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How to Feel Well During Middle
Life Told by Three Women Who
Learned from Experience.
The Change of Life is a most critical period of a
woman's existence, and neglect of health at this time invites
disease and pain. Women everywhere should remember
that there is no other remedy known to medicine that will
so successfully carry women through this trying period as
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, made from
native roots and herbs. Read these letters:
riulud'lphui, Pa. '-I started the Change of Life
five years ago. I always had a headaehe and back
ache with leaving down pains and I would have. -heat
Hashes very bad at times with dizzv spells and
nervous feelings. After taking Lydia E. l'inkhain's
Aeyetable Compound I feel like 'a new person and
am in better health and no more troubled with
the nehes and pains I had before I took your won
derful remedy. I recommend it to my friends for I
cannot praise it -enough." Mrs. Maroaket Ukass
5IAX, 73:i X. Ping'sold St., Philadelphia, Pa.
' T-j
" i
lieverlv. Af;is
vegi'ianie ixMiiTxuind, ior nervonsne:
going through the Chanare of Life.
have always spoken of it to other
nave nau rnem try it ami tnev also have received I
good results from it." Mrs. C.eohoe A. Di-xbar,
ii numiuy oi., Deveny, iU tss.
Erie, Pa. "I was in poov health when the
Change of Life started with me and I took Lvdia
g E. Pinkham's Vegetahlu Compound, or I think I
should not have got over it as easv as I did. Even
now if I do not feel good I take the Compound
and it restores me in a short time. I will praise
your remedies to even' woman for it mav help
them as it has me." Mrs. E. Kissuxo, V.il East
iitth St., Erie, Pa.
No other medicine lias been so successful in relieving woman's
suffering as Las Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
AVomen may receive free and helpful advice by writing the Lydia
K. Pinkbaiu Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. Such letters are received
and answered by women only and held in strict confidence.
Pacific Coast Seamen j
May Go On Strike Soon,
-Portland.. Ore.. April 14. Ninety-five!
per cent of the seamen employed on the
Pacific -const, from Alaska to Smith
America, will strike May 1 unless their,
demands for more pay mid betterment i
of working conditions are met by the
shipowners; I
A secret strike vote already lins been
taken nniour members (if the Pacifii' '
const branch of the International Sea- ;
men's union, said Jiick Rosen, head of
the local seamen's orgnni.rition. The!
vote wns overwhelmingly in 'favor of a '
strike should their demands be refused.
lioson claims per cent of the 'sail- j
When Itching Stops
There is one safe, dependable treat
ment that relieves itching torture in
stantly and that cleanses and soothes the
Ask any drnjrsist for n 2."e bottle of
Kemo n ml apply it as directed. Soon
you will find I lint pimples, black heads,
eezenin, ringworm and similar skin trou
bles will disappear.
i' A little 7emo. the penetralinu, satis
fvine lhuid, is all Hint is needed, for it
li:iuislies nil skin eruptions and uiake-j
the skiu soft, smooth and healthy.
Zemo, Cleveland,
f t I . . . . . .gJfglla . Uty too
Add Wealth To Your Fields
With a Low Spread Spreader
WHATEVER the condition of your fields or of the
manure that is to go to fertilize them, the Low
Spread spreader will cover them most economically with
au even coat, tliieU or thin as von desire.
There is a ditfere ntial in each rear wheel, something like the ones m
your mower. This means that, though yon turn a comer either way,
the beater will go on spreading evenlv oti the comers.
An end gate holds the load off the heater while tlfc spreader is out of
gear, preventing clogging of the beater. Then when thrown in gear
there is no heavy strain on the gear9 and no tumps of manure are
tfewn out. The Low Spread beater is placed in the correct position,
in the rear of the apron, so low that the manure cannot wedge under
it. This reduces the draft and keeps the beater so free of the load that
the manure is thoroughly pulverized before being thrown clear.
These jKiints and maiiy others will be perfectly clear to you if you
study them ou our deinonututiou spreader.
