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TIIE week just ended has been un
usually prolific in engagement an
nouncements. Miss Jinet Gray's
engagement to Call Hteiwer, and Aliss
Helcu Kiause's. to Glenn Sigel, caused
quite a furore in Salem society when
the news was first made known this
week. The girls formerly lived in Sn
lem and aro tremendous favorites
itj local society.
Miss (iray is the d.tughter ot AJr. and
Mrs. W". (1. Gray, of Seattle, and a
granddaughter of the late Governor
Mr. Steinrcr is of a prominent Oregon
family, a son of John Steiwer, of Jef
ferson. Miss Gray 'a engagement was
announced Saturday in Spittle at a tea
for which the bride-elect 's mother, Airs.
W. (i. 0 ray, was hostess.
Miss K ran he is the charming daugh
ter of Air. and Airs. Otto K. Krausc,
and her fiance, Glenn Sigel, is the son
of Air. and Mrs. S. S. Sigel, a well
known I'ortland family, lie is a Krmlu
ate of Amherst and a Hot a Theta Hii
fraternity man.
The news of Aliss Krause's cngtigo
ment whs lso made known on Satur
day at a luncheon presided over by Atrs.
Edwin I). Jergensen (draco Dnlrymple)
in Toi-tlnnd at her lesidencc in Park
aide Drive, Arlington Heights.
The weddings probably will take
Vlice in the early fall, although defin
ite dates have not vet been set. Owing
to the popularity of the brides-to-be, so
ciety will entertain them with many
pre-nuptial affairs.
Miss Caroline Kick and Aliss liar jorie
Kay went to Portland Friday and urc
guests at the Ii. It. (iiltner residence.
This afternoon the girls were the guests
of friends for the college fete, and to
night they will attend tiie informal
dance given by the (hi Omcgo fra
ternity at the Luurelhurst club.
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in your mouth, a tenderness at tlio
pit of your stomach.- a feeling of
puffy fulness, headache, heartburn,
uiii sometimes nausea.
Dyspepsia in dlllicult digestion
that ia what the word means and
the only way to get rid of it in to
Rive vigor and tone to the etoninoh
nd the whole digestive aystem.
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fects aro felt at onco. Improvement
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la needed for perfect digestion, and
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Other medicine can take Its place.
f for
y 'iV
i 1 1 i
BranfJfgcc, KincaiJ
Mrs. Frank Mercdiih, of North
Yakima, and Airs. Kulph Watson, of
I'ortland, two popular visitors in the
city, have been honor guests at sev
eral affairs this week.
Among the delightful attentions whs
a luncheon presided over by Airs. Wil
liam Dancy Wednesday. Yellow blos
soms of the spring- time adorned the
table. Covers were placed for six. !
hater several matrons mine in for an
afternoon of bridge.
The attractive card f.ivor was award
ed to .Mrs. I,. F. Griffith.
Those .playing were: Airs. .Meredith,
Airs. Watson, Airs. Edwin 1,. liaker,
Mrs. Harry iilmger, .Mrs. I,. F. Griffith
Airs. Oliver Locke, Airs. George Brown
and the hostess.
Airs. John D. Sutherland presided ov
er a charming mid exceptionally pret
ty dinner party .Monday evening.
The affair was planned to honor Air.
Sutherland on the occision of his birth
day anniversary.
An art basket filled with lovely
pink tulips decked the artistically ap
pointed table.
Covers were placed for Afr. and Mrs.
A. X. Aloores, .Mr. and Mrs. William
Kldriilge, Air. and Airs. Frank Spencer,
and the hosts.
Dinner w.is followed by an evening of
Aliss Edna Josse, who has been the
inspiration for n number of churming
iffairs since the announcement of her
engagement, was the honor guest nt an
attractive bridge for which Aliss Zoc
Stockton was hostess Thursday after
noon. Aliss Stockton's guests included only
the closest friends of the bride-elect,
most all of whom were members of a
Kensington club.
The Stockton residence was decorated
in tribute to the honorce. The living
room ami dining room were a bower of
fragrant applo blossoms, similar blos
soms also decking the prettily appoint
ed t ible which was in pink and white.
At bridge Airs. Walter Spaulding was
awarded the high score favor.
