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Z new .mil perfectly delightful idea
m for chanty, "flower Lfliy,
novel and clever method for aiding the
Saturday will be Flower day and an
array of society natrons and maids
who never turn a ilenf ear to any wor-tt-
cause will sell dainty primrose bout
onnieres for the benefit of the Pisgah
lome, which is located at Lents, Ore
gaii. The Pisgah homo colony has
its headquarters at the Woodmere old
people's home near Portland and is a
country home and human repair shop for
loom) dear old souls who perhaps by no
fault of their own aro imong the less
fortumte. The thought of these dear
old people quickens our teuderest emo
tions and it is indeed an apathetic per
son who hits uo call to be of use to them
at the meager sum of ten cents, the
amount for which the blossoms will be
Mr. Miller, of the Hotel Marion, has
generously donated space for the flow
er sile which will open at the hotel at
nine o'clock Saturday morning.
Among the smart set who will be
en during the dny with bankets of
these pretty boutonnierei are:
Mrs. Chauncey Bishop, chairman;
Mrs. Thomas B. Kay, .Mrs. Henry Mey
t'rs, Mrs. Hen Olcott, Mrs. Asnhel Bush,
Miss Margaret Gosper and X bevy of
youuir, girls.
Frank Meye s, of the Spa, has kind
ly donated a lovely five pound box of
candy to the committee to be present
ed to the matron or maid selling the
must blossoms.
The Breakfast flub composed of t
group of young girls enjoyed an in
formal evening recently with Miss Lois
Martin as hostess.
Tuesday afternoon this same coterie
of maids went on a picnic. Tim party
included the Misses Barbara Steincr,
younger set was the Kappa Kappa
(lamina formil dance given Saturday
night hi the Hotel Osburii, Eugene.
Beta Omega chapter served aa hostesses
to a merry throng of guests. The hotel
The Anti-Tuberculosis Society illus- was ''.ecorate.t artmiri iy w ,- ,
trates the frightful toll of consumption i ture dailt.e wa8 in ear,orate affair with
sX 7(M,atirav Lois Mar in Vary-' minutes, and shows that it is the man (making a picturesque attraction iae
ZTtiffi rMnT , or .onun, girl or boy, .ho neglects - bv the numberof pre,-
Hughes, (.nice Holt, Lthel rrusier and , colds, whose blood IS impure, who feels rol,BB,s included Mr. a:id Mrs. lleorge
v lu itoscnqucsi.
T)r. and Mrs. Harrv Clnv motored
Milwaukee Siturduy evening for an ov
er Sunday visit with relatives.
. I vfinmiiihintr a Ywht everv three ! intrant,. nmri'hM nn.I iluintv fieu
XD now Salem society has a brand ; Caroline Dick, 11a Sp lulding, Ruth J o o ,i,i . ni.-rure,ne attraction. 'I
weak and languid, who is the very if. Gerliuger, of Dallas; Mr. and Mrs.
,i.'one to contract tuberculosis and Frank L. Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. F.. F.
;mino DeCon, Kugene; Mrs. S. C. Dyer, Sa-
, ov-l none are immune. lem; Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Rover, of Eu-
i During changing seasons, or after geilp
sickness, blood-quality is most impor- After the dance dainty refreshments
"e. 1,0 i tant, and if you and your family will were served in the Japaneso tearoom.
tr" '. tnk Srntt's Fmulsion after meals it T1 'l'rmill2 evening gowns worn by
oneoftae cotts tmuision alter meats u )y ,lot.orations
e . . ! will olinrrr iiAllt1 Vilrvul until hfinltn. I .....- . a
About fifteen young girls were the
guests of Miss Dorothy Hurktier
ovntiimr ultnti ult.i iin trt u i 11 oil nr
the attractive St. Patrick's dav fostiv-, will charge your blood with health
ities. Five hundred was the diversion: sustaining richness, quicken circulation,
arranged for the guests and the tables' and strengthen both lungs and throat,
were circled by the Misses Dorothy Scott's is free from alcohol easy to
Dick, Margery Brown, Lulla Fitton,
Kataryn Slade, Vallerie Bnggs, .Yiar
guret (ioodin, lieulah Fox, Margaret
Legg, Charlotte Croisnn, Kthel Hupert,
Kva Handall, Mabel Patrick, Catherine
Campbell, Emma .Snook and Marie
Miss Mabel Patrick anil Miss Mar
garet floodin were awarded the high
score honors.
