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- $350,000,000 TRADE PRIZE
. 'HeoMAMW v ; a' -" v' ' I
.cAtUCCfci ai Vj ' I
. X ( PtTCtJOKAO $ ,.. - i I
' , R. MAKTEMS- J. 1
! : iJA;'- i
V' m . ft f V ? ' I u i
Spare Ribs for Nothing
and Delivered at That
', The capture of trade in Russia! her imports were obtained mostly
jircviously enjoyed by Germany and through Germany.
amounting to $350,000,000 a year is
the object of American manufactur
ers who have been awakened to the
opportunity in Russia by the delega
tion of which R. Martens, of the
great shipping, exporting and engi-
necring house of R. Martens & Com
pany, of Petrograd, is the spokes
man. Predictions of peace in Europe
in a few months have corroboration
in the nature of arrangements which
are being made throughout the
United States and Canada with ex
porters by the delegation of Russian
Portland Druggists Unite In
Helping Judge to Enforce
Dry Laws
Portland, Or., April 8. A bill for
city (inli nance w is drawn up toilay for
the purpose of stopping the sale of
alcohol as a tipple
ritty members or tne 1 ortland Ke
tail Unionists' association are co-operating
with city oilicials in an endeav
or to reduce the number of alcohol
Meeting in his courtroom with the
druggists yesterday, Municipal Judge
Liugguth exhibited betore them three
men who had just been rounded up by
the police because of quantities of grain
alcohol which they had concealed inside
an. I outside tneir belts.
Druggists will fight a proposed change
iii' the prohibition law, it was an
nounced. Hoss Plummer, member of
the state board of pharmacy, declared
i strong lobby of liquor men will at
tend tho 1!17 session of the legisla
ture and endeavor to have the law
amended so druggists may sell whiskey
on prescription. Organized opposition
of the druggists' association to this
movement was pledged.
Elisha P. Morcom Files
For Circuit Judge
of This District
easily taken over by the United
States, but American manufacturers
must bear in mind that if it is to be
taken over, it will be only as a re
suit of prompt and intelligent action!
on their part now. the manufac-;
turer must familiarize himself with,
the fundamental differences between
the trade to which he has been ac
customed and trade in Russia, due to
the vast area of Russia and the cus
toms and peculiar needs of her peo
ple '
"He must realize that Russia, be
ing largely an agricultural nation, is
of necessity one that buys on credit.
Spare ribs took a decided drop in the
local market this afternoon and in a
few minutes bargain crowds thronged
to the Midtret Market and to the
market of K. (.'. I'ross 4 Son for the
cheapest meat that has been offered in
Salem since wild nogs roameu ine orusn ;
in Bush's pasture, and several Salem!
people purchased a Sunday dinner forj
a nickle.
The meat war started like a thunder
bolt out of a, clear sky and raged for
but a few minutes when both markets
sold out or gave out according to the
price. It was begun by Manager Curtis
Cross hanging out a sign "Spare Ribs
S cents per pound." Manager Levy, of
the Midget looked across the street at
the rival sign and promptly pointed on
his screen, "Spare Ribs 5 cents per
pound." Cross countered with a new
sign, "Spare Ribs 3 cents" and the
Midget came back with a drop to
"Spare Ribs 2 cents."
While Cross was hanging out a sign,
"Spare Ribs 1 cent" per pound, the
Midget announced,
"Spare Ribs Free."
Cross went him one better by adding:
"Spare Ribs Free. We deliver 'cm."
&sy Reach of
ii mm-
- ft
financiers and commercial experts In the past the American manufac
who are touring the continent. turer has objected to extending credit
Id aTnessage to American shippers and as a result the exports from the
Mr. Martens, who has opened New
York headquarters and secured New
York docks for shipping, said:
"It must be remembered that Rus
sia for a considerable time now has
ibeen importing only those things
:rijcessary to meet her war require
ments. Most of her factories in the
district under occupation have been
destroyed; of the remainder many
liavj been devoted to the manufac
ture of war supplies, and the rest are
wholly inadequate to meet the de
mands made upon them. As a re
(ult the' great and varied needs of
Russia have been greatly increased
United States to Russia have been
relatively small. If he would only
stop to analyze the exports from the
United States to Uermany and the
exports of the latter country to Rus
sia, however, he would realize that
American goods have been used to
meet the Russian demand, but Amer
ican goods which bore German labels
and which brought prices sufficiently
high to more than meet, not only the
cost of credit extended by Germany,
but also the charges of German mid
dlemen, German steamship com
panies, German docks, German for
warding agents, German insurance
tince the days prior to the war. when 'companies and Cermanrailroads."
