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Social Hygiene Meeting
At The Armory Sunday
The inK rum for tin' meeting of the
Oregon Social Hygiene society to bo
in-Ill fur ini'ii only lit tin armory Sun
day lit lernuoii at 3 o'clock will In' pre
over by Governor Withyconiho
unil addresses will In- made by doctors
who have made .1 st'-iti I study of tin'
subjects on which they will talk. Tho
program is ns follows:
Selection, Willnnn'tti' university
..Tho Extent and Result of Sexual Vice .
3:00 p. in., "Tin1 Prevnlonev and
Gciicrul Seriousness of Vt'iii'iral Dis
eases ami Their Kfi'ccts 1'pnii tin' In-
livi.liial ami tin- Home," I.. I'. Griffith,
M. I., stiff physician state hospital.
Causes and Remedies.
3:25 p. in., " (iiiick Doctors nnd Fake
Medicines," Calvin S. Whit.'. M. I).,
Portland, ini'iiilii'r board of directors
t begun Social Hygiene siirii'ty.
:i:."iO p. in., " lieiiieilios," .1. 1-1. Snyder
Pendleton, member b.inid of directors
Ui'-pni Social Hygiene sicioty.
p. in., ) il.jott in in cut .
Since entering upon his official dit-t'n-s
in Salem, Governor .In mi's Withy
combo has mink' it an inviiri.iblc rule
to return to his ) i i 1 1 in I'oivallis for
his Sunday rest, liec'inse of the groat
iporlnnce of tin' loon's mass mooting
to lie hohl in tho nrniory tomorrow nf
ti'inoon iimli'r tho auspices of tho So
rial Hygiene nssoeiatioif; tho governor
has consented to stay in Silcin uxor
.Sim, lay ami will preside at tin' meeting
in tin' iinnorv.
la tho evening, 7:30, In' will In' tin'
guest of iioimr at tho I'lensant Siunlay
evening service in the First Cougrega
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 church iii'nl will deliver a brief
address mi tin' subject " Klcinonts of
(Joml Citizenship."
Tho work of the Orison Social Hy
giene society, in ils endeavor to make
known In i prop"r way tlu farts of lilv,
lias received the einlorsi'Mii'iil of tin'
leading iiuni of the state. This work has
mil only received' the official endorse
ini'iit hut the enthusiastic support, of
tho physicians of the enuiiniiiiity and
state, nml especially its campaign
against ipiack iloctors. i
The following are a few of the opin
ions expresseil:
The work of the Oregon Soci il Hy
giene society ha my enthusiastic ap
9 e
J. K. SuyUor, who will spoak ftt Armory
Iyi;ipno mcotiug.
Dr. Calvin S. White, one of tho spoa
Armory tomorrow atetneon.
i ; I
" -'S-l, -I
; , '.WW I
I . . . -j
I '
proval ami support. It seems to nie
it gets at the very foundations of in
iliviilual an. I community lietti'i'inent. 1
know of no activity more important
than such eilucarionnl work as this,
anil certainly it slunilil nppc.il to every
man, hoy ainl arent.
We are fortunate in having splendid
speakers for the Sumlay afternoon
meetings, anil I think that every man
in Salem who possibly can shouhl at
tend, for the tilks will he worth while,
important, mid of ilirect interest to ev
ervono. gov. wit liven miii:.
No subject before the people of litis
or any other stnte, in my opinion, wnr
tants more or bettor attention. The
Oregon Social Hygiene society, through
tlie high type of cilieii-hip connecteil
with it. is lining a most excellent aiol
admirable Work, Their hainls shouhl
he uphold liy every thinking man ami
i ; i : x or.coTT.
The evils wiiicli the Oregon Social
Hygiene society is striv ing to elimiu ite
cunt ribi.to largely to the neeil for our
nte iusl it ut ions. Kvery taxpayer is
therefore vitally interesteil hoth from a
financial as well as from a moral stand
point. in the work of this society. Kv
ery man aiol woman in Salem shouhl
1 Ian to .itteinl their respective meet
ings. T. li. K A V.
The work of the Oregon Social Hy
giene society is certainly to he v'iiui
nienileil in every way. The ipiestioas
I hey are bringing liefore the people
are of vital inters! ami deserve careful
study of every man anil woman of this
slate ami couiitiv.
If. O. WI1ITK.
