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THE past week was brimming full
of happy affairs, ami from the
calendar the coming week will not
he devoid of entertainment despite the
fart that soeiety matrons and maids
will retire from some of the gayeties of
the winter and pay their devoirs to
Large fuuetions, however, will no
doubt be in Abeyance, for in respect to
the season, a. airs sponsored by society
will be of a small and informal nature
I'urinjr the penitential period.
Charming in arrangement and detail
was the dinner presided over by Jlrs.
William Connell Dyer Monday evening
in honor of ner husband s natal anni
versary. It was a stag affair, the men
being the close friends of the host.
Toe table was most artistic and
spring like with a handsome art basket
of palo piuk tulips and a huge airy
tulle bow.
Covers were placed for: Dr. Harry
i iay, Lawrence lloter, James Young,
Ealph MooreB, Frank Spears, Elmer
Ludilen, R. M. Hofer, Clyde Graham
and Mr. Dyer.
Mrs. Dyer was assisted by Mrs. Harry
CUy and Mrs. Clyde Cirahum.
Mrs. William H. Hoot returned Mon
day from Portland where she was the
.gncst of Mrs. J. U. Hart.
Friday Mrs. Hart gave a charming
luncheon for Mrs. Hoot, the guests be
ing old trienils or the honor guest when
she lived in Portland.
Mrs. Hoot was also the motif of sev
eral other affairs during her visit.
In celebration of their wedding anni
reisary Mr. and Mrs. George (1. Brown
were hosts Friday evening for a five
hundred party. Their guests included
the members of the Nemo Card club
and eight additional guests who were
members of the Avenue Tennis club, a
elub composed of 4(1 members to which
the Browns belonged when they were
first married.
Resides Mr. and Mrs. Brown the only
members of the Tennis club now living
in Salem are: Dr. and Mis. John Grif
fith, Mr. and Mrs. M. (). lluren, Mr.
and Mrs. Clurenco Hamilton, Mr. and
Mis. Joseph Albert, all of whom were
guests of the Browns last night.
Nine tables of cards were arranged
in rooms effectively decorated with
golden hued daffodils and pussy willow.
The guest favors fell to Mrs. Jesse
Flanders and Cluienee Hamilton and
Ihe elub honors to Mrs. Charles Mc-
'Nnrv unrt f)r W V i nn Uf.,1 ......
Mrs. Brown wis assisted by Mrs.
Milton Meyers, Mrs. Hairy dinger and
Miss Gertrude Cunningham.
Mrs. John Me Nary asked a group of
society matrons for a charming lunch
on Friday. The beautifully appoint
ed table was all dono in yellow and
green, pale yellow candles and lacey
ferns being combined with airy tulle
Luncheon wus followed by an after
noon over the bridge tables.
('overs were nln I fur Mr. fiv
Pargent, Mrs. Charles (Irav, Mrs.
Chmincey Bishop, Mrs. hn'rlos Mc
Nary, Mrs. Harry Cl.iy, Mrs. Frederick
Stewart, Mrs. Kiiben Boise, Mrs. Thos.
C. Hmith, Jr., Mrs. John I). Sutherland
and the hostess.
Miss Margaret Gray assisted.
Young Man, Prepare 1
To Meet Miss Spring In Dress Appropriate
For the Occasion
No man is prepared to properly cope with the social,
mental, moral and physical encounters of life unless
dressed to best advantage.
And bear in mind "best ndvautage" doesn't imply ex
tremely stylbdi clothes, uor extremely durable clothes, nor
extremely expensive clothes it stands for the most of
the three that eun be procured for a given price.
And that's what you get in Hrniidegee, Kincnid clothes
the new Spring Suits we feature.
