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I AW '1
FOR those who really do not indulge
in the frivolous side of life until
the close of Lent there is plenty
of diversion ani enjoyment to be hail
in lectures and events in the world of
Lent or the season for musical affairs
at private homes always seems to fit in
with the longing for repose and rest
fulness after the gayetics of the win
ter. Society is keenly enthusias
tic about affairs of the kind, and would
rejoice if the calendar included many
more throughout the season.
Although soeioty has not chosen its
Lenten diversion, walking and hiking
parties are the order of the day in the
bay city, in Salem walking has never
reached as marked a popularity as in
other cities, although there are quite as
Jovely spots open to the seeker after
fresh, air and charming scenery. Just
why the Salem smart set has not fol
lowed the fad, has not been vletermined,
bat the interim in activities during the
penitential period would bo jnt the
jiroper time for the advent of walking
rlung and tor milady to explore the
beauties of Marion county.
The calendar this week showed a di
versity of affairs varied enough to
please tae most fastidious, beginning
with( Mrs. William Danry's bridge
Tuesday and closing with Mrs. K. C.
CroBs and Miss Veda Cross' bridge teas
iad the informal dunce for which Miss
Grace Bean will bo hostess tonight in
honor of her house guest. Miss .Flor
ence Cleveland, of Portland.
Mrs. L. M. Boggs' luncheon Thurs
day in compliment to her mother, Mrs.
JK. B. Houston, was one of the delight
'ful events of the week just closed, al
so the luncheon for which Mrs. Roy
Mills was hostess Friday in honor of
Misa Kdna Josse a popular bride-elect.
Among the charming hosts of the
week were Dr. and Mrs. C. 11. Robert
non, who entertained the- Merry-Go-
jiouna ciuo which is composed of a
number of the married set, at several
laoies 01 suit.
Br. and Mrs. Harry dinger were
nskeil as additional guests. Mrs. John
1). Sutherland and Dr. J. N. Smith were
awarded the high score honors.
Assisting Mrs. Robertson were Miss
Carloine Dick and Miss Marjorie Kay.
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A few of our faco treatments
will leave it soft and smooth as
We can cure that nervous head
ache with an Electric Massage.
A well groomed man or woman
is shown by the attention given
the hands. Try our manicures.
Ladies 25 cents, gentlemen 35
Shampooing, Massage, all Beauty
Culture work.
Moles and warts removed with
out pain, and leaving no senr.
Specialist in diseases of the Skin
and scalp.
Open Saturday Evenings.
301 Bank of Commerce Building,
Phone 33 Salem, Ore.
Your Next Sui
Are you going to Buy it or are you going to let
some one Sell it to you?
The picture is an exact reproduction of the kind
of clothes we show this Spring. Clothes that
will style-suit and price-please because they
aren't style-clothes or fabric clothes but
"balanced" values.
We'll gladly show them. If you like them you'll
Buy them; if you don't like them, our clerks
shall not "dilly-dally" with you.
mk HAT
Charming and artistic in every detail
were the smart bridge teas for which
Mrs. E. C. Cross and Miss Veda Cross
were hostesses Thursday and Friday
afternoons. About half a dozen or so
inatrons and maids augmented the par
ties at the tea hours. Thursday four
tables of the game were arranged lor
the players in rooms aglow with spring
blossom!. High score honors were won
by Mrs. William Henry Boot and Mrs.
A. X. Moores. Friday guests were asked
for six tables and the favors were
awarded to Miss Margaret Gray and
Mrs. George William Gray.
In the dining room the tea table was
particularly lovely with a crystal bowl
of pale yellow jonquils and yellow can
dles. Thursday the snmovers were presided
over by Mrs. Thomas B. Kay ami -Mrs.
Frank Spencer. Assisting "were Mrs.
Elmer Ludden and Miss Marie Hofor.
Friday Miss Margaret Cosper and
Miss Marie llofer poured and Mrs.
Charles Dick assisted the hostesses.
