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mvaie nuviues to Army
Headquarters and Local
: Consuls, So State
May Try To Cut Through
Mexican Anny Rather Than
Face Americans
S.iii A ii ton U, Texas, April 8 Private
advices to army headquarters ami local
consuls reports today stated that Fran
cisco Villa's capture or slaying was a
matter of only a few lmnrs. The i:n'
prcssion gained .it headquarters was
that important news was awaited. Anlr
jur ui expccmacy prev .men, lue v.ur
ranzista eonsul here believed Villa was
enniered, altiioufli lie admitted lie hail
no details.
Washington dispatches intimating
that the administration was satisfies
with the scattering of Villa's, hands
were not credited by anny men. They
insist that reial'iircenients point to a
powerful effort to kill or capture the
bandit chief.
May Force Villa to Fight.
San, Antonio. Texas, April 8. With
Francisco Villi apparently between
Sntcvo and l'nrrnl, two American col
umns were- reported marching rapidly
pnnthward today iu possible repetition
of Colonel Envin's famous San Goron-
iino dash, when he surprised Villistas
and defeated them in a five hour fight.
Those columns hope to force Villa to
in ike a decesive stand.
Officers at nrmy headquarters were
convinced that Villa wns nt l'nrral or
en route there, Carrniristas were re
ported waiting i'or him nt that point. If
they are on hand in considerable n um
bels, it is believed they may force the
ban. lit leader to retreat in the direction
nt Santa llo-ana. It is conjectured I
whether ilia would attempt to cut a
path through the roiis'titutionnlist lines.
Keports here bore out. the statement
that de facto troops were co-oper.iting
with the Americans.
Messages to Mexican authorities said
Villa and his followers crossed Hio
'onchos yesterday afetnioou, with Col
( I Brown's cavalry not far behind.
Entxcnrli Alonir T.inpg.
i oiiimbus, X. M., April 8. News that I
the American expedition had thrown
iii eirthwoiks at ltoca 1! ramie and
elsewhere along toe communication
lines was officailly confirmed today.
Extensive defending works have been
erected around the bases of operations.
There is fctill com)drable anxiiity
with regard to bandit gangs are known
tu be lurking in hills along the lines of
communication. There binds have man
ifested no enmity, however, and they
are not believed to be Villistas.
Thousands of rounds of rifle ammuni
tion have been pent into Mexico within
Ihe last few days.
Lieutenant Colonel Tyree K. Hi vers
of the Thirteenth cavalry is reported
living of pneumonia nt Casus O ramies.
Bandits Reported Near Border.
San Diego, Cal., April 8. Heoorts
font Mexican bandits were near the:
border caused considerable excitement j
1 : 'lit and early today in the bor
der towns of Cum pit nud Tecnte, 40 j
miles southeast of here. Deputy slier-,
iff were called out. ' !
(iovernor Johnson informed Sheriff
Oonklia tod.iv that Adjutant General
Thomas has been in Sa Diojo county j
am 3.
Stew Xugeut's mother lias -erei' e
word from th' authorities of in Hiiro;
city that he's tnkin' th' -spring suo,
course in broom ma I: in'. You can't I
a gentleman these days without foik
iiiusm' you ro up t sonictlun'.
M li' ' '
Portland, Or., April S. Sev
eral thousand horses in Port
" land will go supperless tonight.
Not a bale of liny is to be had
in the city nt any price. Sup
lilies of hay are reported scarce
throughout the state, and the
stock on hand here was exhaust
ed several days ago.
Heat Was Terrific and Tires
Burned As Though They
Were On a Stove
Tire Trebles May Save Rec
ords Being Broken ODon
ne!I Leads End of Half
Corona, Cal., April 8 .Leading the
entire field by a clean hip at the end
of the forty fifth lap, or l.W miles in
the 300 mile rond race here today at
an average speed of S1.4 miles an hour,
Eddie Pillion in a Mercer kept striving
to increase his lead nud separate him
self as far as possible from his pursuers.
