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As the 'beautiful State House typifies the headquarters of Oregon the
'sign of the Price Shoe company typifies the headquarters of really high
grade shoes in Salem. On the main floor of this exclusive shoe store, the very
best in shoes in the latest models and leathers, awaits your inspection.
))C jC jjt fc i(C SC 3fc 5C 3fc 36 SC fC 3fC J(C
J. H. llassey, of Kdgewood, is in the
j W. Bailey, of Alsea, is a visitor in
James M. Wilson is in the city from
J. A. Churchill is a Portland visitor
B. F. Swope is in the city, from In
dependence. Mrs. E. K. Trask is visiting in Salem,
from Lyons.
J. B. Browne, of Turuer, was a Salem
visitor yesterday.
Dr. F. H. Thompson is in Portland on
professional business.
. Mrs. J. S. Van Winkle, of Jefferson,
is visiting friends in the city.
Dr. H. If. Oiinger went to Portland
ou the morning Oregon Electric.
.Attorney Fred S. Lamport is attend
ing to legal matters in Portland.
E. F. Carlton was in Portland yes
terday, registered at the "Seward.
J. II. Harris was registered at the Im
perial hotel, Portland, yesterday.
'' E. G. Lantz, a photographer from
Tillamook, rs in the city for a few days.
Attorney Carey F. Martin went to Al
bany this morning to attend to legal
A. W. Sclirunk, a merchant of Anms
ville, was transacting business in the
' city yesterday.
Charles Hockett, of Independence',
was attending to business mutters in
the city this morning.
Miss Kate West, of Portland, is in the
city the guest of her mother, Mrs. Ella
Watt. Tomorrow they will leave for a
two weeks' vacation near Mount Hood.
At the annual meeting of the Polk
County Fire Patrol association, hold
at the Commercial club rooms on
Monday, the board of directors out
lined a plan of action for the ensuing
year and authorised the head warden
earry on the work of protection
against fire is it has been carried on
i.i tin pnst. TV. V. Fuller was re
elected secretary-treasurer and head
vMr.!, :i of the r ssiciutiou. lhe board
Authorized an assessment 'f one cent
mid eight mills against the members of
the association, the fund thus created
to go toward paying the
firo protection.
expenses ot
The Polk Coiinty Fire Patrol asso
ciation controls about L'10,000 acres of
land in this county, including that
owned by its mrml ers, government land
and land that is given into its care.
D;.ilns Ciseiver.
New Today Ads wort while yon
sleep will have results for you in the
iiiiiiiiwiiliJ Mwgiiiij;?jljlJ f'jri
lllli illil O O
Here are the facts
in a nutshell-
That we carry a complete line of Pure Drugs, Toilet
Preparations, House Remedies, Stationery, etc.
Give us a trial and we will ponvince you that these
are facts.
Central Pharmacy
410 State Street Phone 276
sjc sc sjc sfc 3C
The score In the Salem high school
and O. A. C. freshman game this after
noon stood 5 to 3 in favor of the high
school in the seventh inning.
A special meeting will be held this
evening at the Salvation army hall
at 8 o'clock. Mr. Churchill, a mission
worker from Portland, will deliver the
gospel message.
Miss Ethel 'Williams, pastor of the
Church of God, and her mother, Mr.-. M.
D. Williams, have just returned fr:-.m
Blodgett, where Miss Williams was
called to assist in meetings.
Ralph Spencer and William Brown,
two Indian boys from the Chemsma In
dian training school, were picked up by
the Salem police this morning, as es
capes from the school. The boys were
turned over to the officers of the school
this afternoon. ,
Mrs. M. S. Carpenter, who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Anna Mc
Millan, of Highland, for the pnst fcur
months, left a few days n-go for her
home at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Her daugh
ter accompanied her and will visit i da
tives whom she has not seen for 111
A telegram was received at the of
fices of the state public service commis
sion this morning sinttng that G. N.
Pugh, a brakeman, was killed by extra
train No. 2,511 at Anluuf at 3:15 whi n
he fell from the train. Anhif is about
six miles north of Drain on the South
ern Pacific
The Modern Woodmen and Royal
Neighbors met Thursday evening at
their lodge rooms for the regular month
ly social meeting.' The attendance was
larger than usual. The entertainment
of the evening included addresses and
musical numbers, closing with the serv
ing of ice cream and cake.
"The Crucifixion" a sacred cantata
by Steiner, will be given next Friday
evening at St. Paul's Episcopal church,
under the direction of the rector, Rev.
