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Large Audience Heard
Christian Science Lecture
At Armory Last Night
At the armory lust night Charles 1. 1 in t ho translation of Knoch and Elijah
Oreustein, of Syracuse. New York, lei-1 these and otther instances will recur
tured on Christian Science to a large j to all.
nnd appreciative audiei.ee. The speaker Spiritual Healing Reverent,
was intriduced by Mrs. Anna Holers j But here our good friends of other de
Fish, who said: nominations mav exclaim. "God indeed
"Friends: To that which Messes, wei'li'i these things in the (rood old Bible!
give thanks. There are, in the world j times, hut to claim such things possible
today, many thousands of rejoicing men .in ' times is blasphemous!" Others i
and women, who are daily giving grate- may content themselves with dismiss-'
fill testimony of vast import, stating nS these things as mere legends or"
that they have been lifted out of lives : myths. . I
of selfishness, miser,., suffering and! May it not be said that if it be bias-j
sin: have been healed of great physi-: phemous to expect God to do these good,
cal ills, and save, I from intense mental and needful things now. that it was al
torture, have been repossessed of sight. , ways blasphemous Again, if these)
hearing and speech: have gained love 1 things are mere myths or legends, is not
and pence and eontent. because, at some the whole fabric of religious teaching,
time in their experience, there has eoiuej mythical and legendry? Such assertions j
to them a message which said. " Be- may furnish easy ways of brushing I
hold, now is the day of Salvation." ; aside the central ana tremendous fact(
"Christian Science is a religion, not ' f religious history. Before this is done, j
merely of promise, but of fulfillment. beforr the ancient Bible worthies are I
That religion, which says that all things; ft down as either blasphemous or un-
arc possible to God but that man 'truthful, would it not be well to con
must wait until lie enters n future life , dr that possibly these ancient seers
for any bettering of his Conditions, lip. and prophets really had some glimuscs
comes "a mere test of endurance; mid all f a knowledge of God unknown to
men are martyrs whether thev will or .modern thinkers, which enabled them to
no. ' ' prove that God indeed "givetli to all
"Christian Science proclaims the im- lit, autl breath, and ait thing's," and
mediate presence ot tfie Kinrrdnm ofittiat lie is in truth the only Sa
God; and asserts that he who hungers
nnd thirsts after righteousness shall be
filled, now. To yon who are desirous
of knowing something aright concern-
.... n j i . i i . .
ing this good news which has brought
hope anew to those from whom nil
hope hns fled, the one who is to ad
dress you will speak as one having au
thority, "He is a member of the Board of
Lectureship of The Mother Church,
The First Church of Christ. Sci
entists, in Boston, Massachusetts. It
gives me great pleasure to introduce the
speaker of the evening, Mr. Charles I.
Oreustein, C. S. B., of Svracnse. New
York." Mr. Oreustein spoke as follows:
In the discussion of any subject it is
always desirable and helpful to start
with some point of agreement. Not
withstanding all our diversified views
and varied experiences, let us see if it
t is not possible for us to find some such
point. One that very naturally presents
itself, and upon which all would prob
ably agree, will undoubtedly be found
in fhe fact that we all desire to live.
But even if we live, there is not much
satisfaction in living without bodily
comfort or health; for health is abso
lutely essential to peace, freedom,
prosperity, and happiness.
ere w e to ask ourselves the ques
huh, nun iu.i e me, ue wei , nee, i
I J, ;: "I, ; :. . lv ' "
cr has there been any dearth of answers
to this question. Mere theoretical ans
wers nre valueless. Sow-ever, and this
has been shown in the experience of the
race by the fact that life still appears
uncertain, nnd health, peace, freedom,
prosperity nnd happiness have been at
tained by comparatively few, nnd then
only in limited degree. Consequently,
the answer to our question would have
to be in a system of education or mider
titnndiiig that would give health.
May we not, then, ask ourselves
whether any practical system of educa
tion exists which teaches how we may
live, be well. free, prosperous, and hap
py? More than this, since the subject
we nre to discuss is religion, may not
we further ask whether the religion
of the Bible and more particularly the
religion of Jesus Christ, provides such I
a system and the correct interpretation
of it. the education capable of nceomp-
lishing the desired result?
,ri L, . Answers the Question.
The Christianity ot Jesus Christ was.
the vision ot the seers ot Israel. It was
their hope, their prayer, their ideal and
"i"""":1 '-'i"'iHi. it wus expecTco
to usher in health, pence and plenty, the
reign ot God and ot the Messiah, and
to protect against any other reign.