As a farewell attention to Mrs. R. B.
Houston, Mrs. L. M. Hoggs and -Mrs.
I'aul Schmidt were hostesses Thursday
for an attractive luncheon at the resi
dence of the former.
The table decorations and appoint
ments were unusually artistic with
golden yellow daffodils, airy yellow
tulle bows, adorable Kowpies circled
by smilax and tiny Kcwpic favors tied
with yellow bows. Duinty daffodil
place cards bearing an attractive pic
ture of the honor guest marked covers
for: Mrs. C. I'. Bishop, Mrs. William
Gallowav Mrs. Charles If. Fisher, Mrs.
Douglas Minto, Mrs. Lawrence T. Har
ris, Mrs. C. B. Webb, Mrs. Itov Bur
ton, Mrs. Frank Schmidt, Mrs. E. Cooke
1'ntton, Mrs. K. D. Goodin, Mrs. George
M. Brown, Mrs. Carey Martin, Mrs.
Louis Josse, Mrs. B. J. Miles, Mrs. F.
If. Snyder, Mrs. George Shaw, Mrs.
William MeOilchrist, Sr., Mrs. A. 1.
Eoff, Mrs. Thomas Williams.
Mrs. Houston has been the motif of
numerous affairs given by her friendf.
who regretted to say au revoir.
Mrs. Houston leaves tomorrow for
California but will visit en route in
Eugene and Roseburg before going to
San Francisco, where she will be joined
by Mr. Houston who will accompany
her to their new homes in Santa Rosa.
Mr. and Mrs. Asahel Bush and small
son, Asahel, Jr., ami Henry W. Meyers,
who have been in Hot Lake for a brief
sojourn returned Friday afternoon.
A veritable air of spring surrounded
tiio charming bridge for which Mrs.
William Dancy was hostess Tuesday
afternoon. Lovely yellow jonouils and
greens were used about the card rooms.
Thursday afternoon Mrs. Dancy's resi
dence was the setting for a similar
affair, with Mrs. Al Jones sharing the
minors as nosiess.
Tuesday the card honors were won
bv Mrs. Elmer Ludden and Mrs. George
Waters and" Thursday bv Mrs. J. A.
Wilson and Mrs. K. E. Lee Steiner.
Assisting Tuesday and Thursday
were iurs. wnver docile, .Mrs. K. ;. I.ee
scteiner and .Miss Alta Jones.
About, thirty-five matrons and maids
were asked for Tuesday including Mrs.
Guy Snrgent, Mrs. William Henry Boot,
Mrs. Chauncey Bishop, Mrs. " Henry
Meyers, Mrs. Harry Clay, Mrs. Kolliu
K. I'age, Mrs. George Palmer I'utiinin,
ftirs. joiin .Uc.Mirv, Mrs. Sderniiin W
Ihompson, Mrs. Henry B. Thielsen.
I Mrs. John 1). Sutherland, Mrs. V.-A.
jCusick, Mis. George William Gray,
-.mis. . i onneii liver. Sirs. ,1. -N. Smith.
Mrs. George Burnett. Mrs. V. G. Shiiv
ley, Mrs. C. P. Bishop, Mrs. Elmer Lud-!''0,ln ''rit'fitii, Mrs. Louis Lachmund,
den, -Mrs. K. E. Waters, Mrs. Curtis B.j11"1' Mrs. A. I. Eoff.
Cross, Mrs. Edward Weller. W. II. Eld-1 The additional players included:
ridge, Mrs. George Waters Mrs. li.
l.ee Steiner, Mrs. H. W. Thielsen, Mis. i Alr. George V. Gray, Mrs. Elmer Lud
Lenti Wostneott, Mpi. Oliver Locke, l'n, Mrs. Carlton Smith, Mrs. Otho Rn
Mrs. Civile Graham, Miss Lillian Bool. I-'11", Mrs. Prank Myers, Mrs. Harry
the Misses Gertrude and Maruarot
Gray, Miss Veda Cross, Miss Aline
Tliiiinpsoiij Mjiss Ellen Thielsen land
Miss Hita Steiner.
