Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 24, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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War Declared
Down Goes the Price on
Arm ft Hammer Soda, pkg 5c
Best Starch, pkg 5c
No. 5 Blue Karo Syrup, can 25c
25c K. C. Baking Powder, can 20c
Grape Nuts, pkg 13c
Old Dutch Cleanser, pVig 8c
20c Coffee, lb 15c
Snowdrift Flour, sack $1.50
Salt Mackerel, each 5c
ByDopiU tf th Annual Sttmnt of th
of Hprlnjcflf Id, In ibe male of MatMucIinaef fa,
t tit .Itat ilny of We rmlifr, 1UW. ni(i1 to
th- lnniirinc ivitumiimlitiier of ibt lat of
Oregon, imrauuut lo lair:
Anwunl tH capital paid up 2,.Vu,oOO.no
hft pretnhtoia ri- ilurluc
thr ytmr $ 0, 1 i:i.9t1.07
lnrweat, dtvldiii1n. ami nnt r-
'lTt(I during thf jfr i:M ,407.40
Ircoam from ulhrr tunings r-
eelTPil during Hi? year tiO.77 1 M
'Mil Income $ 6,0IA.Mi0.o0
Nrt I'wr uli (luring tin- yrr $ 8,:SX,770.9S
DlTl(Jml i(t hi nipiiiil ti.Mk
during IIib y?ar 2f0,lKt() KI
l'oinmUl(ii)(i unit Mlarlf aM
during I he ,v.ar M.tiltl. 1.1
Taiea llcrrispi, and f paid
during tlifl year MT.IWfi.lM
Amount uf all otlit-r rp'ndl-
turea lftl,XrM7
Crow loft on nut maturity
of l4dgir twn, tIi., ImiihIm
and (tiiH'ki
Tula cx'tidhiiri'a
Vain of rfrtl ttrit- mrut
loiarlitt Till-! f
Vnlnt of alM-ks hiiiI IkhkIk owned
mwirkH tMhi
Ivina on inwigngcH mid ii
lafernl, nr
Vnnh In tMiilta and ti t f . . . .
Fmnlmiw In fuurao f i-dIIitMihi
writ If it Iiku H'lilruilit'r :m,
Krinatiraai due tin imlil I'-a.
JnlfrcNl and rfiilft dut ;nul ac
crued . . .
I. .!. 40
Total inmu
I.ia n ! I dfixliB In
late (If any inert) ln). . .
I ll,7..4.Hlrt.t)
Tola a"ali udmll led In On-
g"n I ii.m.v:,7:i.o
flrona Haling fi-r Ui,h dim utd $ ft77.ani. 17
Amount uf iint'nrned nn-Niiiuu
on all niilaianillng v'mV ,"i,iIT.'l.::i':i (12
All oltifr llabllltlpN WtHol.mi
Jiind lie Id uuder rHltuiirniifa
tiMtka Us.ljitw 22
'IVtal llnblllllfl, fi'ltmlro of
capital atwk of fU.MNMiOrt. .$ H.t(M.7fl 1T
Total premliiau lit for. t .
lumbar HI, IIH. lo.ii.it 117 fct
Total luaiirouci hiIIImi during
llM yaar VH S4iM
firotta piviuhujii racflvftl doilug
tb ycur HlI,lo:i.aH
riviiUuuic r l ii md during In
y"ar ?1.,297
!wa paid during lln )(... i,24$.W
JUaaoa tnoiirred during Hit yfar. .W.M3.M
Total atnoant of hiailtmiro out
Uniting In Oregon Drri-gitier
HI, lUlft $ 4.2M.478.0O
By W, J. M A OK A V , wrflary. Htatutory
rrMdonl (cneral agent and attorney fur tnrj
li't. Jnaoph F. K, HV)l.or,
ltraliioot agtnla: WhliHior Kfllf To., 11 1 f u'k
blof; ltla (iroMinayfr Co., WIIidi Hltlg.
