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A cheque may be worth no more than the scrap of
paper on which it is written. It may be worth a
million. Its value depends solely upon the financial
responsibility of the man who signs it. The mere
signature is sufficient to credit or discredit its worth.
Public confidence is a matter of reputation. The
monogram on the radiator of the Six-:)0 is the en
dorsement of the Chalmers Motor Company. The
motor buying public has come to accept it as a guar
antee of sterling worth in a motor car.
This endorsement has stood behind every car that
has left the Chalmers shops. It will continue to
stand as long as Chalmers Motor Cars are built.
The Chalmers Six-:;0 with 3400 R. P. M. engine
sells for $1215 f. o. b. Salem. This is $225 lower than
the minimum price ever placed on a Chalmers
product. The monogram on the radiator of the Six
I'.O is just as strong a guarantee of Quality as it was
on the radiator of a $:000 Chalmers limousine.
Long years of experience in motor car building,
quantity production and ultra modern factory
facilities have enabled us to place this Chalmers en
dorsement on a $1215.00 car.
The Chalmers Six-nO has made a strong impression
with the people of Salem who are looking for fine
points in auto construction. On display at
Halversen & Burns
Corner High and Ferry Streets
Automobile News
Single Gallon of Gasoline Is
Sufficient for Thirty Miles
In Roadster
No Pedt'rnl appropriation is to bo
mailt' for the repair of the Roosevelt
i!:.m Ligin, ay, now known as the
Apache trail. The House Committee on
appropriations takes the view that for
the government to aid in maintaining
this highway would b to set a dangr
ous precedent.
"It isn't the ai'tnal eost of oil for a
motor cur that makes the average mo
toiist .mil' a ear that uses up quanti
ties of the lilaek heavy grease," said
.lr. I.lovd 1 Kyan, who has the agency
for the Saxon Motor ears here. "Jt's
the liother that comes from having to
pour oil into the machine every few
"While the eost of oil. totaled at
the end of the season, is a sizeublo plained.
amount, the expense from time to tiiue-i
comes in a driblet tiiat is hardly no-! In spite of a seiiuus handicap, due
ticeil. lint no in. in, who ever dressed i to the shortage of motor vehicle freight
up tor a day s otonug ana then had to 'ears, Detroit manufacturers managed
naele lu which the -Twin Falls show,
Twin Falls, Idaho, is to be held, will
not be available as soon as was ex
petted, it has been found necessary to
change the date for the show to April
3'8' ' .
Some Fads and Fancies
for the Motorist
Luncheon kits have not been aug
mented by foreign additions this year,
but our own manufacturers have added
to their lines. A set has two cases,
made as long as possible to fit on the
running boards, one on either side. One
carries all the fittings, bottles, jars and
dry foods, while the other has a small
ice tank in the center with food con
tainers ut either side.
While overhauling uu old two-cylinder
car, J-i. K. liooth of 1'oinona, Cal.,
found in the crank case a lizable
chuuk of refined gold which had appar
ently been once the crunn of some
body's tooth. Its presence in the oili
ii n 1 1 other residue has not been ex
lo ship approximately li.VKKI motor cars
of the passenger type during January.
This figure was obtained by n care
ful canvas of the concerns in Detroit
and is a close approximation to the ac
tual number. Vet this rather large
shipment would have been much greater
hail the makers been aide to secure all
the railroad cars they wanted in which
to convey the vehicles to their destination.
I ill the oil well of his car. twice dur
ing the ride, can forget the inconveni
ence, especially it' he had to do it him
self. With the Saxon cars the oil consump
tion is remarkably low. It's so small j
that it is a big economy of operation'
and the oil bill at the end of .1 month
will show a big difference over timt of
many other automobiles, lu addition,!
the mileage obtained upon a single pint'
of oil means that the iconveniences of
refilling are fewer and that is, 1 be-1
Hove, a big feature. I Keturns from thirty-four states show
"One point of oil will iiiBiire perfect; receipts from automobile, motor truck
lubrication for .111 nverago of 1-5 milesanil chauffeur registrations of $4,188,
travel. This means that there is a low, 7.15. 1 tj. New Voik lends in fees as well
cost for a long ride, and a long ridel as in registrations, its motorists having
with no thought of the. oilitig of thojpaid 1,S74,07o..'i0 to the state during
car. There is no need to question every j I 1 Pennsylvania is second with $1,
few miles 'Have I enough oil.?' A ; (i(j.-,,7li.r.O. Iowa has $ 1 ,.-,10.74.".8L in
great variety of tests have demonstrat-j , llPr ,.r(l(lit whlI( New JerS(.T au.
ed the minimum oil consumption fea- toinobilists and those visiting the state
..... ... ,..v .....w. inviui ti,,. ,.,., i nil" ioo o,; , ruun.