The Oregon Social Hygiene society is
iloing a work whose results will he the
lessening of much misery ami Cue in
creasing of the li ippiness of the future
citi.enship of the state. Kvery parent
who is interesteil in the future of his
chihl shouhl encourage the work of the
society by attending one of the meet
ings planned by that 'organization for
the men nml women of Salem.
tomorrow afternoon at Oregon Social
kers nt the Social Hygiene meeting at
The Oregon Social Hygiene society is
doing- a work tfiat should have the en
lire support of every community.' I am
glad to be able to do my sh ire in sup
porting the work of the noeiety by urg
ing men to be piesent at the meeting
Siimlav ufternoon at the nrmorv.
.MAX (). HliiK.V.
Mr. W. M. Hamilton, president of the
Salem Commercial club, in commenting
on the work ami activity of the Ore
gon Social Hygiene society, Rtated:
"Although the greatest benefits that
are being derive, from the activity of
the Oiegou Sui-iil Hygiene society arc
undoubtedly in Hie improvement lif Un
moral conditions, and that the most far
reaching results wiir iio in the improve
ment of the morals of a community at
large, there is another phase that is
not so often thought of, but, neverthe
less, has a great .leal to do with the
economic prosperity of a community,
ami tint is the increased efficiency of
the individual that will result from tiie
improved moral anil physical condition!
of such individual.
" Mauylnrge employers of labor audi
others who have nuple a study of the!
detrimental effects upon employes, oil
tile causes that the society is striving'
to eliminate, ire well aware that such j
effects are of much greater extent, thauj
.lie average business man lias any con-
opt ion of. ' '
Social Hygiene Conference
Meek alftate House
A number of the most prominent edu
cators of the state met at the .slate
house last night to begin the Thiid
Annual Conference of the Oregon Social
Hygiene Society. President 1'. 1,.
Campbell of the l'liiversily of Oregon,
presided at last night's session. Presi
dent Kerr, of the Oregon Agricultural
College, presided at this morning's ses
sion, and Superintendent J. A. Church
ill presided at the session held this
The problem under discussion before
Hie conference at this time is the gen
eral problem of introducing sex instruc
tion in Hie schools and to the young
boys anil girls of the state in the most
suitable manner. The problem is still
in the experiineiiliil stage and lias not
yet been solved by any stale though
it is under consideration throughout
the union.
Y.W.CA. Notes
Mrs. Chauncey Bishop, chairman of
the membership committee announces
that on Tuesday, April II, the commit
tee will be at the association rooms
all day to receive Hie renewal fee of
one dollar and issue new membership
cards for the year.
Miss Mnyine lii'own, daughter of At
torney (leneral and Mrs. lirown, is mak
ing her home at the Y. W. (,'. A. while
her parents are sojoumiiig in the Hast.
, bevy of girls enjoyed a party at
tlie association rooms Monday evening.
The party was planned by the social
committee with Mrs. Twecdale anil
Miss McCulloch in charge.
One Third at State Unversity Help
With Their College Expenses.
Fniversity of Oregon, Kugene, April
S. The self reliance nnd independence
of the type of girl that the state of
Oregon is producing is manifest among
File co-eds at the state university to
such a degree Hint ,ono third of them
are helping pay their expenses.
Some of Hie services tliese girls are
perl'orining or have performed for the
sake of their educ ition are: Typewrit
ing, sewing and meiuling, caring for
children, clerking, doing office work,
cooking, newspaper reporting, house
work, making cakes to order, serving
at receptions, acling as fraternity house
managers, doing playground work, act
ing as companions, serving ns secre
taries, w ishing dishes and ironing1.
In ninny states the percentage of
women who are helping mako their ovvn
wav through n university is small; in
many of the less ileocratic. institutions
there are none at all.
CAM KliON" To Mr. nml Mrs. Andrew
A. Cameron. 507 North Twenty-fir:
street, April 7, 1010, n daughter, to I
iiaiucil Mnxine Marion.
W 1 1. so To Mr. and Mrs. Aloiizo
Wilson. April N. 1010, a daughter.