Heals Skin Diseases
It Is unnecessary for you to suffer
with eczema, ringworm, rnshe and sim
ilnr skin troubles. A little zenio, gotteu
t any drug store for ISo, or $1.00 for
itra lnn?e bottle, and promptly applied
will usually give instmit relief from itch
ing torture. It rlcnnsm and soothes the
(kin and heulu quickly and effectively
lost skin discuses.
I Siemo is a wonderful disappearing liquid
and does not sinnrt the most delicate skin.
It is not greasy, is easily applied and
osts little. Oa it today and save all
further distress.
ZcuiO, Clevcluud.
Member of Salem
Fire Department Dies
Tliomns Hutchei familiarly knov,i as
'Butch," and a well known rlinrncter
bout Hie Salem fire department passed
away yesterday after u short illness,
lie Iiiim been prominently idii.ti'.i
with the department for th" list 17
years and his genial nature and easy
manner won him favor union.; the fire
lioys and he has long been u pcnnnn.'iit
fixture of the engine house lie was an
accomplished athlete and had won local
fame an a boxer cud a serapner ami
even some of the fire hi Is had fell the
buffet of his speedy paw.
In the book Mr. Kulcher was register
d as a iloiiiesticnteil mammal of the
genus Kclis and he is survived by two
ons known to the boys as Tame Hutch
and Wild Hutch respectively who will
assume their sires responsibilities of
keeping the engine house clear of rats
mid mice.
Cheap inbstitutes cost YOU same price.
TV your homo atmosphere with exquisite l;istlng fraRTnnce
Tho great French perfume, winner of highest international
nwarris. Each drop as sweet and fragrant as tho living Lilac
blossom. A celebrated connoisseur said: "I don't see how
you cau sell sucli a remarkable iiuiii for 75 cents a bottle" sod
remember each buttle contains 6 oi. it is wonderful value. Try it.
Aslc your dealer to-tay (or ED. I'lNAUD'S LILAC, t-or 10 cttts
our AmrricaH offues will send yi a ttstin? bottle. Writi toJir.
Aster Milk, can 8c
Toilet Paper, roll 1c
Libby Pork and Beans, can ... 9c
Cream Rolled Oats, lb. 5c
Jap Eice, lb. 5c
Pink Beans, lb 5c
Royal White Soap, bar 4c
Gallon Tomatoes, can 25c
PHONES 830 and 840
An absolutely linniili'.ss imluriil in nil
(iispk of iVniictitiitioii ami sourinj; ami
liulfliinjr of fooil, t;us, imliKcstioii, t't'1.
A teniiioiifiil in a fourth of n (hiss of
hot wiiIit nsimlly (ivi-s INSTANT KK
I.IKI1'. Sotil Ip.v jll ilriiKK'iHts in cither
iow.lor or titblt't form ut 50 cents J'or
Columbus, N. ir., .riir. 2-1. Lot lor
iluys in the trackless ilcscrt, l.ii utcnn it
l)d(;!ir S. (iorrcll of the I'nilc l Stntcs
nriiiy aviation corps was mi ft' in i'rsm'
(iranili'rt today, lie lost his nay while
flying south 'from Co; nnbui: ami vis
forced to ilesceiid in the Ascencion re
gion when his rjnsoline n JI V failed.
Circling ulmiit, (torrell found mi
aliaiidoiied ciinipiii(,' plnce beside a wag
on trail, and left, n note in a cleft s'ick
there, tellinif his whereabouts. It w:is
found eventually by tin American T
tml, mid n motor truck train uit'i :i
store of j;usoitie went to the Te'cii'..
When the train arrived Ihcv l'on d the
nviutor had been wiihont food fir "4
lion rs.
Catarrh Germs Breed By Millions In
Air Passages of Nose and Throat.
Just One Way to Drive Them Out.
To slop catarrh for good you must
I drive from your system the germs that-
cause catarrh unit that are now feeding
and growing fat upon the swollen in
flamed mucous membranes of your noso
and th rout.