If we first turn to the old Bible, the
Bible of the Hebrews, accepted by all
v.i.ii.-iniiis. we snaii nun piain. simple, understood or twisted to mean nnvthiii
and direct answers to the questions un-i else.
der consideration. The first thing tieed-j Jesus came to preach the gospel or
ful in a quest of any kind is an ae- good news to the poor. Did this mean
quaintnnce w ith that' which is sought, j that thev should remain poor? He came
If the research is for life and its felici- t0 heal, to liberate, to destroy the oner
ties, the first thing needful is to learn ntions of evil of every kind in liiumm
what life is. Now. have any of the experience, to confer abundant life as
sciences through nil the research of the a result of the knowledge of God which
ages discovered what life is? Xot one . ,e taught, and to usher in an era nc
of them. This being the case, the gen- j ceptable to God. in which God should
erally accepted methods are 'seeking be accorded all power and reiuu over all
they know not what. Is such a quest j absolutely and completely. Did he ful
likely to be successful? With all respect fill this mission .'
for the men who have been nnd nre en- Jesus preached very little, but did n
gaged in such research, and for their 'great deal. The gospel shows this,
devoted efforts, is not this an example ; From boyhood he was about his Fath
of the blind lending the blind, and fr 's business, but he ). reached only one
will it not of necessity continue to j sermon- of which a record has come
fail in its purpose? I down to us. This business consisted of
The Bible, on the other hand, speaks, teaching by example as well as by pre
upon this question definitely and withjeept whnt God is. wnat God does, and
great authority. In Deuteronomy we imv- God does what He does. In provid
read. "He (God) is thy life." Conid j ing the wine at the marriage feast in
anything be more definite or concise; i Canii. the tax money in the draft of
nnd since' God is our life, must not the fishes, and in feeding the multitudes, he
knowledge of life and all that it in-! showed that God provwtes for the ni..t
eludes be the knowledge of God and of j simple and common needs. In healing a
man's relationship to God? The im- j few sick people in Nazareth, the noble
portaaee of this knowy,1ge is also i man's son of fever, nnd the case o'f
shown bv the statement, "Acquaint
now thyself with him (CodW and be
at peace." and the Bible is full of as
surances that to know God and to be
obedient to Him means health, freedom,
prosperity, happiness, and all that is
That the Bible says these things, nil
will admit: that its teachings nre 'rue
and binding, nil religioonists should ad-1
nut. But the Bible and by tins for the
present we are content to mean the Old
Testament does not sotisfy itself bv
making mere assertions. It substan
tiates its teachini'-s by citing innumer
able instances which prove them. Nna
man's healing of leprosy: the providing
for the Shnnaniniite woman; the heal
ing and restoration to life of her son;
the preservation of the lives of the
three vonnc men in the fiery furnace,
nnd nf Daniel in the lien's ilen: the
emancipation of the children of Israel
from Egypt, their sustenance and heal
ing throughout their sojourn in the
wilderness; the bringing of them into
the prosperity of the premised land
the proof that death is not inevitable,
Glimpses of a knowledge of God!
Wonderful as their works appear to us,
glimpses are all these men claimed to
imva !...: m - ....
..w.v, iui iiicii M ruit 1 1111 nit 11IHI 111
the fulness of time one would appear
who would reveal God fully; who would
be the representative of God and fulfill
all righteousness, save, redeem, and de
liver, be Immunuel, "God with us.'
In the fulness of time lie came. Did
he suit the mighty men. thp scholars,
scribes, so-called scientists and relig
ions leaders of his time? Not at all.
They had pictured their deliverer as a
representative of a god of wrath, who
would lead them to destroy the nations
which had conquered them. He came
as the representative of God who is
Love, to lead them to victory over
themselves,- over the sins or mistaken
beliefs which alone were destroying
them. Impregnated as thev were with
self-righteous beliefs, beliefs of ambi
tion, pride,arrogunce, retaliation, and
the belief in the wisdom and rightful
ness of these, it is no wonder thnt they
could not recognize the meek and lowl'v
peasant-carpenter as their king or mas
ter, the ideal of their seers and propu
ets. the "Prince of Peace." the
"Light," and the legitimate ruler of
the work).
Jesus.' Mission.
TV1. T ... ...
rimi .icsus came 10 (10, want lie
t, .,, ., ,i .
W.-tli( ideal Judaism.-nnd as
absolute Christanitv,
What was this
An ancient custom, still followed
nmnn tt.n T . .1 . j 1
mi- ,ien, is mar or Honoring
distinguished visitors by calling upon
them to rend from the Scriptures - at
services in the synagogue. This honor
was conferred on Jesus, w hen at the be
gimining of his ministry he visited his
home in Nazareth. In responding to it
he turned to the book of Ksias and
read: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon
me. because lie hath anointed me to
preach the gospel (good news) to the
poor: he hath sent me to heal the brok
enhearted, to preach deliverance to the
captives, and recovering of sight to the
blind, to set at liberty them that are
bruised, to preach the' acceptable vear
of the f nv.l .i
Scripture fulfilled in vour ears'. t nu-
other ti Din liit t) tl 11 All n M.ul 4lmf li.-. .........
to fulfill the law and the prophets;
,,nd again that he came "to bear wit-
WKli UIlt0 ,ho truth." He also said. "I
hnvo come that thev might have life
and that thev miglit'have it more abun-
dantly;" and defining life he said
"And this is life eternal, that thev
might know thee the oulv true God
This may be said to be a summary of
Jesus, mission, given in his own words.