Republican Women Organize
Political Educational Club
A number of prominent republican
women met on Friday evening and ef
fected an organization which is to be
known as the Women's Marion County
Republican club. The purposes of the
club will be both politic.il and educa
tional and all republican women of
Marion county are eligible to member
ship.' The membership fee has been fixed at
fiftv cents. ,
The officers are: Mrs. Helen W
Snuthwick. president; Mrs. ('. P. Bish
op, vice-president; Mrs. K. Cartwright,
treasurer. The next meeting will be
held Minidav, April tenth in the coun
cil chamber' of the city ball at p.
A cordial invitation is extended to re
publican women to be present Did make
this organization a successful one.
John D. Turner Offers
Year's Lease On Park
for Payment of Rental
and arrange witli
us now to send
The Hoover
to your home
for free trial
The House of
135 N. Liberty.
Phone 67
What you will see at a
Hoover demonstration
John D. Turner, who last year nnn
aed the Senator:), writes to Kay Baker,
former manager of the Senators, that
he is willing to turn over the baseball
park to anvone who wants to run the
t,.,im this vear. Turner s.iys he is nn-
able to con'ie to Salem this year as he is
making contracts for war supplies in
tho enar mid he thinks there is more
inmiev in it thaii there is in baseball in
sni,.m The nark costs 1j0 a yeu.
It is proposed to call a meeting ot inei
baseball players next week to discuss:
the proposition of organizing a team
and it. is probable timt a game will be j
played the following Siind.iy.
Elisha P. Morcom, of Woodburn, filed
today at the office of the secretary of
state, as a candidate for the republican
nomination for judge of the circuit
court of the third judicial district com
prising the counties of Linn and Marion.
Mr. Moreom has been city attorney of
Woodburn for eight years and served
seven years in the Oregon National
guard. In his statement he says, "En
deavor to enforce the law in accordance
with equity and justice to all."
The advent of Mr. Morcom as a" can
didate brings tie republican list up to
four with Judiro Percy R. Kelly, the
present incumbent, George O. Bingham,
and M. E. rogue, in the republican line
up and Judge Galloway and Judge
Reinhart out for the democratic nom
inations. W. C. Winslow, of Salem, today filed
for the republican nomination for dis
trict attorney for Marion county with
the slogan "Vigorous prosecution of
criminals; prompt attention to county
business. ' '
Among the other candidates who filed
today are:
M. Vernon Parsons, Eugene, republi-;
can, district attorney for Lane county,
with tne " slogan, "htticient uw en
forcement; reduce expenses; try cases
in court instead of newspapers.
L. A. Liljeqvist, Marshfield, repub
lican, district, atorney for Coos county.
Benton Bowers, Ashland, republican,
representative in !the legislative as
sembly, Sth representative district, com
prising Jackson county.
oiinjoouiop 'oijiniio 'JOtSfB-ttS! v 'f
district attorney for Malheur county.
Carlton h. Spencer, Portland, repub
lican, representative in tho legislative!
assembly, lsth representative district,
comprising .Multnomnh county.
Ahijah Fairchild, Enterprise, repub
lican, district attorney for Wallown
county. Statement, "To the best of
my ability enforce all laws with the
least possible cost to the people of the
Henry B. David'nizar, Joseph, repub
lican, representative in the legislative
assembly, 2Hh representative district,
comprising Union and Wallowa coun
ties. Statement, "Fulfill my duties to
the best of my ability.
On account of the illness of Attorney
John A. Carson, who is now in the hos
pital, the case of the 'state against Rex
A. Turner, charged witu misappropria
tion of public money, will not be heard
next wediiesuay as n ""t1""";
tended. The case will be set tcr some
time during the following wecK. inrn
er will be tried before Cleve simpkins
who was indicted jointly with him.
The case of the state against A. Ap
lin, under indictment on five counts
on charges of illegal liquor selling, will
bo tried in Judge Kelly's court next
Wednesday instead of the Turner case
which was set for that date. The fore
noon of today's session in department
No. 1 of the circuit court was set aside
as motion dav, the afternoon was given
over to the hearing of further evidence
in the case of Lottie L. Sherman against
E. L. Harris, a damage suit resulting
from a collision of a motorcycle and an
Among those who filed for county of
fices todnv at the office of the county
clerk were Frank Dnvey, of 35.'! Leslie
street, who filed . for the republican
nomination for precinct committeeman.
J. B. drier, of Stayton, filed ior the
republican nomination for justice of the
peace of the staton district and S. R.
Tandy, of Jefferson, filed for the demo
cratic nomination for precinct commit
teeman of the Jefferson precinct.
