partnership in salvation is the
ject or tin' evening sermon bv the
pastor, Carl II. F.lliott. In the'uiorn
iug he will speak to the junior con
gregation on "Why Everv Christian
Should t'nite With the Church." a. id te
the adults on "The Message of Cni
vary." Music by the chorus choir. Sun
day school with classes for all ages (it
i' : 45 o'clock.
First church of Christ, Scientists.
Sunday 'son ices are held at 440
Cheniekcta street, nt 11 a. in. and S
p. m. Subject of Hible lesson. "Doc
trine of Atonement." Sunday school
at 0:45 a. in. Wednesday evening testi
monial meeting at S o'clock. Reading
room in the ilubbard building, suite
.'':. and is open every day. except Sun
days and holidays, from 11:4.1 a. in. to
4 p. ni. All are welcome to. our services
and invited to visit our reading
The Church of Cod.
No. 1 7 Tii Fairgrounds Road. Sunday
school at bl a. m.. rJdward Becker, su
perintendent. Sunday services at 11 a
in., 2:::0 and 7::!(l p. iii. All are cordial
ly invited. F.tliol Williams, pastor.
W. C. T. V.
liov. H. B. Dorks will deliver the gos
pel temperance address at Kamp Me
moriiil hall at 4 o'clock. All friends of
the temperance lire invited to attend.
Tuesday, April IS. will be a department
meeting, subject "Mothers Meeting."
Mothers are invited to attend whether
members of the union or not.
nig serviees Dr. Carl U. Doner, presi
dent of Willamette university wrr be
the speaker.
First Congregational.
. I lines "HI v in. pastor. Sunday sc hool
meets promptly at 10 o'clock, W. 1.
Sjaley superintendent. Morning ser
vice at 11 o'clock. Music morning and
evening :bv churns ichoir. Win. Mc-
i Gilchrist, Sr., director. Subject for
I morning service, "The l.nst Scenes nnd
ihe Last Words .of the C ross. ' Chris
tian Kndeavor service at U::io. Pleasant
Suud iv evening service at 7:.'tO. "A
Lesson from the Cross of Christ." Sub
ject motion pictures, part " Passion
I'lay, describing "The Trial and the
Arrest." 'Christ Before l'ilnte," "The
Crucifixion. " Everybody invited and
everybody welcome. Monday at eight
o'clock, lecture bv Lieut. M. Swartz-
kopensky, "My Life and Escape From
a Siberian Dungeon," a powerful heart
thrilling story. So charge for idmissioii,
silver offering. A Uoud Friday service
will be held in the church auditorium
on Kridav evening at 7::I0 o'clock. The
pastor will preach. Tiiere will bo no
Thursday evening service.
German M. E.
Corner Thirteenth and Center streets,
A. .T. Weigle minister. Smidav school
at Id a. m.. Henrv Grilapp, superin
tendent. Sermon at 11 o'clock. Ep
ivurth League at 7 p. m Ruth Wables
buchl, lender. Song service at 7:4.1.
There will also be preiichhfg service on
Good Friday evening at !S o'clock
East State and Eightenth streets,
(I. Koehler, pastor. Sunday school in
Gerunn nud llnglisii at 10 o'clock. Di
vine service at 10:30 a. in. There will
be no evening service.
Gospel Mission.
Corner Center arid Commercial streets.
Sunday school 2:30 p. in. Preaching
3:30 and 7:4.1 p. m. Revival meetings
commencing i :4.1 p. m. Saturday, April
litli and continuing next week by
hvangelist Hill. ou are invited to
come. K. K. Spyker, pastor,
Rural Chapel.
H. C. Stover, minister. Morning
ice at .11 o'clock. Sunday school
a. m. Christian Kndeavor at 7:30.
Communion will be observed at
morning service.
lit 10
, . , Central Congregational.
South Nineteenth and Ferry streets.