Thursday the guests were: Mrs. Ru-
ben Boise, Mrs. Hen Olcntt, Mrs. Bonier
i Smith, Mrs. William Lytic, Mrs. Frank
'jMiiiuii, .his. naiics jie.Miry, ai is.
George 0. Brown, Mrs. L. F. Griff itn,
Mrs. Milton Meyers, Mrs. Harry Oliu
gor, Mrs. Fred Stewart, Mrs. George
Hose, Mrs. W. CI. Smith, Mrs. George
F. Rodgors, Mrs. Frank Myers, Mrs. li.
E. Lee Steiner, Mrs. Oliver Locke, Mrs.
Romeo Goulet, Mrs. E. Cooke Patton,
Mrs. Joseph Baumgartner, Mrs. John
Minto, Mrs. Thomas C. Smith, Jr., Mrs.
Max Huron, Mrs. Charles Dick, Mrs.
Lawrence T. Harris, Mrs. James Wil
son, Mrs. Clarence Hamilton, Mrs. Ed
win L. Baker, Mrs. W. A. Irwin, Mrs.
Margaret Lovelace, Miss Culista Moore,
Mrs. John Coughill, Mrs. Homer Goulet,
Mrs. Jesse Flanders, of Portland; Mrs.
Goff, Miss Alta Joues aud Miss Flor
ence Irwin.
It has been a gay week for the
younger belles and beaux with some
thing almost every night, tonight a
group of attractive buds will give a
leap year dance in Baumgartner hall
ami of course all the privileges and
pleasures that the name implies will
prevail. The dance hall will tie done
in green, suggestive of St. Patrick.
Those of the younger set who will in
dulge in their favorite pasttime tonight
arc tue Misses Caroline Dick, 11a
Spaulding, Bernice Craig, Olga Gray,
Irene Curtis, Metta Wraiker, Ruth Fish
er, Marjorie Kay, Hutu Schultz, L,oifl
Martin, Gertrude Ashby, Marybelle
Heinhiut, Gertrude East,Clara Breitea
stein, Alice Baker, Gladys Waite, Retha
Hughes, Edna Howd, Allan Carson,
Lewis Griffith, Frank Durbin, Oris Fry,
Franklin Miller, Theron Hoover, Allan
Jones, Archie Holt, Bruce Neiland, Rob
ert Montngue, of Portland, Glenn Ack-
erman, Whitney Gill, Allan Jones, Lyle
liartholoniew, f rank Jtnscbraugo, Geo
Croisan, Dnryl Proctor and Chas. Lowe,
Messages of sympathy and qninti
ties of lovely blossoms are cheering
.Mrs. -Milton Meyers who is convales
cing from a serious illness.
The Misses EJIher land Catharine
Carson asked about sixteen maids and
younger matrons for an informal tea
Thursday in honor of Mrs. Clarence
Walls, a bride of last month. Pre
siding at tne tea tame wmon was
adorned with airy pink tulle, pink
caudles and a crystal bowl of tulips in
shades of pink were Miss Elizabeth
Lord and Miss Margaret Gray.
Calling during the afternoon were:
Mrs. W. Council Dyer, Mrs. Clyde Gra
ham, Miss Ellen Thielsen, Miss Rita
Steiner, Miss Grace Bean and her house
guest, Miss Florence Cleveland, Miss
Gertrude Gray, Miss Marjorie Marvin,
and Miss Ida Simmons.
Miss Veda Cross will leave Tuesday
for Portland where she will be the
guest of Mrs. Elmer Stringer.
Mrs. David Eyre's bridge Wednesday
afternoon was a delightful affair.
About thirty matrons of the "Happy
Hour club" and two or three tables
of additional players being asked. St.