IX tho repertoire of attractions on One of the smartest and most attrac
society's calendar this season, "A the affairs of the week was the in
Mid Summer Night 's Dream, " to be i formal tea for which Mrs. John Mc
prcsented by the drama class of the Sa- Nary was hostess this afternoon to
lem Woman's club at the Grand the- minor her house guests the Misses Gcr
atre, Saturday afternoon and evening, I trude ond Margaret Gray, of Seattle,
April mo twenty-second, will no doubt
overshadow all otuer local offerings in
charm and excellence.
The comedy will be read by Mrs.
Anna Rogers Fish whose ability ig al
ways reflected in every detail' of her
work. To complete the artistry of tbe
performance there will be a musical
setting from Mendelssohn with Mrs.
William Burghardt, Jr., ut the piano,
and a group of prominent society wom
en including: Mrs. li. M. Hofer, Mrs.
George Palmer Putnam, Mrs. T. 11.
Galloway and Mrs. John J. Roberts, ap
pearing in the quartet, duet and solo
parts. Too offering will be further en
hanced bv Miss Mildred White who
will give the clown dance and a dozen i
other dainty little maids in the dance of .
the fairies. The date for this benefit
is extremely apropos, as it marks the
.ilium anniversary of the author Wil
liam Shakespeare. The proceeds from
the entertainment will be used toward
tiie building of a Woman's club in this
The drama class is composed of the
following women: Mrs. W. E. Kirk,
Mrs. John II. Alberts. Mrs. A. X. Bos'i. i
Mrs. W. E. Anderson, Mrs. William H.
Burghurdt, Jr., Mrs. E. F Carlton, Mrs.
H. P. Min to, Mrs. John II. Mc.ary,l
Mrs. 8. A. Kozer, Mrs. II. H. Fish, Mrs.j
Ray Farmer, Mrs. Robert .1. Hendricks,
Miss Mnttie Bcatty and Miss Edith !
llazzard. I
Ono of tho most nttrtctive social
functions of the week was the party for
which Judge and Mrs. William Callo-
way and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Minto
were hosts Friday evening.
The Galloway residence, where the
affair was given, wis artistic in ar
rangement and detail, the decorations
and appointments, being suggestive of
St. Patrick 's day. Tho I'ftril i-oimis wir
all done in feathery greens, missv wil-
. . . ' " . ... '... . I
low, and pule yellow daffodils. Four
teen tables of the game were circled
by the guests, card favors being award
ed to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Aldrii-h.
Assisting the hostesses were: Mrs.
It. B. Houston, Mrs. L. M. Hoggs, Miss
Zilpliia Gullowuy ami Miss Ruth Hoggs.
Their guests included Mr. and Mrs. ('.
P. Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sutherland,
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Aldrich, Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Mills, Mr. an.) Mrs. C. K.
Spaiilding, Mr. mid Mrs. Walter Spauld
ing, Mr. ami Mrs. F. W. Nteusluff, Mr.
nnii Mrs. I. L. Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
George Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Flunk
Schmidt, Mr. niid Mrs. O. W. Moon,
Mr. and Mrs. C. . Galloway, Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Brown, Mr. anil Mis. 1,. T.
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. .1. B. Craig, .Mr.
and Mrs. Cnrev F. Martin, .Mr. nm!
Mrs. D. J. Fry, Mr. and Mrs. C. (). Rice,
Mr. and Mrs. Win. McGilchrist, Jr.,
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith, Mr. nnd
Mrs. E. G. Eniiuett, Woodburn, Oregon,
Mr. nii.l Mrs. li. J. Miles, Mr. and Mrs.
A. 1. Eoff, Mr. ami Mrs. E. Hartley,
Mr. anil Mrs. . E. Downing, Mr. and
Mrs. I,. M. Hoggs, Mr. and Mrs. II. S.
Poisal, Mr. mid Airs. A. T. Wain, Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Spencer, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Dnvey, Mr. and Mrs. E. Cooke
Patton, Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Dancv,
Mr. nnd Mrs. O. C. Locke, Mr. and
lr h" 1. U..I...H M I M.. 1.'