II. C. Stover, minister. Sunday school
nt 1(1 a. m. Evening worship at 7:30.
lieception of niembers and communion
with brief address on "Falling Into the
Ground to Die." by the pastor at 7:30
p. m. C. E. at 0:45 p.m. Junior C. 10.
nt 0 p. m. l'rayer service Thursday ev
ening at 7:30.
First Methodist Episcopal.
Corner State and Church streets, 1?.
N. Avisoa, minister. 0:0o a. m., closs
meeting: 0:45 i. in., Sabbath school,
Messers Schrnmni and d'ilkey, superin
tendents; 11:0(1 a. in., morning worship,
addresses in .the interest of Self Denial
Week for Foreign Missions, bv Dr. II.
T. Talbott ami the pastor; ;:00 p. m.,
the pastor will administer the secra
meiit at the Old Peoples' lfonie;:':00 p.
in., meeting for men at the .lason Lee
church, addressed by Rev. Dr. 11. .1. Tal
bott; ii:.10 p. in.. Intermediate League.
Mrs. M. C. Findley, superintendent;
b:"ll p. ni.. Kpivoith l.eioue. Miss Eva
Scott, president; 7:'.M p. m., evening
worship, the pastor will speak on the
tneme. "Mis Last Week." Music by
i ne cnorus cnoir iioin morning ami even-
ino under the direction of Dr. Frank
W. Chase.
St. Paul's Episcopal.
Robert S. Gill, rector, llolv commun
ion i : . il I a. in. Matins ami ad.lress mi
"The Vice of Sentinientalisin " Il::i0n.
in. Kvensong find address, "Why I
Hate Fpiscopali ins '' 7::o p. in. Sun
dav school !l:4."i a. ni. The services will
be marked with music anrooriate to
Liberty Street Church of the Evangel
ical Association.
( omer ( enter uid Liliertv streets,
11. E. Ilornschucb, pastor.. Sunday
school at 10 a. in., Win." tlarn jobst. su
perintendent. German services at 11
a. m. The pastor will speak on "An
Kxalted Vision of the Church." Tlie
Young People's Alliance will meet at
7:00 p. in.- English services at 8 p. m.,
when the pastor will again speik. Ev
erybody is welcome. i
Highland Friends. i :
Corner of Highland and Klin streets.
Sabbath school nt 10 a. m.. Mrs. Myrtle
Kenwnrthy, superintendent. Meetings
for worship at 11 a. m. ami 7 p. in.
Christiun Endeavor (1:1.1 p. in. Prnyer
nieeting Thursday 7::'.0 p. m. All ire
invited to attend these services. Jose
phine llockett, pastor. Phone 1105.
United Brethren.
Rev. C. W. Tibbett will preach at the
t'nited Brethren church, 1 Lit li and Mis
sion streets, Sunday, April Hi, at 11 a.
in. and ti . in. All cordiallv invited tp
Commons Mission.
211 State street. Rev: W. G. McLaren,
from Portland, general superintendent
of the Pacific Co ist Protective and
Rescue Society, of which this mission is
a branch, will speak Sunday at ;! p. in.
Serviees Tuesday ami Friday at 7:11
p. in. .1. D. Cook, superintendent.
I. B: S. A.
Class meets in the Rogers building on
the comer of Ferry nnd High streets at
10 o'clock a. m. Pilgrim W. II. Farrnr
will "ive n discourse. Those interested
in bible truth .ire cordially invited to
be present.
Palm Sundiiv.
Corner of ( hemeketa and
streets. Richard F. Tiseher.
Siindav school nt H: t-1
class it !l;4.1. Miss El
pcrinteiident. Morning service at 11
o'clock, subject. "Palms at Vietorv. "
Rita Jolivet.