Patrick decorations were carried out in
clinrmiiiT detail, with vases and jars of
green carnations and shamrock adorn
in" the card rooms.
Mrs. Carlton Smith captured the
high card favor and Mrs. H. J. Bean
the consolation.
Mrs. R. M. Hofer and Mrs. Homer
Goulet nssisted Mrs. Eyre.
The club guests were: Mrs. John B.
Sutherland, Mis. J. X. Smith, Mrs. John
Albert, Mrs. Lawrence T. Harris, Msr.
Robert Downing, Mrs. Charles "K.
Spaulding, Mrs. H. .1. (lean, Mrs. Jos.
Albert, Mrs. R. B. Clondin, Mrs. K. M.
Brown, Mrs. E. S. Tillinghnst, Mrs.
;.:Mrs. R. M. llofer, Mrs. Curtis Cross,
"linger, Mrs. George (I. Brown, Mrs.
".v Burton, Mrs. Homer Goulet and
Mrs. Milton Meyers.
Mrs. L. V. Griffith and her sister,
Mrs. Jesse Flanders, who has been her
i guest went to Portland Thursday to be
j wit n their lather, I'hilip .YlotHchan, who
i is very ill.
Bruttc, KiacaM I C. Qodm
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Will cover you with a migh
ty good Shirt. New Spring
patterns in splendid assort
ments. JUa'icS OadJi Merc
Hood' Sartaparilla, a Spring Tonic
Medicine, ii Necessary.
Everybody Is troubled at this sea
son with loss of vitality, failure ol
appetite, that tired feeling, or with
bilious turns, dull headaches, indi
gestion and other stomach troubles
or with pimples and other eruption!
on the face and body. The reason it
that the blood is impure and Impov
erished. Hood's Sarsaparilla relieves all
these ailments. It Is the old reliabU
medicine that has stood the test oi
forty years, that makes pure, rich,
red blood that strengthens everj
ornan and builds up the whole sys
tem. It Is the all-the-year-rouno
blood -purifier and health-giver.
Nothing else acts like it, for nothing
else Is like It. There ia no real sub
stitute; so be sure to get Hood's
Ask your druggist for it today, and
begin taking it at once. v
Miss Grace Bean will be hostess to
night for an informal dancing party; in
honor of her house guest, Miss Florence
Cleveland, of Portland. About twenty
of the younger set have been asked in
cluding: Miss Ellen Thielsen, Miss Rita
Steiner, the Misses Gertrude and -Margaret
Gray, of Seattle, Miss Margery
Marvin, Miss Ida Simmons, Miss Hazel
Downing, Miss Aline Ihompson, tne
Misses Esther and Catharine Carson,
Miss Jennie Fry and Carl Gabrielson,
Ralph Moores, Daniel J. Fry, Jr., I
Lawrence Hofer, Leland Hendricks,
Ercel Kav. Paul Wallace, Russell
Brooks, James Young, John Carson,
Miller MeGilchrist, Fritz Slade, Ivan
McDaniels and Jack Elliott.
About eighteen matrons and maids
gathered as the guests of Mrs. Roy
Mills Friday to participate in the pret
ty luncheon which she planned as a
courtesy to Miss Edua Josse, an at
tractive bride elect.
The luncheon table was most artistic
with an airy Bpring like arrangement
of golden jonquils surrounded by yel
low candles.
Covers were placed for tho members
of the La Condor club and several oth
er guests including Miss Edna Josse,
Mrs. Chester Cox, Mrs. Louis Josse,
Mrs. Joseph Reinhart, Mrs. Walter
Spaulding, Mrs. L. M. Boggs, Mrs. Paul
Schmidt, Mrs. Harry Wenderoth, Mrs.
Paul Johnson, Miss Nancy Skail'e, Miss
Zoe Stockton and Miss Mary Eckerlin
additional covers were for Mrs.
Armin Steiner, Mrs. Stanley Morgan,
Mrs. Frank Meyers, Mrs. J. A. Richard
son and Mrs. Grant Honucll. Luncheon
was followed by bridge.
