Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 15, 1916, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 14

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Oo IHInfciry
VIII. The Ethics of Pig
D'opyrlcht, the Frank A. Munsey Co.l
X an eaxtbotiinl
train I wont Into
I lie smoker itnil
found JofTlTSOIl
Peters, the only
limn with a brain
west of the Wa
bash river who
run use his rere
bnmi.rpri'lolltim mi l niriliilluoliltiiiwitu ut Hie same lime.
'"ff is In the line of uiilllcgiil graft.
He Is not to be dreaded by willows
an I orphans; he Is a reducer of sur
plusage. His favorite disguise Is that
of the target bird at which the spend
thrift or the reckless Investor may shy
a few Inconsequential dollars. He Is
readily vocalized by tobacco; so, with
' tin? alii of two thick ami easy burnin;;
brevas, I got the story of his latest
Autolycan adventure.
"In my line of business," said Jeff,
"the hardest thing Is to llnd an up
right, trustworthy, strictly honorable
partner lo work a graft with. Some
of the best men I ever worked with In
a swindle would resort to trickery at
"So last xuuimcr I thhiks I will go
over Into this section of country where
I bear the serpent has not yet entered
an I see If I ran find u partner natural
l. glfled wllh a talent for crime, but
ri'it yet contaminated by success.
" found a village that seemed to
hIiow the right kind of a layout. The
fuliabllants hadn't found out thai
Adam had been dispossessed and were
going right along naming the animals
and killing snakes Just as If they were
In Hie garden of Kden. They enll this
town Mount Neho, and It's up near the
npot where Kentucky' and West Vlr
glnla nnd North Carolina corner to
gether. Them states don't meet? Well.
It. was In that neighborhood, anyway.
"After putting lu. a week proving I
wasn't a revenue olllcer I went over lo
tln store where the rude fourtlushers
of die hamlet lied, to see If 1 could get
n line on t lie kind of man I wanted.
" '(.iciitleiiien.' says I after we rubbed
now and gathered 'round the dried
apple barrel, 'I don't suppose there's
aii'tlher community lu the whole world
Inlo which sin and chicanery has less
etlenslvely permeated than this. Life
here, where all the women are brave
it i . I proplilous and all the men honesl
and expedient. ' must, Indeed, be an
Idol. It reminds me,' says I, 'of Gold
stein's beaulll'ul ballad entitled "The
liescrlcd Village," which says;
" III fares Hi land, to hastening III! a
prey ;
What art cin drive Ha charms away?
T0 JuiIko ruilu slowly down the lane,
Kmc I'm to be quean of the May.' "
"'Why. yes, Mr. Peters,' says the
storekeeper. 'I reckon we ulr about as
moral and torpid a community as there
be on the mount lug, according to ecu
suses of opinion,
hut I reckon you
ain't ever met
Itufe Talum.'
" 'W h y, no,"
says the town
on n s t able, 'he
can't hardly
have ever. That
air lltife Is shore
the nionstroiisest
scalawag that
has escaped
ti it 1 1 14 1 1 ' on the
galluses. A u d
that puts me In
in I it d that 1
ought to have
turned Itufe out
of the lockup
duy b.-fore yes
t e r d a y. The
thirty days he
got for klllln'
Vance (iomlloe
was up then. A
day or two more
Worn," lays the
utorettoaper, "He
ataxia hogs."
won't hin t I! ufe any
" 'Shucks, now,' says I In the lnouti
tuiii Idl. in, 'don't tell me there's a intiii
to Mount Netio as had as that.'
"'Worse,' says thu stoi'ekceiwr. 'lie
Nit-ills hogs.'
"t thinks I will look up this Mr.
Tul inn. So a day or two after the cou
ntable I in lied It I nt out I got acipialutcil
ivi'U li 1 in and Invited him out on (he
-li;e of town to sit on a I",' and talk
bo dues.
"What I wanted was a partner with
a natural rural makeup to play a part
In s mie Utile one net outrages that I
w is going to book with the I'lttfall &
inn circuit in some of the western
towns, and this It. Tatuiii was burn for
(he role as sure as nature cast Kalr
bulks for the stuff that kept I'M
from slaking lulu (he liver.