Bobert S. Gill. A vesper choir of about
25 will constitute the chorus. Solo parts
il nlli V.n aimir V,v GeoriTfi C. L. Snvdcr. F.
f, , ,Wh tn.1 Thomas Williams.
Chico, Col., April 15. The body of
Charles Kiely, a wandering ranch hand
buried by the Stanford University farm
management after he hud been drowned,
was exhumed today and identified by
relatives as the remains of a wealthy
San Francisco man missing for many
Southern Pacific Will
Donate Granite for
Fair Grounds Walks
Secretary A. II. Lea, of the state fair
board today received an offer from II.
A. Hinshaw, general freight agent of
the Southern Pacific to donate three car
loads of decomposed grunite from the
pits at Grants Pass, free of freight of
the fair board would pay for the load
ing which will be about 11.50 per ear
loud. Mr. I.ea requested prices on the
granite which formerly cold for about
50 a car load but lately has not been
on the-ninrket at any price on account
of the great use for it by the railroads.
The granite will be used for making
walks about the fair grounds but prin
cipally for the construction of a road
way from the. racing stables to the
track. The horsemen object to hard sur
face pavement for this roadway and
the Giants Puss grunite will be far bet
tor than macadamized road.
Mr. I.ea hastened to accept the gener
ous offer of Mr. Hinshaw.
Carranza Wants Array
Limited to 1,000 Cavalrymen
(Coptinned from Pan One.1)
i Carranza was welcomed with tremen
dous acclaim when he entered Mexico
City yesterday to establish his capital
Arredondo ilso heard that tho con
stitutionalist army was in sight of Cuer
navaca, stronghold of General Zapata
and his rebels. Many Mexican states
have appointed commissions, the nm
bissador said, to regulate tho prices of
More Troops For Border.
Douglas, Ariz., April 15. The Twenty-Second
infantry, a battery of the
Sixth field artillery, and the First bat-
,talion of the Eighteenth infantry have
been ordered 10 be in readiness to leave
lor Columbus, it was learned here to
day. it was also hinted in -army circles
that the Twentieth infantry had en
tered Mexico from Columbus late last
General Davis, brigade commander
here denied that he had received any
orders to enter Mexico either by way of
Columbus or from the camp here.
One Englishman Killed.
Washington, April 15. Unconfirmed
state department reports with regard to
a Mexican attack on mining company
property at P.mnl said today that a
British cmplove was either injured or
The Dead Are Alive.
El Paso, Texas, April 1.1. Two Amer
icans reported murdered by Mexicans
at Guerrero last month are safe, accord
ing to General Superintendent Ryan of
the "Cusi" Mining company, who, how
ever, confirmed the reported massacre
t iina(.u o( j)umli,i .m,k. ciregor, Brit
is;,. Jmi f,.rman Iflunlienburir. German.
in nn interview today.
The men previously reported dead
who are known to be alive arc Dr. A. T.
Stell, of Houston, Texas, and Bob
Snell, a French merchant. Albert Pons,
also reported killed, is safe, Ryan said.
A. J. Anderson In Race
For County Assessor
The well-known Salem citizen and
contractor, A. J. Anderson, announces
his candidacy for the offfice of County
Mr. Anderson is a life long republi
can and asks the nomination for the
office of assessor from the party in
Marion county, at the primaries to be
held May 19."
He believes there are great inequali
ties in the valuation of property, due to
lack of system, that make taxation un
equal, und to that extent unjust; and
promises, if elected, to readjust values,
without fear or favor, but with the solo
aim of getting them on an equal basis,
fair and just to all.
Stock Market Stagnant
Tries "Watchful Waiting"
New York, April 1:1. The Xew York
Evening Sun's financial review today
Naturally little was expected from
the street's short session, and birely
more than a nominal market prevailed
at the outset. The news with regard to
Germany and Mexico was not worse
than that of yesterday, but overnight
consideration of the developments dis
closed that very little hid been accom
plished toward the settlement of cither.
The market therefore resumed its wait
ing which will likely continuo until
! something develops with regard to the
new American note's reception by Ger
' ninny and tiie outcome of the army
withdrawal negotiations with Carranza.
First prices wr generally higher
in contiuuince of the short covering
'which characterized yesterday's close
lint the improvement was slight and did
not proceed far. The activity was mod
erate and wholly professional, nncer
fiinties preventing expansion of pub
1 lie buving.