The statement is again -simple, direct,
and definite. There is not a word in :
that could in any way mislead, be niis-
dropsy recorded in Luke, he showed
that spiritual means should be sought
nnd applied not only in extreme cases
but in minor ailments. In restoring
sight to the blind, speech to the dumb,
hearing to the deaf, in healing leprosy,
epilepsy, the withered hand, paralysis,
and dementia of various kinds, lie
showed that God "healeth all thy dis
eases. " and that none are incurable to
Him. In loosing the woman from th
evil which had bound her many years,
and the multitudes from sins of all
kinds, he showed the emancipating pow
er of God. In disappearing in the midst
of multitudes, entering through closed
doors, stilling the storm, and walking
upon the water, he showed the iinrealiti
of matter and of material forces: in
raising the ruler's daughter, the mid
nw son, and Lazarus from the grave,
he showed that God does give life, and
that He gives it abundantly.
No Miracles."
Here again the good Christian mav
exclaim that Jesus indeed did these
things, but that they were the miracles
' of our Lord, and lo look for such things
now would be sacrilege) and the grea.
multitude of the unchurched may again
content itself -with ying. "Legend?
myths." While the word miracle origi
nally had the meaning of marvel or
sign, in common usage it has come to
mean a u act setting aside or breaking
a law of, nature. With this view of
Jesus' works, it is not to be wondered
at that good Christians look with hor
ror on any attempt to essay such works,
and that others, looking upon such acts
as never having been performed, con
sider thein impossible.
Jesus gave signs or evidences of his
Messianic mission, and these signs were
and nre marvelous to the human sense
of things. He came, however, to fulfi'
law, and he was not a law-breaker. His
acts were contrary to what was and
still is looked upon as law, but they
were veritable illustrations of law, the
law of nature's God: and far from look
ing upou the repetition of his works f
sacrilege, the command he gave to all
his followers to repeat them was im
perative. Jesus' Works the Result of His Chris
tian Science
It has been shown that the ancient
prophets had given evidences of some
knowledge of God. that a complete dem
onstration of such knowledge was look
ed for by them, and that Jesus fulfill,
this expectation.
Science is defined as (lie "knowledge
of principles and causes." Now, if
Jesus did the works which have been
cited. and that he did them is attested
by those who have been looked upon as
the best and most honest of men, met
who witnessed them, did he do them
through ignorance or mere belief in
something, or did he do them because o
a specific, accurate, and demonstrable
knowledge of their underlying Principle
or cause? No rational iiefng would for a
moment claim that they were done
through anything but such knowledge;
and if they were thus wrought through
an exact knowledge or -science, applied
by Jesus Christ, then were they not
wrought through Christian Science?
That Jesus looked upon his work as
the result of this Science, is indicated
by that immortal utterance: "He thn
believeth on me, the works that I d
shall he do also, ''a definite demand
upon his followers for like proofs that
they understand and practice his teach
ings; nnd his immediate followers, and
their followers for three hundred years
after them, did as he commanded.' The
proof of this is historical.
Jesus commanded his first twelve stu-
dents, or followers, to preach the gospel
. l.l 11. .1. TI-l 1 . . i
uu iv iieui uii sick. uen lie sent out
the seventy ho repeated the command,
and at the end of his own ministry he
commanded his followers to teach all
nations to do whatsoever he had com
manded them. These were the first ordi-
nation articles of the first Christian
ministers; and although the second of
xaese articles, tlie command to heal, has
ceased to be observed bv the older de
nominations, it still remains a part of
the ordination articles of the bishops of
some of the orthodox churches, an ad
mission that it is still binding.
It has been indicated that Jesus did
his marvelous works because of his
knowledge of their underlying Princi-
tlo rtt Tl ...til 1.
t v........ Liu - auiuiiieii iiiari
this 1.' nou-led io u na lin L-i.iu-llmi r !
God, the knowledge of the reign or the
kingdom of God, the knowledge of man
and of mail's relationship to God, which
he came to teach mankind. The question
that occurs very naturally at this point
is, What is God?
Prevalent Idea of God.
All of us when visiting curio shops
or museums have seen grotesque images
that probably at some time served as
objects of heathen worship. All of ns,
too, have probably viewed these idols
with a mingling of curiosity, pity for
those who prayed to such things, and
incredulity that people who had the
skill to carve suc h images should be so
blinded and superstititoiis as to worship
them. But have we differed from thein
very much nfter'hll?
While visiting the art museum in
New York some years ago, my attention
was attracted to a picture, apparently
by an old master. It was the figure of
a venerable man with flowing white
beard; he was clad in a robe and seated
above the clouds. This picture portray
ed not only the artist's but the popular
idea of God in heaven. Heaven was
above the clouds and God was an old
man. This in the main is the picture
which the older religious teachings have
painted, not only on canvas but also in
the thoughts of their adherents. The
picture was but a reproduction of a
world-wide misconception of God; and
the Christian world, which scorns the
heathen's idols, accepts nnd worships a
misconception of God which exists only
as a 'figment of the imagination. im
plores it for life and health nnd all
things, and then wonders why these
prayers do not avail. Is not the reason
plain? Recognizing this, do we not
again have to ask. "What is God '."
