Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 22, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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IN any talk about OWL, the Million Dollar Cigar j
we believe that we can fairly claim a little placet
for ourselves. The OWL is our child, so to speak.'
We have fathered it here on the Coast for 20 years or
more. And we are proud of it.
iiw uvviu o soua vaiue
For the OWL, as for our other famous brands,
we have always had but one policy.
Years ago, the OWL had to satisfy us before wo .
offered it to smokers on the Coast. We had to be com
pletely sold on its mellowness, fragrance, free drawing
and even-burning properties before we were willing to
put our organization and reputation behind it.
We have tried to keep faith with the nickel
smokers on the Coast by making sure that this nickel
cigar, sold with our name behind it, has been and will
continue to be solid value.
The OWL'S fresh condition
Have you noticed that when you get an OWL it
is usually in a nice, fresh condition?
This is due to a close study of demand and dis
tribution, and to factory production; also to friendly
cooperation between the retail trade and ourselves to
prevent overstocking.
We consider this an important feature of our
service to smokers.
Easily Obtainable
In building up a business on the OWL Cigar we
have felt that we could not ask a smoker's loyalty to
the brand unless we made sure that he could get the
OWL conveniently.
The OWL is sold practically everywhere on the
Pacific Coast. For this we thank the retail trade
who have met us half way in our efforts to achieve a
thorough distribution of this cigar.
&bMN0MAOn ill '' v U:
Dollar Cigar
Hayesville News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Hayesville, Ore., liar. 21. Miss Ida
I.. Denny come home from Sublimity
(Saturday for a short stay and returned
to her school Sunday p. ni.
The Baraca class entertained"- the
riiilathea elass of the Sunday school
and a number of other young people at
!. T. Reynolds' opera house on Satur
day evening. Refreshment were served.
Kruce Willis will lenve Tuesday even
ing for Dorchester, Neb., having se
cured work there.
The pupils of the advanced room of
the Hayesville school pave an excellent
For sour acid stomachs, gas and fer-j
mentation of food. A teaspoonful in aj
fourth of a glass of hot water usually i
fiiven INSTANT RELIEF. Sold by all
druggists n either powder or table
form at .r0 cents per bottle. I
program before a large and appreciative
audience of parents and friends Friday
evening. The Hayesville school has re
cently been placed on the list of stand
ard schools anil this fact was announced
by Superintendent W. M. Smith, who
was present and gave an address in
which he spoke of the value of the co
operation of parents with the teachers
and also urged industrial work and ex
hibits by the pupils, l'rof. I'. S. Dot
son, principal of the l'nrk school, Sa
lem, gave nn interesting talk about the
American flag. The pupils' part of the
program has received much favorable
comment on the manner in which they
carried it out and also on the interest
ing numbers given. The dramatization
of Longfellow-V poem, "The Birds of
Killingsnorth," by the fifth grade, was
especially attractive. The characters
were as follows: 'Squire Pompous, Clair
Turner; Deacon Knowitall, Walter
Fuhrer; Parson Jacobs, Dwight Hill;
Prof. Jameson, Galen Siddall; Farmer
Havseed, Arthur Jones; Farmer Cheer
ful! Carl Stettler; Mrs. Cheerful. Ruby
Btennen; Mrs. Adams, Pearl Brown.
The fifth grade also amused the audi
ence by their song in which they acted
is the Board of Health of Cleanly
Town. The dialogue by the older girls
List of Candidates
Shows Daily Increase
G. F. Skipworth, of Eugene, filed to
day as a candidate for the nomination
by the democratic party for the office
of circuit judge of the Second judicial
district comprising the counties of Ben
ton, Coos, Douglas, Lane and Lincoln.
Judge Skipworth is the present incum
bent and was appointed to fill the va
cancy caused by the election of judge
L. T. Harris to the supreme benca.
Other candidates who filed today
Vernon A. Forbes, of Bend, candi
date for nomination by the republican
party for the office of representative
in the legislative assembly, 21st repre
sentative district.
Charles Childs, of Brownsville, candi
date tor nomination by the republican
party for the office of representative
in the legislative assembly, second rep
resentative district.
Warner A. Ackerman, of Mnrshfield,
candidate for nomination bv the repub
lican party for the office of state sen
ator, eightn senatorial district.
E. K. Piasecki, of Dallas, candidate
for nomination bv the democratic party
for the office of district attorney for
Polk comity.
John P. kavanaugh, of Portland, can
didate for nomination by the republican
party for the office of Circuit Judge,
fourth judicial district department No.
Samuel E. Notson, of Heppner, can
didate for nomination by the republi
can party for the office of district at
torney for Morrow cuntv.
