Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 18, 1916, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 14

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IV. The Halberdier of
the Little Fhein
schloss. r'oyrlxiit by DoubtHday, Page Co.J
GO sometimes Into
the lilerlialle ami
. restaurant called
Old Munich. Not
long ago It was a
resort of Interest '
lug Bohemians,
but now only art
I.Urt and musi
cian and liter
ary folk frequent
lr. Kut the Pilsner U yet good, and I
take winie diversion from the conversa
tion of waiter No. 1H.
' Kor uinny years the customers of Old
Munich have accepted the place us a
fnithfiil copy from the ancient German
town. The bW hull with Its smoky raft
em, rows of I nported steins, portrait of
(loethe and verses painted on the walU
- Icanslated Into German from the orig
inal of the Cincinnati poets seems at
mospherically correct when viewed
flnougli the bottom of a gluss.
I Hut not loug ago the proprietors add
ed the room above, called It the Little
Ulielnschloss and built In a stairway,
llgj there was an Imitation stone pura
pet:, Ivy covered, and the walla were
pilnted to represent depth and dis
tance, with the Khlne winding at the
base of the vlneyarded slopes and the
1'iistle of Khrenbrellstelu. looming di
rectly opposite the entrance. Of course
there were tables and chuirs, and you
could have beer and food brought you.
I went luto Old Munich oue afternoon
when there were few customers and
Hl at my usual, tattle. near the stair
way. 1 whs shocked and almost dis
pensed to perceive, that the. glass ci
gar case by the orchestra stand bad
been smashed to . suill hereens. t did
iiol like, things to. happen lu Old Mu
til. Ii. Nothing had ever huppened there
Walter No. 18 came and breathed on
my ueck. I was his by right of dls
Kluhteeu's brain, was built
lllto u corral. It was full of Ideas
which, when he opened the gate, came
huddling out like a Hock of sheep that
Diiht get together afterward or might
n il. I did not shine as a shepherd. As
a tyiie KIghleen titled nowhere. I did
not find out If he had n nationality,
f'linlly, creed, grievance, hobby, soul,
preference, home or vote. Ho only
cHine always to my table and, as long
as his leisure would permit, let words
milter from hlin like swallows, leaving
ii burn at daylight.
"How did the cigar case come to be
broken, KighteeuV" I asked with a cer
lain feeling of ersonal grievance.
' "I can tell you about that, sir," said
he, resting hh foot on he chair next to
mine. "IMd yon ever have anybody
hand you a double handful of good luck
while both your hands was full of bud
lin k, Olid stop to notice how your flu
gers behaved'"
"No riddles. Eighteen," Raid 1.
"Leave out palmistry and manicuring.'-
"You remember," said KIghleen, "tin
uy In the hammered brass Prince Al
licit and tho oroide gold panto and the
amalgamated nipper hat, that curried
tho combination meat ax, Ice pick and
liberty pole, and used to sland ou the
Ibst landing as you go up to the Mttle
"Why, yes," auld I. "The halberdier
1 never noticed him particularly. 1 re
member I thought he was only a suit
of armor. He hail a perfect poise."
"He had more than that," said
Kighteen. "Ho was me friend. He
was an advertisement. The boss hired
bbn lo stand on the stairs for a kind
of scenery to show there was some
thing doing lu the hasbeen line up
stairs. What did you call liltu-a what
kind of a beer?"
"A halberdier," said I. "That was
mi ancient inun at arms of many linn
deed years ngo."
"Some mistake," said Eighteen
'"I bis one wasn't that old. He wasn't
over twenty-three or four.
"It was the boss' Idea, rigging a man
up In an antebellum suit of tinware
mid standing hlni ou tho binding of
tho slosh. Ho bought the goods at a
Kourlh avenue aulliue store and hung
n sign out: 'Ablebodled halberdier
wauled. I'oslume furnished.'
"The sn nie morning a young man
with wrecked good clothes und a bun
gry look comes In, bringing the sign
wilh him. I wits lllllng the mustard
puis at my slnlloa
"Tin It,' says he, 'whatever It Is.
tt'il I never halberdlered In a restau
''ii . 1'nt mo on. Is II a iuasiueradu?'
" 'I hear talk In the kitchen of a llsli
ball,' says I.
" 'Itnlly for you, Eighteen,' says ho.
'Von and I'll get on. Show tue the
boss' desk.'