Capital Journal Only
Complete Paper Sold
The Capital Journal is the
only evening daily published
. in Salem that is a complete
newspaper. The Portland papers
peddled here arc printed in the
forenoon about 1 1 "D'clock, are,
simply the regular editiou of
tho day before with some
changes "on tho first pago. They
are only extras niiule up for
street sales and out of town
circulation, making no pretense
to being real newspapers. The
Capital Journal oa the other
hand, contains the complete
leased wire service up to 3:30
p. in., hlch is 0:30 p. m. in
New York and past midnight
in Europe, the seat of the g't'at
war. It also contains all the
local news of Snlein and ur-
rounding territory thnt is worth
while. It is a complete artet
noon newspaper and the only
one circulated in Salem. When
von pay your money for a Port-
land evening paper here you are
merely being "faked" into buy-
ing a cheap extra with big
headlines on the first page and
yesterday's news everywhere
Tho Capital Journal sells on
the street for 2 cents. Fay no
Free Methodist.
.io. 122S North Winter street. - Sun
ay aervicen: Sabbath school 9:45.
Preaching ut 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 y. w.
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
Salvation Army.
Suntfay services as follows: Knee
drill, V:'S0 a. m. Sunday school and
Uiblo class, 10:30 a ,tn. Christian
praise meeting, 3 p. m. Y. P. I.., 0:15
p. m. isalvaiion meeting, 7:45 p. m.
Week night services every night except
Monday aud Thursday. tpt. und Mrs.
Rural Cbapel.
H. ('. Stover, minister. Sumlay school
at 10:10 a. m. Morning worship at
1 1 :.:0. Sermon by the pastor. Christian
Kndeavor at 7::!li p. m.
Central Congregational.
Corner South .Nineteenth and Ferry
streets. If. ('. Stover, minister. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Kvening service at
1 Junior Christian Kndeavor at li
p. in. Senior Christian Kndeavor at 0:4:1
p. in. -Mid-week service. Thursday, 7:'i(
p. m.
First Christian.
Corner High and Center, F. T. Por
ter, minister, liible school n-f 0: 15 a.
in., Dr. II. C. Kpley, director; Lloyd
lloldiiu in, assistant, (ireat orchestra
wide awake school. Salem won all
three points (jist Lord's day. Four
iiiiiulred sixty-three present, offering
MS. 15. Auto' truck leaves West Salem
0:05 a. in. Highland !l:I!0 a. in. Wor
ship at II a. in. '.Mary Schultz, violin
ist. C. K. (i::!l p. in. Pastor preaches
both morning and evening.
Swedish Tabernacle M. E.
Comer South 15th and Mill streets,
liev. John Orvall, minister. Sunditv
school at -:30 p. in. Preaching nt 3:'M
and H p. m. Cood songs and music
will be rendered. All Scandinavians
are most cordially invited to attend.
Salem's Pleasant Sunday Evening
The people of Salem, by the way they
lack the First Congregational church
to the doors every Sunday evening,
are in this manner testifying that they
surely appreciate an interesting and
instructive and helpful meeting. Hun
dreds of boys and girls .ind little fel
lows from the streets arc now spending
their Suinlav evenings in the First Con
gregational church. This service is en
tirely original in Salem. lucre is no
other service in any other church in the
slate of Oregon just exactly like it.
visitors troni other cities and states
who have attended have gone awav de
lighted. Toe First Congregation il
hurra of hnleni is the only church in
Oregon which is supplied witli an up
to date moving picture eiiiipini'nt nnd
sonic of the most interesting and beau
tiful pictures ever seen ill Salem have
been exhibited in this church during
the past nine weeks. During that time
it is conservatively estimated that
more tiiaa 7.5HH people have seen the
niuving pictures ill this church. Salem's
popul ir Sunday evening service is
without any doubt the pleasant Sunday
evening service at tlie first i ougrega-
tional church. The program for the
evening services until tlie iirsr sumlay
in June has now been published nml
every effort will be made to maintain
the interest and popularity of these
Corner of Cheiueketa nml Cottage
streets, Hichnrd F. Tischer. minister.
Siinda'- school at 0:45, Adult class at
0:45, Miss Kthel Fletcher, superiiitenil
i. ; ,i il ,,', l,,,.c
subject, " Foitaiiaii Christianity.'' No
evening meeting, .music ny Airs. i. u.
Calloway, Mr. Harry Mills, organist.
All friends of liber il religion nml oi
inogressive thought are cordially in
vited to our services. Invite a tricml.
United Evangelical.
North Cottage street, between Cen
ter and Marion, A. A. Winter, minis-
-a,,' i ,!( v f tiers'
' ! -v 1 , A t 1 1 ' -!
A I , . ..'.: .-. ': n .. -.. I t
j, j photo av ,t.se w
Ii pahmount ficrumes .. ,,, -, m
5; vi Vm'TApy
i:riaHmjlr. !
ter. 10:00 a. m. Sumlay school Mr. A.
