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Fhe Capita! Journa
A.ril 1". ID I..
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The anthropological sharps have been discussing the
proposition that the man of the future will be without
teeth and hair.
There is no more rigid law of nature than that the
useless perishes.
The hat performs the function for which haiv was de
signed and the teeth are being put out of business by p re
masticated foods.
So teeth and hair, it is contended, will pass away.
And why not the stomach, too? Predigested foods yarcis.
leave it nothing to (to.
Indeed, by a recent operation a man was surgically
relieved of a sore stomach and has since been well and
It has already been suggested, says the British Medical
Journal, that the veriform appendix should be removed
from every infant as a routine measure. Thus relief
would be gained from one troublesome organ that has
fallen into disuse.
But this is clearly not sufficient. The surgery of the
future must include far more than this. The tonsils and
turbinate bones of the nose must also be cut out because
they harbor germs.
What Arbuthnot Lane calls "the human cesspool"
that is, the large intestine must also be removed, along
with a considerable portion of the alimentary canal, be
cause it only gives trouble and won't be needed when we
are living on tabloidod foods and pills.
The readily decaying teeth are already pulled out early
in life and the germ-proof store variety inserted.
The failing human eye will be, in fact is now, antici
pated by spectacles in early youth.
Deficient moral sense and degeneracy are being treat
ed by ventilation of the brain and removal of offending
Thus defended against the perils of civilization, the
man of the future may be able in his journey through life
to defy the countless enemies that seek-to rob him of
All the important vars the United States has been en
gaged in began in April. With the present conditions in
Mexico it looks very much as though the list was to be
still further extended.
Just what the administration will decide to do in the
matter of chasing VUIr and answering Mexico's demand
that American troops be withdrawn no one knows, but it
hardly seems probable that troops will be recalled for
some time at least.
Then there is that dispute with Germany over the
submarine warfare. What will come of it is also for the
future to decide, though it is probably for the very near
future. It can hardly result' in war for if the two coun
tries wanted to fight, which neither does, and it is hoped
never will, they could only do so at long distance. It
seems likely though that diplomatic relations will be
severed, and this is certainly bad enough.
This afternoon at ? o'clock there took place at St.
Helens the launching of the auxilliary schooner, City of
Portland, from the yards of the St. Helens Shipbuilding
Company. She will be equipped with two Bolinger en
gines and when her canvas is not drawing, these will drive
twin screws so she will be kept moving all the time. She
will carry two million feet of lumber, and is the first of a
fleet of similar lumber carriers building at the St. Helens
When modern science gets after a thing that thing
might as well fold its wings and surrender. Recently it
was discovered that spotted fever was due to sage ticks.
This was science' first trick. Then it found the ground
squirrel was the natural home and abiding place of the
tick. Result, farmers down in Grant county where the
spotted fever has been epidemic and is still so, have be
gun war on the squirrel, thus tackling the trouble at its
jC 3ft Sfc 3ft jc SjC Jt 3C 3C 3(c jjc 2fC
Iosebing. fire.: S. A. Randall, n
Pittsburg financier, received a greater
ovation oil' his visit to ltosohurg today
than has ever been accorded a president
of the I'nitod "fates. Escorted by a
large reception committee he visited
various parts of the city, and a croud
gathered wherever his automobile stop
ped. On his arrival Inst night two
brass bands and l.ylill citizens welcomed
him at the station. Mr. mid .Mrs. Ken
dall were then made guest's of honor at
a huge reception. Kendall intends to
promote the Jloseburg Ac Eastern rail
road into the Cascades cast of the city
and to build several sawmill. To help
'finance the project, the city of Rose-
burg recently voted to bond itself. The
supreme court, however, held that the
city could not loan its credit to a pri
vnte enterprise.
Albany Herald: The mohair market
in Oregon will be ripened at Browns
ville o;i Saturday, when the first pool
stile of t ii o year will be held, accord-!
ing to word received here. Orowers
throughout the section about Browns
ville have made up the pool. The mo
hair is said to be of splendid ipiality.
and is expected to bring the top notch
price. Tiie pool will be between .".Oini
and lO.fMKi pounds, mid will be sold to
the highot bidder.