Hofer, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Webb, Mr.
and Mrs. .1. G. Itidiardson, Mr.' and
Mrs. A. Steiner, Mr. Eugene Houston,
Mis, Florence McKiunev, Miss Ruth I
Hoggs, Mrs. R. II. Houston.
Miss Edna .Tosse again will be honor
guest Fridnv lit a luncheon to be pre
sided over by Mrs. Roy Mills. It will
be an inform il affair and will include
only intimate friends of the bride elect.
A Stylish Pair of Boots
Is the Foundation For AH "Good Dress,"
and Here They Are
(Just as illustrated.)
A very smooth, highly finished Gun Metal luce boot,
Goodyear Welt, solid leather wile a fine product. .$-4.75
The sumo in Dark Brown Russian Calf with red
Du Flex Soles $4.65
till ii Metul with White liiibb ber
and Miss Eva Hailev, of Hillsboro.
fiie rooms were artistic ami spring
like, with golden yellow daffodils and
Miss Gertrude Cray presided at the
tea table which was particularly lovely
and dainty with an arrangement of
grace lul terns, flutry tulle bows and
pale yellow candles.
Assisting in the dining room were:
Miss Veda Cross and Miss Margaret
Anout twentv maids mid younger ma
trons called during the tea heur in
cluding: -Mrs. George William Gray,
-Mrs. Frank Spears, Mrs. William Con
nell Dver, Mrs. Elmer Ludlen, Mrs.
If ink Myers, Mrs. Clyde Graham, Mrs.
Zadoc Riggs, Miss Elizabeth Lord, Miss
Rita Stciner, Miss Tllcn Thielsen, Miss
Veda Cross, Miss Aline Thompson, the
Misses Esther and Catherine Carson,
; Miss Ma Simmons, Miss .Malile Robert
son, Miss Margery Marvin, Miss Grace
Bean, Miss Cora Talkington and Miss
Marie Hofer.
Mrs. Henry Mevers went to Portland
Friday to attend the third annual state
conference of the Daughters of the
American Revolution held at the Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Wain were hosts
Tuesday evening for the Cherry City
Five Hundred ciub.
The rooms were aglow with an artist
arrangement of golden blossoms and
""p 1 . i, " 7"" ? n .
Kobert uw"'8 Dougl;
( ard honors were aw-irded to
Mrs. J. B. Craig assisted Mrs. Wain.
Mis. Fred H. Thompson and Mrs. W.
E. Moreland were hostesses Thursday
for an attractive luncheon. The af
fair was given at the Thompson resi-
deuce in honor of Mrs. John Bailey.
I, 1 1 i!i i
Baskets of golden daffodils and fes
toons of greenery mado an effective
setting for --the small luncheon tables,
which were adorned with yellow shaded
The appointments were unusually ar
tistic, dainty place cards marking cov
ers for: Mrs. R. B. Goodin, Mrs. J. C.
Moreland, Mrs. F. L. Ctter, Mrs. G.
Bellinger, Mrs. Rny Pembertoii, Mrs.
Otto Wilson, Mrs. Carl G. Doney, Mrs.
B. L. Sleeves, Mrs. L. Leedy, Mrs. C. J.
Green, Mrs. Hunt. Mrs. Elliott Coloney,
Mrs. Corey and Mrs. P. E. Graber.
Luncheon was followed by music.
Miss Esther Eininel assisted the host
esses. Society matrons and maids who arc
devotees of bridge will enjoy most ev
ery afternoon next week over the card
tables, as there are a number of those
delightful affairs planned. Opening
the week, Mrs. William Dnncy will pre
side it the first of a series of bridge
parties Tuesday ntternoon entertaining
at n similar affair Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. Al Jones.
A most nrtisticnlly appointed dinner
was presided over by Mr. and Mrs. Mil
ton Meyers Tuesday evening.
An army of lovely yellow daffodils
ked tho table, around which were
T" l",V , r n ii- i- i n
! '"' R"''"' K. Page, Dr
! , L lsU"M' M! "ml
""' '"m'e '''mon, Mr. and Mrs.
