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Mar.-h l!Uo'.
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Publicity seems to be a word that has dropped out of
the vocabularies of the warring nations. One and all
they censor all news, not only that sent abroad but that
for home use, and perhaps the latter the more thoroughly.
Germany, so far as the news allowed to reach the
world is concerned, is less secretive than the others, but
her news statements are pretty closely watched and ex
purgated before being put on the wires. However, the
war news coming from Berlin seems more reliable than
any other. France comes next, but is more secretive,
while England goes the limit and sends out only such
stuff as she thinks will not damage her standing in other
countries. Of course there is one class of events that it
is right to keep silent about, and that is those which have
not yet taken place. What the army proposes doing is
an entirely different thing from what the army has done.
The latter is legitimate news that the world is entitled to
know, and the people of the country interested are
especially entitled to be informed about.
England utterly ignores her own people, who actually
know less about what is going on at the various fronts
than we on this side the pond know. The British govern
ment has always refused to take the people into its con
fidence and let them know what has been done. This is
the greatest mistake any government can make. If it
wants its citizens solidly with it it must let them under
stand the situation, whether it is good or bad. A victory
is published broadcast, but a defeat, at first denied, is
admitted on the homeopathic plan a little at a time, and
finally when it is learned, instead of arousing the masses
to greater effort it causes a feeling of soreness and dis
gust. The widest publicity, and the exact truth as to the
results of battles would do more to arouse England than
any one thing the government could do. No government
can reasonably bo expected to be trusted by its people
whom it refuses to trust.
Some of the practical things the Commercial club
might do would be to work to hasten construction of the
electric road from Mount Angel to the city. President
Dimick, of the railway company, has stated that the road
expected to come on to Salem, and the date set for be
ginning work on the extension is several months overdue
now. That road would mean new business for Salem and
the higher development of an important section of
Marion county.
Another thing the Commercial club should not lose
sight of is the fact that when flax weaving mills are
established in the Willamette valley they should be
located at Salem, when the industry has been promoted
and the centre ot the territory which will in the future
be devoted to flax growing. It is not too early now to be
gin planning to secure the payroll industries which should
in due sequence follow the initial experiments now in
There are practical things of far more benefit than
"surveys" to ascertain facts that are of no particular
benefit because conditions are generally well known any
way, or "playground" movements which are mainly fads
which give jobs to more people at the expense of an al
ready over-burdened tax-paying public. The commercial
club should work for those things which mean develop
ment for the country and payrolls for the city.
The senate yesterday afternoon confirmed the ap
pointment of Newton D. Baker as secretary of war. From
the new secretary's statements since the appointment he
is that kind of a pacificist who believes in maintaining
peace even if we have to go to war to secure it. He says
he is for peace at "almost" any price, but draws the line
at smirching the national honor in that behalf.
Senator Chamberlain voted against the president in
the final show down over the Gore resolution regarding
warning Americans against travelling on armed vessels,
and yesterday came the report that he is lined up with a
boom for Champ Clark for the democratic nomination
for the presidency. Is there any connection between the
two acts?
England is evidently following in the footsteps of
General Butler in her ideas of what is contraband. Butler
suggested the confiscation of slaves during the civil war
by declaring them contraband. England is declaring
anything contraband that she takes a notion to, but has
kindly told us that she will let her agents here examine
cargoes Americans intend shipping and tell the shipper
whether England will permit him to ship them. She
kindly adds that "there is no absolute guarantee of im
munity under this plan." In other words if she feels like
seizing them after they have started on their voyage of
course she will do so.
The Chinese tong war has broken out again in San
Francisco and will soon, no doubt, spread to the other
cities of the coast. When peace was declared recently no
money was put up as is the usual Chinese custom on
such occasions and by Chinese law, if there is such a
thing the argument was probably considered as not
General Grant was far from talkative, hence when he
spoke he usually said something. At one time, just before
the presidential nominating convention met, some of his
political friends were a trifle shaky as to the outcome,
saying the democrats had a fine supply of campaign
thunder. "Oh don't worry about that," said Ulycses,
"You can always depend on the democrats doing the
wrong thing at the right time."