Chas. R. Archerd Imp. Co.
Salem, Ore.
-"I took I.ydh E. Pinkham's
is and ilvsnetKM. wlmn T wm
I found it 'very helpful and I
women who sutfrr as I did and
ors. firemen, cooks and engineers on
this, const are organized. These men,
however. Rosen said, are hopeful that
the shipowners will meet fneil' demands
because of the increased demand for
I'CapituI .ronriml Special Service. 1
Silverton, Ore., April 14. J. 11.
Haines, of the Northwest Fire Appara
tus company, of Portland, and sales
manager IC. 1.. Jlatlies are in silver
ton demonstrating the tTnllock chemical
motor truck. The machine is complete
in every way. having Tlook and ladder
attachment and all modern equipment
for practical use.
The demonstration was made and pro
position presented to the citv council
and the exceedingly low price of .l."i(Ul.
has been quoted to the city of Silver
ton for the purchase price of the ma
chine. Much interest was taken in. its dem
Onstrntion. The citv ilnds believe in
preparedness and that preparedness
should begin at home. lhey realize
how inadequate the present fire equip
ment is in case of emergency, and
with the lurge mills and new industries
which are opening up in Silverton feel
that better fire protection is a most
essential thing.
Try caultal Journal Want Ads.
i m
Hlllfiii.y'Tj Iniiclieiin.
ii. VJ invited the
J;rr on April
V will attend
.. . i
Ttn: miovctc
lilt. lUAiUVIUO
The following prices for fruits
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholesaler of the retailer, and
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices' are those paid the
producer. Corrections are made
It is a lung Hi m tlmt has mi turn.
I'lit the turn tins not as yet come in
tlie general market quotations, as every
thing is extremely iiiiet.
Taking the quotation from nil the
mills that are buying wheat nnd also
He commission houses, the average to
lay is running close to 7s anil Ml cents.
Turnips are out of the market, broc
coli is no iv selling fur 7 rents a doz
en fur the small Hunches. California
grape fruit is up 5o cents a cinte anil
strawberries are getting cheaper.
! Hay, timothy, per ton ...
;0ats, vetch
$is.on !
; Cheat $15.00
Clover hay $13.0.0 j
'Wheat TN'dMir!
I Oats flilfu.'iNc j
Rolled barley $33.00 !
I Corn $35.50 j
( racked corn $37.00
Bran $2G.00
Shorts, per ton $28.00
Butterfat 33c
Creamery butter, per pound 34c
Country butter 0c(rc25c
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, case count, cash 17c
Eggs, trade 18c
Hens, pound 1415c
Roosters, old, per pound 9c
Broilers, under 2 pounds 22(Ti 25c
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Veal, dressed 0c
Pork, dressed lie
Pork, on foot 8S',
Spring lambs, 1010 lOtfi lO l-2e
Steers 7. C7c
Cows i(ff5 l-2o
Bulls 3c3 l-2c
Ewes 5c
Wethers 6 l-2c
T.ambs. grain fed, yearlings .... 7 l-2c
Cabbage $2.S03.00
Tomatoes, Florida and Cuban .... $4.(
String garlic .i loc
Potatoes, cwt $1.2o$1.75
Beets $1.00
Asparagus 10c
Broccoli 7oc
Radishes 40c
Green onions 40c
(recn peppers 2tc
Oreen peas 7c
hgg plant ISc
Carrots $1.00
Onions ,;2.0n
Apples. Hood River $.00f?.50
Rhubard, box $2.00
Oranges, Navels '. . . . $2.2."(53.5t
Lemons, per box $1.004.50
Bnnanas, pound 5c
California grape fruit $3. f0
Florida grape fruit $3.00(3 $6.00
Pineapples 7 l-2c
Honey $3.50
Strawberries $1.73(i2.25
Retail Prices.