A- tlll0,t amJ ,h,e h,mt-
Miss Jennie Fry went to Eugene yes
terday to attend the Delta Delta Delta
dunce at the Hotel Osbiirn list night.
While in Eugene Miss Fry will visit
at the Delta Delta Delta house of
which sorority she is a member.
Soles ..
1, 1 1 ,1 I
ltHlll. lflli I C. Cllk
Old Reliable Hood's Sarsaparilla it
Pleasant and Effective.
In the spring your blood is impure
and weak, eruptions appear on your
face and body, you lack vitality,
strength and animation, your appe
tite is poor and you feel nil tired out.
Get Hood's Sarsaparilla from any
drusKist. It combines Just the roots,
barks, herbs and other substances
that you need.
It purities and strengthens the
blood makes the rich red blood that
you must have to feel well, look well,
eat and sleep well. This is confirmed
by thousands of letters from people
In all parts of the country
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best
spring medicine, but is not simply a
spring medicine !t is an ail-the-year-round
blood purifier and tonic.
Remember It baa stood the test of
forty years. Be sure to get Bond's,
and get It today.
Among the smart social functions
scheduled for next week are the at
tractive bridge parties for which Mrs.
E. C. Cross and Miss Veda Cross will
be hostesses Thursday and Friday af
ternoons. Their guests will include
about thirty matrons and maids of the
smart set Thursday and the same num
ber on Friday.
At the tea hour the party will be
augmented by about a dozen more
Messages of sympathy are finding
their way to Mrs." Edwin L. Baker upon
the death of her mother, Mrs. Emma
Brinkerhoff, in Wiiithrop, Washington,
Thursday. Upon the news of her moth
er's very delicate condition, Mrs. Baker
immediately left for Washington, only
to receive the sad message on her ar
rival in Portland. Mrs. Baker did not
continue her trip but returned that af
ternoon. A delightful and irtistie affair of
the mid-week was that for which Mrs.
Robert Hendricks and Mrs. Fred Stew
art were hostesses Thursday afternoon
at the beautiful Hendricks residence on
Slimmer street. Over twenty promin
ont matrons of the Thursday afternoon
club were aske.l to participate in the
afternoon, which wis made unusually
memorable bj'Mrs. Alice H. Dodd who
told the Blue Bird story in an artistic
and inspiring manner. The rooms were
aglow with spring blossoms and pussy
willow, baskets of similar flowers
adorning the small refreshment tables
which were arranged in the dining
Mrs. Paul Johnson gave a most en
joyable afternoon of sewing Friday,
having a score or more of guests, in
cluding besides the maids and matrons
of the La Cornier club, Mrs. Frank
Meyers, Mrs. Grant Bunnell and Mrs.
Armin Steiner.
Does All the Work I
expected of It
The Hoover Suction Sweeper re
moves not part of the dirt, but
all of it, including the clinging
hairs, threads, lint, and the
ground in heavy dirt, which suc
tion alone can 't dislodge.
See it demonstrated nnd you'll
know it's the machine you want.
Wm. Gahlsdorf
135 N. Liberty St. ..Phone 67
I will teach you all about
making Hair Goods," until you
are satisfied you know as much
ssI .do. Price only- $10.00 for
a limited time. I make up your
combings in switches at very
reasonable prices. Also switches
for sale.
Phone M07-W for information.
Rain or
We .ire open for business every
day, and our treatments will
benefit you just as much. Face
or scalp treatments by a special
ist of tweuty-five years experi
ence. Scars, moles and super
fluous hair removed without
Manicuring, HairdressiuK, Sham
pooing, Dyeing and Bleaching.
Hair goods to order. Creams and
lotions of our own manufacture,
for sale.
Open Saturday Evenings.
301 Bank of Commerce Building,
Phone 3M Sulem, Ore.
