Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 07, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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See Oar New Assortment of
Stylish Footwear for Men Women and
s Children
Shoes of Style and Quality
at Prices that Please
See the new BLACK OXFORD FOR MEN Just the thing for Spring and Sum
mer. White rubber soles and heels price $3.50
Salem's Big
Next week several things of import
ant will tahfl place at the commercial
club. Monday evening tho tourist and
publicity department will elect a di
rector to succeed l' (1. heckebncli, who
declares that he has served his tinin and
will not permit his name to come up be
fore the department. Tuesday evening
the mercantile department will also elect
its director for the cnminif voir to suc
ceed Henry Meyers. Friday evening, a
director for the industrial department
will be elected, to auececd August
Huckestein. Jle states that he most
positively is not a candidate to succeed
himself. From the way the present di
BHuThe Store That Saves You Money,
ust Arrived
The most complete and best assorted line of French
Wilton Rugs in the city. We were very fortunate
in getting our order in last fall for spring delivery,
or these Rugs and bought them at the old prices be
fore the war price effected them. See this display
of "Wiltons and get our prices. You will be surprised
at the prices we can make on these new Rugs.
Try Our Free
Rent Dept.
Successors toCalef Bros.1
We linvc just received a new
number, Orover Comfort Shoe, a
plain toe, seamless luce model
with cushion sole and rubber
heels. Women with tender feet
should visit our shoe sent ion and
seo this new shoe. Prieed ex
ception illy low.
"Orover Soft Shoes for Tender
Children's Pla-Mate
in p itent, gun mcliil or tan.
Nature- last broad toe for
play or JreH wear. Mothers
should buy these splendid shoes
for the children for they're the
Kind of shoes that all children
should wear.
A Mary Page Gown
to be Given Free
at Meyers'
(Contest closes May 10th.)
Votes given with each admission to Oregon Theatre.
Write your candidates name on the ballot and place
in ballot box in our Shoe Section.
The lady receiving the highest number of votes wins
the gown. The winner may choose her own materials
from our Dress Goods Silk and Trimming Sections.
The names of candidates already voted for will be
published next week.
Use your ballots vote for your favorite.
rectors of the commercial club nre an
nouncing they will under no circum
stances succeed themselves, it is evident
that, during tho coming year, the Salem
commercial chili affairs will be eon
ducted by new officers, as well is dif
ferent, directors I'or each department.
W. M. Hamilton will not come up ror
re election as president. Having serv
ed his time, he feels the burden should:
be passed on to one of the younger gen-!
ei at ion of business men, I
The first Instruction shoot on the
Company M Ififle range at Fiii.er will!
bo held .Sunday, The shooters will
Men's Shoes
A Popular
with dressy men is our English
last, lace style in tan or blach.
The very newest.
We have this shoo in all
widths A to E,
leave the Armory at ,X a. in. sharp on
an auto truck. The shooters will wear
civilian clothes and will not don their
uniforms. A lunch will be served on
the range at noon.
Karl Hinges was today promoted, to
the position of statistician of the state
industrial accident department to suc
ceed Hen Williams who resigned to ac
cept a position in the extension depart
ment of the University of Oregon.
Charles Craig, of Salem, will take
Hinges place in the department.
in to
Lens " wi
"Genuine Tories"
Optical Service measures
standard of achievement hv
degree of service it can render
its patrons the sale nf a pair
of glasses is' not the end of a
transaction, but the commence
ment of relations which, so far as
1 am concerned, are jicrpemal.
My patrons are satisfied pa
trons because my service is cheer
fully and freely given because
promptness, courtesy and ef
ficiency predominates
If upon examination it is
found glasses are not needed
yon are told so promptly. If you
do need them, the utmost in pro
fessional skill the most modern
methods the most accomplished
eyeglass adjuster arc at your
The Ferfect lens.
The invisible Bifocals.
T do not use drops or drugs
in making pKaiiiiuution as they
are dangerous.
I guarantee satisfaction iu
every respect.
Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn
R001111 210-211 U. S. Bank Bldg.
All Around Town
April 7 Tuskegee Jubilee sing
ers at Congregational church.
April 7 Prof. Robert E.