Since the announcement ot her en
gagement Miss Josse has been delight
fully feted and many more affairs will
be given in her honor.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Al Jones have as
their guests Mr. and Mrs. L. Kimppor
and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Cainess, of
Joseph, Oregon.
Tho matrons of the Thursday Bridge
club and several additional guests were
asked for an informal afternoon over
tiie card tables by Mrs. Charles Dick
The high score honor fell to Mrs. Wil
liam Boot. Mrs. William Council Dyer
and Mrs. Clvde Graham assisted Mrs,
Dick. Non-club members circling the
tables were: Mrs. Clyde Graham, Mrs.
V. Council Dver, Mrs. John Cougholl,
Mrs. Edgar Hartley and Mrs. Walter
Tho matrons included in the club are:
Mrs. William Boot, Mrs. Fred Stewart,
Mrs. Harvey Wells, Mrs. Rullin K.
Page, Mrs. E. Cooke Patton, Mrs. Thos.
B. Kay, Airs. E. E. Waters, Mrs. John
MeNarv, Mrs. J. X. Smith, Mrs. II. J.
Schuldcrnian, Mrs. Ruben Boise, Mrs.
Charles Dick, Mrs. Eugene Gillinghnm
and Mrs. George Waters.
The second of a series of delightful
evenhur parties for which the matrons
of the Priscilla club have been hostesses
was given last night by Mrs. Fred
Steusloff, Mrs. David Eyre, Mrs. A. I
Brown and Mrs. C. M. Epley at the
residence of the former on Xortli Com
mercial street.
The decorations were all in keeping
with the d:iv. Ten tables were circled
by the matrons of the club and their
husbands and nbout twenty invited
guests who were: Mr. and Mrs. C. P.
Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downing,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Spaulding, Mr.
and Mrs. Carey Martin, Mr. and Mrs.
Rov Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Min
ton, Mr. ami Mrs. Edgar Hartley, Mr.
and Mrs. W. II. Steuslotf, -Mr. anil -Mrs
Lacker, Miss Jennie Fry and Miss May
Mrs. Roy Mills and Robert Downing1
captured the high score honors.
Miss Laura Grant was hostess Tues
day evening for a delightful five hun
dred party. Tho rooms were airy and
spring like with vases and bowls of daf
fodils and greens.
Circling the ci'd tables were: Mr.
and Mrs. Gordon MeGilchrist, Mr. and
Mrs. Donald Miles. Mr. and Mis. Chas.
Knowland, Miss Margaret Miles, Miss
Kcgina Long, -Miss Alvce HoIHstcr,
Miss May Hoiich, Miss Gertrude Wall
ing, Miss Jessie Miller and Cloyd
Koueh, Mr. Murphy, Frank Churchill,
Mr. Barth and Chester Foreman.
J Miss Long was nssisted by Miss Rcg-
1I1H l.OIIg.
Allan and Wallace Carson were hosts
for a jolly informal dancing and card
i party r rulay evening. Their guests in
cluded about thirty of the younger con
jtingent, the men being members of the
j Julius Ceasar club of the higii schi.ol,
i composed of: Oris Fry, Frank Uur
I bin, Donald Rtiidnll, Allan and Wal
lace Carson, Dayrl Proctor. Bryon Good
'enough, Victor Reed, WJiitney Gill.
Glenn Ackerimin, Oral Hagedorn, Vic
i tor Tavlor, Eugene Gill, Frank Rose
jbraugh, Herbert Taylor and George
: Weller. The young' girls asked were
i the Misses Ellen Savage, Ha Spaulding,
, Bernice Cnig, Ruth Schnlti, Edna
' Howd, Gertrude Ashby, Clara Briten
i stein, Odell Savage. Tora Moi tenson,
j Ethel MeGilchrist, Grace Hunt, Glndys
White, Olga Gray and Vita Roseiupitst.