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch
Sugnr, cane
Sugar, beet
Creamery butter
Flour, hard wheat
.. 20c
, 40c
Flour, valley $1.30
Portland. Ore.,
Club, !l(o!Mic
April It. Wheat:
Uluestem. . 1.113 '2(Ti 1.1)5.
Forty fold, !2(fi!7c.
Ked 'Russian, inifii Hiie.
Oats:.. No. 1 white feed
Barley: Feed. $2ii.(lO(Ji 2H.II0.
Hogs: Best live. $!i.()li.
I'rime steers, .!i.i.MI.
Fancy cows, $7,511.
Calves, $S.IIU.
Spring lambs. .I0.Odr lO.oii,
Butter: City creamery, .'lie.
Country butter, :((ii 31e.
Hggs: 'Selected local ex., 20 1-2(7210.
Hi l-2fii 17c.
1(1(7 lie.
The "Come-back" man was really
never down-and-out. Jlis weakened
condition because of over-work, lack
of exercise, improper eating and living
demands stimulation to satsfy the cry
for a health-giving appetite and to re
freshing sleep essential to strength.
Gol-D MEDAL. Haarlem Oil Capsules,
the National Remedy of Holland, will j
Ho the work. They are wonderful!
Threo of these capsules each day will
put a man on his feet before he knows
it; whether his trouble comes from uric
acid poisoning, the kidneys, gravel or
stone in tho bladder, stomach derange
ment or other ailments that befall the
over-zealous American. Don't wait un
til yon are entirely down-and-out, but
talto them today. Your druggist will
gladly refund your money if they do
not help you. 2.jc. 5Me and ifl.00 per box
Accept no substitute-. Look for the
name GOLD JIKDAL on every box.
They are the pure, original, imported
Haarlem Oil Capsules.
Ladies' Aid at Brooks
(Capital .Tniirnal Special Service.!
Brooks, Or,.., April 14. The weekly
meeting of the Ladies' Aid of Brooks
was held at the home of Mis. John Dun
Insy. The regular business was transact
ed, then n few impromptu pieces were
rendered on the piano. Mrs. Chile Har
ris and Mrs. Malcolm Hamp each cave
liiins. Mrs. .1. . Iriiit-.and
Hawkins ttnr liinno 'sobri. At
hostess served a dainty
The Hazel (.recn Aid bus
Brook!) Aid to Hazel (ireeu
it is hoped a large number
vocal sele
I Mrs. Ben
r oYlo-k
in.. in .nun - .f" ri
7L R-S.oaAWiiV
and Bessie parnscale
The Green Swamp
PLAY is wonderful.
No play dealing
more intimately
with the problems
of life with the
rocks on which so
many matrimonial
bargains are wreck
ed has yet been seen.
Every husband
and wife, every
beau and sweet
heart, will appreci
ate this true story
of domestic Ameri
can life.
There's a gripping
story that holds your
interest throughout
and never lets a
moment lag.
Today -Tomorrow--Frederick Warde
'. . One of the Most Noted Actor? in the World, in
"Silas Marner"
. i ; In Seven Reels.
Based upon Goorge EUot'S novel of the same name. .
An English Classic.
Officers Elected
at Masonic Council
George C. Brown was elected illus
trious grand enptain of the' guard at
the meeting held yesterday in f'orval
lis of the Grand Council of Hoyal ami
Select Masons. Other officers for the
coming year are: V". R. Bilyeii, of Al
bany, past illustrious grand master;
,T. B. Patterson, of Eugene, right ii
hrstrious deputy grand master; F.
Patterson, of Portland, right illustrious
grand principal conductor of work; II.
II. Parker, l'otrland, right illustrious
grand treasurer; ,T. H. Richardson, of
Portland, right illustrious grand secre
tary; A. I.. Rumsey, Portland, illus
trous grand chaplain; Frank S. Dunn.
Eugene, illustrious grand conductor ol
council; J. F. Carson. Hood River, il
lustrious grand steward; K. F. Hoyden,
Portland, illustrious grand marshal.