"Me was iilmtit the size of a flint
b iseiuaii, and he had Ambiguous blue
eyes like the china dog on the mantel,
p'uve that Aunt Harriet used to play
wilh when she was a child. Ills hair
wived a little bit, like Hie si nine of the
iiinl.iu thrower In the Vacation at
!.' one. but Hie color of It reminded you
of the 'Sunset In the (Srund Canyon,'
U an American artist, that they hang
tevr lite stovepipe holes In the saltings,
llo was I he Ifeub, without needing a
l-ti. i h. You'd have known tit 1 1 for one.
civil II' you'd seen hlui on the vaude
ville slage with one cotton suspender
ao'l a sti'iw ever his ear
' ( told him what I wauled and foitul
him ready lo Jump al Hie Job.
"Overlooking such a t'.lv'.ul little
peccadillo as the habit of man
slaughter," gays I, 'what have you ac
complished In the way of indirect
brigandage or nonnctlonable thrift!
ness that you could point to, with or
without pride, as an evidence of your
qualifications for the position?'
" 'Why,' ways he in his kind of south
ern system of procrastinated accents,
iialn't you heurd tell? There ain't any
mini, black or white, In the lilne I'idge
that can tote off a shout as easy as 1
can without beln' heard, seen or cotch
ed. I can lift a shout,' he goes on, 'out
of n ten, from under a piazza, at the
trough, In I ho woods, day or night, any
where or anyhow, and I guarantee no
body won't hear a squeal. It's all in
the way you grab hold of 'era and car
ry 'em atterward. Some day,' goes on
this gentle despoller of pigpens, 'I hope
to become reckernlzed as the champion
shout stealer of the world.'
" 'It's proper to be ambitious,' says
1, 'and hog stealing will do very well
for Mount Ncbo, hut In the outside
world, Mr. Tatum, It would be consid
ered as crude a piece of business ag a
bear raid on Hay Stato Gas. However.
It will do as a guarantee of good faith.
We'll go Into partnership. I've got
$1,000 cash capital, nnd with that
homeward plods atmosphere of yours
wo ought to lie able to win out a few
shares of Soon Putted preferred lu the
money market.'
"So I attaches Itufe, and we gonwny
from Mount Nebo down Into the low
lands. And all the way I coach hliu
for his part In the grafts I had lu mind.
I had Idled away two months on the
Florida coast and was feeling all to
the Ponce lie I.eon, besides having so
many new schemes up my sleeve that
I had to wear kimonos to hold 'em.
"1 Intended to assume a funnel shape
and mow a pat b nine miles wide
through the farming belt .of the mid
dle west, so we headed In that direc
tion. Hut when we got as far its Lex
ington we found Hlnkley Pros." circus
there and the blue grass peasantry
romping into town and pounding the
Belgian blocks wllh their hand pegged
sabots as artless nnd arbitrary as an
extra session of a Dutto Bryan duuia.
I never puss a circus without pulling
the valve cord and coming down for a
little Key West money, so I engaged
it couple of rooms and board for Itufe
and me at it house near the circus
grounds run by a wltlow lady named
Peevy. Then I took Itufe to a cloth
ing store and gents' oullltled lilm. He
showed up strong, as I knew he would,
after he was rigged up lu the ready
made rutabaga regalia. Me and old
Mlslllzky si ulTeil lilm Into a bright blue
suit with a Nile green visible plaid ef
fect and riveted on a fancy vest of a
light Tuskegee normal tan color, a red
necktie anil the yellowest pair of shoes
In town. They were the Hist clothes
Itufe had ever worn except the ging
ham layelle ami the butternut top
dressing of his native kraal, and he
looked as self conscious as an Igorrote
wllh a new nose ting.
"That night 1 went down to the cir
cus tents mid opened a small shell
game. Itufe was to be t lie capper. I
gave li I tit a roll of phony currency to
bet with and kept a bunch of It in a
special pocket to pay his winnings out
of. No, I didn't mistrust lilm, but I
simply can't manipulate the bull to
lose when I see real money bet. My
lingers go on a strike every time I
try It.
"I set up my little table and begun to
show them how easy it was to guess
which shell Hie little pea was under.
The unlettered lilinU gathered lu a
thick semicircle and began to nudge
elbows and banter one another to bet.
Then was when Itufe ought to hnve
sluglefooted up and called the turn on
Ihe little Joker for a few tens and lives
to get them started. lint no Itufe. I'd
seen hint two or three limes walking
about ami looking tit the sideshow pic
tures with his mouth full of peanut
candy, but he never came nigh.