True Idea of God.
In the tongues in which the Bibb
was originally written, two terms and
their variants are mainly used to des- to be witty and concise, defined ninn as
ignute God. One means "strength" or ' a featherless biped. Now, how much of
power, and the other "the existing j a man is a mere featherless biped ? Not
one." or plainly, the one and only exis-jverv much, all will admit,
fence. Other terms are usedrbut chiefly i How then do we, cn,, --o. tell what b
to avoid the use of the name of God in ! a man? By how much of God one niani
vain. I fosts. Jesus illustrated this.. In re-
It is generally admitted that God issoonse to Philip's reiitest. "Show us
simremelv (rood. Annlvini' this sense (tf the Fnlher." Jesus said: "Have T been
God to the Bible designations, it be -
i comes clear that God is the one and
only power, that this power is supreme-
j ly good, that He is the one and only i Philip seen the intelligence, power.
; existence or presence that is likewise ; Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love manifest
i good. It is this God that made all thai j cd by Jesus, and had he not seen a
i was made, nnd all that Tfe made TTe! great deal of God and a great deal of
.made like Himself, good, "verv good." man?
When it is remembered that all that is Jesus showed forth, Illustrated the
called intelligence could not linve form- perfect man. but not becaue of hi
ed the idea indicnted by the least pri- physique. He said, "The 'flesh prol'b '
mary object, it will be appreciated that I nothing." Can that which is truly man
'the "great First Cause." called God j or woman be shown forth by mere flesh
must be supreme, infinite intelligence j nnd blood? "And God (the all-intell''
or Mind. The Bible further speaks of ; gent, all-powerful, paternal, immortal.
I God as "thy life," and ns the "rock "
meaning basi,- reality ns Truth, and in
I the inspired words of the .Master s be
loved student, as "love," "God i
' love. ' '
Taking thep Bible definitions of ' created he them."
! God. and they are identical with those This godlike man, the man that !
of Christian Science, is there any one I created, is the only kind of man ther
j who does not believe in God, or who 'is. Wherever wc see a man, woman, or
; would not trust Him? If bo, there is (child, we see something of this mail,
j some one who does not believe in and ' the figure, the symbol of this man,
I would not trust intelligence, Life, Trull- j just as wherever wc see a figure four.
' and Love. But. surelv. there is no sort i no matter how imperfect, we sec that
11 I ..I! 1... I... . I.'...!. .tn...l., tf. In.llint,.-
iMtiii, lei nil IM'I nni .iM-in-.e, mil ii
i the very fact that tin v are alive, know
that this God is: that He ic the supreme
and infinite good not above the clouds
for some one to bring down, but "verv
nigh unto thee." and that each and
every one is constantly in touch with
and completely dependent upon Him.
As an illustration of this important
fact, permit me to say that there is no
one here or anywhere who could have
one right idea without Mind enabling
him to have it; that there is no one who
could draw a siriff breath w ithout life
animating him, or have one moment of
true peace or happiness without Truth
and Love being expressed to him or by
him, without Truth and Love govern
ing him.
With this Christian and scieatifii
idea of God. the universe is seen to be a
state in which the infinite and benefi
cent Mind, Life, Truth, and Love,
"Spirit" as designated by Jesus.
"Principle of being" as taught by Mis.
Eddy (Science and Health, p. 25),
reigns supreme. Ia such a state, recog
nized, admitted, realized, entirely a
state of Mind in which all are the ideas
of Mind, it must be self-evident that
no sin could be, uo misery, strife, want,
woe, degradation, sickness, denth. In
such a state, that only could be which
such a God would cause; that onlv could
be which would ex-pri,s His bounty and,
beneficence, that only winch is like
Himself, good, "very good. !
L.ct any vue acre lahe mi. single
proposition, which Christian Science
teaches, of God's nllness and of God's
invariable goodness: let him recall it in
times of quiet or of stress, and see if it
does not overcome misgiving, fear, fore-
Doaing; ana tioiug mis, ir n noes noi
overcome the torments of fear. As sure
ly as this is remembered it will be
found helpful, a preventive and a cura
tive of ills.
The Kingdom of Heaven.
Religion, rightly viewed, has a two
fold purpose, teaching men to know God
and saving them from ills of all kinds.
Probably nothing could show this more
clearly than the fact that those who
were commissioned by Jesus to preach
were also commanded by him to heal.
Not only did Jesus command the dis
ciples to preach and to heal, but he told
them what to preach; and in the Huh'
of - the Christian Science which he
taught, it was plain to them, as it is
quite plain to Christian Scientists to
day, that what he commanded them to
preach was intended to and did heal
the sick and redeem the sinful.
It is recorded that when the dis
ciples returned from their mission they
reported that the very devils were sub
ject unto them. What was it that Jesus
told them to preach? Nothing worldly
wise, erudite; on the contrary, some-
tnmg very simple, "And as ye go,
preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven
- i 1 I , fTM. 1 . 1 1.'
is at hand." The kingdom of heaven
it at hand! Did this simple statement
have the potency to reform and regen
erate men, to purify and heal them?