' A. Flesher superintendent. 3:00 p. m.
i Junior Kndeavor. 8:."I0 p. m. Young
! People's meeting topie " Denomination
al Unties." Leader Miss Kthel Case
ibere our president. No preaching ser
I vice at 11:00 i. in. and 7:J0 p. m. Pas
i tor attending the annual conference ses
sion in Hurt lit ml. Our men urged to at
! tend the men's meeting at the armory
I at ,'J o'clock. Ta..e a friend. Women's
'meeting 3 p. in. First Congregational
! church.
! St. Paul's Episcopal.
Hubert S. Hill rector. Holy cominun
; ion 7 : ;t( a. in. -Matins .ind address on
"Three (Had Things" 11:111) a. m. Kven-
song ami address "There's Millions In
jit" 7 :,'n p. in, Sunday school 0:15 a.
United Brethren.
I. Tatinan will preach at the
I Hev. II
'First Fiuted Hiethren church on 1-tli
juiiil -Mission street Sunday II a. m. and
Is p. ni. April !ith. All cordially invited
I to be present. Members especi illy re
I quested to attend.
Leslie Methodist.
The evangelistic meetings at Leslie
Methodist church are bringing out larg
er congregations every even'ng. The
spirit is splendid and the outlook for
the three weeks' campaign is very fine.
There will be n special afternoon meet
ing nt tiiree o'clock today led by the
pastor and in the evening Dr. Avison
will pre uh.
Leslie Methodist Episcopal.
, I'.ible school 0:45 n. m. Joseph I'arber
i superintendent. Morning worship 11:110
o'clock sermon by the pastor. 3:00 p.
m. meeting for men only under direct
jtion of the Oregon Social Hygiene So
ciety at the armory iioveruor ithy
combe presiding. At the same time at
the Congregational church, a meeting
for women, addressed by Dr. Dertha S.
Stewart, of Heed College, Portland; Kp
worth League, 'i:30 p. m., led by Miss
llerthn Miller, topie, "Following the
, IV tee Prince," Kvening service, 7:30,
sermon by Dr. Carl (I. Doney, president'
ot Willamette university.
! First Methodist Episcopal,
j Corner State and Church streets, It.
.'. Avison, minister. 0:00 a. m. class
J meeting; 0:45 a. in., Sabbath school,
Messrs. Schramn and tiilkey, superin
I tendejits; 11:00 a. m., morning worship,
I sermon by the pastor, subject, "Auth
lority in Religion; 3:00 p. in,, we join
iin the men's meeting at the nrniory and
I the women's meeting at the Congreg.i
itional church; li:30 p. m. Intermediate
! League, Mrs. M. C. Findley, superin
'tenilent; 0:30 p. m. Kpworth League,
Miss Kva Scott, president; 7:30 p. in.
levelling worship, sermon by the pastor,
(subject, "A Great Co-Partnership. "
j Music by tne chorus choir both uioni
! ing and evening under the direction of
I Dr. Frank W. Chase.
Commons Mission.
-11 State street. Preaching on Sun-'
'day at 3 p. in. It is hoped W, (i. Mc-j
; La re n will speak. Services on Tuesdivv
'and Friday at 7:15 p. m. Mission boar I'
: meets Tuesday evening. A full at
: tendance is desired. .1. I). Cook, super-'
Fast Slate ind Kighteeulh slrcels, G.
I Koehler, pastor. Sunday school in (Icr
imnii ami Knglisii ut III o'clock. Divine
service at 10:30 a. in. Luther League
jilt 7 p. ni. Kvening service in Knglish
I at 7:30 p. in. -
First Baptist.
I Corner Marion and N. Liberlv streets,
j Kev. G. F. Holt, I). D.. pastor.' Sunday
school at 0:15 x. ni. Public worship
land preaching at II a. m. and 7:30 p.
!m., topics, morning, "What Christ Is
Mo the World and to Life." Kvening.
." Life Through Faith." It. Y. I'. I', at
ii:.'!0. Prayer meeting Thursday cven
J ing at 7:30.
! First Church of Christ, Scientists.
Sunday services are held nt -110
I Cheiueketa street, ut II .1. in. and f
I p. in. Subject of liible lesson, "Are
Sin, Disease and Death Heal: Sun
day school at !:45 a. in. Wednesday ev
ening testimonial meeting nt S o'clock.
Heading room in the Hubbard building,
suite 303, mid Is open every day, ex
What's Wrong with
the World?
