Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 08, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Xj&r ' I NILUM1 I M r ,..
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7 .S
Featureing a Burlesque Imitation of
and His Famous Band of 700
Famous Character Comedienne
Mr. and Mrs. Cappelin
In Their Domestic Comedy
"Hiring A Maid"
and Rowland
Refined Comedy Singing
SUNDAV One Day Only
Matinee and Evening at the
S GRAND Theatre
"Merely Mary Ann"
WelKast Show
Viviali Martin Supported by Well
Known Playeifl at Ye Liberty
Theatre Sunday and Monday
A east of unusual prominence is sccu
in the William Fox screen "presentation j
of Israel Zangwill's famous stage sue- j
cess, "Merely Mary Ann." Vivian
Martin, who appeared in ' 'Over Night,"
"The Butterfly on the Wheel," "Little1
Miss Brown," "Officer GOti," "Stop
Thief," and other New York successes,
is starred in the production. She plays j
the name part, the character being that
of an unsophisticated country girl who
Jiecomes maid-of -all-work in a city i
boarding house.
Among those seen in her support
are Harry Milliard, well known pho
toplay favorite, who apciars ns Lance
lot, a poverty-stricken musician. Laura
Lyman, who appeared in "Kn'ffles,"
and other successful stage plays, is seen
as Rosie, daughter of the boarding
house mistress. Mrs. . Lendliatter, the
boarding house mistress herself, is
played by Isabel O'Mndigan, who has
appeared in "The Girl in the Taxi,"
"The Girl from Rector's," and several
Belasco productions.
Niles Welch, who is seen ns Peter,
Lancelot's friend, is a player long
familiar to the theater going public.
He has been scfn in support of various
stars and has appeared in stock under
the management of Winthrop Ames.
Htrlnrtv Krnev itt iani nH Kill, ilia dunce
hall cadet: Edward N. llovt and the'
Kev. Samuel Smedge; and William A.
Hcchtel as Itrnhmson, representative of
a music-publishing house.
The play was directed by John G.
Adolfi, who has to his credit a long
list of meritorious pictures, and photo
graphed by II. C. McClung.
ttrim..ft.i-M-iiiBr"ftfirT1 -r- ifrrt" . fy&tffivstMtet&iiM
Smuggling In Exciting Film1
The nation-wide crusade against tliej
traffic in habit-forming drugs has re-
suited in the production of a photoplay j
us one of the means to give publicity to
1he campaign. When the Hnrrison-Iiloch j
law was passed in MO!), 'opium was Ije- j
jng imported under a tariff of $li per:
pound to the extent of two million do-'
" lars annually. The Federal law pro-!
liibitcd further importation and the ac-1
tiveness of opium smugglers which im-!
mediately began, -will lie set forth in I
tho photoplay "Hop, the Devil's Brew," j
which will be exhibited at Bligli
theatre on Sunday and Monday. In
fighting the opium smugglers, brave
men are constantly risking their lives.
Kvery vessel arriving in a Pacific Coast
port is searched for contraband. Seiz
ures are frequently made and every'tin
of opium destroyed and though every
offense carries heavy penalties, tho
high price that opium brings in Amer
ican Chinatowns, proves an incentive
for desperate bands to ply their calling.
This battle of wits between Government
officials and opium smugglers lias re
sulted in a photoplay of great interest,
replete with tlnillng incidents and of
great entertainment value.
The farmers of this vicinity are as
Jmsy as bees getting their crops in, the
recent rain Having cleiaveil tne grain i
sowing. Much grubliing'Ss also being I
done, which is 1 great improvement 1
the farms.
Dr. chapman has purchased a gaso-1
line sprayer for his fruit farm. j
Miss )Iga Olson, of Portland, is vis-
tiing homo folks this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Geiger were visit- i
ors in Portland last week. i
The services at the Congregational,
church were well atfcn led. Everyone i
is gl.i,l to have Rev, Price with us,
again. ,
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Scott and family;
visited with the latter 's parents, Mr.;
and Mrs. .. M. Linville. Sunday. Mr.
Scott is returning to LaPine soon.
Mr. Win. Hastie and liramwell Price j
nre visiting friends and relatives at;
Damascus. Mr. Hnstie has purchased
a horse at that place which he will j
bring home with him. I
The Monte Cristo literary society met
as usual Friday evening with a good
crowd. The debate was postponed ow-i
inn to thp absence of some of the de- j
haters. The debate will lie given atj
the next meeting and also the p iper, the
"Monte Cristo Star," will bo read.