A splendid means of destroying
catarrh germs and overcoming cntarrh
has long been recognized by physicians
in the well known oil of llyomei (pro
nounced Jligh-ome) and it is now n
very simple matter for any catarrh
sufferer to uso it with splendid results
I at home, by breathing its air through
a little nam liuhoer mauling device
which lending druggists are supplying
with each Inrge completo treatment,
dust pour a few drops of tho oil of
llyomei into this inhaler, place it bo
tween your lips and then breathe natur
ally and the plensaut smelling antisep
tic, germ killing air will penetrate deep
down into every fold and crevice of
your raw, soro nose, throat anil lungs
and give you quick certain relief, open
ing up tho nir passages, waking you
breathe easily, stopping tho inflamma
tion and discharge and driving from
your system every cntarrh germ that
hns found lodgement there.
If you want to bo free from every
symplon of calarrh, are tired of trying
one thing after another without beno-
l fit go to Daniel ,1. I'ry or any other ro-
liable drug store hereabouts and get a
complete llyomei inhaler outfit, use it
every day for a few minutes ami if it
does not drivo the catarrh germs out of
your system and give you rcnl lasting
relief from Cntnrrh your druggist will
! give yon your money nana.
Will Sell Railroad
For Only One Dollar
I San V'riincisco, Mar. 24. An entire
1 railroad will be sold here in a ' '"w day i
I for!.
J The stale railroad eouimissio.i oas au
Itliori.cd the Calit'oi iiiu, Arizona ("nu
lla te railroad to purchase for ihi
! wiin the l.aton & Western H.ulioad
company, which operates '.' t miles of
Mine from l.nton to l.cnv The selling
I company is to assume all cutsluioiiug
j indebtedness except $17S,(li)0 bonds.
One out of every 10 eggs gets crack
ed or mushed or becomes a leaker be
tween the hen and trie consumer, ac
cording to careful estimates. Nearly
two out of every III damaged eggs are
so badly mashed that they are useless
for food purposes. The other eight
eggs get light cracks. It is estimated
that last year cracked eggs caused a
loss of $SS1,IIII in 15 egg cold storage
plants which reported holdings.
It costs only 10 cents a case in the
producing sections to grade and pack
vases properly.
ED. Tilll'D Cldg., New York
fflSfM Be
They're br.kir g it v'S
Merit Vanilla e-nl '
delightful aivru. u.at
leaks out mai.u.- you
impatient to hate it out
of t!ie oven.
A 2"c ballle ..f M.rit
Vnmilj oe lui.l.er than
ny other.
.C-Jxl Or in of Your Grocer
Attendance Will Soon Tax
Capacity of Building
According to the estimates of School
Superintendent M. I'.lholt, when the
puldic schools open for its first semes
! ter next September, there will be an at
! teadiiacc ia the high school building of
770, which will tax the capacity of the
building to its utmost. At present,
there is an attendance at the hig'i
school of 747 Of this mi in her, ION will
i be graduated June 2. but at the Tio-
ginniug of the next semester about SI
will be received from the junior high
schools and it is conservatively estiirat
ed that fully 50 will enter from the
country, bringing the attendance up to
,,(). The junior high schools of the
icitv will probably show- an nf lendanc"
nM.,i ... .i... . i...'.rt i,;..i.., .....i.,u r..
figuring on the probable prom itions,
Superintendent Klliott estimates the at
tendance in the junior high sciiooN as
follows: 7-H section, 111 I; for 7-A sec
tion, SS; for S-B section. 155; for K-A
section, 121; for 0 B section, 117; for
0-A section, 7H, and from the countr
! in the 0 B section, 50. To those fa
I miliar will the attendance proposition,
i the remarkable thing afiout the schools
in Salem is the number that are going
through the upper grades. It has been
and is now the history of almost all
I schools that the attendance falls off in
I the upper grndes, Vint in Salem the
pupils are staying in school and the
highest grades show an attendance
equal to those of the intermediate.