The next meeting will be at Marsh
field, on the second Wednesday of
April, 1917. j
flection Supplies Are
Sent Out to Counties
Secretary of State Olcott has com-j
pleled the shipment of election supplies
to the :!5 counties for use at the prim-,
nry election. There were over ."if I boxes'
nnd packages containing the following:
Tally sheets for republican, demo-;
cratic ami progressive parties, stnte-j
nients of tally sheets, abstract of votes, J
official seals, brans clips, needles for
stringing bulbils, indelible pencils for;
marking ballots, elections laws, recepot
books, etc.
Did Carranza Soldiers
Take Part In Attack
(Continued From Page One.) i
hold, but it is likely that the inliab-.
itaiits were misinformed with regard
to the American army's mission. An
oilier day "Without additional untoward;
incidents will relieve tension here. Ma
jor General I'linston hopes that the
better el iss of Mexicans would dis
courage hasty :n-t inn. but he was pre
pared to meet any new development.
Mexicans Are Sore.
Mexico City, Apr. 11. I'ubliciit ion of
news from I'lirral, where Mexicans
dashed witn American troops, caused
mild excitement here today. There were
no demonstrations. General P.iblo Gon
.iiIch issued a manifesto warning the
public against attacking Americans.
Alvaro (Ibiegon. the dc facto war
minister, informed the 'lucnl garrison
concerning details of the fight. He dc
clued Hint the I'nited States soldiers
had violated their pledge not to enter
cities in Mexico.
Newspapers printed lengthy details
of the Amerii-aii expeditions operations,
asserting that tlie troops are sutlcnag
M..w .,...r..i
from the climate mid em-
,.;,,.,, ;,, ll, fet tlml thee have tuilcl
I , ennlure Villi.
Provisional President Carrnnza. rc-
' eomi.unied bv Obregon and l liber of i
! his cabinet have arrived in a suburb
I from licreturo, w here the de facto cup-
lital was teinporirily located. It is ro
1 1 s'Mij
Today and
In connection with
ture we will show
this big fea-
Your Keystone Favorite
30 Minutes of Continuous laugh
The "Flower of the Screen,'
"Lovely "Mary:''
Don't fall to ' get our
t " K " f
i "tt
-MARvTtI1 F 9 "mi NTiCCl?
ported they plan an official utry into
Mexico City oti Sunday,
Americans Hold Parral.
El I'aso, Texas, April I I. -American
.troops hold I'arrul, according to un
confirmed advices to mining interests
today. These messages stated that two
troopers entered tho town Wednesday
for messages which were expected at
the telegraph office. Carran.i soldiers
ignorant of the expedition shot and
killed one nnd wounded the second,' it
was declared. Tl.c commander of the
Americans then entered and a street
1'ight followed. The Cnrranza garrison
was reported dispersed.
Salazar Gets Busy.
El I'aso, Texas, April It. Genei'
Salazar was reported today to" have
milled the T. (). rnnch south of Siena
lilancii, Texas- yesterday. Dispatches
slid ho fled south after a ijkiiinisii, pre
sumably with ah American patrol. None
were reported killed in the fight, lie
stole a few horses, said the ndvicos.
V 1
I 1
Supported by
A glance backward into the
days when ntroiig men and
brave women fought for tho
rights of existence on u new
The only house in town where
you can seo
fi-'JjTT""- .-i-.t-j-m'-tm ftmm
, Zf.- . I 1 I ' -1 I '"! "'v'i'
Drink Lots of Water and Siop
Eating Meat for a While If.
Your Bladder Troubles
When you wake up with backaehe
and dull misery in the kidney region it'
Ueneiallv nie.ins you have been eating
too mih ii meat, nays a well-known auth
ority. .Meat forms uric acid which ov
erworks tl kidneys in their effort to
filter it from the blood and they be
come sort of paralyzed and Iorm.v. When
your kidneys (jet slavish and cloi( you
must relieve them, like you relieve your
bowels; removing all the body's urinous
waste, else you have backache, sick
heulache, dizzy spells; your stomach
sours, tonue is coated, and when the
weather is bad you have rheumatic
twinge. The urine is cloudy, full of
sediment, channels often get sore, water
scalds and you are obliged to seek re
lief two or three times dariut; the night.
