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jnea paper?"
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j , . YOUR BAG, ' 3-,
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MISS PRETTYPEACH " I am homo now. and will bid you both good-bye."
Rub Pain Right Out With
Small Trial Bottle of Old
Penetrating "St.
Jacob's Oil"
Rheumatism is "pain only." Nut
uuo oust' in. fifty requires internal treat
iiioiit. Stop drugging. Huh soothing,
Ioriet rat "St. Jacobs Oil'' right in
to your sore, stiff, aching join! ami
muscles, niul relief conies instantly,
'Ht. Jacobs Oil" is u harmless rheu
matism cufo uli'u'li never disappoints
mid run nut bum the skin.
lumber up! IJuil complaining! (let
small trial bottle of old, Ii.m.'st
"St. Jacob's Oil" at any drug store,
mid in just ii moment you'll be free
from rheiiuiat ie pain, soreness, stiffness
uiul swelling. Don't suffer! liolief
waits you. "fit. Jacob's Oil" lias
eurcd millions of rheumatism sufferers
in the last half century, au.l is just us
Kood for sciatica, neuralgia, lu'tibago,
backache, sprains.
Imperial Chancellor
Gets Vote of Confidence
By Cart W. Ackernian.
(I'liited I'tYMt ntuff correspondent .1
lierlin, Mar. 1 7 --Imperial Chancel
lor Von H''th m a n ii I loll has reeeiveil
vote of I'onfiilenee from the Huvailan
ministry, necoriliuj; to Munich ilis
it( lies toilay.
The rliancellur, it l lin.lersten.l. lias
a lurep majority in the roiclistajr which
will express itself iMiiplintically JiKin
tho coming teu tr opposil ion' to 1 1 1 1
wcg nsserls itself. j
Autlioritntio infornintinn to K l"ni-1
led I'tet said the resiiiinitinu of t.iraml
Admil'nl Veil Tirpitz, oricinntor of tiie '
culminrino ciimpaiu, followe.l u Uis
nfrreenient with llollwei; over illsaijrev 1
tuents nith the t'uitej ftutes. The clian
collur favors u vigorous sitlnnarine af I
rir., l.ut fiisnirreeJ with Veil Tiriut'
over lh .Icsiiabilitv of JircjjaiJini! n, n !
tral riiiht. I
A Jiiurtlal Ktfw UJajr will '
conrert w?t Into wfa'.'h. j
glad to meet you, Bertie j won't you get
A Rare Poem of
( Kast ( irenoui in.
The worits were composed by the late
Mon. Onirics Miner, an edlter and
member of conioss of Wilhes-llarre,
I'll., mid lio wrote tho first History of
.lames Uird was n volunteer, goina"
with the Kin'sioii Volunteers to join
I'env at l.ako Uric. He was wounded
, in bailie, iii.I ordered by l'erry to leave.
1 1 he ileeU, but he would not n. For iiis
lliiavery he was honored and excited tho
'oiny of a youiiji lieutenant. Bird was
jcoudeiuned to be shot for deseitiou, The
I war was over. 1'eriy was away and
; Uird and yonm; man named b'anliin
I left, it was supposed, to join .lackson at
I New Orleans. They were hrou-ilit bach,
nnd condemned to be shot. A reprieve
was sent, two men riding on horsebacl;
'were seen in the distance, waving H,
Init they were too late. Thai iiioiit the
iieiiienant or.ieitt i uunnl put in nis
lent to keep nwny Itird's uliost, the sec
mid nisjht ho comiuitted suicide. I
lime the story from the late .lames A.
(lordoii, who was at l.aho Krio tit the
tiuio and siw ihe three uraves, those
of Mird, liaulviii ii it, I the lieutenant.
Junius Bird.
Vo so,ns of freedom listen to nie
And ye daiiuhters, too. give e.ir;
Von a sad niul mournful story
As ever was told shall hear.
Hull, you know, his troops surrendered,
Ami left defenceless the west;
We our torces ipticli assembled
The invaders to resist.
Amoiiij the troops th.it. inarched to Trie
Were the Kingston Volunteer:
I'aoniiu Thomas there commanded
I'o protect our west frontiers.
Tender were the scenes of purtini;.
