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11 Immense showing of New
Extra Good Suits for Boys
Another Attractive Special Offering of
Hair-Bo Ribbons at
25c a yard
Among this new shipment are fancy self designs in
pink, light blue, cardinal, navy, old rose, lemon,
Copenhagen and black; in widths up to 8 inches.
We were fortunate in placing our order for these
ribbons before the advance in price and now can of
fer this very special assortment at this very attrac
tive price
Your Choice per Yard 25c
1 1 -- tt --"- -
All Around Town
March 21 25 Mnrion County
4 Sunday school convention,
Congregational church.
March 25 University of Ore-
gon musicinns at I'resbyteri-
an church, auspices Chemoku-
ta (Jump Fire Girls.
4c jc
March 27-April 2, tho Rev. K. V.
se Shnyler tit St. Paul 'a church.
April 17 I'rof. Robert K.
Htnuffor lecture ut public lib-
rary on "Oregon Litem-
tnre." ,
April 18 Registration for
)c primary election closes. 4c
4c April 2;! Easter Sunday.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fit glaas
' l correctly. U. 8. llnnk. Uldg.
The meeting that was to havo been
held tomorrow afternoon at ihe V. C.
T. U. has been postponed one week.
Dr. 8 tone' i drug store.
Even the school teachers are fecLiu
tho thrill of patriotism. Lust night Ilur
old D. llciijuniin, teacher in the Sniein
Heights school, enlisted in Company .V.
We are now open. Gllson's profes
ainnal shoe shinning parlor. 457 State
treet. tf
Tor the 21 Lours preceding 8 o'-loti-.
this morning there was a rirn nll of
,i of an inch. The rivor is lO.'i feet
bore low water.
Dr. Stone's trrog sura.
The Cherry City cafe on South High
treet opposite the Oregon Electric de
lict has been purchased by Mr. Buscy
and possession given today.
Automobile for hire, passengers and
bnUgsge transfcrod, rates reasonable,
eountry trips a specialty, C. 0. M
Elroy. Thone 847 or 63. tf
Wny kick on the weather? Tester
day while Salora was enjoying the bene
- icial spring rains, snow" atorm were
reported from Medford and Grants
Auction Mia at the People's Quick
Exchange Auction Market on Saturday,
March 23th. at 1:30 p. m. Kverythlng
old on commission. Don 't forget I buy
anuseacld furniture for cash. F. N.
"Woodry, auctioneer. Taone 511, Apr20
-Salem's Big Department Store-
Fashion's Newest
at Meyers Are Proving of Great Interest
to All Who View Them
Scores of beautiful models in the most desirable fabrics,
patterns and colorings. You should by all means see
these magnificient displays of the New Suits New
Coats New Dresses New Waists New Skirts Latest
New York Millinery.
Women who appreciate quality garments of utmost style,
are our best customers. Watch our window displays.
Dress Goods and Silks-New
that's the kind we sell. New
tl """H
Your suit pressed, 50c. Phone 43.
Dr. R. T. Mclntyre, physician and
surgeon, 211 Masonic Uldg. I'hono 410.
Mrs. T. W. Scott, wife of Liuuien.Mt
Colonel Scott, uccoinpanied uy Cadet
Gertrude Scott, of Seattle, will visit
the Salvation Army headquarters, next
Tuesday nnd will conduct a pulu'a te'-.
vice in the evening.
Your suit pressed, 50c. Phone 43.
$22.50 plank top 6-foot extension
table only $11.00. E. L. Stiff & Sou.
Three musicians from the University
of OreiTon will nnlionr in cmuntrt t)iiu
1 evenitlP at. the First Presbvteritin
church, under tho auspices of tho Che
nickctn Camp Firo (lirls The conceit
will begin at 8:30 o'clock.
Your suit pressed, 50c Phone 13.
Dr. Stone's Heave Drops cures
heaves, l'rico $1; for sale by ull drug
gists. The Marion County Sunday School
roncei'tiou closed its annual session this
ni'ti ii.oon with the address of the llev.
R. N. Avison who spoke on " l'h.i Uible
the Sunday School Teacher's Text
What do we care about the weather?
We h ive a Sonora Talking Maeliino in
our home. Myrtle Knowlnnd, 421 Court.