His time was 1:22:17.
Hughie Hughes, iu his Sunbeam, was
forced into the pits six times in the
first thirty laps and was the real hard
link driver. liurmaii was another to
play against fa'te.
O'Donnel was second at the forty
third lap, Tclzlaff in the Omar, third;
Thomas fourth.
Hurnian, despite his hard luck, was
fifth. Harney Oldfield was sixth.' Tell,
in a Tahais, went out in the ISHh lap
with broken connecting rods, lie was
the second to drop out. Engine trouble
forced Cooper in the fifteenth and
caused the first drop out.
In the o.th lap a breeze springing
up was a fi Oil send both for driver and
cars as it fooled the track and cut
down tire trouble and saved many
stops in the pits.
Overcoming a lead of a full lap, Ed
die O'Donoll took first place in the
forty ninth lap when Pillion wns forced
to stop at the pits for gas, water and
oil, and a spark plug.
The most thrilling part of the first
half of the race was when TeUlaff,
Hurman and Pullen fought neck to. neck
for three laps. In the 35 th lap Pullen
was forced out of the brush by tire
For the three laps each of the three
men averaged more than 100 miles an
hour. s'
dandy in a Candy Special went out
of the race in the 47th lap. At uo time
had he been in the monev.
to look iver the situation and that ''if
necessity arises" state militia will be
Major General .T. Fraiulin Pell con
ferred with Mayor Cupps regarding the
Uncle Sam Want3 Horses.
Portland, Or., April 8.A call for
1200 horses for the United States army
went out in the northwest today. Uncle
Sam wants .1,001) horses for cavalry use
" ' l'Jnu for artillery. Offers must be
made to 'he army quartermaster ut Se
attle not later than May 1.
Cannot Use Railroads.
San Dieuo, Cat., Anril H. K. A. Con
..les. Mexican consul here today ave
the I'uited Press the following telegram
received by him today:
"ltiicrotaro, Mex., April 7.
" NTr. V. A. Conz lies,
' r.ivii-an Consul,
"San Dic.io.
"I made the following statement to
the press today:
"The Mexican government has not
given permission to the American gov
ernment to use the Mexican railroads
for ' transportation of supplies for
its troops or anv 'other object.
"A. (iru.Ai;.
"Secretarv of foreign at fans."
Eight Jurors Selected In
Caplan Dynamiting Case
T.os Angeles, Cal., April 3. Wit!'
eight jurors permanently select" 1 i
as expected today that actual takv:g
of evidence in the trial of David Caphir
iu connection uith the dyn:uuitir i t:
the Times plant would start V s
A full iurv , will prcbublv be id.-
1. tallied Monday or Tuesday. The rh.-it.'.'
y between counsel which featured the M
t j A. Schmidt trial were lacki:,i, in thi
e 1 1 apian case, it was no icatcJ to.:iiv
.;'that a thirteenth juror would b - chosen
'to act as an alternative.
"Poison Soup Banquet" In
vestigation Uncovers Plots
of Anarchists
Chicago, April 8. Evidence- of on
anarchist plot to murder the ruline
Kuropean monarch -will shortly be for
warded to tfii department of justice
in Washington, according to the expec
tation toilav of State's Attornev Ifovnn
who exposed the plot.
lloyne, refused to reveal the name
of the man who confessed the con
spiracy. Such a revelation, he de-
dared, would undoubtedly result in
the informer being assassinated.
The evidence in llnvnoV iwiiu.mn
indicates that groups of anarchists met
in principal cities recent v am i e-
bled by lot which of their number
hould on nbroad to kill nivnllv ll!i,),
ruler was to be poisoned.
Ifovne mien rt lied facts lendliur tn ,11s.
eovery of the plot during his investiga
tion of the "poison soud lianriuet''
here at which .lean Crones, arch anar
chist, attempted to poison Archbishop
Mnndelein nud a largo number of
prominent Chicago men by putting
arsenic in the soup. Crones, who is still
at large, is declared to be involved in
the scheme at slav all kings.
