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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
April I. 10 1 tt.
Editor and Manager.
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
Sot, and Tress.
Djily by carrier, per year
Daily by mail, uer year . . .
J. 00
Per month 4fc
1'er mouth 35c
New York (hienso
Ward-Lewis-Williains Special Agency H irrv R. Fisher ( 0.
Tribune Building U X. Dearborn St.
The Capital Journal carrier buys are instructed to put the papers on the
porch. If the carrier does uot do this, misses you, or neglect (letting the
piper to von on time, kindlv phono the circulation manager, us this is the only
way we can determine whether or net the tumors arc following instructions.
Phone Main SI.
sympathy and friendship of that public which has been so
often their best stand by, and still is. They cannot afford
to lose this. v Will they?
The Agricultural department says' the United States
imports chicle, the gum from which - chewing gum is
manufactured, of the value of about $:5,5OO,0OO a year,
the weight of which is 7,000,000 pounds, or 3,500 tons.
As probably nine-tenths of all this goes to the girls' gum
tViatrinry l.viirarlo if ic otrirlcmf tVia cujoof trminrr rVnnrrc
collectively manage a cud weighing :U50 tons. Could LManon lounty Veterans
the energy used in masticating this wad be conserved it
would furnish power for a good sized saw mill. Where
is Pinchot?
Portland is planning to establish an immense plant
for building wooden ships. There will be demand, for
these for years to come, and with the world's shipping
"shot to pieces" will command freight rates that will let
them pay for themselves many times over, before they be
come obsolete. This is the most important move Portland
She has all the facilities, the best
London Owing: to the loss of
his entire staff, in consequence
of the war, the editor proprietor
of the "Berkshire ila.ette."
states publicly that he is editor,
reporter, proof reader, machin
ist, office, boy - ami printer's
Will Meet at Woodburn
Ci"iiille. Oreijoii: The actual loss of
land on account of the Hood on the Co
ipiille river is great. It requires only
the observation of the farms nlonjr. the
river hnls on a trip from ('nquille to
at Ut I've found
I don't limp and fuss find worry I
don't scold and fret and bemoau my
liaudnn to see how jrent (he loss really i fate and my feet' bunion Comfort"
is. The biKU water several tunes a year gave me instant relief -stopped tha
, i , i.'pain instantly gradually reduced tin
makes deep cuts into the bottom lands. fnflaramation and softened and dissolved
Some of the bams which were formerly ti, hunion without one bit of cain or
i well back from the river are now al-, discomfort. You can wear regrular shoej
I most readv to fall into the water. j no pads, plates or cutting just put on
I "Bunion Comfort" and away goes your paia
and away eocs your bunion. Over 2,0H
TVinvt. ia n lHrlp nlmul in tho skv. at nresont no larger
thnn ' mnn'c lmnri sn tn sneak, hut which has in it the; has made in years,
seeds of an industrial cyclone. In the midst of the pros-; timber for the purpose in the world, and lots of it
perity brought about by the European war, nothing nasi new venture snoum prove nigniy prontame.
so far arisen to check the business boom. j
While it may be possible the impending trouble may be! A story is told of a couple of negroes, one of whom
avoided, it does not look that way. The cloud has drifted left a barrel of salt pork in the other's cellar for safe
up over the eastern skies from the demands of the brother-1 keeping while he was away a few months. On his return
hoods of trainmen and railroad engineers for an eight, he opened his barrel of pork only to find there wasn't any.
hour day, and time and a half for overtime. It is claimed Confronting his friend with this state of facts and de
this affects about : 5(50.000 men and 480 roads. Under ex- manding to know what became of the pork, the "friend"
isting arguments railroad men work ten hours" for a day's exclaimed: "For de lan sakes! How you spose dat pork
vvork with another arrangement by which freight train- ever leak'd out and leave de brine?" This little story is
men get full pay for running 100 miles, and this whether for Portland's wood supply officials only.
it takes ten hours or not, with extra pay for mileage over
that distance. The dispatches bringing the story of Villa's mishap
The demands of the men have been submitted tortne also brought the rather pleasing tidings that his chief
roads and the roads have refused to allow them. The; lieutenant, Hernandez was "numbered with the slain."
With the leaders out of it the bandits will scatter and be
np't move will orobablv be arbitration.