Another kit is odd enough to deserve
special mention. It is similar in shape
and size to the old fashioned carpet bag
and it is designed to hang on the rail.
1 lie fittings are neatly arranged in a
scries of pockets, wiille at the bottom
are the 'food containers. The ca-se is
made of enameled duck. The willow
cases are temporarily out of the mar
ket. In the double rain capes Mia under
cape falls well below the hip line and is
sleeveless, while the outer cape is -six
inches shorter. The capes may be hai
in any of the new rubberized materials,
but in heavy, rniiiproofed satin or i-,
they are the least bulky.
Ami while economy is under dis-
chusetts, another great touring state,
Is to build up our business by saving the
automobile owner money.
Of accessories is complete: tires, chains,
bumpers, oils, spark plugs, horns, lamps, in
fact almost anything you may need.
Is at your service, night or day, and will reach
you, no matter where your car may be.
Is unexcelled. We recharge batteries at the
following prices: 6v "0-80 a. h., 80c; Gv 80-1SO
a. h., 90c; 12-16-lS-21v starting batteries, $1.20
Are experts. We employ no apprentices.
Are lower because we specialize on repairing
and overhauling and give our entire attention
to this work.
Reos, Hudsons and
Auburn Cars
Great Western Garage
C.C.SIMERAL, Proprietor .
1 17 NO. HIGH ST., Opp. Court House. Phone 1 1
' i in- in J in i ujurumiJi lull ui i , ... a - i i rru .
the Maxon motor c.rs also is worthv ofi"hm" rfle,'!l,ts f l,0'.4,,U4.oU. These
comment. A single gallon of gasoline I "r( ""' "lv !,ta,os w,"!s'' m l
is sufficient for :!() miles of travel iu ' 1,10 l,0l'0,0UO mnrk, although Ohio re
the roadster, and the gasoline consump-1 '',i.vfl1 ,JS:!,7S.3S and Illinois !-'t,-tiou
of the six-cylinder car is propor-1 "Uo-Ti.
tioiiatoly low, much lower than the av-1
erage car of like power, lit) miles or ( Of t lit? production of cars and motor
more.'' trucks by the manufacturers of the
tjiited States iu 1U1.1, which reached
a total of nearly DUO.000 vehicles, a
percentage was exported to hu-
ropo, Asia, .South America, in all. fU
countries iu different sections of the
globe. The number of cars and truck
shipped abroad increased each month,
as shown by latest government export
statistics, the increase for the year be
ing L'.'U per cent, while the estimated
value is $100,0011,000,
lu considering the gain of car and
truck registrations during the year it
must also be considered that a large
munlicr of cars must have been scrap-
White canvas hats, trimmed " '
patent leather rose leaves and leathei
br.nds. are smart. With these hats th
(leorgette veils tire worn. These are
of red or corpse chiffon, with the draw
string through a one-inch bonier of
black silk. The hats are in Bmall sailor
Among the smart huts for motoring
are small, roll-rimmed sailors of smooth
felt. The brims are faced with rough
felt nnd they are trimmed with a baud
and smart bow at the left side. A
Bangkok straw in the same shape is
trimmed with a wide, green leather
band fastened in the front with three
leather buckles and straps. The edge
has a narrow binding of leather to
A touring coat made of broken plaid,
in black and white, is in the very full
Raglan model, with mep sleeves and a
high, buttoned Chin-Chin collar. The
coat has deep pockets set into the side
seams, with flaps that button back, and
the coat is lined to the waistline with
hunter's green satin. Big black and
white buttons form part of the trimming.
ceived from the tlnee-speed twins in
carrying . R 1. routes. The approval K0(Ky
mi, iii.Mv.iMit: mm aiucvnii uy it
postal department has given official en
dorsement of this modem method of
transportation. A sidevan can be oper
ated at a cost f but a few dollars a
mouth, far less than the cost of horses
and rig. and is much faster in getting
around to everyone on the rural route.