International Situation
Makes Market Irregular
New Vork. April 8. The Xow York
Evening Sun's financial review today
The market continued under the in
fluence of the delicate international sit
uation. Prices opened iinecrtainlv and
hesitatingly. Net chances were in
considerable nt the outset. -Copper is
sues were generally stronger as the re
sult of large orders from foreign gov
ernments recently placed, while, war
stocks were heavy, particularly Crucible
Steel and Baldwin locomotive. Steel
was under pressure at the opening.
Hailways, while dull, reacted.
Many uncertainties in the situation
coupled wifh the npronching intermis-
Miiti reduced public buying to the min
imum and dealings were almost till pro
fossioun 1.
As the session progressed little com
mission house liquidation developed
and the traders worked for reactions,
utilizing discussions of probable sever
ance of Herman diplomatic relations in
an attempt to force further declines.
The closing lialf tjf the session was
f ' v
r - j
- -
Eureka, Cal., April 8. The
hull of the gas schooner Mag
nolia which sniled from Eureka
a few hours ago was seen float
ing upside down off Klamath
river bar tod.iy under conditions
indicating serious danger to
Captain Kd Johnson, Engineer
Ed linker and three others
aboard her. Tugs 'nave been sent
It is believed the vessel turn
ed turtle while attempting to
cross the bar at night in rough
weather. A telephone message
from Klamath stid watchers on
short saw the gas schooner
Coaster remove three survivors
from the wreck.
Burning Oil Spreads Over Bay
from Bayonne, N. J., Al
most to City
New York, April 8. I'iie which
started iu the Texas Oil company's cor
rugated iron pier ut Hayonne,' N. .1.,
early today resulted in one of the
most spectacular conflagrations ever
seen here.
Kegs of oil, te i iaus filled with uaso-
line and several hundred b irrels of.
erosei xploded in rapid succession Ljsco where Moran 's companion prom
like a string of bombs while flaming '.;, , jj Mjm " as soon as possible. "
containers streaked across the sky. The m,,,,,' ,.. w,st next dav, and
tailing debris narrowlv missed igniting: :., v.... w, i,.;i;'i,.r ,.,,.)
six Huge oil tanks.
Tin: intense licit burst cans of kero
sene on a barge moored to toe wharf.
Hurtling oil spread over the bay neirly
to Stalcti Island. The water was u mass
of fire. Thousands witnessed the spec
tacle. I ity fircboats cruised close to
the I'I'iines but were unable to check
them. The los was estimated at $27o,-Ouo.
, toin of making a lull confession, wlneii
marked by uncertainty and irregnlm - was done before Oarse and Cniiiniis
inovemcnt in whic h a few specialties ! sinner Hurch, the full testimony being
partly recovered. The market awaited ' taken by a stenographer for the local
more definite news of the International' Immigration service,
situation. Moran agreed to be held in jail as n
' witness in the case and was last night
SENATE RATIFIES TREATY i taken to Los Angeles by Curse. His
:"paU" are being sought in the east.
Washington. April 8. The Xicarng-,
nan senate toilav unanimously adopted'
, the ,t:!,00ii,IMjo treaty with Ihe United I
; States, according t a cable from Ihe;
) American minister there. i
The house will cast its final vote oii:toona, Pa., reported that snow was eight
the treat v next week.
7 vl
ft A
rrft r
t '
Sore Because His Pals Double
Crossed Him Party to
Robbery Confesses
San Diego, April 8. United States
lalshal (.'arse is iu Eos Angeles to
day with .lames Mo ran who has con
fessed, 'United States authorities here
say, to the theft of $1 ,."110,000 in reg
istered mails nt the Liberty Street fer
ry iu New York on January 18.
Morun mnde his confession ill writing
to United States Commissioner Itureh.
He asserts he was double crossed by
the man who engineered the theft.
Morn n says he got only $200 of the
amount stolen.
