Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 07, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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(1) perfect in mellowness, since the
leaf is cured an average of eighteen
months before using.
(2) flavor "insured" by a million dol
lars' worth of reserve tobacco in a
way unique in a five-cent cigar.
(3) correct in burning, because hand
made in the correct square-end shape.
Could a manufacturer do more to
guarantee you a smooth, satisfying
smoke for your nickel?
Today's Filings of
Candidates for State Offices
Gilbert L. Hedges, Oregon City, dem
ociatic, district attorney fur Clackamas
I O. Lehman, I'orllaud, republican,
slate senitor, 13th Kenatorial district,
comprising Multnomah county.
S. II. Huston, I'orllaud, republican,
state senator, Mill senatorial ilistrist,
comprising M nl tiiormi Ii county.
II. M. I'atton, Portland, reiiiblican,
state senator, I'llli senatorial district,
comprising Miiltnouinh county.
Mrs. Kiln J. Mctzger, Dillus, rulI
cho, representative ill the legislative
assembly, llth representative district,
comprising Polk county.
I 'ihi I ('. Hates, Portland, republican,
Immediately relieves d.v.ipepsin caused
by excess stiuiuich acidity. A simple,
sate, palatable, inexpensive remedy for
indigestion, heartburn, sour stomach,
belching and nil stuninidi disorders due.
to acidity! Hisiirnted Magnesia nen
Iralizes excess acid mo stonincli may net
normally. A tenspoonful in water niter
eating. Instant relief. Sold by all li u(j
g'istH everywhere, in either powder or
tablet form.
PHiianmt iuriHMC
In Israel Zangwilfs Masterpiece
"Merely Mary Ann"
6 m.
Roberts Hats
representative in the legislative assem
bly, IMth representative district, com
prising Multnomah county.
M. .1. Anderson, (Iriints Pass, republi
can, represent itive in the legislative as
sembly, 7th representative district, com
1 prising the county of Josephine.
I Clarence It. Ilotchkiss, Portland, re
I piibliciiu. delegate to the nntionnl re
1 publican coiiveiilion, thinl congression
al district.
.1. F. Wilson, Portland, republican,
i presidential elector.
I V. C. North, Portland, republican,
' president inl elector,
j A. W. Lnfferty, Portland, republic .in,
representative in congress, thinl con
I gressioiinl district.
1 Patrons of rural route nine will now
find it necessary to become acquainted
with another mail man, ami the suae
may be said of those living on rural
route one. On account of ill health,
Joy Cox, carrier for route nine has re
signed, and his place will be taken by
.1. A. Iteiiiiugtoii, who has been carry
ing for route one for the past 15 yeirs.
The new man pn the delivery service is
E. N. Hrnnson, who will deliver for
route one.
The union evangelical Methodist ser
vices which have been in session the
past week at the Leslie M. E, church
will close this evening. The meetings
have been well attended an, I much in
terest manifested. Next week, the
meetings will be continued at the Ja
son Lee Memorial church mid the fob
I lowing week, at the First Methodist
j church.
Sunday and Monday
Vivian Martin
YOU may want something unlike what you generally
wear. Maybe you're not sure just what.
Look through our offering of
$15 $20 $25.
$20 $25 ,$30
You're almost sure to find
Woolen Mills
Both Crews la Fine Shape for
Great Race at Seattle This
Pacific Coast League Standings.
V. I.. Pet.
; Portland 2 f- .liiiT
i I. os Angeles 2 1
I Salt Lake 2 1 .007
; Oakland 1 2 .:!!.'.
I Vernon 1 2 .333
; San Francisco 1 2 .333
Yesterday's Results.
At Oakland Portland, 7; Sun Fran
cisco. 3.
At l.os Angeles Vernon, 5; Los An
jolt's, 4
At Salt Lake Oakland, 5; Salt
Lake, 1.
Seattle, Wash., April 7 Odds today
favor the Stanford crew to win over
the I'niversity of Washington varsity
eight this afternoon when the two insti
tutions meet on Lake Wnsliingon. The
winner of the race will be neeorded the
championship of the Pacific coast.
"Just, before the battle" interest is
at a high pitch in anticipation of the
goudolif ring classic. From all indica
tions it will be the niftiest exhibition of
oar wielding that has ever been staged
on staid old Lake Washington.
The two coaches declared this morn
ing their crews were in splendid trim
for tiie event.
As far as the conches are concerned,
it will be a can; of a veteran against
a novice.
