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TAKING OF lllf Oil
Cerman Artillery Conducting Terrific Bombardment of the
Bethencourt SalientAlso Pouring Rain of Shells On
! Verdun-Paris Railway French Forces West of the
Meuse Placed In Imminent Peril by German Gains
Artillery Battle Raged All Night
London, April 1. Again shifting his attack to the
Meuse east bank, the German crown prince gained a foot
hold in the eastern outskirts of Vaux village, Paris dis
patches reported today. The messages also declared Ger
man artillery was conducting a terrific bombardment of
the Malancourt-Bethincourt salient.
German guns are bombarding the Verdun-Paris rail
way from Avocourt woods, six miles to the north, Paris
dispatches declared today. It is believed this is a prelude
to a drive on the railroad and a general assault northwest
of Verdun. , .
Aeroplanes, escorted by armored fighting air machines
of the Fokker type, are circling over the tracks, signaling
to the crown prince's gunners, giving the range and tell
ing the effect of the shots. These crafts are constantly
being attacked by French flyers, which have succeeded in
driving them away several times.
The German capture of Malancourt puts French forces
west of the Meuse in imminent peril. The Germans are
expected to follow up their present advantage with
massed attacks on Bethincourt. Experts believe the
Teutons will renew the smash against Avocourt woods as
soon as sufficient artillery has been brought up.
Paris, A ril 1. "By two strong nt-tiu-ks
the Germans in large forces
gained a foothold in Vuux," said the
official communicate today. ,
"The region west of the Meuse was
bombarded all ' night, but there were
no infantry operations. A cumin of
five from our artillery and infantry
checked the German rush at Vaux yes
terday. " Last night disregarding their losses,
Hie Germans captured several houses.
Heavy atrillery duels ivere fought last
night in the Argonne. The French ef-i
Money Paid Undertaker Is
Found, But
New York. April 1. Cuun.-el for Dr.
Arthur Warren Waite, confessed poison
er, will ask thai he be again committed
to Itellevue hospital for examination as
to li is sanity, it was learned today.
, This retliest will be made when Wa,ite
is arraigned Monday on an -indictment
charging him with murdering John K.
l'eck. his wealthy father in-law.
Led by District Attorney Swann, a
force of officers succeeded in uncover
ing the roll of bills which Eugene O.
Kane, undertaker, said he received
from Waite nad binned under a tree in
a lonely part of Long, Island, When
counted, however, there was only
$7.H0 in the roll. Kane had admitted
receiving .it,000 from Waite, who
wauled him to swear there was arsenic
in the fluid wilh which he embalmed j
Peek 's body.
The authorities announced that Kane)
admitted receiving a check for $9400 ;
in addition to $7,SO0 in greenbacks. Hej
"How Codfish Are Pried" delighted
r. la'ge an' intelligent audience ut tV
? o'ki -luilcm hist niglit. An onion a
il iy keeps r.iur friends it lay.
festively shelled railways north of
Haute Chevauche."
Submarines Get Three.
London, April 1. One sailor died and
many others were saved when two Nor
wegian vessels and a British schooner
were sunk, presumably by German sub
marines or mines, it was learned today.
The casualty- occurred on the Nor
wegian steamer Memento, 1 ,000 tons.
All hands were saved when the Nor
wegian ship Nome plunged to the bot
tom. This was a craft of 1,100 tons.
By quiehly taking "to the boats' the
crew of the British schooner John
l'ritchard, 118 tons, escnped death.
Is $1200 Short
has failed to explain what he did with
the cheek. His bank accounts will be
examined bv the detectives.
Prisoner Pardoned So
He Can Be Sent To .
Washington Penitentiary
Tn accordance with recommendations
of .lodge W. L. Bradshaw, District At
torney W. A. Bell, Sheriff Levi Chris
nmn, of Wasco .'onnty, and State 1'arole
Officer Joseph Keller, Governor
Withvcombe today issued a restoration
of citizenship to .1. 1'. Johnston. John
ston was sentenced to the penitentiary
from Wasco countv in November, l'JlH,
to serve from six montus to ten vears
for assault with a dangerous weapon.
A conditional pardon was issued also
to Frank Vaughn, sentenced to the pen
itentiary from Cons county in l.inuary
1914 to serve from six months to five
years for receiving stolen property.