What is the kingdom of heaven? All
thinking people would probably agree
thnt by the kingdom of heaven is meant
'a happy and harmonious state in which
God reigns.
If we remind ourselves of the idea of
God which Christian Science teaches,
and which has just been indicated, and
of the universe governed by this the
only true God, we shall very plainly
see that the kingdom of heaven which
Jesus commanded his disciples to
preach, is indeed at nand, and that we
are entitled to the full enjoyment of
this kingdom as the Bible teaches, for
"in him we live, and move, and have
our being." Recognizing this, that the
place wherein we arc is " holv ground,'
as holy as God, how many of us would
behave unseemly, debauch ourselves or
others in any way, lie, cheat, rob, be
lieve that there is something in our en
vironment to injure, infect, or impair
us? Would not dis ease or lack of ease,
which is disease of every kind in the
making, be banished, and the ease and
peace of being in the presence of our
Father, God, have possession of us?
Where Truth is, there Christ is, for
Christ is Truth even as Jesus said.
Where Christ is, there heaven is; and
since Christ Jesus saiu, "Lo, I nm wit
you always," does not this mean every
where? Christian Science teaches that
it does. Teaching this, it teaches that
it is not strange that the sermon which
Jesus bade his disciples to preach,
should heal; and there will be nothing
strange about it if many of you here are
healed by learning and remembering
that "the kingdom of heaven is at
hand," indeed, not onlv at hand but
as Jesus ulso said, "within you."
Within what "you"? How many of
each one of us are there? No one
would think of claiming aloud, so thnt
he could hear himself do so, more than
one of himself. Who or what is this
one? In other words, What is man?
If this question were nskod at ran
dom, the answer would probably be that
man is a 'fleshly mechanism or machine
that walks on two feet, has two nrms
and hands, a trunk surmounted by what
is called a head, supposed (o have a lit
tie or a big mind inside of it, and
the whole thing, mind nnd body, operat
ed by chemical action and reaction. Tin
is not a definitou of the schools, but
U ....,,.,, j 1.,, l, nm tl,:.,rr Tl
. is no wonder that one of the ancients
' so long time Willi vou. and yet hast tliou
: not known mc. Philin? he that hath
i seen me hath cen the Father." Had
pure, and perfect Mind, Spirit, T'rinci
pie. Life, Truth, nnd Love) said. Let us
make man in our image, nfter our like
ness. ... So God created mini in
his own image, . . , male and female
I " ii i ii mining .fi. in". , '.I i. -,'ii
seats the perfect and only four ther
is in the science of numbers.
I am sure that ns each one knows
himself better, knows thnt he is a god
like mil ii. and that his first u ml chief
business is to be this man, he will think
better, feel better, do better, and live
longer. Knowing also who or what .his
neighbor really is. he will see through
the strutting, fretting, or cringing mask
of the "feather-less biped" by which all
have been deceived too long, and think
better of him, treat him better, and
love him more.
- If what has been siitd about man i;
plain, it must be evident that man is
primarily spiritual, as Mrs. Lddy
teaches. If this conclusion be correct,
then any evidence which -would indicate
a materdial man must be changed ny
the fact presented in order that the
spiritual, which is the. real, may be
come more and more apparent.
11ns does not mean that Christian
Scientists claim to ljuve no bodies, as
is often asserted, o that by accepting j
tne logical teaciiing tnat taere is no
matter, they claim that there are no
such things as sun, moon, stars, earth,
trees, flowers, or othter phenomena
which are called material. Thev see
,i.a, n,: j ;,. i' ,'..i. '.,
otheM (l0j ,, hl,lll(,(, tlu,ir vi(iun am,
ultimate enjovmcnt of them have
been enhanced ' bv Christian Vience
Siill they maintain that there is no
matter, and not only is this position
impregnable, but so-iailed material s-i-euce
is fast concedinir it to be rnv
indeed, P. ilosophers and sciet
tnm,Kh t, ,mvc wsav(, to
ists. ul
so f r .i.-i
time immemorial, have ne.ver been a oe
if explain what ni'.ttir ia, and con-e-.'.lu
ntly have never been sure that .it. it
niut'er. The individuals wti j a'ro' tu-
eutirely certain that everything they
iOguLe is matter aro tlus alone to
wirm fi. f.ttcr is natter bcCM'so it is
It has long been recognized thnt mat
ter is merely the term used to desig
nate all that is appreciable to the phys
ical senses; but the nature of wliut is
called matter remains absolutely un-
kuov n. Various theories have been ad
vui.ci'd to explain matter, but these
have always ended by explain.ng it
away: .The atomic tHeory, wtiieh was
for n lour; time believed" .to exp'.iin it,
was 'filially found to be absurd, because
the absoluto (not the chemical) atom
would have to be an indivisible pacticle,
having "an under and ton' upper, sur
face, a right and-a left Hide," and yet
without extension in order to be inca
pable of being thought smaller. Such
minuteness could never be reached by
any thought-process. The theory of
Boscovich, that mutter is composed of
points or force, proved just as absurd,
ns a point of force could not have
lengthth, breadth, o rthirkness, 'neither
could it be matter, and no number' of
points of force could form the minutest
dimensional object." The theory, that
now obtains most widely, I beiiete, is
that matter is iormed of electrons, but
lib one knows what an electron is.