The Marvelous F&tr,
Is now within the reach of every woman Anyone, who can afford
electric light can afford to own a Franz Premierparticularly on the
terms we now offer
You Cannot Keep Your
Home Clean
Without an electric cleaner, and the Franz-Premier is
the logical answer tothe housewife's demand for an ef
ficient portable cleaner For as well as being superior to
all others in convenience and ease of operation, it is
priced to fit your pocketbook. One piece wide mouth
aluminum body casting, light, compact, accessible motor,
handle self adjusting, any position, can be locked for
special work, as cleaning stairs, mattresses, etc.
Adjusting knob regulates heights of nozzle fiom floor Instantly,
according to nap of carpet, revolving brush loosens dirt and
whisks dust, lint and threids Into the bag. . Pistol grip handle
with cap switch where its always in your hand, no stooping to
turn current on and off.
The road warrants for the bills- whi'
were approved ut the recent session of
tho Marion county court were mailed
out bv the county clerk today. The total
for the month of march of the warrants
drawn on the road ami highway fund is
The articles of corporation for the
Donald Co-operative Cheese factory
were filed todav at the office of tin
eountv clerk. The incorporators are
.lames P. Fuller, G. A. Cone, Henry
Zorn, S. P. Moberg and M. U. Leabo
and they propose to conduct a general
creamerv business anrt tne marao
and manufacture of alk dairy and farm
products. The company :s capitalize!
at .fo.OOO with 2U0 shares of stock val
ued at $23 each.
The voters of Marion county
are lagging behind the record of
a few weeks ago now and up-
The exercises at the Oregon Xormnl i
school at Monmouth last evening were
of nn interesting and varied character.
In the absence of President Ackermiin,
Vice-President Butler presided.
The entertainment was under the nus-
pices of the Vespertine, Delphian and
Norma! Literary societies. A cantata,
'The Song of the Flowery" was given j
bv the young ladies of the school.
'Judge P. H. D'Arcy delivered his
, . . Ail-.:.. :.. t- n.,,1 I ifc
noted lecture, i.nn m iumjr uu.
Song." It was interspersed by selec
tions from the best autnors. juuge
U'Arcv's tribute to our flag was an
The voters of Marion county
are lagging behind the record of
a few weeks ago now and ap
pear to be prepnring for the
final rtr.;h to register before the
books close on the evening of
April IS. The total number to
register yesterday was only fiS,
Last Saturday evening when the
registration results were totaled
it was found thnt 0,730 men and
.1.0715 women had registered,
milking in all 1Q,411.
Hci;iiining Monday the county
clerk will keep his office open
evenings until 8 o'clock and it
will also be open during the
noon hour. This overtime is not
recpiired by law but Countv
Clerk Oehlliar is following this
practice to accommodate those
who cannot come to the court
house during the regular offico
jfC)(CfC9C!fC)C)C!C 3C ))C ?C sC SC ift !$C
Ross A. Lucas, of Salem, yesterday
filed notice at the county clerk's of tf
assuming the trade mime "Rose Agency
Bureau," for the business which he pro
poses to conduct in this city.
Telephone now and have a Frantz-Pre mier sent to your
home for a FREE
of March 30, under the held, " Some of
the troopers who fought Villa's ban
dits, 1.1th cavalrymen rrom ono oi me
troops stationed' at Columbus, New
Mexico, at tho tune or tno nunc ity
Pancho Villa and 1300 of his bandits."
Carroll was x musician in Company
f and his name was only dropped from
the rolls this year when he enlisted in
the regular armv and he is now a
trumpeter in the 13th cavalry.
A suit to foreclose a mortgage was
filed in the circuit court today by i m
ley Edwin Peterson ngainst C. T. Mr
Intire and wife and others claiming an
X interest in the property in question. 1 lie
Z complaint, alleges that C. T. Mclntiie
JT ' and wife gave a note for $3l!5 and tbn
T I there is now due WKi.llO with interest
and taxes amounting in all to M70.42
and in addition the plaintiff seeks ti
recover $10 attorney's fees. The imtt
was secured by a mortgage on lot 4
block 12, River View Park addition to
' Salem.
IMmwwwunnrprfrif w. " ' W" vrvmr wmmmn nx,tfy
eloquent effort nr.d wns very mueH op
ted. Illustrating points in Ins
Yhe other day a gentleman and his wife I lecture, the following songs were s
an a demonstration of The Hoover such i)eur Harp of My Country," "Th
ai we irive at our itore: but the gentle- ( r ., v,e 0f Summer," "The Minstrel
Iron is seven times as heavy n:i wa
ter, bulk for bulk, anil gold nineteen
Former Member of
Co. M Fought Villa's
Bandits at Columbus
George L. Carroll, who enlisted in
Conmnnv M of this citv. July 13. 1014,
hns his' picture in the Leslies Weekly
81 m 82
In the Circuit Court of the State, of
Oregon for the County of Marion.
Johanna Fuchs, - laintiff,
E. F. DeBord and J. A. DcBord, his
wife, Defendants.