Mrs. Charles H. Fisher went to Kosc
burg tod iy for a several days' visit
with her mother, Mrs. X. Owens.
Miss Edna .Tosse went to Portland
Saturday to be the guest of her sister,
Mrs. George Haick, for several days.
take it can not barm. Get a bottle to-day.
Scott It Bowuc, Moonifield, N.J. li-JJ
Friday evening tiie members of the
Young j'eople's Bible class of the First
Congregational church, gathered at the!
home of Miss Teresa Fowlc for a
Hook party.
Tho rooms were prettily adorned
with St. Patrick's decorations ind
spring flowers.
Miss Kdna Townsend. and Harvey
Wilson weic awarded the prizes. Later
tho evening was rounded out by a Vir
ginia reel and a dainty collation. Those
en joying the gnyotios were: Misses Iso
bel Mcililchrist, Hazel Huberts, Agner
B.iyne, Margaret Garrison, Ruby Wil
son. Adelta Nye, Beruiee Clark, Bertha
Clark, Miss McGregor, .lean McGregor,
.lessie Ilolcomb, Marie Holcomb, Edna
Townsend, Alice Blake, Catherine
Fowle, Teresa Fowle, and Messrs. Willis
Bartlette. Harvev Wilson, Ravmond At-
jteibury, Dick llarbert, Adarr Lock
'wood. ' Leland Hendricks, Stewirt
Lamb, Richard Hansen, ThomRs Mc
(lilciirist, (George McGilchrist, Kenneth
Bnvne, Carl Beckett, liussel Beckett,
Mr. Swabl), Mr. ami Mrs. Dana H. Al
len, Mr. anil Mrs. McKce, Mr. and Mrs.
.lames Ehin and Superintendent O. M.
Elliott, the teacher of the class.
Miss Helen Pcckcbich went to Eu
gene Saturday to be a week end guest
at the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority
house ami to attend their dance at the
Hotel Osburn Saturday night.
Miss Mnrgiret Rodgers, who was the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Kodgers for a couple of days, re
turned to Portland Sunday afternoon.
Of interest to many of Salem's
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Kettle for only
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gave the dince a distinctive note of
beauty. The guests included:
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Allen, Mr. and
Mrs. B. H. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. R. S.
Hamilton, Miss Frances i'oung, Mr.
and Mrs. Conklin, Miss Genevieve
Keller, Doris Sloeeum, Helen Casey,
Marie Beach, Helen Decbebaeh, Bea
trice Wetherbv. Marcaret Gray. FJean-
or Spoil, Heleu H ill, Lois Hall, Mildred i
Broughton, Gladys (artwnght. i.mma
Stevenson, H. Dunbar, Glenn Wheeler,
Carroll Wagner, Dale Butt, Franklin
Allen, Kalph Allen, Glenn Stanton, Fred
Hanssen, Carl .elson, Percy Boatman,
James Vance, Francis lor.in, IJon Koo-
erts, Gordon Clark, Lhvight Wilson,
Marion V. ilelson, Harold Jlamstreet,
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terly, Harry Dement, Hirold Brock,
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Garbade, MacLeod Maurice, Ed Bailey,
(iraham Smith, Harry Powell, Max
Keigard, Emmett Katfibun, John Hus
ton, Don Hyrd, Chester Miller, Koy
Brown, Earl Murphy and Hermin Gil-felin.
The active members of Beta Omega
chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma are
Constance I artwnght, Jessie J'urciy,
Louise Kailey, Esther Ch.umers, lionise
Allen, Bertha Hanssen, Dorothv Wheel-
Erva Uurdtck, Lillian Littler, Ha
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l oulkes, Helen Puringlon, Alva Wilson,
Grace Keid, Roberta Veal, Lucile Mess
ton and Kathryn Hirtley
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Impoverished it lacks vitality, your
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Patriachs of Old and Present
Times Will Be at Religious
The patriach of Abram's time, the
shepherd ot Kind Davids day and the
wise man of the year of our Lord will
mingle tonht at the Ryan hall iwth
Ruth and Boaz, of Biblical lame, the
present day Mohammedan chanting his
prayers to Allah, score) o'f other inter
esting personages and Salem church
folk at the opening of the Social Serv
ice exposition and Palestine pageant.