M-.lfU'd .Mail: E. W . I.iljegran, the
assayer and ii.ir.i '.ilogist, has returned
from '.Sold lliil, while Hie sale of the
Ivn,' in t n t it i n v.is mode during the
week. He says the district in which the
tuig'tvii was recently discovered is ii
r 'gum Df busy pn :-pr rs. The veins
Luvi :i- n tr,.ced fur a considerable dis
tance t'ward the Snidiue cteel; country
and it is believed that other discover
ies niav vet be announced.
The new army flying record was made yesterday in
Mexico, when Lieutenant Dargue of the aviation corps,
carrying Lieutenant Garrell as observer, made 1510 miles
in four hours and ten minutes, much of the flight being
made at an altitude of one mile above the ground, which
made their flight two miles above sea level. This is a
pretty good showing for aviators of whorfl it has been
repeatedly said they could not fly. Their average speed
was 75 miles an hour.
Strawberry shortcake is on the menus at the restaur
ants. The cake is made in Oregon, but the berries come
from California. That is the little red pimples called
strawberries down in the land of Oranges and sunshine
are sprinkled on top of the cake like haycocks in a
meadow, only not so large or plentiful. When the Ore
gon berries come in real strawberries will be obtainable.
Pertinent good roads observation in
Pendleton East Oregonian: "The use oi
the auto and the improvement of roads
is practically making intei urban elec
tric lines obsolete. When roads per
mit, ever family in the country may
have a rapid transit. of its own with a
schedule to please the family."
Our New
Gas Ranges
Excite admiration when ever shown. Ask to
see the new models, now on display and let
us help you to select the one best adapted to
your kitchen.
The Gas Co.
Phone 85
M t
.rtJfSLiPoBtical Cards
Never was outlook brighter, in the
view of the .Medfont Sun, which says:
"Never has a spring promised more
for Modfoid and the Kogue river vol
ley than this spring of liilt'i a bumper
crop, beet sugar 'factory, railroad to
the coast, box factory, lumber mill ami
irrigation. .May the fickle jade keep
a few of them this time."
As the Salem woman with a baby and a bundle or two
in her arms glances up the stile leading to the hurricane
deck of a Salem street car she cheerfully sings: "Its a
long way to Tipperary" and the chorus is to the effect
that "the climb is steep and hard."
If that German submarine commander had time to
make pencil sketches of the ship he was about to destroy,
he certainly had time to warn its passengers to leave it,
The Oregonian says no American industry has profited
more than agriculture by the stimulation of exports and
the check on imports which are due to the war. In a sense
this is true, for ocean carrying can hardly be considered
an American industry. The latter however is the indus
try that has profited more than any other by the war.
Wheat is the greatest agricultural export, and while the
prices have been and are still high in Europe, they are
almost normal in this country for the simple reason that
the shipping industry has absorbed all the profits. Wheat
rates have gone up by jumps, and the jumps have been
I Mill 11- until iiuiuuu, tliui unit;, i'i hil," "vutii iu iw-vi', -f ii i l p j i i i i. 1
the price in this country pretty steady. One steamer line' shipped if it does not run away when it hears
sailing from New York reports earning above nine mil-j
lion dollars last year; which was some six millions morei
ilinn it f:irnid in the same time before the war. The !
building of
r r
ocean of shipninc at the rate of 200,000 tons a month, s mmu-
there will certainly be plenty of work for all the good old;
wooden shipping we can build lor the next dozen years
The Budget announces that Astoria
is "stepping lively these days with an
nouncements coining fast of the erec
tion of new shipyards, sawmills, new
buildings, better streets, anil additional
shipping in the harbor. Everything
comes to him who waits.".
That Halter public schools had last
month the largest enrollment in their
history is. to the Herald, further proof
that linker population is growing.
A census taken by 4 high school
students under the supervision of tile
principal. Professor R. (I. While, shows
lioiid had a population of .".:il.ri. with a
few residents vet to be enrolled.
San ford Hucon, of San Jose. Cnl., w as
here this week, a guest of .Mr. and Mrs.
.1. W. Sadler.
Henry I.. Bents and ,T. M. Will return
ed to Salem .Monday, where they are
sitting on the jury.