Under the civil service rules a government job is a
long one. The great trouble with these though is that
any job that is worth having is unknown to the list.
Wage earners are under civil service rules, but where
there is a salary, that is loft for the senators or congress
men to pass out among their friends as a reward for
services yet to come.
Most soups nail prepared shampoos I
ontain too much alkali, which is mvi
injurious, as it dries the scalp audi
makes the. hair brittle. '
The lu-st thiinr to use is Inst l.b.ln
niulsified cocoanut oil. for this is i.nre
and entirely greaseless. It's very
cheap, and heats the most expensive
soaps or anything else all to pieces.
You can act this at anv ilrnir store.
and a fen- ounces will last the whole
family for months.
Silllltlv moUten the lmir ivltli -ntar
aiol rub it in, about a teaspoonful is all
mat is require!. It makes an abund
ance or rn-li, crcamv lather, cleanses
thoroughly, and rinses out easily. The
hair dries quickly and evenly, and is
soft, fresh lookine. brieht. fliiffv. wavv
and easv to handle.. Besides, it loosens
and takes out every .article of dust.
dirt and dandruff.
Business In British
Columbia Paralyzed
H. W. Pnust returned this morning
from a week's visit at Vancouver.
ISritish Columbia, with a tale of a war
country that would make the average
citizen thankful he is living on this
side of the Canadian line.
Business in Vancouver is paralyzed
and the talk and thoughts of the city
and the country are of war only. Ef
forts are being made to enlist nay
male over the ace of Id years. As an
inducement, the government offers a
bonus of irl.ooo cash upon the return
of a soldier from the war, or .'iO acres
of land, in addition tn the regular army
Sugar has gone up 25 cents a hundred since last Friday,! L'";;. IVZut rTnru,t!o .1 Z
and is now $7.25 the hundred pounds. In the face of i Canadian land.
this beet as well as cane sugar growers are yelping for ,, JttTan", T'Z
protection. Is there no balm in Gilead for the rOPe- ginnine of the war. The only survivors
vwvnnil nrwi Vino-.tWl nnncninoi-? I' a sergeant and one staff officer
Senator Phelan, of California, has filed a protest with,
Secretary Lansing against England's action in forbidding
the importation of dried fruits until October. We impose
tariff practically prohibitive on many foreign products,
and as England is running her own affairs, it is hard to
see just how the secretary is to help the California
Liebknecht Charges
Germans Sell Guns To
Enemy Countries
London, Mar. S, A Ileuter dispatch
from Amsterdam says:
'Stormy scenes ocuMficd in the Prus
sian diet during the debate on the bud
get. The socialist, llerr Liebknecht,
said thit the government had not al
lowed the Vorwaerts (the socialist or
gan) to publish anything likely to cause
"He charged Herman capitalists with
selling war materials to the enemy
through neutral countries.
" Mlcrmau sol.liers have been killel
by Germ m guns supplied by Krnpls,
said llerr Liebnivht. adding, you all
know how capitalists are international
ly related to each other, especially as
regards the armament inquiry.'
"The president called Liebknecht to
order, but liter Liebknicht was aii'.tin
on Ins tcct warning the government
against the danger of opening; the pris
on doors and turning criminals into the
" 'The danger must not be over
looked,' he said. 'There are in the
army hundreds of men of criminal ten-i
dencies. Our great responsibility to-1
war J the defenseless populations of the!
occupied territories ought to make us;
very ciutious. j
" 'The degeneration of the young is!
the natural consequence of the dogen-j
eration of mankind and this war threat-:
ens the degeneration of our whole cul-:
Hire.' j
"Again Herr Liebknecht was called
to order. He protested against the;
president 's attempt to 'gag' him.