Kither consult a good, reliable physi
cian at once or get from your phar
macist about tour ounces of Jad Salts;
take a tablespoonful in a glass of water
before breakfast for a few days and
your kidnevs will then act fine. This
famous salts is made from the acid of
gr ipes and lemon juice, combined with
lithia, and has been used for genera
tions to clean and stimulate sluggisii
kidneys, also to neutralize acids in the
urine so it no longer irritates, thus end
ing bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is a life giver for regular
meat caters. It is inexpensive, cannot
injure and makes a delightful, effer
vescent lithia-water drink.
jjmieau, Alnscka, April 11. Found
guilty of impersonating a federal of
ficer at 'the time he took William Chris
tie from his work 'at Treadwell on a
.(akc subpoena, Edward Krausc Is
awaiting trial here today on a charge
of kidnaping Christie.
Christie has never been seen since he
was with Krnuse.
A federal courf.jury found Krausc
guiltv of the first charge Thursday.
Weak, Weary Women
Learn the Cause of Daily Woes and
End Them
When the back aches and throbs, ,
When housework is torture.
When night brings no rest nor sleep,
Vh'cn urinary disorders set in,
Women's lot is a weary one.
Doan's Kidney Pills "aro for weak
Havo proved their worth in Salem.
This is one Salem woman's testimony.
Mrs. Goo. Stotlar, 1796 Mission St.,
Salem, says: "1 am subject to Bpells
of kiduoy complaint aud the kidney
action becomes weak and disordered.
My back gets lame and sore, too.
Doan's Kidney Pills always help mo
and rid me of these attacks in short
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the snmo that
Mrs. Stotlar had. Fostcr-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
STOCK 11008 FOR SALE Also son
and pigs, cow .ind calf, and registered
mare, 7 years old. Phone 8IF2. April
FOR SALE Choico acclimated seed
corn, grown by If. D. Lnndon, Salem
Fence Works, buck of Chicago store.
FOR SALE A modem 5 room house,
largo chicken house and run and i
lots. Call and see how cheap, at 495
S. 17th. April
TWENTV-l'IVE ACHES All in culti
vation except acres, running water,
.1 acre log,.iiberries, good house, barn
and sheds. ' 4 1-'- miles out. Price
-:t I ii i, $7110. cash and balance on pay
ments al li per cent interest. J. A.
Mills, ::M Stale. , April
owner on countv road and railroad.
50 to 200 acres each, good buildings,
good soil, ill under cultivation, close!
to school, prices reasonable, half
casn, oiiinui'o nine ai o per cent or
modern income bearing city property.!
P. O. Box L'lll Salein. tl
K 13 A IKES River bottom land, 05
acres in cultivation, some flmber, n
lot of the land has been slashed and
goated for a number of years, good
house and bam, 2 1-2 miles front sta-j
timi on the Oregon Electric Pi ice,
iii-per acre. See J. A. Mills, IIHl;
Slate street. April;
I2n A I! ES - I n Benton county, 1 milo'
from station on R. !(., 1 mile to1
school, partly valley land .mil partly;
bill laud, stock, household goods, and'
everything goes, at iHiL'OO, $."iO(ifl cashj
and liiiliuh c at per cent. 4 head milk I
cows, 13 hea. I young cattle, 14 head
of sheep, 3 hogs, 1 team mures. Vat:
further particul.irs sec J. A. Mills,;
'it I ti.... ...... a J
ji-i ?(iii null i. n'r
FOR SALE Desiring to quit the farm
1 ..i l i..i -,-r.
uiiu oilier iicuvy moor, wk oiiur our i
property as follows: Beautiful
home, 20 acres, 3 miles cast of Sa
lem; 12 acres orchard and garden
land, half mile north of city; quarter
block corner Uuiou and Cottage; alo
several tracts of city property; 100
aero wheat farm in Rig Bend coun
try. Terms, one-third cash, balance
long time on any of this property. R.