A. C. Palmer, of Fossil, candidate for
nomination by the republican party for
the republican party for the office of
district attornev tor Wheeler county.
")C 3c 5jC sj( 9C ?C
A suit to foreclose a mortgage was
filed today in the circuit court of this
county by Effio Cnmphell against H.
W. Wait and Julia Wait, his wife, and
Anna Serina Rucker and E. L. Rucker,
her husband. The plaintiff alleges that
a note given by the Waits to the plain
tiff for $10,500 was secured by a mort
gage on 52.50 acres of land in this
county. It is stated that the property
was afterward transferred to Mr. and
Mrs. Rucker subject to the mortgage
and that none of the original note has
been paid. The plaintiff seeks judgment
in the sum of $10,500 with $t)0 interest;
and $1,500 attorney's fees and an or
der of foreclosure to sell the property
and to give the excess proceeds to the
present owners. Hughes and Parwer,
of Portland, are attorneys for the plaintiff.
Little Daniel Cupid appears to have
given up his work on the youngsters of
Marion county as a bad job but he is
wnrlrinn hovnc nmnilfr tllP elders. .ToSCOh
H. Dawson, an Aurora farmer, aged 04
years and eight months, was married
March 9 to Mary M. Hartley, aged fi4
ti. in this countv.
The license was issued in Multnomah
county and the return was made in .Mo
rion. The groom is making his second
mntrimnninl venture and the bride her
third. Walter H. Ruble, of Silverton,
is another who admits to three score
and four and today rook out n license
t,i ,l fvnthin Gilbert, aired 52. also
of Silverton. Both have tried matri
mony once before.
Countv School Superintendent W. M.
Smith. State Superintendent J. A,
Churchill and Supervisor Jonn w. t..
Smith went to Hubbard last niuht to
attend the dedication exercises for the
new $15,000 high school which has been
erected at that place.
An inventory and appraisement was
filed in the probate court toduy in the
estate of Knud A. T.oe, deceased. The
appraisement shows the real property of
the estate to be valued at $5,000 and
the personal property at SM2.1S5.07,
k in ir !i tntlll of .4l7.lS5.fl7. A. A.
(Irinde, A. A. 1'lvin and (!. M. Opsund
were the appraisers.
John Schindler wns appointed by
Judge Bushcy today as guardian of the
person and estate of William Myers,
the minor son of Fred Myers and Helen
Myers, both deceased, the estate con
sists of personal property to the value
of $250. The appraisers are Finest Blue,
D. W Miles and Stina Shindlcr
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound Helped Her.
West Danby, N. Y. "I have had
Bervous trouble all my life until I took
Lydia E. Pinkham a
Vegetable Com
pound for nerves
and for female trou
bles and it straight
ened me out in good
shape. I work nearly
all the time, as wa
live on a farm and I
have four girls. I do
all my sewing and
other work with
their help, so it
shows that I stand it real well. I took
the Compound when my ten year old
daughter came and it helped me a lot.
1 have also had my-oldest girl take it
and it did her lots of good. I keep it in
the house all the time and recommend
it." Mrs. Dewitt Sincebaugh, West
Danby, N. Y.
Sleeplessness, nervousness, irritabil
ity, backache, headaches, drngging sen
sations, all point to female derange
ments which may be overcome by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
ingredients of which are derived from
native roota and herbs, has for forty
years proved to be a most valuable tonio
and invigoratorof the female organism.
Women everywhere bear willing testi
mony to the wonderful virtue of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
WW , ,t5?J
I. ' '.'J
Today -Tomorrow
A Keystone Scream
New Today ads costs you less than
you think worth more than you
Sacramento, Cul., Mar. 22. Joseph
D. Cornell, Sacramento lawyer, must
go to San Quentino prison. Convicted
of forgery ami sentenced to prison for
eight years, his appeal for a hearing
in supreme court was denied yesterday.
Cornell's fight to keep ftom goiiig
to prison wns the most desperate in the
history of the Sacramento county
courts. He was represented by a splen
did array of legal talent including Theo
dore Bell and Drove L. Johnson, father
of the governor.
Spokane, Wash., Mur. 22. With
scores of prominent mining men from
four states and part of Canada in at
tendance, the third rtiy of the North
western Mining congress opened today.
A large part of tiic program of papers
anil addresses by mining experts is
scheduled for today.
The congress has opened headquart
ers at Spokane hotel. The chamber of
commerce is ucting .is host to the visitors.
A Mutual Masterpicturo
Five Acts of Realism by a
Cast of Broadway Stars.