Experienced men will hold clown the
positions on both squads ami the
weights nrc jbout even.
It is understood that the Stanford
boys are cracks at getting away to a
fast start. They will be expected to
take the lead at the shot.
Washington will jump into the start
with n stroke of about 30 to the minute.
The second minute tiie stroke will be
lowered to 31.
This is the tool's usual stroks. Stan
ford rows slower, about 2S to the min
ute. The southerners won the toss nud will
iow on till) inside.
The course is from Leschi park to
Madison park, a distance of three miles.
A clear view of the nice is to be ob
tained the entire length from the shore.
A number of star buoys have been
used in marking the course.
This is the tenth meeting of the
crews. Out of the nine previous en
counters the locals have been returned
the victor six times. Stanford won in
l!Ml!, 1912 and 1915.
Thorpe ltabcoek will act as referee
and starter, lie is a former Yale oars
iiinii. The weather today was a bit
cool iilthoiigh the sun promises to ap
pear at any moment.
The Lineup.
Washington Weight Height
K'linnii CS) 159 (j
Hair (7) IMS (i.r.
Newton (ti) 1S7 (i.2
Wiilske (5) 188 5.'J i
Cushman (!) 17!)
MeConiiio (3) 173 fi.lic.
Leader (2) 174 (Mi
llroknw (c) Itow 150 5.11
Ebeyight (cox) 155 5.5 '.a
Mauerer (8) 108 5.11
Green (7) ISO ti.l
Urine (c) (ti) ISO ti.l
.lacomiui (.1) ISO 0.2
liodgers 4) ISO (1.4
Swarts (it) 177 ti.l
j Worth (2) 175 (i.l
Heron (bow) KM 0
! Lvon (sox) 112 5.5
Chase With Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Ohio, April 7. President
(lurry Herrmann, of the Cincinnati
Rods', in announcing todiy the signing
of llul Chase to play first base for the
lieds, declared he expected the left
hander to add considerably to the
strength of the team. Chase is ex
pected to join I he b'eds immediately,
lie lias been getting himself in condi-
we've anticipated your
Just Wright
$4.50 and $5
tion by working with the San Francisco
Seals at Sua Jose.
San Francisco, April 7. The golfing
class among the women of California
win ue wen representee wneu me ln-t-;t..t
;,.n,.i n,.e .... ... f...
Minuuu.ii ;uil l uui Mil ill. It I lui numcu
of the Sequoyah epuntrv club begins
: 1., Af. . t. it n: ..
npru I-. .tirs. a. u. roomier, .tuss
Kilith ( li..hrmi"li flinl Mr Mm Itntlm-
child are the favorites.
House la Captain.
I'nlo Alto. Cal., April 7. Meredith
House, of Kiverside, will leui the
Stanford freshman track team when it
meets California at Berkeley oval to
morrow afternoon. Announcement of
his election to the captaincy was made
Honors Are Even.
Kansas City, .Mo., April 7. Honors
between Matt' Wells and Clurlie White
are now even.
Ity taking the decision in their fif
teen round bout here last night, the
Chicago boxer evened the score. In
the first three bouts Wells hail gotten
one decision and one newspaper ver
dict, while White had received one de
cision. . White finished going strong.
Will Not Trade Speaker,
ftoston, Mass., April 7. John J. Lan
nin, owner of the Boston lied Sox, do
nied today that Tris Speaker would bo
traded to the Nbw York Yinks, He
said he expected to sign Speaker shortly
To Challenge Crane,
New York, April 7. Jay (lould's
title as national court tennis champion
will be challenged tomorrow by Joshua
Crane, of lioston. Crane won "the right
to challenge by defeating Payne Whit
ney, of New York in the final of the
preliminary rounds three sets to one.
Used Willard's Mitt.
Kenosha, Wis., April 7. Tiie mitt
Hint has met the mitt of Jess Willnrd
proved the .undoing of Lee Nelson here
last night.
Jack Hem pie, the heavyweight cham
pion's sparring partner' knocked out
Nelson in the seventh rnmi.l nf tlmir
scheduled ten round bout with a ter-
rinc riglit smasn to Lie jaw.
Big Match Tonight.
Portland, Or., April 7. Frank Vance
Allll Kdllie 'ClITIIipll rivftl wruutltn,, !..
stridors of Seattle and Portland, will
grapple to. a finish before the Rose City
Athletic club tonight. Their match
has been called n "inn, Km i,eit,.l, " ,,.i
either meaning business or hoping to
swell the box office receipts, the pro
moters have ordered special policemen
to prevent too much "rough stuff.''
