Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 01, 1916, Page TEN, Image 10

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"Salem's Style Store
A Great Pre-Easter Sale 100 Newest
Women's and Misses' Suits at $19.85
we place on sale a
beautiful assortment of New York's latest model suits at a
price within the reach of everyone. 100 choice suits to select from
including the popular serges, poplins, gabardines and various
check patterns in navy, peach, tan, Belgian blue, sage green, apricot (f1 Q OF
champagne and various colored checks. Choice . 00
See the window display
Seven day Pre
Easter sale of New
York's latest
Dozens of exclusive models-no two
alike. Hats of utmost style at a price
you can afford to pay. Buy your spring
Hat NOW at this sale. Choose early, for
the choicest models will sell rapidly.
Another Assortment of 50 STYLISH SUITS up to $42.50 Offf
at a reduction of .... S0
INCLUDED in this lot are exquisite silk suits, check patterns, velours, serges,
gabardines and poplins in most desirable colors. Do justice to yourself if you in
tend to purchase a new suit. See these big assortments and get an early Of)0
choice. The price on every one of these fifty models reduced
y-PCS Yourchmce $3.98 j
: JiyiloO.ODlCjpOIS KZ See the window disolav
No. 789th Wednesday Sup BABY FLOUNCING AT 89c A YARD. ALLOVER SHADOW LACES AT 89c A YARD See the window displays.
nrfcr iIp A hiV rimtlilp ur jace anc" Embroidery Section offers these two very exceptional values as real surprise values. A very fine grade Embroidered
pusc oaiu a ui& uvuuit Baby Flounces many pretty designs to select from Your choice Wednesday 89c A YRD
Sale for next Wednesday ropular Shadow Laces Allovers double width, very beautiful patterns, choice of white or ecru, for Wednesday only . . .fifch YARD
Enables us to make and adjust those glasses which
help your eyes most.
Ask for the Shur-On mounting.
HIISS A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
. 208-209 Hubbard Building. Phone 109
All Around Town
Ijurcil, blacksmith.
I W. 0. llinliiii. Salem, wrist bruised.
Rflnnrtc RuCV Wpplr ' sawmill.
Accident Commission
A total of UOIt accidents of which
tiono wore fatal were reported to tin'
State Industrial Accident commission
iar the week ending March ."50. Of this
number nine were reported from Ma
ritm county as follows:
William Kttner, Salem, finger cut,
woolen in i 1 1 14.
Stanley Ostrnudor, Salem, fool ii'ol
unklo bruised, motorcycle ropsir
W. V. Battler, Alill City, slr.i.'dcr
bruised, sawmill.
(. F. Hohertson, Slll.MII, wrist
sprained, -nil w in ill.
Clifford ( Staytiin, Slnyton, eye
injured, machine shop.
I'lydc Pownlng, Stay ton, eye in
jored, farming.
Samuel II. Irwin, Woodhurn, eye in I
II. H. ltulsoy, Salem,
hernia, rallioad
Corvnllis, Ore., April 1. With
UK) entrants r'il'ost'iitiii(j ovory
ciIIi'm Hiul nlhU'tio club of tlio
I'm'i f io ouii't, locoriln wcri ex
pootcJ to bo umasln'il today
wlion the Tar "ostirn Track
and Field Al i'l't oponi'd hero this
afternoon. Ideal weather ruvo
assurance of some noteworthy
work on the part of contestants,
nnioni; whom are several world
April 3 Slection of director
tourist and publicity depart
ment, Commercial Club.
April 4 Recognition services
for Rev. tleo. V. Holt, First
Haptist church.
April 7 Tuskejiee Jubilee sing
ers at Congregational church,
April 7 Prof. Robert E.
.Staufl'er lecture at public, lib
rary ou " Oregon Litera
ture." April ! Oregon Social Hygiene
Society, open meeting at
Armory, H p. m.
April 18 Registration for
primary election closes.
April ;t. I'Mection of . director
April ... Mid Summer Night's
lream, Opera House, auspices
Salem Women 's Club.
April 2S Hunter Sunday.
April Dance, benefit Salem
Street Railway baud, at tho
April L'S H'mii school play
"Creen Stockings" at opera
Your suit pressed. Phone i3.