, . .i i
The railroads claim that their arrangements nave oeen
lost among their fellow Mexicans. It is doubtful if an-
made on the basis of a ten hour day, and certain distances! 0ther leader can be found who would be willing to take
fivpd to be made in that time. Owing to this they have
built their terminals and round houses, and if the new ar
rangement is made these will all have to be rearranged at
considerable expense.
Thm- nnint out too. that railroad work is necessarily
widely different in regard to hours worked from any other
trade or occupation
charge of revolutionary affairs along the border under
present conditions.
According to the attorneys' statements concerning
each other, in arguing the Slaughter case at Oroville, they
'. vp n nrptlv touph hunch. Liars, iwiurers. thieves.
That the hours on freight runs are coyoteS) hyenas and skunks are among the things each
decided largely by circumstances over which neither the
men nor the roads have control, l ney uepenci on me num
ber of stops, the length of the stops, the amount of freight
handled and other things that make it impossible to tell
how many hours a given run will take. They also point
out that the time and a half for over time would add a
burden to the roads that would swamp them.
Another thing is that out of the 1,080.000 railroad em
ployes in the United States :'.00,000, or IS per cent, are
trainmen, and these draw in wages 28 per cent of the total
wage. The earnings of the roads in 1D1 1 were $:'.,() 17,000,
000, and the amount paid out in wages was $1,:V,000,0(X).
or about l") per cent. .
The railroads under 'our laws cannot raise rates witn
,.,f rbu muK.mt if tln mil mad commissions, and so are
(fapitil Journal Special Service.)
Wn.idhnru. Or.. Anr. 1. The Marion. "r.ic..r.i ,.. A -ir hide, imp it!
Countv Veterans' association anticipate j t;1P la rue-it ever hilled in southern Ore-1 men and women have been cured last year
a good time at their next meeting ,, w,s' printed to the countv clerk -nd wf- etySUn Ctf'
which will be held in the armorv Thnrs-, M,lllv !. ,,,-, 1U from the couu-; et KtW"Vone
dnv April rtth. An interestmi; program , ty ,( from the state. The var-; tnf-nf two ftiters, and if you do
will he rendered whtcn is as follows: . mj,lt niensured 10 feet six inches trom 1 not gd fnstaut relief, return the remainder
Sonjf, "America." by audience. i tip of tail to tip of nose. It was killed and get your money back. We know what
Invocation bv Kev. O. C. Weller. ,,v j,.Si Irene I'liricli, nee I'lotncr. of , "Bunion Comfort" has done for others
Address of welcome, bv Mayor J-'si;nokum I'ruirie and in life was a fe-i we know what it can do for you so try
teelhnmmer. 1 melons beast, orevini' upon stock in the them at our expense,
1'nion creek district for month-. '
Portland, Oregon: Moonshiners are!
115 S. Commercial Street
doinn business in Oregon, ami others'
are lii't 1 1 n tr reailv to estaonsii niiiuen
stills, .iccoi'.lin-' to infornnttion
has come to I.. W. KHiott.
for the internal revenue deparlment of
the Oregon and Wnshinuton district.
"Indications of moonshiners have been
called to our attention.'.' said Mr. Kl
liott. "It appears that they will re
iiiiire our attention in tiie near future
rieidini!. "Our Heroes." by Mrs.
Mnrnaret Kelly.
Short talks by Colonel J. M. Poor
man, Major Kunone Mosliheruer an I
Dinner call at 1 1 :.'!0 a. ni.
( all to order at 1 O 'dock.
Sono; by W'oodluii u hiyh s-!iool
Drill, Miss Simpson's pupils.
. Duet, by the Misses Wnucinnii.
Solos, by Mrs. Kay ,1. McKiiiiiey.
Heading, Mrs. Kliner Settlemier.
(.'ornet solo. .Mr. C. W. Kent.
Sou;;, by Octette.
Heading. Miss (irace Liioiahl.
Sithi. Violet ( il-on.
Duet, Norm in and liose Kb-hards,
Solo, .Mrs. Homer Allenian.
rieadiujx. Pearl lUackinmi.
l-'innle. "Star Spangled llannev.'' by
Mrs. .1. I., Buntiui: entertained
J. C. Perry, Drussist,
that - . v. vU .