W Hf.W 1 1 11)1 Jl. MUM W WWW II 1
i V-",.."'
if. r ''' .' '
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lC 3G )c sfc c rfc 9c )C 3C 3C 3C
(Continued from Page Two.)
was given Thursday evening at the res
idence of Mr. and Mrs. John Gr.iber,
Ferry street for Mrs. Lester St i filer,
who leaves next Thursday for lielling
hnm, Washington, where she will join
Mr. Stiff ler.
Those gathering to bid an revoir to
the honore were: Mr. and Airs. Do
Vore and son Hartley, Mrs. O. t Pur
dy, Miss (irnce Howell, Miss Kiilnlitt
Lindsay, Miss Eva White, Miss
I'rince, tne .Mish's iJpal .mil
George, Mis Marie Kvnns,
Myrtle Heniline, M iss Fstlicr Ku'
and -Miss Grace .Mollcncop.
" "
Mrs. Frank Meiedith, who is now liv -
nig in orth Vakinia, is being welcomed serving.
by a large coterie of friends. She is j Those present, were: Mesdamcs Susie
the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. F. Grif-!E. rnriuenter, Anna I'it h, Ali-c Davis,
fith. I Mae Hatcliffe, Julia Davis, Lottie 1'er-
' . I ry, Myrtle Jteehtel Florence Shipp, Leon
Saturday is an important date in tho; Perry", .Myrtelle Siiipp, Zela Hatcliffe,
calendar next week as this is the date I Fern Wiuchell. The additional guests
lor the presentation ot "A Mid Sum
mer Night Dream" to be given at the
Grimy theatre My tin; drama class of
the Silcm Woman s club in commera-l
tion of William Shakespeare. Mis. An-
nil liogeis Fish will lead the play which
will have a musical settinir by Men-
idclssohn. I
' -Mrs. William Biirgliradt, Jr., will pre-i
;side at the piano and will be assisted j
j by Miss Sadie Ford, who will play the
(Overture. " i
j The solo ind qiiartet parts will be '
jsung by Mrs. H. M. Jlofer, Mrs. George'
Palmer I'utn , Mrs. Thomas Galloway,'
and Mrs. John .1. Kyberts. " j
-Miss Margaret. White, who is an ex-1
who is an ex -
(optionally ,eor little .lancer, will
give the clown dance.
The little maids who will give the
Fairy dance are: Josephine Albert,:
I.enta It iiiinartncr, Hosalje linren, Jose
phine At hisou, Prudence Patterson,
Janet Plimpton, Marie Sehublerman,
Margaret Stolz and Constance Vantis.
The members of the Three Link
Needle club spent a pleasurable after
noon Friilav is the ucsts of Mrs. Lois
Cutler and Mrs. Nichols, at tin: home of j
the latter on l.'nion street.
The club members present were: '
Mrs. Florence Viesko, Mrs. Hertlin Pad-:
cliff, Mrs. Una Sinieral, Mrs. Hattie
Cameron; Mrs. lara Wills, Mrs. Kin
dine Hubbard, Mrs. Molly Dennison, !
Mrs. Gertrude 'uoiniings, Mrs. F.va j
Mines, Mrs. I.ucIIh Kngstrom, Mrs. Hot-;
son, Mrs. Jennie Martin, Mrs. Header-j
son an, I Mr. Hittie Patterson.
I)uring the afternoon fho club nrrnn -
ged for a cooked food sale to be given
next ,-aturoav
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cross will Tie
hosts for a charming dinner party on
Wednesday evening, ( overs will be
placed for eighteen of tho younger
married set.
The home of Mr. sn.l Mrs. Thomas
Holt on hemeketa and Twelflh streets
was the scene "f a merry gathering of
friends TucsJ iy evening. The affair
Windows for
was planned as a greeting of welcome
to the young couple who have just re
turned from their honeymoon.
An enjoyable feature of the evening
was the music by the boys of tho Cher
ry Hud band.
lief reshinents and many good wishes
rounded out the gayeties.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. A.
.f. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Den
nison, Mr. and .Mrs. Delong, Mr. and
Mrs. W, W. Kosehrough, Mr. uid Mrs.
K. It. li vn n . Mr. and Nil s. (Jyde lthodes,
Mr. it iii L Mrs. Jolin llynn,, Mrs, Oliver
Iienuison, Mrs. Xeer, Mrs. Fitch, Mrs.
Fuller, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Hunt, Mr.
Karl Race and Miss Hunt.
k jr 7 M lis 1
Hazel Mrs. George Wiuchell was hostess for
l'earl'a Jewing Thuiliiy afternoon. Her
M irts ! guests included the members of the
lebait i I'ythian Sister club. A drawing cou
jtest wns enjoyed later in the afternoon
aim .Mrs. ,1. C t'erry won the prize.