"The great amount of power which
the motor has in reserve for use nt the
will of the rider makes the Hurley
Davidson three-speed twin espcially
desirable for If. F. I), service because
the carriers cannot pick their roads.
I nclc
Comfort cases that are shaped like
small Victoria bags are fitted with
cream, lotions and powders. They may
be had in the colored fancy leathers.
" lollow silk jersey cloth is used in a
very smart sporr -sun tor touring use.
It is made with a full, short skirt, with
a roll girdle and with deep pockets nt
each side. A white silk shirtwaist with
yellow Windsor tie is worn under the
ltussinri blouse coat, which is belted
with a wide sash. The hat is a wide
brimmed soft straw, faced with the yel
low material. The brim and crown are
pel, their places being taken by new painted with corn flowers and butter-
I vehicles, which necessarily make the;cu
iini requires that mail be lie- , , . , ... . , .,.i ' . i. .,,.
vcied regardless of the weather and lf .V ' i,i' ,.,. 'ii ,..,' ;.i : !.
the conditions of the roads.
General Johnson
Died In His Arms
Seattle, Wish., April lo. Dr. Henry
iu addition to the newer ma-
itulletin service on all roads through
out Oregon is part of plan of greater
activity on the part of the Portland Au
tomobile club. In this way it hopes to
Y-ii.,l..ll In wiiiou n.,. i:,.ri Aii.,i encourage touring throughout the state.
Sidney Johnson died of his wounds nt The club will also publish a 1010 tour
the battle of Shiloh iu the civil war, is book.
dead today at his home at l.nt'onner.
He was S'J years of age. Because of the fact that the taber-
A new sport set consists of a French
sacque and hut to be worn with a linen
suit. The sacque is made of old 1
Jersey cloth, is of hip length nnd is
very full. The collar and narrow front
revers are of tan linen and the fold on
the full flowing sleeve is the same. The
hat is a wide brimmed 'soft straw.
A Harley-Davidson
Three Speed Twin
Most Satisfactory
''The three speed twin cylinder is
the most satisfactory nil purpose motor
eye!,, which has been produced to date,"
Scntt & I'ipei, local agents for the
ll.'n ley )iviisou.
'It is the logical turning machine,
Hie logical sidecar machine, in fact the
Initial machine for nll tii'ound useful-
"Hidden solo the three speed twin
will climb I'll per cent grade with
'. With a Ihirley Da idsoii sidecar
an. I passenger it will climli a 4"i per
i-ent. grailu without a murmur. Tic
(icu.ly flow of power in iiiteiinediale or
'"W gear is ll delight to the rider and
pus-eager. Apparently thfl motorcycle
cujovs opportunities to dcinoiistiate its
abilities in climbing steep guides with
stiff loads.
"Such was the reception given the
three-speed llarlev-lnvid-ou following
its aiiiiiMiiiceuieiit last year that more
than nine times as many three-speed
twins were sold iluring the UU."i sen--on
as any other model. It was an in
stantaneous su -s as a solo machine
ami for use with a sidecar or sidecvan.
In the most htieuuouH endurance con
tests the three-pecil twin with side
car showed that it could r through
roads that a -ho.-t time ago would have
been con-idercl inip.--able for an;
motor vehicle.
" b'cmarkalile service is being re-
Equipped with a Side-Car
It is healthful, enjoyable, serviceable and economical.
Uncle Sam's purchase of 24 Harley-Davidson equip
ped with sidecar machine guns for service in Mex
ico is good evidence of practical durability.
Come around and take a spin in our new outfit.
252 State Street, Salem. Oregon
I need repeating," said
I "The increase of pow
ix-Cylinder Motors
Desired For Touring
Six-cylinder motors are the most do
! sired type for touring cues from the
public view point nt the present time,
according to Mr. liyuu. Mr. Ryan
handles the agency for Saxon motor
i cars here and his statement is based
j upon the belief of many automobile
i users which have been expressed to him
I "The reasons why the six-cylinder
icnr is superior to the 'four-cylinder have
been told so often that they hardlv
d Mr. Ryan today.
power, the absence ot
; the jar, and the way in which the six
cylinder is giving a satisfaction to
countless motorists, all point to the fact
that this type has a big following.