".Minister of Justice Jiezler. declued'
to reply in detail to llerr Liebknecht 's
interrogations, whereupon the budget'
was adopted." j
m - , rhL
THE man that don't build castles
in the air don't build any with
bricks, an' thar's no better air castle
building material tnan vllvi.
A man who knows pipe tobacco won't fait to "citch" the
aged-in-tbe-wood mellowness of VELVET, the smoothest
smoking tobacco, the very first time.
10 Tins and Metal-lined Bags
Congressman Chipperfield is not only chipper but is
also some leaper. The dispatches yesterday said he be
came so excited he "leaped to his feet." ' Now we submit
that a man let alone a congressman who can leap from
a sitting start is both chipper and a leaper of some class.
Xcw- York. Jlar. S. Half
million bituminous coal miner
in Pennsylvania. Oliiu. Illinni
and Indiana will he grantc
w aue increases aggregating. 1 1 .
Ol'ii.imil annually on tormal
ratification of a two year wage
ntirecinent. agreed upon bv
joint Mili-commit tees at mid
night, it was learned today.
f i 'f : ;
Real Estate Transfers
United States to Albert E. Mvers. S.
W. 1-4, ;j. !. J K.
0. Ireton ct us to Roy Coffey, lot 12
Ireton Fruit Firms.
K. A. I'.ennett et ux to Thomas Hol-i
man, part lots o au 0, ('artwright 's
K. C. and Alice K. Mays to Henry X.
Goode. all lots -J7 and S l-i; lot' lis,
Donald Fruit Farms. I
Mnys-Coode t'o. to Hcnrv X. (inode.j
part of lot block 1. Fillus Add. to!
Klmer W. Kendall et ux to Xettie H.
and Xithnn A. Clem, State, ij. f,. 1 W.I
Aaron L. lie. kner to (';. (!. lieckner.
part D. Savage claim, L't, li. ;i V.
W. F. Wintermantel et ux to An
kenny Orange. No. "ilu, part .las. 1'rit
cnett claim, 4ii, '., .'! V.
lieoigia .M. Jewctt to YA'. A. Heater,
lots I, 4. and ."i of Sec. 11, s, 1 S.
Kugene Ilogert to Clara Hogert. lot S,
block u. W limit Grove Add., Salem.
Lung Trouble Yielded
to This Medicine
It you are suffering with ierloua
lung trouble, It will pay to fully In
vestigate Eckman'a Alterative,
remedy which has caused many re
coveries. One follows:
&I23 Girurd Avr., Phil., Pa.
"CentlemeDt .In the winter f
1903 I had nn attack of Grippe, fol
lowed br Pneumonia, and later 7
l.unK Trouble, in the winter af
1IH4 1 had a eouah, night aweata
fever and raised quantities of awfal
looklna; stuff, aud later I had mair
hrmorrhaKea, at one time three- la
three successive days. Three physi
cians treated me. I waa ordered to
the mountains, but did not ko. Eck
man'a Alterative waa recommended
by a friend. After taking a amall
quantity I had the first Quiet Blaht'a
sleep for weeks. My Improvement
was marked from the flrat. I ajalneal
strength and weight and appetite.
1 never had another hemorrhage aad
my cough gradually lessened until
entirely gone. I am perfectly well."
( Affidavit) AXXIE P. LOVGHRA.
Eckman's Alterative Is most effica
cious in bronchial catarrh and se
vere throat and lung affections and
up-buildinsr the system. Contains
no harmful or habit-forming drugs.
Accept no substitute. Small size, SI;
regular size. 2. Sold by leadlne
druggists. Write for booklet ot re
coveries. Eckman Laboratory, Philadelphia.
Hi li.i.
and these are m ancouver assisting
the recruiting officers. The big cement
works in this country and Canada are
trying to fill the orders of the Hussian
government ami snipments are oeing
The English admiralty is peeved because the German
raider Moewe cruised northwest around Ireland and
dodp'od into hor lmmp nnrr frnm .1 nninf- tho TWlish fW i 'I""11' t'""" Vancouver by the F.mpre
-o- 1 " 1 --e,-". 1
was not watcning. it was a low down trick, and decided
ly ungentlemanly conduct.
f steamers.