This action was recommended by the
prison nuthoriti.'s and the parole board,
in order that Vaughn, who has served
his minimum sentence, might be turned
over to the agents of the Walla Walla
state penitentiary in Washington, to
serve a sentence there.
Germans Assert Losses
of Russians Heavy
Berlin, Apr. 1. Kussian casualties in
their offensive against Field Marshal
Vou Bindcnburg 's front were "official
ly estimated today as 140,000.
On the western side, German .iviators
in a sky duel with French aeroplanes
shot down four enemy machines. Two
of them fell inside the German lines, it
was officially announced.
The artillery battle in the Argonne
forest and along the Meuse continues.
British grenade and mine attacks have
been repulsed.
The Kussi.in offensive was decared
to have apparently exhausted itself,
temporarily at least. "The Russians
from February "S to March attacked
larue sectors nf Field Marshal Von
II indenburg 's front with .'10 divisions''
said the statement. "More than 500,
Ui HI Slivs made the assaults. The am
munition expenditure was unprecedent
ed ,on the eastern side. Thanks to
the bravery and tenacious endurance
of German forces, the attack were not,
successful..' '
Dutch Government Aroused
Over Sinking of Tubantia
Spain Too, Angry
London, Apr. l.-The Dutch parlii
ment has summoned a special session
for Sunday to consider the sinking of
the Dutch liner Tubantiu, supposedly
by a German submarine, Copenhagen
dispatches asserted today.
The Dutch-German situation was re
ported critical today, following a meet
ing of the highest army officers and
navy leaders, which lasted all day yes
terday. .Railways were reported com
mandeered anil furloughs cancelled. Ow
ing to the disablement of cables by
storms, it was impossible to verify
these reports. All dispatches were sent
via Copenhagen.
It was saiil the German minister had
assured The Hague government "that a
German submarine could not have tor
pedoed the Tubantia.
Spain to Join In Protest. 1
Madrid, Spain, Apr. 1. The Spanish
ministry has voted to protest to Ger
many against the killing of Spaniards
by an explosion which damaged the
channel steamer ussex and caused a
heavy loss of life. Spanish eonsulry re
ported that the vessel lud been torpe
doed. Market Was Stronger
But Fluctuations Light
New York, April 1. The New York
Evening Sun's financial review today
The market responded to the more
favorable overnight Mexican news with
a generally stronger opening, but trad
ing was narrow and activity confined
to a relatively few issues. Naturally,
properties associated with Mexico were
most conspicuous.
Mexican Petroleum opened wide :rf
advances ranging from 1 .1-8 .to 2 -IS.
American Smelting and Iiefiniug start
ed at 1 1-4 higher. Steel was heavy at
the outset. Iiaihvays twero neglected
but conspicuous specialties like Cruci
ble Steel, Baldwin Locomotive and In
dustrial Alcohol were improved.
As far as could be determined from
outward observation there was no
change in the character of the trading.
Short covering influenced by pool oper
ations was chiefly responsible for the
early strength. The short session mili
tated against any very extensive, par
ticipation of outside interests.
Although the submarine question lost
force by the effect of the" administra
tion's announcement that it intended
to defer action util it was possible to
thoroughly investigate the Sussex and
other cases, the situation continued to
restrain trading.
Independence Boy Scouts
Carry Message to Salem
A patrol of four boy scouts from In
dependence rode to Salem this morning
on bicycles ami delivered a message to
Governor Withyconibe. They spent the
forenoon viewing the points of interest
about the capital city and the state
house in pati;ular and after attending
to the business ut hand returned to In
dependence. The patrol was in charge
of Grant Byers, patrol leader, and Ray
mond Smith, captain, the other boys
Were Vore Feu ton and Jack Richardson.
Uev. W. C. Stewart, o'f Independence,
sent tin message which was delivered to
Cow. ncr Withvcombe.
Following is the correct
Capital Journal of Salem,
Total Average daily circulation for the 26 days of publication
during the month of March, 1916 t
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st .day of April, 1916.
K ' Notary Public for Oregon..