Mm her wriin their hands and cried,
Maidens wept their swains in secret,
l athers strove their tears to hide.
There was one nniontf our number
Tall Hud liillant was his mien:
I'iini his step his look undaunted
Scarce u nobler youth w seen.
One sweet Kiss he snatched from'.Mary,
Craved his mother's, prayeu once
Tressed hi father's hand nnd left him,
1'or 1. ike Krie' distant shore.
Man- tried to say, ''Farewell .Tames,"
Waived her hand hut nothing spoke;
"Hood bye Uird, may heaven protect
T'rom the rest, at parting broke
10011 i hey came where noble Terry
Had Assembled nil h;s fleet:
There the nal! nit Uird enlisted.
Hopiii soon the ftu to meet,
Where Is nir.l? The battle rages.
Is he in the strife or not f
Now the cannot roars tremendous
l'aio he meet his hostile foe
See! ltoholtl llitil therrt u-irh P.ipfr
In the seif same ship thev f'hf."
Ttmuitii his inessmutes fail all ronad
Nothing ran liU noul affright.
the War of 1812
I Hut. beh.dd. a ball has struck him,
ee tlie crimson current flow,
"l.e ive the deck-" exclaimed lirnve
"No!" cried Hird, "I will not go,
Here on deck I took my station,
Ne'er will l!inl his 'colors J'ly;
I'll stand by you gnllnnt captain,
Till we compior or 1 die."
Still he fc.uuht both faint and bleeding,
Till the "stars and Stripes arose;
Victory having crowned our efforts,
All triumphant o'er our foes.
And did Hird receive a pension?
Was he to his friends restored
No, he never to his bosom
t'hsped the maid his lieurt adored.
Hut there came most dismal tidings
l'roiu Lake Krie's distant shore;
Hotter far if Hird had nerishe,!
i Midst the battle's awful roar.
'' Hearest parents," said the letter,
"Thi.s will ! ri ii ji sad news to you;
Ho not mourn your first beloved,'
Though this brines his last adieu.
"I must suffer for doseilin'
i l'roiu the J : r i n Ni man:
Head this letter brothers, sisters
It's the last you'll have from me."
Sad and gloomy was the morninj;
Hinl was ordered out to die.
'Where's the breast no dead to pity?
Hut for him would bretith u sigh.
I.u! Ho fouiiht so brnve at Krio,
1'ieely bled uid noblv dared.
I Let Ins cournuo plead tor ineicy, j
Let ids precious life be spared. '
i See him march! And hem his fetters ,
i llarsli they china upon the enr; i
I Hut his step is firm and munly, i
j l'or his breast ne'er harbored fear, j
(See! He kneels upon his coffin, I
Sure his death can do no good, I
Spire him! o Cod they've siiot him!,'
1'arewell Hird! Farewell forever
I Home and friends y see no more; t
i or your miiuKie.i corpse lies turned
On Lake line's distant shore.
Xeaia, Ohio. March IS. lit
the grave exactly one thousand,
six hundred and thirty five
times and si ill living is the un
usual distinction of ,T. II, Hick
man, who has just resigned as
sextou of the Cherry vSruve
Cemetery after Co years'
Don't make Joule of It, If uae-
fui try Journal New Today.
What luck I I am just in time to carry
iBEBTIli ." I'll lake the bag now Percy.','
Portland Hog Market
Reached Highest Mark;
rortland, Or., Mar. 17 The hog miir-j
ket has been on tiie "tear." The past j
week the advance is still on and no one
knows where it will end. although the'
eastern markets h ive in the pust three1
or four days shown a weaker tendency.'
l-'roin u Hie level Chicago showed a d'e-1
dine of lo to 2()e. About the same con- i
ditions prevail at South Omaha. How
ever, on the coast nothing has ap-j
poured ami there is nothing in sight to
stop the upward tendency and prices
have risen curlier this year than has!
been predicted, even by tho most rapid1
"hog predictor." ' I
Last Monday 'h advance was 40 cents.1
Tuesday's market was steady. Wednes
day showed u 10 cents rise and today
Not only has n !! price been usher
ed in but prices have made a long stride
towards a higher level. Tho market
has taken but one direction and that is
sky ward. In fact ever since the first
of the year prices have shown an up
ward tendency and closing figures to
day are better thin .f.'. over the lowest
spot since last December. The present
price of hogs is the highest since Sep
tember, lit 1 1.