, i 1- f T 1- T
special aitenti Z,
a nd we cert linlv
them do busiue:
do not intend to let
very loan in this
hei' home
time was
II. I.ladvs
number of her friends at
Wednesday afternoon. Tin
pleasantly spent in sewinir.
was served bv M iraaret II
and Arnold liuntiiii;.
Mrs. Homer Allenian returned to Sa
lem after a short visit here. Mrs. Al
lenian is sitmini; at the Oregon.
K. b ( ooley is seriously ill at his
J. S. Dartoii, of ( oiuille, spent the
week end with relatives in Woodburn.
Mr. an! Mrs. l!oy I.ivesay spent last
week at the home at Mrs. Live-ay's
I arents, Mr. .ind Mrs. Wilson, at Dallas.
j The North '.cid school board has re-j-o!ed
that "mid-week social functions
; for tiie pupils of the city schools should
' be di-couraed by the parents to the
' end that bette work may be accom
plished by the pupils. ' '
i Ton of Stjiytoii's business men went
to Sublimity Tuesday ni'iht to attend
tie refill ir meeting of the Sublimity
(i (in mere ia I club, (uite a crowd of the
Sublimity members were on hand and
r '. H. Downiue called on anv of those
! pn nt for speeches. I
i Anuuii; those who resjl'onded. and!
, talkeil of tiie new railroad beino pro-j
j.ieited from Salem to Head were: .1. T.j
iKearns. K. M. Olmsted and (leo. Keech.i
After a considerable discussion aloni'l
if sc
Elizabeth, N. .(., April 1.
"How to Annihilate a Jersey
Mosquito" is not, but might as
well be. the title of the course
of instruction in 'skeeter mur
der now re uly for the f irst
classes of boys and girls at
school here Monday morning.
The Jersey 'skeeter long has
been known for its size and ler
ocity anil so pestiferous has his
'skeetership become that the
Mosquito Extermination Com
mission, unique as an organiza
tion, has determined that, with
the aid of the children, the sing
ing scourge shall be stiuipeJ
: if sj: gs
insists tearfully, the others are. First thing they know
they will have as bad a reputation as the minister they
are wrangling over.
- - - ' .
If the reports from Mexico are true, and Vilfa'has a
j leg broken, the trouble so far as'he is concerned is over.
When a Mexican cannot board the hurricane deck of a
mustang, he is out of the game. He is a case of Hamlet i
without the ghost; hash without onions, or a presidential
election without those well known initials T. R. and I
Y. J. B
"Ufc vv ; . rllf innononnii vtm given Mr. fccnuiuern
up against a proposition of paying out $100,000,000 extia, . , f
wages without having anyway of increasing their, blt to wi vil
revenue, to meet the demand. It follows then that ,f its habits to Jggle j
The Shell oil company can now do business in this
state, as it has fined articles of incorporation and been,
Mr. Schulderman's consent. As it has been doing:
some months it will not have to change
these demands are granted it will be up to the public to!
tirrniit the roads to raise rates enough to meet uus new
i . ... ii-
alon.g under the new arrangement.
With thirty of their comrades dead in a few minutes
Mr. ami Mrs. Geo. Druue mi'tored to
Portland Wednesday,
The i'lnlanthea das- of the Presby
terian church entertained Tuesday ev
ening ill the church, l.et reshments were
served and a good time was enjoyed
by all woo attended.
St. Mary's Episcopal Cuild members
were entert lined Titesdav afternoon at
the home of .Mrs. H. .(. Austin. The!
holies spent part of the afternoon in1
sew ing for the Easter sale. Mrs. S. :
.McCord. of I'.enton Harbor. Michigan;
Mrs. C. W. Kent, and Miss Mabel I'.os
coe were guests. '
E. G. Kmmett has punht'-ed a pas-:
senger "Ford from s. E. Hrune an I Son.:
II. M. Austin trail-acted busine-s in
Portland Tuesday.
M. .1. Mud ihl. of Monitor, spent Mon-1
liny in Woodburn.
Mr. J. Ulatt went to Portland this!
week ami puivhised a Heo car.
Oeneral W. E. Ein;-er. of Portland.:
"lis calliuu on friends here Monday,
Mrs. II. M. Austin and daughter'
spent the week end with Mrs. Frank ;
Proctor of West Woodburn.
Mrs. Wolford, of Silverton. spent sev
eral .lavs visiting nt the home of her,
sister. Mis. W. H. Pioylcs.
