Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 21, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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I... . i . .I, i
This is trie
PEOPLE! Mv Davs An 3 Numbered
:; ' -ISM:-
v. I : . '
, : ....
f t
iTrm nnmili mar -- n nigmn m n i -
and Tak
i Jv W
i", l)iriiiihtifMirtijiriiIw3
at the Chicago Store, and during my last days here, I am
going to create some speedy buying for the public of Salem,
by making some round up prices, that you can't afford to
overlook. I am now making a general and final disposal
of all merchandise at the Big and Busy Chicago Store, at
prices and quality that cannot be duplicated for a long
time. What's the use of you paying regular prices for
your new Spring outf it, when can buy here and save your,
self at least half and sometimes more, and merchandise
that is of standard value, and the best your money can
buy, and get it for less.
fiT.aa'ji J'lii i.m.iro.uajuinmspa
e Advantage of
f fif j a m a
eet me at uie tmcaffo atore
y Final Prices
jMore Than 400 Walk Out
When Demand for In
I crease Is Refused
DRESSES, worth
to $9.00 regular
These Dresses come in Slik
Poplin, are all the wanted shades,
sold regular up to 59.00; they ara
now marked at $5.90 all Spring
COATS, worth to
$12.00 regular
Special Lot of Ladies' new
Spring Coats, all the wanted pat-
tenia, worth to as much as $12 T
rfirnl TM-tPOn n nw at K(i Jill u,
regular; priced now at 6.50
Buy Your E
SUITS, worth to
$18.00 regular
Lot of Ladies' Suits, sold in the
regular way up to as much as
$18.00, are marked at special
price of $8.90.
MEN'S Clothing
worth to $15.00
Special price on lot of Men's and
Young Men's Clothing, sold reg
ular up to as much as $15.00; they
are marked at special price $0.85
MEN'S Clothing
worth up to $18
and $20 regular
Specal Lot of Men's and Young
Men's, guits, scid in the regular
way up to $18.00 and $20.00, are
marked at special price of $8.85.
--'"'--''-ffi-) t
aster Hat and Suit Now
Special lot of
c yari
One Lot of Remnants in Cur
tain Scrim, Ginghams, Voiles,
Percales, Etc., 12 l-2c, 15c
and 25c values, in 1 1-2, 2 and
4 yard lengths, 3c the yard.
1 yT qgFVt
Special Wool
Serge Goods
49c yard
So as to give you another
chance at the lot of Diagonial
Wool Serga Dress Goods,
worth reguiar to $1.65, special
19c yard.
I'll OHMW .til
Special Ladies' (1
White Waists
25C each
Just to clean them up, I place
another lot of Ladies' White
tailored Waists on sale, worth
to $1.50 regular, at 25c.
Special Lace
95 pair
Lace Curtains, $1.23 and $1.50
values, these Curtains are a
great value, while they last,
they go at 63c the pair.
18c Eipplette, yard now.... 12i2c
$1.00 Mercerized Table Linen, An
sard 47t
12 l-2c Percales, now yard
15c Curtain Scrims, yard ..
15c Pillow Slips, now
15c Linen Crash, the yard
$1.25 Bed Spreads, now
$1.25 Silk Messaline, yard..
. 9c
$1,25 10-inch Sil Poplin, yard
GOc Crepes, all colors, yard
39c Scotch Plaids, yard..
50c Silk Pongee, yard ....
35c Shepherd Checks, yard ...
25c Silk Mull, yard
Millinery Department
Ladies' Spring Hats
to $6.50 value
Ladies' Spring Hats
to $5.00 value
Ladies' Spring Hats
to $3.00 value
Special Ladies'
Kid Gloves
69c pai
Final clean up on Ladies' Kid
Gloves, sizes 7, 7 1-2, 7 3-4 and
8 not many of each size; reg
ular $1.25 and $1.50 values,
while they last 69c pair.