ONE of the most delightful mem
ories of the week was the Monday
night i.nuce the Moose hall.
The affair, which was attended by a
large number of the members composed
of a long list of the younger girls and
men and married contingent was fol
lowed bv several supper parties, among
the hosts were Mr. and Mrs. C. li.
Webb, who presided at a supper, their
party including: Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Hurdntg,
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Burton, Mr. and
Mrs. Craig Marvin, Miss Harriett Har
grove and William Walton.
Mrs. Jesse Flanders, of Portlind, is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. F. Grif
fith. ,
Charming and informal with fragrant
hyacinth blossoms arranged about the
drawing room, a group of society ma
trons enjoyed bridge with Mrs. George
Rodgers as hostess Thursday afternoon.
Sixteen guests circled the tables, in
cluding the Thursday atternoon club
and Mrs. Ben Olcott, Mrs. James Wil
son, and Mrs. Jesse Flanders of Port
laud. The attractive card favor fell to Mrs.
Milton Mevers.
Mrs. Joseph Rothchild (Marguerite
Egan) of Portland, is a guest at t'ie
Egan country place.
The handsome and artistic Frame
and Giftery Shop will be formally
opened next Friday and Saturday, when
the Gilberts will give a reception both
in the afternoon and evening to their
A charming musical programme will
be given by -Mrs. Carlton Smith, Miss
Lucile Barton and Miss Marguerite
Flower, interspersed by piano selections
an, readings.
The matrous of the Brode Embroid
ery club were delightfully entertained
Thursday afternoon by Mrs. Fred Erix
on. By way of varying the sewing the
guests appeared in fancy costumes.
Gay colored daffodils were effective
ly arranged about the rooms.
Mrs. Joseph Reinhart assisted her
mother in the serving.
As additional guests Msr. Erixon
asked Mrs. Stanley Morgan and Mrs.
F. T. Harlan.
Mrs. Milton Meyers h.id about six
teen prominent matrons at her homo for
an attractive bridge Monday afternoon.
A veritable air of spring time sur
rounded the guests, a harmony of fra
ginut pink hyacinta and palo yellow
daffodils being effectively used in the
drawing room and dining room.
Card favors fell to Mrs. Harry
Olinger, Mrs. R. E. Lee Steiner and
Mrs. Joseph Albert.
Assisting were: Mrs. R. E. Lee Stein
er, Mrs. Harry Olinger and Misa Bar
bara Stciner.
Mrs. Walter Minier was hostess on
Thursday afternoon for an enjoyable
sewing, including as her guests tho
members of Iho W. A. E. elub.
During the afternoon Mrs. W. R.
Kane favored the guests with several
delightful instrumental selections.
Mrs. Cecil Cooper and Mrs. Daniel
Bright assisted the hostess in tho serv-
The club is composed of the follow
ing matrons: Mrs. R. S. Melson, Mrs.
M. E. Moore, Mrs. Fred- Zimmerman,
Mrs. W. K. Kane, .Mrs. Charles M. Ful
ler, Mrs. L. Alickcrson, Mrs. Warren
Poiile, Mrs. W. 0. Asseln, Mrs. A. A.
Guetfroy and Mrs. W. B. Minier.
Additional guests of the afternoon
were: Mis. Cecil Cooper, Mrs. Daniel
Bright, Mrs. E. M. Rulifson and Mrs.
J. C. Cooper.
Sunday evening u musical service
will be given at the First Methodist
church, under the direction of Dr.
Frauk Wilbur Chace.
A chorus of fifty voices will en
hance the excellent programme whiea
will also include a number of solos by
Miss Lela MueCaddain, Miss Louise
Benson, sopiaaos; Miss Ruth Fugute
and Miss Lucile Ballon, alto; A. A.
Schramm, tenor; U. H. Jones and
Richard Barton, bass.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Olinger on the Walluce road, was the
scene of a pleasant surprise party Fri
day evening iii iionor of the silver an
niversary of their wedding.