Mr. in. I Mr. A. I'.eniiain. of Minne
apolis, Minnesota, are guests of Mr.'and!
Nlrs. J. A. Austin. I
N. lle.-ker is visiting hi- brother at
Nez Perce. Idaho.
!thit line. E. A.
none very inter.'
: to build up the
j from experieni-e
trip to Cermanv
Hell gave the crowd j
sting remarks on how!
fertility of the farms I
he had gained in his;
five years ago. The!
Stayton delegation then extended aui
invitation to the Sublimity club to visit!
sta toa in the near future. Stavton
Lawrence Ira man received twentv-
fh e skunks last week by express from!
l'.'iitisvlvnnin, and will embark in skunk I
farming ne.ir tiervais. The animals all
stood the trip in fine shape and seem1
lo be adapting them.-elves to their new
When the animals arrived and were
placed on Me expre-s truck at the de
pot they attracted considerable atten
tion, .iii-l mo' of tiie small boys took a
chance on stirring them up with a stick,
a- he had been told they were "nun
stinkable. " .However, they were as .lo-!
cile and tame a- kittens. Cervais Star.
You can make money by i
reading the Journal New Today :
column. jj;
to aid nature occasionally when your
liver is sluKKhsh, your stomach dis
ordered or your bowels inactive. Let
this safe, mild, dependable remedy
regulate these organs and put thera
in a sound and healthy condition.
Ltrtert Sl of Anr Mtdicine tn the WorU.
Sold rerywher. In boxes, 10c, 25.
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which
will cure any known
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283.
f. .1 k 11 l 111 il f I ' . tT,T-
hi l . - 4-.- x.,t- 'ltt-fM' t ip -tnpvtp:ins ran nnrnss inpnv if is nmhnh p rnp - -. ami i. . l.n.s i
charue; in other woms tne putuic win u;ic iu at;iv'v il-ini.v - .-ti t, . L- .1 1 , y !r i-ft Wednesday for th.-ir logging
i ..If It V lUllIUlt'I t)L lilt Uaim 111 11U e U IllliUei teuai ll iUl .ami. near .l;l itv. where thev i
1110 extra cnaigt. lutu. i; -J tl1(, 1li,ic,i,l "ofitiP'n" heivaftpr. Psiwinllv if h wpjii-s i"'1"1 fns '!"""" T'"-- "ul 'i"1'"'
rStlll anOiner Pro H'Mimil lIUll ti'ii'i'? Mil" iiiv v.i.-i-i.i.. . . - gutter ny ineir wnes wno win spen.i'
that railroad men generally are paid higher wages than: Uncle bam s uniform and carries a gun. j'Vn'.? TuvV;'
nniiim i
returned la
I pity the poor, sordid soul, who alwavs is asking him-
countrv cannot afford it nor can the trainmen atTord it. j self, "Oh. how can I add to my roll, and store up more
nt tended
itnut anv other. This raise in wages, it it is granted,! -m wo,iburn i,st week trom suit Lake
must a large part of it come from the pockets of other. What has become of the Turks? No one has heard X;-' ;rrl""n,i-KoBBCJf
i-i,,,.-or win-, w onrnine' far less than the trainmen. i a gobble out oi them since the Russians chased them out. okmei ami m.-. j. m. ivormaa at-
IdlRlIU UU uu yuuius ... . ,.;, 011i f,f Teolii7,nu! ' tended the reunion and banquet the
H eher railroad rates means higher cost of living, and ; ot Ueluzond. spanisii-Ameri.au a,- M-tcans in
as the laborer, no matter what his calling, has to eat ami, ;
wear clothing, he eventually pays all the bills: for while March played the game according to Hoyle this year,
it looks as though large companies with immense amounts coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb.
f fi-.-iivht would nav a laree portion of the railroad;
freight bills they do not do so. for they pass the freight
along to the consumer of their products. !
So it will be seen the dispute is not entirely one bo-
tween the railroads and their employes, but one between,
the ::09.000 trainmen and the balance ot the iw.uuu.wu
citizens of this country, who will have the bill to pay.
It is sincerely hoped the matter will be atljusted in a
friendly way, foV a strike would simply paralyze business
in,) IwiniY nil tl foil i lit. on that would be unbearable. The
1aL I.
