Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 18, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Automobile News
real Western
Using Copper Coating
For Inner Auto Parts
Recent Discovery by. Metallurgists
Ma.res New Autos Last
(P A A P F
Reos, Hudsons and
Auburn Gars
Full Line of Auto Accessories
on Hand at all Times
Bring Your Car Work
C C. SMERAL, Proprietor
147-49 N. HIGH ST.
A Big Touring Car for Five People
77us Saxon "Six" proves
what a quality car should cost
F. 0. B. Salem
Touring Car $sl.r
Roadster fSSS
Roadster $105
Delivery Cnr luf
A short time ago price to many
men set the standard of a car's
quality. But not any longer.
The coining of the Saxon "Six"
has altered old-time ideas of
what a high grade car should
For in this Saxon "Six" at
85 you noto feature after
feature formerly found only on
the costly car.
It will surprise you with its
finished perfection in detail and
In Saxon "Six" you find light
ness together with uncommon
strength and mgRednesB. won
through the use of drop forging!
Instead of castings finer steel
and skillod engineering.
You find unusual power on
minimum consumption of gaso
line. You find matchless speed,
flexibility, acceleration, iiulet
bws and coolness.
You find noteworthy beauty the
newest type of yacht-line design.
You find roominess and comfort.
The wheelhase is 112 inches.
Five passengers have plenty-of
You find real operative economy.
Both In fuel and tire costs Saxou
"Six" lowers usual standards.
You find Timken axles and full
Timken bearings throughout the
There's no need to argue their
You find holical ..bevel . driving
gears. You find a silent, effici
ent two unit electric starting and
lighting system.
You find an exquisite, luxurious
body finish linoleum covored,
aluminum bound running boards
and floor boards and many
further Improvements.
Order your Saxon now. After
April 1st The Saxon Six advances
in price to $015, owing to the in
crease cost of materials. The
four remains the same price.
Lloyd L. Ryan, Agent
The Capital Journal Want Ads Bring You Results
The Massachusetts Highway Commis
sion has issued statistics that answer
tho question of whether or not women
figure in more accidents than men.
Because a bill was put in the legisla
ture to prevent women from driving
cars of more than 30 horse power, the
Highway Commission was requested to
furnish some facts and figures These
show that women drivers are not dan
gerous, on the highway. The commis
sion reported that out of 217 fatal ac
cidents hist year in which motor ve
hicles were involved, women figured in
seven, or U 1-3 per cent.
Out of a total of iMl.109 private op
erators in Massachusetts, women num
ber SliSO So they constitute 8 34 per
cent, yet were involved in only 2 1-3 per
cent accidents.
There were A0,."19 men licensed as
private operators, and 37,730 profession
al chauffeurs a total of 12o,2."i
licensed men operators These men
operators figured in 2X0 fatal accidents,
or ono fatal accident to every 432
licensed men.
Steering is faulty on the average car
because it requires too much effort.
There i too much power lost in fric
tion, and it is also inefficient because
of absence of true casfcr action. The
mathematics of castor steering are not
complicated, but they admit of plenty
of room for discussion While the front
wheel with a central pivot, raked a
little fore and p ft, is the ideal, there
are other ways of obtaining a similar
effect; and it only needs to drive a
car with perfect steeling to appreciate
what an enormous amount of additional
pleasure it gives.
New York state has expended $"",
000,000 in highway improvements, rep
resenting all the first highway bond
issue and one-half the second, approved
in 1012 Of the second bond issue there
remains i)cJ.',000,000 to be expended.
Hond construction totaling 738S miles
has been completed out of 11,088 pro
posed. The New York Albany route
will be completed bv the summer of
All owners of cars in Champaign
county, Illinois, have been invited to
join u new organization, the object of
which is to "meet discuss and prepare
to carry out, in an approved manner,
all such matters as shall or may appear
to be beneficial to the owners with ref
erence to pleasant profitable traveling,
the prevention of depredations and of
the violations of the' laws, particularly
touching the ownership and use of
motor cars."