..Mike liutlor was agreed upon last
night is referee.
Colored Boys Beat Beavers.
Portland. Or.. Anril 7 The i hl,an
Colored Giants were scheduled to ar
rive in Seattle this morning after wal
loping the Portland Itaby Leavers IK to
1 at the Vaughn street grounds yester
day. The chocolate lads' won without
in ettort.
Chess Champion Lost Two.
Portland, Or., April 7. Jose Cnpa
blanca, Cuban chess champion, today
had two defeats chalked up against
him the first sinco he left Kansas City
a mouth igo on a tour of the I'nited
In Ii!) exhibition matches before a
large crowd at the chamber of com
merce last night. Cnpablauca won .17
and lost .
AH Ready for Big
Auto Race Tomorrow
Corona, Oil., April 7. The stage is
set here todnv for the start of the lino
mile (irnnd l'rizc auto race tomorrow.
With 101.7 miles per hour credited to
Rob rturmnn in practice as the fastest
lap, every arrangement Is completed foi
the s'.'.OOO race.
HiigYe Hughes in his 12 cvliud'r
Fnglish Sunbeam has also hurtled
around the circular course at more thnn
a hundred miles nn hour.
Five favorites are conceded nn even
char.ee (f winning first (dace. They
are Karl Cooper, Stutz; Eddie Tiith-ii,
Mercer; Barney Oldfield, Deluge; liol
Hiirinan, Peugeot, and Hughie Hughes.
Preparations have been made to re
ceive 100,000. nice fans nt Corona.
Not since the famous Snntn Monica
course races, has there been -such in
terest as is being manifested in the ( o
ron.i '.Irand Prize. Tt is estimated 20
000 motorists will park inside the tin 'k
t . . . .
. ni vorena. ' f "
j: High School Notes . I
j X: s! !
The seniors are in bad luck once
: again for the .juniors have defeated
them in still another feature of the
inter-class rivalry contest.
At tin1 contest held Thursday after
noon the juniors, by a three to noth
ing decision, taking the negative of
the question. "Resolved, That the
I president be elected for a single six
year term," won out over the seniors,
i The line-up was as rollows: Senior
('arleton Savage, Oral l.eminoii, and
i Mary Fiudlev. Junior Paul Pierce,
Harold Aspinwall and Clen Ackerman.
The judges were: Kev. 1! N. Avison and
Prol'cisors .1. O. Hall and Ii. F. Stuf
ler, of Willamette.
The sophomore have challenged the
juniors as winners to a Uehnto to de
ide the school eliaimuonship.
Puttering bread or crackers on which
cheese is to be toasted improves the
r ""Mere is therinS
Arrow collar
Style-Ufe will show the (font
APRIL 14tt-
In two heights
Ashby 2i m Lexicon 9 in.
Boys Start Long Hike
With Only a Will
and a Yellow Dog
Wiih nothing but determination and
a yeilow dog and i'il three barer' ir.
Kmniett m c Raymond Dicker, of Mon
roe. R( etn county, v.cre picked up jt
terduy fflo'noon by Officer Vnr'.ry on
the l'i'.:,: lee; of their Ion; hike to tiik 'r.
Oregon, where their mother resides.
Kbner says he is 14 yoan of age bat
looks younger nud Raymond is 10. They
arrived in Salem two days ago and have
been cnmpini; in the brush acro.:s tiie
river in West Salem. The Sale.n police
were rotified yesterday to . n Hie
lookout for the boys and an investiga
tion showed the smoke from the fire
where thev were camping in true hobo
When they were brought to !ic city
hall th.'V to'.;! Chief Welsh that liny
v er m'.A t.itrd by their father who
ms s. pirater from their mj'Jwr and
they decided to leave and en to their
mother who has since married and is
now Mrs. Tda A. Jones, residing at
Church street in Baker
The boys exhibited no concern when
they were told that they would be lock
ed up except the younger who asked
the chief if- he might take the dog
" 1 couldn't do without my dog, chief,
clnmfi could." said the young wander
er, and under the circumstances the
chief allowed the dog to accompany his
mnster to the jail. The boys asked for
their deck of cards and proceeded to
play a game of seven-up on the yiii
floor. Their father sent tick-t', for
lhii return to Monroe today.