"The crowd piked a III He, hut trying
to work Hie shells without a cupper Is
like llslilug without bait. I closed the
game with only $12 of the unearned
Increment, while I hud been counting
on yanking the yeomen for $.00 at
least. 1 Went home ut II and went to
bed. I supposed that the circus had
proved too alluring for Itufe and that
lie had succumbed lo It, concert ami
nil, but I meant to give him a lecture
on general business principles III the
".lust nfler Morpheus had got both
my shoulders to Hie shuck mattress I
hears a houseful of unbecoming and
rllmltl noises, like a youngster screech
lug with green apple colic. I opens tny
door and trills out In the hall for the
vtldow lady, and when she sticks her
head out 1 savs, '.Mrs. peevy. iiia'aiu.
would you iiilml choking off that kid
of yours so that honest people can get
their rest?'
" 'Sir,' snys she. 'It's no child of mine.
It's llu' pig squealing that your friend
Mr. Talum brought Inline to his room a
couple of hums ami. And If you are
uncle or second cousin or brother to
It I'd appreciate your stopping Its
mouth, sir. yourself If you please.'
"I put on some of the polite outside
liiililllments of external society ami
went Into R life's room. He hud got
lip nnd lit Ills lamp and was pouring
some milk Into a tin pan on the Hour
for a dingy white, half grown, sipienl
lug pig.
"'How Is this, Itufe?' says I. 'You
tlliiitlauinied In your part of the work
tonight and put the guiue on crutches.
And low tlo you explain the pig? It
looks like backsliding to me."
"'.Vow don't be too hard oil hie.
.IclT." snys he. 'Vnu know how long
I've bven used lo stealing shoals. It's
got to be a habit with hie And lo
night, when I see such a tine chance.
I couldn't help Ul.lu' It.'
"'Wll,' says I, 'maybe you've real
ly got klepliqilgls Atnl maylie when
we get out of the pig belt you'll turn
your mind to higher and more remu
nerative misconduct. Why you should
want to stain your soul with such a
distasteful, feeble minded, perverted,
roaring beast as that I can't under
stand.' " 'Why, Jeff,' says he, yon ain't In
sympathy with shouts. You don't un
derstand 'em like I do. This here
seems to me to be an animal of more
than common powers of rution and In
telligence. He walked lialT across the
room on his hind legs awhile ago.'
" 'Well, I'm going back to tied," says
I. 'See If you can Impress It uixin
your friend's Ideas of intelligence that
he's not to make so much noise.'
" 'He was hungry,' says Itufe. 'ne'll
go to sleep and keep quiet now.'
"I always get up before breakfast
and rend the morning paper whenever
I happen to be within the radius of a
Hoe- cylinder or a Washington hand
press. The next morning I got up ear
ly and found the Lexington dally on
the front porch where the carrier had
thrown It. The first thing I saw lu It
was a double column ad. on the front
page that read like this;
WARD. The above amount will be paid, and no
questions asked, for the return, nllve and
uninjured, of Heppo, the famous European
educuttsl plK, thut strayed or was stolen
from Ihe side allow tents of Hlnkley Hros.'
circus last night.
Ruslnegs Manager, at the Circus (trounds.
"I folded up tlie paper flat, put It
Into my Inside pocket and went to
It life's room. He was nearly dressed
and was feeding the pig the rest of
the milk and some apple peelings.
" 'Well, well, well, good morning all.'
I says, hearty nnd amiublc. 'So we
are up? And piggy is having his
breakfast. What had you Intended do
ing wllh that pig. Itufe?'
" 'I'm going to crate lilm up,' says
Itufe, 'nnd express lilm to ma lu Mount
Nebo. He'll be company for her while
I am away.'
" 'He's a mighty fine pig,' says 1.
scratching lilm on the back.
" 'You called him a lot of names last
night,' says Itufe.
" 'Oh, well.' says I, 'he looks betlci
to me Ihls morning. I was raised on
a farm, and I'm very fond of pigs. I
used to go to bed at Sundown, so 1
never saw one by lamplight before.
"Why, Jeff, you ain't in sympathy with
Tell you what I'll do, Itufe,' I says.
I'll give you $10 for thut pig.'
'"I reckon I wouldn't sell this shoat,'
says ho. 'If It was any other one I
'"Why not this one?' I asked, fear
ful that he might know something.
"'Why, because,' says he, 'It was
Ihe grandest iiclileveincut of my life.