.Thus, is it not plain that the nature
of the constituent being unknown the
nature of that which is constituted is
unknown ? In other words, until some
one can tell us what matter is. no one
will know that matter is. That von mav
lie enlightened on this subject by those
who nave made a special study of it, I
snail read a few extracts from the writ
ings of -sonic of the world's recognized
scientific scholars:
Sir Oliver Lodge: "pa ml is a debris
of rock, and fresh rocks can be com
pacted of sand." Very enlightening.
Ldison: "We are still ignorant of the
true character of electricity; indeed, to
me after all the years I have
spent in studying electricity, it is more
a mystery now. than cvcl"
Sir Oliver Lodge, again: "The elec
trons themselves must be explained, and
the only, explanation which at present
holds the field is that they are knots or
twists, or vortices or some sort of either
static or kinetic modifications of fhe
ether of space, a small bit partitioned
off from the rest and individualized bv
reason o'f the identifying peculiarity."
So much for the electrons. I am sure
that now you all know what matter is,
because that is what it is said to be
made of
Prof. Karl Pearson of the University
of London says: "Not matter thnt is
seen, but sense-impressions and change
of sense-impressions." .
Herbert Spencer wrote, as far buck as
lSSfl; "Matter, then, in its ultimate
nature, is as absolutely Incomprehensi
ble as space and time. Frame what sup
positions we may, we. find in tracing
their implications that they leave us
nothing but a choice between opposite
absurdities. "
The natural scientists -r ti?k con
cluding that there is ,no mnlter, but
they are doing so upon an entirely dif
ferent basis from that of Mrs. Lddy.
They are concluding that there is no
matter because there are no tenable
constituents that cotmT make it- such.
Mrs. Lddy on the other hand, while
recognizing that what is called matter
is to be dealt with in human experi
ence, and that it can be dealt with sat
isfactorily and successfully only bv
I : i,',.,. .,, i, ,' , f' '
. . I ".' ""'
possible and having the dominion over
it which Gnrf gave man, also recognizes
and reveals that (rod being Spirit, mid
Spirit being infinite nnd all inclusive,
not included by nil, there is and can be
no matter.
The Cause and Cure of Ills.
"Yes," I hear some say, "it is plain
lhat if man is the iinaire nnd likeness iiT
iGod, he is like God, perfect, well, nble.
""" never otnerwise; nii'sseu or nappy
peaceful, intelligent, loving, ami immor
; tnl; but human experience contradicts
this. There are many sinful, fick.
ca pneitafed, suffering, dying, dead.
What causes all this?"
Those who have to dial with what is
i;oiunionlv called sin and with what
a vague way is seen and acknow lodged
to be its etlects, sickness nnd ill -t ress point of death as the result of an ucci
in their various forms, and who Is! dent; but she did not stop with that,
there that does not have to do so.' Nothing short of the prospective heal-
cannot help asking the cause of it nil.
Christian Scientist recognize this seem
ing power of evil, and Car from being
taught to rgnore sin and sickness, thev
lire taught to face them squarely, to
analyze them, to cope w ith them, and
not to attribute them to things that doj
not cause thciu; indeed, not lo attribute i
them to any legitimate cause.
Cnlil the success of Christian Science
healing of till kinds of diseases forced
the schools to recognize mental pro
cesses ns at least a factor iu both the
procurement anil the cure o'f ills, medi
cal theories attributes sickness almost
altogether to material causes and tried
to cure it entirely by material men as. I immediate followers have been healed.
While there have bini changes, ninny I many of them of what are called incur
of them not for "the better, especially I able discuses. ThouSiltids of these, out
i those leading to hypnotism instead of to
God in tin1 main material menus are
still employed in the more serious or
organic troubles.
Not so did Jesus look upon human
ills, or trejit them. In speaking of sin,
which has death for its wages. and
most frequently with sickness as the
hard paymaster doling them out, the
Master attributed it altogether to
thought-processes: "Out of the heart
proceed evil thoughts."- and "These
are the things 'which defile a man."
said this great Teacher. Again, speak
ing of sickness, he -said, "Not that
which goeth into the mouth defileth a
man; " nothing from without makes
silliness, but the sinful beliefs enter
tained, finding expression, do .so. An
other proof' that this was the Muster's
attitude may .be found -in. his state
ment, "Behold, I give unto you (those
who truly, adequately understand and
practice his teaching,) power to tread
on serpents and scorpions, and over all
the power of the enemy; and nothing
shall bv anv means hurt vou." . '
That Jesus understood what degraded
and defiled men was amply demonstrat
ed bv the fact that he reformed the
most depraved and healed all manner of
diseases; and this Christian Science, as
whole, following his methods, has
also done. If he was right, and he cer
tainly gave ample proof that he was.
and if sin and sickness remain the rule
instead of the exception, do not man
kind still thiuk w rongly. 'and are physi
cal punishments for wrongdoing, and
material rcmcdiei for wrong-being, or
being sick, likely f Cure them!