The young matrons and maids enjoy-,
ing Aliss Stockton's hospitalitv were:
Mrs. I'aul Schmidt, Airs. Lloyd Alott,
Mrs. Ixniis Josse, Airs. Armin Steiner,
Mrs. Walter Spaulding, Airs. Joseph
Ucinhart, Airs. I,. Al. Hoggs, Airs. I'aul
Johnson, Airs. Chester Cox, Airs. Roy
Mills, and Aliss Hazel Downing.
Afr. and Mrs. Thomas ('. Smith, Jr..
were hosts Tuesdav evening for a five
hundred party. Tile players included
twenty-four of the married set who ire
members of the Alerry-Go-Hound club
and a few guests. The rooms where
the card tables were arranged were
adorned with spring blossoms, Oregon
grape .111l dogwood. Honors were won
bv Airs. John AIc.Narv and Dr. D. AI.
Airs. Smith was assisted bv Aliss El-
,.n Thielsen
A small informal dinner was given
Wednesday evening by Mr. and Mrs.'
Frank Speafs. Greens and yellow toned; Air. and Airs. John Durbis have en
spring blossoms were used to center : lertained as their guests .Turing the
the artistically Appointed table, which! week, Air. an.l Airs. J. B. Alcliee, of
nan covers 101: .nr. ami .ins. n. .u.
llofer, Mr. and Airs. Curtis Cross, Lawr
ence Hofer, Jani"s Young and the hosts.
"Something New"
& Co., Clothes
An informal biidgo was given Alon
day .lfternoon by Airs. Homer Smith,
who had the matrons of the birdgc
1 lub and a few isitors for three tables
of the game.
The high score honors were awarded
to Airs. Louis I.acliuiund.
Mrs. Robert Kinney, of Astoria,
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Airs,
A. N. Aloores.
Mrs. Robert Downing had a number
of guests at her home Wednesday for
an afternoon ovnr the bridge tables.
The rooms were aglow with sliring
blossoms, yellow daffodils and white
lilacs, making an artistic background
for the matrons to whom the hostess
extended her hospitality. Those playing
were the members of the Happy Hour
Bridge club jud n few visitors who
were Airs. John Ale Nary, Airs. Charles
Dick, Mrs. .Frank Durbin, Mrs. Homer
Goulet and Airs. Flank Alyers.
The score honors fell to Airs. J. X.
Smith and Airs. K. S. Tillinghast. Airs.
Downing was assisted by her daughter,
Miss Hazel Downing.
w ft
Airs. C. P. Bishop's Kensington on
Thursday afternoon was one of the
most delightful informnl affairs of the
week. An enjoyable diversion of the
afternoon was u guessing game. Airs.
William Drown was awarded the at
tractive favor. The rooms were ef
fectively decorated with greens and
dogwood. In the dining room the re
freshment tables were adorned witj
spring blossoms anil dainty old fashion
nose gay favors marked the places. Airs.
Kishop was Assisted by Mrs. Hen Ol
cott, Airs. Robert Kinney, of Astoria,
.Mrs. Clifford Brown, Aliss Hazel Bish
op, Airs. Chauncey Bishop.
Airs. Bishop's guests including the
members of the Thursday Kensington
club and a few additional matrons were
Airs. R. B. Fleming, Mrs. H. C. Alilcs,
Airs. Win. Brown, Mrs. A. N. Bush, Airs.
W. II. Kldriilge, Mrs. George H. Bur
nett, Airs. Alice II. Dodd, Airs. W. A.
Cnsick, Airs. M. X. Chapman, Mrs. A.
X. Aloores, Airs. F. A. Elliott, Airs. C.
K. Spaulding, Airs. R. S. Wallace, Airs.
F. S. Stewart, .Mrs. 0. A. I'ark, Airs.
H. B. Thielsen. Airs. O. M. Elliott, Airs.
Hen Olcott, Airs. Clifford Brown, Airs.
Robert Kinney and Airs. Chauncey
Amid an artistic setting of spring
blossoms a dozen or so society matron
gathered at the delightful bridge for
which Airs. Frank Durbin was hostess
Thursday afternoon.
The affair was given for the mem
bers of the Thursday bridge club, with
a few guests being isked to make up
an extra table of the game.
The non-club members playing were:
Mrs: Lawrence T. Harris, Mrs. Ralph
Watson, who is the guest of Airs. E. L.
liaker; Airs. Elmer Ludden and Mrs.
t 'urtis Cross.
Airs. Edwin L. Baker captured the
high score favor.
Assisting Mrs. Durbin were Airs, El
mer Ludden and Airs. Curtis Cross.