Rita Jolivet, the actress who was
iboard the Lusitania when that ves
sel was torpedoed by the Germans,
ins just become the bride of Gius
seppe Cippio, an Italian count. The
marriage took -place at the home of
the bride's father, at Kew, London.
rniroT mmv mm
A. Aplin, of Woodiinrn, this uioruing
began a tin day sentence in the county
jail on a charge of .selling intoxicating
liquor. Aplin was convicted in the cir
cuit court ami received his sentence
from Judge Kelly this morning, lie
was indicted on live counts but the in
dietuients on all but one count were dismissed.
Grace D. Barnes has filed a suit in
the circuit court of this county against
William Esch, is sheriff, and A. B.
Spencer, seeking to enjoin Sheriff Esch
from selling some property on Liberty
ami Division streets to satisfy a .judg
ment of .t(i!),."i:',H which was secured by
Spencer in California, April 24, I!) 13.
After Spencer secured tiie judgment he
endeavored to levy upon certain prop
erty belonging to Mrs. Barnes in Salem
and the case was carried to the su
preme court of this state where it was
held that the judgment wis seemed by
fraud. and misrepresentation and that
all of Mrs. Barnes property in Salem
except the property on Division and
Liberty streets should be exempt from
execution. The suit filed yesterday
asks that the Division street property
also be exempted from sale by the sher
iff to satisfy the fraudulent judgment.
An order was issued by Judge CJ il
loway in department No. 2 of the cir
cuit court today foreclosing a mortgage
in the case of Frank F. Knight against
Agnes Payne, ( . A. Payne and others.
The findings of fact state that the de
fendants gave i note for $.1,7.10 which
was secured by a mortgage on !7 acres
of laud in this county ami that (f:!,7t1.:!0
of the principal remains unpaid and is
now due. In addition to the principal
and interest .:'00 is allowed for at
torneys fees .uid the property was or
dered sold to satisfy the claim.
John P. Seymour was today appointed
by Judge Bushey as guardian ad litem
of Amil T. Witte, an incompetent, to
represent Witte 's interests in certain
litigation now pending.
The senior class was entertained
the home of Dr. Douey last evening.
Miss Francis Gittins and .lames R.
liaiii, of the senior class, are writing a
dramti which will be st iged bv the sen
iors at the annual commencement ini
June. The ilrnni'i is historical in nature
recounting the brave deeds of Jason
o clock. AdultM.ee, the rounder ot Willamette uni
icl Fletcher, su-i versify. The pageant will not onlv por
tray nrly days, but also the present
iml tiie future of the institution. Both
No evening service. Music bv Mrs. T. of the authors are talented nlons? liter
H. OnUowav, Mr. Harry Mills, organ-'ary lines and the production is expect
ist. Friends of liberal religion and of led to be one worth while. Miss Gittins
progressive thought are cordially in ; played the role of the leading' lady in
vited to our services. P.ring a friend. j last year's junior play, "An American
I Citizen," and is the May (ueoii-cleet
First Baptist. for this year's .May Day festivities.
Corner Marion and North Liberty She-li is been a careful student of Eng
streets, .Rev. G. F. libit, D. D., pastor. 1 lish literature and drama during her
Sunday school at 0:4.1. Public worship college course and the production which
'ind preaching II n. in. ami 7:"0 p. m. I she is now working on should be of a
Topics: Morning, 'The Kingship of; high class nature.
Christ." Evening, "The - I'lifailing Members of the class will take the
One." B. V. P. F. nt l:.'to p. in. Ser- lending parts of the cast nnd a few un
derclassmen will tie used to complete
vices every evening next week, except
Saturday. Fverybodv invited.
Leslie Methodist Episcopal.
Bible school, 0:1.1 n. ni., Joseph Bar
ber, superintendent. Morning worship,
II o'clock, special Palm Sunday ser
vices, sermon by the postor. Epivorth
league. li:.'in p. m. Evening service.
7:'M. There will be no Junior League.
r.ierv member of tin), eimrcli
to attend the Passion Week Serviees at
First Methodist church, each day it
noon, nnd the eiangelintic services at
the same place each evening, at 7:4.1.