Salem High School
Opens Baseball Season
The first game of the baseball season
of the Salem high school will open with
a game between Salem and the M'
Minnville high school which will be
played in this city Saturday a'fternoon
on Willamette field. The high school
tossers have been practicing hard for
the coming season and promise to t-'k
thp field in full strength for the open
ing game.
1'hc full schedule for the baseball s-ea-on
of the Sulem high school foliim-a:
Me Minnville, at Salem, April 3.
O. A. C. freshmen, at Salem. April 15.
Corvallis, at Salem, April 22.
Albany, at Albany. April 28.
McMinnville, at Me.Minnville. April'
Corvallis. at Corvallis, May 5.
O. A. C. freshmen, at Corvallis.
May fi.
Nowberg, at Newberg, May 1.1.
Albany, at Salem, May 10!
V. of O. freshmen, nt Salem, Mav L0.
Open, May 20.
P. of O. freshmen, at Kugene, Miy '27.
Newberg, nt Salem, May 30.
Anything" To Beat
Roosevelt for Them
Washington, April 7. Cloakroom talk
at the capitol indicated today the re
publican presidential nomination fight
is between Theodore Roosevelt and
Justice Hughes. Senators Warren,
Curtis, Nelson and (iallinger are open
ly for Hughes.
" A dozen men who have at heart no
use for Hughes," said Senator Poin
dexter, "told nie they were for him.
They see the trend of sentiment to
ward Roosevelt, and will do anything
to bent, it."
Those intimate with Hois Penrose
said he was likely to declare himself
for Roosevelt verv soon.
No One But Roosevelt.
New York, April 7. Political signifi
cance was seen today in the conference
between Theodore lioosevelt, Victor
Murdock and (loorge W. rerkins.
.M unlock was reported to have told the
colonel that progressives would consider
no other presidential candidate.
Price of Rags Drop
Into the Basement
San Frincisco, April 7. That old
shirt which you discarded last week and
other castoff garments are figuring
largely in the financial world today.
The bottom has fallen out of the rag
market and .junk dealers who were talk
ing ibout buying diamonds last week
are looking for ready money to pay
the rent. When the war broke out rags
boomed. Wood pulp paper became
scarce and rags were needed in the pa
per mills. Copper and iron .junk was
in great deman I tor munitions works,
so the man who used to chant," " Any
rags, uy bones, any bottles today"
became affluent.
Now the rag boom has burst. Mills,
knowing that spring would cause a big
influx of discarded flannels and other
I rags ceased buying and waited for the
' prices to fall. They did.
I The junk men had to sell for nnv
' tiling t'hey could get bee mse there are
no warehouses available for the indef
, inite storage of rags.
.Brother of Salem Man
j Crushed Under Logs
j W A. Wiest. of this city. ine-l..- a
'liM.her le the Salem school', iee. ive.1
I wui'd late e.-terday afternoon that his
' bvotlu r. K:yninnd Wiest, had bet u kill
e l a; s.'uppoose by being crush M under
some rolling logs. The ileccns.'d was n
Ibreaknui'. en. a logging trail'.. No p.,r
Itieulnrs of the accident have been
! heard. He was 2S years o'f age ami wn.-
lunrnoil. . A. Wiest and wite lett
for Scnppoose lust night upon r-'c-ipt
of the news. The funeral will be held
j in Portland.
Berlin, April 7 -Foreign Min
ister Von Jagow this afternoon
handed American Ambassador
Gerard Germany 's preliminary
answer to inquiries with regard
to -submarine attacks on vessels
carrying Americans. The nature
of the reply is not known.
K ,v. :t .-)
v Ci i r ill
Your Momach Badli
MATE'S Wonderful Remedy and Be
Convinced That You Can Be
Restored to Health.
jot odie. uero
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy has been
taken by many thousands of people
throughout the land. It has brought
health and happiness to sufferers who
had despaired of ever being restored
and who are urging others who
may be suffering with Stomach, Liver
and Intestinal Ailments to try it. One
dose will convince the most skeptical
sufferer. It ucts on the source uuu
foundation of these ailments, remov
ing the poisonous catarrh and bile
accretions, and allaying the underly
ing chronic inflammation. Try one
dose of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy
put it to a test today you will De
overjoyed with your quick recovery.
Send . for booklet on Stomach Ail
ments to Geo. H. Mayr, Mfg. Chemist,
154-150 Whiting St., Chicago, 111.
For sale by J. C. Perry and all other
reliable druggists.