Clarence .lackson was taken in as a
member of the society. A good pro
gram is planned for tiie next meeting.
.leorg Bros, are very busy moving the
mill of Rees & Sons, of Oregon City.
The miH will be located on the .leorg
place and will be readv for work in
about i month.
Ilop training will soon be in orde in
this locality.
The young people's meeting at the
Norwegian church was well attended.
A gooil program was rend'Tt'd and a
delicious lunch was served at the close
of the meeting. Next Sunday the
meeting will be at the Congregational
church, a good pbee for tiie young
people to spend their Sundays. Wood
burn Independent.
Railroad Will Make
Stayton Big Town
As each day goes by- the fact lie
comes more evident that Stayton is to
have that long looked for railroad this
summer. There is every reason why
one should believe this. The people in
charge are making no fuss. They
were neither preceded by a brass band
nor a fluent gentleman with un exten
sive vocabulary; but have come in here
quietly, made the survey, -corrected it
uii, paid their bills, attended to their
jown business, and kept still.
Of course it is a b ird job to induce
jtlie ordinary Staytonite to believe in a
railroad. He has been folded so lnany
I times with the erv of "Wolf, Wolf"
that it is no wonder he is asleep at the
switch when the real thing arrives.
It would be better, much better to
have a little faith, not only in other
people, but in Stayton. After all, the
entire superstructure of civilization is
built on imagination a'ld faitii. Noth
ing is in tiie concrete i'orm in the be
ginning, it must be in the abstract.
Kven railroads must be built on paper
Transportation is the same thing to a
'community as the circulation of the
I blood is to an individual. Without
transportation the community stagnates
land becomes dull and common place.
Let every person in Stayton believe
and work for outside eoniiiiuniciition by
jiail and it will be but a short time nil-
til it will be accomplished,
j -Men must believe in the future of a
i place in order to make it grow. Stay
! ton, with a railroad, Ins every inssi
jbility to make a city of decent size. We
'lack nothing; fertile hind, water, power,
! climate, fruit, location, are all ours.
All that is needed is to reach out with
!the magic wand of faith and touch .ill
i these into life and activity. Boost for
Stavton. Stavton Mail.
ied by Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Siegnumd in
their auto, visited Mr. Hand's parent
at McMinnville, Sunday.
Deed to sixty acres near Gervais sold
by E. E. Shields and Clara Shields to
Peter ZelluoT and Rose Kellner for
(i,000, was recorded at tho office of
County Recorder Brooks, Tuesday.
The Misses Catherine nnd Grace Malo
who are attending Normal at Mon
mouth, accompanied by two of their
school mates, Miss Lori Chute and Miss
Bonnie Olson, spent the week end at
the Malo home.
Urban Rondeau, of St. Johns, accom
panied by his little niece Thclmn
Kruuse spent the week end with his
parents, Thelma remaining for a few
weeks' visit with her grandparents.
The guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Keene and family Sundiv were Miss
lledger, Mr. Wm. Keene, Mr. and Mrs.
S. 0. Campbell, Mr. ami Mrs. A. C.
Keene and son Carter, Mrs. Hd Coffin
and the Misses Mary Hall and Zoe
The Community Club entertained
with six tables of Five, Hundred at
the Masonic hall Tuesday night. Mrs.
Jos. Mangold tnd Mr. A. Mangold
won the first prizes and Miss Amv
The "Duka" -correct style in every
aVh7 select materials "Natural
Shape" lasts for comjort.
Pay $S .
for your next pair of shoesit's like
'making an investment in footwear. The
initial outlay for a pair of Florsheims may be
more than you have been paying for shoes but
the returns will show a larger percentage in
length of service, added comfort and individual style.
You will be proud of your feet and well satisfied if
you wear better shoes of the Florsheim kind.
We arc the exclusive agents for Salem for Flowheims. Buy
the genuine. Don't experiment with the "just as good" makes.
Leading Clothiers
"The Toggery" 167 Commercial Street
Harding and Mr. Clair
the consolation. Star.
Smith received
j Oh for one hour of youthful
joy !
Jefferson, Ore., April S. Jefferson
will have a baseball team this venr. The
fir.it game will be played ne.vf Sunday
afternoon when the Jefferson Baseball
club crosses bats with the Motorcycle
club of Salem. Last year Jeffersr. i 's
team out ot a total ot -o game? played,
won 23.