The robbery was planned iu Shar
key's saloon in New Vork. A mail
clerk and driver of the mail wagon
were accomplices, Itoran declared.
The confession recites that Mitran. a
tnxicah driver, with l.nughliti as n. pas
senger, followed the mail wagon to the
ferry. The key to the locked truck was
given to Moran 's companion by the
driver, Moran states. Several pouches
were taken from the wagon, which was
then locked again.
The pouches were transferred to the
Several of the pouches were slit open
with a knife, he said, about 2 it. in. the
next morning, in a suburb. Moran was
Liven ten $20 bills and told to get rid
r ih laxic.-ib mid beat it .to San Eran
' wirinir to his companion, when the lat-
ter failed to keep his appointment. .No
response was received, however, nud
becoming "mad as Hell" as he ex
pressed it, Moral) came to San Diego on
i foot, being broke.
I'.rooding over the affair, and de-ir-i
ing to "get even," he approached
Marshal Cnrso and declared his inten-
New York, April 8. Snowstorms are
sweeping the Atlantic slope. Al-
j to ten im lies deep there.
Dayton, N. D.. April 9. John
Rule has elected to become the
Nnodern Noah. Believing that
Ked river floo'ds presage a de
luge equal to that described in
(ienesis, Rule today moved into
a home made ark provisioned
for 40 days. He took his family
with him, and is now busy herd
ing in the animals two by two.
If She Was Torpedoed By
German Submarine, Cap
tain Violated Orders
Reply Helps Clear Situation
Will Continue to Sink
By Carl W. Ackerman.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Herlin, April 8 If the channel steam
er Sussex was attacked by a (iennan
submarine its commander viol ited in
structions, it was unconditionally stated
here today.
The English channel passenger ferry
came under the protection which Am
bassador Vou liernstorf f assured Presi
dent Wilson would be given all un
armed liners, after the Arabic affair.
On the other hind, vessels involved
in the four other recent'. siibmariniufr
cases concerning which President Wil
son made inquiry were freighters, Ger
many has never pledged itself to warn
treighters belore torpedoing tnem.
While they continue to supply the allies
with munitions and food and the allies
continue their starvation policy Oer
niaav will never viebl its right to de
stroy freighters, the United Press was
reliably informed.
Waiting For Germany's Reply.
Ity Hubert .1. Header.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, April 8. Ot f ici.ihlom
today awaited (iermaay's preliminary
reliiv to this yovernnieTit 's inuuirv re
garding recent submarine attacks on
vessels earning Americans. It was be
lieved that this answer would decide
whether diplomatic relations between
the United States .tint the kaiser should
be broken.
No hint of the document's contents
has arrived. It was handed to Am
bassador (lei'iird yesterday by Eoreign
Minister Vou .lagow. The stale depart
ment's only word that the note has
been given (ieinrd was received from
the United Press.
President Wilson is absent on a week
end trip, (lenrd's dispatch is not ex
pected here before late this afternoon.
Possibly it will not arrive before to
morrow. No action is looked lor un
til Monday.
It was learned that nt the cabinet
meeting yesterday some of the presi
dent's advisors opposed waiting any
longer for promises and assurances
from (lermanv. Tlu'y asserted that tier
many is continuing its submarine activ
ities contrary to' .issurain-cs already
Tney believe diplomatic relations
"hould be promptly severed, Other cab
inet members thougght Oerieans should
be given time to prove whether it was
sincere in its recent avowals.
Should Von Jagoiv 's latest reply
quibble, dodge Ihe is.-ue or attempt to
force the adiuinisfnition s hand, nth
rials think it probable that President
Wilson will not delay longer in execut
ing his thieatencd course. It has been
reputedly stated that Germany must
"conic through" quickly and satisfac
tory or relations will not be continued.
Wilson Cuts Trip Short.
Washington, April President Wil
son will return to Washington from
his week end trip at 4 p, m. today.
His vaidit, the Mayflower, wirelessed
this inform ition to the While House
to, lav. No reason was assigned.