SStauffer lecture at public lib
rary on "Oregon Litera
ture." April 9 Oregon Social Hygiene
Society, open meeting at
Armory, 3 p. in.
April 10 Klection of directors
publicity department Com
mercial club.
April 14 Klection of directors
Industrial Department Com
mercial club.
April IS Registration for
primary election closes.
April 1!) Annual election of of
ficers Salem Commercial club.
Sons of American Revolution
banquet, .Marion hotel.
April 22. Mid -Summer Night's
Dream, Opera House, auspices
Salem Women's Club.
April 23 Easter Sunday.
April 27 Free lecture by Teter
Collins at. Opera House.
April 28 Dance, benefit Salem
Street Railway band, at the
)Jc sfc sjc jc if sjc sjs js sc sjs sc sjc ss
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glass
's correctly. U. S. Bank. Bldg.
Rev. Leigh C. Douglas will deliver an
address this evening at the Salvation
Army hall, beginning at 8 o'clock.
joiin Claire Monteith, teacher of sing
ing, in Salem Saturdays. Call 20-15-J.
G. H. Fullenwider, of Portland, depu
ty for J. 1). Michel of the Oregon
Dairy and Food commission, is in the
city, looking into x case of alleged
violation of toe pure food law.
Motor truck for sale. Will consider
team as part payment. Inquire Gideon
Stolz Co., Phone 20. Apr6
The high school baseball team will
open the season tomorrow afternoon at
Willamette Held wiien tney win try
their luck with the McMinnville phv-
Dr. Stone's drug store.
Luther J. Chapin, former county ag
riculturist, is now in the employ of the
('has. K. Spnuliling Logging company,
placing the Indiana silo on the market.
and making the "farmers familiar with
its many good points.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
Miss Clara E. Smith and T. B. Kay
have been trading in real estate. Miss
Smith secures a house ami lot in South
Salem and Mr. Kay becomes tho owner
of a two acre tro t in South Salem just
outside, the city limits.
Automobiles for hire, passengers and
baggage transfcred, rates reasonable,
country trips a specialty. C. G. Me
Elroy. I'liuue 917 or 639. tf
On account of a chango of dates, the
Rev. V. (I. M u l.nien, of Portland,
president of the Pacific Coast Rescue
and Protective society will speak to
night instead of Saturday evening ns
first announced. He will speak on
"Personal Responsibility." Tho ad
dress will be given at'tho Free Method
ist church at S o'clock.
Auction sale at the People's Quick
Exchange Auction Markot"on Saturday,
April Sth at 1:30 p. m. Everything
sold on commission. Don't forget I buy
household furniture for cash. F. N.
Woodry, auctioneer. Phone 511, Apd-0
The month of March was about the
rainiest experienced in this county for
the past !." years, but about the 2't!i
of the month, the weather mini pulled
another lever on the rain making ma
chine, niul since then, tiiis v.illey "oas
experienced ideal sunshiny weather, 12
days of it. The river is falling and to
day is .").-! feet above low water mark,
Mrs. E. Inge demonstrating the good
ness of Tru I'd it Biscuits. Free eating
samples. You are invited. Roth Gro
cer" Co. Aprl2
Casper Andoregg, of 1656 Center
street nod his lie children will leave
toilav for their former home at l.a
; Cross, AVisconsin, where they will make
I their permanent iioine. It was but a
few months ago that Mrs. Anderegg
.was killed in an accident in the city,
j and one of the boys seriously injured.
If yu are not a talented musician put
. a Srnoin Talking machine in 'vour
home and you hive it all. .Myrtle
Know hind, 421 Court.
Wrist watches will not be necessary
herafter while on State street, especi.il-
. ly in the neighborhood of the Cuirdnor
an. I Keene jewelry store, as today they
avo installing the large street clock and
within a few days the light will be
turned on. The clock has n 30 inch
I dial, is guaranteed to show the correct
time, and will guide the wiyfarer as to
!the time of night until 10 o'clock each
Cigars of superior quality, as the
name llvgrmle implies, nre good enough
for the most exacting of smokers, Sa
lem made.