This circulation statement is printed because the publishers of the Capital
Journal believe that businessmen have a right to know what they are paying for
when they buy advertising space in a newspaper. We make no circulation claims
simply a statement of circulation facts, which any advertiser is at liberty to in
vestigate for himself. Our mailing lists, carrier lists and press run figures are
at his service. We have no circulation secrets because we have no cause to be
ashamed of our subscription list, and no good reason for misrepresenting it in
any respect.
The Capital Journal believes that it has by far the largest circulation of any
newspaper attempting to cover this field and it is a legitimate subscription not
padded by fake voting contests or wholesale distribution of premiums. Further
more, 95 per cent of this circulation is in Marion and Polk counties, directly tribu
tary to the City of Salem.
"The Lion and the Lamb Shall
Lie Down TogeJher"---and
Politics Lead Them
Leaders See In This An At
tempt To Hand Roosevelt
the Nomination
Washington. April 1. Republican
leaders today agreed that the luncheon
at which Robert Bacon, former secre
tary of state, entertained Theodore
Roosevelt, F.lihu Root and others in
New York yesterday was for the an
nounced purpose of discussing prepared
ness. "Preparedness for what!" several
leaders asked, however.
Root is the man who the progressives
accuse of rushing through the program
whereby Roosevelt was defeated for the
presidential nomination at the repti'1
can convention of J012. The fact that
Roosevelt aud Root lunched together
gave rise to a report that a movo was
afoot to make Roosevelt the regular
republican cau'didatc this year.
"The luncheon was interesting, and
now we are sure that the colonel will
be a candidate for the republican nomi
nation, said Senator Gallingor today. "I
have known it for months. But he will
never -succeed. The republicans will
nominate a man who can be elected.
There is n widespread feeling that
Roosevelt is not that man."
"This means' that the republican
party is drawing together," declared
Senator roindox.r. "It will l.ave a
patriotic and progressive platform and
a really progressive lender, very like
ly the colonel himself. Henry Allen, nf
Kansas; McCormick, of Chicago, and T.
0. Disney, of Ohio, attended the lunch
eon. They are real progressives."
Senator Borah said: "The meeting
looks as if there were prepjaredness
for peace as well as for war within the
Passengers Taken Off
and Big Liner Floated
San Francisco. Anr. 1. Bavin? re
ceived news that all passengers of thet
liner Chiyo Maru were s.ifely landed at i
Hong Kong after the steamer ran
aground on Leina islands, local offices
of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha today anx
iously awaited word as to the d.unuge
done to the vessel. The Chiyo was re
ported to have been floated, and sue
will probably be towed to llong Kong
where an examination can be made. '
According to messages received at
the local offices, a British destroyer as
sisted in removing p.issengers. There
was no panic.
One message here said that tho re
turn sailing of the Chiyo Mara would
be "delayed." This gave rise to a
belief that she was not seriously dam
aged. If il is not practicable to bring her
iu to llong Kong at once, her bagg.ige
ami cargo will probably have to lie re
moved li v lighters.
statement of the actual 'circulation of the Daily
Pro Warning Given 79 of
Medical Corps and 14
Sisters of Charity Killed
Petrograd, Apr. L Two hundred and
fi men perished, including many
wounded, when a German submarine
toroedoed and sank the Russian hos
pital ship Portugal in the Black sei, it
was stated here todav.
Count Tatistcheff, Red Cross dele
gate, Baroness Meyendorff asd 14 oth
er sisters of-iinrity, 50 Russian and -0
French medical corps members ure
among the missing.
The attack, it is decl.ued, was made
without warning. A Red Cross was con
spicuously displayed on the side of the
vessel ami she was lying at anchor
when two torpedoes were hurled into
her hulk from a distance of fit) yards. In
one minute the Portugal had plunged
to the bottom. As she went down slight
ly injured men and sailors mingled in
a panic struggle on her decks ind tiie
wounded lying helpless in their cos
serenmo'i in vain to be saved. There
were 15K survivors.
The Portugal was 441 feet long, and
hail a gross tonnage of 5ii'A tons.
Committee Recommends
. BrandeisConfirmation
Washington, April 1. By a vote of
i to " the sub-committee of the senate
judiciary committee today recommend
ed that the senate confirm President
Wilson's nomination of Louis D. Rran
deis to the I'nited States supreme court
The names of the senators voting for
and against Binndeis were refused, bi.
it was learned Cummins and Works ens
the adverse ballots. Works was more
antagonistic to Brundeis than Cummins
was. It had previotTSly been repotted
thi.t Cummins would v. do in fa r.;" i f
n.a::i g the rejomme idi.lion.