J. C. Perry, 115 South Commercial.
A HALL Free for religious service.
Phone fi20. Apr7
HAVE A GARDEX And lawn. Call
phone 635. A-pr8
WANTED Experienced delivery boy,
855 North Commercial. Apr7
FOR KENT Housekeeping rooms, 336
North High. Phone "4." " tf
FOR SALE Cow, will be fresh in a
few diva. Inquire Route 0, Uox,U4-A.
FOR RENT Five room modern house,
close in. inquire 110 Marion St.
YOl'Nti FRESH COW To trade for
horse. W. H. Poole, Route 2, Hox
130. Apr8
VOR SALE OK RENT Modern 7 room
house, with bath. Well located. 280
S. 21st St.
i. f,. lliemeketa street and 14th.
Phone 2214. Apr8
FOR RENT 8 room house, 8 lots, plen
ty ot trnit, citv waterf tfS a month.
Phone 2041-R. " Apr8
TO LOAN $4000 on good farm secur
ity, long time, per cent interest. 418
P. S. liank Pddg. AprlO
W ANT ETTTlTliPY Mohair. East Sa
lem Tannery, 25th .mil Oak street.
Phone 2100-M. Aprl3
WANTED To borrow .$2,000 on im
proved city property. J. Wesley,
General Delivery. AprlO
WANTED Harness and shoe stitcher
cobined, and shoe finisher. Address
C. L. II., Capital Journal. Apr8
WANTED 3 room modern furnished
ipartments, close in with garden
spot. Phone 727 after 8:00 p. m. Apr7
BUI C KRO A DSTER R u n 5,000miles,
in perfect condition, cheap for quick
sale. 015 Statesman street. Apr8
FOR SALE Choice acclimated seed
corn, grown by 11. 1). Landon, Salem
Fence Works, back of Chicago store.
WANTED Girden aiid lawn work
promptly attended to ami reasonable
charges.' A. E. Da v. Phone 2.W1-K.
ATTENTION Highest gride seedpo
tatoes for sale, or will trade for cord
wood, or young chickens, 500 N. Cap
ital. Apr7
FOR SALE Two large rockers, one
small rocker and 3 dining chairs, in
"olden oak. 1!mm Center. Phono
827. Apr7
WANTED To borrow ifiiliuO for five
years, on brick block worth $10,000.
Will pav 7 per cent interest. Phone
1321. Apr8
FOR RENT 7 room house, close in,
gas bath, hot and cold water, $10.00
per month, 310 Union street. Phone
5S0-M. Apr8
WANTED Experienced teafn man for
work on grain farm, 5 miles south of
Salem on Jefferson road. Phone
H-F-ll. Apr7
Of O. A. C, wants position. Com
niercinl orchard work preferred.
Phone 71.
YOCNG WIDOW With 2 little boys
wishes position as housekeeper,
.country preferred. Address W 2, care
of Journal. AprlO
NOTICE Will pay l."'.,,e for hens5
pounds or over, and 1." cents for small
heiw, Friday and Saturday. Price's
Meat and PoultFv Market, ' 32.") North
Commercial Street. Apr7
STRAYED From 070 Center greatly
prized lirge cat. big yellow eyes,
brown nose, wiiite breast, body black,
grey, white and brown. Name Jen
nie. Am leaving Salem. Informa
tion nt oioe, dead or alive, will be
gratefully received. Mrs. Decker.
Phone 1410. Apr7
1 1 ..:ira t .
Kb-M fcPYFca MEN
rROM PIANTCN 33 MFNHY5T empie.vM.Ky.
o " f " -. I- I i1 I TM I O M r -
wm VAni ;
Rate per word New Todey:
Bach insertion, per word le
One week (6 insertion!), per word Ke
One month (28 insertions), per word 1T
All adi must be ordered for stated
length ot time, no ad to count lese than
10 words.
The Capital Journal will sot be re
sponsible for more than one Insertion
(or errors in Classified Advertise
ment. Read your advertisement the
first day it appears and notify na im
mediately if it contains an error.
Minimum chirge, 13c.
PHONE 937 For Wood sal.
POTATOES for sale cheap, Phone OFlt
HARRY Windowcleaner. I'hene 763.
WANTED Dry cows and strippers.