With $1.(100,000 worth of horses and
mules sold each week from the Kansas
City territory, and with the first agri
cultural motor tractor exposition held
in that city the same week as the an
nual motor' show, the motor car manu
facturer should be especially assured
that the day of motorizing the farm
has arrived The. places of horses and
mules sold must; be supplied by motor
power, and the agricultural motor
tractor is developing at a good pace to
till the gap.
Vick Bros. Are Busy
Setting Up New Cars
Itusy time at Vick llros., is it keeps
a large force of men busy nowadays un
loading and setting up new ford cars
and teaching new owners to drive.
Four car loads of S intos to the car ar
rived at Silem this week. Vick ltrus.
say that Kurds arc selling better than
ever this year and are way ahead of
last vear's sales at this time.
As the result of its power to attract
the highest-prices talent in all lines of
endeavor, the automobile industry his
developed many branches of produc
tion sience to a far greater degree than
had ever been deemed possilde.
Metallurgy a science practiced by
every village blacksmith for centuries
has been especially advanced. Many
of the hardening and other heat treat
ments of steel have been brought to a
state of versatility and exactness new
to all former exponents of the science.
Automobile metallurgists have been
able to turn out steel so tough tint it
could be tied into knots. They have
made it so hard that it can be used to
cut glass. They have combined a tough
core with a iiard surface. Now one of
them comes forward with a series of
operations which mike possible a piece
of steel tough within and on both sides,
but hard on a scries of points definitely
I placed.
copper Plate the Key.
The presence in the Maxwell plants
of a eoiiper plating device is thekep
to this situation. The piece on which
th operation is performed is the large
ring gear which transmits power from
the m.iin shaft to the rear wheels.
The rinir gear comes to the copper
plating bath, forged and machined. Be
fore the bar ii, a workman covers th5
face of the teeth with a coating of wax.
The copper is therct'oro deposited over
the whole gear except tho teeth.
The gear is next taken to i harden
ing heat treatment. The wax melts im
mediately and the hardening treatment
takes effect on the gear teeth only, the
conncr plat preventing the process from
attacking the remainder.
By this treatment the Maxwell met
allurgists produce a gear which while
hard and enduring on its face, is com
prised chiefly of tough, resisting steel.
Kven the gear teeth are hard on the
surface only, the coating of hard steel
being in the nature of ooly a thick
skin, backed up by material which is
tough and resisting.
Theory Mofees Good.
The Maxwell process has already
been tested successfully in thousands of
cars and the theory has been confirm
ed by practice. Stripped ring gears are
virtually unknown, as the hard teeth
no longer imply brittle backing, as in
the gears treated by methods which
harden the entire part.
The fact that a ring gear of this
kind was recently run more than 22,000
miles without repair, and under A. A.
A. observ ition in the recent champion
motor non-stop Maxwell is further
proof of the fact that gears produced
in this way do not wear and become
L. H. Boydston Becomes Assistant Dis
trict Manager for the Pacific
If the carrier doe not gtre
service notify the office.
T.. II. Roydstnn, who has been identi
fied with the Studebuker corporation as
j district representative, has just been
appointed assistant district manager for
the Pacific coast, under B. O. Wille-brand.
Before going to T.os Angeles for the
Studebaker corporation, Mr. Boydston
became well known in San Francisco as
a lecturer and authority on sales effic
iency and organization. He is a mem
ber of the Shively Advisory Board of
San Francisco.
In speaking of hi new connection.
Mr. Boydston said that he was at
tracted by the growing popularity of
the Saxioi and the strength of the fac
tory and distributors. He referred to
the rapid growth of the Saxon in T.os
.ngetes una sum mnr inc ueinoustra
tinn tests given by our I.os Angeles
distributors were nothing short of mar
velous. "Never have I seen such stren
uous tests given nnv car. and seen the
ear survive,'' said Mr. Boydston.