"Well, the boss tries the Harvey
led pajamas on lilm, anil they fitted
him like the scales on u baked rod
snapper, and he gets the Job. You've
seen what It Is. lie stood straight up
lo the corner of the llrst lauding with
Ills halberd lo his shoulder, looking
light ahead and guarding the I'ortii
nils of the castle. The buss Is imlly
about bavins the true old world llavor
to bis Joint. 'Halberdiers goe with
Itinilsliisbes,' says be, 'Just us rats
goes with rathskellers and white cot
ton stockings with Tyrolean villages."
The ho.-. Is a klud of a aullologlst and
Is all posted up on data and such In
! "from H p. tu. to 2 In the morning
as the halberdier's hours.- He got
two meals with us help and $1 a
light. I eat with him at the table.
He liked me. He never (old bis name,
tie was traveling Impromptu, like
lings, I guess. The first time at supper-1
says to utui, 'Have some more
the spuds, Mr. Erellnghuysen.' 'Oh,
ion't be so formal and ottlsh. Eight
sen,' says he. 'Cull me Hal thut's
short for halberdier.' 'Oh, don't think
1 wanted to pry for names,' says I.
I know all about (he dizzy fall from
wealth and greatness. We've got a
.omit washing dishes In the kitchen,
ind the third bartender used to be a
Cullman conductor. And they work,
Sir Perclval,' says I, sarcastic.
" 'Eighteen,' says he, 'as a friendly
devil In a cabbage scented hell, would
you mind cutting up this piece of steak
for me? I don't say that It's got more
muscle than I have, but' And then
lie shows me the Insldes of his hands.
They was blistered nnd cut and corn
Mi and Bwelled up till they looked like
a couple of think steaks crisscrossed
with a knife the kind the butchers
hide and take home, knowing what Is
i he best.
"'Shoveling coal,' says he, 'and pll
ng bricks and loading drays. Hut
ihey gave out, nnd I bad to resign. I
was born for a halberdier, and I've
been educated for twenty-four years to
till tho position. Now quit knocking
my profession and pass along a lot
more of that bam. I'm holding the
closing exercises,' Bays he, 'of a forty
eight hour fast'
"Tho second night be was on the Job
lie walks down from his corner to the
cigar case and culls for cigarettes. The
customers ot the tables all snicker out
loud to show their acquaintance with
history. The boss Is on.
"'An,' let's sec oh, yes, 'An anarch
ism,' says the boss. 'Cigarettes was
not made at the time when halberdiers
was Invented.'
" 'The ones you sell was,' says Sir
Perclval. 'C'aporal wins from chronol
ogy by the length of a cork tip.' So
lie gets 'em and lights one aud puts
the box lu his brass helmet and goes
back to putrollng (he Itludslosl!
"He made a big lilt, 'specially with
ihe ladles. Some of 'cm would poke
him with their fingers to sec If he was
real or ouly a klud of a stuffed figure
like they bum In elegy. And when
he'd move they'd squeak and make
ayes at hlin as they went up to the
slosh. He looked Uno lu his halber
Jashery. Ho slept at $2 a week In a
hall room on Third avenue. He In
vited me up there one night. He bad
x III tie book on the washstand that he
read Instead of shopping In the saloons
after hours. Tm on to that,' says I,
from reading about It lu novels. All
the heroes on the bum carry the little
book. It's either Tantalus or I.lver or
Horace and Is printed lu I.atln, and
you're a college man. And I wouldn't
be surprised,' says I, 'If you wasn't
educuted too.' Hut It was only the
hutting averages of the league for the
lust ten years.
"One night about half past 11 there
comes In a party of these high rollers
that are always hunting up new places
to eat In and poke fun nt. There was
swell girl In ii forty II.-P. auto tun
coat and veil, and a fat old man with
white side whiskers, and a young chap
that couldn't keep bis feet off the tall
at the girl's coat, and an oldish lady
that looked upon life ss Immoral and
"I'm halberdiering for my living," says
th statue.
unnecessary. 'How perfectly delight
ful,' they says, 'to sup In a slosh!' I'p
Ihe stairs they go, and In half a min
ute back down comes the girl, her
slvlrls swishing Uko Uw waves on the
beach. She slops on the landing aud
looks our halberdier In the eye.
"'You,' she says, with a smile that
reminded me of lemon sherbet. I was
waiting upstairs In the slosh, then, nnd
I was right down here by (he door.
putting some vinegar and cayenne Into
an empty bottle of tabasco, and 1
heard all they said.