Jesus indicated the sources and the
effects of right and Wrong thoughts;
but this had gone unheeded until Chris
tian Science again revealed his teach
ing. In speaking to the people of his
time Jesus said, "The words that I
speak unto vou. they are siiirit. and
they are life;" and speaking of his"!
words, "The word which ye hear is not
mine, but the Kather-'s which sent me."
This translated would mean, the true
and life-giving thoughts I express em
anate from God, the source of all good.
Again, speaking of tnc destructive ele
ment in human experience, he said:
"Ye are of vour father the devil, and
the lusts of vour father ve will do. He
was a murderer from the beginning
and abode not in the truth, because
there is no truth in him." This also,
translated, would nifan ,that his hearers
were th? expressions of the thoughts
or beliefs they entertained; that the
beliefs were untrue and the cause of all
that these people manifested, their
wordii, feelings, actions, circumstances,
pleasures, and sufferings; thnt all that
these people manifested in the way of
sin, sickness, and death, was duo to
their untrue, wrong beliefs, their ignor
ance or false education, the ultimate
destructive agencies, the devil in whom
there is no truth, the "murderer from
the begmuingi" Is not this the case to
day, notwithstanding two thousand
years of Christian civilization, culture,
education,- and progress; and if Jesus
were propounding his Christian Science
now, would, not he still have occasion
fo the same summary ?
" Who shall deliver me 'from the body
... ,111.-, uviiiii i nu ui mini muni ,
cue mankind of this muss of solid, mis-1
f ti,;., .i..n,i.ti in ...I..., ..i...ii
taken beliefs or convictions which, ac
ceding to Jesus, cause their ills? The
Christ, the truth which Jesus taught
and illustrated; the truth which he com
manded his disciples to preach; the
truth which Mrs. Lddy has again dis
covered and proclaimed, tho truth of
God and of 'man's godlikeness; the
truth that the kingdum of God, the
reign of immortal, unvarying Life and
Love is at hnnd, available here and
now; the truth that all are under the
protection of this kingdom mid must
be obedient to its rule.
Individual Application.
There are, no doubt, many here upon
whom the burdens of the world, of the
flesh, and of that in which there is no
truth, the devil, weigh very heavily.
Amazed at the simplicity of all that
has been said, tliey may be asking,
"Can these things irnlly be?" Let
them remind themselves that to be free
it is imperative to know the truth, for
that alone is able to emancipate. Let
them remember that this truth is, thut
now there is a God, an infinite and ever
present good, and that this God is their
God, Spirit not matter, the Spirit that
is Love. Let them remember that each
and every one is the reflection o'f this
God, having nothing underived from
Him unit subject to nothing but Him.
I.et tliem "judge not according to the
apeparance" but this righteous judg
ment about themselves and others, and
conform to this judgment in thought
and actum as far as possible. When
they have done this steadfastly, loyally
unceasingly for a week, a month, i
l-year, let thein compare their thoughts
icenngs, dentins, anilities, Health, ca
pacities, with those they formerly mani
fested, and see if they have not
proved. Doing this, they will begin to
practice Christian Science, the Chris
tianity of Jesus Christ,
It was this life-purpose, this life-mission,
so clearly seen by Jesus when only
twelve years old, which prompted him
to say, "Wist ye not that T most lie
about my Father's business?" In other
words, Know ye not that as man, the
Image and likeness of God, I must show
forth ifur Father, omnipotent Life,
Truth, and Love? It was this reflection
of the Father, the divine Spirit, with
out measure, lhat enabled .Testis to heal
the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the
dead, to be Jniinnneiil, "God with us."
The Discovery and Discoverer.
"I am the way, the truth, and the
life," said Jesus. It was the recogni
tion of this, the recognition that no
man has any other way or truth or life,
that no man has any other true mission
or purpose than that which Jesus hnd.