I l
The larsest shoe factory in the country j
hi i
The larsest shoe factory in the country
makes le 's thau one-fortieth of the en
tire shoe output, but the Ford Motor
Company builds hat: or all the automo
biles made in America. This volume is
necessary to. supply the demands of
people who are looking for economy at
a low cost. Get yours today! Runa
bout $443.25; Touring Car $193.2.r. All
prices f. o. b. Salem,
Vick Bros.
2G0 N. High St., Salem.
-.t - r' -rf'i
The Proof
DON'T accept claims or opinions.
Every man selling an automobile
will tell you his car can be run
at low cost.
He'll tell you this because he knows
and you know that gasoline, oil and tires
are costing more and more all the time.
He knows and you should know that the
operating cost of any automobile during
five years' t'me is worth your careful con
sideration. We don't give you any guesswork. We
tell you what we know. We state the
facts and figures proved and verified
figures. Here they are:
Maxwell World' Noa-Stop Record Fact
Miles without a motor stop ; 22,023
Average miles per day (44 dayn). 500.6
Miles per gallon of gasoline ' 21.88
Miles per gallon of oil 400
Average rr.iles per tire 9,871
Most Maxwell owners et even better
results than these but we are just giving
the actual figures set when the Maxwell
stock touring car broke the World's Motor
Non-Stop Record.
When you get your Maxwell you can
be cure it will give you economical service
probably far more economical than these
figures indicate. But to be sure that you
cn cet your Maxwell, ORDER NOW.
If you prefer, make a small deposit and
pay the balance as you use the car.
Touring; Car, $G55
Roadster, $635
Prices F. O. B. Detroit
,i..uiii y 1 J
,-"itr. " $ -- f 'v i
Cor. High and Ferry
Have you seen the New
If not drop in and look it over
Scott & Piper
252 State Street
Phone 451
Friday, March hK being an ideal
day, there was a crowd of more tliun
four hundred people in atteidr.r.ee at
the citizens' community meeting !ild
at the Cole 'school building. s;x dis
tricts were represented, viz: Alt. Pleas
ant, teacher. Miss Miles: Kingston,
teacher, Miss Ruth Fuson; Queen. "r,
teacher. Mrs. Smith; Mu-lliurn, teacher.
Mrs. Win. Hirons; District l5, teacher,
Wm. Miller: and Cole school, W, IT. Fu
son, teacher.
The various schools furnished ileccla
mntions. songs anil class drills; Mini the
aide manner ill which they werj ren
dered showed careful prepint'on on
the part of teachers and pipils
The speakers pre."'. it were: Coni.ty
Judge 1. H. Mi'KnigV. County School
Superintendent W. 1.. Jackson. Assist
ant Superintendent Jon. Benner. C. ('.
Wade, who represented Dr. A. G. Trill
in interest of the l.inn county fair, and
Mr. C. M. Kendall, who appeared upon
the stage several times and gave Svme
cxi'dleur and comic readi is.
The speeches were int-'re-tin and in
druetive and we feci that mu'di g. ad
may he derived therefrom.
Several high jc'oiol pip's :if Stay-
Ion were excused rom their work that
tbey might attea I this rail
The fo lowing ou!r.r " s t- ta-M
charge o' the J-hit, was npp, in'-',i:
Mrs. II. Shank, Mrs. C. E. Chrhsman,
Mrs. Chas. Bates, Mrs. M. M. Meiser,
Mrs. Howard Montgomery and Mrs.
Chas. Schaefer.
Two tables, each about 32 feet long-,
were arranged on the school ground and
both were filled with such delicious edi
bles that would tcmp the 11-ott deli
cate appetite. After all had ca.o i au I
wire filled, tlie- j remained enr.igh ti
feed another C.uic hundred. Til-! no.:n
hour was spent in a very pleasant and
-sociable manner.
The following K'l'ools, Q-.ce.ie.-. Oul",
t'.il Shclburn, lu-.v.ng completJJ all )
quircments, were standardized.
After completing tho program tho
crowd dispersed, all seeming to feel
that the meeting had been a complete
success, and that they were well com
pensated for their efforts.
We hope that there may be mora
such gatherings in tho future. Stavton
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