Similar Cases Being Published In Each
Tho following case is but one of
many occurring daily in Salem. It is
an easy matter to verify. You cannot
ask for better proof.
l' A. Sutton, tent and awning dealer,
Salem, says: "I had kidney trouble
for ten years and sometimes I was laid
up. Doctors did not help mo. Sharp
pains extended through my back and
were most, severo in my kidneys. Often
when working I had to give up. I lost
weight and was in very poor health. I
had headaches, rested but little at
night and didn't know what to do. On
H friend's advice, 1 tried Doan's Kid
ney Pills and to my surprise they
brought great improvement in a few
days. I continued to get better steadi
ly. I got more Bleep, my appetite im
proved, and the pains gradually, but
surely, left me. After X had used throe
boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills, I was in
better health than I had been for ten
years and not a sign of kidney com
plaint remained." (Statement given
Jan. 31, 1006.)
Over Six Years Later, Mr. Sutton
added: "1 confirm my former endorse
ment of Doan's Kidney Pills. They
effected a permanent euro in my ease."
Price IiOe, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get
Donu 's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Sutton has twice publicly recom
mended. Foster-Milburn Co., Props..
Huff alo, N. Y.
Third Battalion Goes
From Vancouver to Front
Vancouver, Wash., Mar. 24. To rein
force American troops guarding the
Mexican border, the Third battilion,
Twenty-First iuthntry, left on u South
ern Pacific train this morning for Kl
Centro, Cat.
The battalion, commanded by Major
, lames T. I'ean, is composed of 2S."i men
and 12 officers.
I Tile Kirst battalion of the s.nne regi
ment also has been ordered to the bor-
j dcr. These troops now are aboard the
cruiser Pittsburg somewhere on the Pa
cific ocean, en route to San Diego.
Their order to remain at the fair, it is
reported, has been countermanded and
I they will be used on the border. M -jjor
William Brooke command the l'irst
I battalion.
The only troops remaining at Van
couver barracks now comprise the Sec
ond battalion and Company F, engin
eers, about 12."i men.
San Francisco, Mar. 24. Lying on a.
cot in Central F.inergeiicv hospital to
day, Mrs. Archibald Welch was at the
point of death while her divorced hus
band's body lay in the morgue, as the
result o'f a tragedy which followed un
attempt by Welch tie effect a reconcilia-
tion last night. Welch shot his wife in
the abdomen and then committed sui
cide when she refused to permit him
.to enter her brother's home where she
' had been staving. Her son, Alfred,
j aged eight, witnessed the shooting and
attempted vainly to interfere in his
! mother 's behulf.
Phoenix, Ari.., Mar. 21. Recruiting
office were opened at Phoenix, His
l bee, Yiimii, and Tucson today in compli
iincc with tiovernor Ceorge W P.
j Hunt's orders to bring the national
guard up to its full strength. Hunt
fears that the large Mexican population
of Arifona may be incited to attack
Americans unless sufficient force is at
The series from the tales of Arabian
Nights continues this week with "The
Story of Prince Ahmed and the Fairy
Perie Bnaou." Thrs is one of the less
familiar talcs: it will occupy the en
tire period. F.very child should be on
time in order to hear the beginning.
All children from six to 12 nTe cor
dially invited to the story-hour Sat
urday morning ut 0:30 ut the public
Good Prices Expected
for Mohair This Year
I'orM.iinl, Oregon. March 21. Goat
'lieerinj. h: l!i" valley, which started
lart week, has been suspended this
week be ause 0f the rain storms. A
few small lots of mohair have been
shipped in on consignment, but the
market has not yet been established.
Nominal prices for the new clip are
.10i?i-:! cents. The undertone of t lie
market i firm, as nii;;ht be expected
with wool at a high level.