Phono 1425-M. Apr I
-Ground floor'
491 N. Cott ige.
FOR RENT house, with gjrage, 174
o. Cottage. Phone 100. Apr
clean. 170 Court street. Apr 15
MODERN 5 room cottage for ront, 1441
Trade St., enquire w. A. Liaton. 4s
Court. Aprl
WANTED Wood cutters to cut white
Jir wood, $1.35 per cord. Phone 6SI2.
FURNISHED house for rent, 7 rooms,
modern, b!2 N. Jl'gh. Inquire at bttn
N. High. . May5
FOR SALEor trade 3 1-3 acres, 6 room
bouse, cleir of incumhrance, on car
line. 320 Hubbard BIJg. Apr7
Carpet weaving. 371 North High St.
Salem, Or. Apr 15
FOlt SALE Mixcct wheat straw.
Hay baled. Phone 41F23. AprlO
lino location, excellent meals. Phone
1156-M. 1510 State. AprT
WANTED To rent an incubator in
good repair. Not less than 150 egg
capacity. Phone 09 F3. Apr7
bouse well furnished, good location,
reasonable rent. 491 Court street, tf
WANTED Will pay cash rent for 4 or
o lcres or goou potato land, iviust
be cheap. Address Journal C OO. Mayti
FOR RENT Business block room, size
18XS0 feet. 407 State street. In
quire at 403 State. Phone 1009. tf
FOR SALE Quick Exchange Muket
Saturday, April 8, two yearling lie't
crs, one Guernsy and one high grade
llolstein. ' Apr7
WANTED Experienced girl for "gener
al housework, none but experienced,
need applv. Mrs. Harry Clay, 270
N. 13th St. tf
SALEM STEAM and Vacuum Carpet
Cleaning Works. Feathers and mat
tresses renovated. Otto F. Zwicker.
Phone 1154. Aprl5
FOR SALE Team of mares, wagon,
Harness, hack plow, cultivator, cream
separator, 2 cows, 3 heifers, 7 shoats
Phone 86F5. Apr8
FOR SALE Jerusalem artichokes IV-jC,
per lbs. White and English. Penciled
Indian Runner duck eggs for hatch
ing. Route 9, box 88. April
WANTED Position by girl sten
ographer, working her way througii
school. Hours after school and Sat
urdays. Phone 2224. AprS
FOR SALE 3V4 half truck Studebaker
wagon. Will trade for heavier wagon,
cordwood or stumpage. 2780 Lee.
Phone 1322 J. tf
WHITE ROCKS An egg striin of ex-
niouion quality, jo eggs Dy parcel
post for tfl.50. Imperial Egg Farm,
Route 3, Salem. tf
FOR RENT Very reasonable, modern
o-room house, close to car line, church
and school. Inquire at 1491 South
Commercial street. AprS
WANTED A man and wife, used t
woods work, who would be willing
to board 2 or 3 men, must have own
camping outfit. The man to help in
woods. Phone 092. tf
up 10 date power equipment. List
your orders at Salem Fuel Yards.
Phone f-29. Densmore & Frcsia. tf
FOR RENT New five room modern
cottage, partly furnished. Close to
cir anil school. Long lease to good
tenant, $10. B. W. Macy, 202 Bank
of Commerce. Thone 815. tf
FIFTEEN ACRES Highly improved, 5
room house, barn 50x50 with cement
floor, 2 miles from town. This can't
be duplicated at the price of $ti()0t).
Morse & Tucker, 144 Com 'I. Apr7
FOR. RENT Five room furnished cot
tage 2 blocks from State House, half
block from car line, plumbed electric
lights, wood and gas ranges, cement
basement, furnace, $20, Inquire llil
S. 14th St. AprS
FOR SALE 6-room house, 2 lots, good
assortment of fruit and berries, small
barn, nil at a bargain. Car line I
block, school 2 blocks. Price 1,35H,
easy terms. Call after 5:30 p. m.,
129(5 N. ISth street, Salem, Ore. Aid
FOR RENT 30 acre hop yard with
good tontrnct on part. Work carried
up to date and bearing orchard, 8
acres, mostly peaches: located onc
hnlf miles west of Wapito station,
Yamhill county. Address Win. 11.
Egan, Gervais, Route 2. Phone
3K1-1. Apr7
BIGGEST SALE Ever von can find:
20 acres, Hi to 17 acres plough Hnd,
balance good timber and pasture, no
buildings. On county road. Littlfl
work to irrigate 2 to" 3 acres. Good
black garden land. Price $1,500. i
worth $3500. 1 need the mnnev. V'3
miles from Salem. "20 Acres." care
of Journil. ' Aprla