Tabernacle of WUdomess and Things of
Scripture to Be Exhibited.
Dr. Allen Moore the expert on Orient
alism who is in Salem preparing for tiie
pigeants to be given next week in Ry
an hall from Monday to Saturday under
the ausoices of the Ministers' associ
ation of Salem in describing the show
this morning said:
"On entering the exposition visitors
w ill at once find themselves standing I
net ore- .latta t..atc. Jerusalem and close
to Davids Tower the. only piece of solid
masonry that yet remains as it was in
Christ's time. They will either pass
through Jaffa Cute ox through the fa
mous breach in the wall,
"Surprise after surprise awaits
them on wulKiiijj through David street,
the principal street of Jerusalem. The
shoe store will cause all to sav that Cue
shoe stores of Salem may us well shut
up shop the rest of the 'week at least, j
"Among tho relies will be a splendid
specimen of the scroll of the law, tho )
scroll of F.sther, the feast of 1'iirinia.
nnd the use of the phylacteries and!
Christ's association with the Jewish I
prayer shawl will be explained. The
rich man 'a house and the peas in t home
will muke nil glad that they have had a
peep into the Orient.
The mill stone, the water vots. and
how the man was let down through the
roof will be Uliovvu.
"The visitor must not overlook the
golden gate or the Jtedouin encamp-1
ment. The model of the tabernacle in 1
the wilderness will he handled at each
atteruoon sossiou. I
SATURDAY, MAR. 18. 1916.
the bag."
Had a Big Blow Out and Great
Quantities of First Class
Sau Diego, Cal., Mar. IsThe Pan-ama-Califoruiu
international exposition
of HlKi wns formally dedicated today.
With a bright California sun shining,
all San Diego and thousands of her vis
itors gathered within tho gates of the
Magic City today to reabzo their
dreams of an international exposition.
An imposing program was arranged
for the day. Principal speaker was
(ioveruor Hiram W. Johnson, of
California. Land and water parades,
aeroplane iHgltts by- I mted States mil
aeroplane ingnts oy i nitea states mil-
sttirs and stripes and the flags of 18
other nations bv "Miss San Diego,'
and a score of other features were pro
vided. At noon, in response to a touch of a
button in the White House at Wash
ington a huge gong clanged on the
plana, the exposition toast was drunk
in orange juice, the flags of the na
tions were loosened from the staffs and
the Panama California International
exposition was formally open.
Kd lloge died at his home on Oak
street Tuesday niter an illness of sev
eral weeks with heart trouble. The
funeral was held at .ae Christian
church yesterday afternoon, Rev, Albyn
Ksson officiating. Mr. Hoge has lived
in Silverton for a number of years and
was highly respected bv all who knew
him. lie is survived by n wife and
brother. Silverton Appe it.
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" It's awfully kind of you, carrying it for raa-V
Valley Lumber Mills I
. (toosePttrWD
Portland, 0,, Ma, aS.-Conf.ic.ing!
claims of Oregon and Wasaington lum-
ber producers were presented here yes-1
terday at the opening of an interstate!
commerce, commission bearing on an ap
plication of Portland lumbermen for a'
referential freight rate over Astoria
and l'uget Sound points to points
southern Idaho and I'tah. The hearing
is being conducted bv F.xaminer Edgarl
Watk'uiM. ' j
The petition of the Portland lumber1
manufacturers affects the Southern Pa-j
cific and the t'nion Pacific railroads.!