Private win's received from the Kast
indicated no cluui'je in mohair prices,
i Commenting on market conditions at
Boston, the Commercial Bulletin said:
"There has been a more general in
quiry for iimliair in the local market
this week Prices are very firm for
, the stocks held here, which are only
moderate. The bulk of the business
has been in Cape hair, for thee best of
which ill! cents has been obtained quite
readily, while less sightly stock is sell
ing at about :!" cents and inferior lids
at slightly less still.
"There has been some business in
domestic hair as well, but at prices
I which show no change from current
i quotations.
j "The market in Yorkshire is still
i fairly keen and prices there are well
I maintained on the level of the past two
; or three weeks. Kor Cape Summer
; firsts, LI 3-4d is reported paid ut the
a lie.
"Alpaca is moving steadily at Liver
pool at very firm prices."
Boston mohair quotations: Best
combing, .'!7di40 cents; yood combing,
."i.'ifii 37 cents; ordinary combing, 31 ffj
33 cents; good carding, 30( 32 cents;
ordinary combing, 20fo?2X cents. Cupc
firsts, 34(i35 cents; Turkey fair aver
age, 37 cents.
The rains have also stopped wool
shearing in the Yakjima Valley, but as
soon as the weather permits, shearing
will be on again in full blast. Buyers
are giving attention to the Yakima sit
uation, and a very active market is
counted upon as soon as shorn wool is
available there.
There is nothing doing at present in
Kustern or Cent nil Oregon, as buyers
and sellers cannot agree on prices, and
with such n wide spread between their
ideas of values it looks as if the market
will not open until after shearing next;
Egg Market Firm.
The egg market is firm. Weather
conditions arn retarding production,
which is much below- last year's. Stor
age operators are taking all the surplus
at 1H l-2iff lll cents.
Similar conditions prevjil in the but
ter market. Tho Oregon supply has
been cut down, yet there is an under
current of weakness in the market be
cause of the easy California situation.
last week 1 ."0 cubes of California but
ter were received and the same quanti
ty will be brought up this week. So
far there has been a place for the out
side butter. The season is backward
mid the Oregon make is likely to be be
low requirements up to the middle of
next month.
The poultry and dressel meat markets
were quiet yesterday. Poultry was in
small supply, but .the demand was not
strong. Meat receipts were fair.
Livestock' Is Steady.
There was a steady market for all
classes of livestock at the North Port
laud yards yesterday, but very little
stock was available for buyers, and the
offerings were soon disosod of Hogs
sold for the mosf part at $0.20, with
heavyweights bringing around $S.20,
and pigs selling at $7."0 to $8.15.
Only a few steers were offered, but
they wero mostlv good , quality, and
brought $7.00 to $S.2r.
English Hop Acreage Is Decreased.
A limited amount of trading between
dealers was reported in the hop market
yesterday at unchanged prices The de
mand for contracts was light. Mail
advices from Kiighind indicate a prob
able reduction in the acreage from last
year's 34.UW acres to about 33,0110
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tablets. Druggists refund money if it
fails to euro. K. W. GROVE'S signa
ture is on each box. 25c.
Now conies the suggestion that a wo
man be made secretary of the navy. She
could keep up with the rapid changes in
style among navies of the world.
Struggled with Sickness and Dis
couragement; How Relieved.
Dayvillc, Killingly, Conn. "I shall
be glad to have every woman know !
iwhat 1 know now,
after using Lydia U
i'lnkhnm a Vegc
table Compound
Although I am or,!;
1M years old, I hiw.
sulfered for the pus
eight years. I hate:
the doctors, for .
doctor told me t
give up tho stap:
where I was plnyis:
with my husbaiu
I had bearing down pains, my heal;
failed me. and 1 could not work on th
stage, and wasn't able to tend my bnb;
or even get around mvself. I wa
always downhearted and discontents
with the world, and onlv lived for tin
sake of my little girl, "the doctor sail
I to move to some quiet little town away
i from the noisy city, nnd I might bo abh
J to live nnd feel well, so I went to Dny
ville in November. At that time I wai
so sick I could not walk around, and my
husband kept house and I stayed in bed.