The officers of the Elk lodge of Sa
lem for the following year is ns follows,
last night being the annual installation:
Exalted ruler, l.ouis l.achinund; esteem
ed leading knigiut, A. U Wallace; es
teemed loyal knight, August Huckes
tein. dr.; esteemed lecturing knight, E.
A. Kurt.; secretary,' J. J. Wiodmer;
t.yler, Elmer C. Giles; trustee, T. II.
Kay; esquire. W. L. Pitterson; chap
lain, Walter E. Keyes; inner guard, i..
C, Smith.
The Marion county grade and high
schools will hold a trick meet iu Sa
lem early in May and arrangements are
of more than usual interest, as schools! 0
from all part of the county will be rep- The Maccabees declded at a meet
resented. One of the events will be a u0 ; . . . .... . t,,, ,.,i,. .,..
yard dash open to both boys ,nd girls
Other even.sw.ll include a 100 yard
dash, 75 yard hurdle rice, 220 yard
run, 440 yard run, running broad jump,
running high jump, pole vault and shot
Mrs. Leonia Peterson, who was oper
ated on for appendicitis at the Salem
hospit.il Tuesday morning, is reported
today to be making a quick and satis
factory recovery.
Ralph Mason was arrested this morn
ing by the traffic officer on a charge
of exceeding the speed limit in his
auto. Ho will appear later this after
noon in answer to the charge.
The date for the initiation of a Rath
bone class of the Knights of Pythias at
Albany has been changed. According
to the present plan, the speci.il initia
tions and exercises will be held Wednes
day evening, April 10.
If it is building material, come to us.
Estimates gladly furnished. Let us
figure with von. Falls Citv-Salem Lum
ber Co., 341)" S. 1 2th. Phone S13.
Claude Barrick, who was injured yes
terday at the penitentiary when a gas
tank exploded, has so far recovered
that this afternoon he was removed
from tho penitentiary hospital to his
own room.
"Oregon Literature" will be dis
cussed this evening by Professor Stauf
fer of illaniette university in his lec
ture to be given at the public library
at 8 o'clock. Since coining to the stite
lie has made a special study of Oregon
writers, and tonight will discuss mainly
Joaquin Miller, Samuel Simpson and
Col. C. E. S. Wood and also give some!
readings from these authors. Professor
Stauffer has t.iken his master's degree
in literature from Harvard University
ami has also studied at the Chicago uni
versity. The West Central Circle of First M.
E. church will hold a cooked food sale
at Buren & Hamilton's furniture store
tomorrow. Come and buy your Sunday
Ivan G. Martin and Miller Bevier
will go to Jefferson tomorrow evening
to assist in the musical program to be
given at tho time of the high school de
hate between tho Jefferson and North
Head teams. Since tiie Jefferson team
has been winning so many victories, the
Jefferson folks are becoming quite in
terested in the h:gh school debates.
The Chcrrians are rather undecided
as to their plans for the summer, al
though the sentiment is un.ininious that
tho organization should take a three
day jaunt and attend the Marsht'iold
celebration the latter part, of June, or
as soon ns the bridge across the Umpqiia
is complete .ind trains run direct into
Mars'nfield. As this much is settled, the
trip to Portland to attend the Rose Fes
tival is still up in the air, as well as
the selection of a Salem queen. How
ever, the chances nre that Salem will
enter no candidate for queen of the
Rose Festival.
The Liberty and West Salem base
ball teams will open the baseball season-)
SMindny afternoon at 2:30 o'clock on
the West Salem grounds. Last year,
tho Liberty team walked away with the
West Salem boys in two gnnes. In
fact, the Liberty boys were champions
in their own class, as out of ten games,
they lost but one, and that was to the
penitentiary team. The line up for the
Liberty team is as follows: Catcher.
Timm; pitcher, Race; short stop. Hag
gerty; first b.ise, .McDonald; second, C.
Gibson; third, Moore; left field, Dim
ness; center field, Hoffman; right
field, F. Gibson.