Ri'i. J. '. spencer, pastor.
Jason Lee Memorial.
At the comer of Jefferson
Winter streets, J. Montcalm llrown,fivc
pastof. Siindav school at 0:11 note the
the entire cast. Prof. Wall ice Mc.Mur
ray will attend to the direction and
staging of the pageant, and this insures
its being well presented, since the pro
fessor lias had wide experience in the
directing of dramas.
The junior pin'.', which will bo staged
at the Grand Opera House on the even
ing of Miv tith. is almost ready, as far
is urged 'as rehearsing is concerned, to be staged.
I'roti'ssor .Mcjlnrray, who is directing
the play, the name of which is "Sher
wood," said of it recently. "It will be
the biggest production ever presented
in Salem be amateurs. " This is saving
a great deal for it as the professor is
not git en to boasting, hut is ot a con
and X. sertativn nitnre. Tiie plav consists of
acts, scenes of Bonnie Kngland in
lavs of Robin Hood when knight-
the eliingo in time. Superintendent. It. ' hood was at its height. The first act
A. Harris. Suiicriiiteii.lettt primarc de- is a scene in the Sherwood forest and
parlment. Mrs. II. C. Emmol. Preach-: later tiie action moves to the eastle of
lug serve
Junior l.e
nt II
:ue at
a. ni. nnd
:' p. m., sop'
In p. m. ' Fitztnalter.
riiiteiol a scene in
c second act
green forest
IS SI o.t I II
of Sher-
A petition to inorporate Seotls Mills
was filed today in the county court. The
petition was signed by W. W. Tait and
li:l others wiio reside within the pro
posed limits of the city.
A m.irriage license was issued at the
county clerk's office today to George
K. Terwilliger, a Salem " undertaker,
ami .N'orinn X. Lef fingwell, also a Sa
lem undertaker. Fred Willis Tnpliu, a
Portland builder, ami Maud F. Clapper.
a Salem stenographer, also secured a
marriage license.
wood. The third act opens on .i scene j
in the courtyard of Nottingham. The
fourth act is a garden scene in the
castle of Prince John. The fifth act
closes tiie play with powerful and grip
ping dramatic action,- the scene being
it Kirklie Abbey, Robin Hood and
Lady Marian here show themselves to
tneir greatest advantage.
To those who have read the classic
"Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott, the
play Sherwood will be of great in
terest, lor it is to a great extent pat
terned lifter th it story, Mud the pictur
intion of ancient days when knights
fought for the love of a fair lady nas
still the thrill that moves today.
The seniors uml faculty of ''Willam
ette, university will stage a baseball
game next Frid iy taat will be inter
esting from the standpoint of team
work, as they have never played to
gether before. The faculty lineup is
not known as yet, the seniors team will
be as follows: Jewett or Bain, p; Gary,
e; Shisler, lb; Ridgcway, 2b; Jewett
or Bain, ss; Smith, :;b;' (lleiser, cf;
Blntchford, rf; and Jasper. If.
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want ad isvyonderf ul
Try enc ifyou navelost somdhiri
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It " f
I 1 '
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i r
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real Liu
e Daily
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Capital J
A7"I7 Have made arrangements by which any subscriber of the
V V Ei CAPITAL JOURNAL, delivered by carrier in Salem, who
will pay for the paper six months in advance, at the regular rate,
$2.50, will receive without extra charge, the following publica
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The Northwest Farmstead, regular price, $1.00
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Wife Taking Poison
Led Husband To Do So
San Francisco. April 13. Mis. Mar
garet J.yni-h lies cm the threshold of
death tod iv pleading with emergency
hospital physicians to let her join her
two dead children.
In an adjoining ward lies h-r hus
band, (Jeorge l.vniii, remorseful because
in a moment of ivcnlwiiws, lie forgft his
duty to his two living children and at
tempted suicide.