One day in January I read your adver
tisement in a newspaper, and I sent for
Lydia E. l'inkham's Vegetable Com
pound, and started taking it. Within
two weeks time I was a different wo
man, could get around, and felt so good
that It was a pleasure to do my house-
worn. 1 Jelt contented and nappy, and
now am the picture of health, and am
tempted to return to the stage. Wo
appreciate my health as the most pre-
cioua tiling on earth." Mrs. H. L
Klenett, Box 85, Killingly, Conn.
Sunday School Convention
in jcaaiuu neat ui iiccn,
Tho Annual convention of the Marion
County Sunday school convention was
in session this afternoon sit the First
Congregational church and will con
tinue in session until 4 o'clock Satur
day afternoon.
The meeting of this afternoon was
opened with a welcome address by the
Hew .lames Rlvin county president.
Miss Olive Clark of Portland spoke on
primary departmental work and Miss
Gladys Carson of Snlein on junior
work. Mrs. Clara G. Ksson of Forest
Grove, state superintendent of Sunday
school work for the Christian church,
delivered an address on, "The Place,
of the Adult in the Sunday school."
Tho uftcruoon session closed with an
address by Dr. Carl d'egg Doney, on
"Tho Sunday School Teacher.''
This evening dinner will be served
in the parlors of tho Congregational
church, with the lie v. Charles A.
I'hipps toastmaster. At 7:30 o'clock
an address will be given by L. S. Hop
field, president of the Yamhill county
Sunday school association. This will
be followed by the showing of moving
pictures emphasizing Bible stories.
The address of the evening will be
given by Rev. Charles A. Phipps, gen
eral secretary of the Oregon Stale
Sunday School Association.
The Saturday morning program in
cludes an address on "Teacher Train
ing'' by Prof. Burgess Ford of Wil
lamette University, the election of of
ficers and n talk on "The Seven
Pointed Teacher" by t hus. A. Phipps.
Fruitland News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
II. C. and Mrs. Bressler have returned
from a business trip to Monmouth.
I, Schultz markets his eggs through !
the Salem "Kgg Circle." He gets
from his hens 10 dozen per week.
A. 11. Runner is doing some work on
tho new cheese factorv on the garden
Win. Donaldson has been ill for some
time but is now better.
I have rend with interest the address
of Mr. (has. I. Orenstein, christian
scientist, at the armory, Friday night,:
....1 :.. .i... i '....:'. .. I i..,....,..! n-l... '
speaker displayed an educated intelli-1 f'1 H is not a ''patent medicine." It
gence, but as in all cults and theories.1' P".8 "P0" ,U- s- Government!
Much remains as vet incomplete. ! ,.'hp'".ls, "1 Stared pure before fom-
Science and Chris.iani.v are indeed !" ",to t!"s eountry. GOLD
l..,h k,iM:n u,.i.n,.i" !
ll specialized conception
not be so apparent to the
, , .. i i t ... i ..p
.Mien iiiiiji in- u,ii,...... ....
j fore that which appears to be antagon
'istie to it can be harmonized in the
new. Mind and matter are both recog
! nized bv science. Just what mind is
in its ultimate essence none of us yet
I know. So it is with matter. Is mind
a form of matter ethical and subtile
beyond conception Is matter a form
i of spirit shaping from the grosser kinds
!iuto the finer and more etherialized
iintu light, magnetism. etc. Who
I knows Is there a psychology of mat
i ter also
! Tuesday Mr. F.li .igler. in returning
I from Seattle and Portland, when lifter
leaving the train at Yeoman and pro
Icecdini? homeward suddenly becalm'
! and had to stoo at a neighbor's.
lr. !
; Fischer of Salem was summoned who
i diagnosed the attack as a form of
heart disease. Wednesday Mr. Xiegler
! was taken to the Willamette Sanitoiium
j for treatment.