I'lii) stoi in which swept the lower Po
tomac may possibly have proven too se
vere for the president 's comfort.
Astoria, Or., April 8. George
Milliausen, age. I 1.1, wept bit
lerly today over the body of his
brother, John, aged Ut, who died
last night with n 22 calibre bul
let iu bis stomach. George was
aiming at a robin whin his
brother, pointing a wooden gun
at him playfully, shouted "hold
up your hnnds," George turned
suddenly, pulling the trigger ns
lie did so. The vouagcr lad
Paris Claims Wave After
Wave of Men Dashed Vain
ly at Positions
Mine Fighting In Argonne
Forest Proves Advantag
eous to the French
London, April .8. Attacking tiia
western side of the Itethincourt salient,
tho German crown prince's armies pro
gressed in their thrust to batter in the
wedge today. While hidden artillery
hurled tons of explosives over their
heads to shield the advance, German
soldiers fought, their way into two small
redoubts between Haucourt nud Hill
287, Paris admitted. Elsewhere Puis
claimed tho Teuton waves rolled for
ward and then back without gaining
any now territory.
The Merlin war office, however,
claimed the Germans captured French
positions on a front ono mile wide
along tho' ridge of Termiten hill, south
of Haucourt. This statement declared
th.it 714 Frenchmen who refused to re
treat before the bristling lines of Ger
man bayonets threw down thoir arms
and surrendered when they saw tho
Hopelessness ot their resistance. The
French bugles immediately sent fresh
battalions charging up tho slope toward
the captured positions, lleilirt asserted,
lint German riflemen drove back the
Tho Paris ccnimuniquo announced
that mine fighting in Argonne forest
proved advantageous to tho French,
especially near the Daughter of Death
hill. French soldiers dashed into n
hugo German mine crater on tiio south
ern slopo and fought desperately with
an equal number of Germans for pos
session of it, fin .illy killiii(r all Teutons
who would not flee and occupying the
All wns reported calm on Woevro
plain. A German reconnoitering party
discovered near litiugcnfeldkopt' in thn
Vosges moiinlnins were fired upon and
obliged to retreat.
1 French Losses Slight
London, April 8. The Germaa crown
priuco has thrown large forces across
Forpea brook in an effort to squee.n
the French out of Hethincourt, accord
ing to disp.itches from tho front today.
A storm of shells is falling on both
siiies of tiic salient, preliminary to an
other attempt against tho village. Tho
defense of tho French who have held
their ground for two weeks under tre
uicndoiiB difficulties has excited the ad
miration of all England.
Almost surrounded, suffering under
a searching fire from scores of German
guns, the French have maintained their
trenches with a loss of only ,'100 yards.
They havo repeatedly repulsed heavy
frontal attacks.
A strong Teuton thrust against th
west side of the salient, on a front of
one mile fiint east of Haucourt, was
completely defeated after X stubborn
struggle at close quarters.
Aiurtrian Transport Stink.
Paris, April 8. A French subninrinf
sank an Austrian transport in the Adri
atic sea, the ministry of marine an
nouueed todav.
Throe Mordiantinen Go Down.
Eondo, April 8. Three more Itritish
merchantmen have fallen victims to the
undersea warfare today, according tu
messages received by shippers here. The
India liner Chant a In, "i,000 tons, and
thn Mritish ste.itiier llrauntou, 5,000
tons, were the largest vessels to bo de
stroyer. The small schooner Clyde wan
also blown up. All the crews were
Cable messages indicated that the
( hantula whs sunk by a submarine. The
others probably struck mines.
Holland Is Preparing.
The II igue, April 8. A hill provid
ing that recruits of the 1017 class may
be called to the colors if the situation
lemands it, was introduced today by
tho government.
UUi IILiilllLLill
"on un r
Oregon: To
night und Sun
day fair south,
unsettled, prob
ably ah o wers
noith portion;
winds mostly
t,IU ti-f-'f
I 1 T ' r . - 1