Special Ladies'
Silk Hose
35c pair
50c and C5c Ladies' Silk Hose
in champagne, blue, tan, laven
der, pink and red colors only,
special while they last 35c the
35C each
For 50c back opening Bras
sierers, there is all Bizes in
this lot, but come while the as
sortment is at its best, special
Special in Mens'
Work Gloves
11c pair
Special Lot of Men's Leather
Work Gloves, sold regular at
25c the pair, final price Uiey
go at 11c pair.
MrN'S FiiftiKhintrl
Goods, etc.
25c Boys' Underwear, garment 10c
$1.50 Men's Soft HaM, now ... 95c
15c Men's Tan Sox, now t
25c Men's Hose, now, pair.. .. 19c
50c Men's Suspenders, now... 25c
$1.25 Men's Union Suits, now 65c
$1 Men's Fine Dress Shirts ... 65c
23c .
45c Children's and
Mis'ses Union Suits
85c Ladies' Flannel
B5c Ladies Summer
Union Suits
25c Ladies' Tan Hose,
the pair
35c and 19c Knit
Drawers and Shii-ts
15c Misses White
Hose, pair
25c Children's Summer
E. G. Seaman, Representing Lewis Bros. & Company in Charge
tt'nttle, Wash., Mar. 21. Pra.-(i.-ally
'every sti-niner plying betwot'ii J'u'i'l
'Sound iHirts. inside of Cape Kluttery
j in reported tied up today unable to
1 leiid or diwlmrpe fivijjlit, ns the remit
'of a general walkout of employes,
i More thnii 401) firemen, oilers, leek
lmiuls, nuiters, porters, cooks, watch
; men, pantrymen and mcssmcn. are on
strike, ileniandini; wage increases ol
from 5 to $15 a mouth, 50 cents an
pliour for overtime and improved condi-i
i nous ot iniior.
Hut three steamers are reported run
niiiR nut of this po.i ro neiKhliorinj;
I points. They are the Tiicoina. on the
, Senttle-Tiicoma run, nnd the Kul.slinn
and the Wainlcnle. The Kulslmn's crew
lias been replaced with negroes, it is re
I ported.
j Demands on nil steamship companies
I were presented by the l'lier' Sound
i Steamship Men's union at 4 o'clock yes
terday utternoon. '1 hey were refused.
Deckhands are demandini; increases
in wnces from .fit) to 50 a month.
Overtime rates are demanded for nil
work performed except between the
hours of 8 a. m. and S p. in. and 'ior
Sunday and holiday work.
Livesley News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
The (I. T. club met at the home ,-if
Mrs. 1!. ). Fiddler, last Thursdav after
noon. There was a record turn out of1
meiuhers and a very pleasant time was
spent. Those present were greatly in
terested in an uniue pi i 1 1 made bv
Mis. Fiddler's grandmother in '-IS,
I lie contest as won bv Mrs. 1). '
Fiddler. Mrs. .1. M. Fiddler assisted'
the hostess in serving. Those present:
Mrs. S. Davenport, Mrs. II. Carpenter,
Mrs. (1. Coolidge, Mrs. X, Kunle, Mrs.:
C. I. yuery, Mrs. (!. Ili-ins, Mrs. C.
Adams, Mrs. V. Sharp, Mrs. F. I'M-'
wards, .Mrs. .1. Fiddler, Mrs. I..
Thomas, Mrs. O. Fiddler. Mrs. B. I).
Miss Malde Allien of Aunisville was!
a wce.-end visitor nt the home of Mr. !
and Mrs. .1. Kdwards.
.Miss Loretta. DenniH from Tfotrue
Hiver while visiting with her mint, j
Mrs. II. It. Carpenter, was taken set-1
ioc. Iv ill and had to lie removed to
the hospital where nil operation was
! performed. Miss Dennis is now niak-i
tug satisfactory progress towards re-!
I . ovorv. ' j
Mrs. Mary ,. Johnson came via Fros-'
j no, Cal., where she is winding up herf
1 interests prowous to inaliini,' her per-
' inaiient h e in i'olo, III. !