'lie subcommittee's Hconimeii Lit ii i.
will go to the senate judiciary commit
mittee Monday. It is expected that the
republicans will attempt to doluy the
recommendation to the senate, or to in
definitely .postpone it.
.The reviews, of evidence agree that
most of the opposition to Brandeis em
anates from financial centers iu New
Yoik aud Boston, 'Cummins said hi
would fight for an open session of the
judiciary committed to which the v
committee submits its report ilond"
and that, he would contend for an open
senate discussion of the nomination.
Senator Langguth Holds
Too Many Offices
Secretary of State Olcott is today
mailing to the various county clerks of
the slate, with the exception of .Mult
nomah county, a statement showing tho
several state and district offices for
which candidates and delegates are to
be chosen by the Republican, Demo
cratic and Progressive parties nt the
primary election, May 10, litlti. The
Multnomah certification is being with
held pending tho action of Senator
I.unggiilh, who now occupies the posi
tion of municipal judge iu Portland, In
addition to that of state senator. He
hus been reported ns saying it was his
intention to resign as state senator.
Should this be done nnd his resignation
be received not later thi.n April ord,
the secretary of state will certify to
the county clerk of Multnomah county
the nomination of a candidate to fill his
unexpired term as state senator, end
ing January I, 1010, he having been
elected at the 1014 election for a four
venr term.
One Bullet Said to Have Shattered His Leg While His HI?
Was Crushed by Fall, From His Horse-Array Men Say
He Has No Medical Attendance and May Die, Rather
Than Expose His Hiding Place by Sending for AidHis
Leadership Is Ended
F.l Pnsn. Tpvus Anvil 1. Desneratelv wounded. Fran
cisco Villa is believed to be hiding today with the remn
ants of his defeated band in the fastnesses of the conti
nental divide. He is supposed to be somewhere south of
San Geronimo.
Thp names nf American soldiers wounded in the five
hour, ten mile running fight with the Villistas are anx
iously awaited. Official reports said four United States
troopers were wounded during the battle, while the
Seventh cavalry chased the bandits down the broad valley
. .11 in t-? ri i. n it "
at tne neaa oi iuo aania mano.
P.onovil RpII'c in form at inn was thai Villa was wound
ed fighting Carranzistas at Guerrero. One bullet was said
to have shattered his leg while his hip was crushed by a
fall from his horse.
Villa's capture is believed
or days. Army men discussed the probability of the
bandit dying without medical attention, hidden away in
some desolate mountain cave with only a few followers
i7ifVi him in rhp last", mnments. Militarv exDerts hardlv
IT 1 til J. AiiAi - A - f i W
expect Villa to offer any further serious resistance.
ine Ciasn Willi me Aiiienuaiii ivuxuiy uisuucu in
hearts of his bandits a great fear of the "gringo" troop
ers. The loss of Villa's two machine guns is also thought
to have been a hard blow.
News of further skirmishing was momentarily ex
pected. It was hoped that Colonel George A. Dodd, whose
MVdicv. whinnprl thp Villistas. would investigate the re-
port that three foreigners
Ml the border region today praised
Colonel Pmlil and liis soldiers for their
exploit. It wim uiil tliut their forced
march of miles in li hours to cntcli
the fugitive nnpi'ini; was one of the
most' commendable deeds in the army
Kcports that Villa has been captured
have been current ever since tlic buttle.
Consul Oarcin denied one. which was at
tributed to Juarez otticials. Wareia re
ported that thousands of fresh rein
t'orccnients from eastern nnd centiM
Mexico had been concentrated at Tor
reon to clean up all banditry in tin'.
The first trninload of American ic
tary supplies has leir .fuarei! over thn
Mexico Northwestern line. It included
five cars of oats, n car of sugar and
five cars containing miscellaneous
unods owned and consigned to American
Mnrmnns at Colonia Dublin) and Curtis
Granites, who will sell them to the
Mechanics spent nn entire day repair
inir the locomotive before the train
started. There was no military gu ild
and only one American .'.board.
i lie only passenger train on tne
co North wewt-"n line has been wreck"'!