"'It,' says Sir Perclval, without mov
ing. Tin only local color. Are my
hauberk, helmet and halberd on
"Iralgbt V
"'Is there any explanation to this?"
says she. 'Is It a practical Joke, such
us men play lu those (iriddlecake and
l.ttuib clubs? I'm afraid I don't See
the point. I heard, vaguely, that yon
were away. Eor throe months I -we
base not seen you or beard from you.'
"Tin ba-berdlerlng for my living,
says the statue. Tm working,' says
he. 'I don't suppose you know what
work men in.'
'He you have you lost jam
money she asks.
"Sir Perclval studies a minute.
" 'I am poorer,' says he, 'than the
poorest sandwich man the street If
I don't earn my living.'
"'You call this workr says she. 1
thought a man worked with his hands
or his head Instead of becoming a
"'The calling of a halberdier,' says
he, 'Is aa ancient and honorable oue.
Sometimes,' aays he, 'the man-at-arms
it the door has saved the castle while
the plumed knlgbts were cake walk
ing In the banquet halls above."
" 'I see you're not ashamed,' says
she, 'of your peculiar tastes. I won
der, though, that the manhood I used
to think I saw In you didn't prompt
you to draw water or hew wood In
stead of publicly flaunting your Igno
miny In this disgraceful masquerade.'
"Sir Perclval kind of rattles his ar
mor and says: 'Helen, will you suspend
seutenco In this matter for Just a little
while? You don't understand,' says he.
'I've got to hold this job down a bit
" 'You like being a harlequin or hal
berdier, as you call It?" says she.
" 'I wouldn't get thrown out of the
Job just now,' says he, with a grin, 'to
be appointed minister to the court of
St. James.'
"And then the forty II.-P. girl's eyes
sparkled as hard as diamonds.
" 'Very well,' says she. 'You shall
have full run of your serving man's
tastes this night.' And she swims over
to the boss' desk and gives him a smile
that knocks the specks oft his nose.
" 'I think your Itlnd.slosh,' says she,
'Is as beautiful as a dream. , It Is a
little slice of the old world set down
In New York. We shall have a nice
supper up there, but If you will grant
us one favor the Illusion will be per
fectgive us your halberdier to wait on
our table.'
"That hit the boss' antlology hobby
Just right. 'Sure,' says he, 'dot vlll, be
line. Und dor orchestra shall blay "Die
Wacht am Uheln" all der time.' And
he goes over and tells the halberdier to
go upstairs nnd hustle the grub at the
swells' table.
'"'I'm on the Job,' says Sir Perclval,
taking o(T bis helmet and hanging It
on his halberd und leaning 'em lu the
corner. The girl goes up and takes
her seat, und I see her jaw squared
tight under her smile. 'We're going to
be walled on by a real halberdier,'
says she, 'one who Is proud of his pro
fession. Isn't It sweet?'
"'Hipping,' says the swell young
man. 'Much prefer a waiter,' snys tho
fat old gent. 'I hope he doesn't come
from n cheap museum,' says the old
lady; 'ho might have microbes lu his
"Before lie goes to the tablo Sir Per
clval takes me by the arm. 'Eighteen,'
snys he. 'I've got to pull oft" this Job
without a blunder. You coach me
straight or I'll take that halberd and
make hash out of you." And then he
goes up to the table with his coat Of
mall ou and a napkin over his arm aud
walls for the order.
"'Why, .It's Peering!' says the young
swell. 'Hello, old man. What the'
" 'Beg pardon, sir.' Interrupts the hal
berdier, Tin wait Rig on the table.'
"The old man looks nt lilm grim, like
a Boston bull. 'So, Peering,' he says,
'you're at work yet'
" 'Yos, sir,' snys Sir Perclval, quiet
and gentlemanly as I could have been
myself, 'for almost three months now.'
" 'You haven't been discharged dur
ing the time?' asks the old man.
" 'Not once, sir,' says he, 'though I've
had to chuiige my work several times.'
"'Walter.' orders the girl, short and
sharp, 'another napkin.' He brings her
one, respectful.
"1 never saw more devil. If I may say
It, stirred up lu a lady. There was two
bright red spots on her cheeks, and her
eyes looked exactly like a wildcat's I'd
seen In the zoo. Her foot kept slapping
the floor all the time.