A. J). IVityjolin is busy planting
jlirres to prunes ami uliout 2 acres
: cherries, a
; Oil Wediicmlay evening Mrs, (
'Ouory was agreeably surprised when a
nuinlier ot Iriciuls gathered at hi' r 1
j Inline to celebrate her birthday mini-1
; vcrsiiry. During the evening the!
i Livesley orchestra played some of tlieirl
favorite selections. Mrs. (!. W. Cool-!
jidge and Mrs. ,1. Watson al-o gave)
piano solos. j
j A good old fasioui'd oyster supper
i rounded out. the evening's enjoyment.
!.lr. S. Davenport voiced the good,
j wishes of the coniotinv to Mrs. Oucry. j
Stove Polish
TTS clifTerent from
I nth(rs lier.:msf min e irrrt'
is taken i. the rsahlr.sV 4
and the materials used ara of
higher grade.
Black Silk
Stove Polish
Makes a brilliant, ullhy roMnh flint floe
I not rub off or dust oli.an Itlioslii.KJlr.st:.
four times ns Jonj? ns ordinary stov?
folisn. I sed on s;im?!e stoves and bclu
cy liardwnre nn 1 ijrnecry ceah'rs.
All wi nk inn trial, t'.ioit on votir txiJt trrro.
I vmir prulur stuvo or ytu:r r;:nvf ' Jl" you d
1 ti.vd, your drtilcr i iinlhorirfj to n fur ti your
monrv. iTv-i; r. on i i;u 't mik itovo t uiit.ii.
Mulo in luUiu or iuijL- one quuiLy.
Black Silk Stove Polish Works
SterHns, Hiinott
Vne Bl.ick Silk Air-Dr-!na Iron EnanMtl on
Germans Trying Flank
Movement Make Small Gab
(Continued from page one.) -
oil. The Germans escaped jnto Zeoliur;;
(jp lifter n running fijjht.
This clash wns tho first in weeks. 1
is believed tho (ierninu vessels either
emerged from Zeehurgge or dashid
along the coast of Holland from Iteligi -land.
Incoming shippers reported misM
overhanging tho Knglish channel ui; I
the North sea.
Tho Herman ndinirnlty 's statomi"
said the Teuton destroyers scored sev
eral hits. Then, said Berlin, the !ri
tish vessels fled.
good comliiiiatiou for this
Most soaps and prepared shampoo
contain too much alkali, which is very
injurious, ns it dries tho scalp nnd
makes tho hair hritllo.
The best thing to use is just plain
mulMl'icd eocoanut nil, for this is pim
am! entirely grenseless. It's very
cheap, and bents tho most, oxpenshfl
soups or anything else all to pieces.
You can get this at any drug stor,
and a few ounces will last the vvholo
family for months.
dimply moisten the hair with water
and rub it in. about a teaspoonful is uH
that is reiuired. It makes an abund
ance of rich, creamy lather, cleanse
thoroughly, and rinses out easily. Tho
hair dries quickly nnd evenly, and in
soft, fieh looking, bright, fluffy, wavy
and easy to handle, llcsides, it loosen
and takes out every particle of dust,
dirt and dandruff.
lose present: .Mrs, ,. Kooili Mrs. (
Cotdidge. Mrs. Hoynolils, Mrs. N. !
Kngle, .Mrs. V. Meie'r, Mr. nnd Mrs. S. !
Davenport. .Mr. and Mrs, ,1. 1'. Dressier, 1
Mr. and Mrs. h. Johnston, Mr. and j
Mrs. J. Watson, Mr. J. (Jcrber.
Miss Kdnn Durns of I.ents, relumed
home Friday after visiting a few days!
with tier, aunt, .Mrs. tt. I arpenter.
Tho Livesley baseball club played
their first mutch of the season against
the Liberty club. Liberty winning
l.i. As the score indicates they were
up against n much heavier side. Cap
tain deorgo Hrowu thinks that in the '
return game next, Friday they willl
greatly improve on that, score. The
Livesley team: F.duard llarubiirgher,
catcher; (ieorge Hrowu, pitcher; K.I
llarnburglii'r, short stop; Tied Daven-i
port, first; Lee Taylor, second; Marvin
Fiddler, third; John Cook, left field; i
Albert Dlankonship, right field; Lrnest,
Ilenuinusen. center. I
Mr. Charles Kkiu was agreeably re
minded that l-'nday was his birthday
nnnhoi-nry by the arrival of a large
number of friends who hud n most en-'
joyable evening with ian .rig and
music. j
A prayer and Sunday school business;
meeting was held on Thursday evening
nt Hie Home ot .Mr. and .Mrs. ,1. Watson.