Henry Stauffer. one of the well
ind this with no move drmrrpr in his shin nr himself than! known fanners of Donald, was here on
. . 1 1 1 1 1 I I'usiness Tuesdav.
he incurred in lllS Sketch making. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson made an
I auto trip south along tne l'acific High-
Carranza's statement that he is now able to control: Louis (ielbiich left Thursdav for the
the bandits is not borne out by the facts. In every clash' I'loarwater vniiey. Idaho, who,'-.-1,0 win
. . i ( i ii T'-ii- j. i u .visit relative-. He mnv locate there
between his forces and the vilhstas his army is un-i permanently.
-Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Miller and 'family
T . . . , . - nimiriui u' tin- vMuiiiiMid inn lll'll-
V ilia IS apprOChing. - way Friday. There are many autos on
I the highway every dav. but Sundays
tliere are thousands.
mi i i ii i i l 1
m it earned in the s-une time before the war The! mere are iour more aays until registration closes, out, The r Telegraph & Telephone
Ul It eainttl in UU same unit uuou uk. V ! Ms nno nf these is Sundiv therp ifp nnlv vpnllv three Tf '"P""y l" purchased the Western
ilding of wooden ships cives promise ust now of being lUs 01K i uitst is feunuay tneie aie oi l leauj tmee. n T, hllVl. ,,; ,, R ,T Rllti.liiM.
y most profitable industry, and also the most beneficially011 fe toholP your friends, political or other, yi,'---
e for this country. With the Germans clearing tovtcv. better do it at onee and get it off your, X'Z "v
Secretary Lansing expressed his willingness to treat
with Ambassador Arredondo. of Mexico, regarding the
withdrawal of Mexican troops. He said he had no idea
w hat lines the negotiations would take, but intimated any
agreement reached would be on the basis of the army
staying in Mexico until Villa was "eliminated."
Hi Gill, Seattle's spectacular mayor, in company with
his new chief of police, took 1,000 cases of confiscated beer
out into the harbor yesterday and tossed them overboard.
The mayor is real mad and says he intends doing all kinds
of things to bootleggers, that are naughty but not nice.
fir. RippHhgRhijmes
"t beg your pardon." said the cow.
"But it would make you laugh
Could you but hear the cunning things
Siiid by my little calf,
she's only three days old: you'd scarce
Believe the things was true:
That darling child liu called me
'Ma-a-ala! '
And once she niuniturcd ' Moo! ' "
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G3
CAPITAL $300,000.00
Transact a General Banking; Business
Safety Depesit Boxes
Don't talk of grief and things like those, don't be a
chronic fretter; for if you don't describe your woes, all'
men will like you better. Perhaps vou have the largest i
corn tnat ever nurt a trilhv: but it vou treat 'Thev turned their imi,
i 1-1. - . '.I. v, i t The inwiilt in.i.l,. tli.on v,...,,..
lue same wun scorn, you more attractive T1-th!(t
will be. Perhaps you have an aching tooth! And K.udiy cried 'cheap cheap:'
that's given you the willies; why, then i.,, v,. ,i(r3Tr!.,ul , ,m.
conceal the hateful truth, and talk of j W coit six .iy, ui.
Easter lilies. Time was when I would lose " "tZllw
my chums as fast as I could gain them; i asked him if he thought 'twould
they'd leave me, gnashing teeth and gums ""IT,,,, yesterday -
I never could retain them. Mv conversation! "e looked m,-' in the eye and miie,i.
'I beg your purdou," said the hen.
A bird of lotty mien:
'But when my chicklets tried to eat
A large pleOeian Lean.
. '
gave a shock, and made the victims, shiver, I
because I always wished to talk about inyY
lights and liver. At last it dawned upon'-
my mind that it Id not be lonely, I must some cheerful
And said, di.-tiiivtlyj 'Neigh:
(Capital Journal Special Service.) i
Keizer liottom, April lfi. The Ieizer;
I'arcut-Teacheis association held itsj
regular meeting Wednesday evening, i
.pril 1-. After the business meeting1
oljonrned a very interesting program j
was given.
Assistant Sta'e Superintendent Wells:
ive a -very much appreciated talk on;
the advantages of having such an or-!
unitization in Jlie community. County
School Superintendent W. M. Smith was
also present. The school gave the fol
lowing program: i
Sextette, " a use Id -Nothmg KUe
to Ho."