Their friends assembled with belles,
thus announcing their arrival.
During the evening the couple was
presented with a beautiful gift by their
guests, including the ladies of the
Sweet Briar club nnd their huidiaiids.
The guests were favored with music
and readings, games were also enjoved.
Supper was served the Merry Makers
by Miss Olinger.
Those participating in tiie festivities)
were: Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Olinger, Mr.
and Mrs. M. ('. Peetvs, Mr. and Mrs. A.'
It. Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. C. Beckett, Mr. j
nuil Mrs. Chaffee, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Kimball,
Mr. and Mrs. Isherwood, Mr. and Mrs.
E. O. Moll, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Adams, 1
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Webb, Mrs. James,
Inilah, Mrs. Jennie Hudson, Mrs. J. C. j
Ferguson, Miss Mildred Inilah, Mis
Mildred Bunn, Lock wood Fianklin and
Gaynol Beckett.
Mrs. G. 0. Wills was hostess Friday
afternoon for an enjovable sewing, iier
guests being the members of the
Three Link Needle club. j
After a short business meeting the
guests indulged iii games appropriate
of St. Patrick 's dav. ;
! Mrs.-Ida McDanicIs ami Mrs. C. J.
j Nichols captured the prizes. !
i Mrs. A. A. Miller assisted the host-1
jess iu serving dnintv refreshments. I
I Mr. and Mrs. Roy Campbell enter
tained the members of the Oaks Lodge
Jcluh Wednesday evening. Five hun-!
Idred was the diversion of the evening,'
three tables being circled by tue guests. I
The rooms were prettily decorated with
, violets and greens. Miss Eva Piint.
innd E. Donelson captured tho higii,
j score honors, the consolation being
j awarded to Mrs. John Shipp and W.
Campbell. 1
I Tuesday the North East section of;
I the Congregational church will enter-!
I tain the Pilgrims club at a supper in
t ic euurcn parlors.
The Delta Delta Delta sorority gave
! its annual formal dancing party at the
i Hotel Ostium in Eugene Friday even
jing. The hull room was unusually at
tractive with baskets of yellow jonquils
and greens. The lights were also cov-
ered to resemble huge yellow flowers.
White programmes bearing t'ie Tri Del
I ta coat of inns in gold were tied with
heavy yellow silk voids. Receiving with
Margaret Mason Writes of
Gotham Fads and Fashions
By Margaret Masou.
What ravishing frocks
For wee curly locks
Fine feathers for little birds fine,
What fetching chapeaux
What stunning mauteanx
For little Miss Threc-up-to-N'ine
New York, March 10.-They're little,
but Oh my! For frocks and frills the
tiny Jills mount up as enormous bills
as the big gals. No longer are little
sisters content with dresses made over
out of big sister's or mother's cast offs.
Nowadays, with all the sophistication
of a full grown follower of vogue, the
wee ones insist on the latest Spring
lines and silhouettes in tho replenish
ment of their wardrobes. Like the
elders, the children's styles smack of
period dressing: Louis Seize, directoire,
1SH0, is;i0 and also Louis Quinze. Of
course, all their skirts arc as full and
wide as their mother's and but a mod
icum shorter. Cunning little peasant
frocks with pointed bodices of laced
black velvet over short sleeved, frilly
blouses of white batiste and little full
flowered skirts of challie or crepe are
quaintly charming and also childish.
Many indeed are tho little models
shown with separate waists and skirts,
somo with pe.plums and others with lit
tle suspender effects to match the
skirt material. Dear indeed to the
hearts of little girlhood are these mini
ature separate skirt and blouse affairs
the patrons and patronesses were the
national ch. pter presidents and their i
escorts. A feature of the dance was
the Delta Delta Delta waltz sung by.