I '
A bridge wns given Mondty by Mis.
A. T. Wain who had about twenty ma
'trons for an informal afternoon over
.the card tables.
Five tables of the game were circled
by the matrons of the Monday Bridge
'club and severnl Additional friends.
'The card rooms were dainty and spring
I like with vellow Jenet.t and greenery.
The higa score honors fell to Mrs.
IT. II. Mutt. Mrs. Wain was a.ited
by Mrs. John B. Craig.
An exceptionally attractive affair of I
the week was tho bridge party for j
whiidi Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Deckcbach
were hosts Monday evening.
Fragrant carnations and spring flow- ,
crs made an artistic foil for the play- i
ers who numbered about sixteen of the ;
members of the Oaks Bridge club and a
table of additional guests.
Card honors were won by Mrs. Love-.
lace and Jack Carrie.
The Oaks club includes: Mr. and
Mrs. William MeGilchrist, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. Merlin Harding, Mr. and Mrs. E.
O. Siecke, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith, j
Mr. aud Mrs. F. O. Deelioliach, Mrs.
Margaret Lovelace, and Mrs. Frederick
Other guests were: Dr. and Mrs.
Carlton Smith, -Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wil
son au Mr. and Mrs. Jack Currie.
Miss Helen Deckcbach assisted heri
mother. i
A steadv stream of matrons and;
maids and lovers of art thronged the
beautiful Frame Shop and Giftery to-'
day and Friday to attend the formal
opening given by the Gilberts at their
new place on Court street.
At the opening a profusion of yellow
daffodils made an effective foil for the
blue and cream color scheme of this
artistic s'nop which will no doubt be a
favorite rendezvous for art lovers.
The interior is all done in ivorv white
excepting tho wood work, which is" of
oak. Silk in Chinese blue is used tor
the hangings, and hand painted murals
done by Mr. Gilbert in brilliant de
signs of blue, form the balcony pan
els. Artistic, side lights also designed and
made bv the Gilberts suffuse the room
in a sapphire light.
During the reception hours charm
ing programmes wero given. Friday s
was enhanced bv the tiiautitul poem
'Oregon," written by Mrs. Clara Mc
Clelland Barton and read by Mrs. Anna
nogers ash.
Mrs. Barton has also composed a
beautiful Lullaby, which has been set
to music by Fratina Rcklaw. better
knowu as Mrs. Walker, of Portland.
The artistic poem "Oregon is as fol
I love the hue
Of the clouded blue
When the lingering summer dies
And tiie rains' soft sweep
When the earth drinks deep
Under the Oregon skies;
For the rain will cease
And the sun increase,
The mists from the valleys rise
And after the showers
Will a myriad flowers
Laugh up at the Oregon skies.
Assisting at these attractive opening
receptions were: Mrs. William Bab-
cock, Mrs. Donald -Miles, Miss Jessie
Holcomb, Miss Margaret Miles, Miss
Bazazza, Miss Edith Money and How
ard Jcwett.
Mrs. R. B. Houston was the motif of
an artistically appointed luncheon pre
sided over by Mrs. Frank Schmidt last
Saturday. The luncheon table was cen
tered with spring flowers, x decorative
scheme of yellow being carried out in
harming detail. Seated around the
table were: Mrs. Houston, Mrs. Carcv
Martin, Mrs. L. M. Boggs, Mrs. Bong
las Minto, Mrs. Larkin Williams, Mrs.
Lawrence T. Harris, Mrs. George M.
Brown and the hostess.
Luncheon was followed by niiLque
guessin? games. Mrs. Carey Martin,
Mrs. Douglas Minto and Mrs. Lawrence
Harris captured the favors.
A concert to which one may look
with legitimate hope of enjoyment will
be given Saturday evening March lo,
when tho Chemeketa Camp Fire Girls
will present the University of Oregon
trio, composed of Miss Middleton, so
loist; Mrs. Thachcr, pianist, and Miss
Forbes, violinist, who is the proud pos
sessor of a Sane tug Serophino violin
made in 1747.