Hxeicise. " Dialogue of the Flowers,"
five girls.
b'ecitation, "The Secret," Thurniiin
Song, "Our Forest." primary pupils.
Hecitution, ''Springtime," Mar
guerite Mntthes.
Duet. "Memories," Misses Idaho.
KxerciM-, "Arbor Day." eight pupils.
Song, " Itohiu Uedbreist," primary
Kecitation, "The Sensible Fir Tree,
Republican Candidate for
"Whatever helps Marion County or
Oregon gets my earnest support."
A careful, fearless and impartial en
forcement of the law.
Republican Candidate for
Constable for Salem District
j of Faster Sunday. Fveryone is cor
j dially invited.
Services will be held each evening
next week (except Saturday) in tin
.First Baptist church from 7:;'l0 to 8 :.'(.
, The event's in the life of Jesus of each
Sextette, "My Old Kentucky Home " . d".v "i 1'assion week will be briefly fol
lowed, mis will lie a splendid oppor
tunity to catch the spirit and realize
the significance of that most important
Kavmond Kites.
The young men's singing in the sex
tette was much applauded, bunch wa
served ny toe young ladies. A special , week 111 the world's history. Attendance
election lor votinsr on t ie erection nt a . at these service will l -m v.,.,n...,i-
new school building will be held at two preparation for the services of Faster
o eiocK. .Moiioav, Aoril Ii. Sunday. The mi , ;,. i ,..i;.,u,-
jNoxt -Monday and continuing each
lay during the week the Salem Minis-
terial I'nion will hoin Monday Passion . &
week .-ervices from 1L':'0 to '2.5 p. in.
in the lecture room of the First Meth-I
list church. These services are desi"ii-; &
ed to accommodate busy men and wo-!
men who can spend .uese few minutes;
of the lunch hour in an insoirinir licln-;
fill way. To attend these services will!
be a tine preparation for the
Doming, K. M., April 13. If
Francisco Villa is apprehended
in this country he will be jailed
on a first degree murder charge,
the grand jury having indicted
him today, after iavestigatiag
American deaths in the raid ou
Columbus. X. M.
services ):,,.
It is some country for size at least, where a couple of
provinces with more than a hundred million citizens can
cut loose from the parent country and leave anything.
Yet China has done this and on top of it another province
of twenty millions has joined the revolutionists. In other
words China has lost a portion of her territory with a
larger population by twenty millions than the United
States has, and yet we think we are some nation.
Speaking of preparedness does that 8,000 tons of Ore
gon onions and carrots on the way to the continent to be
made into mulligan for the British soldiers, come under
the head? If not why not?
The entrance of Charlie Lockwood into the political
arena as a republican candidate for president still further
complicates the situation for the g o p.
"The flowers that bloom in the spring" about which so
much is said, are not in it with those that bloom in the
slough the real pond lilies.
Mohair at 40 cents a pound and wool soaring out of
sight illustrates the baneful effects of free trade?
Always Watch This Ad Changes Often
d a mo
I beg vour rurdon," said tin
Wliese child had lied a year.
Thau mine you, babes are younger
suujecis mm aim cneerim Miujecis omy. so l oegan ivi hate to ten the houid truth J
dance and sing, and talk of matters cheery, and people I """t: t !
l 1 i i i t Mv great, big babv 's no or .-ai 1 I
'"HI ...v.. - , -vj J , - - - . V". ....... vlo , ' V. . .
do not talk of how I feel, of anguish grim and gripping;
, if I have ear-ache in my heel, I talk of lambkins skipping.
My great, big baby's never .-ail
A Millie tliiiiti b'-it ''too!'
I'arrol Wat-i.u llaiihi:!.
Trr CiBUil Journal Want AOs.
Strictly correct weight, iquare deal and highest prices for all kinds of
junk .metal rubber, hide, and fur,. I p7 2c per pound for old Mgl.
Big stock of all sue, second hand incubator,. AU kind, corrugated
" " auu uuua.ags. pooling paper and lecond
H. Steinback Junk Co.
The House of Half a Mdlion Bargaini.
302 North Commercial St.
Phone 808