(.In October 11, llilfi, the carriers placed !
all the lumber mills on their lines in the j
northwest on a parity with the Port-
land mills in hiiadling business to what j
is commonly known as the Ogden ter-:
ritory, the rate being fixed at 37?.j I
ents per hundred pounds. Before that!
time only Portland eujoved that rate.
other points having a rate of -10 cents,
lief ore the new rate went into effect
tiie Portland mills filed a protest with'
the commission, asking for n reduction '
or tiie t'ortlan.t rate to .io cents tie-
cause the haul is shorter from here, but
the commission withheld action pending!
today's- hearing. Numerous parties to
'urriiiij(p oic ivt'lCJUilTU IUC
intervention of lumber producers of
l'uget Sound, (jrav's Harbor, Willatu
Harbor, the Washington public service'
commissi, ,u aim . lumber producers ot
the Willamette valley. Hood Hiv.er and
Astoria. The hearing will last two
Early in the hearing it developed that
the principal opponents to the Port
land petition for lower lumber rates are
the Willamette valley mill
backed by the lumbermen
Harbor and Seattle.
who arei
of Cray
James C. Wilson, attorney for the! sample have bought a box of Mi-o-na
Portland petitioner, brought out the j that my clerks have been busy selling
backbone of his contention when hoi the medicine ever since. I "have so
stated that "if Portland is granted the: much faith in this article that I ata
preferential asked in her petition the goina; to guarantee it in the future and
railroids still will make more per cnrjwill return the money to anv purchase
mile from Portland t.ian from tiuv , 0f Mi-o-na whom it does not help That
0,hor point in the territory. ' uaay eem rash but mv customers have
GIVE A CHETR TOR ! man-V g0J WOrcU ia its f avor
GIVE A CHEER FOR that I do not expect to have many pack-
. . OL vraiAMETTE B?e9 retnrne(i.
The winning song at Me annual fresh- u i.vnn. .),, ,,, .,.. . ,
mau glee, held Wednesday evening tootl$
the J-irst M.'tnolist church was won bv t," fl, VI I . i
the junior class. It is entitled. "Gives!'0 ,UH ' . ' h Can
Cheer for Old Willamette." The words 1 ? .a caa 'eav a,) ceuU deposit
were written bv Arnold (iralapp, of Sa-j?f. m-v s,or nd 'ake h,,n,e a box of
lem, rural route 6 of . the junior class Ml0,'na ? . rmJy does not
and the music bv a resident of Salem. ! 'elllate. his digestion and help hi
MUh F.ugeiiii Mclutui t'f. : dyspepsia he can withdraw his money.
The words of the winning song in- .t','.,n ' but what we would be
dude three verse and a chorus. Here' """'"(J to pay him interest'
they aie: j This shows great faith in the merit
I. f Mi-o-na. It is really a most unu
I'pward through the gates of morula;. ; nal medicine and the rapid increase of
Hides the glowing king of day; ' sales siuce Daniel J. Fry introduced it
Down the vale his ways are wending.1 in Salem shows that it does all that it
Whence W illamette w inds it way. is claimed to do relieves dyspepsia,
Xow upon our cnlleic campus, ' ' regulates digestion aul enables those
Hich in legen.ls born of old. i who me ir to our i.ist .!, ), -.--I.
I Softly falls the shimmering sunbeam.
you won't,"
s,b00' of ea1na gold' 1
To the wearers of the letter
Let us sin? our songs of praise,
Ii-V.,hei'; 'fU we have conquered,
They have brought us victories
01'- 'I1011 happy days in college.
in i waned aimtir with memories dear,
Pleasures ot the hall and class room,
Cherished more each passing year.
Tn our daily trials and triumphs
I" 0llr nights of 'varsity fun.
0,lr ideals are ours. Willamette, ''
desires and ours are one.
Through the portals of the evening,
Fades the day's last purple ray,
Twilight breeze's fan our valley,
Whispering of wild ocean's play,
While Willamette, our Willamette,
Plans and strives for greater fame,
Let us aid our Alma Mater,
Sea to sea her nam proclaim.
itj VflTID CTflmAril
IJ lUUu ulUiilALM
fl fiTm linTI! llf I CTTI
' LLvUUtU Willi llAMll.
Daniel J. Fry Guarantees to Eeturn till
Money If Mi-o-na Doe Not
Believe You.
"It's a pleasure to seli a mediein
when my customers come in afterward
an'd tell ine how much good it has done
them,' - said Daniel J. Fry, the popular
druggist to a Journal man, "and that
is why I like, to sell and recommend
Mi-o-na, the dvsnensia remedv. Tha
umtriOutioa of samples that I made
's: created so much talk and ao large a
I proportion of those who rtweived a
with no fear of trouble after.