Misses Marie Churchill, of Salem, and
Margaret Spraugler, while the others
danced. j
During the intermission each girl wasj
given a tiny Kewpie doll dressed in a
striking blai k anil white costume bear-i
ing the name of the man who was to be'
her partner tor the next dance. At tho!
beginning of the last dance serpintiucs
of various colors were thrown about the
room and multi-colored balloons were;
set free to float over the dancers. j
Tho refreshments consisted of ice :
cream, and cake served in small individ-;
ual flower pots, from the top of which
bloomed tiny yellow flowers. Tiie cakes
were Delta shaped iced in yellow.
The guests remained over the week j
on 1 1 and were the motif of a number of
informal affairs.
New Arrivals in
Spring Shoes
White ivory sole, patent leather vjimp with
cravenette top and white laces.
Rein skin cloth, also white nubuck with ivory
and leather soles, rubber heels.
English mahogany ton with the popular ball
strap effect.
We are showing all of the very newest styles
in Ladies' Shoes.
Mrs. P. E.
Exclusive Suits
270 Morth Commercial
IP r-
This is the PHONE
Number if you need a Drug Store. We specialize on
prescription; all prescriptions filled by registered
pharmacist. Remember we are here in the interest of
you, call and see us if you want information in the
drug line.
You will find on. inspection that we carry a com
plete line; we. will convince you if you will make us
a call.
Central Pharmacy
410 State Street Formerly Toole's Drug Store
Thone 276
just liko a real grown up lady's Ohm
of the suspender models comes with a
skirt of striped green and white lineu,
a veritable little shirt waist of whito
batiste, its turn over collar and cuffs
finished with a frilling picot edged in
green. A wide, band like belt of plain
green linen embroidered in a vine of
white has two wide suspender straps
going one over each shoulder, the square
ends of which protrude below the belt,
line in little tab effects, like a peplum.
This model also conies in rose and
whito and blue and white As for coats,
they are all narrow across the should
ers and flnre modishly townrd the
finish. Silk peplum or gabardine are
the smartest materials, always of course
including faille. Some of thorn show
touches of smocking, insets below tbo
high waist line of blocks and pleats or
tucks and some are frogged smartly iu
gold or silver braid. Yet others rely
on a collar of real lace, a jeweled but
ton or two or just the lustre of the ma
terial to add chic. Hats run mostly to
inverted bowl effects of leghorn audi
Milan braid or to quaint littlo bonnets.
Picot edged ribbons are used lavishly
as trimming, as are button roses and
the gay cherries so beloved of the
grown ups just now. Littlo feet shod
in high, white-kid-topped patent leath
ers and white silk stockings show daz
zlingly below the full short skirts just,
like Mother's. Indeed, these little feet
follow in mother's footsteps often moro
sartorially than fittingly.
Tho girls and men who were guests
for the dance were the Misses Frances
TalUnadge, Mirjorie Crittenden, Jean
Stevens, Bonnie Henderson, Thelina
Cunningham, Mildred Gillan, Lavelle
Young. Constance and DoroCiy Sharp,
Ruth Buckley, from Portland, Helen
Casey, from Dalias, Irma Yates, from
Corv'allis, Harriet Rigdon, Doris Saw
yer, Ila Spaiilding, Bernice Craig, Kdiia
ilowd, Doris Churchill, Katiierinc Slade.
Helen Deckebach, from Salem, Ger
trude llollingsworth, from Newberg,
Grace Brewer, from Portland, Helen
Love, from Junction City, Lois Hall,
Helen Hall, Mabel Maneriid, Nora M.m
erud, Beatrice Weatherby, Ada McMur
phy, Marion Gilstrap, Helene Kuyken
dahl, Lyle Bryson, Iris Bluet, from Eu
gene, and Earl Broiiaugh, Charles Dun
dore, Charles Tisdale, Glenn Shockley,
.I n k Elliott, Ed llnrwood, Laird Woods.
Robert Earl, I. B. Bowen, Fulsom Tol-
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and Millinery
Salem, Oreeon