This is the lourtn city wtueli tin;
Spring Apparel
Women, Misses and Children
Coats $5.00 to $45.00 EACH
Suits $15.00 to $50.00 EACH
Silk Dresses $9.75 to $42.50 EACH
Wool Dresses $5.00 to $35.00 EACH
Dorothy Flegel, Lorothv Robertson 'great exposition has visited since the
. Van Rchoonboven, Lucile Stan-'dose of the Panama-Pacific exposition
To get the genuine, call for full name,
for signature of E. W. Grove. Cures a
Cold in One Day. 25c.
Blood Flows Freely
In Drunken Brawl
Considerable blood was spilled about
five o'clock Saturday eveninsr when
Oliver Keissbeck. and Oscar Bridges, a
painter, engaged in a fist fight at the
comer of 12th .mil Mill streets. Keiss
beck was pried loose from Bridges by
Officer Varney and tiien Keissbeck at
tacked the officer viciously and was
only subdued by the officer's club after
about 150 spectators refused to aid the
officer. One man, whose name was not
learned, did attempt to lssist the offi
cer to overpower Keissbeck and re
ceived a black eye and the others re
fused to join in.
Keissbeck received a sentence of 20
days in jail this morning in police court
and admitted that he was insanely
drunk and that the detiils of the fra
cas were hazv in his mind. He said the
party had two quarts of alcohol to jthi , f doi u g it
.I1.111I utnl 4hnt tiio linnTn clnitd.l tlv .
trouble. The light began in the shoe
shop of William Porter who was alo
Arrested. The men then went out on
the street where they attracted a large
crowd and the police were called. Offi
cer Varney went on his motorcycle and
arrived at the scene of the fight ahead
of the other officers who arrived later.
A bloody knife was picked up on the
street and it is thought th.it Keissbeck
was cut with the knife on the face. It
required seven stitches to close a gash
in his head, made by the officer's club
and four stitches to close the gash in
his face which was clean cut.
and the manager, Mr. G. U. St. John,
states that he has booked the exposition
for two years ahead. It was planned
to visit cities of not less than I00,00ti
population but the Saioni Ministers'
Federation invited the exposition to Sa
lem and it is here to stay for six dayB.
After the exposition closes here it will
proceed to other cities going as far
south as Dallas, Texas, and us far east
as Providence, i. I.
As its central attraction it comprises
all the religious and social service ex
hibits showu under the committee of
One Hundred in the palace of education
at the recent exposition. Many tons of
this exposition has been set up here.
These exhibits had the distinction
of winning greuter honors in San Fran
cisco than any other one group of ex
hibits being awarded forty-one and
were pronounced by religious leaders
as the greatest collection of social serv
ice material ever assembled.
0. B. St. John, formerly with thi
Presbyterian Board of Home Missions,
who collected the exhibits and in fact
made most of them for the many boards
and agencies exhibiting says that the
church boards and social service agen
cies are very anxious to have the coun
try at large see just what work they
! are doing, and that they have chosen
liev. Aliei
Moore has charge of a very large sec
tion of the exposition representing the
Holy Land. He has scores of the fin
est "eostumes the far east has ever pro
duced and he will lead Ins groups ot
"Every style and color and fashion
favored material."
We have never shown a more comprehensive assort
ment of ready to wear garments than this spring.
Collars and belts are introduced in novel ways.
Belts often appear at sides and front, leaving the
back loose and flaring. Skirts are circular; others
with yoke top and full flaring.
Extremely Moderate in Price.
Bollin K. Page was in Portland over
Mis. II. Haltels is in the city from
Rev. L. C. Poor is in the city from
Dr. W. A. Cox went to Albany tins
Miss Geneva Enos was in Albany
over Sunday.
Attorney H. F. Mclnturff was in Pra
tum yesterday.
Dr. M. J. Butler, of Independence, is
visiting in the city.
Miss Knima Godfrey was a Sunday
visitor in Portland.
.Miss Dora Patterson was a Sunday
visitor in Portland.
X. M. Xewport, an attorney of Xew
port, is in the city.
Kol 0 Drake, ot rortiumi, is 111 tne
When In SALEM, OREGON, itof t
Strictly Modem
Free ana Private Baths
BATES: 75c, $1.00, fl.50 PER DAT
1 The only hotel in the business district.
.Nearest to all Depots, Tueatret ana
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. O. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto But.
U of
lnte ..