Dr. R. T. Mclntyre, physician and Build now and enjoy the comforts of
surgeon, 214 Masonic Hhlg. I'boae 410. a good home. Lumber and building
o I materials of all kinds, price right, cs-
You cut out the middle man when; timates glailly iurnisiied. Falls Citv-
j you buy 3 loaves of fresh bread for 10 Salem .umber Co., I'hone S13.
cents at the .Modem Hnkery, 439 Court o
street. Aprl Leslie Stiffler, who has held the posl-
i o jtion of assistant manager of the Wool-
Help, nelp," rang out the voice of ; worth store, lias accepted a position
a woman on the midnight .lir, at the i with the Woohvorth store at Belling
honie. of M. K. Rogue, 4.)4 ilariou ham. Wash. He has been with the Wool
street. This is all there is to the story, worth store in Salem four years and
as it .just happens that a surprise party ' will go with the Bellingliam store as
Buick light truck for sale cheap, or I was in progress and shortly after mid- i assistant manager.
will trade
Vick Bros.
for wood, horses or cows.
"Home Ties," a four act drama fea
turing rural life will be played at Cen
tral Howell hall Saturday evening,
April 8. After the entertainment, there
will be a dance, with music by the Sa
lem orchestra.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
Motor truck for sale.
night some one happened to remember
that April I began after the stroke of
Suits pressed, "iOc. M. F.
III.") Hubbard Hldg. Phone 13,
The month of March may be consid-
jored a pretty rainy month, as the of
iw.tj ; ficial records -show' that the total rniu
MLl,eod,;f.1u wus io po in.-hes. Fur the mouth
! of March, one venr airo. the rainfnll
Ben II. Williams, who has ueen rtof
.. ,1 V,A uiiii, ji, v.UIIC
along so gradual and spread out over
so many days that the highest, record
for tho river during the month was
ii.o atiove low water. This hieh record
Will consider
Inquire Uidoon 1 1
team as part payment
Stolz Co., Rhone 2ti.
The property owners along South
Commercial street held a meeting last
night to discuss the paving of South
Coinemr.ial street to the southern city
limits. The property owners petition
ed for a pavement to cost not more than
ol) cents per 'square yard.
Why worry? Let L. Bechtel & Co.
do that, they will get you II good ten
ant for your vacant house. " Apr3
Dr. Stone's Heave Drops cures heaves.
Price $1: for sale by all druggists.
Wind proof and water proof matches
and methods of maaufacture m.iv now
I be seen in the show windows of the
st;,lihniaii fur the stale inda.it i 'ul w
ivlcnt ci lnniission for the past ycir
b ft Salem today to accept a position in
the e-teos!on denfirtnienf nf Hi, I'ttiicr.
sity of Oregon. He will be secu-tarv.oC1 T X. -h't) V" h,Rh Tn''il
. i, ... .1.-., ... ,i , . . . ....t i .i . " ' was on the 2i th. The lowest stnee -f
nit "VUllll III HU lllll'lll til lllf CAIfllMlIU , tl ,,x..t. -r 1 m j--
' .M.iiru i., nve icet
nireau. .No successor has been named i ,,i,,.vl
as vet bv the comini!.4roiiers.
Do you need your saw or lawu mower! i,?!","1 ?,'U be firedn xt, on
sharpened, vou Jan get it done promptly ; ,'IJ ' n n, " f '""'! -lnb as
bv S. P. McCrackeu at .1. P. L.useu 's " ,h? , "", ''" II pursue
...... ' ,' " i--i(.i it-n ui tin I'liin
! for the coming year, bv the election of
shop, 172 S Liberty St.
Th Summer Vonnnl at. SalAm W!. I " " ur. tn r- ' 'echeua.-li. ,t, rector
April 3; and
eeks. Address X
.1. Kraps,
nt tha rmiM.I ,i.l ...il,l:..:... 1
.,ivrti ' -i .,.! ,n., in, uvp.ii uiiein.
',n iUll,v th'' l't'iliil,"''t ith this depart
' . .'. .meat will be allowed to vote. As vet,
i no one has miiioiiii.c,l nml .m-.,.., !!:..,.
XT fHl" Vl T t 1, il rtn.ilrn n f 1. M n
, i'Yi :.; K.r . . . I.mnouncement that
.,. ..'. !. .. V.. ' V " v "'at of ti.e president of
come up for re-
Knows !
The best ground and sifted cereal food ever offered
for a man or woman's appetite-entertainment
Capital City Patent Flour
At Your Grocer
Dr, Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glass
H correctly. U. S. Bank. Bldg.
The" father of Ous A.- Taw, of Uie
jC.ipital lrug Store, died yesterdav ut
Sil erton,
1 Funer
ton tomorrow,
i Dr. Stone's drug store.