Sundav Miss Josie Bowers of Salem
came home for a few hours' visit. She
i brought along with her little Flovd
' Albin also of Salem.
I The dwelling house located on the
'Nelson farm near the. school hou-e is
ariaved in ii new coat of white paint
It now looks as pretty ami sw ect as a
vounif Miss in a new dress at a picnic
The store building has also been re
paired. New glass has been put in the
front windows to replace the old ones
knocked out by the school boys.
San Francisco, Mar. 24 An explosive
mort, powerful than guncotton has been
;llVeuted from feathers by Jules h
Hn-niier, a druggist, he announced to
Hl,v. n0 caiis it, gunfeathcr."
Foods cooked with Cottolene come to the table with
their natural goodness improved with a better flavor.
Biscuits shortened with it delight by their taste, their
lightness, their whiteness and their wholesomeness.
Pie crust shortened with Cottolene has that flaky
goodness which perfects the whole pie.
All foods fried in it are better-tasting and digestible because
Cottolene does not soak into them.
There is no substitute for Cottolene nothing "just as good."
Try Cottolene try it in your biscuits, for example, then in
your other cooking. Arrange with your grocer for a regular
supply. It is packed in pails of various sizes.
Write our General Offices, Chicago, for a free copy of our real
cook book, "HOME HELPS."
Ithe h.k. fa I R B AN K2EES3
j Uncle Sam Is "On the Job"
i uutciiioii ui i uic i uuui
Traffic in till things people cat and
drink, from meats to medicines, from
lithia to fire water, from cheese to cher
ries is under the close and active sur
veillance of your Cncle Samuel. His
function as policeman of inter-state
commerce has expanded wonderfully in
recent years and the work under the I
mire fond mill ilroiru net iu for from the '
least of these responsibilities.
This policing task involves 'seeing to
it that none of the huge varieties of
commercially-prepared foods, drinks
and drugs that pass from one state into
another and ultimately down the human
espohagus are adulterated or misbrand
ed or mixed w ith "any added poisonous
or other added deleterious ingredient."
Sonic job!
"Vigorous enforcement." is the rule
with reference to pure food under
President Wilson and Secretary Hons-
ton. Hie volume ot the current work
is shown by the figures on legal action
under the pure food law last year,
illll llfll- III, eitSCS IIIV01llljr ,-, VIO-
lations of the statute. Of these, 27ii
cases involved criminal violation. In
the 12 months, 057 cases, 45li civil and
5ll criminal, were terminated. There
I were 3St! decrees of condemnation and
forfeiture uuder which goods in 2'!s
leases were ordered destroyed,
i The above statistics have to do with
i the so-called pure food law tilone. Its
(older ami companion statute, the meat
i inspection act, deals w ith a kindred
work. I'ndcr the latter law 155 viola
tions were reported in the year. Of
cases tried there were 135 convictions
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5s the average quantity in a healthy
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Hair that loses its color and lustre, or
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the hair. Our grandmother made up a,
j mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur to
keep her locks dark and beautiful, and
thousands of women and men who valuo
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phur Compound," which darkens the
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stops scalp itching and fulling hair.
You just dampen a sponge or soft brush
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taking one small strand at a time.
By morning the gray "hair disappears;
but what delights the ladies with
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur is that be
sides beautifully darkening the hair
after a few applications, it also brings
back the gloss and lustre and gives it
n appearance of abundance.
A survey of the nation's resources in
fertilizer materials has drawn attention
1 11 ",rc M"' 1,1 "'-' to be louml
!n the accumulation of garbage in cit-
1" material contains nitro-
of most n.ivnntur..,.ni i... ,-,.t. f
to the soil in the form of ferlilizir
Funston raptured Aguinablo, but
rH should bear in mind it is a long
jniii,. to ,11a s end of Me alphabet.
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' lv", ?Vr', ''', ";'. by toni.m- up. thn
Uver and clearing tli system ol impurities.
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