Miss Anne Swezey is guardian to this
club of young girls whoarc the Misses
Marv Jane Albert, Pauline Dick, Max
ine Buren, Josephine Baumgartner, Hel
en Robe, Frances Hodge, Margery Da
vidson, Hilda Tillinghnst, Maude Mo
Coy, llarriett Griffith, Helen Corey,
Margaret Griffith, Eva Miles and Ruth
A very interesting recital was giv
en this atternoon by the younger pupils
of Miss Elnia Welicr. The artistry of
the program mo was made especially en
joyable by the appearance of tiny Mil
dred Roberts, Dorothy Livesley and
Mary Cupper, all under seven years of
The charming programme given by
these youthful artists was as follows:
The Marionettes Lyncs
Marie Brick, Joe Clurk, Fern Lav
eleur, Rita C laggett.
Class song Dcmming
Sweet Claver X. Swift
llellen Weller.
Away to the Woods
Marie Brick.
Down 7th Chords
Brownies Dance Gaynor
Priscilla l'ny,
Robins Song
Kelen Roberts.
Hunter's Song Lvnes
Arthur Hamilton.
Waltz Curwin
Dorotiiv Liveslev, .Miss Weller.
(a) Two Little Birds Had a Talk
One Day (Jay nor
(b) Three Chickens Maxim
Helen Marcus.
Mihdy Curwin
Mildred Roberts, Miss Weller.
Study Kohlci
Ralph Hamilton
Bownie and Braze Bngbee
Kits t laggett.
lihythui Soug Dunning
.lildied Koberth, Dorothy Livesley.
(a) Babes in the Woods Maxim
(b) Wee Folks Dance Gaynor
Petite Waltz Bonnie
Elizabeth Fairchild.
Rovena Eyre, Miss Woller.
The Two Frogs ' Cranim
Fern Liveleur.
Throuph the Looking Glass Lynes
Sonatine i lomenti
Joe Clark.
To the Rising Sun
Ruth Page.
Vocal Solo Selected
Harriet Griffith.
Dorothy Esoh.
Qnartvtt -
Doroth- Ks.h, Ruth ..ge, Miss
Weller, Marie Kostoin.
Tomorrow Miss Alice Skiff will sing
I.iwzt, Ave Maria, for tho ten o'clock
service at the Catholic church.
If you want to get rid of that tired, sleepy feeling,
do not fail to get a bottle of our new Spring Tonic. .
We cany a full line of home remedies in bulk, as
Sassafras Bark, Sarsaparilla Root, and many other
good Spring Tonics.
Central Pharmacy
410 State, formerly Poole's Drug Store. Phone 276
A gracious bit of hospitality was dis -
pensed by Mrs. Eugene Eckerlcn, Fri -
lay afternoon when she entertained tne
members of the Birthday club at an cn-
jovable Kensington.
Mrs. E. F. Brussclle entertained the
members of the public service and la
bor commission club at her home on
Thursday afternoon. This club met for
the first time this season at Mrs. Bus
selles and was re organized to meet ev
ery two weeks.
Miss Delta Hogeu and Miss Cather
ine Campbell were honor guests.
During the afternoon Miss Campbell
favored tho party with several vocal
and instrumental solos. Sirs. W. P. El
lis assisted the hostess.
' Friday evening the popular string
orchestru, composed of Georgabellc
Hootn, Mary Schultz, Lillian Stege, a.
B. Russell and Chas. D. Crnstos, will
give an informal dancing party at tho
Hotel Marion.
A pleasurable St. Patrick's party was
given the winning side by the losing
members of the ftiembership contest of
the Parent-Teachers'' Circle in the do
mestic science room Friday evening.
A largo number of friends and mem
bers participated in the evening, dainty
refreshments ending an enjoyable time.