The desire of those who are bringing
the gre.it lioston lecture, Peter Collins,
to the Grand Opera House on Thurs
day evening, April -J7th, is that he shall
be heard by the intelligent, substantial
people of Salem and surrounding coun
try. He has a message that such people
vvi'll be delighted to hear and he deliv
ers if with such force, such eloipicnee
and such logic that extreme pleisure
marks every moment.
Anarchists and unchristian socialists
will not enjoy his address and it is un
derstood some of their local leaders are
preparing several ipiestioas to propound
to him at its i lose, but he is always
ready with courteous mil clinching
answers for sn. Il chaps, and il is ex
pected this feature of the evening's en
tertainment will be one of the most en
jovable. Mr. Collins tells "What's Wrong
With the World" and handles in a
broad, comprehensive manner tTie great
Peter Collins, gifted Massachusetts lec
The Grand Opera Hoiue April 27.
cept Sundays and hulidiys, from 11:45
a. in. to 4 p. in. All are welcome to our
services and invited to visit our read
ing room.
Highland Ftiends.
Corner of Highland and Elm streets,
Sabbath school at 10 n. in., Mrs. Myrtle
Kenworthy, superintendent. Meetings
for worship II a. ni. ami 7:30 p. in.
christian Kiidcavor 0:15 p. in. Prayer-
meeting TTiuisd.iy 7:30 p. in. Josephine
(il. III. I llUilC I t ' '
in i ii'-. '
Jason Lee Memorial.
At the corner of Jefferson and N.
Winter streets, .1. Montcalm lirown,
pastor. Sunday S' hool at lo a. in., It. A.
Harris, superintendent, .Mrs. W. C. Kni-
mel, superintendent of primary depart
ment. Preaching service at 11 a. m.l
and at 7:30 p. in. Kpworth League de-'
votioii.il service at 0:30 p. in. There:
will be union revival service next week,
Mondnv to Friday inclusive, beginning
at 7:45, in which the pastor will be as
sisted by Kev. Dr. Avison, of the First
church, mid Hev. J. C. Spencer, of Les
lie. The public is cordially invited.
German M. E.
Corner Thirteenth and Center streets,
A. J. Weigle, pastor. Sundavi school nt
10 a. in., Henry Gralnpp, superintend
ent. Sermon at II o'clock a. in. .ind
7:45 p. in. Kpworth League at 7 p. m.,
A ma Gralapp, leader.
Comer of Capital and Marion streets.
Sunday school III a. in. German services
11 a. m. Knglish services 7:30 n. in.
i M. Dennv, pastor.
i ' 1
j First Presbyterian.
I Kev. J n ob Siivder. nastor of the
: First Presbyterian church, of Pendleton'
will preach Sunday evening. Mr. Sny-.
I dor has a state-wide reputation as a re-:
'form speaker. In the morning, ltev. U.
Mutton, of For. and. vvi sneak in
behalf of a sober nation, representing
- tne work of I he anti-saloon league.
South Salem Friends.
Corner of South Commercial and
: Washington streets. II. K. l'eiuberton,
j pastor. Hible school at 10 a. in., classes
j for all ages, B. C. Miles, siiperinten-1
I dent. Meeting for worship mid preaeh
jing at II a. in. mid 7:30 p. in. Young
I People 'a meeting at i:30 p. i. Praver'
I meeting nt 7:15 p. in. Thursday. Song ;
practice at S:15 p. m.
First Congregational.
i .lames Klviu, pastor. Sundae school
: meets promptly at ten o'clock. W. .1. 1
Stalev, superintendent. Morning ser-!
vice at II o'clock. Music morning and
evening by chorus choir, direction Win.
i McGilchrist, Sr. Sermon subject, second
in series of three sermons on " Cross i
,1)1' ( hrist." Subject for Suml ly innrn
ing, "Crucifying Jesus Today.''' Chris-'
I tian . Kndeavor at 0:30 o'clock. Pleas
ant Sundiiv evening service at 7:3l'
o'clock. Families and friends cordial
ly invited. Fntheis an 1 mothers ospe-!
'ially iuviieir to bring their children.!
i Fine congregation i of the old familiar'
hymns, good music by excellent chorus!
ciioir, brief sermon ley pislnr on siib-i
je.t "A Young Maa'and His Task."
Motion pictures second part "Passion!
Play" showing "Christ and His Works
of Mercy, Teaching His Disciples.