.,(;iitl of l'earson, but it is expect-!-!
lint it will be put iu comuiission nga.n
iinii eiliutely. When it n-rives at Juarez,
it wil also b' used for seuding si'p
jilns '.( the American expedition,
(icneral l.uis Gutierrez, wired Generr
Gavirn at Kl l'nn that Villa was shot
in the knee during his first Iwttle with
Carinnzistas at Guerrero. I Irs Indian
followers carried him off the battle
field on a litter.
By II. D. Jacobs.
(Cuitcd 1'iess stuff correspondent.)
I'. H. Army Headquarters, Diiblnn,
Mexico, April . (By wireless.) The
pursuit of Finni'isco Villa was con
tinued today iu the inoiiiitftinf near the
scene o'f Wednesday's battle, in which
the bandits were tortured.
Brigadier General John J. IVrshing
lias ordered that all the scattered out
law bands be exteriii.nfeit. Officers
snd men stationed here greeted the
news of victory with enthusiastic, cheer
ing. According to the Pershing report
Hie bandit was locuted by a" army
aviator. Colonel George Dodd's men
made a forced march of 17 hours nnd
attacked the outlaws iu the early morn
ing. Villa was said to have escaped
from the field in a carriage just In
fore the firing began,
Humored Villa Caught.
Kl Paso, Texas Apr, 1. I'nconfiriiied
reports in circulation at ( liihuahua City
today said that the American forces
ii,iined h'rniicisco Villa neur Minaca
yestrnUy. (icneral Gavira mode the
iiniioiiucciuent public, declining that
the information came to h'i from Gen
eial Gutierrez.. The latter it No re
ported that telegraph wire to Minaca
were damaged ho it wa impossible to
Kjnfirin the story.
G ivira also made public n report
fiiiin the commander of Chihuahua
slate, rccived bv telegraph, which stat
ed that Villintns looted Guerrero Inst
Monday. When he looted Guerrero,
raid tho account, ho was fleeing bu-
now to be a matter of hours
had been slain at Minaca.
fore Colonel George Dnddi's cavalry
which apupreutly overtook him Wednes
day, i
The rumor of Vill.i's capture, eli- V
inuxed a score of contradictory report
which followed news of the San Geron
imo fight. General Gavira and Consul
Garcia joined in urging that author
ities at Chihuahiiri City make every ef
fort to get definite news.
Thinks Dodd Is After Them.
Pan Antonio, Texas, Apr. 1. Hiving
had no further reports since tho battlti
between Villistas and Americans, Ma
jor General Kred Funstmi today be
liovcs Colonel George Dodd is hotly
i'rancisco Villa's band.
Army men have concluded that Dodd
made i detour west of Guerrero and
iiendcil swiftly southward by night in
order to surprise the outlaws in camp,
t'uru-tou, in talking over the fight,
called attention to the fact that Dodd
unniiiilated a filipino band by similar
t'unston expects further reports of
the campaigning this Afternoon, and al
so believes tin may receive something;
definite with regard to Villa's where
nlxjiits. Chinese Woman May
i Be Returned to Salem
Mrs. I,ui Yee Sun, a local Chinese wo
man, who left her husband Lai Yeo Sua
Thursday night and left for Hun Fran
cisco with her two children Lai Gone
Sun nnd Iiii Gun Sun, aged 4. and 3
years respectively, was arrested in Oak
land last night about II o'clock us she
stepped from the train in that city.
Chief of Police Welsh was immediately
notified and it is probable that he will
return her to this city as her husband
is anxious to take her back.
Before leaving the woman took $700
worth of jewelry belonging to herself
and husband and $!K) of her own money
! which she drew out of tho bank. She
ig charged wilh child stealing but it in
stated by local Chinese that the charge
will not he pressed if she will come
back and be good in the future. Her
husband is a well known Salem Chinese,
land is a graduate of tho Salem public
schools, lie is the son of George Sun,
tho hop grower and probably the most
I influential muu in tho Salem Chinese.
1I1U MUXlltllUl
Oregon: Kuir to
night nnd Sunday,
colder tonight in
south and east
portions; heavy
frost tonight; nd
northerly winds.