By virtue of m execution, judgment
order, decree, and order of sale issued
out of the above entitled court in the
above entitled cause to me directed and
.intud thn 13th. dav of March, 11MK up
on judgment and decree rendered and
entered in said court on the 21st day
of February, 1010, in favor of Johanna
Fuchs, PI lint iff, against fc. J''. ucnoru
and J. A. DcBord. his wife, Defendants,
for tho Bum of $1,342.80, tocctiier with
interest at tho rito of 7 per cent per
annum from August 1! JO II, and for
the further sum of $1)0.00 attorney fees,
and tho further sum of $21.73 costs and
disbursements, and the costs of and up
on this writ, commanding me to make
sale of tho following described real
propertv, to-wit:
All of lot numbered four (41, in
Woodburn Fruit Farms, us shown by
the duly recorded pl.it in the office of
the county recorder for Marlon county,
Oregon, said property being situated in
said county and state.
Now, therefore, by virtue of said ox
edition and judgment order, decree and
order of sale, and in compliance with
the commands of said writ, I will on
Saturday tho lfdii lay of April, ldlO,
it 11 o'clock a. in., at the front door
of the county court house, in Salcin.
Marion county, Oregon, sell at 'public
auction, subject to redemption, to the
highest bidder, for cash in hand, all the
right, title tind intcrert which t'.ie with
in named defendants or either of them
"and on the l!th day of August, 1011.
tho date of the mortgage herein fore
closed, or since that date hid in and to
tho above, described property, or any
portion thereof to satisfy said judg
ment order, execution, decree, interests,
costs and accruing costs.
Sherif of Marion County, Oregon.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Hated this lllth of March, 191(5.
First issue March 16, 1010.
Last issue April 13, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that tho un
dersigned has been appointed adminis
trator of the estate of Minnie A. M",
Cauley, deceased, by the County Court
of Marion County, Oregon, and ha
qualified. All persons having claims
against said estate aro hereby notified
to present tho same to mo at the Su
premo Court Library, Salem, Oregon,
duly verified, and with the vouchers
therefore within six months from tho
date hereof.
i Dated and first published March ?.!,
I l!)li).
Mar. 23, Apr. 20 ' Administrator.
OurWant ndswill always
brinyou Signal results
They dearthercsoyoucan
etyourwant. Tru one!
man wid. "Brine The Hoover to our
home and see what it will do on our rugs. '
Ai a first test at the home, i spot about
a yard square was cleaned with The
Hoover, in a rug that supposedly had been
thoroughly cleaned that very day.
To the surprise of the gentleman and his
wife, the spot cleaned with The Hoover
pikkly put to shame the rest of the rug.
The colon were greatly brightened md
the nap straightened to itt proper position.
Gettin? down close to the floor, at the
request of the demonstrator, the prospec
tive purchaser! saw a whole army of dust
particles dancing on the rug as much as
a foot away from the cleaner.
Ttiis ns dirt thnt hnd been tracked In by the
feet .mil u round into the very body of the mir.
It had not been disturbed by sweet" "r
by cleaning with oniiniiry wcuum clrfitiers.
but yielded fo the slmkinu and nvreejunir oi
The lluover while the suction was pulling.
Tn nnother room spot found where fine
bill hnd so nttached ilMU" to Iht nP ot the
oirpet thnt U etlorts to dillodireit hnd been
mimcce(ul. But all thi lint. .il' "U "mm
and thremts. were KenUy but ilislautly swept
op with The Hoover.
The electric-driven brash ot soft h-ilr thnt
mesin WmifS - pntenled Hnovct
fciture is the reason for Hoover superiority
We will be Kind to deraontrle The Homer to
jim m our itore, or on your carpels uid rut. '
Boy," "Believe Me. if All those en
dearing Young Channs" mid "The
Harp That Once Through Tara's
Judge D'Arcy mane a lifting refer
ence of the good work, done by Profes
sor T. F. Campbell, one of the pioneer
presidents and instructors 1b the school.
The musical program was in charge
of Miss Hoham, the musical director.
The voung ladies ltw sang the differ,
ent songs during the lecture were Miss
Mary Kandall. Miss Laura Rand, Miss
Kdit'h Williams, Mis ltessie Earsley,
Miss Mariou Richmond and Miss -Mary
Judcc D'Arcv made a fitting refer
ence t'o the woik of the Normal school
under the direction of President Acker
man and Vice President Butler stating
that the school ranked with the best on
the coast.
"Willie, when did von "wash your
face last ?" " Mother, don 't let 's bring
up the past." Judue.
In mauv parts of Scotland 100 her
rings ran" be bought for sixpence in
normal times.
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r . r .
f V7 w .
-.'.i..... . ' i - J
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