There ain't airy oilier man that could
have done It. If I ever have a llreslde
and children I'll sll beside It mill tell
'em how their ibnhly toled off it slm.it
from a whole circus full of people.
Ami maybe my grandchildren too
They'll certainly be proud a whole
pnssel. Why.' says he. 'there was two
tents, one openiu' Into the oilier. This
slmte was on n platform tied with a
little i liiiln. I seen a giant nnd a hidy
wltli a line chance of bushy white
half In the other tent. 1 got the shoat
and crawled nut from under Hie can
vas again without lilm squenkiu' ns
loud ns a mndsc. 1 put him nuiler my
coat, nnd 1 must have passed a hun
dred folks before I got out where Ihe
streets was dark. I reckon I wouldn't
sell Hint shote. .leff. I'd want lua to
keep It, so there'd be a witness to what
I done,'
" 'The pig won't live long enough.' I
snys, 'to use as an exhibit hi your
senile llreslde mendacity. Your grand
hllilren will h:iv to take your word
for It. I'll give you $100 for Ihe anl
"Itufe looked nt me Hstoiiislicd.
"'The shoal can't be worth anything
like that to you.' he says. 'What do
you want hliu for?'
" 'Viewing me easulstlcnlly.' snys I.
with a rare smite, 'you wouldn't think
that I've got on artistic side lo luv
temper. Hut I have. I'm a collector
of plxs. I've sitinred the world for
unusual pig. Over In the Walmsh val
ley I've got a h"g ranch with most
every specimen on It. from a Merino
to a Poland China. This looks like n
blooded pig lo me, linfe," says I. '1
believe it's u genuine Iterkshire. That's
why I'd like to have It.'
" 'I'd shore like to accommodate you.'
he. 'but I've got the artistic tene
ment too. I don't ee why It ain't art
when you can steal a shoat better than
anybody else can. . Shoats is a kind of
Inspiration and genius with me. , Spe
cially this one. I wouldn't take two
hundred and fifty for that animal.'
" 'Now listen,' says I, willing off my
forehead. 'It's not so much a matter
of business with me ns It is art, and
not so much art as it is philanthropy.
Being u connoisseur and disseminator
of pigs, I wouldn't feel like I'd done
my duty to the world unless I added
thut Berkshire to my collection. Not
Intrinsically, but according to the eth-
k-s of pigs as friends and coadjutors of
mankind, I offer you $500 for the ani
mal.' " 'Jeff,' says this pork esthete, 'it
ain't money; It's sentiment with me.'
' Th'Vcii hundred,' says I.
" 'Make it eight hundred,' says Rufe,
'and I'll crush the sentiment out of
my heart'
"I went under my clothes for my
money belt and counted him out forty
twenty-dollar gold certificates.
"'I'll Just take him Into my own
room,' says I, 'and lock him up till aft
er breukfast.'
"I took the pig by the hind leg. He
turned on a squeal like the steam cal
liope at the circus.
" 'Let me tote him In for you,' says
lltife. and he picks up the beast under
one arm, holding his snout with the
other hand, nnd pucks him into my
room like a sleeping baby.
"After breakfast Itufe, who had a
chronic case of haberdashery ever
since I got his trousseau, says he be
lieves he will amble down to Misfltz
ky's and look over some royal purple
socks. And then I got ns busy as a
one armed man with the nettle rash
pasting on wallpaper. I found an old
negro man with un express wagon to
hire, and we tied the pig In u sack and
drove down to the circus grounds.
"I found George B. Tapley In a little
tent with a window flap open. He was
a fattlsb man, with an immediate eye,
in a black skullcap, with a four ounce
diamond screwed Into the bosom of his
red sweater.
" 'Are you George B. Tapley?' I asks.
" 'I swear It," gays he.
"'Well, I've got It,' snys I.
"'Designate,' says he. 'Are you the
guinea pigs for the Asiatic python or
the alfalfa for the sacred buffalo?'
" 'Neither,' says I. 'I've got Beppo,
the educated hog, in a sack in that
wagon. I found him rooting up the
flowers in.my front yard this morning.
I'll take the $5,000 In large bills If It's
"George B. hustles out of his tent
and asks me to follow. We got Into
one of the side shows. In there was
a Jet black pig, with a pink ribbon
around his neck, lying on some hay
and eating carrots that a man was
feeding to lilm.