winch led Mrs. Lddy to her discorey of
I this Science. It healed her when at the
ing and redemption of mankind could
satisfy her loving heart. She practiced
what she had discovered, healing others
and teaching them in turn to lo the
same. She made clear her doctrine in a
I text book of this Science, " Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures," a
book which hus done more for the nllc-
viutioa of human ills and the reclama
tion of mankind than any book ever
written except the Bible. She wrote
other books making clear her meaning;
organized the church which now spreads
its branches over thp whole known
world, with members numbering hun
dreds of thousands who like her and her
of gratitude for what has been done fo-
I them, have in their turn taken up tin
sacred ministry of making God better
'known through healing the nick, prov
ing that He is a very present help ia
Mrs. Kddy gave to the movement ail
its publications: The Christian Science
Journal, a monthly magazine; the Chris-'
tian Science Sentinel, a weekly; and a
daily paper, The Christian Science Mon
itor, that has taken its place in the'
front rank of daily newspapers and is
the pioneer of absolutely e-an journal
ism. In addition to this, she has given
to the German-reading public a monthly
magazine, Der Hcrold der Christian,
Science. She has also instituted the form
of service for all Christian Science
churches, issuing the Bible Lessons for
this purpose in a Quarterly. These Les
son-Sermons are studiea onrfy Tjy Chris
tian Scientists all over the world, ard
are read in all the churches every Sun
day, making the services uniform
This vast work is due to the fact that
Mrs. Kddy was healed through the
Christ, Truth, and that she had the wis
dom, courage, and unswerving faith in
God enabling her to show others the
wav to be healed and saved according
to His teachings, which constitute
Christian Science. Looking back fifty
vears, when the idea of spiritual heal
ing through Christian Science was new
to the world, and tracing its progress,
one can see. though dimly, the difficul
ties which this noble woman must have
encountered. Through unimaginable
hardship, trial, and persecution she bore
herself not with mere fortitude, but
with a Christlike confidence which will
continue to be an ever increasing in
spiration to mankind.
Christian Science Not Hypnotism.
In the textbook of Christian Science,
Mrs. Lddy has devotecJ a whole chapter
to the subject "Prayer," and a whole
chapter to the subject "Christian Sci
ence Practice." If she had written noth
ing else, done nothing else, her clucida
tiou of these subjects would hav
placed her in the front rank of thinkers!
and immortalized her. The careful study
of these chapters and of the whole
book is recommended to all, and only a
word will be said in explanation of
these subjects.
All will probably agree that prayer,
in its highest sense, is loving and sin
cere cemuiuuion with Clod. Some of the
definitions of the word "communion"
are, "Sympathetic intercourse; inti
mate and helpful association; fellow
ship." Most obviously, nothing could
have more sympathetic intercourse,
more intimate association, or closer fel
lowship with God, than man reflecting ;
God. This reflection becomes possible :
only by learning to know clearly what
God is, what man is, and what consti- j
tutes the reign of God "in earth, as it f
is in heaven." It becomes possible
only by learning to bring every thought ;
into obedience to Christ, Truth, through, i
unceasing silent communion, or prayer;
through rising step by step, and iu as '
great degree as possible, into "the
staturc of the fulness of Christ," until ,
the truth and perfection of Clod and of
man's godlikeness are radiated anu ex-
... . ., . ,,u
Prsed 'Bn9 following," the s gti
ot healing accompanied by spiritual
regeneration, the healing being inciden
tal to this regeneration in true Chris
tian Science practice.
That this devout method has nothing
in common with any other must be self
evident. To charge it with being in any
way tainted with hypnotism or -so-called
mental therapeutics, or any new or old,
unchristian thought, is to charge it a
Jesus was charged when he answered,
" tf I by Beelzebub east out devils, by
whom di your children cast them out I
. . But if I cast out devils by the
Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God
is come unto you."
The process leading to this Christiaa
practice is educational. It is aot only a
higher education, but the very highest;
an education transcending the hirnaa
beliefs called knowledge, as God's
thoughts transcend them. This educa
tion is Christian and it is scientific; so.
it must be Christian Science. Who,
looking out upon a war and woo rent
world, will say that this education i
not needed, or that it is not of supreme
importance! Who will not ackuowledg
that not only the supplication Thy
kingdom come" is needed, but the un
derstanding also that God's kigdom ii
come, and that every mnn, woman, ana
child is a sacred idea or state o'f the di
vine consciousness, and for this reason
to be held inviolate and inviolable!
Mrs. Kddy says, "When the omnipo.
fence of God is 'preached aud His abso
luteness is set forth, Christian sermons
will heal tho sicK-' (Science and
Health, p. 315). It is this higher edu
cation, which Christian Science is again,
bringing to the world .that is dispelling
the darkness of both religious and irre
ligious agnoticism, and thus removing
tho fears and torments of this not
Tt reiiulL'es all with the un
erring, righteous judgment of Truth aud
Love, and redeems, restores, and re
generates suffering multitudes from all
kinds of sin und sickness; Mid it is do
ing this bv again preaching, as Jesus
commanded, the kinnnom of God at
hand and within; by preaching, teach
ing, that all are the children of God,
subject oulv to God, good, who alone
legitimately rules, and that "of such
is the kingdom of God."
Tim Messiah or deliverer who was
looked for, hoped for, prayed for by
seers and prophets of old, who was not
recognized and ttieretore was rep-ci'-u
when he came in fleshy form unto hii
own, is again, as ine lomiorit-r.
the Spirit of Truth," Christian Sci
ence, knocking for admission. There is
ngaiii some commotion, out many are
admitting this incorporeal savior. Those
that arp doing so are being led "beside
the still waters" and "in the paths o
righteousness." They are being led iif
more ubiiadunt life, health, peuce, free
dom, prosperity, and happiness. They
are being led into all truth, the under
standing of the first and great com
mandment, "Hear, O Israel: The Lord
our God is one Lord." Hear, 0 all man
kind: the power thnt is over us and
over nil is one power, and that nower
is God, good.
-Irwin DY
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