In an effort to learn just what the
school children in Salem think about
the moving pictures and what kind of
a picture they really prefer, a survey
will be made of all the schools, in which
the children will be given an opportuni
ty to express themselves. The children
will be asked in writing to answer
the following questions: Do you at
tend moving picture shows' If so, how
often? At what hour of the day, af
ternoon or evening.' On what days of
the week do you most frequently at
tend; What kind of moving pictures
do von like best !
An Economical. Delightful, Light Place to Trade
Dress Skirts
Another striking example of our ability to secure
bargains for you at the height of the season.
All new and most attractive styles in
Shepherd Plaids
Black, White, Navy, all the
shades, at matchless prices.
Kafoury Bros.
Mail Orders given Prompt Attention.
We Pay Postage on Mail Orders. 416 State St.
j In the debate yesterday at the high
I school between the seniors and juniors,
the juniors -walked away with all three
! points, leaving the score 3 to 0 in their
j favor. Now they will have to contest
the sophomores in debate.
Hev. A. A. Winter, pastor of the
IFnited Evangelical church, will give
j the address of the evening it the Kdii
lentional Rally of the United Evangeli
Ical Conference, now in session in I'ort
! land. He will speak on ' 'Education and
-8 - - . KVto
f .
hers will be given the privilege or Hi
viting friends.
A urogram will be ur-
ranged, which
will include refresh-
O. L. Dunlap, in charge of the gener
al delivery at the post, office, is taking
a week's lay off. He says that the
week's vacation will be given to" dig
ging in the garden and becoming ac
quainted with a new member of his
family that arrived a few weeks ago.
Word was received today from three
wandering musicians, or at least from
those who once made Salem their home
and are now making good elsewhere.
Louis C. Meier, former pipe "organist
at the Oregon, is now playing for the
Strand theAtre, Omaha, Nebraska. Wil
liam Maeder, who played at Ye Liberty,
has a good job at the Arcade theatre,
for Our
Peaberry Coffee
20c a pound .
15c Bottle of Catsup for
' Creamery Butter
35c pound
3 Bunches of Rhubarb
for 10c
Best Valley Flour
$1.20 per Sack
3 Pounds of Curve Cut
Macaroni for 20c
2 Loaves of Bread 5c
We deliver any place in
Damon & Son
855 N. Corn'l Phone 68
most popular street
As the dar
key s a i d,
"Whar mo
lasses is der flies do gath
er." Just at present our Hat
Department makes one
think of the colored gentle
man's idea.
There is a wonderful at
traction in these new hats
for Spring. The best pro
ductions of Crofut-Knapp
Co. and of Stetson mak
ing our hat department a
busy spot.
$2, $3, $ 1, $3, $6
We will fit your head as
well as your purse.
The Toggery
167 Commercial St.
Leading Clothiers v
lloipiinm. Art Kolstad, formerly with
the jlligh, is running a theatre of h 'i
own at Hood Uiver and reports buv
ness good.
Judge P. H. D'Arcy will deliver hi
famous lecture, "Kfin in I'oetry an I
Song" at the state normal at Moi
mouth this evening. The lecture h:i
been given recently at the I'niversii .
of Oregon and the Oregon Agricultur . i
Bishop U. F. Swengel, D. D., of Ha -risburg,
l'a., will preach in the I'nite I
Kvangelical church on North lottngi
street Sunday morning at 11 o'clocl .
The bishop is now presiding nt the coi
fcrciice- sessions now being held i.i
The sun will continue to give 01
its present amount of heat for "O.nin
000 years.
I t if
Apply at Once
Chicago Store.
I st :Jt -Jr.
When In SALEM, OREGON, itop rv"
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
RATES: 75c, $1.00, $1.50 PER DAS
The only hotel in the business dietricv
Nearest to all Depots, Theatrei and
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. O. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto Em.
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City and all way
Points. Leaves Mill City 6:30 a. m.;
Stayton 8:00, Salem 9:30.
Return, leaves Salem 4:10 p. m.,
Stayton 6:00; Mill City 7:10.
Phone 2378
Clocks Repaired OxT"' t?'
Also a Nice Line ofV JM
rr,.r7;i ... . j,
Masonic Temple 'HI' "lLi "
Lincensed Lady Em
balraer Moderate Prices
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ore.
m'.W."H-otM,u ii.i...i wwn