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Aliss Esther Fry and Aliss Edith Jones,
of Lebanon.
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THE post-Lenten season is to be en
livened with several dances. Din
ner parties arc restored to their
place of importance because dancmg
nowadays has its prelude of dinner par
tier,, particularly the dance at public
pi ices.
Friday night society flocked to the
Hotel Marion to whirl in the gayeties
of the second dinner dunce. About
sixty girls and men and young married
folk surrounded the tables, many join
ing a coterie of their friends for din
ner. Those ninkiug up the largest party
were Air. and Mrs. Thomas Livesley,
.Mr. and Airs. Guy Sirgent, Air. and
Airs. Thomas C. Smith, Jr., and Air. and
Airs. John J. Roberts.
Mr. and Airs. Asahel Bush entertain
ed Air. and Mrs. Alelvin l'limpton. Aliss
Alargery Alarvin and Albert Wake
man, of rortland.
At Air. and Airs. Tf. AI. Hofer 's t ible
were Air. and Airs. David Eyre, Aliss
Uozel Erixon, Aliss Aline Thompson.
Jay Dwiggius, Jr., of Berkeley, Califor
nia, and Lawrence llofer.
Another table was surrounded by
Mrs. Robert Kinney, of Astoria, Aliss
Rita Steiner, Aliss Esther Carson, Ercel
K:ly, Carl GabrLekou and Rilph
Others noticed at various tables in
small congenial groups were: Air. and
Airs. George Rodgers, Air. and Mrs.
Frank Spears, Aliss Elizabeth Lord.
Aliss Hazel Donning, l'rince Byrd,
.lames Young, Air. and Airs. Chauncey
Bishop, Air. md Airs. James Wilson,
Air. and Mrs. Sam Kozier, Jim Linu,
Aliss Alice Lupton, Air. and Airs. Miller,
Aliss l'utnam and several others.
Aliss Margaret Rodgers, who is at
tending Aliss Catlin's school in Fort
land, will arrive home Sunday to spend
the Easter vacation.
Aliss Lclah Johnson hRs gone to Cor
vallis for a week end visit wit'u friends.
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Here Is Your Chance
Informal bridge parties hive been
the order of the week with society ma
trons, in fact these small affairs have
become so popular that most of the
smart bridges given this winter have
been of a very informal nature. (
There is something so cozy and de
lightful about an lfternoon over the
card tables with one's own coterie of
friends that, large formal parties seem
to have no dace in the calendar, at
least not at present.
One of the most charming of these
small bridges was given Thursd n- af
ternoon by Airs. Thomas B. Kay, who
asked guests for three tables of the
game. The tables were circled by the
matrons of the Thursday bridge club
and Airs. Frank Spencer, Airs. Griffith,
Mrs. John Alinto and her house guest.
Mrs. Otto Metclian. of rortland, who
were additional players.
Airs. Rollin K. I'lge won the hih
score honor. Yellow flowers in vases
and bowls were arranged nbout the
Mrs. John Alinto has as her guest
Mrs. Otto Aletehan, of I'ortland. -Mrs.
Aletchan will visit in Salem for about
a week, and will no doubt be the nio
lif of several inform .il affairs.
Atrs. William Brown has asked a
group of matrons to accompany her to
the beach Aloud iv for a week's snmiirn
at her summer cottage in Seal Kock.
The house partv will include Airs. Rich
ard Cnrtwright, Airs. Carlton Smith,
Mrs. William Dancy, Mrs. William Eld
ridge and Airs, (leorgo Bingliuni.
Salem friends of Airs. Norman Court
ney (Emiueline Klein) will bo glad to
know that she is planning to visit here
soon. Since her marriage last winter
in Los Angeles, California, Airs. Court
ney and her husband have been living
in Mazatlan, Mexico. Airs. Courtney
expected to siil today, but will visit en
route in Los Angeles and San Francisco,
California, arriving in Salem about the
first of Atav.
About a dozen vnnnir folk fathered
as the guests of charming Miss Alarie
Schulderman Wednesday afternoon to
particivate in her tenth birthday party,
given H the ho.ne of her parents, Ml.
and Airs. H. J. Sciulderniaii.
It was a merry affair for the young
cuests. who came and played games.