It was the supper hour in Lynch 's
little home in the Potrero district. All
dny long Mrs. Lynch had hysterictillv
wept for iier two dead children. Dip
theri i bad claimed them in the isolation
1w.iMtl tl,r..u ,luvu Lnfr.ro
... . . .; ,. .' . . , Slav her iiaml. As she lav on thfi floor,
She went to the. medicine idlest and ,,, ...,,i, ,.:,. . ,,,
swallowed part of a Lottie, of I'oiso,,,! Vlk,,css'seiZed l.vncli. Jf she died, he
just as her husband reached home from f , t h ,,t a wu ,( ,J(,ail
work. Me fought with her but tailed to K . ' t ' .. ..,; ,, ,,rBk
of the jioison also.
He will recover, but his wifo mav die.
lint two mine days remain in
which to register for the pri
maries ' anil only ll.SL'S voters
out of about Hi.iMtlt in Mnrion
county have registered. The ta
tal Registration for this week
was ii'.lli of which HIM I were
males anil iloo were females.
The voters - are registering at
the county court ' house at the
rate of liiout 130 a day. The
registration boohs close at 8
o'clock in the evening, Tuesday,
April Is,
Rexall one cent
Perry'i Drug
April 20-21-22
That useless article may mean
money to you through the Mew
Today column.
Scaled bids will be received at the.
office of the clerk, . 11. ISurgiiarilt,
.fr,. IIS.'i State street, Salem, Oregon, tor;
supphing school district So. '.'I with:
1:13 cords of slab wood and -10 cords of
fir wood, bids to be opened at the regu
lar meeting, 7:.'!0 p. in., April 4, WW.
All bids must be accompanied by a cer
tified check of 3 per cent of the
amount of the bid. AprlU
In the matter of the guardianship of the
estates and persons of Hernilone
Kiches and Cromwell Hiches, minors,
(luardian's notice of stile.
Notice is hereby given, That the uu
dcrxigned, lidiiu Hiches, will, lis guard
ian, of the above mimed minors, in
ette Meridian, Marion County, Oregon;
running thence. North 80 degrees 20
minutes west, J1.S0 chains, along the
legal subdivision line running west
through section L".t to the southeast cor
ner of a one-acre tract; thence .North
4.HI chains to tho north east corner of
said one-acre tract; thence North US
degrees 20 minutes west 2.005 chains to
the division line established through
the Charles Riches claim; thence North
lll.Ol chains along the division line tu
an iron pipe; thence south 8!t degrees
20 minutes east l.'l.s'.t chains to an iroa
pipe on the line between sections 2H and
21; theme south IS. 75 chains to the
place of beginning and cvutuiuiug 23
acres of land.
That bids will be received for said
real property up to the ltith day of
May, llllil, at which time she will dis
pose of said minors' interest, to the
best bidder, said sale being a private
sale for eash; all bids tendered should
be tendered to flic Guardian in care
of tho Capital Journal, in the City ot
Oregon, or to tho attorneys ior
- i i. i .. . nuirui.
onrormiiy uu an oruer ul '""." ""'. I ,.,; Hrtnn & Ktrnhan. 410 I'lntt
Portland, Oregon, Mid bids
and sale being subject to the approval
t , M,.l,n ,.l. (',.,,,,1,- Ktnt. oil
i I.,..(,.r,., .,.,!.. ',! ..l..rd'l"il,li"K
herein, oa the 12th (lav ot April, iuiii,
proceed to sell all the interest
minors, being an undivided fourteen-1
twenty-fourths (11-24), in the following!
described rent property, to-wit: I
Beginning lit the quarter section cor-'
nor l.ctuuc. aeetioim 'JS nud 20. Town-!
ship H South, Uange 2 West of Willnin-j Piatt 'Building, Poltlaud, Oregon.
.If i'l'i'l confirmation of the County Court,
lurtcen'l 1""J tliid I5tl. day of April, lOlti.
r.H.NA Kt!.iir..-
Attornevs for Ouardliin,