"'Waller,' she orders, 'bring mo til
lered water without lee. Bring mo a
footstool. Take nwuy this empty stilt,
cellar.' She kept hlin on the Jump '
She was sure giving Ihe halberdier hl.s
"There wasn't but a few customers
up In Ihe slosh at that time, so I hung
out near the door so I could help Sir
Perclval serve.
"He got along fine with the olives
and celery and the blue points. They
was easy. And then the consomme
came up the dumb waiter all in one
big silver tureen. Instead of serving
It from the side table he picks It up
between bis hands and starts to the
dining table with It. When nearly
there he drops the tureen sniadi on
Ihe floor, and the soup soaks nil the
hnver part of that girl's swell silk
" 'Stupid Incompetent !' says she, glv
Ing lilm n look. , 'Standing In a cor
ner with a halberd .seems to be your
mission lu life.'
" 'Pardon nie, lady,' says he. 'It was
lust a Utile bit hotter than blazes. I
couldn't help it.' .. .
"The old inua pulls out a memoran
dum book nnd hunts In It. The 2."th
of April, Peering.' says he. i know
It,' says Sir Perclval. 'And ten mln
tttes to Vi o'clock," says the old man
By Jupiter, yon haven't won yet!
Ami he pound the table with bis flst
and yells to tue: 'Walter, rail the mnn
ager at once. Tell him (o hurry here
is fast as he can." I go after the boss
ind old llroekmann bikes up to the
losh on the jump. , .
'"I want this man discharged nt
nice!" roars the old guy. 'Look what
he's done. Ruined my daughter's
lii'ss. It'll cost at least $tVH). Pis
barge this nwkwnrd lout nt once oi
I'll sue you for the price of It.'
"'Pis Is bad plzness,' says the boss
Six hundred dollars Is much. I reck
n I vlll haf to""-
" 'Walt n minute, Herr Brookmntm,'
ays Sir Perclval, easy and smiling
tint lie wni worked up under his tin
uUlngs; I could see that. And then
be made the finest, neatest llttl
speech I ever listened to. I can't give
you the words, of course.- He give the
millionaires a lovely roast In a sarcas
tic way, describing their automobiles
and opera boxes and diamonds: And
then he got around to the worklog
classes and the kind of grub they eat
and the long hours, they work and all
that kind of stuff bunkum, of course.
The restless rich,' says he, 'never con
tent with their luxuries, always prowl
lag among the haunts of the poor and
bumble, amusing themselves with the
Imperfections and misfortunes of their
fellow men and women. And even
here, Herr Hrockmann,' he says, 'In
this beautiful Rindslosh, a grand and
enlightening reproduction of old world
history and architecture, they come to
disturb Its symmetry and plcturesqne
ness by demaudlng In their arrogance
that the halberdier of the castle wait
upon their table! : I have faithfully
and conscientiously,' says he, 'perform
ed my duties as a halberdier. I know
nothing of a waiter's duties. It was
the Insolent whim of these transient,
pampered aristocrats that I should be
detailed to serve them food. Must I
be blamed must I be deprived of the
means of a livelihood,' he goes on, 'on
account ot an accident that was the
' r.
. it'
"I want this man discharged at once!"
- roars tha old guy.
result of their own presumption and
haughtiness? But what hurts me more
than all,' guys Sir Perclval, 'Is the dese
cration that has been done to this
splendid Rindslosh the confiscation of
its halberdier to serve menially at the
bunquet board.'
"Even I could see that this stuff was
plfh, but It caught the boss.
" 'Mcln Gott,' says he, 'you vas right.
Eln halberdier have not got der right
to dish up soup. Him I vlll not dis
charge. Have anodcr waiter If you
like und let melu halberdier go back
uud stand mlt his halberd. But, gen
tlemen,' ho says, pointing to the old
man, 'you go ahead and sue mlt der
dress. Sue me for fGOO or $0,000. 1
stand der suit.' And the boss puffs
off downstairs. 01dBrockmanu was an
all right Dutchman? '
"Just then the clock strikes 12, and
the old guy laughs loud. 'You win,
Peering,' says he. 'Let me explain to
nil,' he goes on. 'Some time ago Mr.
Peering asked me for something that
I did uot'wunt to give him.' (I looks
at the girl, and she turns as red as a
pickled beet.) 'I told him,' says the old
guy, 'If ho would earn his own living
for three months without once being
discharged for Incompetence I would
give him" what ho wanted. It seems
that the time was up at 12 o'clock to
night. I came near fetching you,
though, Peering, on that soup ques
tion,' says the old boy, standing up nnd
grabbing Sir Perclval's hand.