New KeusliiKU'll
people from place to place through the (.j(V attending to business matters,
streets of Jerusalem and tell stories of j jS!) Kdna Purdy, city treasurer of
the life and customs of those of that Orenco, was in the city visiting her pa-
far awav land. Another section will be
given over to scientific temperance by
Miss Edith M. Wills, assistant editor
of Scientific Temperance Journal, who
appeared at the San Francisco exposi
tion. Still nnotltter department will be con
ducted by Miss Mary Agnes Best, ra
conteur and magazine writer, who will
tell her Molly Bret stories of "How
the Other Half Lives." Another sec
tion will consist of a moving picture
theatre where social service work will
be shown. Mr. Max Dietshe is in charge
of this section. Mr. Dietshe was 111
charge of the large motion picture hall
at the exposition under the supervision
of the Federaied churches. This hub
was a great success and many thou
sands visited it during the year.
The program will begin tonight at ',
o'clock with a specially conducted tour
through the exposition. The realisti
presentation of u modern Holy Land
-Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baker were in
Orenco over Sunday, the guest of .Mrs.
Frank Powers.
Harold Forrest went to Albany yes
terday whero he will enter the employ
of the Southern Pacific.
Mrs. Marry Mover and two children,
of Portlandare in (he city for a few
days' visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Itagiin are visit
ing at the home of Mrs. Kagan's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. L. 0. Caciniiugh,
1 IT-, Court street.
H. 11. Kirbv. who his been associated
with the Mutual Lite Insurance com-
pany in this district will return to his
former home at Greenbuig, Indiana.
George House, a wide awake news
hustler recently employed on the Spo
kane newspapers was in the cilr to
day visiting his old friend, 11. F. Mcln
turff. Knv Penieroy, of St. Vincents hos-
Vnder auspices of (henieketa
Camp Firo Girls, at the First
Presbyterian church,
AT 8:30 P. M.
Tickets on sale at Pattu.4iw.
aud the Commercial Pok Store
weddinir will be L'iveu at 8:W 0 'clock , I'ltal, Portland, spent Sunday 111 the
followed hv n discussion bv Mr MooreM'tiy with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. ('.
on "Eastern Dress. -Miss Best
give her famous story " The Lilly Lung
try Literature Circle" (Jewish).
At f:l" special tableaux will be pre
seated. The interesting exhibits il
be open throughout the expositions.
Salem Marksmen Make
Good Scores at Traps1 The
T. Pomerov. He was accompanied bv
I Dr. Frame Murphy,
i Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lyons, of Al
bany, were the week-end guests of their
niece. Mrs. K J. Engdalil. and nephew.
A. F. Lyons, of Salem. They came down
I to attend the St. Patrick's day pro
gram at St. Joseph's hail which they
greatly enjoyed.
TTTi 1 ""I IS jTtTi
levers ois ir asoion snow .
Come Early NO RAISE IN PRICE Come Early
meetings at the Commons Mi-
sion tire growing in interest and attend-
The Capital City Hod & (tint club nine. The colored evangelists will re
shot gun experts held a practice shoot . main this week. Meetings every even
at the 17th street grounds of the club 1 ing t 7:45.
yesterday to test out their aiming eyes;
for he shoot next Sunday when hej
Independence gun club will send overj
a dozen shooters to trv the Salem traps.!
The shoot for the Western Trophy is;
still undecided but will be siiot off next
Sunday. On account of a number of
the early shooters bein r absent lately it1
is difficult to find the leading shoot-
ers who have shot at but -0 birds havti
high percentages and may count in the
finals it' they bring up their missing
runs. I
At present James Lewis is probably!
the leading man out of those who have;
shot most consistently. Lewis has
dropped but four birds out of (id shot
at. Arvil Wilson has dropped ! out of,
; NO shot at and Mark Siddall has drop-'
i ped 10 out of SO. !
I The scores on yesterday's practice!
; shoot ore as follows:
i Birds
Parker ""
iWiKon b'O
Siddall 1 -'.
: Baltyniple "0
Anderson mil
. Moore 1"0
Harbison 75
O. Mooie
Hareon -"
Cleveland -3 10 40
Make the skin lursii and rough.
A few of our face treatments
will leave it soft and smooth as
We can cure that nervous head
ache with an Electric Massage.
A well groomed man or woman
is shown by the attention given
the h.inds. Try our manicures.
Ladies Jo cents, gentlemen 33
Shampooing, Massage, all Beauty
Culture work.
Moles and warts removed with
out pain, and leaving no scar.
Specialist in diseases of the Skin
and scalp.
Open Saturday Evenings.
301 Bank of Commerce Building,
rhono 3!3
Salem, Ore.
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Made in Oregon
100 Copies Guaranteed from
Each Sheet.
Colombia Carbon Pa?er Mfg. Go.
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