!Mis. Kiitclil f assisted the hostess in the I
heing .xirs. ini'iicH s mother, airs.
Ann Monger and Mrs. Alice Halderinau,
who is en route to Manilla.
The members of the Elite Embroidery
club spent a plensuiable afternoon re
cently as the guest h of Mrs. I'. (1. Given,
at her home on North ( -oinmi'iciji 1
Mrs. Fred I'rince and Mrs. Til niche
Clarke assisted the hostess in- serving u
dainty luncheon, liesiles the club mem
bers Mrs. Given nsked as additional
guests, Mrs. It. II. W'yant and Mrs.
Martha liulifsoii.
1 Miss Hazel Price entertained a few-
friends Tuesday evening. The evening
wus devoted to bridge and three tables
were circled by the guests including the
members of the Unitize Jours club and
Mrs. Clifford Taylor, Miss Mabel Hud
dolson and Miss Annette Gmber, nidi
tiounl players.
.Music and ref i eslinicnts duscd the
evening. Faster time ileci, rat ions were
used and the rooms had vellow as u
color note, made munil'i'st in spring'
About i dozen matrons enjoyed an.
afternoon of sewing recently al the res
idence of Mrs. Fred Kllis. ' 1
Mrs, Clare Vibbert assisted Mrs. El-1
lis in serving daii'ty ref resinnents. The j
guests were the members of the tiolden
Hour club including .Mrs. Albert:
Sicwe.rt, Mrs. .Mark McAllister, Mrs.1
Clare Vibbert, Mis. Hoy Pcmbert, Mrs.1
John I'lrich, Mrs. Carlo AbrnniS, Mrs. ;
i'irier, .Mrs. Lee Caniield.
Mrs. J. C.
. Herman
pencer, .Mrs.
rooie, .vie
Schellberg and
Mrs. John
Tho Heilig theatre Monday night
siiowcd a onerous sprinkling of Salem
society folk, who went to Portland to
attend the second performance of the
New Vork sviohhonv. with the noted
Walter Dnmrimch conductor, un.l Josef
Holman piano soloist.
A genuine surprise party was given
Owen Cotternian Thursday eiemng,
mm Mill - oo n
' V3. i
Model Kitchen
Floor Covering
'.1- T
7.vT-b,;ra'A! v$rwv it
Your Kitchen is not complete without a Duplex Estate
Range; burns either coal, wood or gas, or both, and there
is no waist in changing from one to the other.
Price $75.00
new Furniture Creations
You Get More at Moore's for your
Money The store where you can
find the latest in furniture
iiiiiiiAA AiliiiAi
when a number of friends gathered to
celebrite the birthday anniversary of
the iiost. . The evening was devoted to
curds and music.
Those present were: Mr, and Mrs. J.
A. Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. N. JO.
Abbott, Mr. ii ml Mrs. George Stoddard,
Dr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Kyte, Mr. and Mis. Clnrenee
Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tall
man, Mrs. Eli.ibeth Engle, Mrs. Hnllic
Doe, Mrs. W. (I. Polka, Mrs. Stitson,
Miss Florence Stoddard, Miss Mildred
.imiou, .nr. i.owcii v iirptHin-r. ii-iiiu-ui i is spending the week in salcm, no;
Abbott, Leon Polka, Robert Carpenter. while hero stopping at the associatio.i
A white and green wedding was Hint. The patronage in the ten room ha-t
selected by Miss Maude Chipper audi been iinusuallv heavy this week, and 1.
Fred Tappiin which took place tod ly present every room iu tho building
noon at the home of the bride 's purcnts, occupied.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Clapper, on Nine- Mrs. Chnuiieoy Ttishop reported a sin
teeuth street. ccssl'ul membership dav, abuiit seventv-
llev. Geo. P. Holt, of the Baptist five ladies called and paid their lu."n
church, officiated. The wedding was ii j fur the year.
small, simple affair and only the closest j A pretty tea table was arranged J'nn j
friends and relatives of the couple werej which tea was served. The t ible was in
present. 'charge of Miss Veda Truss, assisted by
Mr. and Mrs. Tappiin left this ifter-1 M iss Elizabeth Lord, Mrs. II. C. F.pple
noon for their home in Portland. and .Mrs. K. H. Hin"0.
I . J .