"'Hey, Mac' calls G. B. 'Nothing
wrong with the worldwide this morn
ing. Is there?'
"'Hlra? No,' soys the mnn. 'He's
got mi appetite like a chorus girl nt 1
a. m.'
" 'How'd did you get this pipe?' says
Tapley to me. 'Eating too many pork
chops last night?'
"I pulls out the puper and shows lilm
the ad.
" 'Fake.' says he. 'Don't kuow any
thing about It. You've beheld with
your own eyes the marvelous, world
wide porcine wonder of our four foot
ed kingdom eating with preternatural
sagacity his mutiitlnnl meat, nnstrnyed
and iiustole. Good morning.'
"I was beginning to see. I got In the
wagon and told liucle Ned to drive to
the most adjacent orifice of t lie nearest
alley. There 1 took out my pig. got
the range carefully for the other open
ing, set his sights nnd gave him such a
kick that he went out the other end of
the alley, twenty feet ahead of his
"Then I paid Uncle Ned his 50 cents
nnd wulked down to the newspaper of
fice. I wanted to hear It In cold syl
lables. I got Ihe advertising mnn to
Ills window.
" 'To decide a bet,' snys I, 'wasn't
the mnn who had this nil. put in last
night short and fur, with long whisk
ers nnd n club foot?'
" 'He was not," snys the man. Tie
would measure about six feet by four
and a half Inches, with cot'tisllk hair
nnd dressed like the pansles of the con
servatory.' "At dinner time I went back to lrs.
"'Shall I keep some soup hot for
Mr. Tatum till he conies back?" she
"if yoq tu), ma'am,' says I, 'you'll
more than exhaust for firewood nil
the conl In the bosom of the enrth nnd
all the forests on the outside of it.'
"So there, you see." said .lefferson
Peters In conclusion, "how, hard It Is
ever to ilnd n fair minded nnd honest
business partner."
"Hut." I began, with the freedom of
long neipuiliitatiee, "the rule should
work both ways. If you had offered
to divide the reward you would not
have lost"
Jeff's look of ilignllled reproach stop
ped me.
"That don't Involve the same princi
ples ut all." said he. "Mine was a
legitimate and mural attempt nt spec
ulation. Buy low and sell high. Don't
Wall street indorse It? Hulls and
bears aiitl pigs what's the difference?
Why not bristles ns well as horns and
A Monorail Ride.
Biittlnsky, w ho heard some traveling
men talking about the nunionill, adopt
ed bis usual tactics.
"I rode on one of those once," h
piped In.
"Hode on what?"
"A single rail."
"I'll bet you did," replied one of the
drummers, "and I'll also bet there was
a man carrying each end of the rait."
Touring for Suffrage, Autoists
I .... i '
t - h f
i it i
t ...41 ,
--..-MMv'fc i'Ji t
Wlilt nii,n,l r.f flltvV 1 II t Hill nil 1 1 P4
the little yellow automobile in which
i;uo V.. It l?w.hnr.lu,,n O.I.I Mrs Alil'C
Snit.jer Burke (left to right in the auto
in ine accompanying picture; uie i"
tour the United States was dedicated
to its work with the name Golden Flier
in New York. Cinsoline was the ap-i.i-nnr'mtp
lioiiiil with which the little
t ar was detlicited to its work. " In the
name of the enfranchisement of women
Charges of Grafting
Stir Canada s Depths
(Mure than the war, the assertions
that there lias been graft in the
furnishing of war munitions is agitat
ing Canada. The charges reach into the
highest quarters. It was even inti
mated that Premier Kobert L. Borden
would resign. Among the other men
mentioned is (leneral Sam Hughes, head
of the Dominion forces, who went to
Knginiitl recently to look utter the
Canadian soldiers sent there before
leaving for the front.)
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by looul applications, as they cannot
roach the disoasoil portion of the car.
There is only one way to cure catarrhal
deafness, anil that is by a constitutional
remedy. Catarrhal Deafness is caused
bv an inflamed coiditfon of the mucous
li'iiing of the Kustaehinn Tubo. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rum
bling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed, Deafness is
tho result. 1'nks the inflammation
can be reduced and this tube restored
o its normal condition, hearing will be
destroyed forever. Many cases of deaf
ness are caused by catarrh, which is an
inflamed condition of the mucous sur
faces. Hall's Cntttrrh Curo acts thru
the blood on the mucous surfaces of the
We will Rive One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Catarrhal Deafness that
cannot be cured by Hall 's Catarrh Cure.