The monthlv meeting of tha Rn1m
Floral society will be held nest Monday
evfiiing nt tho Commercial club. Co-ii-
r rices will do appointed to tnteu,) tin
were with the children in each il the
10 school districts of the city.
Complete returns of the Wlllard-
Moian fight it Adolph Bros, pool hall,
:i5(! State, between 0:00 and 7:30.
Word was received yesterday of the
death nt Silverton of l'aul Smith, the
17-year-old son of J. 0. Smith, who wnp
formerly In the iewelrv business in Sa
lem in tho Thompson jewelry location.
t uneral eerviccs weM lol J today in
vert on.
125.00 full Quartered oak chiffonier
urge revel mirror, used price $3.00. K.
I.. Stiff & Sou.
The funeral of Katkantel T. Ilcllyer,
who died yesterday, will be held nt'his
home on Salem Heights avenue at W.'Mi
o'clock Monday morning The service
will be conducted by the Rec. R X.
Av'son aud burial will be in the Citv
View cemetery.
ana v , . .
.7 jvui cuuin oi uy COUCn
on Our floor, values up to $13.00. Buren
i 1l,M..iltn .
Spring Assortment of Drapery Goods now ready-
showing of Men's Shirts at $1.00 latest stripe patterns
NO. 78$TH
Wednesday Surprise Sale
An Offering of
Cross-barred Mull at 19c a Yard
The B. V. D. Material Just the fabric for the
making of Men's, Boys' and Children's Summer
Undergarments, pure white with self cross-bar
patterns, 36-inches wide and a very extra value for
next Wednesday selling, 19c a yard.
Sale starts at 8:30. See window display.
Quality and
Spring clean up stuff at special
juices, dust mops, regalur 75c value,
special 23c, Hurrn & Hamilton.
Tto funeral of Buikhart Yonr.ijabld,
who died visteiday was held this mo'ii
nig Hi tho ch i ;d of Webb & Cuu h,
Miss Kli.abeth Wilson, of the Church of
(lod, conducting the services. Buriai
will be at Arlio. lie was an Indian
fighter iu the Oregon piiu.eer Jiys and
enlisted under tho numo of Urigjium
Free aainple Golden Star furniture
and uuti polish. Ask for yours, liuren
Ac Hamilton.
Installation of the officers of the
local Klk lodge, B. 1. O. E., Xo. 3:iii,
lodgo will be held Thursday evening,
April 0. The officers for the coming
year are: Louis Lachmund, exalted
ruler; A, L. Wallace, esteemed leading
knight; August lluckeslein, Jr., esteem
ed loyal knight; K. A. Kurtz, esteemed
lecturing knight; H. J, Wiedmer, secre
tary; Thomas B. Kay, trustee; Klmer
Oiles, twyler.
Cretonnes, sateons, silkolines, all at
greatly reduced prices. See window
display, liuren & Hamilton.
If an ordinance soon to be introduced
nt a meeting of the city council be
comes a law, tho streets of Salem will
tako on it brighter nppearnnco nrlil 10
o'clock at. night. Tho ordinance com
mittee of the council has been instruct
ed to prepare an ordinance to tlio eflcct
that nil electric signs or other si;;ns
placed over tho sidewalks shall bo il
liijiiimited until 10 o'clock at night.
Special sale of cretonnes, sateens,
silkolines, 50c values 3.V, 35c values
22c, 25c values 17c. Huron & Ham
ilton, The United Artisans are prepatlug
for a meeting next Wednesday evening
that will not only include busine.ta but
pleasure as well. While they expect to
attend to tho business affairs of the
lodgo as grown-up folks, yet they nie
ftipposed to appear in the fancy IreFS
or tuo years gone by waea.the women
wore fhort dresses, even shorter than !
the styles of today, and tho men ir. the
kacii pants of their school day.
17. of O. trio concert tonight, auspices
Clienieketa Camp Firo Girls at 1'res-1
byteriaii church, 8:30 p. m. Tickets;
. The Coos Bay Development company
today filed supplementary articles of
incorporation changing the namo to
Security Mortgage &, Bond company,
This is a $75,000 corporation with the)
main office nt Marshfiold. The Mulr 4 j
MeClelland Construction company was
incorporated at $5,000 with head offices
in Portland. The FidcHy Trading Stamp i
company dissolved and the Sullivan
Safety Hook company was incorpornt- j
in nt -u,uuu who me principal omecs
in Tortland. -.