An enjoyable vocal recital was given
Tuesday evening by Mrs. Charles Max
well for the faculty and students of the
Oregon State Training School. Mrs.
Maxwell 's rendition of her well chosen
I programme, combined with n charming
! personality, won the hearts of the andi
i ence long before the conclusion of the
I opening number. Mrs. Tom Campbell,
: Pr., assisted as accompanist. The fol
I lowing programme was given with
i'M'urry Me H:i !( to Old Vircinnv. "
"Swnueii Miver" and "The . Owl,"'
' for encores. !
"April Moon Hubert Patten
' ' The Swallows" Cow en I
I" Huppv lluv ' ' Sanderson '
" I Hear Von Calling Me" ...... Marshall ,
."The Kosarv " Nevinl
j "Good Hue" Tasti!
j ' ' Ninon ' 1 Tasti i
"Klegy" Massenet!
"Springs Awakening ' Sanderson
: " Helovi.d, It. Is Morn" ylwanl
S. A.
Kendall Agrees to Build at Rose
burg if Railway Runs.
ii. rg, Ore April 1.1. At a meet
in:; of the Ko-elmrg I'mk and Fair as
sociation Thursday, an agreement was
entered iat'i, bitw-ecn the association
ami S. A. Kendall, by the terms of I Joseph Plitisky, formerly propiieto
which lhe, Kendall Lumber corporation ! of the Capital hotel of Salem, has rent
giinraiiti e.i the tair associntion that itjed lhe Lewis Johnstou building on Jot
lull eo.inruct and have in operation a sey '.street and will open a secoiid-hnml
siiwniili w ith ,i daily capacity of .piM,illMI ; store. The building is now undeigoii'
teet ot tiiii'-hed IiiinPer on or befme
T'el i i.ary, p.ll'.l, on condition that a '
ruit'oad is built within that tim to!
tri'ii'.pnrt h'gs to siniply the said mill.
II 'he Ko'idail f.iimlier corp'iratioil fails
t j perform its part of the contract, it
' """'"'' ;'!'"' ''' us-ocia ion i",-
!" iiqoiouie.i oainiige. in., ngr
nient is s ?ufeil liy a boiel. .
It was a:mi unced today that the -special
election to amend the cjtv charter
I and thereby allow work on the ruil-
roon to pr'eeii oeiwccn itoseourg unu
Hock Creek at an early lute, will t
held on May -U. It is estiinat' d that
the ttitnl investment, including the
hf: .'A MJ'. ' .tV
$ 7llU,l)0(.
and sawmill will iiggregnt .
Y.W.C.A. Notes
Mrs. Sweet, who is connected wit-i
the forestry department at tho slai i
lapitol is staying at the V. W. C. .V
prior to going cast to join her iiiothe..
Mis Ketchen, who is employed at th
"lioiiuet Shop'1 has come to make liu
home ieriiianenl'.y at tile Y. W. C. A.
.Miss Alnlgsoii, lrom Kcnd, Oregon.
tt"." It. I'l iesi n,
Polk Staiion
iged -2. reared i-i
neighborhood o"
lccidentally killed
sail 1 riiiici.;
on Tuesday la1.
y of the Soiithci"
i.- a brtikciiian.
while ,ii ihe, cin
Picil'io company
teligr.im t.i
h"ii! bite
tuis eltect, was received
i lies, my, lint particular i
''" Iceking. ; ,e body arrived
lc.nl iv. and til" tuiicial will be liel.l
from the iind.'it.iking parlors this at
icrnor;u Sit i:.o o elocK, toiiowini;
ulii.li I iv riii I will be in the Salt t'r
I'ctcV I-lit sen was a. son of Mr.
Her.'inrd l iiescn, who moved to Km
sas several months ago after having
resided iu Jv!; county for man.,
veers. "1 he VOiing man was, befoj"
go'ni'j to Cal.l'crnia two months since,
ei:i:oved iu the sawmill of the AVii
laniette Valley I. umber lonipany o,
tins city, whcie last Ni.'veniber li.'
s.l.'ered a crushed arm while working
in tiie planer plant. Ho hud been
linking in the ruilioiid only thiol
weeks when the accident that cost hii i
his life occurred. observer.
icpair". Mr. T'linsky has already 1
to bring his stock of goods to tiiis
'it v .
sjc j)c s(s c sc SyS rjc jjt sfc sjc
ITHYINKTo Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Pu,
vine, SMnnlay, April 1", lOHi, .1
daughter, to be named Mary Helen.
Speaking of hats in the ring, wait,
until Faster and you can't count 'em.