The hostesses were the Mesdamcs Mar
cus, Armstrong, Hobson, Ackcrnian and
Miss Alice Schroedcr has gone to Cor
vallis where she will upend the week
end as the guest of friends. During
her visit Miss Schroedcr will be the mo
tif of several affairs.
The members of the P. E. 0. club
held their first March meeting at the
home of Miss Alyce Hollistor. An
election of officers preceded an enjoy-
iibln snciul pvinimr. Tknse idncted :in.l
re-elected were: Mis Laura Grunt re.
elccted president; Mrs. Fred Sclee, rc -
elected vice-president; bs Alyce llol -
lister, recording secretary; -Mrs. Smith,
corresponding secretary; Mrs. G. A.
Wood, treasurer; Mrs. Bert Bower,
chaplin, and Mrs. H. E. Bolingcr, guard.
Mr. and Mrs. William Dancy will lie
hosts Monday evening for a iivo hun
dred party, their guests including the
members of the Nemo club.
A very entertaining program was
given at the Benefit Recital in tho!
Baptist church Wednesday night, under
the management of Mrs. Anna Rogers
Fish of the School of Expression.
Tho first number was a mixed chor
us from tho high school, directed by
Miss Magers. These young folks gave
two delightful choruses, "The Revel of
the Leaves," Mowers, and "In Days
of Old," a new arrangement of a pop
ular old ballad, which wero sung with;
artistic feeling that surprised even j
those who are already familiar with the
excellent work done by this org tnizn-1
In the second number there was espe-j
cially fine work done by the bassos on I
the solo part, and the shading of tone
in the trio was pleasure to the ear,
while the inspiring ehorus was sung
with much spirit.
Miss Marguerite Flower's solo, "Thei
Valley of Laughter," Sanderson, gave
niucii pleasure, as did also her charm- j
inglv interpreted encore, "Lullabv,"
The duct by Miss Baker and Missi
Schultz on the two pianos wns played'
in a vorv attractive manner. "Fas Des
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1 Cymbalcs," Chaninade, was followed
' by "Country Dance," Kevin, as an
Miss Beatrice Walton gave as a read
ing a college life story called the
"Hazinc oi' Valiant," Williams, in
such a clever manner that the audience
seemed to bo participating in tho amus
ing adventure. Her personation of the
admiring negro in "Miss Angelina.
Jo'iinsing," Dunbar, was much enjoyed.
Miss Lucile Barton, accompanied on
the piano by Miss Joy Turner, sang
Cadman's "I hear a Thrush at Evq,"
with grace and fiuish, giving as encore,
Allitson's beautilul "Since We Part
ed." Miss Coppock, a young reader and
pcrsonator of child characters, gave
two characteristic bits, "Elmer
Brown," Riley, and "The Hen,"
Cooke, in u delightfully fresh aud un
conventional style. As encore, she gave
"The Shave Store," Cooke.
Miss Mary Schultz, always delight
ful to hear, gave "Memories," Cad
man, followed by the "Pizicato Seren
ade," Franklin, as an encore. Miss
Sc'nultz's violin is a very attractive in
strument in her clever hands. This
young artist's fine tone sense marks
her as unusual.
Mrs. Carleton Smith sang "Little
Puritan Maiden," Mucy, with inimit
able taste and her rich voice was never
lovelier. Sho gave as encore, "Love's
Years Are Brave," Vaniiah.
Miss Grace Babcock gave "The Bal l
Headed Man," with delightful variety
in tho clean-cut personations of her
character, responding to the encore
witn "The Dead Pussy Cat," in which
she was especially clever.
Mr. Fred Clinc, a young pianist of
great promise, closed the programme
with two excellent numbers. His
technique on the difficult "March Fin
tastique," Wilson-Smith, showed him
to be an unusually careful student,
while his interpretation of the Bo-
I hernial! spirit of the composition .be-
jBl",kc a usicul sense which is rare in
onf young. His encore, " Lullaby,
hy Liobling, was given with a delicato
(Continued oa Page Three.)
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