R. Ryan. AprlS
hirgnin hunters: 110 acres of bottom,
land near tmvn on good road, 70 acres!
in cultivation. Balance cut off and!
seeded. Price 'O.liO, part trade.
For rent, 70 acres, near Salem, 21 (
acres hops, good condition, 20 acresi
hay, 20 acre pasture, bilauce in
orchard buildings good. Two acres
improved, good liuildiiigs, 1 1-2 acres
loganberries trained. Balance gar-
den laud with orchard. Houses to,
rent. Money to loan. Insurance to j
write. Sipi'are Deal Realty Co., 20-1
U. S. Hank lildg. ' I
0B. O. In SCOTT--Graduate of Chiro
practic's Fountain Head, Davenport,
Iowa. If you have trfbd everything
and have got no relie'f, try Chiroprac
tic Bpinal adjustments and get woU,
Office 406-7-8 U. 8. National Bank
Building. Phone Main 87. Bssidencs
Main 82S-R.
138 South High street. We clean,
preeB, repair, remodel and re-line
tlothlng and furs. Careful attention;
given all work. We call and deliver.
Phone 728.
OR. O. A. OLSON, Dentist Adminis
ters nitrous ozid and ogygen gas.
Room 214, Masonic Temple. Phone
440. Salem, Oregon.
ed, for rent, $1j. Phone 1737-W tt
FOR RENT 5 room cottigc, strictly
modem, close in, J1.00. Phone 1422.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished house
keeping rooms reasonable. 853 North
Commercial street. tf
FOR RENT Eight room house,
electric light and batb, t32 North.
Liberty street. Phone llfiU. AprlS
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of all
kinds removed on monthly contractu
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phone Main
2247. Residence Main 2272.
Try Capital Journal Want Ads.
MONEY TO LOAN Seven per cent,
any amount on improved farm prop4
erty. Address Box 411, Salem. Or. tf
from all points east, on all household
goods, pianos, etc Consolidated
earload service. Capital City Trans
fer company, agents for FaeifU
Coast Forwarding company, 161 South.
Commercial street. Phone Main 9.'!3.
DRS. B. H. WHITE and E. W. WAL
TON Osteopathic physicians and
nerve specialists. Graduates of Amer
ican School of Osteopathy, Kirks-'
villc, Mo.- Post graduate and special,
ized'in nerve diseases at Los Angelc .
tollege. Trent acute and ckronio dis
eases. Consultation free. Lady at
tendant. Office 505-508 U. S. Na
tional Bank Building. Phone 859.
Residence 348 North Capital street.
Phone 3(19.
At Salem Electric Broom Works, Sa
lem, Oregon. AprlS
A FEW MORE shringois or fresh cow
wanted." K. F. Long, 1iiu South 2ftlx
street. S.ilem, Ore., Phone 1322-R. ,
Apr 15
corner Commercial and Trade streets.
For water service apply at office.
Bills payable monthly in advance.
A. M. Clough morticians and funeral
directors. Latest modern methods
known to the profession employed.
499 Court street. Main 120, Main 988.
directors and undertakers, 252 North
High street. Day and night phona
-i General Feed an
X'('"Tib email juivery oiaoi..
'? C. W. TRAIN
i 854 Ferry. Phone 23S
ON Good Real Estate Security.
Over L&dd ft Bash Bank, Salem, Orefa
t. B. FLEMING, Prop.
Denot American Fence
Dates, Plain and Barbed Wirt, f
Paints, Oils and Varnishes. T
looting, Posts, Hop Hooks. I
40 Years Making Stoves
tores rebuilt and repaired.
tores bonght nd sold. J
ISO Conrt Street. Phone 124
Back of Cfelctgo Itors.
Care of
Chirjese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which
will cure any known
. disease.
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283.