Accidents will occur to th best of
fishermen, but if you have your boots
nailed or ealped right vou" take less
chances. Dulnn, at 130 S. Liberty St.,
will do it light.
4 to-r-r, -4
f 1 1
White soles, black soles, or tan, put
on in a way to give genuine com fort
and service at'Duljn's Shoe Shop, 130
S. Liberty St.
Miss Gladys Salisbury, a pupil of the
Capital Business college, whose home
is nt Turner, left today to accept a
position nt Corvallis us assistant book
keeper and stenographer for the Corval
lis Flouring mills.
To assist in the organization of an
association whereby the fruit growers
of the state may act in concert on all
problems of vital interest, Charles L.
McNary, Louis Lnchmuud, J. J. McDon
ald, L. M. Gilbert and Robert l'nulus
went to Corvallics this morning. Rep
resentative fruit growers from ull purls
of the state will attend tho conference
and the meeting will be held at tho Ore
gon Agricultural college.
Besides making various recommenda
tions for the work in the Sunday
schools of the county the coming year,
the Marion county Sunday school con
vention which has been in session for
two days at the Congregational church
went on record ns favoring the passage
of stringent state Sunday closing laws.
Tho convention was attended by 75
delegates from a distance. About 300
were present nt the session held last
night in the Congregational church.
Do not be misled, you pay no more
for glasses from me than you pay else
where. My 33 years of experience in
fitting glasses correctly is an asset to
you. 1 use only the best materials that
can be obtained. 1 can refer you to
thousands of sitist'ied people that 1
have fitted iu this vicinity during the
last t) years. My prices are very reas
onable. I guarantee satisfaction in ev
ery respect. I do not use drugs or drops
in making examinations ns they are
(Ungerons. lr. M. 1 Mendlesohn,
Room 210 211 V. S. Hank Hldg.
If there Is a business man in the city
engaged in such lines as groceries, gen
eral merchandise or furniture, here is a
chanco to dispose of at leust an interest
in the business. The Commerciul clul
is in communication with a man who
wishes to come to Salem for its educa
tions advantages to his children. He
has some money and is willing to buv
into a business. Any business man will
ing to tuke in a partner might do well
to communicate with Manager O. il.
Luck at the Commercial club.
An ordinance will be Introduced at
the special meeting of the council Mon
day evening providing that it hall be
unlawful for any firm, person or cor
poration to dump or deposit any brush,
leaves or garbage or refuse of any kind
iu any street, alley or park along the
bank or in the bed of any creek or riv
er, or on any vacant lot, without having
first obtniued tho consent of the own
er. The ordinance will also provide
that all brush, leaves or garbneg or
refuse must be hauled to and deposited
in the city dump designated by the
street commissioner between the hours
of 8 o'clock in the morning and 5 in
the afternoon, Sundays and holidays ex
Complaint Filed With Public
Service Commission Asks
Water motors cause an unjust dis
crimination against water users who
irrigate their gardens and lawns accord-
ling to a complaint filed tod.iy at the
j office of the public service commission
against the Salem Water, Light & Pow
er company by . M. Cox, p. D. Thiol
sen, and S. E. Wolfe. The water users
assert that tiiey put on meters and that
the charges are excessive and for irri
gation purposes are prohibitive and that
the charges as based upon the meter
measurement are more than the same
amount under a f 1 it rate.
Again the water users complain that
the meter rate is rot subject to a HI
per cent discount which is allowed un
der he flat rate system. The property
of the water users who are the nlain-
I tiffs in the above compliiut is situated
upon Salem lleiyuts and it is stated
that the pressure in that vicinity jjy)ft
en lacking when there is a heavy de
mand for wafer as upon the weekly
wash day.
Th public service commission will
m.'.ke a full investigation of the matter
and ascertain whether or not the char
acter of the soil or its hillside location
is the cause for the excessive meter
charges. The complaint asks for an in
vestigation of the matter and -an
equitable adjustment of the rates.
Glorify Man Who Made Pos
sible Their Invasion of
By H. C. Boehme.