New Songs and Dances.
rn" ' n ' ' wwim I
... i... t l1-,in..ll I ;
1 TODAY 111
J - -
fever" comes the wish to
pet into lighter underwear.
And just here is where we
want you to think of us, as
we have some especially at
tractive union suits that
have been arriving the past
In Balbriggans, Lisles,
Light Wools, etc., etc.
The Toggery
167 Commercial St.
Leading Clothiers
Empress S. & C.
To Avoid Dandruff
You do not want a slow treatment
when hair is falling and the dandruff
germ is killing the hair roots. Delay
menus no hair.
Get, at any drni store, a bottle of
lemo for 25c or $i.0l) for extra law
sise. Use as directed, for it docs the
work quickly. It kills the dandruff germ,
nourishes the hair roots and Immediately
stops itching scalp. It is sure and safe,
is not greasy, is easy to use and will not
stain, fcoaps and shampoos are harm
ful, as they contain alkili. The best
thing to use is zemo, for it is pure and
also ineipensive.
Zemo, Cleveland.
Pauline Frederick
A Paramount Picture, pro
duced by tho Famous Players
Kilni Company.
Pathe Weekly
Edith Mote
In Song Novelties
in a Comedy Playet
Parce Musical Comedy
5 tl
Sunday, MatineeEvening
Thorn is something to be Fiiid for
those Mexican bandits, ufter all. They
were obliging enough not to wait until
midsummer in the hot tamale belt be
fore inviting our soldiers down there.
A marriage license was isMuM toduy
by the county clerk to Wiliiam C
Greenfield, a farmer, of Columbus
Montana, and Laura F. YuN's, of Salem.
was very well received and the individ
; uul numbers were also good.
The program was as follows:
Song "Soldiers Who Don't Wear
the Blue." School,
j lieeitution "Things Worth While.''
Carmen Kuhn.
Song "Wearing of the Oreen,"
Harriet Kiser, Hilda (iruenfelder, Win-
nie Rite hey.
I Recitation "Stolen Custard."
j Clair Turner.
I Dialogue "Sylvia s Aunts." Eight
I Recitation "Story of Augustus."
Ruby Brennen.
Song "The residents. " Walter
I Fuhrer.
Recitation "A Place for Boys."
Arthur Jones.
Song "Angry Words." Audrey
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
.Sunday & Monday Ye LIBERTY THEATRE Two Days Only
Astoria Begins Battle
to Corral the Trade
Astoria, Or., Mar. The city of
Astoria today rolled up her sleeves and
M-eared to do mortal battle with rail
road companies which have demanded
a rehearing of the interst ite commerce
commission's order placing inland
freigiit rates to Astoria and 1'uget
Sound on a par.
The first thing the city did was to
order the construction of two rivers at
a cost of 70,000 each. These boats
will ply between Astoria an 1 inl.iml em
pire points on the Columbia and Snake
rivers. They will carry wheat and pro
duce to the export wharves at As
toria. Special attorneys have been employ
ed to fight the rehearing of the rati"
With a Small Amount of Fuel
Is the most essential requisite of a Range
Reeitntion "What a Boy Can Do."
Carl ritettler.
Hong "Bonnie Flag." Hilda
Gruenfelder, Winnie Ritehey.
Recitation "His Sunday Clothes."
Francis Wikoff.
Song "Board of Health of Cleanly
Town." Fifth grade.
Recitation " The Ant and the Crick
Ct." Pearl Brown.
Dramatization "The Birds of K i 11
ingsworth. ' ' Fifth grade.
Recitation "Brier Rose." Ollii
Song Jeanne and David Saucy.
Rev. H. K. .Marshall is expected here
to begin revival services March 30. Let
everybody plan to come.
There will be no Sunday school next
Sunday on account of the Sunday
school convention being held nt Che
maw a.
1 f i . f.- "'r''
r c
JM II M 0 1
m mm u mmu
All-ways Preferable
lUfllllf 1OllAt- T 4- i y. Al, i. 1 1 H
i , By ""3 tvciv iisuttl. 11 IS Uie llllCSt lUOKing
flues of this range are built of patented Kaystone
Copper Bearing Aluminum Fused Metal; this metal
resists rust and corrosion. The body is three-ply
and hand riveted throughout, making the oven air
tight, which means economy of fuel and perfection
in baking. This Range is extremely plain, smooth
nickel trimmings, which are easily cleaned; polished
top, which will not crack or warp. Built on scien
tific nrinciDles which means better meals with less
labor and cost for fuel. Come to the store and examine this Range and we know
you will not be satisfied until you have one in your home.
ISH r;7) If-:
r u . . -r