"Hut probably the great reason for
! itas universal popularity is the fact
j that an excellent six-cylinder motor car
can now be obtained ut a low cost,
(iiving the six all the advantages that
engineering 'science shows for it. low
price was needed to make it pnpulur.
When it first came upon the market in
costly cars, it was a star in the heav
ens to lie reached only by those with
the dollar sign telescope. Today it is
an earthly thing and eniiM'qucntly
within the reach of all.
"Saxon 'Six' offers the high-grade
car in that el:i.s at a low price. It is a
car of mighty power, lightness and
quality of appointments. It is a 'si
that demonstrates to my mind the real
reason for the big demand that the mo
tor mart is feeling for six-cylinder
"When an automobile, like Saxon
'Six.' can offer the speed, the stamina,
and the refinements that should go
with a six-cylinder aulomoliile of tie
first rank and offer them at a low
price, the motorist has found his idea'
"The new Series Saxon 'Six.' whie'
T am now showing and which hn:s been j
met with a large demand by the motor
ists here. i not a slnp-togethcr car. It
is built from the l.iVt that money can !
buy and w ith the greatest skill that can '
be obtained from expert w orknianship
and modern machinery.
" Mthoiigh retailing nt the low price
of .7s.'), it is built with the appoint
ments of the co-tlv car. It has two unrr
electric starting and lighting svstem:.'
it ha- Tiniken axles and Tinikeii bear
ings throughout its elta-sis. nnd every
one knows that Tiniken spells excellence
in nxles and bearings. It has a late
model of yacht line type on its body
and it Inn above ull the Saxon motor,
which gives a maximum power on a
minimum amount of fuel."
" Because I ell Saxons i- one reason
why I thuk the car tops its field, but
the main reason why I sell them is be
: ciui-e I have become convinced in their
'worth after an exhaustive study of (he
motor car field."
OUR absolute faith in the Max
well car is due to two reasons:
First, we have known that
the Maxwell Company uses nothing
in the entire car but the very best
that money can buy. We have
known that the steel is scientifically
heat treated, that the car is built
under the supervision of able engi
neers, that every car is rigidly tested
many times before it leaves the
Second, we have known that the
big and well established company
behind the car is building for the
future, that they value a satisfied
owner above everything else.
Now that the Maxwell has set the
World's Motor Non-Stop Mileage
Record, by travelling continuously
for 44 days and nights averaging
500 miles per day you will under
stand the benefits you personally
may derive from the Maxwell policy.
Did you ever hear of any car going
22,000 nriles without once stopping
the engine, without any repairs or
readjustments, with only one gallon
of gasoline to every 22 miles?
There is no reason why you
shouldn't have a reliable, service
able and economical Maxwell car.
The first cost is low, the operating
cost is low and our pay-as-you-ride
plan makes the purchase easy for
Let us see you about this now,
before our allotment is exhausted.
Touring Car, $655. Roadster, $635
Prices F. O. B. Detroit
Cor. High and Ferry
Increased Sales Show
Popularity of Maxwell Car
The local Maxwell dealers Halverson
& Burns report the automobile business
better "than expectations, they up to
date sold and delivered six carloads of
machines, and have two car loads on
the road, and they are sold. The only
trouble we experience, says Mr. Halver
son, in handling Maxwell cars, is the
delivery of cars. The coast distributors
are unable to keep any cars and we
must order iu car load lots from
Detroit factory.
Mrs. Fred Krug is seriously ill at her
home in South Silverton having suffer-.,
ed a stroke of paralysis Thursday
evening last. Her left side is com
pletely helpless. Two years ago she
had a -slight Htroke which affected the
left sido of the face and shoulder. Mrs.
O. Greene, of Portland, sister of Mr.
Krug, and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Klwick,
daughter and son-in-law, of Browns
ville, were called here by the serious
illness of the mother. ISilverton Appeal.
Try Capital Journal Want Ads.
STRENGTH Saxon is sturdily built of fine
ECONOMY Saxon is economical because it is light
in weight. Light weight means a saving in fuel
and tires.
SERVICE Saxcn, because of its modern design,
good materials uid construction, gives the best
possible service. It is today making good in
:10,000 owners' hands. b
Six Touring Car, f. o. h. Salem $915
Six Roadster, f. o. b. Salem $445
Sec the Saxon Six on display at THE CAPITAL
GARAGE, 173 S. Liberty Street.
Lloyd L. Ryan