The public has rights the trainmen are bound to respect ' plunder and pelf?" If always you think of your pile, and
and if thev do not. but bring disaster on the country they; make of your bankbook a pet, the things
will have struck labor a blow from which it will take it (TTT that are traly worth while you're apt to
tland Prid
W. L. Pent ley
f ic in Seattle.
Attorney Plaiue McPord -pent Wed
nesd iv in Salem.
.Mrs. I'lyde Yoder. of 1'nion,
ue le Moss entertainment
Mrs. K. X. Hall returned Saturdav:
, from Pallas win re she has been visaing'
.at the heme or her daughter. Mrs. Vie-i
tot lialentine. I
Lev. 1.. c. Poor attended the me.-t-1
j ing of the ministerial ns-oeiatiou iui
, oPrthutd M'ondiy.
j Mis. Sadie Ibiuick children spent
I the week end in Portland with friends.'
P. O. Seatoa representing tt.- North-(
west Puinrt'.ire company of t'...."tlan 1. ',
ias in Woodburn Tuesday.
The Wi.edl'Uru Retail Mer' iiants' as
sociation iield a meeting m the ctv
hall Tuesday, night. Mr. '. X. He"k;
was chosen l a dclegnte to the state
i, invention at As-f
For Immediate Delivery
5 Load lots at
years to recover, tor unless the trainmen suonm ineir no
mantis to arbitration, which they say in advance they will
not, they will array public sentiment against them, and
eventuailv lose out; and at the same time lose the
Order Now
Front and Ferry
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1S6S
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Depasit Boxes
: Y
Ketail Merchants
toria, April "Jii'jr.
in-n.M-r. t i .-...rv.l- IF nl.,-..,. U 1 . ''"i .1.-...1I io s o? oi I nr
'"""- ' U"t- dtit, ,iUU IUUUVCI ifivo hundred club a ended trida
and wish, and hunger and thirst for theiwh,M1 ,h'' liv"n' .'ntTwiitM tht
,., l c i r r- i ii Iwinniuir side at a banouet in the Ma
lOOlt, UUU Uft'r gU HMUIIg I OI' nsn, Or mini- ,.inie tmple. r en the lusinc side! f
ing wan-nogs wun a gun, n an tnrougn tne:"1 "V. n'1. JI ; n;,"' 'r;
i . , , and Mrs. ( . 1 . l.oodale. Mr. an 1 Mr. P.
hurrying year, your thoughts are on profit a. i.hes'.ev. Mr. and xirv i.. m. n;t
and gain, your soul will be shriveled anfe;
sere, the rust will get lnto-vour brain. It, tin- winninu side were. u. ud Mrs.'Aiways Watcn This Ad
Telephone ,1830
S !5I T "7 V " T" , mm wm
Pose. Or. and Mrs.
tk.,:.. 1. 1 ..il il. ... ii - .I. 1 1.. I.nnren..
iiuu infii ituii tin mt' van iiuiiK ui isi
I t l ... ... ... If
whom Cash is a god ; for Cash is their store 1 "' m. p. m. p:.,- aui Mr. nd'Mri!
I After the LamiueT. fie iiuu itcd wns
The master of money ne'er knows the literature of , ' .m.r pi. e, f-n t.. Mrs. o. p.
the day, the works of Nick Carter or those of "Rita" OYZthu::
Bertha M. Clay. His soul is ingulfed in the mart, is life's iXVhi;"':in- .
aim is sordid and grim, the treasures of song and of art' s,-Ai.u . Knt.-rpr-. better fir
and music are dead ones to him. He cares not for color 1'ri,,,';,i'm' ,h OI :-'JV "
or tone, and nothing for mirth does he care; he sees in theitm.-k for the h'.s'e' , h...,, u ta- k
Changes Often
Stnotlr correct Treiht, quar. deal and highest priee. for ill kinrjg of
junk, metal, rubber, hidei ud fur.. I ry 2U,C j,er ponad fof oIJ
Bi? $tock of U i ?oond h.J incubators. All kind, corrupted f
iron for both roofs ni buiUin Boofing w and lecond Uai X
H. Steinback Junk Co. I
The House of IfVf t MlVioa Bargini. J
I distance a bone, and chases it down to its lair.
adder, and tli
fne depntuueat.
Jabbshio of
302 Nortk Commercial St
Pjone 803