( Hounded by His F-.iemies." Doors open
at seven o'clock. Kverybody invited
, and everybody welcome.' Tuesdav ev
ening at n:i.i regular monthlv meet n"
of Pilgrim dob. President II. S. I'oisal
presiding. Dinner served promptlv nt
;0:I5. Piogiain as follows: Vocal solo.
Sir. Albert Gille. who will sing " Invict
us": exhiln'ioii of hypnotism bv K.
Cooke Pit ion. and four esitviallv train-
led subjects; a ldress on our " American
Mexican Neighbor" by Dean George H.
Ahlen, of Wiil.uneite university. Dr.
Alden isited Mexico a short time airo
and his remarks will be appertain' at
'this time. .Mid-week service Thnrsdav
problems of our day, setting forth con
structive remedies to aid in the ad
vinement and progress of civilization.
How he succeeds in this is illustrated:
by the following comments of pres
and pulpit:
Milwaukee Journal: "Peter Collins
is doing a great constructive service
for his country." St. Louis (lazette:
" Ho gave a stirring and able address."
Norwich, Conn., lUcord: "Peter Col
lins is a master of his subjects." Kev.
Dr. Miller, Presbyterian, Shawnee,
Okla.: "It wis a spiemlid message and
carried conviction." Hev. Mr. Kinney,
Itaptist, Oklahoma City: "It was one.
of the greatest lectures I have ever
heard and it did great good- for our
city." Kev. Dr. McCraiR, Methodist,
Sioux City, lown: "Hod bless Mr.
Collins. He is doing a wonderful work
for (lod and country."
These are but a few of the expressions
coming from ill sources of responsibil
ity ami respect where Mr. Collins has
appeared. Kvery man and woman in
the community has an earnest invita
tion to attend this lecture at the Grand
Opera House, Thursday evening, April
27th. It is entirely free.
turcr, who will answer that question at
evening at 7:30. Studies in chapter 10,
I P.ook oi Acts, Mrs. Alice Dodd, leader.
F. E. Fullerton nnd A. A. (Iraber, of
Salem, are registered at the Hotel Ben
j son, Portland.
i A thunderstorm in hot weather trav
els at the average rate of thirty miles
an hour.
Good Buys in
Real Estate
300 acres, 50 acres under cultivation,
balance timber and pasture, running;
water, orchard, no buildings. This is
a good stock ranch, located (i miles
from good town. Price $35 per uere.
50 acre farm, 40 acres under cultiva
tion, 5-rooni house, bam, orchard, sonio
timber, 1 1-2 miles from small town and
railroad. Price $5000, $3000 down, bnl
anco to suit at 0 per cent interest.
03 acre farm, nearly all under culti
vation, soiiK! timber, new (i-room house,
bam, well, niac.ni I a m road, li miles from,
Salem. Price $00 per acre.
5 acres all under cultivation, new 5
room house, bum, chicken house, wood
shed, well, 4 miles from Salem, good
roads. Friee $1050.
10 acres nil under cultivation, 4
miles from Salei'n. Price $1000, $L!00
down, balance $10 per month, G per
cent interest.
80 acre farm, 35 acres under cultiva
tion, balance timber and pasture, spring;
water, house, bam, orchard. Price $05
per acre, $1200 down, balance to suit
at ti per cent interest.
10 acres all under cultivation, new
."-room bungalow, new bam, 20 by 40
feet, chicken house, well, 5 acres prune
orchard, young family orchard, sightly
location, 3 1-2 miles from Salem.
Price $3500, $1500 down, balance to
Five room house, largo east front lot,
75 by 150 feet, bearing fruit, large barn,
twelve blocks south. Price $1300, $500
One acre tract just outside of the city
limits, bearing orchard. Price $550,
$100 down, balance $10 per' month, li
per cent interest.
Improved 3-4 acre tract, 5 room
house, barn, bearing fruit, 1-2 miles
from street ear line, graveled street.
Price $1500, $700 down, balance 0 per
cent interest.
10 acre tract, two acres under culti
vation, ti acres three year old Italian
running water, small house, macadam
road, six miles from Salem. Will con
sider small house nnd lot as part pay
ment. Price I soil.
"S acre tract, 10 acres under culti
vation, ti acres three year oblTtlalian
pruno orchard, small house and barn.
Will take city property as part pay
ment. Price $2500.
I If you want to buy, trade or sell,
i see us.
W. H. Grabenhorst
& Company