Houjlus Ariz., March 25. "Viva
Villa!" "Viva Villa!" Is the becom
ing daily oecuranee to hear this phrase
shouted on the streets. Citizens of
Uonglas don't seeni to pay much atten
tion to it, despite the fact that it is
shouted always ,v Tinted States troop
ers. Expecting a call any moment to rush
across tho line and hunt down this man,
American soldiers sing his praises
daily. When the chase comes thev
will hunt down "I'ancho" with the
same energy of General Pershing's sol
diers, and will take just as much
glory in making the end of the bandit
raider as bloody as possible, ns the
troop now closo on his heels intend
Yet of all the Mexican warriors and
revolutionists, Villa is held highest in
tho esteem of the troopers nt the in
ternational boundary line. Most of the
troopers will admit' that, it is not until
after they have "canteened-up a bit"
that, they shout "Viva Villa." They
say that the border is no place for
army men to camp five years in a
climate where every summer day means
blistering heat, and winter days mean
hurricanes of suffocating dust clouds.
(With nothing more aluring than a
frontier movie show, no green trees,
nothing but the hum-drum of camp life
every day year after year, troopers
have been dreaming of the man who
would finally provoke war and afford
them a change.
Much ns the have avowed to kill
him, "I'ancho" Villa is the patron
saint of the United States trooper at
tho border.
Mexican Situation Overshad
owed by Torpedoing
of Sussex
By J. P. Yoder.
(Tinted Tress staff correspondent.
Vnshington, Mur. "3 The submarine
issue with its grave possibilities again
confronts the government.
For the moment the Sussex and Eng
lishman cases today overshadowed the
Mexican situation. Taken with the at
tacks against the Patrin and the Tubnii
tia, officials believed today' reports
indicated the central powers had pos
sibly embarked on a submarine cam
paign similar o the one a year ago
which brought the I'nited Suites so
close to a break with them.
Officials made no attempt to hide
shock which the news produced. The
sinking of the Englishman, ivith four
Americans missing, appeared to be the
most serious incident out there yns also
much anxiety about the disabling of the
Sussex, Secretary Lansing cabled for
all tho facts. Should they prove that
the Sussex was torpedoed it was stated
authoriatively the administration would
regnrd ns hollow and empty the centrul
powers' promises nnd assurances,
fiduvits from survivors of the Sussex
disaster should reach the state depart
ment Monday or Tuesday.
Perhsps the weather is trying to get
nil the rain out of its svstem before
I style w eek.
MISS A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
208-209 Hubbard Building: Phone 109
ijc jc j)c 5(1 jc sjc jjc sc sjc sfc jjc sfc sjc sc JC 5(
L. H. McMahon is in Fortlnnd.
Mrs. M. K. Eoi'f is a Portland visitor.
F. W. Powers, of Orenco, is in the
Mrs. L. yiscliler went to Woolburn
this morning.
A, J. L'gan, of Hopniere, was in the
city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lytle are visit- j
ing in Portland. "
Miss Beatrice Shelton weut to Port
land this morning.
Miss Minetta Magers is attending ,
grand opera in Portland. i
H. E. Peetz, of Clovcrdale, arc visit- j
ing relatives in the city.
W. C. Dyer, the insurance man, went
to Corvallis this morning.
S. Sajotovich, of -Astoria, w:n reg
istered vesterday at the Bligh.
T, G." Albert left 'for Portland this
afternoon for an over Sunday visit.
Hubert Warrick is spending a few
days at Toledo, Oregon, his former
M. O, Boyer, of Wlllamina, was iu
the city yesterday attending business
C. D. 'Gabrielson was a passenger this
morning on tho Oregon Electric for
Gerald Kneeves, of Butte, Montana,
is in the city, visiting his mother, Mrs.
Etta Kneeves
Mrs. Oswald West" and .daughter, Miss
Helen, arrived in the city this morning
from Portland.
Tom Ordemann and Lowell Wills
went to Portland this morning to at
tend grand opera. x
Mrs. Z. J. Eiggs and mother. Mrs.
Janet Waller, went to Portland thi
morning to attend grand opera.
G. H. Bonell, head of the manual
training department of the high school,
went to Portland this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Peetz left tl
morning for an extended visit at Au
burn, Indiana, their former home.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hurghardt, Jr..
are in Portland to attend the perform
ance of "La Boheme' this evening.
Mrs. H. Overton, of Woodburn, is in
the city, attending the annual convent
tion of the Marion Sunday School ns
sociation. James Greig returned to his home
at Kings Valley this morning after a
visit of several days with u:s son-in-law,
Charles E. Lebold.