Kugeue si ul Albin Oorbcr of I'm'
land spent the weekend with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. (lerbcr.
At a meeting of the school elector
on Saturday, Mr. S. Davenport was
elected to the wicancy caused through
the re.tiral of Mr. I!. I). Fi.ldl-r.
Mrs. ('. I), tuery will entertain the
d. 'V. club at her home Thursday.
Mr. F. S. Davenport had a few neigh
bors at their iio'iie Saturday for a mus
ical evening.
The literary society will give. th
first of their monthly enU'i'luiiiineuts'
Fruitland News
(t'npital Journal Special Service.)
I'ruitland. Or., Mar. 111. William
I'ellamy attended a party at Mr. lionds
Inst Salurdiiy evening. He repoiteil a
mii-t pleasant evening. Walter b'an
Kinii and Jon (lliegel were present also.
Mr. Sain Oerig and family intend to
move to Mill City this week I'or t,n
'iiinmer. Pruitland loses ,v fine neigh
bor mid it is regretted thut he wen
forced to move.
A party was held at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Silko last Saturday evening, n
number of Fruitland people atteudiii".
Mis-es flraco and Leah Colem.in worn
priseiit at the V. P. A. business nieo'
ing last Friday evening.
Mrs. Sam flerig's mother and sister
have been visiting here last week.
.Mrs. Archie Matlock has been visit
ing with her parents, Mr. nnd Mr-.
Simpson the last few days.
Mr. Harmon De Vries ,ind fnmil
made an afternoon cull at t'ne Otterbein
home last Sunday.
A larun number of Fruitland peonbi
attended the literary society at I'.elh' l
last Finlny evening.
The liaseball g.ime between Fruillan 1
a inl Heihcl caine off in favor of Fruit
laud by a score of yti to Hi. The gnmo
had many thrills for the spectator". Tho
battery for rruitlaiid nils Kolbe M -llwain
and Harold L.ittin. lleibe t.
ThompMin also did some fine playing nt
First base.
dithered from far and near a host l'
people attended the Y. I'. A. biisine- i
and social meeting at the home of L.
and .Mrs. St.indifer wiiere a f'ne tine;
hi 'nvi'il during the evening'.
fi'iipital Journal S lal Service. "
Kaiser Hottom, Mar. 11 Morris Hall,
a young fanner, while assisting with
gout shearing on his farm here today,
was necidentally severely cut with the
shears, when (he nnliiiul which was be
ing shorn, kisked the shears from llie
hands of an nssitaiit nud hurling the
sharp blades into Mr. Hall's face, cut
ting him severely.
Mr. Hall lost considerable blond ow
ing to the cutting of an artery.
Tortl I, nr., Mar. 111.--Fred I!. Sub
w iv will have to pay ll fine of tin to
day because he entered the home of his
former wife to see his two littlo chil
dren. Mrs. Salwny ihnrgeil him with
1M Mo
Pitr.pl marvelous no pain no rut
ting i.o aclivs corns vanish. You
ni v.r ?:iw anything likojit in your whol -!ife.
Vi'hy r.iid'er another miuure why
lunp around and net like an old crq pie.'
Comfort Corn Piaster will lTti.koynu
r :r.p arcund like a 2-year-oiJ. Th".
old, h.-ird, stubborn corn goe: wit'ioui
p:.::i it simply vanishes over night,
b: t a 1c tor Comfort Corn flaiten.
Remember Comfort Corn Plasters
are guaranteed to give absolute 5Cti
faction or money back. Only I'jo t!:.i
J. C. Perry, Drussist,
115 S. Commercial Street
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all c'rurji-to.