'seems quiet. In fact, the onlv positive
nas i.een made is
he club. W. "l
ri,m ...t i ii iiiiiiiiuiMi, iiiiu
;;:;;;;: i.nrin: .iH. ,,;o,h of March.i1!:.:. wiu
411 people made nffid ivit to the effect! 0
that they were entitled to legallv re- i im,. j.i,,f ... I
ceive the two quarts allowed every' four . , .! .t5,C0?t'St1 ,as eVe,n"1
-t i.i- ii- i) l iweeks. Wi e l ie Mnreh shii.inonti . " : uiinri I'll
mi. 'i -nil i,iii .-iiir'i. i-t. it. ... . r
niuounteii to ,vj quarts, tnis was con-
of an increase over Febru
ary's record of "mi quarts.
Mowaril. Ihe i isinverer find owner nt i
the process, will demonstrate what his ; siderable
matches will do. The doctor is in the
city to interest capital in the manii-
ton, from a stroke of paralysis. """"" ul
al services will be held at Silver- vn. . . ? .
I A fanners' commission house has
been opened by I.indley and (iholson on
'the vacai.t lot adjoining the Cherry
ii'ity cafe. Mr. Lindley recently sold
' his'interest in the Cm'rrv City cafe.
It means more life to your shoes ev
ery time you have thein sliined at Oil
son's professional shoe-shiiiiug pirlor. I
4.17 Shite. ffl
. n. : boys attending the public schools, nc
The commercial club is la correspond- oor,li"B to the monthly report just is
ence wit'n parties in the east who are i by Superintendent Llliott. The
lireetiou of Helen Miller Sean, proved
to be quite a drawing card and also!
showed the interest of the Salem people
in the work of this depaitnient. dames1
Suits pressed, 50c. M. F. Mcleod.!. . ..' ' i:1"'.'0"'. 1 treshnian, was!
40.-, Hubbard Bldg. Phone 43. , ,7 f V hv .l.'dges.
JL0 I "t did not tare quite so well when the
Get a Sonora in your home and your ' i'"ip,,lar, vp,p was .,,i,kt,- ,.Th;.
wife will not do all the talking. .U rtlo '' , . P,i , B"hn' 01 Sa.1,'m-
. .. a 111 third uri.e hi- Mm-.r-iT-.
Miowiamt, -t.l court. ,e w i '.r , " '
0 of Salem. hen the popular vote was
There are lust 32 more irirU ; . it w. found to he a tie between
.... :." .u ... . . ! -Uss t.arnson ami .Mis Bolin. and this!
i prize, given by Mrs. Seuu, was divided
loetween the two young ladies,
; You get more bread, fresher bread
land better bread for your money at the
.Modern naKery.
Your suit pressed. Phone 43.
! The officers for the coming year of
the MoosV lodge will be Installed Tues
day evening, April 11. Fred S. I
; port, the retiring dictator, has held
the office two years. The incoming
i dictator is F.rnest Blue.
Ill t ie ril MIKI linv ;.... ml olnim t. i U" S UUmiHT l.O.in. B1UI CH S. l.OOS I D :.; , ... , .
have the opimrtuuitv of locating f rom I making a total tor the city schools of,for y i!tlu . h,n .,,,
2.-. to 30 families. They want land that ;104. The per cent of attendance was First Ha, ti-t 'chun i, nevt T'e 1 v e -
Mil It.t vul.l if li. ic;. i...wigw;i.L Ht. Which IS Mhiiv. tht nvrntu fur tli.i I ...... mi . '. ' r
Anrl 1 1... .............. i " ."' ' ' V. ' , ..." , :;;.-;-;..V.r.-..:. . ." V'm as airw.ly arrang-
-i ... k ' i "in i. aiiv uiw uaiinn mini .i... ....in ..miiiiimiT inmiu n,..fll uiciiotes greeting from the north-!
. that might fill the bill, would confer a made by l.iol pupils, fhe average dailv ! west ),v ,,e nev ( p,,v of p . !
, favor by notifving the manager of the, attendance was IMisi;. Twenty boy-, and .land: greetings f'.o'm the srat'e'bv Thos.!
....... nun m, .iininnin, - " vvi uiv age ui -u are auenu- i . Kav; greetings from the citv bv
. ,. ,"7"0rT . , i'"fi' Mayor Hmley o. White: greetinus froni
30 loaves of fresh., bread for one o the- Ministerial union, bv the- Kev K I
dollar. See for yourself at the Modern' Miss MinnetU Masers announces tli T lirt..i- nl,.i C v' '
ii l, .... ,. H . . . . , - , , . . . : . '" in c I 'liirciii
iimm i., wiin sum. Apri , removal or ner stu. no to The new .Moore , liy IVacon Albert Copley. The
' o iiMiiiiung on vourr sireer. ah appoint- mon of the evening will be
i u l lM eP'e yuicK uients tor tuiMiiess eng igenients must bv Vr. Pettv. After the close of the
, r.Xl'hliniTIt Auction lnrkat nn Sfttitnlqv In. t.iu.l.. (...,., in ,i .'r..... O ... 11 n '..l..l- I..' .1 ' . ... v , .