Mr. Pnust will enter tiie employ of
the Portland Superior Cement company
and will be located at the town of
Cement, 12 miles this side of the
(Kugene Register.) j
"One thing J want to tell the people I
of this valley, and that is. ,lo not dig!
up your loganberry bushes," .-aid James j
Fullerton. of this city, who returned,
the last of the week from Denver, Colo.,'
where he has been working for a Salem!
company that puts up loganberry juice I
and handles the berry in other forms.
Mr. Fullerton spent several weeks i n j
Denver ami declares that lie has niadei
the loganberry and its by-products verv j
popular in that city.
"There is only one way to sell the '
berry, and that is to let the buyer taste
it." said Mr. Fullerton. i soaked
a lot of dried berries and let the peo-1
pie of Denver taste them. I had piesi
made, and T served loganberry juice at
church socials. 1 also had a large Hum- j
her of demonstrators all through the!
business distiict of Denver. When I
went to that city perhaps two per cent I
of its population had ever heard of
loganberries and 1 failed to find any i
one who had ever heard of the juice n'jj
a beverage, lint they all seem to know
that it is now. They called me " Lo-j
ganberry Jim' before I left there.''
Ahrmr tVui nnlv u-nir fn an A Vin frnr- n-o. nmnnrt f Vi a 1 anadia n border. His position is that
. , ; . , , , V. . ., ,: of assistant tester 0t Is
Advertised March
Abbott, Mr. W. II.
Aebi. Fred.
Alexander. Mrs. Mattie.
Anderson, M i s. .1. K.
. Panto. Mr. 11. II.
lilooni, C. A. .
I'oss. Mr. I ikris.
ISunn, Mrs. S. H,
Clark, Mrs. (I. 1 1.
Clark, Mr. b'ov R.
Dunn. Mrs. William.
Dnttoii, Mrs. Walter.
Klliott. L. W.
Fil-iuger. Jlrs. K. X. j
Finley, Mis. Louella. '
Fraser.vMr. Angus.
Gootz. Mr. Justus I.
Green, Mr. I'.. 1!.
Gunsley, Frank.
Harris, Win, ;
Hawkins, Mrs. Hattie.
Havs, Mr. Ch.ules. ;
Hill, Miss Lefa.
Hill. Mr. Otto.
Hink, Miss Lily.
Johnson, Mr. C. C.
Lousignot, Mrs. C. L.
Morrison. Mr. (.'. F.
Rasch. F. A.
Hi i hardson, Mr. Ed.
Tharp. Mrs. C.
Shaw, Kiniiia. '
Skavan, ilr. L. P.
Smith. Mr. C. ,
stitt. Mrs. Ira.
Thoni -on, Mr. E. P.
Trace, c. f.
Ward. Mr. M. X'.
p. jr.
Mr. Roosevelt is a case of a man being much bigger
Hum his party. Instead of obeying it he brings it to its
knees before him. Must be a great scarcity of presi
dential timber in the party if it can only find two men
big enough for the job, and it with at least half the voters
of the country in it.
It appears that the chief qualification of a secretary
of war is to know absolutely nothing about war.
Chinese is to serve notice on the leading Chinese that
unless ;in end i; nut- tn it Inws will ho nncitul tn rlpnnvt thp
l i i ii o ,i 1 1 ! ana nnlitarv institute.
wnoie cauoouie 01 mem
laboratories, hav- j
iug received his training in the ordi-j
nance department of the Culver, ludi-i
' it? cm no jvm h
.,m Y 1
Silverton Talent Will
Present Play at Gervais
The drama "Home Ties" given by
the Dramatic society of Central Howell
March the third n that place was a
pronounced success. The comical situ
ations caused by Mrs. Poplin, Mrs. Pe
Sart, Josia Ti. Care Knuisden and
I.iudy Jane,, Kathryn Dougherty, kept
I the nouse in a rouiol ot luutintcr. 1 lie
people blue.