Circulars free. All Priifiuists, 7.V.
T. ,T. I'll EX KY & CO.. Toledo, O.
New Today Ads work while too
sleep will have results for you ia the
Vv':'.'-Sl''CP . 1 J
.ifiaiw-.,!' .:"; .1
Iheir Transcontinental Trip
jit i
F ... . 4 .:.;-..-)? :"n :
; t ' . tr .
it i
and of the National American Suffrage
aeunfintinn T inime thee the 'Cioldcn
. Flier,'" said Mrs. Carrie Chapman C'att
as Biie Drone tne uotiie on me rjuiaior.
In her earnestness she made a dent in
tlx, -'i.ltfitni. Wit'.i lifinnora flvinir the
.automobile finally reached the WBt
Forty-second street ferry, where they
lert tne yenow oar anu irs omipnnis en
route for Wechawken, N. .1., the first
i stop in ine iraii.K'uniiiiciiiui nip.
Ira ,T. White et ux lo Joel C. Ernest,
lots 1. 2, 7 and 8, blk. 3, timer's add
Jit. Angel.
('. H. Krnst et ux to Julius I. and
Klla 1.. Jewett, 10 acres in l.l-4-2W.
James M. Wadswortlt et ux to Alfred
H. Hunt, part of liO-O-.ii:.
T. I). Kick.! et ux to K. and A. Schnei
lie et ux, lots 7, S and, 11 Kennedy
acres. . .
Karl 0. Simmons et ux to Laurence I'
Simmons, pnrt Davis Shannon cl. li-lV.
Jacob Stroud et ux to T. B and Cora
11. Kav, pt. K. K. Kdmuiition cl. G2-8
Wm. Each as sheriff to Flora M. Mur
phy, lots 2 and 3, blk. H, Tuxedo Turk
add, Salem.
Fred M. Olmstend et nx to Edward
(dmstead, lot 2,. blk. U, Depot add, Sa
Emma Hurst to Anna Hansen, parts
of lots 5 nnd (i, blk. 1, A. Myers' add,
Franklin B. Alford et ux to Falls City
Lumber company, lots 0 and 10, blk. 2,
Kiverview l'nrk add,. Salem.
C. F. DeGuire et ux to I. S. and Lis
lieth Moe, pt. Jas. Brown cl., 47-li-lW.
Han's Nelson et ux to 1 H. nnd llin
nie Kliewer, pt. B. Shanks cl. 25-5-1W.
J. B. Kennedy et ux to l'hilip and
Julia Olsen, A. Bower cl. 53-4-2W.
Katie and J. P. Holmes to J. K. Kirk-
pn trick, N. Bond cl. 2S-7-2W; J. Leh
man el. 2S-7-2W; Jas. Kickev cl. 81-7
2V. . ' ' - '
1'. W. Keyeltes ct nx to (Seo. A. Thorn
nson, pt. lot .11, Miller's Mill creek
litiral Hume.
Jns. A. French et ux to E. K. Spyker,
pt. lot 2 nnd nil of lots 4, 5, II, 7, 8, 9
nnd 10, blk. 3, Pleasant Home add, Sa
J. M. Kavniiatigli et ux to E. K. Spyk
er, lot 111, blk, 2, Burlington add, Sa
Claims Southern Pacific
Robbed Government
AVashinjjton, April II. Lieutenant
Commander ,1. O. Richardson of the
navy, testifying in federal court today
in the government ' proceedings to ob
tain valuable oil lands held by the
Southern Pacific under congressional
grant, declared that the railroad must
have known the vtiluei of the disputed
property when the grant was made.
It is the government 's contention
that the Southern Pacific acquired the
territory fraudulently, while knowing
its value. The railroads maintain it
did nirtkuow the lands worth.
ltichardson testified that ns early as
1SH2 experiments proved that oil was
valuable as fuel. The land grant was
made about 1S9.1. Richardson said the
Hritish admiralty, the Ameijcan navy
and many engineering and scientific
societies published reports of oils
value as fuel about the time the grants
were made.
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Taking No Chances
With Border Mexicans
wis is-
7 I
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the border, in view of the possibility of
more attacks like that on Columbus,
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amined by a border guard, has to sub
mit to a rigid search for contraband.)
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