"The halberdier lets out 'n yell and
Jumps three feet high.
"Look out for those hands," snys he,
und he holds 'em up. You uever saw
such bauds except on n laborer lu a
limestone quarry.
" 'Heavens, boy,' says old side whisk
ers, 'what have you beeu doing to
" 'Oh.' says Sir Perclval, 'little chores
llko hauling coal and excavating rock
till they went back ou me. Aud when
I couldn't hold a pick or a whip I took
up halberdierlng to give 'em a rest
Tureens full of hot soup don't seem to
be a particularly soothing treatment'
"I would have bet ou that girl. That
high tempered kind always go as far
the other way, according to my expo
deuce. She whizzes round the table
like a cyclone and catches both his
hands In h.'rs. 'Poor bauds! Pear
hands!' she sings out nnd sheds tears
on 'em and holds 'em close to hei
bosom. Well, sir, with ull the Hind
slosh scenery It was Just like a pluy
And the halberdier sits down at the
table at the girl's side, and I served
the rest of the supper. And that was
about all, except that he shed his bard
ware store apd went with 'em."
"Hut you haven't told nie, Eighteen,"
said . ,"ho,y the cigar case camo to be
"till, that was last night!" said
Eighteen. "Sir Perclval and the girl
drove up In u cream colored motorcar
and had dinner In the Rindslosh. 'The
same table. Hilly,' I heard her say as
they went up. I waited on 'em. We've
got a new halberdier, a bowlegged guy
with a face like iv sheep. As they
came downstairs Sir Perclval passe
lilm tl ten case note. The new halber
dier drops his halberd, nnd It falls on
the cigar cimol That's how that. Uap-peiied."
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South' Bend,'" Tnd.; Mar! 18 "If
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was the statement of Oeorgie Burns La
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wont half way through the book
again, spelling all the words
Heme, Switzerland. March IS.' Oer-
mpi m i.v.
man scientists are concentrating their
minds, on methods of ' exterminating
field mice. As a-result of the mild
winter the mice have multiplied enorm
ously and expert agriculturists say they
threaten to damage the next crop ser
iously In .view 'of the enormous, im
portance of a full yield, the govern
ment took the alarm immediately.
St. Paul, Minn., March 18.
Hans Grunow. German., consul
- for. the Northwest . absolutely
refuses to smoke so called Kus-
sian cigarettes made in Amer
ica. Formerly they were favor
ites of his. He destroyed sev
eral gross whenhostilities com
menced. Dr. Newo New New Is
Broke and Discredited
San 'Francisco, Mar. 17. "Dr.."
Newo Ncwi New, founder of the New
Thought movement, guaranteeing richej
and. life eternal on this earth for all its
members, is broke. . . .
With the crashing of his organization
about hi? enrs and the desertion of its
members the m. in , who always wore
white now wears black while he waits
a summons into the. federal court to
answer to charges of fraudulent use of
tho uils.
All he has left out of the thousand
reaped from tie conduct of his
"churches" are a few books and a
bronze pUque, given him by the expo
sition when he held a congress of New
Thought there. .
Today Attorney John C. Caslin is
fighting in the federal court for an im
mediate hearing of his case because
Dr. New and Mrs. Marie T. Graham nra
Mrs. Graham was one of the cult's
Newo Newi New was arrested when
literature claiming he was 90 whereas
he looks 30 was sent through the mails.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, 1 ,
v Lucas County, f
Frank J. Cheney makes oath thnt he Is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
ft Co., dolnff business In the City of To
ledo, County and State aforesaid, anl
thnt snld firm will pav the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev
ery ease of Catarrh that ennnnt be rurel
by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURB.
Sworn to before mo and subscribed In
my presence, this flth day of December.
A. D. 1888.
(Seal) A. W. OLEASON'.
" Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acts directly upon the blood and mu
enus surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials, free. m
F. J. CHENEY ft CO.. ToledoO.
Sold by nil DniKKlsts, 75e.
Take Hall i Family Pllla for comllpatloa.
WANTED 50,000
of experience at once on the farms of
To replace the young farmers who have enlisted
for the war. Good wages and full season's work
There Is no danger or possibility of Conscription
in Canada.
required from all applicants. Kor
railway rates and other information ap-
, , Cor. 1st and Post Sts., Spokane, Wash.
m Authorized Canadian Governm't Agt