LADD & BUSH,! Bankers
Established 1SGS
Transact a General Banking: Business
Safety Depesit Boxes
If PVPl'V ln.nn wnilbl nnr Ilia hUa incf i.-Vinr, flirvo KUlo1 tarts of the father and his nniden sis-
, wwoc uiii3i,1)r .erp eX(,Wl,itlf! w0 taken bv Earl
are due, we d sidestep many grievous ills which now make1 iv srt ami iridic mm-nr. i.ourei
Jan., as the girl troin the city, ami
.lames Lamierback, as the man from X.
V., brought out the stronn points in the
puts. Hael Harris ami Fred Durbin,
as the leading characters, showed great
talent in developing their roles.
The song sang in costume by Miss
Dougherty won the entire house.
Owing to the decided success it will
be given at (jervais Saturdav, March
11, ISMli.
The merchant carries on his books about a
million debts, and some who figure there
are crooks, and some misfortune's pets.
Some hope to play the honest game when
they have got the tin, and it may be they'll
do that same, soon as their ships come in.
but some ships travel mighty slow, of winds
and waves the sport; some hit the reef of
Norman's Woe, and never come to port.
While merchants have to charge us more
for everything they sell, to cover the de
faulter's score, and hence II. C. of L.
Whene'er you buy a pound of Dills, or quart
of pumpkin rind, vou're paying something on the bills of I K"r ,,nir a,'i'1 i"i,,iiul,s-tt,ul f-
il . . u'.l Ttf i i n i I mentation of toed. A teaspoonful in a
those who are behind. If you, who read these simple .fourth of n glass of hot water usually
runes, would nav vour bills on time, von'd hpln tn rut thp svw instant relief, sou i.v aii
price of prunes; and make your life sublime. w ITm JZtZ.
Dear Mr. Editor: I
For a long time I suffered from back-;
ache, pain in left side, frequent urina-1
tion (bothering me at all times during'
the day and night), and the uric acid
in my blood caused me to suffer from
rheumatism along with a contsaut tired
n-om-out. feeling. I heard of the new j
discovery of Dr. Pierce, of the Invalid's!
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, i
X. V called ''Amine," and obtaining'
these tablets I at once began their use.'
After giving 'Anuric" a good trial I
believe it to be the best kidney remedy
on the niarket today, I have tried other
I kidney medicines but these " Aunric
Tablets'' of Dr. Pierce's are the onlvi
ones, in my opinion, that will cure1
kidney and bladder troubles.
j "Signed) Henry A. Love.. !
j Xote: Experiments at Dr. Pierce's1
I Hospital for several yearn proved that ;
Amine' is " times more active than
Litlua in expelling poison, from bodv,
lor those easily recognized symptoms
ot nit lamination as backacshe,' scalding
urine and frequent urination, as well
as sediment in the urine, or if uric acid
in me woo, has caused rheumatism
is simply wonderful how- surnlir '
uric-' acts. The best of
...... t i i juua aic tvi-
ways obtained in cases 0f acute rheu
matism in the joints, in gravel and gout,
ami invariably the pains and stiffnesj
"Inch so frequently and persistentl v ac
eompany the disease rapidlv disappear.
Send 10c for large trial package or go
to your nearest drug store and simplv
as,; for a SO cent package of 'Anuric'"'
manufactured by Dr. Pierce. If you
suspect kidney 0r bladder trouble, send
him a sample of your water and de
scribe symptoms. Dr. Pierce will re
port to you without free or any chare
pisu RATED
or table
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lunk. metal, r.fhher. hid .nt .. t
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irn for both rnnft on K:,,ii;.. t..- s
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H. Steinback Junk Co.
The House of Half a Mdlion Bargains.
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