Miss Prudence 1'nttcrson and Albert
Kusselle were the happy prize winners
in the Easter E.'g hunt which rounded
out the gayeties. Later iu the after -
noon the party closed with delightful
refreshments. The t ible was all done
in yellow. Satin streamers from the
chandelier terminated in huge bowls at
tiie four comers of the table and Eas-
i.-i luivi- iiiniiM-ii I'inci-s jwr i onsmiicr i .-Mimcrous iviiers and messages of sym
Yautis, Alargaret Stolz. Js.net l'limpton. nathv havt- Seen sent tn h.-r ,Un,.l,t..
Prudence Spight, Francis Diek, Pru
dence Patterson, Sherman Plimpton,
John Caughell, llanford Post, Elbert
Bussclle, Peter Schulderman and the
young hostess.
Airs. Hal D. Patten nnd baby daugh
ter, Jcauotte, came in later to call.
Airs. John Caughell entertained Mon
day afternoon with a few tables of
biidge. It was a charming infonuil Af
fair, and was phnned as a courtesy to
her house giiest, Mrs. W. V. Sperry'und
Mrs. Ralph Watson, who is visiting
Mrs. Edwin L. Baker. About a dozen
matrons gathered to greet the visitors.
The raid honors were won by Mrs.
Walter Spaulding and Airs. J. C. Evans.
Aliss Margaret Putnam returned
Wednesday from Albany, where she nan
been the guest of Aliss Alary Stevens
for several weeks.
A group of matrons shared the
charming hospitality of Airs. E. J.
Chapman recently lit an enjoyable af
ternoon of sewing. Airs. Chapman Jsk
rd as her guests the members of the
Hrode Kensington club which is com
posed of Airs. Fred Erixon, Airs. Earl
Anderson, Airs. J. W. Lewis, Airs. Jim
Wilson, Airs. Robert Savage, Airs. T.
Klein, Mrs. I'aul Sfege, Airs. C. E. Rein
hart. Airs. Roy Rice, Airs. William
Skinner, Airs. Edward Wood, Airs. 1'. E.
I'ulleiton, Alls. Louis .McCoy and the
Airs. Wilson and Airs. Klein assisted
in the serving.
Dr. and Airs. Ray I'emberlon were
dinner hosts last Sunday evening m
'their residence on Commercial .street.
prettily appointed table was circled
by Aliss Florence Coffin, of Springfield,
Miss Myrtle -Mills, of I'ortland, Ralph I
Coffin and the hosts.
Tuesday evening Dr. and Airs, l'etn-j
bcrton presided over a similar '.if fair J
An array of yellow tulips centered the:
table and covers were placed for Dr. i
and Airs, lirovcr Bellinger, Dr. and
Airs. F. H. Thompson and the hosts.
... ,
Dr. and Airs. Harry City have as
theirgucsts AI,-. ami Mrs. '.loan Sny
der and children, of Alilwaukee, Ore.
on. - i
Friends of Alls. Robert Coshow, of
Berkeley, California, will be elad to'
I know that she is in Silcrn and ia the1
j Buwt of Airs. W. T. Slater. I
The unexpected death of Airs. Jane,
I Ann Chadwick in Winlock, Washington!
i Thursday awakened inanv tender mem- j
I ories among her host of devoted friends,
, she was a woman of great charm and
beauty of character; a widow of the
late Stephen F. Chadwick, former gov-1
' enior of Oregon. Mrs. Chadwick con-
1 tinned to live in Salem after her hns-
hand's lamented delta and had only
been in Washington since December.
The funeral services were held here
this afternoon at St. Paul's Episcopal
nurcn. itev. jtoneit Uil officiated.
Mrs. William limy, who is here from
Seittle and Aliss Alary Chadwick, who
lives in Salem.
Airs. N. F, lloldcn and granddaugh
ter, Aliss Aiarie Ilolden, of Tillamook,
are the guests uf Mis. W. Al Jones.
Mrs. lloldcn and Aliss, Ilolden are en
route home from California, where they
!iwc been spending tiie winter.
Airs. John F. Ilessler entertained '.
number of friends nt her home on Oak
street Thursday afternoon in honor of
iier sister, Airs. W. T. Wright, a bride
of last month.
Airs. Wright was formerly Aliss Alae
Keller, of Kokomo, Indiana. Several
of the guests were former residents nt"
Indiana audi wero old friends of the
Air. and Airs. Wright, who are on
their honeymoon, will leave in V few
days for Lovelock, Nevada, where they
will reside.
A delightful farewell surprise party
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