Mrs. Archibald Irvine, who has been
visiting Mrs. Richard Shore Smith in
Eugene for a few -weeks, returned tO:
her home in Salem this morning. Eu
gene Guard.
A special meeting of the council bas
been called for next Monday evenin-'
to consider several matters of imporf
ance and particularly tho purchase of n
paving plant in order that the city may
do its own work. It is cluinied that the
purchase of a paving plant will be one
of the best investments the city could
make from the standpoint of the tax
payers ns it has been estimated that
the cost of the plant will be saved ir.
the paving of eight city blocks. En
gineers nnd those familiar with the pav
ing propositions have estimated that
with a properly ecpiipped plant the eiiy
paving can be done at a cost of 75
cents a square yard. 1
Grand opera in Portland this after
noon and evening and the annual one
day's vncntion for visiting by the
teachers of the high school nnd the
Sunday School Workers
Adopt Resolutions
The following resolutions were pass
ed this morning nt the session of the
Marion countv Sundnv school conven
tion. To a certain extent, these reso
lutions represent the action taken by
the convention on several leading top
ics of the day. They were drivvn by n
special committee and passed unani
mously by the association:
We rejoice in the increasing interest
in our organized Sunday school work
ns manifested in this, one of tho most
I helpful conventions that has been held
tor years.
We ire persuaded that the county
nnd district gathering are of great val
ue in the creation of enthusiasm, the
exchange of ideas and methods in the
vital part of the work of Christ, aud
finally the mutual ieunintnnce of the
Sunday school workers of Marion coun
ty. "
Xow, therefore, ns your committee on
resolutions, wo desire to submit the fol
lowing: Heolved, first, that the delegates of
this convention convey to their own
Sunday schools the importance of this
organization in the upbuilding of tiie
community, .
Second," resolved that we aim, during
the coming year to organize l teacher
training clas iu every Sunday school
in the county.
Third, resolved that wo ns a con
vention recommend the adoption of the
graded lessons bv the Sunday schools
of Marion county; also that we exert
every effort to promote the organized
Bible diss movement, and the exten
sion of the home department.
Fourth, resolved that we lay espe
cial em-hn-is upon child study and iu
individual knowledge of each member
of tho Sunday t hool.
! mrmmwsKjwa
Clocks Repaired I'r' $
Also a Nice Line oiT&l ' '3
Jewelry. V"SffiS3
Masonic Temple "jwl PJ''r'
Lincensed Lady Ern
balmer Moderate Prices
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ore.
Phone 700
Good Garage In connection foi
Btorage of cars.
Reasonable Rate.
246 State Street.
Washington junior high was responsible
to some extent for an unusual amount
of travel towards Portland this morn
ing on the Oregon Electric. The snlo
of 103 tickets was reported nnd almost
all of these were to parties going foi
the opera and to teachers who will stay
in l'ortlaud Monday visiting th'i
Try Capital Journal want Ads.
Fifth, resolved that this convention
go on record ns favoring a stringent
state Sunday closing 1 iw.
Sixth, resolved that we extend sin
cere thanks to General Secretary Cha:i.
A. Phipps for his instinctive and in
spirational work iu the convention and
among the schools of this county, that
we also extend to our county fficers our
gratitude for their efficient tnd suc
cessful" work in this field.
Seventh, whereas, we have been mot;l
heartily reeived and royally entertain
er by the people of Salem, we express
our most hearty appreciation nnd bid
them tiod speed in the work of tiie Sun
day school.
Eighth, resolved that we thus ex
press our appreciation to the official
press of this city for their publication
of various reports f this convention,
and that these resolutions be published
in the papers of this city.
Ninth, resolved that a copv of theso
resolutions be placed upon the minute
of the conention.
Officers Elected.
The officers of the Marion county
Sunday School association, elected thi
afternoon ire as follows: President,
Harry White, of Haycsville; vice-president,
Glen Nilos, of Salem; secretary
and treasnrcr, G. A. Anderson, nt pres
ent a student at Willamette university;
superintendent of the elementary de
partment, Miss Gladys (arson; superin
tendent of the teen ge department,
Mrs. Mae Crnby; adult and borne do
partmeut. Miss Gertrude Kakin: educa
tional department, Hurgess Ford, prin
cipal of Willamette university academy.