Atitomohili tor hlr.. n.u.n,r.r. a...:. "I , "1"":' . ..'."'". ."" . ". f'-cram. u.erp win ne in informal so-
... n.-iu ,.v Bl e ii. ni. rociimuiL' i eieiiuoue il:-. v oice tesreil tree ot-.-ml n nr,l., o.n oil
preached i
baggage traiisfered, rates reasonable, i sold on commission. lin 't foruet I bnv
country trips a specialty. C. O. Me-1 household furniture for cash. F. N'.l
F.lroy. I'hone S47 or 63. tfjWoodry, auctioneer. Phone 511. Apr20.
ees te
Try Capital Journal Want Ads.
an op
i-oiiuiutj oi inceimg me nw pastor.
Hefreihiiieiits will be served bv the la-1
dies of the chur-'h. '
Washington, April I. The i
inter-state commerce comniis-
sion today postponed, on reeoni-
inendntion of Commissioner s:
Harlun, the order issued in tho :
Astoria rute case. The order was si:
st to have been effective May 1.
Announcing the postpone-
nient, tho commission said that
the railroads involved had ak
ed for a rehearing, but that
their petition had been delayed.
Holding up of the order will
continue pending the rehearing
of tho petition.
jje 'f
MAYO At bis home four miles nort.-i
of Salem, at Kaisr Bottom. Mniv'i
31, 19 10, Frank J. Mayo, in his CSth
Besides hrs widow, he is survived b;
n ilniHhter Atis. J. B. McKnii'ht. of
Kaiser Bottom, and a son, Walter Mny-..,
of Kapid City. S. D.
Funeral services will be held nt :'
o'clock Sunday at the home, Kev. Vni .
of the Methodist church, eonductinr
The body will be forwarded to Haw!--eye,
Iowa, for burial.
Tho tactical walk of Company 3 i
tomorrow afternoon will start at C
armory with a ride in nutos to the pun
in Polk county where the things tlu.t
soldier should kuoiv will be put in
Rev. T. P. Ford, district snpermtar
dent of the Methodist church, will
dress the official member. of Sale
Methodism at 3 o'clock Sunday aftei
noon in the First Methodist ehurcl .
Members and friends of the churcln
aro welcome.
"Custer's Last Battle" is tho sub
ject of an address to be delivered ncv;
Wednesday evening at Kyan's hall l,v
li. M. Read. The proceeds of the lec
ture will go" to the building fund
the l.'nited Kvanyelicai c.urch of Sn
Exactly 3,877 people paid ad':;ifis:T
to see Hillie Burke in "Peggy" uu.
ing the three day run rt the Or.'g.',
this week. This is perhaps fie large-
attendance for any single atuactini
shown in the city.
The Capital Journal is in receipt of :
'forest cover map of Oregon. A limi
number of these maps were printed fi
distribution to the public schools. Tin'
map shows in detail the exirM acreato
of forest land in the state and ais i
notes a few things about building fin ;
in the forest, one of which is the fm
that it is unlawful to build a fiio
against a Free, stump or l"g. The man
was drawn in the office of F. A. KllioP
state forester. It is not for goner:1 i
distribution, but can be purchased fo-
Another Salem product will be ex
ploitcd through the country to spread
the fame of the Willamette vallc).
Phe made from loganberries and des
tined to rival grape juice as a thirs.
quencher, will be advertised by a ser
"ies of humorous posters of unnusiu' -
merit. Ihe original drawings ol the'o
posters have been displayed in the sin
windows about town tlte past week ne
have attracted considerable nttentiio.
The artist is Mr. Howard Fisher o
Portland, -who has won fame as a sculp
tor as well as a designer having mod
eled the group "Say please," in bin
ter which was '.-ecu at the last stuto
Jacob Fuhrer, messenger lor the LaiM
& Bush bund, was initiated today into
the mysteries of an old fashioned Apiil.
fool's day. It was worked about n
follows: He was given a check on trc
I. S. National where he was info'iui'i
the party hud no funds, but was ratifi
ed that probably tin. account was with
the savings department. The saving'
department yteller passed the check o
to tho stenographer who was of th"
opinion the account was intended fo:
the Capital National. With hope defer
red, the liiissenger again presented th
chrc.it for payment and upon being turn
ed (town again, made a close stioly
of the rgnature ano found the eh -i I.
was signed by K. Z. Mark.
WA II -M .Akin GO
uiucas itepairea 0JC?r5T:ji
Also a Nice Line oi
Masonic Temple
Lincensed Lady Em
balmer lloderate Prices
Latest lIethod3 Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ore.