Mrs. II. 0. Hickman returned Sunday
evening from r few days visit at Ore
gon City and Portland.
Miss Hedger from Aberdeen, South
Dakota, was a week visitor with Mr.
:and Mrs. Klmer Keene and family.
' Mr. and Mrs. August Nibler and the
MisseS--Sopliie and Minnie Wilder mo
; tored to Salem.
I Miss Mary Schninltz, of Mt. Angel,
.spent. Sunday and Mond.iv as the guest
j of Miss Julia De.Tardin.
' Mrs. H. O. Hickman spent n few days
Ithis week, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dr. F.,
I K. Hume, of Scotts Mills.
Mrs. John Schoen and daughter Mil-
dred returned to her homo in Turner
i Sunday after upending several days at
ithe home of her father, Joseph Beck-,
Frank A. Sieginund and wife ind
baby of Lone Pine Farm, and E. E. J
'Siegmund, of Salem, were the guests!
i of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Sieginund, Sun-j
! day.
I Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Hand, accompan-.
JWKM4.IUWIIM' J .PV millllBil(iJlll IPHI1NM ;
-I- -
Monday j
n a n
II I t I
ii ii
This Picture was made wlh Ite consent and assistance of the U. S. Customs Officials
j Bungling Bill in a Vogue Comedy
(nve back my twentieth spring!
I'd rather laugh, a bright-haired boy,
Than reign, a gray-beard king.
Off with the. spoils of wrinkled ngcl
Away with Learning's crown!
Tear out life's Wisdom-written page,
And dash it's trophies down!
One moment let my life-blood stream
From boyhood's font of flame!
Give 1110 one giddy, reeling dream
Of life and love and fame!
My listening angel heard the prayer,
And, calmly smiling said,
"If I but touch thy silver hair.
Thy hasty wish lias sped.
"But is there nothing in thy track
To bid thee fondly stay,
While the swift seasons hurry buck
To find the wished-for day!"
"Ah, truest soul of womankind
Without then what were life?
One bliss I cannot leave behind:
"1 'II take my precious wife. 1 '
The angel took the supphiro pen
And wrote in rainbow dew, j
"The ninn would be a boy tigjin i
And be a husband too!'' j
"And is there nothing yet unsaid,
Before the change appears!
Remember, all their gifts have fled I
With thoso dissolving years. j
"Wiry, yes," for memory would recall!
My found paternal joys; I
"I could not bear to leave them-all
I'll take my girl and boys." ;
Tho smiling angel dropped his pen
"Why, this will never do, j
Tiie man would be a boy again, ,
And be a father, too! " i
And I l inglied my laughter woke
The household with its noise
And wrote my dream, when morning
To please the grav-liaired bovs.
O. W, Holmes.
Conquered German Colony j
Sends Products to England
London, April Kngland is losing j
f "s
' V t -1 . "
- ' -r.r-'
- - " ,rv r -i " i" i
tf if,,-
licx Beach's flreat Story in Nine Acts coming to the Grand Theatre for 3 days, starting .Monday, April 17.
no time in developing trade in food- Africa. ' recei veil here from that colony. Ucl'ore
stuffs with couipiereil llernian colonies.! This consignment was en route before ' the war, Cameroon was Germany's
The first cargo, 400 tons of cocoa, has , the final conquest of Cameroon had i chief cncim prihliieing colony. From
arrived safely in London from toe for- been officially .innnuiiccil and is the Cameroon and Togoland, (ierniany Jo
iner German colony of Cameroon, in, first shipment of the commodity ever ' rived about t.non of cocoa per annum.
ill mmft'iiiiM iiimia
Introducing a new and lovely little
Star to the Salem Lovers of World's
Highest Class Production
Israel ZangwilFs
Charlie Chaplin Cartoon Comedy
Featuring Chaplin, Mable Normand and Fatty Arbucle
Sunday-Monday pWCJMm Matinee-Evening
Three Days
Start Mon.
Apr. 1 7
Rex Beach's Famous Story The
EB F 0 well
Certified slatcmentu show
that this picture Showed
to more people than "The
Spoilers," "Tha Birth of
A Nation," or '"lh iiat-
Uo Cry of Pwc" t the
Hcileg Theatre in Portland
I !